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Case Study No.

IS 213-Project Management & Quality Systems
2nd Semester, School Year 2012-2013
Albert Gregorio


December, 3,

A. 1.How about you set about conducting such a review?

In conducting a review, the first thing should be considered is to
examine and make a review to the contract agreed by the two company, In
which you are going to make a basis to do an expert judgement, because in
that contract it specifies the budget of the project and of course the scope
that is very significant in making some decisions, In that case it should also
to make an arrangement and discusion between the finance manager,
because during the original finance manager(befor the current finace
manager) the Arbor made a request an additional budget for the project due
to some inevitable circumstances, such as the devastation of land escape
and others, for me it could be better to make an additional budget rather
than to make a savings somewhereelse among the project.
2. How would you structure your report, i.e. in what basis?
In the structure of report it should be clear and in detailed the scope of
the project should be clearly identified and the budget agreed by both
parties, I will structure my report stated in the ff.

Scope of the project
Project Status
Completion of the report

Through this structure of the report, the decions are well organize, and it
more significant to include the recommndation, in which both parties will
make their decision in the recommendation.
3.Would you need to seek expert advice and if so, in what areas?
In my opinion, assuming that I am professional project manager , I will
not seek any other expert adivice because profesionally you have the
knowledge in providing resolution in such case, as a profesional you have the

ability to making recommendation to make a corrective actions to solve the

issues between ACME and Arbor Industries.
4. Would the assignment of an ACME project manager have made a
Yes, obviously as the Arbor industries present an artist sketch, that it
displays the real outcome of the project, but the Arbor industries failed to
made it very well, the project manager of ACME had made a difference
because of the finace manager.

5. If so, in what way, and in what specific skills would that manager have
The manager should be proficient at specific tasks. This in turn helps to
provide the credibility or knowledge to persuade people to do certain things.
ACME project manager should has the the right decsion makings and has the
ability to make an appropriate remedies in such conflict.
6.What advice would you give to ACME?
I will advice to ACME is that before making such undertaking, the
company should examine the project proposed by the Arbor industries,
because in such way the ACME can guarantee a better project outcome, and
also it is important to consider that regardless of the price much significant is
the quality of the project and before the implementation the ACME should
conduct a proper meeting with the Arbor Industries to deal with the contract
and or making such changes in that contract.
7.In a similar way, what advice would you give to to Arbor?
I will advice to Arbor Idustries is that, it is very important to make a
proper arrangement befor the implementation of that project, and it is also
very significant to make an appointment to the executives of the company
not only n the finace manager because in that manner the finace manager
can make her decision through the support of the executives to avoid
conflict, because the ACME executives has the awareness of the status of the
preject so that if the original finance manager has gone, then the next
finance manager has the also tha background information of the project, in
this manner the conflict between the ACME and Arbor will not end up in

B. 1. Describe project integration management in your own words. Give

an example of a project that succeeded because of good project plan
development, project execution or integrated change control.?
Integration management is a collection of processes required to
ensure that the various elements of the projects are properly
coordinated. It involves making trade-offs among competing objectives
and alternatives to meet or exceed stakeholder needs and
expectations. The Digital Durham project, led by Trudi Abel of Duke
University, is a website cataloging the history of Durham. This project
according to the research has succeded because of good project plan.
2. How does project integration mangement relate to the project life
cycle, stakeholders and the other project management knowledge
Project integration management means tying together all of the other
aspects involved in a project to make it a success.
management relates to the project life cycle in that it is done in all of
the project life cycle phases. As the project progresses, integration
management becomes more focused. Integration management relates
to stakeholders because it requires the project manager to know all of
the project stakeholders, to know their interests and concerns about
the project, and to manage relationships with them. Integration
management pulls together information from all of the other
knowledge areas.
3. What are some crucial elements of good project plan? Describe what
might be in plan for a project to develop web-based information system
for providing transfers credit information for all clleges and universities
in the world.
Among crucial elements of resource management, the following are the
most key:

Resource Plan Every project plan should have a resource plan as its
component. The resource plan should contain all aspects of your project
from beginning to end that pertain to resources required.
Resource Breakdown Structure Here, you will break down the
resources required to complete the project in a hierarchy as you would
in a work breakdown structure or an organizational breakdown
Responsibility Assignment Matrix this is where the resource or
organizational breakdown structure meets up with the work breakdown
structure to assign responsibilities to the various branches in the
Resource Overallocation Overallocation of a resource is when a
resource has been assigned more work than can be completed during
normal work hours. Resource allocation often leads to overtime and
overspending on financial resources.
Resource Histogram This graphic representation can cue project
managers whether there are any resources being overallocated.
Resource Dependency If two tasks require the same resource to
complete them, then these tasks are resource dependent. If a task can
only be completed by one resource, it is resource-dependent. A
resource dependent task has particular constraints linking it to a
particular resource.

4. What are the crucial elements of succesful project plan execution?

Describe a well executed project you are familiar with. Describe a
disaster. What were some of the main difference between these
Strategic planning involves determining the long-term objectives by
analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of an organization, studying
opportunities and threats in the business environment, predicting future
trends, and projecting the need for new products and services. One of
the most popular aid in strategic planning is SWOT analysis.
After identifying strategic goals, the next step in the planning process
for selecting information technology projects is to perform a business
area analysis. This analysis outlines business processes that are central
to achieving strategic goals and helps determine which ones could most

benefit from information technology. Then, the next step is to start

defining potential information technology projects, their scope, benefits,
and constraints. The last step in the planning process for selecting
information technology projects is choosing which projects to do and
assigning resources for working on them.
6. Discuss the importance of following a good integrated chance control
process on information technology projects.
The importance of establishing means to identify, control and
document change in a formal approach. There will be changes in
Technology, resources and organizational priorities. Equally important
is change requests that initiates from the customer/user. In my
experience with software development, these change requests comes
in the form of additional features/functionalities, enhancements
requests or bugs reported. In my current workplace, such change
requests are very crucial since the products developed are very
customer oriented. The need for an integrated change control system
is very crucial in this case due to quick expected turn around times.
7. What aree the phases in a traditional project life cycle? How does a
project life cycle differ from a product life cycle? Why does a project
manager need to understand both?
General phases in a traditional project life cycle are: concept,
develpoment, implementation, and close-out. A product life cycle can
project life cycles since it can take many different projects to create a
product. Project managers need to understand both because they have
their project but they also need to understand the how their project life
cycle fits into the product life cycle.
8. Define globalization, outsourcing, and virtual teams and describe how
these trends are changing IT project management.
The meaning of the Globalization is the process of international
integration arising from the interchange of world views, products, ideas,
and other aspects of culture.Put in simple terms, globalization refers to
processes that promote world-wide exchanges of national and cultural
resources.A virtual team is a group ofindividuals who work across time
and space using communication technology.
Outsourcing is
the contracting out of a business process, which an organization may
have previously performed internally or has a new need for, to an
independent organization from which the process is purchased back as
a service.All of these trends have their own advantages and
disadvantages which a project manager must have a knowleged in
providing a complete and quality project.