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Describe yourself as seen by your parents/siblings, teachers, friends,

colleagues & superiors in 5 distinct statements
By parents/siblings:
Although I am the youngest person in my family my parents always
entrusted me and accepted my advice in all the important decisions. This suggests
that I am seen by my parents as a person whose decisions are mature and rational
By teachers:
I am seen as a logical and analytical minded student by my teachers and
they always give me the responsibilities for handling the situations in different
academic aspects or any other group works.
By friends:
I am not only in my friends happiness but make a point to share their
problems. And if I can provide any advice or help I would make them settle and
discuss their worries so that it helps them uplift their morale and look at
situations optimistically with a good hope.
By colleagues:

By superiors

2. Describe your formative years:

It was in 12 t h class I realised the importance of achieving
something in life when I had a talk with my father. I was very home sick and
hence unsettled when my parents made me join in a hostel even if I didnt
want to. I had a talk to my father about not willing to go to hostel. Then he
made me realise how important it is to sacrifice temporary happiness to
become successful in life. This changed my way of thinking about life and
made me a better person.

3. Mention any distinct contributions made to the community by you or

your family members
During the last summer, my family has gone to a hilly tribal village for
vacation. Seeing the plight of the drought areas in the village I was moved when
people were bringing water from another far away village. I went to my family and
discussed about how our small contribution can change the lives of many families in
the area. My family has given financial support to the village people and my father
being a civil engineer helped in the process of providing the water facility. He talked

with the district administration and made arrangements for man power and other

4. Were you part of a team where the intended outcome either failed or
exceeded expectations? What was your role?
When I was doing my internship in IIT Hyderabad our team was
given a dead line to finish the work. We divided the work among
ourselves and were completing the work. One of our team mates
could not finish his work due to his health problems. So our mentor
was disappointed with our team. Then I had taken the responsibility
of sharing and completing the remaining work in an hour or so. This
helped our team to meet the expectations of the mentor.

5. Have you faced an ethical dilemma

How did you handle the situation?

6. Have you been in a situation where you have brought about any
improvements in yourself?

Narrate the experience and the changes that have ensued.

Yes, I was in my 1st year of my engineering college when I had to appear for auditions for different
clubs of our college. I was very shy, nervous and not confident even though I knew about my
capabilities and couldnt answer anything because of my nervousness. I felt embarrassed and
started learning to be self confident and bold from that very day.
I took help from various sources like guidance from seniors, and one thing which helped me improve
a lot is by watching TED talks. I learnt how these speakers present the topics efficiently with
minimal flaws, the way they connect with the audience and their expertise in their respective
fields. I may not be perfect in my presentation skills at the moment but I am constantly working on
them and am sure will surely come out of an MBA school as a learned and better individual