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Examinee Score Report

You will be limited to five attempts to take a certification test. The five attempts include the first attempt to pass the examination and four retakes. The five attempts include any of
the test approval methods (PACT, EPP, out of state, charter, and CBE). All attempts taken before September 1, 2015 count as one attempt. If you choose to register again for the
same test after completion of the fifth testing attempt, your scores will not be counted towards certification and you will assume responsibility for test fees paid.
For an explanation of how to read your score report, see Understanding Your Scores at
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Test: 232 SOCIAL STUDIES 7-12

Total Scaled Score:


Status*: Passed

Appointment #: 0001000003112164
Test Date: 07/18/2016
503 N 17TH ST

Scaled Score Range: 100 - 300

Passing Score: 240

Performance by Domain

TEA ID: 1655367

# Questions

# Correct



Competency 001

Competency 002

Competency 003

Competency 004

II. United States History



Competency 005

Competency 006

Competency 007

Competency 008

Competency 009


Competency 010

Competency 011

Competency 012



I. World History

III. Texas History

IV. Geography

Competency 013

Competency 014

Competency 015

Competency 016



Competency 017

Competency 018

Competency 019



Competency 020

Competency 021

Competency 022



Competency 023

Competency 024

Competency 025

Competency 026

V. Government and Citizenship

VI. Economics and Science; Technology and Society

VII. Social Studies Foundations, Skills, Research,

Note: Please allow 7 to 10 business days after the score reporting date for your test scores to be posted in your Educator Profile on the Texas Education Agency (TEA)
website at before contacting TEA credentialing staff or submitting your online application for certification. Application for certification does not proceed
automatically based upon receipt of your scores by TEA. To apply for certification you must go to the TEA website and follow the application for certification instructions.
*Passed/Not Passed status is based on the total scaled score for each test. See the Preparation Manual and the Registration Bulletin, at, for a
description of the characteristics of each score report.

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