Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounces differently from that of the other.
1. A. hatred
B. learned
C. stopped
D. sacred
2. A. leisure
B. occasion
C. pleasure
D. cosy
3. A. dealt
B. dreamt
C. heal
D. jealous
4. A. chronicle
B. chorus
C. orchard
D. orchid
5. A. scowl
B. frown
C. sprout
D. dough
Choose the word whose stress pattern is different from that of the others.
6. A. constituency
B. constitution
C. presentiment
D. subsidiary
7. A. trigonometry
B. explanatory
C. immediately
D. democracy
8. A. argumentative
B. psychological
C. contributory
D. hypersensitive
9. A. privatize
B. negligence
C. navigate
D. heuristics
10. A. rational
B. schematic
C. probation
D. magnetic
Your answers:
1. There are five _________ mistakes in this picture. Can you find them and win a prize?
A. presumptuous
B. intensive
C. deliberate
D. instrumental
2. He looks very aggressive and threatening, and his soft, gentle voice is rather __________.
A. disembodied
B. disconcerting
C. dismissive
D. discordant
3. A common cause of __________ is the use of untreated water in preparation for food, which is quite
common in certain underdeveloped countries.
A. Displeasure
B. Malnutrition
C. Eupepsia
D. Dysentery
4. The forensic expert ___________ the evidence looking for particles of skin.
A. scanned
B. glimpsed
C. scrutinized
D. peered at
5. The renewed interest in the Elizabethan time is evident in the __________ of new Hollywood films
set during that period.
A. spate
B. hypocrisy
C. transience
D. demise
6. When facing problems, it is important to keep a sense of ___________.
A. proportion
B. introspection
C. relativity
D. comparison
7. Seeing her mother shot by a terrorist left an __________ impression on the young child’s mind.

B 8.. wouldn’t make B. They were given the freedom to take _____ necessary.A 7. Sheila couldn’t attend the meeting as the date ___________ with her holidays.following questioning B.B III.A.following questioning D. grandly D. does C.. together with talented with C. A.B 3.GRAMMAR STRUCTURE 1. to be suspected .for nearly one hour and a half when she ……………………. Given C. Because of an unfortunate __________ your order was not dispatched by the date requested.C 2. If B.. A.the invention of the steam engine. as equals D. haven’t made D. most forms of transport were horsedrawn.. has been running / collapses B. transgression Your answers: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Keys: 1. ran / had been collapsing 3. The man ___________ of carrying out the burglary was released __________ by police. In addition to 4. having been suspected . A. A. has heard B.A 6. Although D. as equal as 8. It won’t ___________ matter if you arrive a few minutes late. I’d rather you __________ a noise last night. With reference B. struck C. A. having been more talented than 7. whatever action they deemed D. that action it has been considered C. clashed B. indelible C. had been running / collapsed D. ____________ those who by now had become household name. were running / collapsed C. honed their skills before following the same path onto television. whether action it has rated 2. hadn’t made 6. were heard C.A 9. might 10. A. Since 9. would hear D. A.D 4. packed D. oversight C. A. A new generation of performers. may D.C 5. A. ……………………….following questioned C. Long __________ it continue to do so. hindrance B. Business has been thriving in the past year. it was probable that any threatened US response would have deterred the Soviet Union. The marathon runner …………………….. considerably 10. Prior to D. didn’t make C. A. opposed 9. being suspected . instant B. largely C. Suppose she _________ that outrageous story circulating around the office. as equal B. no less talented than B. negligence D. along with talented with D.to the pavement. A. I couldn’t get to sleep. as equally C. she’d be furious!” A. Akin C. _____________ the US superiority at that time. greatly B.following questioned Your answers: . A. suspected .A 10. We all wished to be treated ___________. infinite 8. could B. indefinite D. whichever action they were adjudged B. had heard 5.

down 10. As she didn’t have a lot of cash she bought the fridge _________ credit. on 5. He’s a genius __________ a pencil and can capture a likeness in a few deft strokes. Write your answer (A.C IV. Since the time of Nostradamus. PREPOSITION AND PHRASAL VERBS Complete each of the following sentences with ONE correct preposition. 8. Weather satellites (6) _____ with complicated instruments examine the surface and the bottom of the oceans and determine the exact height of water.D 5. Write your answers in the corresponding numbered boxes.C 2.C 10. I’m afraid a penalty clause has been written _____________ your contract. against 3. whirlpools and waves generate the patterns for the future weather. to 2. 6. The new wonder watch from Seiko is guaranteed ___________ any type of breakage including water damage and accident! 7. The government was finally brought __________ by minor scandal. the (4) _____ depths of the oceans where swirls. Her father laid ___________ her when she came home two hours late from a party. off 4. meteorologists looked skywards to find hints in the clouds. Besides being a priceless device for predicting climatic conditions for tourists. Dave takes _________ the Prime Minister really well.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Keys: 1.D 6. farmers or aviators. At present.C 4. with 8. weather satellites also (8) _____ advance warnings against storms or typhoons which (9) _____ the coastal populations to (10) _____ themselves against these destructive forces of nature. 1. Queen Victoria reigned __________ Britain and Ireland for over sixty years. B.A 7. My attention was drawn __________ the picture on the wall. meteorologists have been trying to decipher the mystery of climate changes. 2. . 10. READING Part 1: Read the following passage and decide which answer best fits each numbered gap. In the past. 5. over 6. against 7. The most efficient way of (5) _____ hold of the ever changing map of the swirling currents circulating their heat around the planet is from space. 4. The impressive advantage offered by satellite scanning is that measurements can be (7) _____ even in the most inaccessible parts of the oceans and can provide daily pictures of the water surface together with the calculated wave height and wind speed. 9. Your answers: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Keys: 1. into V. Their (2) _____ has been to be able to precisely (1) _____ the weather for the days to come. into 9. C or D) in the space provided.B 9.C 3.C 8. The villagers left their homes in the valley and moved to higher grounds as precaution ___________ flooding 3. namely. their eyes are directed at the spots where the most intriguing climatic transformations (3)_____ about.

insulating D. getting 6. A. The hopes are.A Part 2: Read the following passage and decide which answer best fits each numbered gap. taken D. notions like gene therapy or genetic engineering don’t sound much surprise any longer. 6. but very considerable (7) __________ has already been made. A. protect Your answers: 1 2 6 7 Keys: 1. discharged C. A. emerge C. disrupted A. that hundreds of maladies that humanity is plagued with an present might eventually cause to exist in the not too (10) _______ future. bring C.D 4. involved D. making D. coming B. subjection C. donated D. accomplished B. Their potential application has already been (9) ______ in the effective struggle against many viruses or in the genetic treatment of blood disorders. B. sustain D.C 5. enable C.1. A. surviving C. averting A. supplement C.A 7. dissolve B. Hundreds of scholars have gone to extremes to help (3) _______ the mystery of the human genetic structure with an ardent hope for (4) _______ mankind from disorders such as cancer. A. hear C. 5. At present. 4.A 10.C 6.D 9. done 8. unravel A. A. objective D. Locating and characterizing every single gene may (6) _______ an implausible assignment. subject 2. Write your answer (A. perceive B. exterminated A. eradicated D. entail B. enforce D. proceed B. turn B. entitle 10.D B. A. The progress in this incredible undertaking is conditioned by an accurate interpretation of the information (5) _______ in the chromosomes forming the trillions of the cells in the human body. perceive . delivered B. get D. interfered C. objectivity B. Originally.A 8. 1. it is clear that the task can be finished much earlier. come 4. It only requires the completion of the reconstruction of the human genetic map for a whole host hereditary diseases to be (1) _______. unravel 3. fulfilled C. formed B. cystic fibrosis or arthritis. voice D. then. terminated B. A. A. 3. What we know by now is that the hereditary code is assembled in DNA. interrogate C. terminal C. derived A. it was forecast that the venture would take until the beginning of the 21st century to be (2) ________. equipped 7. associated B. finding C. issue D. utmost 5. ward C. preserve 3 8 4 9 5 10 3. some parts of which may be diseased and (8) ________ to the uncontrollable transmission of the damaged code from parent to their children. C or D) in the space provided. 2. indefinite B. ultimate D. explore D. liberating B. denote 9. A.D 2. forecast C. respond D. contained C. dismantled D. Whereas work at the completion of the human genome may last for a few years more. A. sound B.

For tens of millions of years.D 9. this component of meteorites is easily identified. Twice in the twentieth century. This break in Earth’s history is marked by a mass extinction. Such impacts continue to pose a natural hazard to life on Earth. What is a catastrophe for one group of living things. examined B.A 5. B. The explosion is also calculated to have produced vast quantities of nitric acid and melted rock that sprayed out overmuch of Earth. A. The crater. it is clear that impacts of this size do occur and that their results can be catastrophic. This impact released an enormous amount of energy. distant D. corroborated 10. suddenly. plunging Earth into a period of cold and darkness that lasted at least several months. heading C. Write your answer (A. amiable B. Meteorite Impact and Dinosaur Extinction There is increasing evidence that the impacts of meteorites have had important effects on Earth. accounted D. far-away B. A. But even without such specific documentation.C 2. now deeply buried in sediment. Scientists first identified this impact in 1980 from the worldwide layer of sediment deposited from the dust cloud that enveloped the planet after the impact. headway D. inquired C.C 8. particularly in the field of biological evolution. Presumably. including the death of the dinosaurs. conducive 9.A 10. when as many as half the species on the planet became extinct.A 7. conceivable C. Even diluted by the terrestrial material excavated from the crater. was originally about 200 kilometers in diameter. excavating a crater about twice as large as the lunar crater Tycho. Then. A.C Part 3:Read the following passage and choose the best answer to each of the questions. but none is so dramatic as the Cretaceous event. C or D) in the space provided. they disappeared. imminent Your answers: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Keys: 1. headship 8.B 6. headline B. large meteorite objects are known to have collided with Earth.A 3. outlying C. those great creatures had flourished.7. evocative D. however. The body that impacted Earth at the end of the Cretaceous period was a meteorite with a mass of more than a trillion tons and a diameter of at least 10 kilometers. This sediment layer is enriched in the rare metal iridium and other elements that are relatively abundant in a meteorite but very rare in the crust of Earth. A. those environmental disasters could have been responsible for the mass extinction. While there are a dozen or more mass extinctions in the geological record.D 4. may create opportunities for another . If an impact is large enough. The best-documented such impact took place 65 million years ago at the end of the Cretaceous period of geological history. it can disturb the environment of the entire Earth and cause an ecological catastrophe. Such a quantity of material would have blocked the sunlight completely from reaching the surface. the Cretaceous mass extinction has always intrigued paleontologists because it marks the end of the age of the dinosaurs. starting widespread fires that must have consumed most terrestrial forest sand grassland. Several other mass extinctions in the geological record have been tentatively identified with large impacts. By 1990 geologists had located the impact site itself in the Yucatán region of Mexico. as can be determined by measuring the thickness of the sediment layer formed when this dust settled to the surface. The explosion lifted about 100 trillion tons of dust into the atmosphere.

A large amount of dust blocked sunlight from Earth. C. digging out B. They found a unique layer of sediment worldwide. present 2. Such a perspective fundamentally changes our view of biological evolution. They discovered a large crater in the Yucatán region of Mexico. model C. In 1991 the United States Congress asked NASA to investigate the hazard posed today by large impacts on Earth. B. . assume D. why does the author include the information that dinosaurs had flourished for tens of millions of years and then suddenly disappeared? A. covering up 6. 4. The Yucatán region was chosen by geologists as the most probable impact site because of its climate. They located a meteorite with a mass of over a trillion tons. 5. The word “pose” in the passage is closest in meaning to A. there is a sudden evolutionary burst as new species develop to fill the ecological niches opened by the event. According to paragraph 4. It was a well-known fact that the impact had occurred in the Yucatán region. In paragraph 2. Which of the following can be inferred from paragraph 3 about the location of the meteorite impact in Mexico? A. The group conducting the study concluded from a detailed analysis that impacts from meteorites can indeed be hazardous. Geologists knew that there had been an impact before they knew where it had occurred. The word “excavating” in the passage is closest in meaning to A. the majority of all extinctions of species may be due to such impacts.group. how did scientists determine that a large meteorite had impacted Earth? A. extending C. Earth is a target in a cosmic shooting gallery. subject to random violent events that were unsuspected a few decades ago. According to some estimates. Following each mass extinction. They were alerted by archaeologists who had been excavating in the Yucatán region. To explain why paleontologists have always been intrigued by the mass extinction at the end of the Cretaceous D. 1. all of the following statements are true of the impact at the end of the Cretaceous period EXCEPT: A. Although there is always some risk that a large impact could occur. D. claim B. To support the claim that the mass extinction at the end of the Cretaceous is the best-documented of the dozen or so mass extinctions in the geological record B. destroying D. Yet an equally important criterion is the ability of a species to survive random global ecological catastrophes due to impacts. D. To provide evidence that an impact can be large enough to disturb the environment of the entire planet and cause an ecological disaster 3. B. The standard criterion for the survival of a species is its success in competing with other species and adapting to slowly changing environments. Impacts by meteorites represent one mechanism that could cause global catastrophes and seriously influence the evolution of life all over the planet. Earth became cold and dark for several months. careful study shows that this risk is quite small. To explain why as many as half of the species on Earth at the time are believed to have become extinct at the end of the Cretaceous C. According to paragraph 3. C. The location of the impact site in Mexico was kept secret by geologists from 1980 to 1990. B.

Large quantities of nitric acid were produced.D 2. Since most violent events on Earth occur randomly. nobody realized that Earth is exposed to unpredictable violent impacts from space.A 6. B.D Part 4: Read the following passage and choose the correct answers to the questions that follow. D. C. B. D. In the last few decades. easily identified 8. identified after careful study B. The most important factor for the survival of a species is its ability to compete and adapt to gradual changes in its environment. the risk of a random violent impact from space has increased. 7. 9. Earth became the target of random violent events originating in outer space. occasionally identified D.B 9. 10. Paleontologists B. The factors that are most important for the survival of a species vary significantly from one species to another.C 3. New elements were formed in Earth’s crust. the ability to survive such impacts is the most important factor for the survival of a species.B 5.C. The phrase “tentatively identified” in the passage is closest in meaning to A. however. COMMUNICATING WITH THE FUTURE In the 1980s the United States Department of Energy was looking for suitable sites to bury radioactive waste material generated by its nuclear energy programs. subject to random violent events that were unsuspected a few decades ago. nobody can predict when or where they will happen. was that nuclear waste remains highly radioactive for thousands of years. The ability of a species to compete and adapt to a gradually changing environment is not the only ability that is essential for survival." Incorrect choices change the meaning in important ways or leave out essential information.C 7.D 10. D. Paragraph 6 supports which of the following statements about the factors that are essential for the survival of a species? A. The problem. who conducted investigations about the current dangers posed by large meteorite impacts on Earth? A. According to the passage. Since most extinctions of species are due to major meteorite impacts. The United States Congress D. The government was considering burying the dangerous wastes in deep underground chambers in remote desert areas.B 8. Which of the sentences below best expresses the essential information in the following sentence? "Earth is a target in a cosmic shooting gallery. A. Until recently. A few decades ago. identified without certainty C. C.C 4. NASA Your answers: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Keys: 1. The commission entrusted with tackling the problem of waste disposal was aware that the dangers posed by radioactive . Geologists C.

nor that it could survive with its original meaning intact. The second law of thermodynamics shows that all material disintegrates over time. electricity supplies might not be available in 300 generations. Critics point out that the atomic priesthood could use its secret knowledge to control those who are scientifically ignorant. In this way information could be relayed into the future and avoid the possibility of physical degradation. just three generations ahead. there is no guarantee that any warning or sanction passed on for millennia would be obeyed. The task force under the linguist Thomas Sebeok finally agreed that no foolproof way would be found to send a message across so many generations and have it survive physically and be decipherable by a people with few cultural similarities to us. Only the initiated atomic priesthood of experts would have the scientific knowledge to fully understand the danger. It was soon realized by the specialists assigned the task of devising the communication system that material in which the message was written might not physically endure the great lengths of time demanded. So. however. whether the result of nature such as the onset of a new ice age or perhaps mankind’s failure to solve the scourges of war and pollution. 1. So the task became one of finding a way to tell future societies about the risk posed by these deadly deposits. Sebeok’s group proposed a “relay system” in which information is passed on over relatively short periods of time. The establishment of such an association of insiders holding powerful knowledge not available except in mythic form to nonmembers would be a dangerous precedent for future social developments. Other media storage methods were considered and rejected for similar reasons.000 years hence. A second defect is more difficult to dismiss. In the event of global catastrophe. We cannot be sure that society won’t have slipped backward into an age of barbarism due to any of several catastrophic events. Its task would be to dedicate itself to maintaining and passing the knowledge of the whereabouts and dangers of the nuclear waste deposits. partitions B. cavities D. This proposal has been criticized because of the possibility of a break in continuity of the original message. human society in the distant future may be well aware of the hazards of radiation. any message indicated to future reception and decipherment must be as universally understandable as possible. Technological advances may one day provide the solutions to this dilemma. fissures . Of course. This is the problem of social exclusiveness brought about through possession of vital knowledge.emissions must be communicated to our descendants of at least 10. But the belief in constant technological advancement is based on our perceptions of advances made throughout history and prehistory. A. Sebeok suggested the only possible solution was the formation of a committee of guardians of knowledge. Those outside the priesthood would be kept away by a combination of rituals and legends designed to warn off intruders. Even computers that might carry the message cannot be expected to endure long enough. Given this restriction. it is quite possible that humans of the distant future will be on the far side of a broken link of communication and technological understanding. openings C. Furthermore. The word "chambers" in the passage is closest in meaning to ________ . Besides. To counterbalance this possibility. The message then to be renewed and redesigned if necessary for the following three generations and so on over the required time span. This so-called atomic priesthood would be entrusted with keeping knowledge of this tradition alive through millennia and developing the tradition into a kind of mythical taboo forbidding people to tamper in a way with the nuclear waste sites. The problem then becomes how to inform our descendants that they must avoid areas of potential radioactive seepage given that they may not understand any currently existing language and may have no historical or cultural memory.

What problem faced the commission assigned to deal with the burial of nuclear waste? A. How to choose burial sites so as to minimize dangers to people.the possible misuse of exclusive knowledge C. B. According to the author. the nonmembers turning knowledge into dangerous mythical forms B. to question the value of advances C. to show that knowledge can be sustained over millennia C. A. pressures B. to contrast the potential life span of knowledge with that of material objects 6. committee C. In paragraph 5. A. the establishment of a scientifically ignorant society D. To support the belief that breaks in communication are inevitable over time C. Because they would be an exclusive religious order D. Because they would use rituals and legends to maintain their exclusiveness C. How to reduce the radioactive life of nuclear waste materials B. knowledge B. To contrast Sebeok's ideas with those proposed by his main critics D. In paragraph 4. the second defect of the atomic priesthood proposal is that it could lead to _________ . To show that Sebeok 's ideas created more problems than they solved B. solution D. Because they would be an exclusive group with knowledge about nuclear waste sites. A. to support the view that nuclear waste will disperse with time B. the author explains the possible circumstances of future societies________ . According to paragraph 7. the priesthood's criticism of points concerning vital knowledge . In paragraph 2. A. to warn about the possible natural catastrophe B. 3. Because they would develop mythical taboos surrounding their traditions 8. A. The word "scourges" in the passage is closest in meaning to ________ . To compensate for the fact that meaning will not stable over long periods of time 9. How to form a committee that could adequately express various nuclear risks C. why is the proposed committee of guardians referred to as the "atomic priesthood"? A. to demonstrate the reason nuclear hazards must be communicated 4. to give the basic scientific reason behind the breakdown of material objects D. the author mentions the second law of thermodynamics __________ . why did the task force under Sebeok propose a relay system for passing on information? A. afflictions C.2. How to notify future generations of the risks of nuclear contamination D. guardians 7. worries D. to highlight humankind's inability to resolve problems D. annoyances 5. The word "Its" in the passage refers to _________ .

D 9. the inability of materials to endure over time D. Smoke and CS grenades can be used to flush out men in cellars and sewers.D B. substandard 5. wood ______________ or other chemicals.10. the exclusiveness of priestho Your answers: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Keys: 1.C 3. varnish. Santo Domingo. WORD FORM 1. Supply the correct forms of the words in the parentheses 1. anti-personnel 4. WRITTEN TEST I. A. (MAINTAIN) 8.A 8.(CRIMINAL) Your answers: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Keys: 1. (PRESERVE) 9.(BENEFIT) 10. Catrin was an undergraduate student studying___________________ and criminal justice as part of a broader social sciences degree.preservatives 8. In the country's capital city. it is making unforced errors which make it look ___________________ and incompetent. 4.D 4. discontinuity 6.B 10. (AMATEUR) 3.befriended 10. She ______________________ him and offered support after reading about the 1995 case in the news.beneficiary 9.C 6. Worse.B 7. the loss of knowledge about today's civilization C. much of the housing is ________________ and the quality of the water is poor.( BEFRIEND) 11. amateurish 3. He was supposed to be the __________________ of a trust fund left by his mother when she died in 1983. If the participation mode is adopted. ( PERSON) 5. By that time. People must know that they all can have a say in the preservation and _________________ of this way of life.C 2. maintenance 7. All of the following are mentioned in the passage as difficulties in devising a communication system with the future EXCEPT __________. the farmers will be kept away from the disappointment or_______________________.( CONTINUE) 7.B 5. while white phosphorous grenades can be used to create smoke or as an_________________ weapon.criminology . ( ILLUSION) 2. The scheme can only accept household paint and not car paint. (STANDARD) 6. disillusion 2. There is no significant ______________ between modern and primitive societies. the failure to maintain communication link B.

capitalism 3. CONTERNINOUS) conterminously as a mobiliser of (12. There are numerous obstacles that doctors have to take into consideration before forming the final evaluation. colonialism 8. As Barrack Obama arrives at the old Nairobi train station in the post aspect of (18. NATION) ________________. As Ian Kerr suggests in Building the Railway of Raj. There is an example at the beginning (0). the building of the railway in India introduced the framework of (13. FOUND) _________________for unions. When it comes to determining your total health condition. he write upon a railway line that had taken ‘ the lives of several hundred (9. Just snip a spoonful or so close to the head near the base of the neck. Use the word given in capitals at the end of some of the lines to form a word that fits in the space in the same line. too much or too little of. cadmium and mercury – blood. the knowledge of the saleability of that labour. The knowledge of the saleability of labour internationally anticipated the falling of border through (17. further 6. urine and tissue samples do not display cumulative levels. GLOBAL) _____________ before their construction. Some shampoos can leave zinc or selenium residues on the hair making the job more difficult for the analyses. COLONY) _____________________. Instead.nationhood 2. Independence and the conceiving of the nation internationally can be (16. how that ‘ colonial history’ relied upon the introduction of the railway.2. NATIONAL INDIA THROUGH THE RAILWAY Not only can the railway be seen as a (0.foundations II. To get a hair sample is as (4)_____________as pie. contractual 4. inferring 10. (6)___________addition.CONTRACT)________________ employment-of the labour market. but (2. The Congress Party and ultimately independence. And when it comes to establishing your mineral status – especially levels of potentially poisonous heavy metals (2)__________as lead. (14. INFER) ______________________ an interconnectivity within the Empire. hair dyes and permanent waving can deceive the analyzing devices into false readings. MOBILE) mobiliser of ( 11. lays the (15. imported 9. arguably 5. A close analysis of hair is assumed to reveal the recent and long-term accumulations of harmful substance. doctors may check your hair condition to make a diagnosis. and an interconnectivity within the constructing of railways and furthermore.and. First of all. different techniques of .globalization 7. FAR) _____________ perceived in the participation of Indian construction workers in the building of railway throughout Africa. Read the passages below and think of ONE word which best fits each space. OPEN CLOZE 1. Minerals and metals are moved from the body into hair in concentration approximately ten (3)___________higher than in blood or urine. ARGUE) ______________. Hair specimens are later sent to laboratories (5)____________analyses. CAPITAL) ___________________. Your answers: 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Keys 1. physicians need various data on (1)_______your body has enough. They are trapped and stored there. IMPORT) ___________________ Indian workers’ for the ‘ line track that helped usher in Keya’s colonial history’ (10.

Your answers: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Keys: 1. Schools and libraries are getting involved. (2)_____________ will be writers popping (3)______________ schools to read from their books and answer questions. hair analysis can only be performed by doctors (9)____________thorough experience. Certain minerals showing high level of accumulation in the hair can actually be deficient in the body. and story-telling events. World Book Day will also (8) ______________ an adult focus. So far doctors who claim to be able to determine your nutritional profile from the hair test do (10)______________but pull wool over your eyes. So. to discover the joy of reading. This is why doctors can come (7)____________with varying results while analyzing the same hair sample. well 8. There are numerous possibilities that hair analysis creates but its effectiveness still needs to be proven. times 4. As a further incentive to pick up a book. As (7)_____________ as hoping to encourage children to catch the reading bug. have/include 9.analysis are used in different laboratories. towards 6. One example is done for you. WBD has joined forces with National Book Tokens to offer schoolchildren a free £1 book token. with 10. what 2. place 2. fast-paced stories by well-known authors. top 9. Read the passages below and think of ONE word which best fits each space. Children will also be able to take part in readings (4)_______________ that they really have a chance to engage with the books. easy 5 for 6. so 5. with a packed schedule of events designed to bring books to life. Your answers: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Keys: 1. WBD also hopes to get reluctant adults hooked on books. with the launch of Quick Reads. Underline the errors in the passage. Therefore. On (8)_____________of that. These books have been specially chosen (6)______________ of their appeal to different age groups. In 7. or used to buy one of the six WBD £1 books. a 10. WORLD BOOK DAY This year's World Book Day (WBD). analysis can be deceptive. hopes to encourage everyone. The first set of Quick Reads will be published on World Book Day. (9) ______________ selection of short. up 8. into 4. (10)_____________ a further collection of books being released later in the summer. which is taking (1)________on March 2. because 7. The token can be put (5)_____________ the cost of any book or audio book of their choice. such 3. for the first time. nothing 2. supply the lines in which the errors are and correct them.ERROR CORRECTION There are 10 errors in the following passage. Australian Aborigines Demand Return of Remains Line Like a former British colony. Australia has close cultural and historical links 0 Correction As . with III. There 3. and especially children.

These were sent home. where they were kept in museums such as the British Museum and the Natural History Museum. the Aborigines. One aspect of this contact is the role of Britain. are demanding that any Aboriginal remains in the UK are returned to Australia. These were sent home. are demanding that any Aboriginal remains in the UK are returned to Australia. said: "The bones do not belong abroad.htm Your answers: 1 6 2 7 3 8 4 9 5 10 Australian Aborigines Demand Return of Remains Line Like a former British colony. Museums in the UK have a huge number of such objects .objects which. Now leaders of the indigenous people of Australia. This is about beliefs. with little or no regard for the feelings or rights of the people to whom the objects originally belonged. In 19th century Britain. Museums in the UK have the huge number of such objects . which they were kept in museums such as the British Museum and the Natural History Museum. Now the Australian Prime Minister is supporting Aboriginal calls for the objects and remains to be returned to its original home. in taking Aboriginal bones. say protesters. One aspect of this contact is the role of Britain. They belong here. and a traditional Correction As . They belong here. relics and artefacts from Australia to museums and collections in the UK.ieltsexam. in taking Aboriginal bones. Australia has close cultural and historical links 0 with the United Kingdom. and a traditional Aboriginal belief is that our ancestors can only find peace if their remains are burying in the homeland. were basically stolen during Britain's long colonial history.with the United Kingdom. A spokesman for the Aboriginal Council of New South Wales. This is about beliefs. In 19th century Britain." Adapted from: http://www. there was a mania for collection all kinds of objects from another countries. Stevie McCoy. A spokesman for the Aboriginal Council of New South Wales. were basical stolen during Britain's long colonial history. with little or no regard for the feelings or rights of the people from whom the objects originally belonged. say protesters. due to the British and Irish settlers who arrived in droves in the 19th and 20th centuries. and British archaeologists and collectors.objects which. Stevie McCoy. Now the Australian Prime Minister is supporting Aboriginal calls for the objects and remains to be returned to their original home. there was a mania for collecting all kinds of objects from other countries. due to the British and Irish settlers who arrived in droves in the 19th and 20th century. said: "The bones do not belong abroad. the Aborigines. and Britain archaeologists and collectors.net/docs/reading/IELTS_Reading_Academic_28. Now leaders of the indigenous people of Australia. relics and artefacts from Australia to museums and collections in the UK.

(NOTHING) …………………………………………………………………………………………………… 4.Line 8: collection-> collecting 4. 6.Line 13: from whom-> to whom 9. I don’t care whether she will come or not. It came into my mind that you might be hungry after your long journey. (SOUND) …………………………………………………………………………………………………… 3. Do not change the word given. you are home alive and kicking. 9.Aboriginal belief is that our ancestors can only find peace if their remains are buried in the homeland. 10. Thank God. The girl is anxious …………………………………………………………………………….  It occurred …………………………………………………………………………………… 8. (BREATH)  ………………………………………………………………………………………………… 5. The view from the hotel is absolutely breathtaking. The movie on The Star Movie Channel last night was so horrifying that I had to tune in to another. (HAPPY) …………………………………………………………………………………………………… Finish each of the sentences in such a way that it has a similar meaning to the sentence printed before it.Line 4: Britian->British 3.Line 9: another->other 5." Adapted from: http://www. Keys: . She was a little upset about the abrupt change in our plan.htm Keys: 1.Line 19: bury-> buried IV. The girl is looking forward to going home for the coming summer vacation. 1. It makes no …………………………………………………………………………………….  I couldn’t ……………………………………………………………………………………… 7. (MARKET) ………………………………………………………………………………………………… 2. SENTENCE TRANSFORMTION: Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence.Line 11:the huge-a huge 7.net/docs/reading/IELTS_Reading_Academic_28.ieltsexam. using the word given. I am not interested in buying a new iPhone this year.Line 15:its origional -> their origional 10.Line 12: basical->basically 8. The mob went away when the police came along.Line 9:which->where 6. Along…………………………………………………………………………………………….Line 3: century->centuries 2. Money is the only thing that she cares about.

Thank God. I couldn’t bear to watch the (horrible) movie on The Star Movie Channel last night. 10. you are home safe and sound. 3. She wasn’t happy about /with the abrupt change in our plan. It occurred to me that you might be hungry after your long journey. so/and I had to tune in to another. using the word given. Finish each of the sentences in such a way that it has a similar meaning to the sentence printed before it. 8.Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence. 6. 1. The girl is anxious to go home for the coming summer vacation. 5. 2. . Along came the police and away went the mob/the mob went away. The view from the hotel will take your breath away. She cares (seems to care) about nothing but money. Do not change the word given. 7. I am not in the market for a new iPhone this year. It makes no difference to me whether she will come or not. 4. 9.

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