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Water pollution is an issue that plagues populations all over

the world. It is a problem that is growing, and will continue to
grow until technology and mankind can find more
sustainable solutions.Water pollution has many forms, all of
which are damaging and none of which are less important
than the other. Whether it be oil pollution, which is a largely
silent (excluding the occasional large spill) but deadly
polluter or the widely encompassing chemical pollution
which can include Persistant Organic Pollutants (including
PCB's and DDT), all water pollution have unimaginable
consequences. Some of these effects, which can also be
considered further pollutants, are Acid Mine Drainage and
Eutrophication. These effects effectively choke out the water
they pollute and have the ability to devastate entire
ecosystems centered on a water supply.water pollution have
the capabilities to disrupt life on our planet to a great extent.
the government alone cannot solve the entire problem. It is
ultimately up to us, to be informed, responsible and involved
when it comes to the problems we face with our water. We
must become familiar with our local water resources and
learn about ways for disposing harmful household wastes so
they don t end up in sewage treatment plants that can t
handle them or landfills not designed to receive hazardous
In our yards, we must determine whether
additional nutrients are needed before fertilizers are applied,
and look for alternatives where fertilizers might run off into
surface waters. We have to preserve existing trees and plant
new trees and shrubs to help prevent soil erosion and
promote infiltration of water into the soil.
Around our
houses, we must keep litter, pet waste, leaves, and grass
clippings out of gutters and storm drains.
The most obvious, not to mention hard to admit, conclusion
at which we can arrive is that this is overwhelmingly a
product of human consumption and laziness. Oil pollution is
mainly caused by the improper drainage of everyday human

activities. Chemical pollution, including POP, PCB, and DDT,

is created from our desire for excellent pesticides that will do
the work and thinking for us, and from our ever growing
demand for more electricity. Acid Mine Drainage is caused
when careless mining companies disrupt pyrite deposits
underground without taking the time to first test the ground
or the effort to neutralize any acidity initially caused from
pollution. Eutrophication is an excellent example of what can
happen from chemical pollution, as it is caused when excess
nutrients enter the water system and promote the excessive
growth of invasive species which effectively removes the
oxygen from water and chokes the life out of an ecosystem.
Overall, the best choice we can make as humans, instead of
driving hybrids, eating "organic" foods, or even recycling
everything is to REDUCE CONSUMPTION. We can change
what we eat and drive, but until we reduce the amount of
what we eat and how often we drive, we will still have the
same chances for pollution. If we simply use less chemicals,
oil, and everything else, there will be less opportunities for
irresponsible humans to further damage our precious water
supply. It seems as if plenty of people can reuse and recycle,
we need to adopt the most important ideal in the phrase;
Having some understanding about Pollution and the need for
protection of Natural Resources from Pollution is more important
now a days.

Here are some tips which will help in the reduction of

Water Pollution...

1. Always use water without wasting.

2. Ensure that you are not related to any kind of harm to

3. Try to understand the importance of Natural Resources

and make others aware about the same.

4. Clean water resources if found to be polluted.

5. Try to avoid the contact of Water Resources to