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Staffing is a managerial function concerned with employing and
development of human resources for carrying on managerial and non-
managerial activities of the enterprise
It deals with recruitment,placement,training and development of
the employees of the organization.The staffing function includes the
activities such as man power planning, recruitment, selection,
placement, training and development , remuneration, performance
appraisal, promotion, transfers etc.Selection of right man for right job
at the right time and retaining capable and competent people in the
organization is the main aim of stuffing function of the organization

KOONTZ O’DONNELL has defined staffing as “Filling positions in the
organization structure thru identifying work force requirements,
inventorying the people available,recruitment,selecton,placements,
promotion, appraisal and training of needed people”

According to THEOHAIMMAN “Staffing is concerned with placement,

growth and development of all those members of organization whose
fn. Is to get things done thru the efforts of other individuals”


(1) Staffing is a separate managerial function that deals with people
in the organization
(2) Staffing involves determination of manpower requirements,
recruitment, selection, placement, training
development,transfers, promotions and appraisal of personnel
(3) Staffing involves or covers the process of maintaining and
developing the executives and providing fair and equable
compen. to its employees
(4) Staffing aims at selection of right people for the right positions
at the right time and retaining them in the org.
(5)The staffing function are handled by personnel manager or the
Human Resource Mgt Dept. Personnel manager is a line manager
in the org
(6) Effective execution of staffing functions is the responsibility of
all the managers of the concern dept are responsible for
selection and development of qualified people for their dept and
maintain them in dept
(7) Staffing deals with current and future personnel requirements.
Present positions must be filled keeping in mind the future
person-nel requirements
(8)Staffing is an ongoing process with the growth & expansion of
the business. Additional manpower is needed and also the
training needs of the employees must be taken seriously
(9) Staffing must flow a logical sequence i.e. manpower
requirements, recruitment, selection, induction, training,
development and maint-enance of personnel. These activities
must be undertaken one after another in a systematic order
(10) Personal policies and programs must be formulated as guides
to perform the staffing function effectively

(1) The organizational strength and capacity depends upon the
member’s abilities, skills and efforts to achieve desired results.
Thus an org which has selected and developed right quality of
people will be in a better position to take full advantages of
opportunities of growth and development
(2) Staffing assures the quantity and quality of manpower to meet
the long term and short term requirement
(3) Handling of modern technology requires competent & skilled
pers-onnels.This necessities staffing function to appoint qualified
people and to make use of modern technology
(4) Staffing function facilitates efficient allocation and utilization of
all physical , financial and other resources of the organization
(5) It enables to make best use of skills and responsibilities of the
employees of the organization
(6) Some of the organization provide high remuneration, job
security etc to attract talented people. Such an org can develop
and retain those talented people only thru staffing
(7) Organization is economic human. Human aspect is equally
important as economic aspect. Management must recognize and
respect employee’s goals and values. This can be done thru
appropriate staffing policies and program

Promotion, transfer,
Manpower Planning compensation

Recruitment Appraisal

Selection & Placement Training & Dvlpmt



Internal source is referred to employees already working in the orgn.
Whenever a vacancy arise, an employee already working in the org is
promoted or transferred or demoted to fill up that vacancy. Following
are the sources:
(1) Promotion
(2) Transfer
(3) Lay off

(a) Org is capable with skills and capabilities and also the weakness
of the employees. Only best talented people are promoted to
vacancies in the org
(b)Selection and placement of people within the org is thru
promotion and transfer is simple and economical
(c) Employer can study their own existing employee’s skills &
capabilities more accurately than outsiders
(d)It promotes loyalty among existing employees
(a) Internal recruitment leads to inbreeding and prevents the
infusion of new blood into the org
(b) Internal recruitment in the form of promotion is usually based on
seniority though they may not be the best
(c) It leads to conflicts and controversies among the existing
employees who desire for promotion or transfer
(d) It narrows down the area of selection. Getting qualified and
suitable person here is a chance, but not a choice

Here the employees are recruited from outside the business to fill up
the vacant positions in the organization. Following are its sources
(1) Public employment exchanges
(2) Private employment exchanges
(3) Advertisement
(4) School Colleges and Universities
(5) Direct hiring
(6) Labour unions
(7) Employee recommendation
(8) Leasing

(a) Organization has wide scope of selection of suitable candidate
large no. of candidates
(b) Org can select best and talented candidates as there is open
(c) Useful to fill up managerial positions which require technical and
professional qualification
(a) This method is not that simple and it is costly process
(b)Employer can study their own existing employee’s skills &
capabilities more accurately than outsiders
(c) It doesn’t promote loyalty among existing employees