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The French Laundry Cookbook
Thoma. KeUar
with Susl. H.Uer and Michael Ruhlman


by Deborah Jane.

Thomas Keller, chef/proprietor of the French Laundry

In the Napa Volley-"the most exciting place to eat
in the United States/ wrote Ruth Reichl in The New
York Times-is a wizard, a purist, a man obsessed
with getting it right. And this, his first cookbook, is
every bit as sotisfying 05 a French Laundry meal
itself: a series of small, Impeccable, highly refined,
intensely focused courses.
Most dazzling is how simple Keller's methods are:
squeegeeing the moisture from the skin on fish so it
sautes beautjfully; poochlng eggs In a deep pot of
water for perfect shope; the initiol steeping in the
shell that makes cooking raw lobster out of the shell
a cinch; using vinegar as a flavor enhancer; the
repeated washing of bones for stock for the cleanest,
clearest tastes.

From innovative soup techniques, to the proper way

to cook green vegetables, to secrets of great fish
cookery, to the creation of breathtaking desserts;
from beurre monte to foie gras au torchon, to 0 wild
and thoroughly unexpected toke on coffee and
doughnuts, The French Laundry Cookbook captures,
through recipes, essays, profiles, and extraordinary
photography, one of America's great restaurants, its
great chef, and the food that makes both unique.

One hundred and fifty superlative recipes are

exact recipes from the French Laundry kitchen
no shortcuts have been taken, no critical steps
ignored, all have been thoroughly tested in home
kitchens. If you can't get to the French Laundry,
you can now re-create at home the very experience
the Wine Spectator described as "as close to dining
perfection as it gets."





Copyrlghl C 1999 by Thom Keller

Deborah Jones
Pholographs eopyrlghl C 1999 by
All rights reserved.
electronically. o by any means.
No porrion of Ihl. book my be reproduced-mechanically.
ion or the publisher.
Includin pholoco

Published In 1999 by Arli"n


Division o(Workmnn Publishing,lnc.

708 8ro.dw.y
New York. N.Y. 10003
l.ihrnry ofCongrc811 Catnloging-in Publication Dntn
The French Lnundry Cookhook/hyThomns Keller wilh Susie Heller nnd Michnel Ruhlman: photographs by Dehornh Joncs.


ISBN 1-57965-126-7
I. Cookery. French. 2. French L.1llllllry (Resl,u""II) I. lIelier. Susie. II. nuhlm.n. Mieh.el. 1963-111. Tille.

TX719.K35 1999
641.5'09794' 19-<le2 1

Printed in Sing:lJlorc



Design by LEVEL



The Low of Diminishing Returns


Pleosure and Perfection

The Rood to the French laundry



BigPot Blanching

The Chinols and Tamls

A Sad Happy Story


The Importance of Hollandaise

Gorden Canapes

The Workhorse Sauce


Infused Oils


Fole Gras


When In Doubt, Strain:

Notes on How to Use This Book




Beurre Monte:

About the Chef

Cooking lobster



The Accidental Rshmonger


Toots of Refinement:



A Passion for Rsh


Hearts of Palm Grower


The Mushroom Lady

FISH -l18


T he Importance of Stoff Meal





MEAT- 169


CHEESE - 234

The Importance of
Trussing Chicken

Vegetable Cuts

The Composed Cheese Course



Beginning and Ending


The Importance of Rabbits

Salt and Pepper and Vinegar


The Importance of France


The Ultimate Purveyors


The Importance of Offal


The Attorney Cheesemoker


Braising and the Virtue of

the Process

Stocks and Sauces


The Pittsburgh lamber


"QuickH Sauces







List of Redpes





k now led 9 men t

5 Few people move

a solitary force. and no one in the service
docs. As far as l'm concerned. my whole career has been
<1 cumulative

through their work



My mom. Betty. was and remains the higgest innucncc.

if that's the
word. in my life. Long berare she put me to work. she taught
me how to
clcnn our home, Everything hnd to shine. That standard of
cleanliness was its own brifl, given the work I'd cho08e. She was a

intense woman, the driving Corecarth e family. and she taught through

own actions. I honestly don't know who f'd be jf I'd been raised by. and
had grown up watching. someone other than her.

Short. nnd Crant Achatz, who arrived with the opcnlng of the new kitchen.
have bcen important rorces in developing the French laundry into what it
is today. They, along with Stephen. logged many hours quantirying and
demonstrating recipes forthis book. Pat McCarty has been more than the
French Laundry's accountant-l sce her more as the third legof the rront
of-thc-housc/kitchcnlfinaneial tripod that keeps a restaurant standing. I
am grateful to her.
Thcre arc too many stafr to thank individually, All of them make or
have made the French Laundry the placc that it is. and I thank every one,
past starr and prcscnt.

My brother. Joseph. stecred me in the beginning. even before I

understood that my metier would be cooking. and for this I OIm grOltdu!.

she and I have been talking about it for twclve years. (It began as a pop-up

He kept me on track when I could have gone in any number of Icss

book!) And it was she who not only wrote and tcsted all the recipcs with

productive directions.

her able assistant. Angic Spensicri. but who marshaled the tcam that made

For this book. Susie Heller is to be thanked above all. Few know that

Roland Henin was my chef. He hired me as staff-meal cook at the

this book: photographer Deborah Jones. with her assistant. Jeri Joncs:

Dunes Club in Rhode Island, in the summcr of 1976. when I was not yet

writer Michacl Ruhlman: and graphic dcsigner Clirf Morgan. with his

twenty-one, :md tauglll me what I nccdcd to know to learn thc rcst.

design partncr David Hughes. Susie. Dcborah. Michacl. and Clifrbecamc

During the ycars between Bcnin and the French Laundry. there was.

part or the rcstaurant in order to transrorm its csscnce into


among many others to whom I'm also grateful. Serge Raou!. He not only

They're an extraordinary team: take any onc of them away and this would

hired me in New York. hewent on to give me a place to stayin France during

have been a different book entirely,

my stages. and then. most important. provided the opportunity to establish

the restaurant Rakel. which proved to bc a transformative lime for me.
I would like to thank all my partners: without them there would be no
Freneh Laundry.

Susan Lescher brought the book beforc the right pcople and found the
best possible publisher and editor for this project. Ann Bramson. I'm also
indebted to the team in New York-Deborah Weiss Ccline. Judith Sutton.
Dania Davcy, Nancy Murray, and Tricia Boezkowski.

Whcn we were opening the rcstaurant. L'lura Cunningham knocked

The French chef Fernand Point died thcycar I was born: in many ways

on my door and handed me her resume. She quickly took ehargc of the

his cookbook Ma Gastronomic-a book that eonvcycd his sensc of humor

front of the house and has becomc more than a general manager and

and the totality or a life rocuscd on dining-informed me early on about

sommclier-shc's as much a pari of the heart and soul of the restaurant as

how a ehcf might live his passion.

I am. Her passions. standards, and character. as well as her capacity to

I'd likc to thank my entire family for their support and also ror their

exprcss and teach hospitality. have been critical to the restaurant's

understanding. becausc the life of a chef incvitably leads to areas of

success. For all this. and her ability to work so closely with me, I am morc

neglect in oncslife. I am grateful to them.

grateful than I can say,

Fin:llly. l'd like to thank my colle:lbrues. It's rrom you that I draw

In the kitchen. no one has been more dedicated and loyal, or more

inspir:ltion. and it's your cumulative talent that keeps me striving.

critical in shaping the French L1undry from its opening day. than French

Without the daily evidence of your skill and drive and passion. I would be

Laundry pastry chef Stephen Durfee. Sou. ehef. Erie Zicbold. Gregory

a lesser chef.



Pie a

5 U

re a n d

per fee t ion

there is no such thing

When you acknowledge. as you must. that
perfection becomes
as perfect food. only the idea of it. then the
clear: to make people happy. That's what cooking is aU about.

it's the satisfaction of cooking

But to give pleasure, you have to take pleasure yourself. For me.
mechanical jobs I do
every day: tourn6ing a carrot. or cutting salmon, or portioning foie gras-the
routine and
daily, year after year. This is the great challenge: to maintain
the endlessly repeated act. to derive deep gratification from the mundane.
hearts braised with
Say. for instance. you intend to make a barigoule, a stew of artichoke
carrots and onions. fresh herbs. oil. and wine. You may look at your artichokes and think "Look at
all those artichokes I've got to cut and clean." But turning them-pulling off the leaves. trimming
their stems, scooping out the chokes. pulling your knife around its edge-that is cooking. It is one
of my favorite things to do.
Another source of pleasure in cooking is respect for the food. To undereook a lobster and
serve it to a customer. and have him send it back. is not only a waste of the lobster and all those
involved in its life. it's 3 waste of the potential of pleasing that customer. Respect for food is a
respect for life. for who we 3re and what we do.
CO'I\CI,oll Rllollo

11., Sho.d White T,ulll.1 f,om "lbo, pog. 88


The foie gras preparations in this book are among my favorites because foie gras engenders so
many different feelings. It's luxurious. Its raTe and expensive. Its visually and texturally rich, a
very sensual thing. But the slow-cooking short ribs and oxtail and artichoke barigoule bring me
some of the deepest pleasures of cooking I know. The process of braising. and the amazing aroma
of floured meat in hot oil, is incomparable: taking the braising pan out of the oven to see the rich
color of the liquid and the slow thick bubble of the deepening sauce, the beautiful clear layer of fat
on top. When you've pulled your pot from the oven to regard your braise. to really see it. to smell
it. you've connected yourself to generations and generations of people who have done the same
thing for hundreds of years in exactly the samc way. My mentor. Roland Henin. told me something
long ago that changed the way I thought about cooking: "If you're a really good cook." he said. "you
can go back in time."
Cooking is not about convenience and it's not about shortcuts. The reCipes in this book are
about wanting to take the time to do something that I think is priceless. OUT hunger for the twenty
minute gourmet meal. for one-pot ease and prewashed. precut ingredients has severed our
lifeline to the satisfactions of cooking. Take your time. Take a long time. Move slowly and
deliberately and with great attention.
The idea of cooking and the idea of writing a cookbook are. for me. in conflict. There is :10
inherent contradiction between a cookbook, which is a collection of documents. and
a chef. who
is an evolving soul not easily transcribed in recipe form. A recipe has no soul.
You. as the cook.

Pleasure and Perfection

TIle cquipmnt used most oflen for Ihest


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slockpot (o\'u 16 quans), hr3\'y sheet pans.


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recipes includes: food processor. blender,

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For (r...h lnllO.. . "hur ,nllO. 011. 'mfOr


Juke. hotlJrKol dl mu'nt', :t.tIll cavum

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heat diffuser, juicer.

It 'Il cssrnll31 to usc lugh (l UJllty cook"'Jrr.

Japanese mantlollne (Iknrincr), plastiC bowl

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scale. installt-read thermometer. decl} fry





departmentll, For 1l0urguI's l ugh-qual lty

thermometer. palette knife and small offsct

French copper, s1311t1('ss tuecl. 31111 nonsliCk:

palette knife. graduated round culters. 1>3811')'

cOOk"'3rt", wfuch IS uscd III IUallY restaurant

b:lgand l ips. and small pl astiC squeeze bOllln.

kitchens. conlnell

SpeCial eq ui pme nt used III sp eCifi C

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The French Loundty Cookbook)


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shaker. o"al

egg cutter. and trume: shaver.

OIC: HlIlg molds can he purchased from

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I'Ialt, neur de

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unsweclened chesilluis. \crJus, "hll(' Intmt'

bOllomB of appropriately Blled cans. Illaklllg

011, lrlllon Oil, gelalln bllCct8, ",hllc rod.linh.

sure that the edges arc smooth. Wash the cans

nnd apple l'('ctll1.

well before uSing.

Culinary Initltuta of Am.,lco ot Gret'tone

All sources below ship 10 eustoment.

Culinary Instltuto of Amerlco ot Greystone
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rillfllr IlIl1rhrr KIwI'''

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List of recipes
"Cornct$": Solmon Tortore with Sweet Red Onion verne Fro1che 6
While Truffle Ojl-Infused CUlo,ds with Block Truffle Ragout 16
"Bacon and EOO''': Soft Poached Quail Eogs with
AppIowoodSmokcd Bacon IB
Cauliflower Panna Colla with Oolugo Covlor 22
"'Oysters and Pea,ls": Soboyon of Pearl Toptow with
Molpcquo fcrs and O$C!ro Cavfar 23
Pickled OysIOfl with Eoollsh CucumbC'r "Copellln'" and Dill 24

Worm FruitwoodSmokcd Solmon wITh Pototo Gnocchl

and Bolsomlc Gloze 91
Dungeness Crab Solad with Cucumber Jelly,
Grainy Mustard Vinalgrclle, and Frisec Lelluce 92
Chesapeake Boy Soft-shell Crab "Sondwlch" 93
Corpoc.clo of YellDWfin Tuna NJlse 96

"Ungulno" wlln 'Ilhlla Clom Souat 25

Fricassee of Escargots with a Pur6c of Sweet Corrots,

Roosted Shallots, and Herb Salad 98

lobster Consomm6 cn &Mo 32

Poached Moulard Duck Fole Gras au Torchon with Picklt!d Cherries 106

Crcomy MoIne Lobster Oroth 35

Whole Roosted Moulard Duck Fole Gras with Appl and Block Truffles 110

Gazpacho 35

Gcwlirztromlncr.Poocht!d Moulord Duck Fole Gras

with GcwlirZ1romlncr Jelly I 11

PUllio of Enollh P(''O Soup wllh Whllo Trufflo Ot! and Parmesan Crisps 37
Yukon Gold POIOIO Ollnl 40
Ollnl with OOlloroo dl Muoolno and Conflt of Tomolo 40
Ollnl with ROOSh.>d Sweet Poppers cnd Eggplont Cavlor 41
Gruybro Cheese Gouobrcs 48

"Tongue In Cheek": Braised Beef Cheeks and Veal Tongue

with Baby Leeks and Horseradish Cream 1 12
Eric's Stoff Losagno 116
Stoff Dressing 117

"Chips: and Dip": Potato Chlln with Truffla orp 48

f I 5 If

ParmlglanoRagalana Crlps wiTh Goot Choose Mousse 49

BulterPoached Moine Lobster with Leeks,

Pommes Moxlm, and a Red Beet Esscnce 125

Shrimp wUh Avocado SoI$O 50



Salad of Potlle Summer Tomaloes with VlneRlpe Tomato Sorbot 56

VlnoRlpq Tomato Sorbet with Tomato Tartore and BasU 011 57
Solod of Globe Mlchokes wllh Gorden Herbs and G01pocho 62
Salad of Haricots Vcrts, Tomoto Tortore, and Chive 011 64
Heirloom Tomoto Tort wllh Nlr;olso Olivo Topcnode,
Mhted Field Greens, and Basil Vlnolgrelle 66
Salmi of Dlock Minion Flos with Rootcd Sweet Peppers
and Shovc:d Fennel 67
Heorls of Polm with Pordo of Morrow Beans and Field Grecns 70
Favo Bcon "onololll wllh Curry Emulsion 80
Sweet Palata "onololll whh Saoo Cream, Drown Duller, and Prosclullo 81
Chostnut I\ollololll with Fontlno and Colery Root Purco 82
Whllo Com 1\onololll with Summer Truffles 83


Tasting of Potatoes with Block Truffles 86

Cotnoroll Rlsono with Shoved White Truffles from Alba 88

LI,. 01 Roclpo,

"Peas and Corrots": Moine Lobster Pancakes with Pea Shoot Salad
and GlngerCarrot Emulsion 126
"Maco/onl and Oleesc": BUller-Poocht!d Moine Lobster with
Croomy Lobster Broth and MoscorponeEnriched Orlo 132
Five-Spiced Roosted Moine Lobster with PorlPooched Rgs
and Sautcd Moulord Duck Fole Gras 133
PanRoosted Moine Jumbo Scallops with Morel Mushrooms
and Aspor09us Pu, 136
Solman "Chops" with Celery and Block Truffles 137
CltrusMarlnated Salmon with a Conli! of Novel Oranges,
Deluga Caviar, and Pea Shool CouUs 140
"Clam Chowder" Saut&!d Cod with Cod Cokes and Parsley Oil 142
Sauteed Atlantic Halibut with Summer Succotash
and Rue-Scented Onion Giole 144
Block Sea Doss with Sweet ParsnIps, Auowleof Spinach,
and Soffron.Vonlllo Sauce 146

PonRoeslcd Slrlpcd

Bou wf1h Mkhok.e RoonoIi

Con.u Vccchlu ...,!h

. Spked CoffOI Solod and Gokkn RoI\ln P\.Ir

and BariOOOlc Vinolgr<!11e 152

PocifIc Md wilh Fresh Soybeans,

Seamon and Radish Solod,

and Soy-Temple Orange Gloze 154

"Ash and Chips" Rcd Muttet wilh a PoJcffO d'AiI Doux and

Garlk ChIp" 156

Sponed SkolC Wino wIth Btals.ed Rcd Cabbage and Muta,d Souce 161
"Surf and Turl" Souteed Monkfish Toll

wilh Brals.ed Oxtails, SoIlIy, and 162

Ute de Molno ....,Ih ut and Too\loo


COIQ'oll'O'f Seed V1no,otlo '.3

P()flno Temono ....lIh Roo,loo S and ArUOUki Coulls 250

J\:mnlglona-Rt'Qglona Cu,tords with Romaine Lttuco.

Anch<wy and pu,""""n Cri'!" 251

"Coc\or Solod"

Roqu.:fOf1 TIllie ....,Ith F'ench Bonet Pteo, Relish 256

a\l d" Breb's ....
!th Fri au.. Lordens 251

"SouP and Sand'l'lkh" Grilled

Con"""mO. and Bu".. F<i<d Chi", 258

Roulade 01 Pekin Duck Brcos! wilh Crcomed Swcct Whlto Com
ond Morel Mushroom Souce 172
Pan-Roo!ed Brcost of Squ ab with Swin Chord,
Sauteed Duck Fole Gras, and

Oven.Orled Block Flgs 174

Roosted Guinea Fowl en Ctcpmctte de BVOIdI wilh Pon Jus 178

"Yabbo Dobbo 00" Rocntcd RIb Steak wIth Golden ChonterellC\,
Pomm Anno, ond Bardelolse Souce 182
"Potou.Feu" Braised Prime Beef Short RIbs with Roo! Vcgetobt
ond Sauteed Bone Morrow 188
Bral Brcos! 01 Veol with Yellow Corn Polento Cakn,
Glozed VcgetoblC\, ond SWC(lt

Garlic 192

"CoHee and Dooohnuh" Cal)pUCdr'lO St-nlllr('ddo

. CinnomonSUOOr Doughnuh 262
Croom 01 OIuebt..".,. SouP ""'llh Yogurt Chor'oUe-. 26-4

Crcom 01 Walnut Soup 268

Verlus Sotb4l1 w.,h

J\:xK1 J\"OCI 269

"Solad" du Prlnlemp\ Rhuborb Conht WIth Novel OtangC'l,

Candled FeN'ICI, and Mosc;arpoo<t Sorbet 210

Nl"ClarJnc Solad With Green To,,\OI a Coniliuro and Holt"lout Soboyon 272
SlrQ'Yrobc:rry SOfb4lt Shortcak, with S......
'e lenl-d Cfmu

Double RIb Lomb Chops With

Cououlel of Su mmer Bcons and Rcxcmory 197
Bellwether Farm Baby Lomb


Fivc CulS SCl'led with Proval Veoctob'es,

Braised ClpoIUnl Onlons, and Thyme

0,1 198

Venison Chop with Pan.Roosted Buncrnut Squash and Brolsed Shollots 199
Saddle of Robbil in ApplcwoodSmokcd Bacon
wilh Caramelized Fennel and Fennel 0.1 207
"Uvcr and Onions" Sauleed Coif's UVCI, VIdalia and Red Onion Con"I,
Onion Rings, and Vinegar Sauce 210
Rooslcd Sweetbrcods WIth Applcwood-Smokcd Bocon,
Brolsed Belgian EndIve, and Block Tr ufl lc Sauce 212
"Head to Toc" Pig's Head ond Pig's Fect 214

Whipped Brlc de Meaux en Feurl/cl w.,h

Tellichcrry Pepper and Baby M6chc


Ashcd Chcvteaux wl,h Slow-RacJ1ted Yellow

and Red Bcets and Red Beet VinolOfcllc 239
Choaurcc wllh Rl"Ci Plum\, Clove-Scented

"Banana Spilt" Pooched.Oonona Ice Croom

WIth WhIte Chocolatc Banana Cr6t and O\O(olOIO Souce 280

"Pl:ncopph' Chop" Ovvn.Romlcd Maul Piot!O"tI

WIth Flied Posl,y Creanl and Whlppc-d Cr mu rrakhe 282

VanUIa Deon Roosted nOs W1lh Wlldlto.... er Hom'Y Vanllla ICa C room 284
Vclou16 at Bllh!tS""'t'1lt Choc:okllu ....lIh Clnnamof\-Stkk Ico vewn 286
lie FlononlC Slow Oo\..c.od Mcrlngul", ....Ith c,emo AnOlo"o ood
e.ller\....cet OwxoiolC 290

Pea, Strudel ....lIh Chc.,\lnul C,eam and J\.'()r Chlf 292

o m 294
Lemon Saboyon J>u\tl Nut 1011 with ItOJ\C\"('(j Moscmpot\tl C u
"Condled APIlI,," Cronl4j dl} For/neJ .... lIh


011, and lola Ros\O 239

rrold\O Sauce 274

StfOwbelfY and Champoone TCflinc 275

Poodwd ApJ" and leu CU."Om 296

Choc.oIolc Fondant .....Ih CoIf"..., Ct(.'Om ond Chocolale Oenlcllt." 300

Choc:oIolo CoM ....1 111 Rt!'d 6" Icc Cr,,'Om ond Toosted Wal n ut Sauce 302

"Pt.'<Inut Bullt'r and J:IIII.." \" 308

Solly s<'hmlll', Cral\lx-IfY and "')ClIo Kudo willi HD! Crl.."Om Souc" 313

P OOl numbeu '1'1 Italk. ,.f., to photOOfOphl.

ognololll,1", 7879

(MII"ul,with 'anUno orHt ul"y

'001 pu,.. ,82
10'0 bean,with (U"y .mul,'on,80
I""'" potato with log.,blown
bull." ond !)fo.cllmo,a I
whit. CaUl,with lummer 'fuIU
Ailwa,ChOln" 68
alcohol,mGrlnod.. and, 190
In ortlchok bo,lgoul.,63
d,.,I"", Potmlglono.R.gglono (ullo,d.
_il., tomol".. '."",ee, PO""'lon
In tHI'rioom lomolo lort wllh HIol
al l" loptltOd., ",Iud f I.14 0"'1'11,
orwt IxUllyIItOIO"II., 66
Appl. fOtm,3 1 2
appl. ptctln, 307
In "peonu, bull., and /.m ... 301.9
and Clonb."y I.uch,n with hoi 'tlom
10U(', Sollr Schmlll'., 311
poGch.d In ".ml d, 10,lnl wllh Ice
< and,29697
whol. foo.,.d moulo,d duck fol. "'at
w',h block 'rulfl.. ond, 110
oppllonc I I
ortlchoke bo,lgoul.,2,61. 6], 152
In ptllH OOI I.d Ilrf.,.d ban .llh
al1lc1lol... ro..loll and IKIrlooul.
In .olod 01 Olob. ol1lchohl wllh oord.n
h"bl and oo,po(ho,62
ol'lcllo..... 2
ra.-lolI,pon"OOII.d ",iPId ball .. hh
ballooul ... Inolo,.". and. 151-53
lolod of Olob., with OOld.n h"bl and
gorpocho. 62
,.. olio oltlchol... baliooul.
In Ch.. op.oh 60y 10ft'lh.1t crab
"Iond...lell." 93
COUIlI,pICOllno TOlCono .lth looll.d
I"'" p.pp", and. 250
In poa(h.d moulOld ducl.. fol. oral all
lorc/,on with plcl,l.d ch",I... 106.7
alh.d ell...,.oua ..It II .Iow.roou.d r.lIow
and ,.d and ,.d b1
.'nolg,.".,239, 240.140
PUI",ponroolt.d Moln.jumba ICOUOp.

.llh mo,.1 mUlhroom, and.136

In lolod 01 Olob. olllcho", whh gord.n
h.,b. and go,pocho.62
au lorc/ron. 103
o ..ocodo lalla.llirlmp ....llh. 50

In P.,oll d. D,lb ......llh flhh au.
/ordonl, 257
rooll.d ......Ib"od'tll blol"d D.lolon
.ndl,blo(k IIulli. 'auce, and
oppl....ood.l!lIOd, 212wl3


I n d".

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wllh cOlo""lI,.d f.nn.1 and '.nnel
.olt pooched quail 'Ogl wllh oppl_ood.
In 1.. ..1 polola oOnolo!!1 whh 100',brown bvll." and
prolclulla,81 chop wllhpon.roou.d
bull"nut Iql,l(lIh ond b,ol"d .kon
"bacon and '001" haft poached quart '90'
.lth appl_ood'lmol...d bacon),
14, 18.135
BoldlKcI'., 123
bollomlc glo, 238
In gOlpacho, 35
In P Olmlglono.Reoglono CUIIO,dl with
romoln. 1.lIuce, onchowy dt.nlng,
and Porm.. on crilPI,251
In .,.collno To"ono wltll looll.d .....t
peppen and orugulo C<XIIII,250
'n lolod 01 block minion 11111 wllh
looll.d Iw,.1 pe.,.,." and Ihod

In .Inr l.,. 10molO lorbel wllh lomalo

10110,. and bolll all, 57
.Olm Itull.. ood'imol...d lolmon with
polOIO gnoc(hl and,9 1
bahomlc .In.gor,1 8 1
"lKInono Ipill" (pooch.d.boMM I e .
.. lth ...hlt. chocotOI.bonono crtpel
and chocolot. 10uC.). 280-8 1
o,llchol.. 2,63.152
,Inolo""" In pon"ooll.d IIIlped bon
with olilchoh 10 ..1011 and, 152-53
ballc IIChnlquu, 10. II
b.ur" monle.135
b,uno"., 155
clarlfl.d bulltt.125
(all .. "I'oct. 263
clllping lI,h Ikln.1047
101. 0'01, 10)5
Inllnlno alii. 16566
mo,lnollno m'OI.190
polchm.nlpoper IIdl, 190

bolll "'MIg,.II.,h.lrloom tomalo lort wllh

ml.ed H.ld o".nl,NIoI.. oilY'
10peMd.,and. 66
block "0. wllh 1.. ..1 ponnlpl,orrowleof
IpiMCh, and ,olhon ..onillo 10Uce.
",Iped. pan"ooII.d wllh ortlchok.
,orloll and boriQ<XIl. rinolg"II"
bolon "O.lobl. cull. 202,203
h.ort. 01 palm with JH.'I.' 01 mortOW
bton. ond 1I,ld,70-71
In lolod of globe ol1lchoh. with OOlden
herbl and go,paeho,62
lolad 01 horlcoll 111,10moio lorto,.,
and chl,e all,64
lummer. doubl. lib lomb ChoPI wllh
,otemary all and cotloulet 01,
lee 01.0 10'0 bean.
WOfnol.. moun.lln 42
be.1 cheek btol"d,ond..eollongu. with
baby leel.., and hon"odllh,
a,h,d eh.".ou. with Ilow"oo.l.d
y.lIow and ltd bte" and ltd bet!
..lnoIO""" 239
'n blolled breolt 01 01 wllh y.ltow corn
polenta colu,gloud "gtloblu.and
Iw..1 gortte,19293
bu"ttpooch.d Moln./obller with I"h,
pamm.. Moalm,and ltd be.1
ell.nce. 125
chocolol' cohl with ltd beet Ice Cltom
and looll.d walnut .ouet.302-3
po...dc,. 233
beU peppen, o,ecn
'n gOlpocho,35
'n pePP" confelll,97
'n roollcd guinea lowl en crpineUe d o
byoldl ... llh pan JUI, 17879
bltnl with eOllplont and rOOltcd
In cotpacclo at rellow"n Il,lno
In peppet conlelli.97

p"pollng lob,ttt. 124

pull po,l,y, 29798
qUln.II ... 274

In looll.d ouln.o 10... 1 en crplnrtlo de

byold; wllh pon jl,ll, 17879

,ooll.d pepp.fI.2S0

rooltlno. 250

IImpl, Ir'up. 271
Ilod 220,2222]
lomolo conill.U

In ,olod of blocl.. million IIg. wllh Ihod

f.nncl and roolled Iweel, 67

t,unlno chlchn.171
"Gelobl. cull.20J, 20)
ba,II aU, 166
In pon',OOII.d .III.,.d boll with

o,ll,ho" fa_IoU and ba,looul.

.,Inolg""., 152 53

.. wllh
'n lolod 01 pellt. lummll tomato
.'n",lpl 10moio 101bel,56-S7

In ,olod 01 globe ol1l,hokel with OOldcn

herb, ond gorpacho. 62
In 101, AllanIte hoUbut with lummel
luccolo,h and ,ue.te.nlrd onion
glo,e, 144-45
bell peppell,y.lIow
bUnl wllh e9llplonl co,loI and ,ooll.d
Iweel . 4 1
I n eo,pocc!o a t rcllowUn luno
In pepp" conlelll, 97

In roolt.d gulneo Iowl cn Clip/nell. de

.olod 01 globe ol1l(ho"l with gOldcn
h.rb. and gotpocho,62
In loulted Atlonllc hollbul wIth .ummcr
IU((OIOlh and lU"l(cn"d onion
gloll, 144-45
Bcllwclh., FOlm,249
boby lomb-II,. cull I.,nd with
Plow.nol "O.loblc blolsed dpallinl
onion., ond thymc oil,198,200
beluga co..loI:
couliflowel panna colla with.22
C hllll.morlnOled ,olmon ..lth 0 confil 01
no... 1 Olongn,pea Ihool coull and.
Sengh, Ing,ld.I. 1222).1)6
beurre man", 10,74, 135
bllcult fa, Ilfowbcrry .Olbet .hortco\r.u
wllh Iweel.ncd crbmc holche
10Uce, 274
block pepper.180, 181
block leo bon wllh Iweel pallnlpl,
...l.of .plnach.and .olfton_onlllo
.oun, 146-47. 148
black tl\llllet. 85
In h.ol11 of palm with pu,te of morrow
bean. and 1I.ld gfeen.,70-71
pololO chip, with IIullie dip,48
lag<XIl.whll. tluffle oll.'n'l,lsed CUIlord.
lolmon chopl" with celelY ond, 137
loun.foolled ,weCltblod, with
opplewGod.,moked bacon.b,olled
Selolon endl.e,ond.2 1 213
10ltlno of paloloe. with, 86-87
whole roolled moulOld duck 101. gfOI
with opplu and. 110
btlnl, 10.)9. 135
with bottorgo dl mugOlne and conlii 01
wJlh loolt.d Iweel peppefl and .ggplonl
co,lor.38, 4 1
Yuhn oold palata. 40
cream 01. 10U P with yoguri ChOlloltu,
In 501fy Schmltl', clonberry and opple
kuchcn with hal cream .Ol,ln,313
Bobby ,eol breo", 192
bon. mallOW
blolted pI/me beel .hort lib, with rool
_egeloblu and loulhd.18890
hlcouh 01 euoIool1 wllh a pl,lrh of
.weel cOlloh,,ooued Iholloll.and
hetb lolod.98-99, 100
SOldelohe loun.lOOlled lib .t.ok with
golden chonlerellel.pommu Anno,
ond. 182-83
bottolgo dl mugglne. 10
bltnl with (onllt of tomato
bouquel OOln'. 61, 63
In olt/ChOlel bo,looule.63
In coul1 boullton,50

in hartl of palm .lIh r" 01 morro

on, aAd 'Itld Qrttn,. 70-71

blain 209
brai.ed. blol.ll\Q. 2.1116

k.1 (h..'" ond wtal '0ft91H .llh baby

Itlo.. ond honttodlth CllOm {"'GngIH

Indlttlo.,. 11213

b,lOu 01 wtol.. ,.h ,.lIow (om poInlo

(010.... Qlo,d ...tglobtn,ond I.ttl

QOllk. 191, 192.93

,""Ion., '<414

0110111. laulted monlo.lhh ..lth .abll),.

cC" and,162-63

prim. betl .hort ,Ib, with '001

w.gtlobln and .aulttd bon. molfO'"

{"polauftu', 1117. 11I1I90

rtd cobbag., .polled .Io.ole ..

muuo,d loun and, 161

ulled pig', htod with .oun Q,ib1ch

brondad., 142

CON" .e at, 14-15,45


I.nnel. mubolb conhl ..

l lh I-..,

..'or. '"/\tOO. In pk\1.d 0'1"'''' .Itk

("'OII'h NC' cOCItIW orod

pptr and bobr ml(he, 2311

brlCKhe, 2511-59

In btoIled "'Hit 01 ,.-01..lth ...... corn

poMfllo co\.. . g-loud .Ioblt 0fI4
,...., 00'''', 192-9)
...., ,''''"''''' ogftO&ottl..lth fonllflo

"condled oppl.- ("fMC de ICNIM..ilk

poG(ktd oppl" and Ie. c't'Om).

cGnOIo oil,11
cOptlUnJ, 71.79

0u.H4 f'\oQnlo.thh loll..ltk "'ohed

coUInI, plcUt-d 0)'''''' .. 1Ih diU and

0.10111ohll" and. 102:--61

Chompog Of\d .lro.. be,,)' ,."w. 27S

"QU'h ClKumber, 2"


,hoIIl.,.IIe,. ,oolltd fib 11..0\ .lth'

In corPGCCIo 01 t,IIowHn luno

HI(oh 9t.

In (htlopeoh Boy 'OIl-tMII crab

.ond_lch: 93

261-6).261, 299
cOlo"oy ud

_INlg"., too.l.d. Ttl. d.

Moin ...lth 'OU"\.Ioul ond, 10

Co'N,all rhOllo .llh lkoud _kll ",III"

hom Alba. 1, III

croulon 2311.259

"eomylobu." bu"tt.poo(hd Moln.
lob. I., wllh malCo,ponenlkhed
ana and, 132

(ltomyMoine', 35

brunohe, 01 OOlnl.h, 155

wegelabl. cui 202. 203

BUlh. Oowld. 137


.wttl potolo ognololll wilh .og.

(ltom,ptolduIIO, ortd brown. III

clormed, 42. 125

bUll.,nul .quolh, wenl,on chop..ith brolttd

.hol1oh ond pon'rOO,led, 199


lob.ler, 124, '3'

Moine lobll' .ilh cfeamr labuer blolh
ond mOleorpantenrlch.d 0110
(-macaroni and (h .. ",, '32

Moine loblter wllh Itt.... pomm1

Mo_lm. and 0 red b..,

euenc., 125

braId., (rrpmelle de,roo.led Quinto 10.. 1

wllh pon lu, In, 1711-79

cobbag., .polled .1o.01t .Ing ...llh mu'lord

loun and brohed ltd, 161

"Cotlor .010d" (Po,mlglono.Regglono

(Ullord...lth fomolne ItlluC',

01 ,tllo..lln luno Hk;ol ... 96

ch"rln, P'c.l.d. pooc Md rnoutord dvcl.

(orrOI po_dt,. 212

COIrOll. 11

In broiled prime bul .ho,. fib...l1h fOOl

ugelobltl and louthd bon. morrow,

In bf\lnolu. 155

126 27
.holloll, h"b ,olod. and puf"


,, 911 99

.olod. Cor,u Veeckl", .llk oot.dtn ,ollin

I" and .pk.d, 2..2

In .olod 01 globe oltlchotI..111'1 oaldn

k and oorpoeho, 61

It.. aha corral po..d.,

cOlloul1 01 ,umm" beonl and rOltlnOly.

doubl. fib lomb chop.


196. 197

co",l lol

In b,oil.d p,lm. .I ,hOII ,lb...lth '001

(fltp'), 25 1 . 252

1118 90
In rOO.Id guln.o 10..1 en C'''pln.H. d.
braidlIk pon Ju" 1711-79

ChCKOlol.,..ith ltd ke' In Cltom and

(oul,lIo.." ponno (OliO ..Ilk beluoo (otlo,.

cod, .oulted cod .llh poul., all oAd,

colo'. 15. 68

loo.ttd ..olnul .ouc., 302-3

(aU'' loot, In lomb .Iocl.. 224
Collohon, Brell, 2411_249
Co\lohon. Clnd1. 2411 49

Collohon, Uom, 249

Callahan loml1110rm, 1911,2411_49,250

Comcmkll .!lk ltd plum" clo .unld

all,and 1010 fOUO, 219

cotlo" beluga

cou"'lo ., panna calla.. 111'1, 21

chlulmollnord lolmon ..lth 0 conW 01

Nul Qfang", pta ,hoot couili. 01\<1,

'''0 41
CO>IoI,'J'Jonl. It. '99Plonl co.lo, OltllO, loharon of peoli loploco..111'1

Molptqu. o"ter' 01\<1.".21

..Ilelo. tc. Cleo,"- 1I617 (ooU... 296 97

cipolUI\I onion,

brohtd. a.II lh" fal", boby lomt.-II

cult un..d ..lIh ,...>.,,<01 .fg.,obl..,

Ih,m. aU, ond, 1911

III ,,,utet4 Alktnllc hol,t ..lth ,urnm.r

,vcco'o,h and 1\1' ,""I on

Qtolt. IU 4S
,lIn,It,_,InGI.d ,01n1oOn..lth

canh' 01

no1 (Mono", belUOO and p.o

.hool cov"',


In .oult.d cod ..lth (od coh. oAd

polIl., eMl 141 43


clo", (ho..d ..," hoult.d cod .lth cod

292 93

ol lobll., con'CNfInl' .n 0.1 11 ))

(ltom. peo, ,,,ud.1..It" pea' chip. 01\<1.

(h....lOu o.n.d,..II" ,Io"'foo'td 'f ..11ow

,INlglt"., 2)9. 2..0

Cn.1 Pon111'. 1411


"od. 120,226-27

coh. and po"I., 041'. 142 41

01 _01 ma,lnad., 110

01 talK", 7)
clo,m.d bu"". "1. 11S
cf.o lcenl.d oil C hoou lU ..lth ltd plum.,
1010 10110, olld. 2)9
Cobbl., Nob. 171

(hlno cop, 73.13

cod. ,0"I"d, .lth cod (O" and poIII.,

chlnal 71, 7)

coli ..

(hln... ,I". 71

dUnol) tom", 73

be." I.n chocGtol. cohl _Ilk 'I'd beet

k. (ltom ond loo,f.d .olnul ,ouc.,

oil 141 41
Cttom, (hocolol. tondon' .. ltk chocotott
d.nllI.. and, 100 101

"cott.. Qnd douUhnuu (CO(1llu((lno

"mlll.ddo .lth elnnamon ''''00 '

302 3
chh lor .hl,. Ilulli. oIl.lnluI..d

(ullOldl ..llh WO(\ I.ulll. logCK/f,

1 6 17
oorlk. ltd mull., .Ith a pol.lI. d'g"
dOlI. and, 156 )9

pta' IIIud.1 ..Ilk ,n..t""" Cltom and

ptOl. 291 91

poloto, bow"., fri.d. lSI

potato 01\<1 IIulll "8

"chip. and dip" (potOIO chip, .111'1 10\1111.

dip'. 47. 411

chJ oIl, 166

In heOl" 01 polm .lIh putt. of morro.

beon, and fI.ld o,, 70 71
In .lMI liP" lomalO 'Qfbtl .lIh lornatO
10riOrt ond botll oil, S7

In .01", hulf_GOd lmo.d .alman .lIh


tOIK'. "noulne .lIk ..hilt, 2)

In <OUlt bo\rlllon, 50

Irlcollte 01 "( ltk rOO.I.d


91 . 94


ond ltd bttll ond Id be.,

olnor., .muillon, Main. Lob.l"

pancoh... Ilk pta .hoof lOIod ond,

MaIM 1ob.1.. ..ltk

poIl.pooc Iii' ond ,wt'.d
Mou*ollt dvc\ to&. QIO" I))
100000 nt.. llh colt "M'" ond choC"oIof.
",fI"Lt." 100.)01, )00
I" I II" Oftd 11I )01.9
,OVC'. poo cn..i.boflONl k. C"OIl\ .. lIh choco&of.. boftON c,.pe. a nd,
,to..,bo\ed "',,"'vve ..ltk crf_
.. 91
"",,'0". olOd bltt.".... ,. 190
\.au" 01 btn"'.. .... .lth cinnamon
"k\. Ie. (lCIO"\ 216---17

tlt'ul po.. d". 111

OOnolottl ..ltk lontlnG ond cel ..,,. fOOl

CI.Om, 1121l

rltd be., k. "M"' a nd

!M.fed .. 01"" OUC., 302'

leM' 0'0''''' fOftl\oft.. \tn. 106-7

(h..apto. 110, 10fth.1I Clob .and.lek:

In ortlehohl boI 63

oncho...,. drutlng, and Pormuon


.. ,.11\

carrot 0+1,167

U9tlobl" and .oul d bon. morro.,

Cole du Pore. 171

(onlm 01\<1 bIoIfI"'''t.d (hlpl,

r or 01, 1.......9

.lth bab., I.h and horurod'lh

buller. 11

Anno, Iord.loI.. ,ovc'. ond QOW.n..

112 Il
(hoou,ce .. nh ltd '*""'. clo.... ".nled o6l.
oNi to*o lono. 1 19. lA,
(kollo"n. creom 01 bivtbe"r lOUP" Ih
'09",,1, 10.4-65
Cheddo, <h
.... , 116
QIlIIflI to,,,,hou.., (0,1, G"l lornolo

croulon. lor, 131

ollole gIOI. 10"-S

In broll,d be.t (.h and ual lo"QlH

bulchttlnQ. 205.209

'" 1I,pkt4 '00 ,,14


d(Mjohnul. (-collt. and douohnuu",.

B,I. d. Meoul en leu.llelt ..lth Ttllkht",.

01'14,. U7

Ie. <'.0", and fOO.ttd..olnul 'OYC',

cappuccino ttmllreddo..ilh clnno_ ugor

bltod, 611

toh' ..lth

celt,.,. "cho,, ..lth bktc\. !nlH'"



dtll. 2"

mol(Olpone .!>tbel. ond. 270-71

"ol""'t., ln chocolo,. (010." ..Ith led bt

cMor" ..QfU"'9..lth,. 247

dOVOhnul.'. 262 61. 162, 199

Combo' III Ih. r'Ofllfnoul lone (8.nol.,


01 "",.t' Olono ... cllfu mollnOlld

.olmo" ..lth beluQo coolo" IO .hoo'
coulh, OM, 1"0 41

,"ubo.Lr...1.11 "", 1 olano... coAdI.d

l.nn.l, ond "wn(OlpGf'i' 'Olt..!,

110 71
10mo10, .. 1_010 confl.

VJ(Soloo olld ltd onlorl, .ou ...d calf',

11''',0''''"'' rllW,l', ond .In'ool ,0uc'.

210 11

faIt, Glol lorntlfo, Oflll.d IQlmllOU ..

polalo Q"CI<lhj end bollomk

C"'ddo" wll" hl.d cMp., OM,


15. lSI



"'Mom"" (C.m__J
fobt'." 12A
lobt'." .n O.U.,31,32--33
cI""OmMI t.....t,In cr.",. d. '0,1". with
poo chod apple. and ke,
pl,ou.tte, 'or rh",borb conU, with noy.1
Of'ono..,condl.d I.nn.I, ond
nwnco,pone 'Of'b." 27071
lobi.,'" chacolol' fondon' with coff.o and chocolo'.,

'01",t' 01 bltl."wt Cho<:oJoI. wflh

cI"nornontlkk lee er.orn,286-a7
ccolllng,phiJotophy of, 2
..3, 9,10

(0'01011, 167
In b",tt.,.poocll.d Moine lobtl.' wllh
c,.orny lobu., b'Olh and
motco'POf'Ie.nrkMd OliO, 132
b,olud b,.ot' of ...01 wllh Olol.d
"O.lobl ..,,w, OOlllc, and y.llow,
pol.n.o cohl, 192--93
,0",lod. 01 P.llln duck b,eol' wl.h mol.1
muth,com .ouc. and c,.om.d ,w'e'
whUe, 172
In loul d Allon"c hal/but wllh .urnm.,
IUecOIOlh ond , onion

dtnl.lI.. and, 300-l0 I

fMd potl,)',O'I.n"OOlled Moul plneappk!

wfIfI w+Wpped (I frokhe and, 282.-13

honeyd motcOlpont. l.mGfI

,oboron.pln. nut tort with,294-95

..f ch
..... and
hOll"odllh, blol"d b
weal longu. with boby I..kl and,
,.d wino riMoor,64
,ouce, 50llr Schmltt'l oppl. and
clonbe"y luchtn wfth hoI, 313
of ...olnul lOUP ,9, 268
-",om 0' Wheal.- '" C"mo d. 'orine wl.h
pooc.,.d oppl.. and Ice crtom
Cllom puff dovgh, Ite
cr'mo Anolol ..:

whl'" oOnolottl wl.h .",mm., ',1,1111, 83

ollglnl aI,4, 262

co"..lchon" I" Chuop.o&"Dar
(lob ".ond...lch," 93
Conu V.cchl",...IIh Iplud co"o, lolod and
oold.n ,oliln pur",242, 244
c610 d. bo.ul, In looll.d lib II.ok wllh
oold.n cllon'".Uu, pomrn.. Anno,
and OOld.lolle 10Uce,18283
co",III, 10

0"'01,110, peco,lno To"o"o with

lOOll.d IW", p.pp." and, 250
ponl'r,'1'1 red m",U., ...lth a polell. d'G"
dour and oo,Uc chIp., 156-S7,159
p.o Ihool, cllrulmollno,.d lolman with
a conU, 01 no,,' oronou, beluoo
cowlo"and, 140-41
tomato,'1'1 lolod 0 1 peill. lumm"
lomoto.....llh ylno"lp, tomato
cou,t bouillon,50
lor "'co.." 01 UCOIOO" with a p""'e 01
tw..t caito'I. ,oolt.d ,hollo'l, and
h.,b .olod. 98-99
In IIIIlmp with owacodo 10iso, 50

p6'. 6 Chaul

In cho<:oto.o fondo"' with calf c,"m

and chocolal. dtnl.II... lOO.lOI
In crtom of"r IOVP with )'oourt
chollo"", 264.-6S

In peal II,ud.1 wl'h cheltnul cllom and

pea, (hipl. 292_93
Ilowbohd merlnouo with bille"w"t
chocolot. and,290-91
cr.m. d. 'orl". wllh poach.d oppl.. and
ke cream 'condled oppl,"
.. 97,299

poUI)' c,.om and whipped,282-tl

In laboyon of peoll loplaco ....lth
Molpequ. oy,'elt and oul,o
In lolmon 10rtOl. with .w ..' ,.d onion,
louee,,,)' 10lbet Iholtco"',...llh
I....... n.d. 274
In !rulll. dip '0' poto'o chip., 47, 48
CI'pel, 127
10' Moln. lobller ponca.......lth pea
Ihoot lolod and,-co"o.
pooch.d,bonono I" c,.om ...lth whit.
chocoloto-hanono. and chacolole
crhplno 'bh IUn.147
"0",1CH'11, 238
bllocho. 2l1,259
,,1,111, pin, nul, 294
I.llr. O",no.n ... Clob lolod...lth glolny
mullold wlnolgll"'. hit 1.lIuCl,
Ih,lmp ...lth olocodo lalla. 50
... aha cucumb.II. Enolhh
cucumbell, [nol1lh
-copelllnl." plc.led Orllell wllh dJtl

"Iondwlch: 93
Oung.nul, lolod ...IIh cucumb., lellr,

In OOlpocho. lS

(lonb"'r and oppl, "uch.n with hal (,.om

.ouee,Sol1r Schmitt'., 313
eronb'''r boonl,In doubl. lib lomb chopi

and. 24
Cul1nor), Inllllu" of ,America. 209
CUllonll, In chocolot. londOi'll with coll.o
croom and chocolot. d.nt.II...

...llh conaul.t 01 lummer b.on, and

CUllr .muhlon. fowo bean ognololll...lth. 80

CUlf)' all,165, 167



01"r ,oup wllh roou" cha,lo"ol,
26465, 267
ch ..,nul, p.OI .tlud.1 wllh p.OI chipi


o"n"ooll.d Maul pln.oppl....lth frl.d

Chuop.oh Day lOft'Ih.lI,

o,olny mUllo,d ,lnoIOle" and hit ..



'Of' c,"m of blu.bell)' 50Up ...llh yogurt
fOl nectarine lolod wllh o,.en tomato
c.onfituf. and hg,cWrt IoOboyon,272-73
'Of' Roqu.fort 1,1fI. with fl.nch bulter
pea' ,.II.h,256-57
009uln,Arione. 10J

Pormlglono,Re9010no,with 'omoln.
I'!luc on,howy d,..tlng,and
Po,m..on "hpl. 2S1
white IfullI. oll,lnlu"d, with block
"1,1111. ,ogout, 1 6 - 1 7

Eric', Itoff toloono,116
elcorSloll, 'ricout. of,with

puree of

.weel CO'tOlI,rOOlled ahollot., and

herb 5010d. 9899
ctp,"'O I,ocl. In cappuccino lemllreddo
with cI"nomCH'1"ugor douohnul
uplololeur wllh ,ed plum., clove ,unled
oU, ond lola rona,239

D'Art09AOn. 103


010", 144_45
"co,n."" holman 'O,fo,o with ..... ., ,.d
onion er.rno ftolch.),67

coff..,chocola fondonl with choco*ol.

00wlon80h,. 188
d.n"I1... chocolot., fondon' ... lth calf..
".om and,30030I
d.u.rt "tp", 127
In pooc.hed.bonono ke cream with white
chocolol'-bonono c,tpe, and
chocolot. IOU",280aI
d",.mpe, 297-98

(orce, 198
In pIO', I", with french o,een lentlh,
'0"0 beonl:
oonololli ...llh curry emuhlon. 80
In double rib lomb chopi wllh cououlel
01 .ummer bean' and

Olomond CI)'IIOI,180
dl,,1mlnce YIO.,obl. cuh, 202,203
dovbl. rib lomb chopa wllh cououl.t 01
lurnrner beont and ,omol)',
po.'O, 78
douohnull, cappuccino ..m1freddo...lIh
onchowy, fa, POlmlglono.R.golono
cUlloldl wllh ,omoln. leIlUce and
Po,m .. on cfhps,251
11011, 117
dlled hOllerodl,h,233
dlum .Ie....73

,o.emol)'. 197
In .auleed Allonlit hallb",. wIth .ummer
,u((olo.h and ru"lCen"d onion

010.. ,144-45
In ottlchoh' bo,lgoul 63
candled, Ih",bo,b CCH'1I1, wllh noyel
along",rnOlCorpone .orbel, and,
In COlPOCelO 0' yellowlln luna
NI(olto. 96
In court boullion,50
otl, 166
laddie 01 ,0bb1l In opplewood'lmo"ed
bocon ....I'h coromellnd fennel o"d
fennel all,207

Oucon., Aloin.89
'ovlad. 01 Pelfn. b,eol' wllh (teamed
5..... ' while com and motel
mu,h,oom .ouce,112-73
louee,-quitk: 228-29

.olod of blocl mlulon 11'011 wllh ,oo,'ed

Iweet peppe'l and Iho..ed. 67
pon.roolled breol' 01 Iquob with 5..151
chold, southd dUCk lole 0'0', and
owen.d,led block. 174

Dun.. Club, 115

polt.pooched,fiweplced roolIed Main,

Oungen." (tab
In coult boumon. 50
.olod ..lth cucumbe, Jellr, glolny mUlto,d

lale 0'0' and. 133

.olod 01 block mln\on.wilh loolted

wlnolo""',and IrIIC' 1.lIuce.

55,92, 9.f
Ou,f... Steph.n, 296

mint and,15

lob.ter ...lth souleed Moulold duck

Iwee' peppeu and Ihawed fenntl. 67

yonlllo beon-fOOlled,..lth wildflower
hone),-Yonlllo Ice (team,284
1110 dough. In pear 5t,udel with chetlnul

In loolled guln" fowl en ,,plnelle de

braid/ with pon lUI, 178-19
.e 0"0 e09plon' cowlor
ooplonl colol
bllnl...llh rOOlled IW,,' peppen ond,41
and rOOl'ed red peppen In comett. 4
In lolod 01 globe oltlcho"'t with OOlden
herb. and OOlpocho,63
'Qgl, 11
poachlno. 18
tee 01.0 quail cOO,
Emmenthol wllh Iplced COllol .olod and
oold.n lohln PUICO. 242
.muttlonl, 73
CUflr,10'0 b.on ognololll...llh, 80
glnoer,collol,Maino loblter poncokel
with pea Ihoo. lolod and, 126-27
.nd,.... b,ohed B.lglon. roolled
.... ,,'bllodl wl.h oppl.wood'Imohd
bocon, bIcK.'ruffl .01,1(', and, 21213

(team and pear chip.,292-93

"fI.h and chlp.- (red mullell ...lth a
pol,", d'oll doul and gOlUc chip.),
!lwe'lplced ,00.led Main, labile, with port.
poached fig' and .outtled Moulold
duck lole oral,131, 133
lIooeolell and leo 01 lomb, 196
lieu, de 101,10,181
lIour. 1 1
fluled awol "ge'oble cull,202. 20]

101, 0101, 9, 15,73,10]-S

flyeplced 100lIed Main' labile, wllh
polt.pooched flgl and louhied
Moulo,d duck,133
Gewullllomlne"poGched moulo,d duck,
wl.h G,,,,uflllom'nel lellr, III
moulold,dUCk, pon.,oo.led bltolt at
Iquob wllh Swlu cho,d, owendlled
block tlg., and loulhd,174
poGch.d rnoulord duck. au lorchon w1th
plcled che"le5, 106-1
preporo'lon,. 2

roo,,, las
"",hoi. focut.d m4X1lord d, _llh opplu
ond block trullle., 1 10
'Ot\IIno, chulnut ognolo!!1 ...Ith eel.,., tOOl
purt. ond, a:t
'reeter.curlng '01. gro 104
French loundry, 10, 42, 41, 0, 47, 73.
124, I l S, 1 l7, 172. 196, 19a, 221,
232, 247, lOS
chu coun. Of, 216
denert at, 276, 28]
'o'e grOI 01. 105
gomhh at, ISS
hlltory ai, 3-4, 8-9, 192. 1 1 2
pu'v'rou to, a . 28-29, 68-69, 1 21, 126,
19S, 248-49

'rkont. 01 .,co'goll with a pu,e. 0, ,.1

carrOll. roost.d .holloh. and h.rb
salad, 98-99
Irhh I.ttuce
ou_ lordon., Peroll d. Brlbel ..lth, 257
In corpocelo of r.llowfln tuna
NIoll" 96
In Dungene.. crab .olod with cucumber
lelly, grainy mustard vlnolgrell"
and, 92

gonoeh., In chocolol. fondant with call..

cream and chocolot. dent.IICI,
gor/lc. I I
broiled breast 0' eol ...lth rellow com
polenta cokes, gloted ....gelobl.., and
Iweet, 192-93
chip., ,cd mullet wl,h a po/elfe d'o., dou.
and, IS6-59
,oo.led, putte, 25
tullel, In .olod 01 pellte IUmme,
lomotoes wllh Ine.rlpe tomato
.o,bet. 56-57
brunolle, 155
lrullle, 2 1 2_1 3
see 01.0 vegeloble gomhh
gOJpocho, 9, 15
lolod 0' globe ortlchol.. wl,h go,den
herb. and, 62
g.lolln ,heeh, 10
In cream 01 blueberry .oup ...lth yogutt
chorlollel, 264-65
In Dungenen crab ,olod with cucumber
1.1Iy, grainy mustard tlnolgtett., and
Itllee lettuce. 92
In GowUrJI,omlner'pooched moulo'd
duck 101. gtOI with Ge.VfJlromln.t
Icily, 1 1 1
In Roquefort Irlll. with French bulle'
peor reillh, 256-57
In ""y ond chompogn. lerrln.,
In '1elou't 01 blll.,..eel chocolol lth
elnnomon tlck lce cream, 216a7
Gewuu" omln.,.pooehed moulord dUCk tol.
Qro. "'"h G....uul'omln.'
/ellr, I I I
glno.,corrol emultlon, Moine lobller
poncol.. .I,h p4'0 .hoo, .olod and,

010lel, 1 0
bolsomk, 231
beet, 239

port wine. 211

rve-1C1t'd onlon, lOt 10UfHd AlkJrIlk
hol,bul ..
lth . IUCCOlOlh ond.

.o,.le Oto, Poc,'k mol .hh

Ir.,h 'Ofbcon., 1C0Wotl Oftd rodl.h
.oktd, and, I S4-55
poloto, 90
poloto, .orm 't\ilhoood.ed .olmon
..lth bolmic glon Oftd. 91
gool che

tk... .lth oord

4ft lOtocf of O'obot Of
hti-bl Oftd go'petho, 62
1t. C2...
n, 1l5
MOICOflMNW """" '"'*'
IOboron-p&ne ""I tort .1It\. 294
'-'""'. be-t. cht>th eftd ,
10ft0W "'lth boby ......
and, I U.l l
dritd. 2))

o.ked Crtou, ",-lIh sloroo" t'd

yt:llow and r be." and It'd be.I
wktolgretl,. 239, 240. 240
moun Po'ml9.Regg\ono
crllps, 49
QCMIgtr.., 47, 41
OfOpeu 041, 1 1
Gre.n. Cotmle, 28-29

"e crf'Om
c.stk ..
&ou.. of bltten...1
chocokl, llk, 216-17
cr'me d. lor"" .lth pooched opt)le,
and. 296.97
poochedboftofto lth .hI" chocoto'e
bonono crt,.1 Oftd (hocoto,. 10UC'.

glten beo,,., In doubl. rib lomb Chopl ",lth

COIICXII.I O, .U"""', nl Oftd
,oumor" 197
gre.n Itnill., " 'e.t "'lth rrt",h. 2 1 S
oreen lomolo conlllUlf, ntClorl.,. .oktd .lth
holflnut .0bofWj and, 272_73
gflbkh. .o., 10, 2 1 4- 1 5
orm.d 'ormhouse Cheddo" [orlr Girt
lomalO conlomm and buller."k-d
chip. '''soup and"),

,ed "". choc.oIot. (oh lth locnltd

_oinut IOUC. ond, 102-1
",Ildlto.., honey, '0l'Il110 bean_roo" .d
"0' .lth, 284
n. lloIIon'. hkt bolt'd _, ",lIh
CI,me A.tIo;Iloh. and bI"",...,
chocola,.). 1.., 290 91
In'u.ed II. 165 67
lngredl.nl1, I 1

210.. 1 '

2.55, 25a

c ...... ooug" ". 47
.lth .pkt'd co"ot lO\od and gold.n
rohln purte, 242
ouln.o 10.', ,oosted, en cri-plntll' d. brold,
"'ltk pon /u 1 76, 177_79
G", So...oy, 247

hal,bul, loulted Allon,k. ",I'h ,um",,'

succolo,h and ru" 'Cft'll.d onlot!
gI0", 14W5
haricol' utt., 65
.olod 01, tomalo lottore, chi I,
and. 64
In 'olod 01 Olobe oltlchoh, .lth gOld.t'I
hflb. and 9OlpcKho, 62
honlnul ,oboyon, n'(lo,ln olod .llh
9,un lomoto conUlure and. 272_ 73
"heed 'a loe" (plg', h.od and plg'. 'ee'). 9,
10, 2 1 4- 1 5

heor1. 0 1 polm, a, 6 a 69
.lth PUle. 01 mouo. beOt'll and 1I.ld
g,,,n., 70-71. 70
h.lrtoom temo'o 1011 wllh Nlr;oh. j
'openod mb.d 1I.ld or..n" and
bo.11 ,Inolorell" 65, 66
H,II.r, Su.!.. 1 0 - 1 1
Henln, Rond, 2 , l i S, 1 7 1 . 209
he,b', 1 1
oIh, 165 66
lochet. In rOOUtd OUIMO IQ\O'n
crt".n". d, b,old llk pon 11.1',
1 7a79
herb lolod, 97
In corpocclo 01 ,".lIo..lln luno
NIollt, 96
1,lcolI" 01 ..corOOI1 .lth a', 01
I. eel COIIOh, roou.d .hello", ond.
0' ..

Jope"'lt bf.od cr_b Ie. ponlo

1lIie. (d....rl', 107
concord grope. 301- 9
uta.berry and chompoVne 1.,,1.,.. :275
",.u, lOa 9
cucumber. 91
UIJ" oml.,." I I I, 275
Il.nne _'O.lobit ,u", 201. 201

Keller, JOltph, 42 4)
Keller, Thomo., 2 .4, I 9, 123. 195, 305
COl"' of, 42 ....]. l iS, 1 7 1. 205,

rr..",h lound" and, I, 3 1 2

phIOIoph, 0 1 'OOlnI) 01. 2 1.9, 10
Ucln'H. 95. 209
lOlke, .olt, 11. 110
"uch.n, Solly 5chnllu. o and uonbe""
"'I'h hot lOW 3 1 )

mb. 15
'h. cu" ,.,_ ..d
1I.1I."her 101m bob"
with P,ourtt;o l oelobl." brohed
(lpo'lInl Wonl. and ,h,_ 011. I U
double lib, (hop, .Ith co. .ovl.t a '
,umnwr beonl ond ,o"_r,, 197
punerOf, at, 1
'OW', -quk ... 22129
.'oe.., 220, 224
lo Rh. (1. .IOUlont', 205. 109. 247
knogno, [,k', Iiolf, l i b
bob" broll.d b
..., cheeh and uol
tonqu lth hOflerodhh Cleom and,
1 1 2. 1 l

1ft brunell', 155

bwll",poochtd Mo"'- aob" ., ..lth

pot"I'M' Mo'-Im. ,... bHl ."tn<.
.... 12$

1ft COVl' boui8on.. 50

'" Irko,," 01 e"O"OO" _It... 0 P\I'" 01
,.", (Of,..I" 'OOI,td ,hollol'. and
helb .toct. 91a99

0.lObotor' p&M nY' 'all .lth hoM)9d

I'I\OlCorpoGfte U"'" 9, 194...95. )95
o ub" I,,,,, tOt t\l'IoI, 3010
-I+ lth .hI" (10m '0\1(,. 24, 25.
27, 17
Uq...adl. IlImmIftg and It,olN"Q of, I '

,"at, I S. 209
I.UttH COIt'I, YWoIIo ond rtd onion
(onll,. oNon '''-91. ond .""'00' loun
(-It,.. ond Qft/onl-I, 2 1 0 - 1 I
lobi'... 121

blolh. "10m, Moln., 35

bw"..,.poo chtd, 1 24. III
bwll.,.poochtd Molnt, .ltho utOmy, blolh
oltd fftOlCornlkhtd 0 1'10. 1 1 2
bw"."'htd Main., ...lth I.....,
poMmel Mo_1m. ond ltd M.,

e e. 125
(onl .n gelt., 11, ll:- ))
(oo1.l. 114
Ih.'IP'c.d loolt.d Moln ",llh porI.
poached I. and Movlord
duck f. orOl, I I I
Main., ponca.... .I,h JI+O ,hoot lolod
ond VI"O'hcolfol .muh 126-27
.10<'" 71. 124
1oI0 lOttO, (hoovlC Ith ,td ph,,"'I, clo.e
H.n,.d 011. ond, 2)9
1, 209

-mocOlon' ond ch,, (bull.,.pooch.d

Moine kbller .lth ,,-am, st., broth
ond mouolpon,,,lch.d 0110,, 1 12
MocolY, Poul.II.., lOS, 247
Moco" , R.M. 205. 247
m6,h., baby, .hlppl'd e,l. d. "".ou n
l.utll., lth l.lIIch.II, peppe' and,
ll}, 2].
,1M CoIiIOtHWnit (PoInt'. 1 7 1
MohOn .Ith tpiud (0"01 lolod ond gold.n
lohln pur.., 242
Moln. lob.,,, pon<:oh. ",llh peG lkool
.olod and ol"Oero<ollol .muliion
(-pea' 0"" COtrO""', 126 27. 119
Moipequ. 0,,,,,., lobo,on a. ptoli loploco
.ith 0,,110, and '-otll.,. and
peorh-), 21
mollnod.., 190
10' brohlno ,holl rll.... 116
cllrUI', lolmGII .lth 0 (anllt of no,,1
OIOng.., belo colo" ond peo lhool
cov'h, ... 0 4 1
t or G uu,rotNn".pooch.d moulo,d
duck toJ. 0'01 .lIk G ilutromlne,
1.11" I I I
red .In., III 90
morro.. beonl
In doub'. ,111 lomb chop. "'lIlt cOlloul.,
01 .umm., bean. ond
10.'mo,y, 197". heo'" of polm "'lth 1I.ld O,
ond, 70} 1

l " rI . .


fNlr,ow bon

b,oh.d prim. be., Ihort rlbl .lth root

'O"oblll and louthd, 188--90
In I,lconh of ,ICO,ootl .lth a pvt'. of

I n lOlling 01 polOI"1 wllh ck Inllll ,


Ito"ht '-plneoppl. chop'.

powd.,. 232

IWt (O"OU, ,ooll.d .hollot., and

PV'vtyOrt of, 28-29

lOU,* 'or ognelolll, 74

Cornerall ,hono ...ith broiled, aa

tlock, 220, 227

loulhd monk"lh tall with 'ohlfy, dpel,

In CI'm. d. 'Olin. with pooch.d oppl.1
and Ie. ".om, 296-97
.n,'ch.d OliO, buu,,pooch.d Moln.

wlld, 2a.29
mUlh,oom ,ogoul

.'od:, 'n block .eo boll wllh Iw.d

por'nlpt, o"ow'.ol Ipfnoch, and
.0U'on....onillo laue., 1 4 6.....7

plcU.d, with Engllih cucumber

"copell/nl" and d.lI. 24
lhopping fo" 2 1
Ih",cklng, 22

blohed ,ed cobbog. and, 1 6 1

O'Ongll, condl.d f.nn.I, and, 270.71

',1.1111.,, 83
Modm',, 1 2 5
moyonnoh., 42
and bltl,,.wUI cho(olol" 290-91
MIII." fdgor, 195
mlnuldlu y.g.lobl. cull, 201, 203
'gop/oni and, 1 5
011, 166
mltlpoil, y.g.lobl. (1.111, 201, 203
mol, pocmc, with huh, "all/on
and rodllh lolod, ond 10y.l.mpl.
orang. glo.., 154.55, 154
monUhh loll, 10Ulhd, wllh broll.d ol'olh,
lohlfr, and dp.I, 162
.. 63
Mood, John, 8, 68-69
Mood, Pot, 68- 69
mo,.1 mUlt"ooml
pon.rooll.d Main. jumbo 1e01/0PI wllh
o,pOrogul PUI'. and, 136
10UU, ,oulad. 01 p.!,.ln dud
.. b,.oll wllh
ctlom.d Iw1 whit. corn and,
1 7 273
moulord duck '01. 0'0'
IIv" lplnd ,ooll.d Moln. lolnl.r wllh
po,l.pooch.d 1/01 ond 10UIted, 1 3 3
Gu,.IIomln.,.pooch.d llh
GUlJllomln.r ,.Uy, I I I
pon" ooII.d btloll 01 ,quob ...llh S...h,
chord. oy.ndrl.d bloc\,. fig I, and
lould, 174
pooch.d, o u lo((/,of! wilt. plckl.d
ch." ,u, 106-7
whol. ,oou.d llh opplll and block
trull/, 1 10
(hocolol" In Ilowbohd m.,lnou lIh
"'m. AnOlol .. and blll.,.1
(hocolol" 290-9 1
goal c h..... POlmlglono.R.gglono (II.PI
wllh, 49
In Roqu.'ort ttlll ... It" Ftlnch bu""
p.or I.lhh, 256-57
thllmp, 74
mOIlOti/lo. In E,/c' 1011 1010gno, 1 1 6
mull.l, I.d, wllh a pol,,,o 11'011 dou_ and
gOllic chipl. 156-57
mUlhloom ,ogou,:
Co,naloll Ihollo with, 88


loploco with Molpequ. Of'Ileli and

oltl,o CO.kll), 2 1 . 23. 135

and holtinul labaron. 272-73

oflol, 209
01/1, I I, 165-67
bolll, I66
COI'OI. 167
(hlu, 166
c/oy.unl.d. 239
cOlol, 167
CU"y, 165, 167
'.nn.I, 166
In'ullng, 165-67
mlnl, 166
portl.y. 166,y, 165, 166
Ihym., 1 65, 166
IIulU 73
aI/v. lop.nod., NI..oh., helt'oom 10mO'0
lOll ...llh mbed 1I.ld glrenl, bolll
yinolgtlll" olld, 66
onlonhl, I I
B.I/w.lh.r 101m baby 10mb- lI.e cult
",ud ...llh P, .g'lobl'l.
Ihym. oil. and b,o/ltd c/pallJnl, 198
glo,., ,u.-te.n,.d, 10uld Allonl/c
hol.b",1 with lumm., I"'CCOIOlh and,
pI.porotlon, to,. 15
rlngl, 2 1 0_ 1 1
'n lolod 01 glob. olllcllokli ..llh gOlden
h.,bl and gOlpacho, 62

...... 1 ,.d, cr'm. frolch., lolmon lor'oti

...lth, 6-7
Vidalia and 'ed. conlll. 2 10- 1 1
onion powd." 232
olong.(II, no1
c!tIUI.morlnol.d tolmon "'[It. belugo
co_lOt, poo .hoot COUIlI, and coniIt of,
140 4 1
,hubarb (onl/, ... lrh candled '.nn.',
mOteOlpan. 10lbel, and, 270-71
arlO, b",,,.,.poached Maine 10b,ler wl,h
cr.omy lobi'" blo,h and
malColponenrlch.d, 1 3 2
OU" O CaYlor oboron 0 ' p.orl toplo(o with
Molp.qu. 0YII." ond, 21. 23

pa,try cream. fried, 282-83

p6le 0 chouI, 47, 47, 48
In Gnl'ro che". gougt,e., 47
PUI" , 73
10Up. p"" io of Englllh, .lIh ...hll0 II",fUe
011 and POlmeson "iIPI. 37

Pacific mol with It",h 1000laont, teollion

and rodlth lolod, and loy-Iemple

obllqu. ug.labl. CUll. 101, 203

In whhe corn ognololl' .lth .ummer

!rulll'I. 83

"oyll." and pear" hoboyon 01 peoll

n.cto,ln. lolod w!th grn 'omoto (onfllu,.

m.,lnguII, ....d, with ,,'m. AnG'oll'

emuhlon. 80
In -"nguln'- with while clam 10UU, 25

polIo mochln'I, 74

Nopo Vall.... CoUI , 3 ....,. 2a

HI..ol r.IJo.fln luno, (orpacclo of, 96-97

In loo bun oonolonl with curry

osel,o caylor and, 2 3

muuord powd", 233

'muhlon, 126-27

poliO dough. 78
lor artichoke ro.lolI, 152-53

Molpeque, .oboron of peart loploco wllh

mu,lOld 10UU, ,poII.d I"ot Ing. with

In whll. corn oonololli wllh lumm"

'plnoch, lollrononlllo louce, and.


In couUllowe, pon"" (0110 .llh beluga

In Main. lobal., ponca..... with pteo

IhOOI .olod olld olng.,.co"ot

,weel. block ICO ban wllh ollowleo'


hon.,-.d, (tlom, 294

'Olb.l, ,t.ubotb (onlll wilh no.1

yegelobl.. and .0",lied bon. morrow.

0110111, 2

co.lor, 22

In 10U,* grlblch., 146

.muhlon, 80

10",Iit'd cod wllh cad coh' ond. 142-43

and brobed, 1 62--63

I oliO cepel, Chanl.,.I1, morel.

lob"" with ".omy lobatt, b'olh and,

I n foo b u n oonoloul with (U"y

poIII 011. 166

porsnlp.In blolled prime buf Ihort ,Ibl wllh 1001


h"b .olod, 98-99, 1 00

Martin, Keith, 8 , 1 9 4-95, '94


oYen,ooiled Me",1 pineappl. with fried

pollry ond whipped c,em.


orang. 010", 154.55. 154

polelle d'o" doul, ,ed m",lI.. with garlic
chip. and. 156

Ire 0110 pea .hool(l)

prochel. poochtd wllh y"lu, 10lbet, 269
peach palm (pel.baye). 68-69
"peon"" buller and lellles," 307, 308-9

pol.llel, 159

peon",1 bUll" tr",lIlu, 307, 307. 308-9

Polladln, 'eon.louh, 258


Palm Beach Yachl C/",b, 42, 1 1 5

pancokel, MaIno lobu." .lIh peo IhOOI
lalod and olng",co"ol em",lllon,
ponko (lopanu. bleod "",mb.), 156
'n "tm. d. fa,ln. wllh pooch.d opplu
and Ice ".om. 296-97
In o n.roolled Maul plneoppl. with
fIled pol" Y cream ond whipped
,,'mo " old", 282-83
In tid mull.1 with 0 pO/OliO d'o.' doul
and garlic chip 156-57
ponno (OliO, cou""ow.r. with beluga
coylor, 22
b,eolt 01 ,quob .llh Swl.. chold,
lo"" ttd duck 101. grOI and oendrled
block "0', 174
Maino lumbo "ollopi ...llh morel
mu,hrooml and OlporogUI
,uli., 136
Ilrlp.d ball wllh olileho.... ,0loli
and borlgaul. ylnolglell',

lSI, 152-53
poper.lhln ..gelobl. cull, 203, 203

pure., In cream of walnut 10"'p, 268

rell,h, Roq",e'ort Irifle with Flench buller.
.lrud.1 ..ltk chutnUI cream and pea'
chlpl, 292_93
"p.o. and cotloll (Moine labile, pancakes
.Ith peo Ihoot lolod and ginger
COtrOI emultion), 126-27, '29
pea Ihoo,(I)
coull cllnll.morlnOlcd lolmon wllh a
conill 01 naol o,ano.., beluga co.lo,.
and, 140_4 1
lolod. Moine lobller poncok" .IIh
ginger-carrol emulsion and, 1 26-27
pecorlno TOICono wilh roolled eel
peppen ond orugulo COUUI, 250
pejlboye (peoch polml, 68-69
prppe,. block. I I , 180-8 1
pepptr. roolled Iweel, pecorlno TOICono
wllh 01"'0",10 co",1I1 and, 250
pepper, Te!llche"y, / 8 1
Iyr",p, In cream o f blueb."y lO"'P wllh
YOO",rt challollet, 264-65
whipped Brio de Mea",. en leulliete ...lth
baby meche and. 237, 238

pOtChmenl popel lid I, 190

pepper, ...hlte, 1 80, 1 8 1

Po,lll.nn. boll .g..obl. Cull,

pepper conlelll, 97

101. 203
POlk Ann",. Colt. 1J7
Porm",on crllPl, 37
wIth gool chul. mOUIlO, 49
Pormlglano.R,golono (u,'ordl with
romolno I.IIUU, oncho)' dre..lng,
and. 251
Parmlglono.Regglona C",Ila,d. ..Ilk ,omolno
lelluc oncho..., dtl..lno, ond
Po,m..on uhpi I-COllor lolod-),
251. 151
'0' chlorophyll, 247
In red mullet wilh a po/ello d'od dou.
and gallic chip I, 156. 159

'n bUnl with roolled Iweel peppe,. and

eooploni COylOf, 4 1
I n (orpocelo o f yellowfln luna NIolu,
pepprtl, bell, leO b,1I peppOll. green, bell
p,ppert, red, bell peppen. yellow
Peral! d. Blebl, wllh Irlth OUI lordonl,
255, 257
Pellre BOlquo wllh Iplcrd (orrOI lolod and
golden loilin pure 242
che"lu, poached moulord duck folo glO'
au !o,cI.on ...lth, 1 06-7
Oyllerl, ...llh Englilh c",cumber
-coprllln'" and dill, 24, 27

plO'1 fUI, 220

wllh Frtnch O'U" It"IIII, 2 1 5
plO'1 htod aNt pig'l Ittl (-htod 1 0 10.-), 9,
plh, I n Pacilic mol with huh lo,1Monl,
Icolllo" OM rodllh lolod, aNt lOy_
ttmpl. oro"o. Ololt, 154-55
-plntoppl. chop- (O_t"rOOlttd Maul

pl"tOppl. ....lth fritd POltry "tom OM

....hlpPtd crime Irolchl), 282-8]

mulkroom, 232
10000I00 o, 2))

pink 10lt, '" 10lt, pink

plrouettl coollel, I" rhubarb ConUI ....ilh
r10wcl OlO"gll'l, coNtltd '.nnel, oNt
mOICOlpont lorbtl, 270.71
pluml, red, Choou", with dovI.tcl"l.d 011'
1010 rona, o"d, 239
poached, poachl"9
Oppltl, 296-97
bo"o"o 1(1 "tOm ..ith ..hltl chocolol,
bo"o"o crtpcll and chocolot. 101K.
(-bo"ono Iplll-), 280-81
101. oral, 104_5
liquid, 269
lob,l." 1 24, 125, 1 3 5
moulord duck fol. grol a u lorcher. ..lth
plckltd chtnl.., 106_7, 10'
Pol"I, Fernond, 1 7 1
col.., ycllow com, brohtd b,cOH of _col
wllh gland _eg.lobln, Iweel gortrc,
o"d, 192-93
I" ..hllc corn ognolOll' wllh lummer

pommci Anno, rOOII.d rib 11.011. ..ith

oold.n chonlelelltl," 10uce,
and, 182-83
pommCI MOllm, butler' poach.d Molnl
lobsler .lIh Itch, ltd bt.1 uunc.,
and, 1 2 5
pompom), I " Poclilc mol wllh huh
loybeonl, I<olllon orwl rodllh lolod,
o"d 10'f-lempl. orongl glori, 154-55

red .'"- , I90

prGl(lulto, '...., POlolo ftOIoltl ..IIh

CllOm, brOw" tNn.r, and, "
pull ponry, 29791

'" htlrtoom IOIT'IOIO 1011 _llh NoI..

011., loperoad., mlltd 'leld orI1I',
O bolll _Iroo!gl,"', 66

olpor"'I, po"'rOO,ltd Moln. Jumbo

I(ollop, .lth mor.1 mUlhf-ooml and,


lor broiled beet (hftlo.l ond _101 10f'9\I'I

..ilh boby '" ond hotlltoeJj,h

rool -"'O.lobie, OM ,0ulH4 borw

10rtOll, and (hh, oil, 64

10ue., ,oulH4 call' , 1;..". V!4oUo and
led -'on Conl,l, on'- I, 0".,

of ["GIl'h "" 'OI.Ip .llh _hll. INIII, oil

,, 210


cOIIOI tolod OM. 242

IpI"4ch, 10Ilro,.Io,0""/.o '0"'"


I"eel, 146-47
pta', I" Cflom 01 ..oln"'l IOVp, 268
ptor, In Requ.lort 'rilll ..lth fflnch
tNlltr pta' ttilih. 2S6.57

(Io/.od" du pdnl.mpl', 270.71

,kOllo che. ... 249
In [ric', '1011 101091\0, 1 1 6

IflIlIl", 86-87
roou.d gOlllc, 25

1r0fl'l Alba, II
In .hli. (0'" noIoltl .llh '1joINI>I1I
IIullllt, I)

bUllerhled chip., glllltd 10lmhou..

pomme, Anno, and BOfd.loh. 'OIK'

(-,obbo dobbo do-), 182 81, U'
1 .. ..lbot.od, .llh oppl,.. ood.,mohd
bocon, broilld B.lglon .Ntl, and
b&od. INIli. laue., 2 1 2. 1 )

bo(, 18

In -hngul- ..I,h _hili (/.om 10IKI, 25

In pk\l.d Ol"." .lIh ["Olhh (lI(umbe,
coIIIn1 o"d d,U, 2.

Chcddor, [all, Glrl lomalo

conlommo, and, 258
In c hCllnu l ognololl' with fonllno orwl
( tltr, rOOI puru, 82
chipi with Irulfl, dip I-chips and dip-',
47, 48
ono<chl, 90
mo,htd, 71
pommll MOllm, 125
In rOOlled r,b lI.ok ....lth golden
ckanlCtellu, pommu Anno, orwl
Bordelolse 10Uce, 182-83
In loulcd cod wllh cod CQ" and
portle, 0,1, 1 42-43
tOiling of, .,th block "ulltu, 86 87
-pot'ou.l,u- Ibrol"d prim, bt.1 thort rlbl
..llh root _eo.tobln and loulud
bon' mOllO.), 187, 188 90
powdtrt, 2 3 1 3]

bUI, 233
co"ol, 232
clll\.II. 232
tenntl, 2]3

..lth corom.l,nd " ""el OM 1,"n.1
011, 207

IOtbon,. 1(01U, lOY I.mpl. orang.

gloll, ond, IS4 55

It, 01.0 bollO'go dl ""'9glll

ramoln. klllK., Polmtglono Rf.9VIoI\O

Po.m. .on (fhp, orwl, 2S1

Roq",.tOlt, 2.9
ifill. ..lth f,,",h tNlIII ,",or "I"h. " ,,

""ulhroom In 10,tI"'O 01 polOIQe, .llh

bloc!. "uWII. 16 87
..hit. ',1,1111. oIllntulld cullo.dl ..lth
bloct. tluill., 1 6 _ 1 7

purr., Couu V.hlu .lth Ipktd coItal

lolod ond oold.n, 242

ptPpcI' on, 1 8 1
ollkhe!." pon ,ooll.d ",Id boll .llh
borlgoul. ,Inolguu, and. 12 5)
rtd beh, Itl b

_hili CO'" aNt mor.1

mu,h,oom ,ouc', 172 71

hohlNI ..It.. ,Urn.llWr ""((010,11 orwf


.. lIh '09urt

,0.IoH, 74, 7 8 79

10lt, pin\.
In G..ur"'o"llM,.pooch.d lolll duck
loJ.t 0'0' .llh c;..W",omIfII'



In pooch.d moulo,d duct. 101, 0'0' 0,",

'OIK.', 10, 220

1 .. .11

chelloUIt, 264 65

10' blonchlng o".n "g'lobln. S8

f(tu\odl o l Pd,'" due\. br.o,' .lIh c"o_d

Iuliano. 10f' 'lulll"'O In 10', VtloNqU', 1 $

I" (flam at blu.bllr, lOUP

gnocchl orwl bohomlc 01011, 9 1

loho, o,O(odo, ,h" mp .1111, SO

'o..mol, OII. 16S, 166

rUI 10f'\ glon, ,oult.d Alionlic


.o,m frult ..GOd ,mO\.ld, .lth pololO

1000ehotr .. I,h pk\.l.d chi"" ,, 1067

S oNt K doughnut., 262

2S6 57


(OUII" 1 4 0 ,,( 1

loh, I I, 180 I I '

lolulll, 124

CUllo.d .llh oncka..... drlt,lng,

rodllh lolod, Pocltlc mol .llh It"h

0I0ng", btluoo co.lor. 0"11 pea 'hoot

101'0.. . IIh 1 ...., lid onion CI.m.

oolo,h. (tIM'. ond, 162 6)

'n (oral oil, 167

10""', -q",lct.,- 22&.-29

1 )7, 281
clh"I'n\Oll"4lld, "'Ih Q cantil 01 no..1

lohlt" 10u".11 monUhh lol! .. llh b,olud


loddl. of, l" oppl...oodlmahd bocon

.. llh hoi ".-om IClIK., ) 1 )

-chop'- .llh til"., ond block IIullllt,

Irolch' 4. 6 7, 10, )05

rock lOft mi., 24

rabbit, 205. 209

OI"9'N:O"ol ,muhlon and, 126-27

Sail, Schml"', (fonbt", onll Oppll ""h,"

nb 1I.0!. .llh oo'dn chonttreUIt,

pori wlnC! glolC!, 238

btlnl, Yulo.on oold, 40

dou. ond OOllk chip., 1 S6-SJ

fM'O lhoo', MaiM Lob,III poncohl _llh

,pk,d COIIOI, 241

'011 pooch.d, .lth oppl...ood'lmohd


po"I" . In ltd mullil .. lth 0 pol.", d'."

lodllh, U4 SS

NlliOh., 96

qu.n.II .., 274

cl1h, 061. 64, 6S

k"b, 97
ClOI",,-, .'Ih 0"'" 'omalo conll,u"

toll oral, 105. 1 as

In Ptroll d. Bllbel ..lth Ith oua

qulclo.- 10UCt., 228-29

ond QCll potho. 61

01 kalkoh _"", tOlnOlO tOllO". ond

tonlo IOftMl, " , S6 SJ

bell pclPIM", 2S0

PO" lUI, 1 76, 1 76_79

lordonl. 257

.lth c"'\lmber ,.U'f,

OIOIn, mullolll _11\01;11111, and hh"

ch1(Io.I", 1 7 1

ou"," 10.. 1 ," (r.poneUI dl b-joldl _lth

In corpocclo at ,.110."" lur'lO

O\IfIg'MU (fob,

of petlll ,umm" lomolon ..llh .In,.,lpe

00,11C pur..... 25
qllOlI eggl, IS

IWppen oneS ,ofll l__I, 67

tOf (OfPOCdo at ,..u.o.. fln 1_ Hl(ohl, 96

ond houl"ul 10bo,on, 272 7)

"10110, 19

rOOIl.d, loolIl"9

polOlo. In lOlling 01 polOlo" .lth b'oclo.

of bkH:!. "" ulorl l'o l .Ith ,oculH ,." t

01 O/.obe orlkhoh, .llh {tOrd'" h.,b.

1.""",1, and motCo'PDftI lortMl

CoII'Dloll, .llh .ho.ed .hl1. hutU..

pta, 73


1.1111(1, 92

p.or. 2S6-S7
lhuba.b Contll ..lIh no1 oro",. ., (Oftdlflj

poIINP. I" bloc!. 110 bon .lth 0110..1",

blo." tNII,.. SNo,(i\ltto, ond, I'

loIod- d \l, (.h\lbolb contll .. lth
molCOlponl lorbltl, 270.71

CI"",- 1ft ,olod 01 horicot. _..

oo'd.n rollin, CoIiU V,hl\! ..lth Ipked

1_'" POflRl"" OffOw1 IrMlIOCh.

0Nt. 1 44-47

MI OtOf'QIt, (ol\dlflj I,n" ond

mollO., lIa-90
led .. In. .I.twvor

rtll,h, Roq....lon lnlle ..lth rflnch butt"

oNt ParmllO" crhpl, )7

at 'ole O'Ot. 104

, ot ,.bbli .,. o,fftOled

bocon ..lth (OfOfM&hed leftMl 0fId
'"""I .u. 207
'ollrGl" .QNIo '.'. Wack. 'M bon .. lIh

'000 (fl'Of'l\ ,_.., pololo OO1t1 .Ilh

"""'- 1 1 2_ 1 )
l or brohtd prime beet 1hcN1 rib, _IIh

01 COffol. Irkout. 01 IIcor9O" .lth

rooutd lkalloll, h.,b IOIod OM'

tfllllln, 8]
Polo RUIouronl, 247

1u...s9, 159

Pri CalolMi, 247

pi"' "ul 10rt, Itmon 10boycm_, wll'" honeo,td

mOl<orpotl. (team, 294

red mIoIllel, .lth a poIrru, rl'oiI cIoI.!,

9QfUc c. I-fllh and Chipl-"

mullotd, 2]1

ho,.III<jI, nl(lOlln. 10lod .lIh gllln

lomolO (on'"ull OM, 271 7)

pin. nul 10,1 .llh hanl,.d

motco.pof'I. ("Om, 294

01 ptOll lOptocO _llh Motpeq.., 0,,111'
and 011110 Coolor, 2 1 , 2), I ) S

tor ognalon', 7<4

tOf' 8.1I.. .lh., 101m bolr, lomb- II., cull

.....d .lth Pronol ..g.lobl,
broilld cipolllni onIon I, and IfI,ml

aU, 198
blo(k 110 boll ..lth 1 lt POl1nIPI,
0110.1.01 Iplnoch, ond 'OIt,O"
.0n.Uo, 146 47
bloc lIullll, ,oo".d 1 .... ltlflodl .ltk
oppl._GOd ",hd bo(on, tllolud
a.IOlon ,ndlo" o"d, :l 1 2 I )
80rd.IOi l l, 'OQ,I.d 'Ib ,uo!. .lIk gold'n
,hon,lIu, pommel Anno, oNt,

In n

I n d ..


.aU(.' ('J
'Of Inoll.d b,.oll 01 nol ..I,h .,.110..
com poI,n'o cak... glal.d
w'g.'obl.., and .....t gortlc. 192-93
apeo!r.e Bar .of,.hell ("lob
'Of Ch
",," 9]
'Of ch.llnul ognololll ...Ith fon'lno and
ul'ry roo' pu,h, 82
CMKolo, pooch.d.banono k. '"0m
"'lIh ..
hi,. chocolol...banono crIpe.
and, 280.81
cho<o'ol. coh. wllh lid be., Ice cllom

and IOG" ,d ",olnul. 302,.3

'01 (,k', IIOU Ia.agno, 1 16
'Of Up-!Cld 'OGII.d MaiM lob.,., ..I,h
part.pooch.d fig' ond .oulhd
""'ulord duck fol. 0'01, 1 3 3
g,lblch., 1 0 , 2 1 " - 1 5
'0' heart. a ' palm whh pu,l. of mallow
beon. and fI.ld g,..n., 70_71
hollondol.., ..2-43
ho' Cllom. Solly Schm'"'. opp-!. and
c,onbe,ry Ituch.n ,.lIh, 3 1 3
malll mUlh,oom, ,oulod. of " Un dlKir:
b'ltOII ",I'h cllom.d ......, ....hl'. co,n
and, 172-73
mUllord, lpall.d .!..ol. ...Ingl
b,ol..d lid cobbag. and, 1 6 1
"qulcir:," 228
lid ,,,In., In "'cou 01 IIco'gol, ,.lIh a
pu,.. of ......1 CO" OIl, rooll.d
.hollo,., ond h.,b .olod, 91-99
ted ...'M ..In.go" 2 1 0 _ 1 1
fo, ,oolt,d guln'o fa...' .n " .pln,tf. d.
byoldl ",ItI! pan lu" 1 7 1-79
fa, .aboyan 01 p,orl ,oplo<o ...I,h
Mo!pequ, oy" '" and 0"" 0
("owlot, 23
lor lolmon "chop." ...Ith "I.,y and bloc"
l,uHl 137
101 .oulhd Allonllc hoUbu' ...Ith .ummer
luceolOlh and ,u" I"nl,d onion
gloll. 1 ....-..5
..,o...b",y lo,b.' Ihortcoir: ,.llh
......"n.d cr'm. Itolch., 27"
" c"nlqulI fa" 73
....hlt. clam, ""nouln." ....llh. 25
10' ...hh. ca,n OOnOIOlf1 ...llh lumm.,
I,ulllll. 13
lou.,.,oul, T',. d. Main. ....llh looll.d
co,o...oy .ud winolgllll' and. 2"]
A,lanllc hoilbul ...lth .umm., luccola.I!
and ,u" I(,n" d onion gloll. 1044-45
("OU'I "w.,. Vidalia and r,d onion conlll.
onion ,Ingl. and .In,ga, 10UC
2 1 0- 1 1

cod ...lIh cod co'" and po"l.y all

'''clam cho...d.,"), U2-0
'01. g,o 105
monlol"h 'all ...lth b,al..d odaili. lolilly.
and C'p.. '''IUI' and tUI'''). 162-63
.ooy ,obbog., In loulad. of p,ln duc!.
blloll ...llh cllom.d 1,..., ...hlt, cOIn
and mo,.1 mUI",oom ,olln. 172-73
1C01/l0n and ,odh., lalod, Pacific mol ...llh
Ir..h loy-,.mpl, along.
glall, and, 154-55
1C01l0p., 1 5
pon" ool,.d Maln. lumbo. ...llh mall I
mu,",oom. and OIPO'OOUI PII'''. 136



Schmitt, Don, 3-C, 3 1 2

5<hml". Solly. 3-C. 3 1 2
olood. purweyon of, 8. 126
010llIng., I eo
InfU90 carlo,. In pkUed 0.,11'" ....lth
(ng".h ClKllmbe, "c.opelllnl" and
dill. 24
lricol'" of 'ICO,got. ,.I,h a W, of
, CO"OIl. herb .olod. and
rOOII'd. 91-99
...n'lon chop ,.lIh pon"ooll.d bllII.,nlll
.quolh ond Inoh.d, 199
lhe,ry" I 8 I
.hlllo'" mll.h,ooml, In 101l,..
d manU"h
loil ....I'h b,oh.d o.talh, .alilly, and
dpe 161-4]
.., II,owbe"y IOtbet, ...llh
......'.Md c,ime f,akh. laue 2704
Ihort rib 2
Inal..d prim. bll', wllh '001 "'Q,'obl..
ond .ollld hoM mo"ow. '1890
broiling, 116
...lth owocodo .olta .46. 50
In court boulllon. 50
tnO\,Iu 7..
.Impl, .yrllp
In c/lrlll.marlnol,d ,olmon ,.llh a con'I!
of now.1 o,ono", belliOa cowlo" and
pea .hool coull 1 ..0 ..... '
In ,hllbalb con'" ...lth no.,1 o,ong...
condl.d '.nn,l. and malCo'pon.
.a,bet, 270-7 1
I n lolod 0 ' pellt, .ummll lomalOlI ,.hh
.In.rlpe 'omata .albe" 56-51
'''0'', .patt.d. ,.Ingl ...lth b/ol"d ,ed
cobbag. and mllllo,d .allce, 1 6 1
IUmmlno Ilqllidi. I I, 220
.Io...bahd mllingu. ...llh cr'me Anglol"
and blll.nw..t chocolol. ("Iolod 11.
lIallon,.), 211, 290-91
Ilaw" OOII.d loblt." 124
.nall., 100, 100
If. 0'.0 ..colgoll
10lt pooch.d qllall 'Ogl ...lth appl.wood
Imohd bacon ,-bocon ond '00''')
'.4, ta. 135
maICOlPOll'. Ihllbolb conlii ,.lth nowel
a,ono.., candl,d '.nn.l. and, 270-7 1
IIIo",b.",. lha,lco.... with .,."I.n.d
Cf'm. f,olch ouee. 274
lomoto. lalod 0' pllite Ilimmer
'oma'o.l ...llh ..In,.,lpe. 56-57
..'III'. ,.lth poach,d peach... 269
"'OIlP and sand",lch" (glm.d 'o,mholl"
Ch.dda,. EOlly GI,l lomolo
coniomm and bliller.',I,d chip.),
255. 251
cr,am a' bill.b'''r. 264-65
Cllam a' ,.olnlli. 9, 261
.."Ing 01. 3 1
In dallbl. rib lamb ChoPI ,.llh callolll,t
of IlImm" bean I and 'OllmOI,.. 197
"..h. Pacific mal ",llh 1C01l10n and
,odl,h .olod. ,or-,empl, o,ano.
glall. and. 1 54-55

IO)'-tem. orang. 0 10.., Pocllk mol ,.lth

'"Ih .a,beon., 1C01l1on ond 'adllh
lOlod, and. 154-55
Spen.ltrl. Angl., 10
mI.. In Cot,u Vecchlll ...ith Ipked couol
IGlod and gold,n ,al.ln pu'''. 242
011 165. 167
Iquob. 2 3 1 , 233
ouowleaf. block 110 ban with ....."
poflnlp., .affron.wanllla lauc and.

for chlo,ophytl. 247

lth broll.d ,.d
.potted '''01. wlngl ...
("obbag, and mlllla,d lOU(l. 1 6 1
pan.,oo't,d bI.all of, with S,.,.. cho,d.
lGul'.d dlXk fol. g'o" and o.,.n
d,led black 'IQ., 174
.011(1. "'qulcir:." 221-29
.plce, II. 2]1. 2]3
IIoff dllulng, 1 1 7
II,ak. ,ooll,d 'ib. ,.lth golden chonl" .I1..,
pamm.. Anna, and Bo,d.lal..
10llce, liS
.toe.... 220
ohernOII"1 for. 1 0
chkken, 220, 2.26-27
dllck, 220, 225
lomb. 220. 2204

Iobller, ]2, 124

mlllh,oom, 220, 227
mllll.l. In block lea ban ...llh 1.....,
ponnlpl, ollowl.ol .plnach,
and .aff,on.wanllla ,all". 1046-41
IruHie'nfUled mUlh,oom, 87, 105, 220. 222_23
w.o.,abl., 220. 227
w,nl.on, 220, 226
,.hlt. vcol. 22]
.IIolnlng IIqllldl, 1 1, 220
and Chompagn. 'e"ln,. 275. 217
In cream of bilieberry IOUP wllh "OO"rt
cho,loll... 264-65
'Olbe, ,hortcoh' ...lth Iwe.'ened crem
Irolch. lOllce, 274. 276. 277
.lrud,l, pea', ...!th chel'nllt (,.om and pea'
chip 292-93
IUCCOIOlh, 101llhd Allantlc hohbllt whh
N.".n,.d onion glo,. and ,"mme,.
1044 ... .5

.lIga" 1 1
,",f and '"" hOllltcd mOflUllh 'all with
btohed oatoll, ""tity. and dptot). 16U]
l,.ell.ond'IOU' .ouce, "qlllcir:," 228-29
I ...utbllod., 95, 220
IOGIf.d. ...lth
. appl.wood.mohd bacon,
blolted B,lglan .ndln. and bloc!.
,,"111. loun. 2 1 2 - 1 3
...."1 pepperl. loou.d. peco,lno TOlCano
....llh 0'"0"10 cOIIII. and, 250
1"'''' po'oto oonololli ",'fh .og. cream.
b,own blltl", and p,alcllllto, 8 1
S...I" cho,d
pan" ooll,d breol' a' Iquob ...lth
.olltd dllc" fol. 0'01. ow,n.d,led
black flgi. and, 174
In ,olliod. of Pe!'ln dllck. b,.ott wlrh
cr'am,d IWIII ",hit. caIn and mOlel
mlllh,oom 10lln, 172-73

Ilmpl., IH .Impl. Irrup
Telilch.,ry peppe'. In c,.am of bill.berry
lOUP ...I,h yogllrt cho,loltu, 264-65
...olnlli. In chocolal. coh, ,.l1h ,.d be.1
k. and IOOII.d ,.olnul lallC',

Tal1l...enl. 247

loml., 10. 73, 73

In corpocda of y.llowfln 'uno
'''"01". 96
HIal.. aU.... 66
'aplo<o, .aboron a' pearl, ...lth Malpeqll'
0,.1'''' and 0''''0 colo', 2]
10fTogOfl. In h"b .olad. 97
lart, '.mon .oba..on-pln. nlll ...llh hon'r.d
mOlCarpone cream. 9, 294
lolmon. wllh ,weel red onion crim.
Iralch. ("com.""). 4, 6-7. 1 0
lomala. 64

lal,lng of patoloe. with block 'ruUl...


'echnlquu. ba.k food. 9, 10. 1 1

T.lllcherry pepPI'. I I I
.yrup. I n of bill.ber,y .01lP ,.lth
yagllrt cha,loltes, 264-65
...hipped B,le d. Meall_ en feuillel6 ...lth
boby mche and. 2]7, 231
l.mPlJ'O boiler ml_, In 10ll'ied COU'I liv.r.
Vidalia and red onion conlli. anion
ring., and vinegar 101let. 2 1 0- 1 1
lutlc/ cooUng 1""llictlon. fa', 209
Tit. de Maino wl,h louetl"alll and lool'ed
co,awar teed "Inolo'elle, 243. 2.4.
thyme 011. 165. 1 66
B.llwelh" falm babr 10mb-lIwe clIlI
ten.d ,.lth P,av.nol'oblu,
broll.d clpolllni onion., and. 198
In broiled prime be Iho,1 ,Ibl ...I,h '001
weg.'able. and .oule,d bon. mOllo"
con.omm grilled 10,,"ho1iUl Chedda"

bullethled chlpl, and EOlly Girl. 258

cOIlIl 56-57
diamond 202-]
In oa,pacha. ]5
hel,loom. 10rt with HIoI" oli
top.nad ml.ed field Qlten and
belli ..lnaIOftll 66
po...der. 2 3 1 . 2]3
In ,oolled oul"eo lowl en crepmelle do
b10ldl ...lrh pan lu" 171-79
.alod of p.llie .umme" ,.lIh ..In.,lpe
10mOl0 lOlb,l, 56-57
sallce fat aonolanl. 74
..lne.,lpe 10mal0 10,bet ...Ith 'omalO
lo,tare and bolll all. 57
.e" olio ,0ma10 conlll, lomalo 'orta,
10mal0 cantil. 64
bllnl ...lth bena,ga dl mugglne and, 40
In b,al.ed beef chee" and Yeol tonglle
...lrh babr lee1 and honeradllh
cream, 1 1 2- 1 3
I n Chelapea'" Bar .01l.lhell crab
".and...lch." 93
In .olad 01 ho,lcoh wct". lomolo 'artare,
and chi all, 64

. ...hh ...."1 l..d 0ftI.0fI

In .olmott lortol
CI.m. "okhe, 4
10mal0 10rtOl., 64
.olod of horlcot! vert., chi". oil, o, 64
m.rlpe tomofo IOfbtt -+tt. bo.J 01 ond, 57
tong,,. 220

vanillo heo.....oo'led Ilg. ...Itt\

bn:il.ed br",t of, ..Ith ,-.lIow c_

polMlo coh., glored _.-gctow.., Oftd

"Icmg". 'n c heek- (bloiled beef che.h 0""

I"m OOtlic, 191, 192-93

"col tanv". with boby leek. 0""

ho".,odl,h cream), 1 1 2_13
lorchott ol lole gro., 103, 104

bn:ihlng, 186
IIoc," 220. 212-23
long", ond bHl CMeh ";Ih

IIIfI" Roq"elort, with F,eMh bullel I

boby Meh ond hon.tOdl,h CI_

'ell,h, 256-57
tripe, cooking InUructlon. 101. 209
Ilotte", Ice pig', leet

I-longue In (hk), 1 12-1 )

v.lolHe Qamhh
fOl' brol'ed br"" 01 _col ...IIh rcllow

lrullleh), IS, as

(Ofn poIe"lo (Oltl, glored

block. 'GImon "chop, with CNfy

vegtloblel, ond ....1 OO,lic,

and. 1l7


block, loulng of polot". with, 86-87

fOl' pa""OOUed Ilrlped bou ...

block, whol. looned moulold dlJ(k fole

ortkhoh ro..{oll Oftd bo1e

g'o . ...lth opplu ond. 1 1 0

Comololl with .ho"cd ...hll 88

chip., 48, 86-87

tlnol9lette. 152-53
B.U..."hel 101m boby lomb-II". cui,
.ened ..lth broiled (lpoIUNI Of'Wofl',

gOlnl'h, 2 1 2 - 1 3

Ihyme 0+1, and Pro"rw;ol, 19a

In heottl 01 polm ...l t h P"'' o f morrow

blonchl"9, 58

btoM ond fI.ld grttnl, 70-71

blol"d br"ou 01 ...01 with r.11ow cOtn

Inl,,'td m".hroom Ilod., a7

011, 73
'O"Ct, block., lOOlled Iweelb,eod. with

,Io,oge of, 8 5

.hopel for, 202-3

.IOC". 220, 227

Ir"III, 'ogo"I, 1 6 - 1 7

.u o h o while lruflle all


Irulll"O chIch". 1 7 1 , 209


clMomon,"klo. k. CtIO"',


wllh .lne" lpe 10mOiO lorbel, 56-57

In broiled b,.on of vcol with yelklw com
polento colo.el, gloled veOelobi... ond
,wtel gorllc, 192_93
In blohtd pllme beef lholl ,ib. wllh rool
vegetoble, and .oulecd bon, morrow,

l ea-oo
In b,unohe, ISS
In "'collte of flcorooll wllh 0 pUlte 01

q"lc ... 221-29

Iloc", 226

COl'O for .olmo" 10rlOle with .....tI ltd

t","ed "egelOble CUll. 201. 20)

.hlil truIII, 061

in Che,lrwl ognolotli .It.. 1000lw.o oM

cele,., 1001 ,,"II 2
,lnll.llt4 c,,"ord, with bloc .. 111.1111,
lOgout. 14, 1 6 - 1 7

PQ'fn4" O" (lhp', )7

'n .01tnOfl Chopl ..llh !Mock lruil". and
celery, 137
in .twle (Ofn ognoloul ..lth ,ummel
lrulllll, n
..hilt tCOI IIOCk., 223
..Nle ..Inc _!ncoo'. I I I
..hole '0011", ""IlUlold duc" 1 0k 0'01 ...'Ih
opPtn 0"" !Moc" trulllel, 1 10
..lne ,.,..rlnod", 190

ortd b,oll.d .holklll, 199

chocolole, 290-01

tuna NIohe, COlPOCC!o 01 .,.lIowll", 06

237. 21a
.Nle (hocolole.boftono Cftpel, 11M!

chop .lth pan'OOII.d buU"rwl Iqllcnh

crme Mglo"e and bltterswetl

0"101' crme holehe, 4, 6-7. 1 0

In C'lru,mol"'oll'd loIrnorI wllh . (011"1

1 OtOftOCI, be. co,"*- Oftd
01 no..
PIO ,hool (ou.... 140-41
W,bc-I. (d. 6',. KolhtcCf\ 61
.hlpped Ifk de M.. M ,."..,. wllh
T,Ukh4'"., pePi"' Oftd "bot ht,

.,,' olio I.d ..'n, rnorlnodl


chocolole, I" Itowboked m,rlng"e with

lJOtilc. '01' lolod 0 1 pelite ."nvncl tamatoc.

oho 'lWClf" ..eglobki

..Iou.. 01 bltt.,....1 ch.ocolOI. ...lth

""We. (denttt), peO"ut bullel, 30a-9

l or (Nol'C)" 247

PII,.e 01 [ngUth PIO .oup ..\th, ond

10f broilIng ,hoff lib" 116

...hlle, oillnl",ed c",lold, ...lth block

bHt ke Cttoft'l Oftd, )02-1

.000,00 ""'" 01, 9, 261
"Of", If\IIt..oo4.'t4 M ..lth "'0'.
o-tcN Oftd botlOrnk o'otl. 91, 1 4 0

i n potOIO chlpi ..ltk lrultle dIp, 41

rool, 188-90

whhe. 85. ao

pool ,..Iht,. 2S6-57

.. with rM
lO\ICe, locnll'd, cok

glo,,,d. 1 9 2-0)
\OUlted bone morrow and

Belgian endi,,, ond, 2 1 2 - 1 3

"" RoQwfort Irltle ..lth f_h tf

poIenlO (olo.u, I.e" QarU(, and

broh.d pllme beef IhOI'1 rib. wllh

opplewood" moked bocon, blolled

....... .

.'NII com 0Qft0I0t11 ..lth 1_ lruIU,., n


dip 101 POIOIO chip., 46, 47, 4a

while cOIn ognololll with ."mmer, a 3

honey-.ONHo k, Ct_. 284

"1101' 'Olbet .,tn poached

peochu, 269
bo,oule, PO",'oolled ",Iped boll .. llh
ortkho", lololl ond, U2 53
bolll, 66
(Olo.or ,ud, loolled, 243
grol"y m",IOld, 'n O"ng.n.1I (lob lOIod
..ilh (1KI.lmb4'I 1.11" "IIee I,UIK',
and, 92
vl"'ool, 180, 1 8 1

"tobbo dobbo do ('GOII,d lib .,"k ...llk

gold," chont",UII, pomtnC:' Anno
ond IOfd,lohe 10IoKe), ItIl- a3, "5
t,1I0w be,h, I"e be,tll)
,.llow ..0 .. beGn,
In dOl.lWe fib Ion\b chop. ..Ith (oUOulll
01 'UmIN' beGn. and 10llmorr. 197

in .olod 01 globe Qllkho .. ..lIh Gord,,,

he,b. ond Qalpexho, 62

roollit cho,\oIlCl, ""0m of bI\lebt", .oup

.lIh, 2t.4 65
Yuon ooki potato blJ"', 40

lUlU lelUII, lOa 9 qllk" 221_29

Ice oho ,,,d ...I"e _lncOo,
"Ine,tlp. ,0m010 'O,bel .lth

.weel COltOll, looll.d .hollo". o"d

lomalO lortole and bolll oil,

htlb ,olod, 98-99

.55, 57

.chlnl, In 100"" guineo 10.1 .."

"1lIe d, "'0"'1 ..llh pon
171 79


Ind ..