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I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi

by LiSe

Yi Jing, Oracle of the Sun

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Hexagram 15
Qin, balance
Gua Poem:
Balance, expansion. A noble one brings to completion.
The great image says: In the center of the earth is a mountain:
teamwords. The noble one reduces the many and augments
the few. He evaluates things and bestows equalizing.

Qin: the ideogram and the story (../hexstories/15.html). What does it mean for your
Top 6: Expressing balance. Fruitful to benefit from moving legions to march
against cities or countries.
Who can share his compassion with others, and has insight in the common good and

the right time, can lead people to move mountains. When people see your heart and
feel your spirit is reliable, then they will support you in all your ventures.
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6 at 5: Not rich through one's neighbor. Fruitful to benefit from cleaning stables
and chopping wood. Nothing that does not bear fruit.
Do not stay a proud person and die by starvation. Get what you need, even if it means
taking up lowly jobs, forgetting your principles or losing your macho. A healthy dog is
better than a dead superman. Who says supermen are so great anyway?
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6 at 4: Nothing that does not bear fruit when moving with balance.
Do what you have to do, without any pretension and without having yourself in your
mind, as if everything gets fixed by itself. This is essential social thinking. Not following
social rules, but following the inborn social touch.
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9 at 3: Laboring balance. A noble one brings to completion. Auspicious
(../origins/goodbad.htm#Ji: auspicious)
Do what you do, as good as you are. You don't have to strive for results or recognition.
Just doing and being what you can does the job, it will attract results and people.
Being what you are matters more than showing what you are.
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6 at 2: Expressing balance. Determination auspicious (../origins/goodbad.htm#Ji:
The best way to work together is to express oneself in a true way, free from any false
notes like pride, false sentimentality, hypocrisy. True to one's own nature. Everybody
will listen to inner value without pretensions. If you need a partner, search for one like
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Initial 6: A noble one with very compatible balance. Benefit of crossing the great
river. Auspicious (../origins/goodbad.htm#Ji: auspicious).
Words are stronger than weapons if one seeks freedom and peace. Granting everyone
his own life and honor means one's own life and honor will not be attacked. And the
best remedy against war? trading and exchanging goods and sports.
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