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Dear Portfolio readers

I am Jayasudha Subramani having 5+ years of experience in teaching. Worked in few reputed schools in Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Currently doing my M.ED
education in Murdoch Dubai. I am also a TESOL certified teacher with Masters in English.
I liked to create my professional portfolio to reflect upon my skills about task based teaching and learning which I learnt from my TESOL course (Appendix-1)and
also for my future teaching career through a website which can be updated according to my current status.
I have good teaching experience of years from FS-1 to year 10 students in various International schools in the Middle East. Where I taught English, History,
Geography, PSHE, ICT, art and music for children age range from 11 to 16. Since I am a Bharat Scouts and Guides presidential awarded candidate I can prepare the
guides. I got 12 hour training in Smart board skills from my previous employer. Which helps my teaching and learning likely to be more interesting and easily
understood by all the students. I also attended Ros Wilsons workshop about Designing students self-assessment where I gained the knowledge about how to make
students to self-reflect on their learning outcomes. It helps them to become more confident in their work.
I started my portfolio with the cover page where I tried to make the readers understand what my content is about. Then I have written my rationale in order to state
my purpose of my portfolio to the wide readers in the form of a website from followed by the standards which I used to implement in my teaching and
learning, for which I presented my various evidence like lesson plan, ppt, video clipping etc. And simultaneously reflect on it. In this portfolio I included all my
evidence based on the Australian standards for teachers about task based teaching and learning in order to reflect on my teaching and learning with a wide breath of
my abilities and interest. Also it illustrates the activities undertaken, the outcomes of teaching and learning of the students in the class. Apart from their work
responsibilities, rubrics, student opinions, progress, performance, and goal setting also become the part of the portfolio.
Since all my lessons are task based learning and teaching, differentiated learning and teaching take place in most of my classes for which I included some evidence
also. I then discuss about my strength and the area of improvement according to my understanding.
I tried to explain and prove with my evidence about the standards which I followed from Australian standards for teachers by Reading, Harris, Connely, Cornish
(2007) which I implemented in all my classroom teachings.

Self-reflection is one of the best practice through which one can understand about oneself, like from where we came, where we are going and what we achieved so
far.( as cited by DINHAM & SCOTT 2003) The content of my portfolio is self-reflection. Not only the students but also the teachers self-reflections help them to
improve their professional development.
I also discussed about my strength and the area of improvement based on my reflections along with my personal values and belief. Last but not the least I concluded
with the summary of all my statements. First I thought that creating portfolio is a big task because I have only my previous teaching experience and this is my first
portfolio. But it was quite interesting and I am able to do it.
In recent years assessing the teaching performance at all level of education has been increased. This increased attention have been driven by the various forces to
teaching. (Dinham &Scott, 2003)
Now a days almost all professions are creating portfolio for various reasons like employment, and for personal development. Already resume has a long history but it
is only about one's achievement instead portfolio is the reflections of one's personal development. (Dinham &Scott, 2003)
My plan is to use the portfolio as an important tool for reflecting on my developing skills as a teacher in order to grow in my future career pathway. My initial idea
would be to keep a professional portfolio that would help me to do a self-assessment exercise where I can review and evaluate my teachings done before, by
following the Australian standards for teacher 3.14 and 5.14 (Reading, Harris, Connely, Cornish, 2007) that shows the task based skills which I have learnt as a
teacher from my TESOL certification.
Teaching standards is not a magic bullets (Sachs, 2003, pg176). If only I develop implementing what I learnt then only it will be useful for both students and the
teacher. (Chetcuti, Buhagiar & Cardona., 2011).
The portfolio development has become an important process for documenting effective teaching performance and professional growth. Also portfolio development
focuses on communications skills and activities. The refinement of this process will lead me and ultimately my students, to communicate and understand more
effectively, and strive toward higher levels of learning.

Due to limited experience with portfolios and in-service experience, I want to undertake the portfolio development process to assess my own performance and
development. I feel that whatever skills I learnt should reach the children in proper way. And it has to be assessed or reflected by the students and peers. In turn
students will also learn and understand their content more clearly than before. So by maintaining a portfolio for both myself and also for my students will enhance the
teaching learning process. This will motivate the children to get involved and monitor their academic growth. They will also feel proud about the growth in their
performance. They can also compare their growth with their past performances. And by maintaining my own portfolio will also guide me to improve my strength and
weakness which in turn will give more experience and also useful for my career growth.
Its a great challenge to make the special educational need children to recognize their own incompetence. So I fully believe that the portfolio will help them to
understand the areas needs to be improved. Hence, we can set goals to achieve and also monitor the progress. Thereby I also decide and develop my own portfolio
using an e portfolio platform like Because the website is easier to access, more creative and anybody can view the portfolio from any part of the world.
Also I can update my current status instead of creating a new portfolio like traditional word format. It allows ne to share and showcase my work easily. Anybody can
view what I have built in my portfolio and they can reach me immediately if necessary. There is a flexibility in an e portfolio so that I can add or change anything
accordingly in my teaching learning process. It also increase my visibility and presence. And shows that its more than a just resume. I felt weebly is easier to navigate
than word press. So for all these reasons I would like to create an e portfolio through
Observations on the context of my professional practice, and stage of career.
As mentioned earlier in the cover page I do have five plus years of teaching experience in various International school in the Middle East which follows IGCSE
curriculum. Currently I am only doing my M.ed programme. So far the schools which I have worked I tried to give Task based teaching and learning which was
mostly turned to be a successful and fulfilled classes. Based on the syllabus a careful selection of classroom activities helps to construct good lesson plans with
Professional standard from Australian Professional Standards for Teachers: Plan and implement for effective learning and teaching through task-based. Focus area:
3.1.4, 5. 1. 4 Planning, engaging resources, and materials, manage classroom activity, support for a purposeful learning. (Reading at el 2007)
Significant evidence: Lesson plans, Instructions, activities, interactions, teacher as a facilitator, learning outcomes, reflection, and assessment. The purpose of the
standards is to put in place a regulatory framework that provides for quality. (Sachs,2010,p.g177)
Is this standards suitable for today and also future teaching conditions? Teaching cannot be frozen on time and it should be flexible to the changing needs of the
school community. (Sachs, 2010) The standards itself means a degree of quality. (Sachs, 2010, p.g 177)

As a teacher, all my lessons are based on task-based teaching- learning through which differentiation had been taken place. So mostly the classes are fun filled
activities with carefully given instructions. Which will be very easy to follow by each student. Also, most of the activities are in either pair or group work, students
will be encouraged to build their confidence level and they are motivated to meet the challenges. As the students are within-pair or group work, they learn from each
other. Only if it is necessary I involved, if not my role is only a facilitator/observer. Then after completion of the task, the students jump with their knowledge and try
to give reflections through the oral and written form.
The mission statement of my previous school which I worked is strive for Excellence, the vision is to become vibrant and to develop internationally minded
young people of excellence, who recognize their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet and who help to create a better and more peaceful world.
(Retrieved from This can be likely to be achieved through my task based learning where students are allowed to interact with each other in the form of
activities, thereby they come to know each other personally as well as academically and accept the differences and others can also be right.
All the stake holders make sure that they understand the commitment of the programme in order to give a high quality education. More focus is given to developing
International awareness and understanding throughout the school community.
The group and pair work in Task based learning allow students to be patience, give chances for others, accept and share the differences with the group mates which
will be likely to be helpful even after the classroom and make them a lifelong learners which in turn help them to learn the other attributes of learner profile like
International mindedness, care takers, being a responsible person for their own activity since they try to understand what they are doing, etc. Since the task based
learning involves group and pair work activities which help the students to be a creative thinkers and prompt more inquiry based teaching and learning. It helps to
encourage students to be self-motivated and self-esteemed who helps to create a better and more peaceful world. Retrieved from (IBO, 2014)
Since there is an inclusion all students are encouraged to participate in all school activities. Students are encouraged to be aware of global issues like environmental
issues, peace, and poverty and conflict resolution. We teachers encouraged students to collect empty cans, printer cartridge, newspapers and old mobiles for recycling.
Also students regularly go for field trip for clean beach. The school greatly encourage students to donate their used dresses especially uniforms to African countries.
There is a separate environmental team operated by an experienced teacher who conduct all the programme to the students start from year three. See (Appendix3).
And the students as well as the class will be rewarded according to the highest collection of cans and newspaper. Most interesting part is students are encouraged to
help anybody within the school community on daily basis and they have to write to whom they helped and also who helped them which they have to put in the drop
box and the principal on every assembly he used to call out the student who did the good job and will be rewarded. There by the school encourage tolerance and more
peaceful world.

While the students are equipped for the competitive global arena through a beneficial learning process, they are also taught that winning is not everything in life.
Students are exposed to sound moral values with the purpose of preparing responsible and altruistic global citizens.
The curriculum has been designed to impart education with a global perspective, inspiring students to broaden their horizon and think extensively. Students are
encouraged to aim for excellence and to be enthusiastic in all they undertake. Retrieved from (
I was very keen with the hyperactive students. Because of the differentiated task the hyperactive students also engaged and was handled easily. They were allowed to
help for those who are in need of a support, there by preparing them for a service activity inside the classroom which they will develop beyond classroom also. The
students will be assessed through their understanding.
Since throughout my career I travelled with task based learning which likely to develop all the attributes of the IB learner profile, I would like to continue my travel
with this in my future career growth. Much attention to international mindedness and globalization. If I get an opportunity definitely I will try to concentrate more on
the Planning, engaging resources, and materials, manage classroom activity, support for a purposeful learning. With good lesson plans and instruction with feedback
from both students and the teacher.
A Reflection on Personal believes, values, strength and area of improvement
My personal beliefs and values are based on stress free education, conceptual teaching, international mindedness and global citizenship. For which I believe task
based learning helps to reduce stress and the students learn the concepts by themselves. The group work and the pair work in the task based learning help students to
accept people as they are, through which they likely to learn all the attributes of learner profile and the mission statement.
To create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect, the International Baccalaureate aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable
and caring young people (mission statement). In order to achieve this, by developing challenging programs of international education and rigorous assessment, the
organization works with schools, governments and international organizations, by encouraging the students across the world to become active, compassionate and
lifelong learners who understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right. Retrieved from ((IBO, 2014).
Each student is unique and their learning abilities are different. So in order to make them learn at their own pace I encourage differentiated teaching which can easily
achieved through task based learning. For example, three different tasks will be given to the students (easy, medium and challenging) the special educational need
students try to achieve the easier one and the high achievers will achieve all three and in between students will complete easier and middle task. And the students will

be assessed accordingly. It will help them to be confident and improve their self-esteem. Since students engaged in activities it helps to reduce their academic stress
The task based teaching is again a student centered teaching and learning which is the vital part of todays education and help students to explore more and helps to
build meaning of their world.
The black board culture is gone in this electronic world so I tried to use smart board as much as possible in order to make my classes more interesting as well as
encourage students knowledge to ICT world. The move from "direct teaching" to facilitating "in-school learning" is connect ed to longer-term strategies aimed not
only at changing teaching practice, but at changing the school culture as well.( Lieberman, 2016.p.g596)
The features of global citizenship which strengthens for a curriculum through approach to learning. So the learning should include" specific attention to philosophy,
pedagogy, content and assessment". It compels for a source of knowledge and "understanding of global issues together with critical thinking skills and pluralistic
attitudes. In this fast changing world, technology skills plays a vital role to the 21st century global curriculum and the students are able to adapt those changes. So
the future curriculum should be about global citizenship education. The Oxfam (2006:2) stated that the choice of global citizenship is broader. It is not teaching about
the geographical localities. It is appropriate to all curriculum, abilities and age group and so includes the whole school. The world's outlook is imparted within the
schools so because of the overt the teaching and learning take place within and beyond classroom. (Davy 2011)
I also strongly feel that the education should include the international mindedness, which helps to connect the different cultures, bringing awareness and develops the
conceptual understanding among the students. It helps students in knowing, understanding and respecting others cultures and also to develop sensitivity towards
others feelings.
I often told my students that my role as a facilitator will likely to help them to become a lifelong learners which was also reflected by the students in the form of
whats up message and some letters from the parents as well as students. (Appendix4)

Strength and area of improvement

I believe that my strength is teaching concept through task based teaching and learning and reflection from both students and the teachers. I enjoy teaching in this
way. If there is any area I have to improve or sometimes if I overlook anything which can be highlighted by both students and my collogues, will be taken into

consideration so that I will likely to grow in my professional development. Students also learn the concept in more interesting way. At the same time its time
consuming, it takes lot of my teaching period and I have to borrow few periods to complete the syllabus which I have to seriously work on it in my future work pace.

The following evidences are the proof that my task based teaching and learning take place in my classroom.

Lesson plans

The feedback about my performance observed by my seniors and colleagues.

The qualification/ certification about the relevant skills I acquired for my professional development.

The experience certifications

Samples of ppt, video, whats up voice message, photos etc

To conclude standards help teachers to maintain a quality in their profession and it is flexible according to the needs of the school community. Teachers has to work
collectively to improve the students standards for a high quality teaching and learning. (Sachs, 2010) In order to do this they have to maintain their own reflections
which help them to understand their own learning process (Boud, 2001, p.g1)


Chetcuti, D., Buhagiar, M. A., & Cardona, A. (2011). The professional development portfolio: Learning through reflection in the first year of teaching.
Reflective Practice, 12(1), 61-72. doi:10.1080/14623943.2011.541095

Davy, I. (2011). Learners without borders: A curriculum for global citizenship. International Baccalaureate IB Position Paper.

DINHAM, S., & SCOTT, C. (2003). Benefits to Teachers of the Professional Learning Portfolio: A case study. Teachers Development, 7(2).

IBO. (2016). Programme Standards and Practices. Retrieved from

Sachs, J. (2010, August 25). Teacher Professional Standards: Controlling or developing teaching? Teachers and Teaching: Theory and
Practice, 9(2).

Lieberman, A. (1995, April). Practices That Support Teacher Development: Transforming Conceptions of Professional Learning. The Phi Delta Kappan,,

Dubai Gem Private School Lesson Plan

Teacher: Jayasudha.S


Date: 24/3/15

Subject: English

Topic: Advertisement

Duration:1hr 20mts

Lesson Objectives
Learning Outcomes

Planned Sequence of
Activities includes;
Starter (5 mts)
Student Activities
Task-1 (5 mts)

Analyze the format and structure of advertisements

At the end of the lesson, students will be able to understand the layout
and the features of an advertisement through games, real object, activity,
interaction, etc.

In pairs, children will be asked to describe an object without revealing the

object name and the other child has to find the object.
Follow the given instructions. Ask questions to each other. Find out what
is the aim of the game.
The teacher will display some popular slogans on the board and the
students has to find out the products.

Task-2 (5)

Task-4 (15)
Plenary (5 mts)

The children will be in group of 4. The teacher will give printed

advertisement to each group and ask them to observe and pass it on to
the other groups.
Analyse the features of an advertisement using Collins software.
The children will be asked to complete the play script for a TV
The children will be in groups and asked to make a poster for their own

Resources needed

Game, ppt, real object, paper, pencil, colour pencil and interaction.


Homework /follow up


Completing the play script for TV advertisement.

Making an advertisement for their own product in the form of a
poster in pairs.
Making a role play for their advertisement.
Children will be asked to make an individual advertisement using all the
features for a product of their own choice.

LESSON PLAN- Letter writing

Teachers Name: Jayasudha Subramani



Date & Time: 16/6/13 (9.30-10.30)

Lesson Aims (what is the overall purpose of the lesson?): By the end of the lesson learners will understand how to make format for
formal letter writing.
Primary Aims: To improve Communication skill through writing.
Lesson Objectives (how will learners achieve the aims?): Analyze, review and practice format for formal letter writing.

Assessment of Aims, Objectives & Outcome: By correcting the in- correct formal letter writing format ,finding the difference between the
formal and informal letter writing cutting and pasting the correct formal letter format in the correct places, finding correct answers through
activity, worksheets and classroom interactive sessions, etc.

Timetable Fit (how does this lesson link to previous/subsequent ones?): Learners are being able to start with handwriting practice and
framing simple sentence in order to write a letter. In this class learners will practice on the format for formal letter writing. In this class the
learners are able to understand, identify and write by themselves about the format for business letter writing. Detailed formal letter writing with
practice will be followed by the next class.

Warm up



Procedure Teacher

The teacher will ask start the

class with normal greetings and
enquired about their week end
Then she starts with a game
using chain drill.


Inte Tim
racti ing

The learners will try to
answer to the question given
by the teacher.




She will give instructions.

The teacher ask one of the
learner some questions about
their personal life.
Eg) where are you from?
How long you have been here?
Do you have work experience?

The learners will ask each

other the questions thereby
they will get a oral practice


How did you get your first job?

Thereby the teacher will make
them to say the sentences which
she wanted and related to the
Eg- I applied for a job.

Pre task

Then the teacher will ask how

they communicate with their
parents, relatives and friends
back home? Thereby provoking
the learners to give the correct

Anticipated problems & solutions:

In this session sometimes learner may find difficult to understand
the questions from the given worksheet. The teacher has to help
the learners to find out the answers.

Pre task

The teacher will give

mixture of both formal and
informal letter and asked
the learners to sort it out.
And then asked them to find
the difference between the
structure of both the letters
and asked them to
concentrate with the formal
letter writing format.




Next the teacher will give

instruction to follow:
A worksheet will be given
and the learners have to
find the answers from the
letter regarding the format
of the letter. Which helps
the learners to understand
the format by themselves..
Anticipated problems & solutions:
Learners may get diverted while doing their group
teacher should always be in alert to check whether they are going
in the right direction.

The teacher will give an

incorrect letter writing
format to the learners to
find out the correct format.
Then check the correct

Learners will be giving the correct

answers by finding the in correct
answers given from the work sheet
which helps them to learn the
subject thoroughly.

Anticipated problems & solutions

Sometimes the learners may find difficult to arrange and paste
the pieces, So if any learner got confused the teacher has to try
her level best to make them do correctly.




End task

The teacher will give the

jumbled letter writing
format but cut into many
pieces and ask the learners
to fix by themselves thereby
they will give the teacher
the knowledge of letter
writing format.
Lastly the teacher will show
some pictures of different
countries stamps and post
offices to the learners.

Here the learners are able to

produce the correct formal letter
writing format through pasting the
jumbled cut pieces of formal letter
writing format.





Then they will recollect and enjoy

with the pictures of stamps of
different countries and post office
shown by the teacher

Anticipated problems & solutions

Seeing the pictures the class may get diverted and they can talk
about their stamp collections, etc since it will be towards the end
of the lesson, so to some extent the teacher can entertain this.




Learning Outcomes (how will learners achieve the objectives?): Learners are offered an opportunity to understand how letter styles
vary. Teacher and the learners work together in order to understand and able to write the correct formal letter writing format, to simplify the
subject and thereby improve the effectiveness of communication through worksheet, sort out the formal letters from the informal letters.

Lesson Plan: 2


Focus: Inference

Year: 6

Big ideas-develop skills which will

Objectives: comment on the writers choice of

Resources Teachers /Students


enable students to read a wide range

language and infer meanings

Text sheet -2 levels-HA/MA/ACE

HA-I can give information about subject matter by

of narrative texts or other text types


looking at the words/phrases in text

in a large range of situations


Communicate instructions/main ideas


derived from the text with relative

MA-I can show understanding of familiar events in a

HA students

eBook of Friend or Foe;-All students

CR ITP 1 All students(plenary)
LA reading simple text
Ace- Text Submarine Adventure


Assessment Criteria I can:

story and match event to an image

LA-I can look at text and reread to understand the
ACE-I can read a short extract and complete a

cloze passage after reading

Real Life Application and Cross curricular Links

I can read the text and say out the unfamiliar words, I can replace the word with a

The lesson links to students knowledge of scientific phenomenon( floating and sinking), it links to
real life situation and consequences of making incorrect decisions

simpler word
I can explain the actions by reading between the lines and it effect on the reader
I can explain the impact of the text on the reader and predict next event/action


Share Learning Objectives

Opening Activity:


Project the Walt on the display board

Students match the words to their meanings-(slide)


and the white board ; explain to the


class that they will be looking into how


the writer carefully uses precise words


in the story to create a strong visual


phrases in line 2-3 show the dangerous action of water

image to understand the event


Make inferences-how is the writer trying to create a

understand and relate to key characters actions and


They use their word meaning bank to enable better understanding of the text.
Teacher probes students understanding through use of questioning skills-


Which words from the passage are examples of powerful active verbs? Model one example
allow students time to locate more examples
Which words /phrases show Davids feeling? Underline them.
Explain where would you be positioned if you were David what would you do in a similar
situation? Role play


Manage time and behavior effectively by setting clear expectations

Plenary: Share answers to students independent responses- inform next steps-students
share their prediction about the next event-inform students that they need to read the
next few pages from text allocated to learn how accurate they were

Record group response to text-which three words or

sense of danger in this event?

Main Part of lesson:

Enable students to read the text carefully, and understand the meaning of the selected text.

Identify-the key verbs which enable them to

Share student responses to the characters actions

All students understand key

words and use their
understanding of the word to
comprehend the passage
AF3/Level 3b/a

and the challenge

Individually key words which replace missed out
words from the passage; present how the writer makes
you feel when you read the sentence-his fingers
Most students can empathise
reached out for the rock above him, but then the
water closed in over him and he was dragged
with the character and
irresistibly downwards.
Feedback how far the learner has inferred the text,
what else do the students need to do to get accuracy in


Student Outcomes

Evaluate your own success and your partners. Set

next steps for progression

give close response to the

characters actions in the
situation AF2/Level 4c/b

National Agenda: to deliver lessons which enable 100 % students to obtain above expected TIMMS/PISA Links to Learning: The outcome will ensure
that students are developing skills through which they will
scores in TIMSS and PISA in year 8. To aim for development of teaching practices to
be able to achieve outstanding results, students should be
ensure progression and attainment as well as constantly achieve high standards of
able to answer open ended /multiple choice questions

Lesson Plan: WOS 2

Big ideas:

read about Aztec gods and

religious practices; relate Aztec


Year: 6/3


Differentiation HA-will write a news report to examine how far a community might go

To understand beliefs and ideas in Aztec society Human sacrifice picture

sacrifice to sacrifice in other contexts. To explain how human sacrifice came to be

explore opportunity costs of doing,


Human sacrifice text

required and acceptable.

in sacrificing for the common good

MA- will write a brief essay about the Aztec religion and sacrifice for the common

appreciate cultural differences and

LA will write a paragraph explaining Aztec sacrifice


ACE read information about sacrifice -study the image and explain

Assessment Criteria I can:

Real Life Application and Cross curricular Links

Identify images and develop meanings on my own

Literacy- Reading: Apply strategies to comprehend words and ideas

Identify and describe Aztec gods and religious practices

Understand and apply content/academic vocabulary critical to the meaning of text, including vocabularies

Describe relationship between individual rights and community responsibility

relevant to different contexts, cultures and communities

Give reasons of importance of sacrifice to Aztecs

PSHE-To understand how groups of people and adapt to life together; develop understanding of
everyday life in Tenochtitlan
understanding of how the past can be interpreted and presented in different environments

Share Learning Objectives:

Opening Activity:

Talk about the learning objectives and


Student Outcomes

Think Pair Share (5 minutes)

As a student I will

discuss the expectations and assessment Students will analyze the image on human

Discuss (10 min) about the nature of sacrifice. In what other cultures was


sacrifices, making notes 5 interesting things

Human sacrifice prevalent? ( links to Islam) What is the purpose behind these

L4-decribe characteristic feature of

they see. They will then turn to their partner

human sacrifices and did they always have the common good as the ultimate goal?

past society

and discuss 5 things that are important in

How are these practices the same and different from other Meso- American

L5- compare a non European society

understanding the image. Share out with the


And make comparisons (news report)


Reading Activity: (15 minutes) After the read aloud the teacher will hand an

Active and engaged student


At L3 offer simple reasons for


activity .

Main Part of lesson: As a teacher I will

Share the lesson objective and expected outcomes with the students
Use information sheet and ask students to discuss and brainstorm ideas about sacrifice.
Write/ display these guiding questions on an overhead projector:
How religion affected life of people in Aztec society
Why are some gods feared and some loved?
Explain the pre-reading activity to the students and guide students towards their task.
Allow paired talk and facilitate their learning by asking them to make notes.
Support students in their groups for planning
Support Ace Students will complete true and false exercise
Plenary: Plickers


HA will write a news report decide for (Spanish/Aztec newspaper)

describe the event and its impact


MA will write a brief essay about the Aztec religion and sacrifice

At L4-use primary sources of

evidence to retrieve information
and communicate findings

Essays should include the following topics:


Aztec gods and what they did

Importance of sacrifice to Aztecs

Examples of sacrifice done for the common good


LA will write few sentences describe the sacrifice

At L5-select information and

sources of information in which
you can detect bias

National Agenda:

TIMSS: The curriculum standards and adaptations will influence the

development of students in attaining and/or progress towards above
expectations in TIMSS, which are taken in Year 8

TIMMS/PISA Links to Learning: Engaging, discussing, finding,

selecting, interpreting and evaluating information from a range
of text associated with situations which go beyond the boundaries of the

Teaching Practice Evaluation

Candidates Name: Jayasudha

Class Level: Beginner -Elementary

Date: 1st July 2013

Number of Students: 5

Trainers Name: Michael Newby

Class Duration: 2 hrs

NM = Not Met

PM= Partially Met

Lesson Planning


Candidate has set clear lesson aims and

learning outcomes.
Candidate has set relevant and
appropriate learning objectives for the


Candidate has outlined how they will

assess whether aims and objectives have
been met.


Candidate has provided a link between

this lesson and previous/subsequent ones.
Candidate has anticipated problems in
relation to lesson/stage aims, the level of
the learners, and the materials and aids
intended to be used.
Candidate has suggested appropriate
solutions to the problems anticipated.
Candidate has described the procedure of





M = Met

the lesson in sufficient detail and in





Candidate has included activities and

tasks which are appropriate to
successfully achieving the overall lesson
aims and objectives.
Candidate has described and chosen
relevant materials and aids which are
appropriate to the aims and lesson
Candidate has assigned realistic timing for
each stage of the lesson.


Your lesson plan shows a clear idea of what your lesson

aims and objectives are and what result you expect your
students to have within the allocated time frame
I particularly liked that you included anticipated problems
and solutions in your lesson plan.
This helps you be more prepared for any situations that
might occur during your lesson
A big part of teaching is being prepared
I liked that you rehearsed your teacher procedure, this
shone through in your lesson itself

Teaching Classroom Management



Candidate made effective use of the

classroom space, furniture and
Candidate effectively set up
sole/pair/group/whole class work as and
when appropriate.
Candidate ensured the learners remained
focused on the tasks and activities.
Candidate ensured the learners remained
focused on the lesson aims and




Candidate was able to implement their

lesson plan and adapt it depending on
emerging learner needs.

I liked that you anticipated your warmer and immediately

sat students in pairs, this showed good use of your
classroom space
Students could sit close to the front and easily see your
family tree pictures
I thought this was personal and endearing
and, immediately made you approachable and likable

Teaching Roles





Candidate taught the class as a group

and as individuals, providing equal
opportunities for participation.
Candidate was sensitive to the learners
needs and backgrounds, as well as the
level and lesson aims.
Candidate effectively engaged the
learners and involved them.
Candidate listened and responded
appropriately to learners contributions.
Candidate varied their role appropriately
in relation to the emerging needs of the
learners during the lesson.




I liked that you were comfortable relaxed and at ease in

your class and with your students
you laughed with your students this made your lesson feel
really relaxed
You pitched your lesson at the right level for your students

but you could have talked a little bit clearer

Remember , you dont have to down grade your language
so much that it becomes unintelligible
Bear in mind, students will copy the way you speak so it
isnt necessary to leave out so many words
EG you said: we say or write on the other side or behind,
we never say backside!
you know meaning of parents you know Steve Jobs put
Also, we use do/does to create questions and negatives in
present simple

Teaching Techniques and Procedures




Candidate delivered a coherent and

varied lesson.
Candidate was successful in achieving
lesson aims and objectives.
Candidate adequately assessed the
learners on their progress and completion
of lesson aims and outcomes.


Candidate effectively monitored and

checked learners learning and responded
Candidate gave clear instructions and
directions to the learners.
Candidate ensured learners had
understood instructions and directions
Candidate graded their own language to
fit the level of the group and learners.

Candidate provided learners with

appropriate feedback/correction
throughout the lesson.
Candidate exploited materials and
resources to support learning and achieve







Candidate encouraged interaction

between learners and opportunities for
peer teaching/checking/correction.


Candidate provided learners with an

appropriate amount of time to complete
various stages of the lesson.

Candidate ensured the lesson was

conducted within the timeframe, without
ending too soon.


Your learners used the target language and demonstrated

their understanding.
Your activities were clearly designed so that your students
used the grammar point
I liked that you went around your class and asked students
if they needed your help
You were present but at the same time you allowed your
students to assess themselves
You used your materials and aids well, they were both
relevant and appropriate for the level and the lesson aim
I liked that you had varied tasks/exercises/games this kept
your students focused

Teaching Classroom Environment


Candidate created and maintained a

positive learning environment.
Candidate encouraged learners
throughout without putting undue
pressure on them.
Candidate kept learners motivated with
varied tasks and activities.
Candidate created a lively, fun, and
memorable learning experience.
Candidate was approachable and built up
a rapport with learners.




Candidate praised learners appropriately

and consistently.


You created a relaxing learning environment

could you have spent more time on your warmer?
getting to know your students will make them feel like you
are interested in them
take your time, let your students talk about themselves,
they will love it!
Also, you could have let students talk more about Steve
Jobs, let them show /tell you how much they already know

Teaching Language/Skills






Candidate gave accurate and

appropriate models of information with
regards to the language point/skills.
Candidate demonstrated an accurate
knowledge and understanding of the
language point/skills covered in the
Candidate effectively explained and/or
demonstrated the language point/subskills covered in the lesson.
Candidate was able to answer learners
questions and queries accurately.
Candidate provided sufficient input for
learners to notice the language
point/sub-skills covered in the lesson.



You made sure that your tasks and activities were very
clear and that the language you wanted your learners to
use was apparent.
You highlighted the word past tense with some regular
verb examples on the student handouts, and this was
quite clear.
I especially liked your word maze it was both appropriate

and creative, but,

Could your students have done this as pair work?
it might have been more engaging and fun in this way
you gave a solid input session and your students did get
stuck in
Although your lesson was not entirely teacher centered,
Not all questions and answers need to flow through you
Allow students to figure information out on their own
It isnt necessary to spoon feed students especially if they
are adult learners
a much more democratic approach like guided learning
or task based learning would have been more appropriate
for this level
EG: Your students asked you questions, you assumed that
they didnt understand
At that point learning was happening, a light bulb
moment for students, so you didnt have to explain your
point again.

The second hour of your lesson:

Your memory card game was a great brain break idea

However, you could have set it up a little better
Give clean and clear instructions
you could have demonstrated the task so that your
students knew precisely what needed to happen without
you having to repeat the instructions
One of your students was very quiet and shy, I liked that
you continued to encourage him even in the 2 nd hour
Your bingo activity allowed students to show their
understanding of your grammar point and it was fun
I really liked that at the end of each exercise you took the
time to do correction
However, you didnt do any feedback?
How do your students know that they are progressing?
You also need to think about asking students for their
feedback on your lesson
I liked that you did a short recap of your grammar point of
your lesson, but be careful not to go over your allocated

class time.