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Set-up webMethods Terracotta Clustering

Installed terracotta on server1 only. Click on Advance Options. Here Terracotta has been installed on a box where Integration Server is also installed.www. We are trying to make servers <server1>:5555 and <server2>:5555 in cluster. .com     Terracotta can be installed on any either Integration Server box or separate box. Select Image-> Use installation image->Install from image and select Terracotta image (TerracottaImage. Start Software AG Installer as an from repository location.

www.7.  Click next  Put Installation directory as D:\wm96\Terracotta and start Menu group name as Terracotta Select Terracotta 3.learningonwheel.6  .com  Click Ok.  Click on Next and accept the agreement  Verify the selection and click Next .www. .

com  Terracotta installed on below location  Copy terracotta-license.learningonwheel.key at Terracotta Server location D:\wm96\TerracottaServer and D:\wm96\TerracottaServer\Terracotta .www.

key at location D:\wm96\common\conf on both integration server nodes  Copy terracotta-license.

xml and change below  Edit attached tc-config.  Once editing done. Host : Mention the server name where Terracotta server has been installed.learningonwheel. please copy tc-config.xml at location D:\wm96\TerracottaServer\Terracotta\bin  Set Java_Home if not done. Use jre location where new java has been installed as below D:\wm96\jvm\jvm170_55\jre .www. Name: <assign some cluster name> Keep rest of the information as it is.

www. TC-wrapper-3.tar. zip  Copy at below wrapper tar at D:\wm96\TerracottaServer\Terracotta and unzip it.

additional. found in conf/tc-config.DerbyDBFactory  The service needs to be installed once before it can be started.factory. To install: %> bin/tsa-service.objectserver.xml path in wrapper-tsa.JAVA_HOME=D:\wm96\jvm\jvm170_55 path in wrapper-tsa.l2.conf file at D:\wm96\TerracottaServer\Terracotta\wrapper\conf install  Start terracotta service as window service from services  Click on enable cluster .conf file at D:\wm96\TerracottaServer\Terracotta\wrapper\conf set the name of the TC server you want to    Copy tc-config (from location D:\wm96\TerracottaServer\Terracotta\bin ) at location at D:\wm96\TerracottaServer\Terracotta\wrapper\conf Set java file at D:\wm96\TerracottaServer\Terracotta\wrapper\conf path in wrapper-tsa.SERVER_NAME=cluster  add below line at conf/tc-config.

Once restarted check clustering status. Port will be always 9510   Restart the server. It should show like below  Put below valueCluster Name: cluster Terracotta Server Array URLs: server1:9510 Note: server name will be same where terracotta server has been installed.

www.learningonwheel. .com   Configure clustering for second server IS admin-> Setting->Clustering->edit cluster setting-> enable clustering and put below value Cluster Name: cluster Terracotta Server Array URLs: server1:9510 Note: server name will be same where terracotta server has been installed. Once restarted. both IS should be shown on clustering page. Port will be always 9510  Restart the server. .learningonwheel.