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1-Animals and population go from place to the other and than come back again,This is

known as?
2-Which is the 2nd biggest river in the world?
3-On which countrys flag,we can see a maple leaf?
4-Current Chief of Army staff is?
5-The current chief minister of Punjab is?
6-Who saidPakistan is exporting terror to its neighbouring countries?
7-Diamer-Bhasha Dam has been planned on which river?
8-Area wise,which is the biggest province of Pakistan?
9-Sukkhar barrage is located where?
10-Youm-e- Arafat is also known as?
11-What is literal meaning of Qiblah?
12-Which rukn-e-islam is known as shield?
13-After rejecting Nehru report,Jinnah Proposed a report comprising of how many points?
14-The true meaning of Islam is?
15-The ideology of Pakistan is based on which religion?
16-The entire northern area of Pakistan is covered with which mountains?
17-Which is the only thing on the earth,which can be seen from the moon?
1-UN== 24 Oct 1945
2-Australia = Canberra
3-kashmir conflict first taken to UN = India (India takes the Kashmir problem to the United
Nations (UN) Security Council on 1 January.)
4-Second Longest River = Amazon
5-Longest animal 31 meter = Blue Whale
6-Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. = BRICS
7-World Cup 1992 = Imran Khan
8-Washington DC= City of magnificent Distance
9-country floating on oil = Kuwait
10-biggest airport of Pakistan = Jinnah Air port Karachi
11-National animal of pak. Markhor
12- Diamer-Bhasha Dam= River Indus
13-PCO....Provisional Constitutional Order
14- agency on atomic energy
15-Khushal Khan Khatak was Pakhtun Poet.
16-the first missile of Pakistan = Rahber
17-National collegre of Art lahore =Mayo
8. Old name of national college of arts (NCA) was_______________________________.
(a) English School of Arts (b) British School of Arts (c) christen School of Arts
9. Country known as A land floating on oil
(a) Saudi Arabia (b) Kuwait (c) Venezuela
10. Largest Air port of Pakistan is ________________________.
11. PCO Stands for_____________________________.
(a) Provisional Constitutional Order (b) Pakistans Constitutional order
12. IAEA agency Deals ______________________.
(a) Human Rigths (b) Power Control
13. Brazil, Russia, India, china and south Africa is ______________________.
(a) Western group (b) eastern Group (c) non-Aligned countries (d) BRICS

(8) Mayo school of arts

(9) Iraq
(10) Jinnah International Airport Karachi
(11) Provisional Constitutional Order
(12) IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) deals with Atomic Energy
(13) BRICS
61. Wimbledon Tournament is for? Lawn Tennis
62. All organizations share
63. For minimum input a person has got the output he has used the resources
64. Sharjah is in? UAE
65. Against Nehrus Report Qaid-e-Azam proposed a solution of how many points? Answer:
14 points
66. the punishment for robbery in Islam
67. on simple series question (___, 15, 19, 24,) answer 12
68. Which of the following Rukn-e-Islam is called a shield? Answer: Fasting
69. What is the literal meaning of word Qiblah? Answer: In front of
70. Northern end of Pakistan is occupied by western range of which of following? Answer:
Himalayan range
71. The ancient name of IRAN Persia
72. TLRIA is to WOULD then YBVLKA is for? BEYOND
73. Which word will be in the middle select and tick that one
A. Rigorous
B. Retrospective
C. Remove
D. Revive
74. on 6th September India attacked from Lahore
75. 1).............was the captain of pakistan in 1992.
2)Washington Dc known as...........
3)Longest animal upto length 31 feet.
4)Land of oil.......
5)Capital of Australia
6)Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa known as............
7)National Animal
8)UN founded in.....

Largest railway station : kharagpur india

2. Atmospheric pressure is measured by : barometer
3. Location of Canada wrt America: north America
4. Hammas is : radical group of Palestine
5. Which country is called buffer state: Afghanistan
6. Ceasefire line was created in: 1948
7. Third world is: oil rich countries
8. Which continent has no desert: Australia
9. Sun shines vertically on the equator: Twice a year
10. First world war was started in: 1913
11. Pakistan is located in which part of Asia: South-west
12. UN created in: 1945
13. In rainbow which color lies between orange and green: yellow
14. Shortest border of Pakistan is with: Iran




q.1: These stands for (nepra,pemra,ogra)

q.2: Antham of indiasare jaha se acha written by ----------------q.3: Mega projects of balochistan write 4
q.4: Who are these (abne batuta,alkharzmi,abdul hisham,ibne sina).
Q.5: Problems occurred in the chalif of hazart abu bakar sadeeq (r.a) name 3 of
Q.6: Write the names of 4 kashmir leaders.
Q.7: Write the countries of these
q.8: Write the nuclear power plants in pakistan ,names,generations,locations.
Q.9: Ipps stands for? Name 4,generations,locations
q.10: Rbod & lbod stands for ? Write their work.
Q.11: Latest asian games pakistan got medals
Q.12: Qartba mosque located____________.
1: Who gave the statement in india that PAkistan was exporting terrorism from
2: diamer bhasha dam has been planned on the river
3:Current chief Army Staff
4:Who is the current chief minister of PAkistan
5: area wise which province is bigger
6:The entire northern end of Pakistan is occupied by western ranges of the
7:Sukkar barage is located at
8:the bases of ideology of PAkistan
9:When Quaid-e-Azam rejected NEHRU report and proposed a draft of guiding
principle of the
10:Which Rukn-e-Islam is called "SHIELD"
11:the literal meaning of QIBLAH is
12: what is YOME ARAFAT
13: When animals and population instinctively move from one place to another and
come back again this is called
14:Islam Means
15:World's second largest river
1. Capital of turkey : ANKARA
2. When man 1st landed on moon : 1969, Apollo 11
3. Largest airport of Pakistan : Jinnah khi
4: literal meaning of Roza: abstinence
5. Ctrl F for finding any word in Ms Doc
6. Ideology of freedom movement was Islamic
7. BCC is a space for writing mail address