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Vidya Vikas Pratishtans

Institute of Engineering & Technology, Solapur

Department of Electronics and telecommunication engineering
(Academic Year 2016-17)
Unit Test I

Class:- TE

Date:- 30/07/2016

Subject:- DSP

Time:- 02-03 pm

Q.1. Multiple choice questions

Max. Marks- 20

1) The direct evaluation DFT requires ________ complex multiplications

a. N(N-1)

b. N2

c. N(N+1)


N (N 1)

2) DFT is________________
a. Discrete Fourier series b. Discrete Fourier transform c. Discrete time Fourier transform
d. Discrete time Fourier series
3) IDFT of Y(k)={1,0,1,0} is
a. {0.5,1,0.5,0}
b. {0.5,0,0.5,0}
c. {0.5,0,0.5,1}
4) If X(k) is N-point DFT of finite duration sequence x(n), then
a. x(n+N)=x(n)
b. x(n-N)=x(n)
c. x(n+N)=x(-n)
d. none
5) The DFT is sampling of
a. FT
c. FS
d. Both a and b
Q.2. Attempt any three
a) Find DFT of x(n)={1,1,0,0}
b) Write short note on correlation
c) Find cross correlation between x(n)={1,2,5,6,7}, y(n)={2,3,1,0,1}
d) Find DFT of x(n)={1,0,1,0,1,1}, N=6