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Psychiatric Ward Visit

It was my first time to step foot on third world government Psychiatric Ward. The
experience was right away of jumbled feelings. Firstly, was of confusion that of why the
facility looks somewhat very dilapidated or not well-maintained being a government
institution when this government is so very financially wealthy wherewith even just from
the countrys vast income through the countrys enormous resources likeagriculture,
mining, tourism, natural gas, livestock, forestry, and all the other various kinds of
industries, witheven if we wontmentionor include each of the working citizens taxes, or
also the vast commercial taxes, or even the foods taxes or VAT. So, I got veryconfused
why couldnt this greatly noble hospitalbe not provided with thebadly needed financial
Touring inside the premises, I initially felt anxious with the fear that if some or all
of the patients might be agitated or violent that I felt a bit anxious and cautious I might
get injured, but good thing that I found out that they were not, or that maybe some
where just sedated and the others were confined.
I felt so much pity for the patients who are afflicted with each of their psychiatric
malady besides that theyhave turned into like prisoners physically,andmetaphorically for
beingdeprived of the normal daily life. Apart from that they seem to be helpless and with
sometimes also that I felt they are somewhat forsaken by their respective family, I just
could not fully describe them and their living conditions for I find it horrible and offensive
besides because that they are still people, they still have dignity, not to mention that
anyone of them could have happened to be ones brother or sister or mother or father.
Except, and ironically, I believe this people with their deviated mental condition are on a
sort of a BLISS, for they have escaped the cruelty and insanities of the real world.
Recalling the above visit, I couldnt avoid to remember historys Vincent Van
Gogh who was able to produce masterpieces in the field of paintingbut was laterknown
to be afflicted with schizophrenia. Also, they the poor patients remind me of a good
childhood friend who unfortunately developed psychosis as a grown-up and who was
thenable to create astonishing epic poetic verses and prose while suffering the mental
infirmity but was time to time admitted and confined to a psychiatric ward.
Witnessing the state of the Psychiatric Ward, how I wish the government would
have mercy on this department and provide them with the much improved facilities and
financial support.