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Accounts Receivables Financing (ARF)
Judul: Practice Management Systems: Gaining Efficiencies In Claims Management And
Accounts Receivables


: Susan Bremer

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Most clinics have a PMS currently in use. Two questions need to be asked: are they are
using it correctly and is there a more efficient way to use it so that the clinic gains all the benefits
from their PMS. Are employees unknowingly using the system incorrectly, resulting in incorrect
information used in fiscal reporting? Has the clinic created its own rules and work-a-rounds to
obtain a specific result that may be flawed or become a determent to the PMS? Have additional
modules been purchased that are not being used, used incorrectly, or have no value for the 2 2
clinic's specific needs? Are there modules that should be purchased that will give the clinic the
specific results desired? Brainerd Lakes Health (BLH) Clinics use Cerners PowerWorks Practice
Management (PWPM) as their clinics' PMS. There are a number of "work-a-rounds to obtain
specific information for monthly reporting, manual processes, and at times inconsistency in the
reports being generated.
The project will develop a complete understanding of the claims management process at
Brainerd Lake Health Clinics and how the PMS and human processes can improve the claims
management process by reducing days in accounts receivable (A/R), submitting clean claims,

reducing denial rates, making the patients' statement availability more timely, and the patients'
billing experience better.
Rumusan Masalah :
The project focuses on a specific PMS (Cerner's PowerWorks Practice Management)
modules: how each module contributes to effectiveness in claims management to optimize
revenue and how human interaction can improve its usefulness to the clinic organization. An
overview of PowerWorks Practice Management (PWM) application is provided along with an
analysis of Cerners Revenue module, Eligibility and Verification module, and the Collections
Dari rumusan penelitian yang dilakukan oleh Susan diatas adalah bagaimana kontribusi
penggunaan model PMS dalam manajemen di Brainerd Lakes Health Clinics? Hal ini
dikarenakan di tempat Brainerd Lakes Health Clinics selama ini masing menggunakan mdel
yang manual dalam accounting yang dipakainya. Sehingga penguunaaan model PMS ini
diharapkan lebih efektif dan efisien dalm pencatatan keuangannya.
Pertanyaan Penelitian

How the PWPM modules should be used within the Brainerd Lakes Health Clinics to
provide value and financial benefit by streamlining the claims management process and
decreasing the days in accounts receivable.
Dari paragraf diatas, pertanyaan yang disampaikan dalam penelitian desertasi ini adalah:
1. Menganalisis penerapan model PMS pada Brainerd Lakes Health Clinics?
2. Mengukur penggunaaan PMS pada account receivable financing di Brainerd Lakes
Health Clinics?
Tujuan Penelitian

The main purpose of PMS is to smoothly run medical practice transactions and increase
productivity. It also is a patient satisfying system due to the expectation for accurate and timely
billing and efficient scheduling of patient visits. PMS assists with organizing patient files and
allowing the patient-provider relationship to grow (Nelson, 2009). PMS has improved the overall
services associated with healthcare transactions. It has increased efficiency in several medical

practices. Without the PMS a larger staff is required to organize and deliver the information. The
PMS allows employees to be organized by departments with specific tasks; the departments
transfer, share, and exchange patient and treatment information to help organize the day-to-day
operations of the medical facility (Unknown Author, 2009).
Dari tujuan penelitain diatas, dapat dikatakan bahwa tujuan penulisan adalah

penerapan model PMS pada Brainerd Lakes Health Clinicsdan Mengukur

penggunaaan PMS pada account receivable financing di Brainerd Lakes Health Clinics.