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For Gautam: )prepare and we will discuss later:

What were your activities during the last ONE year ?
In KARP what are the things you did ?
In project Prefre3A what did you do ?
What is Prefre3A ?
What is the latest status of Prefre3A ?
What are the other reprocessing plants in India and what their latest status ?
---------------------(a) In process design of PRTRF what did you do ?
(b) What did you do in process flow sheet and how do you obtain P & ID for a
plant ..state all the points sequentially ..
(c) What did you do in equipment sizing ?
(d) What are the different equipment in PRTRF and what are their functions ?
(e) How did you select the following process equipment ?
a. Dissolver
b. Conditioner / concentrator if any
c. Mass transfer equipment e.g. Extraction, IX etc.
(f) What do you understand by Equipment Sizing and Equipment Design ?
(g) How did you size the following equipment
a. a process vessel
b. an MSU
c. an IX
d. a dissolver
e. a pipe for a transfer
f. a pipe for a feed line
g. a pipe for a raffinate gravity drain line

What is Piping Plan Development ? what did you do there ?

How did you do the piping layout tell sequentially each of the points
How did you take care of thermal expansion in piping and their stress developed ?
What are the challenges you faced during back-fitting of the pipes and equipment
in the CDCFT cells ?
(5) Chemical separation how did you size the equipment there ?
(6) How did you select the type of pumps you selected there ?
(7) What the different types of pumps you know ?
(8) What are the different types pumps you have at PRTRF ?
(9) Say, for metering how do you select a pump ?
Show the characteristic curves of a centrifugal and a reciprocating pump ?
How can you convert a centrifugal pump into a metering pump ? (one of
the answers by a feed back control based on flow-meter feed back, say you need
Q m3/hr, then set the controller (preferably PID) set point at Q then any deviation
(error) from the difference in current flow rate and set point, will be sent to the

controller, the controller will then either reduce or increase the speed of the motor,
thereby increase the flow rate
a. Then why not everyone does this ? using a centrifugal pump into a
metering one ?
i. the delay time in most cases are long and a little inaccurate to
control flow rate by motor speed, though, Q proportional to N;
also, its complicated and expensive and the introduction of
controllers etc. may increase additional gatery and increase the
maintenance requirements ; while metering pumps are cheap and
can be selected for a specific range of operations)
Connect a few centrifugal pumps in series and in parallel and show how
the flow rates and heads will change depending on the connectivity variation ..
What type of centrifugal pump (characteristic curve) will you select for
different services in the MUA?
---------------------(h) How do you go about laying out Equipment in an area ? (incell and out cell) tell
the steps ?
(i) What are the empty spaces you would keep free around a Tank, a Pump etc.
(j) What is the minimum distance you must keep in between two tanks storing
inflammable fluids what is the guidelines
(k) What are the guidelines for laying of or routing of pipe lines in out-cell and in incell equipment
(l) What are the guidelines you use for laying out of equipment in a MUA (out-cell)
and In-cell ? tell sequentially ?

What is the function of a Waste Tank Farm ?

How did you go about sizing of Waste Tank Tanks ? what are the bases for
sizing Waste storage tanks for PRTRF ?
What are the modes of waste transfer modes
What are the different emergency conditions that can occur in the WTF?
Are there any stipulated guidelines (IAEA, AERB) for WTF design and
operations? (theres one, AERB, I had told you about last year )
What are the routes in WTF waste transfers and how did you decide these jet
What are the unsafe conditions that can arise in WTF and what design
measures you have taken for those ?