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Meeting Minutes for Marquette PA students

Amalia Megaly


Why PA?
Able to work in different specialties.
Great Salary.
Not as hectic as being a doctor.

Why marquette?
100% pass rate and PANCE rate since 2010.
Faculty was really nice. Student to teacher ratio is great.
Great distance to Illinois.
They have great clinical rotations.
International rotations.

CASPA and Application

Make sure hours are all in BEFORE hand.
Take your time. Its better late and great than early.
Be organized when setting up the application.
Create CASPA account early.
Make sure you meet requirements before applying
Young applicants: make an account and see what they are looking for and don't apply.
Its a good way to keep up with what they want.


Marquette was most welcoming.

Florida had an essay during the interview. Ethical based.

Midwestern was group interview.
Some interviews were rotating where you meet with a PA, Physician, and administration.
Group interviews want to see how you're a team player.
Why do you want to be a PA? is the big question in interviews.
Its okay to say you wanted to go to med school.
Try not to mention anything about how the physician is on top and in charge.

A lot of young students who wanted PA from the start. A great vibe.
Have down time and relax because its hard to go out.
Have friends around, take naps, and have good health.
Mainly at the library
majority of day is spent studying.
Takes time to adjust to it.
Very different from U of I.
Anatomy at Marquette is where you have cadavers and you get to dissect it. Not many
schools have that.
They take you on a tour where they showed you the cadaver room.

All of them are PAs that work and they practice.
Pediatric class is taught by the pediatric PA. Every specialty is taught by the PA in that
field. First hand and new information.
Lecture style learning.
There are practicals that teach you how to take a physical exam.
Independent style-PDL
Exams are at least one a week.

Exams are constant and expect one frequently.

Sometimes papers are due.
Finals are all cumulative.
Exams help out a lot to take finals.
If you don't pass an exam. You need a 70%. you need to maintain a C.
They might have you take it again. Your grade does not change but you still have to
pass remediation.
2.8 GPA requirement.
There are only 55 students and advisors will be on top of you.
Professors are very open to talk to.

Marquette had 1000 apply and half of them are Marquette undergrad students.
Most are 27 months.
You'll go through most science classes again slower and it will be more relevant.
Matriculation of Marquette
GRE- 153 155
1000 hours of pt. contact. Min is 200.

If you have a bad year they'll ask you about it and they can understand.
Look for letters of recommendation.
Try to take most classes at U of I. If you're planning to take some at community college
try not to make them prerequisites.