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AEGN: AEGION CORP Stock Analysis

Aegion Corporation is a provider of cured in place pipe and technologies for rehabilitation of
pipeline systems. Company provides proprietary technologies and services to protect against the
corrosion of industrial pipelines and for rehabilitation and strengthening of water, energy, severe,
mining hoping systems and buildings as well as bridge tunnels and waterfront structures.
Formally known as Insituform Technologies Inc, it is headquartered in Chesterfield
Missouri.Solid Q1 ResultsAegion Corp delivered solid results in line with expectations for
operating results in the first quarter, according to Seeking Alpha. The company is gaining
confidence that projected adjusted earnings in 2016 will be in line with results in 2015 based on
order pattern and backlog for Infrastructure Solutions and Corrosion Protection's midstream
market as well as progress on cost reduction initiative and schedule to commence with
Appomattox project.
Future Growth Plans
Aegion will continue to align with the strategic focus to take advantage of opportunities seen in
the long term for sustainable organic growth, primarily in urban infrastructure and midstream
pipeline markets. Out look for Infrastructure Solutions' CIPP technologies in important North
America water and wastewater pipeline results is in line with analyst expectations as over
Global backlog fell by 8 percent to US $327 million. There were two large events which
impacted backlog namely successful completion of large nuclear projects in Q2 and Q3 last year
valued at around US $13 million. Secondly, the completion in 2015 of about US $8 million of
CIPP contracting activities in remaining markets in Asia were part of the restructuring process.
This stock is a good investment because a key component of urban infrastructure strategy is
growing N. America pressure pipe market in both municipal water and industrial sectors. The N.
America pressure pipe market is a perfect one as it is bigger than the wastewater market and
growing at a very rapid pace. Encouraging results have emerged from the first quarter results.
EPS Information
Current Quarter EPS Consensus Estimate 0.30
Current Year EPS Consensus Estimate 1.28
Estimated Long-Term EPS Growth Rate 12.50
Next EPS Report Date 8/3/2016
Fundamental Ratios

P/E (F1) 15.92
Trailing 12 Months 16.05
PEG Ratio 1.27
EPS Growth
vs. Previous Year -7.69%
vs. Previous Quarter -66.67%
Sales Growth
vs. Previous Year -4.94%
vs. Previous Quarter -11.13%
Price Ratios
Price/Book 1.28
Price/Cash Flow 5.49
Price / Sales 0.54
3/31/16 7.74
3/31/16 3.69
Current Ratio
3/31/16 2.10
Quick Ratio
3/31/16 1.87
Operating Margin
3/31/16 3.54
Net Margin
3/31/16 -1.00
Pre-Tax Margin
3/31/16 -0.81
Book Value
3/31/16 15.93
Inventory Turnover
3/31/16 18.89
3/31/16 0.64
Debt to Capital
3/31/16 39.13
Here are the results over time:

Pointing to a brighter economic future, Aegion Corp has value as a stock for investors. This
could be a Strong BUY for investors who want healthy profits and steady returns.

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