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A lot of people arent aware about the major affects water
pollution has on biotic and abiotic factors of the
ecosystem.Biotic factors are the living, breathing organisms
of life . water pollution affects the population growth of
oceanic organisms also.There are thousands of living
organisms in the ocean. Some biotic factors that are affected
by water pollution are aquatic food such as phyto- and zooplankton.If there is no aquatic food then there will be a great
decrease in whales, small fish, sea stars and shrimp. If there
is a decrease in aquatic food, then the population of the fish
that eat that aquatic food will decrease. Therefore there will
be a mass chain reaction of decreased predator populations.
This could be very dangerous for the ecosystem. One other
biotic factor that is affected by water pollution is the
mortality of sea plants which provide shelter for fish.Many
organisms are dying because of water contamination. One of
the most common ways fish and other organisms die is by
the lack of oxygen there is in the polluted water. Also, the
dumping of pesticides and other toxic residue causes many
organisms to lose their life.
Dealing with water pollution is something that everyone
including governments and local councils needs to get
involved with. The rate of water pollution is increasing
gradually .Since right now, all over the world people are
undergoing the water scarcity and water pollution. To make
awareness among the people, we should create ads with the
help of cine stars,political leaders,social activists and also
beyond all these things, first we should create awareness
among the children in the each home in each family so that
if we create awareness among the children about the water
pollution then they will push their parents about the
importance of preventing water pollution and also through
posters,dramas and also through cartoons to reach the
children easily.