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$ 99

Please recycle

merritt morning
Office supplies (250)378-6882
printinG & cOpyinG (250)378-6808

6 pack

Blacks Pharmacy

1951 Garcia st.

merritt, bc

2037 Quilchena Ave., Merritt BC

(250) 378-2155

BC day Long weekend edition juLy 29, 2016 #2893

News, opinion, community events & classifieds since 1996! Box 2199 Merritt, BC V1K 1B8
where fri en d s meet to e at

Check Mon, Tues, Sat ~ 7am to 3pm

out our Wed, Thurs, Fri ~ 7am to 7pm
Sun. Smorg ~ 9am to 2pm
Join us for BRUNCH!
210 1 q uilc hen a av e . (2 50) 37 8 -0 331
Find us on facebook

Julie Van Koll, PG Pro,

Do you want to know the secret?
Check out
Phone: (250) 280-8888

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Tel 378-5717 fax 378-4700

now open 7 days

Come in for our Friday buffet, 4:30-7:30pm

Tel (250)378-8283 1953 Nicola Ave.

T (250)378-5717 F (250)378-2025

For a Good Time

Call Jackie (F.a.G.T.C.J.)

The Valley will be hopping this weekend with Rockin River Festers festing,
NV Cruisers cruising (and shining), multitudes of musicians making music, and
Mc/MacLeod Scots gathering from all
over North America and New Zealand.
Dr. & Mrs. McLeod are sponsoring a
Scottish Highlander Show of Art and
Collectibles at the Courthouse Art
Gallery from noon to 6, Friday and Saturday. Come on down, lads and lassies,
and say Hal!
A great variety of local musicians and
many from away will play at the downtown Streetfest at Spirit Square Friday,
Saturday and Sunday, 10am-6pm. There
will be a Pancake Breaky, Saturday and
Sunday, 8-11 am, and Dawn Chyphya
will lead a Gospel Service there on Sunday from 10-11am. Fuel your singing
voice with pancakes, sinners!
While youre in the neighbourhood,
dont miss Friends Pop-up Store in the
Country Music Hall of Fame all sorts
of groovy things for sale, stock renewed
often, dickering allowed.
If youre looking for cool music, remember Cooper Country at the Adelphi,
Friday and Saturday, 1:30-4pm & 7-9pm.
Cheapest drinks in town, Scotsmen and
women, AND air-conditioned!
Remember to visit the fabulous
Nicola Valley Farmers Market, Saturday,
9am-2pm, in the parking lot between the
Baillie House and the Merritt Desert Inn.
Next stop: Baillie House for tea or
treasures, and the best prices in town on
NV Honey products. Also, join them on
BC Day, August 1st at 3 pm for Instameet where you can connect with fellow Instagrammers and photographers.
Put on lots of sunscreen Friday and
get down, Valley People, Merrittonians,
friends and welcomed visitors! Lots to
choose from to make your weekend in
the Valley fun, fun, fun and fabulous
Happy trails!

Welcome music

The town started to fill up yesterday,

with country music fans, as the 2nd year
of the Merritt Rockin River Fest started.
Last night, locals were invited to check it
all out, and organizer Kenny Hess said he
expected 6000-7000 people on site. Full
festival tickets are still available online...
and theres lots to do downtown this
weekend too! Have a great weekend.

plate museum
The Merritt Licence Plate Museum

Pentictons Jake Evans will be teaching Hip Hop during the 2016 Summer
Dance camp at Love To Dance Studio,
Aug 16 & 17. With Jake's upbeat style, itll
be a great work out and some incredibly
fun times. Summer Dance Camp runs
Aug 15-19. Acro Arts, Dance Fitness
Urban Dance, Highland Dancing and
Tap. Closing Date: August 5. Register by
July 29 and get $10 off. FMI (250)378 9898

aSK Wellness is moving

As of Aug. 2, our new location will be

#1-2196 Quilchena Ave. 315-0098, MonThurs 8:30am-4:30pm (closed 12pm-1pm).

SAT 10am-2pm. Nooaitch community yard sale, call Ivy or Kathie

for a table, $10 fee 250-378- 6141

3 2338B Coldwater Ave., SAT

9am-2pm basement sale

Happy BC Day!
No MMM Monday

4 2636 Coldwater Ave. SAT

9am-2pm NEB please.

Lots of treasures for

7 1405 Govt Ave SAT 8am-




the only License

The first & still
British Columbi

Hip hop @ Summer Dance Camp

2 NTA parking lot, 2090 Coutlee Ave.

Lindley Creek Rd.,

SAT 9am-4pm & SUN
10am-2pm. Giant garage
sale fundraiser

or as much as you need

There will be a worship service at Historic Murray Church, Sunday July 31 at

10:30am.Everyone welcome to join the
congregation of Trinity United Church at
the service. Murray Church was built in
1876, located next to the gift shop on
Nicola Ranch, Hwy 5A. FMI 378-5735.

stuff, orig. oil paintings, wht wicker furniture, childrens sleeping bags

6 Fall Fair Building,

a packaged just for you buy as little

Historic Murray Church

1 1525 Coldwater Ave. FRI & SAT 9am-12noon. lots great

a ground fresh every day

a cheaper than the competition


S a l e S J u ly 2 9 , 3 0 & 3 1

SUN, 8am-2pm

lean grOund beef is...

displays more than 1200 BC licence plates

from a private collection. Don Schneider
has been collecting for the past 30 years
and hes found some rare ones: one-of-akind plate types, and he has a near-complete run of British Columbia Trailer
plates from 1921 to the present. Plus 70+
plates from the Yukon. Admission by appointment. Call Don (250)378-6421.

Words Not yet In The Dictionary

ACCORDIONATED (ah kor' de on ay tid) adj. Being able to drive and refold a road map at the same time.
AQUADEXTROUS (ak wa deks' trus) adj. Possessing the ability to turn the bathtub faucet on and off
with your toes.
AQUALIBRIUM (ak wa lib' re um) n. The point where the stream of drinking fountain water is at its
perfect height, thus relieving the drinker from having to (a) suck the nozzle, or (b) squirting himself
in the eye.
BURGACIDE (burg' uh side) n. When a hamburger can't take any more torture and hurls itself through
the grill into the coals.
BUZZACKS (buz' aks) n. People in phone marts who walk around picking up display phones and
listening for dial tones even when they know the phones are not connected.
CARPERPETUATION (kar' pur pet u a shun) n. The act, when vacuuming, of running over a string or
a piece of lint at least a dozen times, reaching over and picking it up, examining it, then putting it
back down to give the vacuum one more chance.
DIMP (dimp) n. A person who insults you in a cheap department store by asking, "Do you work here?"
DISCONFECT (dis kon fekt') v. To sterilize the piece of candy you dropped on the floor by blowing
on it, somehow assuming this will 'remove' all the germs.
ECNALUBMA (ek na lub' ma) n. A rescue vehicle which can only be seen in the rearview mirror.
EIFFELITES (eye' ful eyetz) n. Gangly people sitting in front of you at the movies who, no matter
what direction you
lean in, follow suit.

5 1102 Houston St., SAT &


Pick up your booklet

at participating businesses & get artwalking!

"Our problems are man-made, therefore they may be solved by man. And
man can be as big as he wants. No
problem of human destiny is beyond
human beings." John F. Kennedy
Finance Strengthen domestic resource mobilization, including
through international support to developing countries, to improve domestic capacity for tax and other
revenue collection
Developed countries to implement fully their official
development assistance commitments, including the
commitment by many developed countries to
achieve the target of 0.7 per cent of ODA/GNI to developing countries and 0.15 to 0.20 per cent of
ODA/GNI to least developed countries ODA providers
are encouraged to consider setting a target to provide at least 0.20 per cent of ODA/GNI to least developed countries
Mobilize additional financial resources for developing countries from multiple sources
Assist developing countries in attaining long-term
debt sustainability through coordinated policies
aimed at fostering debt financing, debt relief and
debt restructuring, as appropriate, and address the
external debt of highly indebted poor countries to reduce debt distress
Adopt and implement investment promotion
regimes for least developed countries
Capacity building Enhance international support
for implementing effective and targeted capacitybuilding in developing countries to support national
plans to implement all the sustainable development
goals, including through North-South, South-South
and triangular cooperation
To be continued

Strengthen the
means of implementation and revitalize
the global partnership for sustainable

Custom mugs

Your photos or art on a

fresh mug make
great gifts!

Office supplies (250)378-6882

printing & engraving (250)378-6808
1951 Garcia st. merritt, bc

Help host a Syrian

refugee family
Merritt will be hosting a refugee family. The
group is in the process of making application.
If you would like to contribute, donate your
bottle recycling at the Return-It Depot by mentioning Rotarys Refugee family project.
If you would like to help out, please contact
Jacqueline on (250) 936-8585.

merritt morning market

friday edition juLy 29, 2016 #2893
Box 2199, Merritt, BC V1K 1B8 Tel: (250)378-5717 Fax (250)378-2025 Email

wanted: cleaning lady for inside/outside, reasonable rate 378-8326

wanted: healer for health 378-8326
responding to massage exchange
ad: David (250)408-4016
nd someone to take care of home or
small farm while youre on holidays? Bill
378-4534 honest, reliable
Lost: ladies gold Seiko watch, week of
Jun27 in Merritt, Nell 378-4057
to the person who phoned me
about 16 whls, pls call again 378-4007
need heLp w/ carpets, walls, wndw
cleaning, organizing, downsizing, gar.
sales, car or truck detailing, house cleaning, errands, ride to appt, or pleasure driving. 378-8383
need heLp with household duties,
rides to appts, shopping or just need someone to visit? I'm an empathetic listener,
trustworthy & compassionate. $18/hr
Roxanne 378-2191, (604)626-6152
angies accurate tea leaf reading, present & future, anytime 378-8326
employment opportunity

Kruse n styLe looking for experienced hairdresser, pls apply within

now hiring part time/full time cook.
Must have min. 2 yrs experience & Food
Safe. Must be available evening & weekends. Competitive wages & benefits. Pls
apply in person w/ resume & cover letter
to Yaki Joes
wtd: bookkeeper to do sml business
books & taxes (604)671-9751

space for your ad

Tel 378-5717 fax 378-4700

J.F. Archachan
Septic Service
Bin Services
Portable Toilet Rentals
Main (250)315-1392
Mobile (250)315-3641

Merritts Auto Glass



2663 Granite Ave. (next to Fountain Tire)


Follow us online!

space for your ad

Tel 378-5717 fax 378-4700

Baillie House
Corner of Voght & Mammette
(250) 378-0349

2 area carpets, 5x7 & 5x7 offrs 378-5806

tomato, bedding plants and herbs for
sale 50 to $1ea 280-7511
assortment of 0-3 & 6 mos. sleepers
(1 w/ hat & booties to match), 2 onesies (1
w/ bottoms), top & bibs. Makes: Small
Wonders, Babys Own $10 315-8158
swing set $30obo 378-4586
CeiLing lights, 2 nw/still in bx, round
dome style 13 $13.50 378-6001
women's motorcycle leathers, lk nw,
chaps & coat, black w/ purple piping
$150 378-7165
new 30" prehung interior door w/ zinc
bar bevelled glass $100 315-4484
unpasteurized raw honey: $40 for
8 cups, $20 for 4 cups, $10 for 2 cups, $5
for 1 cup. 378-4947
for sale - furniture

dresser mirror, 27x41, framed

5-pC wht wicker furniture $100 525-1333
Coffee tbl 55"l x 19"w x 17"h, 2 end
tables 24"sq x 22"h, hexagon tbl 21"l x
24"w x 22h $50/all 378-2458
6-pC qu-sz bdrm set, honey oak $500. 2 mirrd end tables $20. 5-shlf glass/chrm unit
$40. Red 3 match. canisters $20 378-8893
safety rails for adult or childs bed
$20 378-9459
4-pC sofa set, exc cond. 378-4503
to giVe away: hospital bed 378-5344,
LiVingrm set: sofa, loveseat, 2 chairs
wd frame mirr. 2x210. Microwv & stnd,
2 classic vanity chairs, rose-cold ottoman,
dbl bd & frame, wht wckr hedboard. 2 tv
stnds, 2 coff. tbls: sml round, rect. 378-8383
2 brand nw bed rails sngl-qu $25ea
set of bunk beds, stl tube, gd shape, offers. Comp desk 315-8087
2 antique dressing tables 378-0838
6-pC queen bed suite, french provincial made
in Quebec, oak/cedar. Headboard, 9-drwr
dresser w/ mirr., armoire w/ drwrs, shelves &
mirror, 2 end tables $275 378-6962


livestock/pets & access.

for sale - recreational

free: kittens, wht/blk, grey/wht.

Call/stop by Prince Motel
3-year old bay stud, 10 month old
paint stud, both quiet, cheap. Must be
taken away 378-4564
4 Kittens free to gd homes, avail.
immed. (250)574-3032
mini daschund puppies $700 378-5390
hay For Sale. First cut Grass &
Grass/Alfalfa Mix. In barn $8/bale. Second Cut Grass/Alfalfa mix hay to be cut
next week, will be $8/bale off the
field,approx. 55lb bales. 378-2124
Laying hens 19 mos old $3ea 378-4916
10 bLaCK kittens free to good homes:
4 wks, 6 wks, 8wks 280-6916
dog house 525-0240

sKim boards $20 each; hi-viz hunting

vest & Cabela's K9 chest protector $50;
new Razor scooter $45; NIB Wilson's
tennis balls 15 for $15; NIB Conair hair
straightener, $15. English saddles, tack.
Draft-sized western saddle. 378-2410
9.5 nordiK inflatable boat w/ keel, 2 oars
& oarlocks, rub straps, 2 seats, graded for
9.9hp & 4 people, zippered stor. compartments, gas tank/batt. hold-down, vry gd
cond., nr nw, cln $550obo incl. bag to store
it & canvas cov when assembled 378-5813
5th-whL hitch 378-4634
94 22 terry 5th-whl travel trailer, A
GIVE AWAY w/hitch $1000 FIRM, NO
negotiations. Kyle 378-5556 7am-8pm
dsp 5th-whl hitch w/ rails $75 378-2458
sCooter 150cc bought 2015, 15kms
$2400 378-6696
sea kayak w/ rudder $400obo OTF rec
kayak under 10 ft. 378-7165
biCyCLe carrier for car $30. Dirt bike
pants sz 32. 378-5857
CoLeman camp stove, 2 burners,
burns white gas $45 378-9009
set Wilson r-h mens golf clubs, incl
Fila golf bag, cost $500+, first $60 takes
speed boat w/ trlr, nds motor/seat $300
eLLiptiCaL trainer, Freemotion 510,
incline & resistance, heart monitor, ifit
compatible, spkrs, fan, 30 workouts, lk
nw $425obo Kathy 378-2115
33 85 Citation, Onan gen set power plant
b-i, lots of wrk done $6000 Mel 280-2442
trLr spare tire on trlr mount
205/75D14 $30. 315-3334
LiVe strong treadmill, exc cond
$500 525-0401, 378-9125
fishing tackle, rods & fishing gear.
rods $10ea, tackle $25 & $35/box. Golf
clubs, l-h $25 for bag/clubs/balls 6-8
doz. 378-4007
03 snowbear single axel, LED
lights, 4x8 tilting deck 378-8331
83 Komfort trlr trlr, 21 gd cond/nds
some wrk $2700 Bob 315-4751
16,000Lb dual pivot hi-jacker 5th whl
trlr hitch $200 Kyle 378-5556
92 prowLer 5th whl, slps 6 w/ slideout, everything works grt, vry gd shape
315-7862, 280-1250
10 fLat bottom boat for sale exc cond
$850 378-6758
94 tent trlr $1950, 2-brnr stove, icebx/
furn., awn. nds some repair Steve 280-5144
4 biKe carry racks for car/pck-up $100
Joe 378-2676
07 arCtiC Cat Prowler 650 s-x-s
quad, 1 owner, 24,011km on gd trails
only, top of the line/all the accessories,
nw tires, snow plow, dump box, winches,
pd $22,000, sell $10,000. Quad trlr pd
$600, sell $300 Jack 378-4341
5th-whL tailgate fits 99-06 Chev $50.
5th-whl hitch $100. 315-1051
poLaris snowmobile 280-7511
3hp Johnson Outboard $350 378-6027
exerCise bike, Gazelle exercise bike,
Ab machine vry gd cond 378-2047
aLphiL 9 camper, 95, d/s/snk/dual taps,
htr, prot. toilet, ovrhd dbl bd/sngl bnch bd,
3-tier steps, cmpr jcks, 2 sawhorses for base,
no leaks qual. camper $6300. Truck mirrors: 2 nw rear view, sill in boxes 7.75x5
ext. to 17, dr mount $25ea 378-6001

admiraL dryer, white $25 378-4248

washer & dryer 378-4503
Laundromat coin-op gas dryer,
wrks vry gd Joe 378-2676
48 CeiLing fan with light,
white/brass $20 378-5681
bar-b-que natural gas, works $10.
Window air conditioner, 6000 btu. $50.
Lrg front load washer & dryer, been
in stop. for 1 yr. 280-1250
pressure canner, holds 7 quart jars,
nw gskt. $50 378-9009
Lrg wht fridge, exc wrkng cond.
$125obo 378-5806
food Saver 3230 series, nr nw/ used 5x
$100 378-5813
Lrge fridge, w/d, dshwshr, 525-0240
free: Moffat dishwasher 378-2209
for sale - automotive

96 dodge Ram 2500 4x4, nw starter 2

mos ago, drv shaft 3 yrs ago, batt. tested
2 mos ago, good rear window bar rck,
tool box, 10 ply tires 2011, Power steering leak, may need steering shock drivers
side, Senior no longer driving. See pics
on Craigslist (250)572-3329
17" ford 6-bolt chrome rims/ new
tires. first $400 378-6696
t-bird exc cond, drive away/no repairs,
reas. offer 378-8326
88 dodge Caravan, gd tires $500
tires 4-225/60R16, $80, Chev longbox canopies, 1@$40, 1@$50, utility
trailer (Chev box) $40, headache rack
$40 378-8156
08 smart car, auto or manual shift,
87k, nw tires, 1 owner 378-6554
94 dodge Sprite, 4 dr. sedan, auto, p/s,
p/b, air/cruise, 2 m&s 172k $1000obo.
running boards 84 for Ford 150/250
$60obo/pr. 4 Mt. tires, alum. wheels, off
Dodge 150 $125obo 315-2780
98 ford van, runs exc, sits 6 comfortably $700 936-8047
4 goodyear Wrangler-SRA tires
P265/ 70R/17, M&S < 30,000kms $100.
4 steeL rims, 15 5-hole $25/all 378-6217
03 sunfire, 114k $3950 must see
06 ext Ford 4x4, 4.6 motor, 250k, nice
shape, nw snows $5900 378 6696
98 CheV 3/4-ton 4x4 extra cab pck-up,
5th whl hitch, match. canopy, tires exc
cond, nw brks, 40k on rebuilt eng., cln
in/out $4550obo 378-6915
99 dodge Ram 4x4, nothing wrong/nd
to pay to get it out of compound
$3000obo 280-6916
92 ford Aerostar extd van, lw mil.
$2500obo 378-7721
07 CheV Cobalt 2-dr coupe, rally yellow, 1 ownr, only 84k,gd running cond.,
all maint. up to date, c/w wntr tires on
rims, 2 sets keys fobs 315-5118 (no txts)
09 suV 79k $11,999 378-6524
13 CheV Spark 4-cyl., gd cond., incl.
set winter tires (250)377-5348
93 Jeep Grand Cherokee Wagoneer
$1100 525-0346
four 245/65R17 tires $40ea. 378-4315
rebuiLt Ford pck-up differential, fits
49-56, incl. drums $500 Joe 378-2676
05 ChrysLer Intrepid, exc cond, runs
well, loaded 936-8297 must sell

for sale - miscellaneous

apriCots, home grown, chemical free.

$1.25/lb 378-6753
2 4-day passes to the Rockin River Music
Festival this weekend. $200/both 378-9849
estate saLe Aug 6&7, 2285
Schindler Cres, LN across the Hwy from
Courtesy Corner Market. 10am-7pm.
Furniture, kitchen appliances, clothes,
horse tack, Tools, etc. Everything neg.
sewing machine, b-i cabinet w/ chair
$40 takes 378-8326
beets, carrots, lettuce organically
grown 315-1447
garLiC, fresh dug bulbs $3ea., taking
ordrs for dried garlic & seed stock 378-2124
30" roper range, exc cond $225obo.
meccano part sets & lots of parts $50
obo. 5-drwr vanity w/ lrg round mirror,
from the 40s $125obo. Qun water bed
frame, w/ or w/o matt. $60obo 378-2678
pre-order your Thanksgiving
turkey $5/lb, Orloop Bronze. $5/lb, $40
downpayment reqd. Should dress out to
approx. 15-17lbs. Gov't Inspected, Professionally Butchered 378-2124
pLumbers steel tape, 100 ft. long
$50. Metal saw horse $10. Yardworks
wood chipper $70. Deck tbl, wrought
iron w/ glazed tile top $10. hammock,
free-stndng w/ awn. shade $60 378-5745
firewood, grt price, call/text
new 10x10 Gazebo, black&gold rod
iron, leaf design $150 378-9459
4 horse-drawn walking plows $200ea.
Cream cans $50ea 378-1880
Century service dinnerware, green,
many pieces, setting for 8 $100 315-5776
10 Companys Coming cookbooks,
nvr used $20/all. 2 tri-light flr lamps. 3
sleeping bags for children: nascar,
hockey, carpentry $5ea. Optix T265 tripod, pd $89, sell $10 still in box. Series
100 sml speakers $10. 525-1333
widemouth Kerr canning jars
$5/dozen 378-8847
bC Cherries organically-grown in
our Sunshine Valley $2.50/lb 378-2111
10 5 Cedars, u dig 378-8383
smaLL compressor for airbrush painting. $10 378-5681
3 smL wndws. Gar. dr opening, nw/still
in bx. Pine shelf, ant. wd-burning oven,
tropical house plants sml & med., lrg hvy
duty stl galv. garbage can & lid, stl pole,
outdoor light on stnd w/ extension cord,
dbl camp chairs, gardening tbl 378-8383
free: hard cover books 378-4007
Canning jars: pints & quarts, Not all
have rings $5/doz 378-9703
bbq $40. Polar heart rate monitor for
exercising $70. Outdr-indr fountain $40.
boys clothing size 4, 6, 6x, swim
trunks, tees, cargo pants & shorts, gd
cond. $10 315-8158
2-Compartment fireproof floor
safe $350. Joe 378-2676
also check out the display window at
the corner of Garcia St.& Granite ave.

1675 Tutill Court,Merritt, BC

Admission by donation
Summer Hours
Phone 250-378-4145 for appt or tour

for sale - electronics/software

ps3 w/ games 378-8383

Cannon t70 Camera w/ flash & bag.
$50. 378-5681
riCoh TF-900 35mm camera. $50
niKon d90 Camera w/ VR DX18200mm lens & Manfrotto 7302YB Tripod. All: $375obo 378-3786 aft 5pm
2 tVs, 1 older, 1 lk new 378-0838
3 beLL Express receivers, 1 Shaw receiver. 378-2047

LiCensed famiLy dayCare has

full-time spaces avail. for ages 2.5-4 yrs
old effective Aug. 2. Secure play
area/yard. Snacks/lunch provd. Vry
happy & peaceful place for your child to
spend their day. Lisa 378-1839
for sale - appliances

ICBC Claims
Commercial Residential
Automotive Industrial

10am-6pm, 7 days a week

prof. house cleaner, attention to detail,

reas. rates, seniors disc. refs avail. 378-6552
Certified tree faller w/ wd chipper
for sml jobs, truck & trailer for branch
or debris removal. 378-6431
automotiVe repairs all makes
licd, guaranteed, free estimates. affordable rates, honest & reliable. 936-8637
drywaLL, textured ceiling, painting.
Call Jeff (250)378-3709, (250)315-2066
affordabLe automotive repairs. Lic.d
& guaranteed, free estimates 936-8637
JpV enterprises - Providing quality yard care for Merritt and area.Landscaping (Lawn care, pruning, hedging,
gardening), auto cleaning, general labour.
rV repairs, reas. rates 378-6696
tutorteChs PC REPAIRS. Call
Rob 250-936-8243 or go to
We Also Buy/Sell/Trade PCs and Parts
granny's House Quilting & Retreat has
fabric and sewing notions. 378-3734

09 honda Fit, 50 mi./gall. 5-spd manual,

a/c,auto wndws, 188K, exc cond., servd
regularly, 1 ownr $6200obo 378-5513
98 toyota Tercel 315-8087
06 CheV Malibu, nice/clean, no accident/rust, a/c, p/b, p/w, p/land cd player
with bluetooth, dvd and boom box, only
130k $4500obo 525-0319
06 pt Cruiser, green, 168k,vry gd
cond $3900 315-7611
15x8 wht spoke rims $20ea. 4 used
Michelin tires 245x17 $20ea 315-1051
03 dodge Neon, gd cond., clean, 4
summer tires $2500 378-4778
02 honda Odyssey, all pwr opt, runs
gd/nds trans. whole/parts $800 378-8156
351 winsor for oldr car/truck $100.
289-302 intake torker $100. 289 4 barrel
heads for 65 Mustang-original; screw in
studs & valve $150. 5th whl tailgate for
Chev 90s-00 $30. 378-2883 eves /mess.
tire P195/70R14 m&s $40obo. Safari
van seat 88 GMC $15obo. 378-4586
98 ford F150, vry gd rn cond. 936-8297
06 dodge Ram regular cab, 6-spd manual 4x4 $7800obo Jeff 378-3709
tires 235/75R17 gd cond. 378-6585
79 gmC Caballero $5000. David 3787223 6-9pm
2014 gm 17 alum. o/e whls (slvr) w/
TPMS sensors, 205/50R17, used, 4/32
tread, used 5 mos. $600obo 315-2535
92 pont Grand Prix, well-maintd, cln,
n/s, lw mil. $1000obo 378-3496
4 summer tires on rims $100. 378-6678
4 205-50r15 all-seas tires $160 378-4315
97 toyota Pathfinder $3800obo, as is
94 ford F250 diesel, 200k, mechanic
special $1500 378-6758
pr15-16 used tires, 378-6975
92 dodge Dakota 4x4 truck $1500
used 5 summer tires on mags, P 235 /
60 / R 16 5 stud $200obo 315-5424
4-17" Car rims off 07 Dodge Caliber
$200obo, has 215/60 R17 all-season tires
but will need to replace. 378-6328
ford canopy for long box 8 w/ high
back for quad, gd cond $300obo 936-8885
98 ford F150, vry gd rn cond, loaded
936-8297, 378-6767
215/65r16 w/ rims, m&s all-seas. off 05
Dodge Caravan $450. 315-3489
98 windstar van, trans. shot/gd for
in town 378-9927
Canopy, small pickup, 6'4" long, 5'2"
wide, 2' high $50 378-2325 after 5 pm,
99 ford F250, ext cab, 4X4. 5.4, Lariat
model w/ leather seats. 299K, gd cond
$4240 378-4195

for sale - tools/equipment

woodstoVe lrg, Canada Comfort

18" log, certified, nds some repair. $100
must be able to pick up. Ed 378 -0068
4 metaL level, accurate $15. Hammer
drill Blk & Dckr $350 hvy duty construction type 378-8140
5hp gas motor w/ 3/4 side discharge
shaft 378-4101

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4 fLuor light assembly, nw

bulbs/ballasts $35 Joe 378-2676
5 ft. full roll stucco wire $25 378-5745
15,000Lb 5th-whl slidng htch $300.
Sml util trlr 4x3. hitch off Chev trck
hvy duty. 378-4305, 2290 Parker Dr.
metaL shelving unit 6 perfect for
gar./wrkshop $15 525-1333
7-Lb cannon ball for downrigger
$15 378-1336
antique chainsaw $200 378-7721
fLuor. fixture 4, nw $30. Lawn
spreader, nw $25obo 378-6027
hVy duty mesh canopy, cut.made 64wx66lx48h off Dodge
Dakota shrt bx, lockng rear dr, suit.
for hauling valuables, remote bee
hive security or? $599obo 378-6001
eLeCtriC trailer tongue jack,
never used $200 378-9009
ryobi mdl RY28121 expanded
trimmer $90, used only 1.5 spools of
line 378-5813
wanted/wanted to buy

wtd to trade apricot & apple

windfall for meat or salmon 378-2410
Carrier for sml dog 378-5546
buffaLo wool, bit & pieces or
skeins 378-5587
ripe apricots 378-4588
1-Cup (half pint) jars for jams &
jellies for Farmers' Market 378-6256
washer, lrg, xtra strength, for
wshng dog blankets outside. Text
Cecilia 315-0022
eLeCtriC motor with grinding
wheel 378-2778
20-30hp outboard, long shaft, tiller
handle controls, minor repairs ok
Harry 315-6109
four 16 rims for 01 Chrysler
smL utility trailer. Dan 378-6256
8-10 step ladder/orchard ladder.
Dan 378-6256
any type lumbr nw/used 378-2778
dog exercise pens, sz not important, reas. price 315-0088
Corr. plastic panels 378-2778
for sale house/property

moduLar home on city lot. Modular home 14x70 on 60x125 lot,

2-bdrm 1-bath, nw flring/paint. Lrg,
cln fncd yrd, w/d, f/s, cntrl a/c,
covd carport. grt, well-maintd strtr
home or rev. prop. in quiet nghbrhd.
Wlk to schls/dwntwn, no pad rnt, grt
yrd for gardening, animals, children.
Ownr motivated to sell $137,500 &
open to offers. Terry (250)525-0172
1+bedroom. 700sq.ft., well
maintd. Fncd yrd, grdn, shop & shed,
prfct starter home or rental. 315-8517
rent to own 2-bdrm 1-bth w/
DP special. 1-800-361-8111, 315-1000
3 Lots: 150x130, 2502 Clapperton
Ave., 378-4471
handyman special: 2-bdrm 1bth spec. 1-800-361-8111, 315-1000
snowbirds: 2-bdrm, 2-bthrm,
newer home, fully furnd in excellent
condition in Mesa, Arizona Senior
Complex. Close to swim pool & activity area. Sale due to illness.
$80,000obo 378-2325 aft 5pm
unique huge priv. yard, 2 shops,
fruit trees, grdn, lots prkng. will also
trade for house in outskirts Merritt/
Kamloops 378-8326

dbL lot, cul-de-sac, beautiful grasslnds

setting, ready to build 280-1017
for rent

1 bdrm ste.n/s, n/p $600 incl. util.,

avail. Aug. 1 378-2701
aVaiL. aug 1, Logan Lk 1-bdrm
furnd apt., f/s/microwv/dishes pots &
pans, dining table & chairs, nw dble
bed, futon, hd tv, dvd/35 channel cbl/ht.
refs & dam. deposit reqd. 378-5004
2-bdrm bsmt ste, nr schl/shopping,
vry cln, immed. 280-8888
2-bdrm ste $600 immed., Lower
Nicola 4-plx 378-3748
#29 eL dorado MHP, 2-bdrm
nwly renod mobile in quiet park on
river, fncd yrd w/ stor shd & dck. f/s,
w/d, senior couple prefd. $800 2801595 avail. Aug.1
2571 CoLdwater Ave. Refs a
3-bdrm ste 1500 sq. ft main flr, 4plex in Low Nic, newly renod, immed
$1000 + dam dep., n/s, n/p 378-3748
2-storey heritage house on Nicola
River w/ 3 bdrms, 2 bths, f/gas s/dw
wd-burning f/p. Beaut. grdns, priv.
courtyard w/ goldfish pond, dck w/
koi pond, access to river, personal grdning area avail., shared lndry, prkng.
$1300 + shared util. Rnt reduction if
willing to help w/ grdning. 1-403-8181479 (call/text), pics under guest
1 + bdrm house, nr dwntwn,, grt location, fncd yrd, wd stove, wrkshp, grdn,
ref. reqd. n/s $950 + util. 378-6798
2-bdrm 2-bth & dn, dbl-wide m.h
for semi-retired or retired cpl w/ sml
caretaking duties for reduced rent 1800-361-8111, 315-1000
3-bdrm 2-bth hse, end Jul 378-4392
1-bdrm for 1 n/s adult only, n/p, ht
/cbl incl., Refs reqd, $550 378-2954
room for rent, incl. all util & extreme internet. no alcohol/no drugs.
$465 378-5128
Lrg cute & coxy 2-bdrm dplx,
f/s/w/d, n/p, n/s, n/drugs or alcohol,
refs reqd, prefer prof. indiv. or cpl,
wrkng tenants 378-8383
3-bdrm townhouse 378-4392
furnd room for rent, kitchen
privileges, incl laundry 315-5951
wtd: roommates to share
recreation area rental, in nw beaut.
home. Bbq pit, fire pit, quading, fishing, hiking, sledding area 30min from
Merritt located in Brookmere.
hydro/sat/ wifi, fully furnd living area,
massive dck/yad area, all incl. ownr oil
workr away 14/7 shift, will have own
space in shp living area, so roommates
have own area, must be cln resp.,
call/text more details. Terry 315-7284
shared accomm: To share w/ 2 other
women, 2-storey heritage house on
Nicola River, 3 bdrms, 2 bths, f/gas s/dw,
wd-burning f/p, internet. Beaut. gardens,
priv. courtyard w/ goldfish pnd, dck w/
koi pond, access to river, personal gardening area avail., shared lndry, prkng.
Priv. bdrms+ shared util. $550, reduced
rent if willing to help w/ garden. 1-403818-1479 (call/ text) Pics at Guest
House link at
2-bdrm townhouse. 3-bdrm w/
bsmt jul 1 378-4392, 936-8297
furnd 1-bdrm bsmt, shared
bthrm, $675 incl. cbl/hydro/ht /lndry.
dam. dep. reqd (778)869-3141 after
2-bdrm ground level, util/ sat incl,
n/p 378-7100, 378-5476

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