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Project Title

Computerization and Automation of Electricity Department


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Problem Statement
The Electricity Department of Rawalakot is presently controlling all the aspects of billing system for the
customers in Rawalakot. Obviously, it is manual file system where, presently, hundreds of employees are
collecting and manipulating records about electricity bills. This is error prone process and gathering
records or processing customer complaints in such system is a challenging task. To complete the billing
related task it took much effort and time from employees serving in the department. The procedures that
are followed there are cumbersome. Customers satisfaction, which is more important and should be
considered of higher priority, but this important factor needs improvement for this department. Following
draw backs need immediate improvement or removal from the system:
1. Customer/Consumer Record Management:
The existing record/information about customers is being poorly managed in the department. Lot of files
and record which is near about to smash as traditional system has million of paper file and very old and
there are no ways to save these important papers or records about customers/ consumers.
2. Billing Record / Information Management
The collection of billing system is not efficient as complexities has made the employees, who are
concerning to billing system, having skipping attitude towards routine data collection. Normally guessed
billing or fake data is recorded.
3. Poor Reporting and Analysis
A commercial business like Electricity Department should continuously monitor and analyze their
business growth or statistics. But, unfortunately, this department faces lot of troubles when such analysis
is required to be conducted as lot of manual calculations or information to be gathered from hundreds of
files. This is major factor in customer/consumer dissatisfaction and needs improvement.

4. Collecting Billing and Complaints Handling

The collection of payments mechanism is not improved. Consumer/customer face trouble to submit their
dues for service, as he/she has to wait and line up for hours to submit amounts. This particular area needs
improvement also the customer complaints and elucidation needs improvement.
The project titled:

Computerization and Automation of Electricity Department

Is layered architecture proposed to resolve and improve these and other undercover problems
from this department.

Project Requirements and Tools:

Following tools satisfy the necessary requirement to develop and deploy this project:
Oracle 10g Database Management System
Visual Studio 2008
Microsoft Visio 2003 and Others
It is humbly requested from Asst: Prof. Mr. Adnan Idrees to accept our proposal and give us permission to
start further proceeding as this is an enterprise level project and requires a great deal of effort and time as
Yours Affectionately,


Irfan Javid (Roll. No. 20) & Ahsain Mehmood (Roll No. 03)
Dated: October 02, 2009