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COMPETENCY: ( Follow planned task to ensure OHS guidelines and procedure)

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Policy An Information and communication

technology (ICT) student should know how to behave when working in the computer
laboratory, as well as implement a safe way of accomplishing every task. Safety
practices should be learned early and always adheres in working with any electrical and
electronic device, including personal computers and its peripherals. This is for your
protection as well as to the people working with you,

The Operational Health and Safety in terminating and connecting electrical wiring
and electronics circuits.

It is important to introduce an Operational Health and Safety (OHS) especially

during terminating and connecting electrical wiring and electronics circuits. These must
be of great help in maintaining the safety of the device and personal security of the
The following are some precautionary measures to take before working:

Wait for the teachers further instructions.

Avoid talking and eating while working.
Ask your teacher if youre in hesitations during the hands-on exercise.
Dont forget to use Personal Protective Measures or PPE for protection.
Wear shoes with non-conductive rubber soles to help reduce the chance of being shocked or
seriously injured in an electrical accident.
Do not work on components that are plugged into their power source.
Remove jewelries, ID, eye glasses when working.
Make sure that the working area is liquid free.
Labeling the damage and useful tools
Return chairs and tables before leaving the area.

Possible Cause for Accidents

Hazardous substances
If the workplace hazard appears to be dangerous to staff and clients and professional assistance is
A. Call the supervisor or manager and advise them of the problem and the urgency of the matter.
B. Depending on the risk it may be called as an evacuation.
C. The supervisor or manager will call in the fire brigade or specialized personnel who will deal with the
All fire exits should be kept clear of from obstacles. All students have a responsibility to make sure that
chairs, empty boxes or any other type of obstacle are not placed in or near fire exit doorways.
All corridors also need to have equipment stored on one side only to ensure that in the event of an
emergency there is a clear exit.

Negligence of following the rules and precautionary measures

May cause the damage of equipments or even cause fire, death ect.

Students Activity
Students are task to fill-up the accident report sample form base
on a given situation:
1- In case of short circuits;
2- Liquid spill

Job Sheets 6.1.3

Simulation: Applying/Follow precautionary measures by the students during hands-on exercise.
Group Work:
Group students into desired group
Advice the group to perform the group task
Apply the OHS precautionary measure to ensure the safety.
Check students performance individually.
What to do?
Group1- Crimping
Goupt2- Disassembly
Group3- Assembly