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Series: Feng Yu Jiu Tian (Phoenix in nine heavens)

Phoenix Heavenly Voyage

Volume 1: Soul strayed to Xi-Rei

Author: Feng Nong

Translate from Da-Lac: mnemea
Editor: Wantsome (wait for final copy)
Warning: Soft Yaoi

Note: Yellow highlighted name that translated to Vietnamese, while the rest (main
characters of this volume) still in form of Chinese name as I taken from raw Chinese
novel character. I was first stumble on yaoi manhua before I had started taking
interest of this series novel.

Secondly, Rong Tian inherited the title Wang (directed translation Wang is King);
however this title is not mean King, for western title this should be equivalent to a
Duke, the male ruler of a duchy thus I use this one. Duke Title in China is higher rank
of a Prince and only below rank of a King.



Feng Ming died.

It had never occurred to him that his life would be so short. For nineteen years old,
Feng Ming believes his life was just starting and should not have ended.

Unfortunately on the way home, he met a truck deviated from the road which about to
crashed into a little boy. Immediately he rushed forward and carried the child back. It
was for a moment he felt himself flying high into the sky, like an angel launched in
the sky. He focused his eyes to the surrounding and found a crowd have gathered
around him.

He knew he died.

So I am died but what should I do now?

Feng Ming shocked and surprised as he watched his own body taken away and
brought into the morgue.

No one saw him nor heard him called. It was surreal like being freezing in the realm
of dreams. In that moment, he did not know how but he suddenly heard a voice.

"Are you still there?"

Feng Ming could not believed that someone who is alive, could able to speak to him,
yet the tone sound was very serious and definitely that person is clearly was talking to


Feng Ming was alarming, You're talking to me? Who are you? Deity? Or is a

Laughers erupted from the same source, "I am neither a god, nor is a demon; I am
standing in front of the morgue."

Feng Ming turned his head and saw a middle-aged man, arms cradling the small child

that he had saved from the truck.

The man opened his mouth as if he was talking to the air, "I am a spiritual scholar,
and moreover I also have supernatural powers. I am here because I want to shows you
of my gratitude so Ill help you to get another life. "

Feng Ming amazed said, Is it even possible?

"Positively possible." He nodded. "Today is the right day for the door of times to be
opened; I could help you to find a body which had just died, of course, this body will
not be the same as your old body. It is just as well be so, since your body is seriously
damage and I am unable recovered it for you. "

Does that mean I have to travelled to another space- time?

"Yes, this opportunity is one in a lifetime. Youre very fortunate, not only to have
meet me, but at the right moment when the door of times is open. If not, when a body
lose it soul, the soul can survive for only twelve hours, and then dissipated. "

Im lucky? I thought anyone who died could be revived again?

"Even if their death during the door of times had opened, it is unlikely for them to
meet someone with my capacities and would not able to search for a new body.
Evermore, if you had not rescued my son I would not be here to help you. Is there
anything else that bothers you? "

What was there to be fretting about?

"Let us begin."

Wait for a sec.

"What is it?"

You need to find a body right, so could I choose one?

"How do you want to choose one?"

Feng Ming grimaced, Of course I would hope for a very good family, a great noble
family is even better. A thousands of times begging you please do not in any
circumstances to put my soul into a body that of a woman. Also, handsome and a bit
taller, I definitely do not want to place in a body that is short!

The man sighed, "I will do my best."

What do you mean by trying your best efforts?

"Not everything could be forced come to pass."

The man suddenly swiftly into motion, "Oh no, the door of times is opened, we have

to start quickly..."

A flash of light sparked in front of Feng Mings eyes, he felt his body thrown into the
middle of a hurricane, and it torn into many small pieces.

A! A! A! Aaaaaaaaaa...!!! Feng Ming screamed, ahead of him he saw spiral of coils

twisted into each other.


Chapter I

Xi-Rei Kingdom; the Imperial Palace.

Inside the Crown Princes Quarter, tension filled the air whilst everyone faces were
draining colour with pale sickly shades. They knew the crown prince had an accident.
The servants were patiently waiting as a group of royal physicians advancing toward
them, the appearance on the physicians grimaced face was enough lethal to scaring
everyone to death.

The ill fortune sign had befall upon the prince was detected from the physicians arms
were hanging about (implied give up) and uncontrolled shivering. It means the crown
prince had die, thus specifying that his servants shall be forced be burial alive with

Crown Prince! Crown Prince! Mournful shrieks were heard from the inner chamber,
not for the prince but they were frightened for their fates.

Almost every heart for a moment stopped beating.

"Hurry up! Someone have to go and report to the Regent that the Crown Prince ... the
Crown Prince is ... " an old royal physician spoken, his anxiousness were causing his
own teeth rattled, gritted against each other as he quickly dispatched a servant off to
notify the bad news. However, before he could complete his command, he voice was
drowning by howling cries echoed within the princes chamber. Burial alive, they
will all be buried alive. With that thought, many chambermaids had fallen
unconscious on the ground.

In that very instants; suddenly a horrified uttering inside the crown princes chamber
broken through the desolation of their despairs.

"The Crown Prince ... the Crown Prince is awake! Royal Physician! Royal

The royal physicians were gathering in front of the Crown Prince Chamber, their
faces had been constantly changing in colours, they were contemplated how they will
be facing the regent, questioned over the crown prince death. The old physician was
first to reacted, he did not believe the news when it was broken out, he knew it is
impossible to occur but he was hoping that the news is true so immediately started
rushing inside. They once again passing the chambermaids, who were now also

hoping for goods news, kowtow on the ground.

Just a moment later, the princes personal attendant maidservant appeared outside the
chamber almost merrily dancing shouted, "The Crown Prince awaken! The Crown
Prince had awake!"

Soundless first greets the princes quarter as soon as they were reassured of the good
news, a loud cheering sounds trembling the palace ground.

The Prince did not die, the crown prince has awakened.

Feng Ming tried to suppress the intense pain inside his head and gently open his eyes.

"Prince? Crown Prince? "

He was surrounded by numerous voices calling him; however, the first person caught
into his eyesights was an old man with white hair.

So where am I ...?

His eyes opened a little wider and it stopped on a pretty lady, stood behind the old

They dressed like those in ancient times?

Feng Ming trying very hard to remember what had happened to him and finally
asking, "... Where is this place?"

Those surrounded him were surprised and turning to each other for guidance.

"Crown Prince?"

The old man careful softly asked, "What are you asking?"

Feng Ming eyes grew drowsy. He knew, he have entered into another body, just as
the middle-aged man have said, this should be the body of someone recently dead...

Therefore, it would be stupid to tell them the truth; they may perceive him as a crazy

"I said ..."

Feng Ming slowly turned his head, surveying his vicinity, "Am I a Crown Prince? The
Crown Prince of which kingdom? "

Tang, Song, Nguyen, Ming, Thanh? Whatever dynasty is still good, a Crown Prince
is better than a commoner, therefore would be happier right?


Xi-Rei? Where is that?

Feng Ming frowned but nodded to shows that he had understood them, "Yes, Xi-Rei. I
knew that. "

He closed his eyes for few minutes but when he opened them again, he discovered
that a crowd had gathered before his bed, examination him as if he was sort of a rare
animal, he felt angry, gloomy and shouted, "I want to rest, youre all get out, go

"As youre commanded Your Highness ..."

Soon everyone bows and departed from his side, leaving only three or two
chambermaids, they are the princes personal maidservants which were chosen
because of their excelled talents over the others, in caring for the prince.

Feng Ming had just passed through the door of times, his whole body was in pain and
immense discomforted, even though he told everyone to leaves but in the end, he
could not found rest. He tossed around, move from left to the right, finally give up the
quest for sleep and opened his eyes, to locate a chambermaid stood at his bedside, he
asked, "What's your name?" with an afterthought he hurriedly explained, "I have
woken up, the mind is still foggy. "

The maidservant smile replied, "Even if you were not just awakening from your sleep,
the Crown Prince would not remember your servant name. Your maidservant is Chiu

Lian. "

"Even if Ive not completely awake, I would not know? Why not? "

Chiu Lian replied softly: "Your highness does not like to talk, your maidservant have
been with you for two years and have never heard you called any servants by name."

Is that so! Feng Ming felt relieved, he knew now that he needs not to shows
recognition with any other servants, as it would be reasonable to assume with the
previous prince attitudes, the prince thus would not have anyone close to him. Feng
Ming pleased; he knew it was not the time to reveal the truth.

Nevertheless, a quiet reigning prince like this surely is not a good thing. History
books records which he had reads, the vast majority introverted Princes always had
brought their countries to their knees.

"I dont like to talk?" Feng Ming laughs and laugh, "I must be severely ills; I probably
will try to chat more in the future..."

Chiu Lian astonished looked at him.

"Whats wrong with you?" Feng Ming guessed something was not right thus, his tone
become unnatural pitches.

"Crown Prince, Your Highness was not sick. You had fallen into the river; we were

all very scared when we carried you back here. The royal physicians were assured that
they had unable revived you. "

"I fell into a river?"

Feng Ming forced laughing softly, "Yes, yes, I must have want some fresh air, hence
wandering near the river bank, and was not careful to have falling into the river; it
was fortune that youve promptly detected my mishap."

Chiu Lian carefully evaluated Feng Ming, her watchful eyes causing Feng Ming

"Whats wrong?"

"Prince, youre acting very oddly today!"

How am I to act normal when I dont know how this body old self was behaving?
Feng Ming felt dishearten. I have never thought I would become your kingdoms
Crown Prince when I decided to depart my time-space. Who told him to have a short
life span like me? Im the one who at the short end of a stick here, passed through the
door of times. In which, I knew nothing of the period and cultures, most of all, why it
have to be a noble prince body...

Crapped ...

Feng Ming laying on the bed and kept sighing at his fate, nonetheless became a prince
compared being died at aged of nineteen is much better, after great reluctant with the
later thought he become cheerful once more.

"Chiu Lian, get me a drink." Feng Ming sluggishly sat up; he could felt where his
bone joints were setting up against each other, which cause him constantly in pain.

Feng Ming did not trying to act like a prince, given order to Chiu Lian, anymore than
he would wish to reign this country. When he does not understand anything about this
kingdom, especially in this instant, he concerned about what sort of utility the people
here is use to drink, he scared if he make a mistake then they would believe that he
had gone mad.

Chiu Lian gracefully strode back to him; she carried a silver vase, poured a cup of
water and placed them on Feng Mings hands. He carefully observed her actions and
tools she used, he sighing relieved, it was not far off from his imagination. He
concluded that he should treat this period as Tang Dynasty.

Feng Mings throat was burning and sore so as soon as he receiving the cup he
immediately bottom up the cup.

He felt a burn sensation started within the nose spreading down to the throat and
continue thrashing it ways to his stomach. Feng Ming was hugging his chest and
desperately hoping that he could vomit the liquid outside of his body, tears and
running nose joined together smearing on his face.

What the hell was that? Do not tell me this is everyday drink for the Xi-Rei people


He was struggling to raise his head from the fits, his eyes were full of raged directing
at Chiu Lian. This little horror dared to tease your Prince?! Although Feng Ming is
a fake prince but he still not deserve to be treated like this. At last, he suppressed the
cough and demanding an answer, "This ... What is this?"

Chiu Lian stared startlingly at Feng Ming, "This is wine."

Wine? Feng Ming looked at the silver vase on her hands. He is nineteen so he was
not even at the legal age to drink alcohol.

Feng Ming shook his head, he decided to forgive her negligence, and I want to drink
water, why did you brought wine to me?" He was still very angry but trying very hard
to sound pleasant. He did not know if this country follow customs like those of
ancient period, which mean obey the king was the absolutely obligation, if so, given
his hot temper, Feng Ming fears that if he was showing his disposition the little horror
before him may fall unconscious from gripping fears.

You dare to provoke me...?

Chiu Lian dumbfounded staring at the vase before tilted her head in disbelief, "But

Your Highness never drink water, only wine was preparing for you."

"What?" Feng Ming his eyeballs rolled. He only ever drinking wine, not water.
Perhaps this prince was an alcoholic? It would not be far off if he had fallen into the
river after being intoxicated...

"Well ... the doctor said, no, no that is not right, the royal physician said alcohol
would harm the body, today onward, I shall not take any more wine." Feng Ming was
emphasis his desires as he directly speaking to Chiu Lian, "From now on when I said
that I am thirsty, just bring water is enough."

"Quit drinking?" Chiu Lian carefully scrutinized Feng Ming again, almost seeing him
with a new light, maybe more like a demon, then twisted her curvy lips, "Yes, your
maidservant understood."


Feng Ming (Phoenix Light/Intelligent)

Chiu Lian (Autumn Blue/Aqua)

Chapter II

Feng Ming taking a big gulp of water brought by Chiu Lian, as another maidservant
brought forth a bowl for him to rinse his mouth, preparing himself for meal. Feng
Mings head unexpectedly become dizzy; he thought it might have been influence by
earlier alcohol consumption. He reluctantly yawned and laying back down on bed.

Chiu Lian stood beside the bed and softly asked, "Your highness would you like to
have your meal now?"

Feng Ming slowly become drowsier, his fatigue body was constantly pains but now
the drowsiness had easing him to peaceful point, he did not replied, and soundly
asleep. When he awake, it had darken outside from the window views. He was not
sure how the people here reading the time but for him he probably had slept for three
or four hours at least. He just awakens, felt quite relaxed and eyes were only half
opens. Usually at home if he was to take a short nap for an hour he would be scolded
by his roommate, now by fate that he had become the crown prince, of course he want
to take advantage of the newly status and treated himself well so he decide to staying
in bed a little longer.

Feng Ming dozed off dreamingly but he heard a voice nearby, "Well, I thought he was
really dead, it just likes him wanting to scare us."

Feng Ming instinct told him the voice was speaking about him and immediately was
attentive to the conversation. He was new to this world, and impersonate another

person, on top of that a prince so to reduce the chance of being discovered, he needs
to know everything as soon as possible, especially about the prince old self thus even
if it was eardrop, he was straining the ears and listened.

The person who talks was standing not far from the bed, begin to sound very clear, the
tones filled with disrespect and contempt toward the prince, "If it happens again, just
bestow him a poison wine should be enough, better than cluttered the palace.

Chiu Lian said, "Master Tong, the Prince has not regained consciousness," the tone
was evading and patience.

Feng Ming was listening and his heart could not help but terrified at the insinuation of
the conversation. The crown prince should be extremely precious to his people. Who
was Master Tong, powerful enough to challenge the prince position and dare openly
be disrespectful? Just by listen to the voice and his tone, without any apparently
fearing that the prince may awakens and heard them. Not only that the maidservants
just stood there, giving little support to the prince and did not dare to forbid and
reproached what this person had spoken.

Master Tong continue, "Ill take my leave, tell him not to be full of himself and less
quarrelsome to other.

Master Tong heels turned and about to set off, immediately a chilly order was calling
out, "Stop!"

Feng Ming slowly rising upward from the bed, it was his command; everyone within
the chamber shocked at this strange behaviour. The Prince tones was very familiar to
them; nonetheless, it have always been submissive pitches to date, yet the order that
had given today came out was extraordinary unyielding.

Master Tong make a mocking noise, "Oh", and turned around to see Feng Ming, he
narrowed his eyes at the prince before sarcasm replied, "So you just escape deaths
door, and had grown some backbones no less."

When Master Tong turned around that allowed Feng Ming to have a closer look at
him. This person was young around eighteen or nineteen years old, with cherry
blossom pale skin, and quite a rare attractive young man. However, his rudeness
speeches leaving Feng Ming little desires to be pleasant, Ive grown some
backbones, are you afraid?"

Feng Ming did not like to being defenceless, imitated Master Tong frosty disagreed
sound Hn retorted, before leaning back to the head- bed, crossing his arms and
inquired loudly, "Chiu Lian , youll tell him, whats crime punishment for those who
disrespect to a prince?"

When he finished, Feng Ming redirected his gazed to Chiu Lian.

Feng Ming actually did not know what the law of this country, whether the monarch
ruling in history was the same as here. Therefore, had some sort of decree for
desecration against royal, when asked, although he expression was confidence but his

abdomen filled with butterflies, he was hoping that Chiu Lian would tags along and
then he will know how to set off from there.

Chiu Lian knew the prince had changed, he was particularly livid, as his eyes locking
onto her, waiting patiently for an answer. Beside her, Master Tong who also stood
nearby, his black face was not much better either. These two were detesting each
other presents and it was unwise to displease either of them, she hesitating for a while,
grieving that she was put into this situation, and nervously replied, "For disrespectful
to a Prince, based on the kingdom law, should be decapitated. "

That was implying to put to death.

Feng Ming was please that this country law is upholding dignity of the sovereign. It
had settle his mind, as he smiling and affirmed, "This person attitudes, should he not
be beheaded?"

Master Tong had never seen the crown prince mounting to anything. He never scolded
for being disrespect before. The prince had always avoiding him rather than faced
humiliation, yet today the prince shows overwhelming strength, not only he had
openly challenged and had deems that his guilty to be brought before a trial.

Master Tong thoughts like usual he could oversteps the prince, he raised his head
ready to pick a fight, as his eyes piercing into Feng Mings black bottomless eyes, he
knew that the prince is still the rightful ruler of the kingdom and disrespectful a
prince, indeed, be decapitated. If the prince shouted now, the outside guards would

immediately execute him on the spot; no one would able to do anything until it was
too late.

Master Tong never saw the different in ranks between them, for the first time realised
it and greatly distressed, he face turned green and choked a respond, please pardons
your subjects ill-manners, Your Highness."

The maidservants amazed by the responded.

Had the crown prince finally shows his might?

Feng Ming did not know the consequences, he was waiting for something to be done
but no one had moved. He knew he could not carry out the executions by his hand
hence weakly nodding, "Forget it, I shall forgive you today."

Master Tong was trembled and finally able to breathe after being discharge. He
noticed Feng Mings pompous tones, immediately looked up and glared. He could not
understand how he had lost to a worthless crown prince, unexpectedly had to bow his
head, make himself a laughingstock before the servants, he knew he had lost his
ground and dignity, without a word he quickly ran out of the princes quarter.

When Feng Ming saw Master Tong had gone, called Chiu Lian to him, "I am hungry,
did you not said the meal was ready?"

Chiu Lian was flitting between the door and Feng Ming, felt insecure and warned,

"Prince, Master Tong is very angry."

"So what? He had offended me, I should have been very angry with him." Based on
our status, the person who aggravated should be me!

"But ..." Chiu Lian concerned for him, she knew the prince had always been
suppressed, although he shows strength today, tomorrow he will surely be paid a
price for this. She have been with him almost two years, hence felt a little sympathy
for the prince, worries was showing on her face, "If Master Tong is dobbing on you
with the Duke Rong, what to do?"

"Duke Rong? Who is Duke Rong? "

Feng Ming saw Chiu Lian sharply glanced, knew that he had inquired a very stupid
question, he couldnt do anything but outright lie, "I had fell into the water, my mind
is like water, have forgotten everything. "

Chiu Lian looked bewildered at Feng Ming for a long time, before replied, "Ah, so it
must be true that Your Highness have forgotten everything ... Duke Rongs reigning
as the Regent of Xi-Rei kingdom, he currently is the one who holding all the
authorities and armed forces. "

So that how the way it is, of course, there have to be a Regent somewhere.

It seems faking another identity was not as easy as seen on the TVs drama comedy,

let alone forging as a figure head of a kingdom. Feng Ming did not want make any
further blunders, so he acting bored and turned to surveying his surroundings.

It was not long before dinner brought up to him.

The meal setup was exactly as his imagination, the set was displayed many luxurious
food, dozens of different dishes, very finely displayed, at the edge of each disk were
exhibiting fruits that had elaborately carved with decorative styles.

Feng Ming was uncertainty what to do with chopsticks.

If he knew this happened, he would have read several books on ancient rites and
imperial customs. There no point on crying over spilt milk, so he starting to take
whatever he fancy. He comforted himself, It is also true that I am the crown prince,
though even if not fulfilling the meal rituals, no one would dare to censure him at this

Feng Ming ate a piece of fresh bamboo shoots when he felt Chiu Lian standing next to
him, he could feels the watchful gazed which, enclosed over him, he felt odd, tilt his
head upward and asked, "Chiu Lian, youre not eating?"

"Please consume faster, why are you asking me?"

Feng Ming wanted her joining him for the meal, but he was worried that this gesture
would be a mistake, smiles replied, "Eating by oneself is unpleasant, please talk to


He patted the side chair, indicating for her to sit down there.

Chiu Lian did not dares to sit down, gave him a formal salute, "since the Prince would
like to converse, your maidservant will obey," she tilted her head and inquired, "What
would you like to be discussed? "

This is a good opportunity! Feng Ming jumped at the chance, "There nothing really,
how about a chat regard of me, and I would love to hear it!"

"How could not your own story? Why are you asking me? "Chiu Lian amused at the
princes eccentric characteristic, since she was still young she could not help but to

"This is ..." Feng Mings eyes set like a pairs of black pearls whirling around,
explained, "I just want to know, what the servants opinions concerning me?"

"Uh, OK, Ill talk."

Chiu Lian have been working in the palace for two years, her responsible was
preparing meals and clothes for the prince, she had never been closed with the prince
due to their status, so for the first time she could not help but delighted spilt
everything to him. She prattled on many gossips that situated inside the palace, the
country and stories of the neighbouring kingdoms.

Feng Ming concluded that currently every kingdom were quarrelling against each
other, the bigger fish swallowed the little fish. Officially, there are twelve kingdoms.
Feng Ming sighed and quietly retracted his tongue, it looks like what history known
as Spring and Autumn Warring kingdoms chaos reigning period?

The prince was the only child of Xi-Reis ruler; consequently, when he was born he
ordained as the crown prince. Xi-Reis king had suddenly fallen ill seven years ago
and had not regained consciousness. The current person who had the authority in XiRei is the regent, acknowledged as Duke Rong.

When Chiu Lian was hearsay about the regent, her face showed fears and awes of the
man, like a modern girl staring at the silver screen idols, although her expression was
more discreet.

Feng Ming first had imagined Duke Rong was someone obesity, overweight, but
seeing the look on Chiu Lian, could not help but thought, perhaps Duke Rong is very
handsome man?

"That Master Tong guy, who is he anyway?"

Chiu Lian was excited talking but upon heard Feng Mings question, she become
paler, there was weird light flared inside her eyes, stammered, "Master Tong ... he is
from an aristocrat Xi-Reis family, he and the Regent..." there was awkwardness in
her tone suggesting a deeper bond more than friendship, " ... with the Duke Rong are

in a very good relationship."

Feng Ming surprised murmured, "Duke Rong and him in a good relationship? They
have a very good ... "

Master Tong have such an arrogant attitude because he was some sort of treasure to
the Regent or he must be a relative.

"That was what Ive heard from gossip though I have no evidences."

Chiu Lian suddenly changing the subject, "Dear Prince, it is really late already, it best
if you are to take a bath and rest."

Feng Ming was starting to eat his meal after Chiu Lian refused to converse further,
when he finished, other servants arrived and cleaned the table.

He got up and stretched, suddenly frowning and use a hand to lean on the table.
Time-travel is detestable; it making the whole body aches constantly.

"Please Prince it times to take a bath."

Feng Ming surprised seeing that the voices was from two beautiful women appeared
out of nowhere, He nodded quietly, but still stood on the spot and did not move.

He lost in his thought. I told to take a bath, but where to go for the shower? Where is

the changing room? Is it like those in the televisions drama, when the crown prince
takes a path, and the maidservants stood aside to assist? Am I hitting a jackpot?

Ah, Chiu Lian just finished clean the table, where had she run off to.

The two maidservants stood waiting, Feng Ming trying to delay the time so he
thought he should better asking questions as a strategy.

"Ah, what should I call you?"

It was the first time that the prince wants to chatted with them. The two maidservants
glanced at each other.

"Your maidservant called Chiu Yue."

"Your maidservant called Chiu Xing."

Feng Ming was thoughtful over the name, "Chiu Yue? Chiu Xing? Its very nice
name, very nice name. "

Chiu Yue found the prince gestured was entertaining, bowed, silently laughing then
looked up and said, "It is quite late, please take a bath Your Highness, if not, the water
will quickly be cooled."

The crown prince often very cold and reserved person, his personality suddenly

changed had amusing them and quickly they were getting on like fire: talking and
laughing. Chiu Yue and Chiu Xing, was very young, seeing Feng Ming friendliness
could not help but be playful with him and gently pulling his sleeves, led him to the
bathing place.

Feng Ming pleased that his concern had taken care of, Chiu Yue and Chiu Xing had
guided him there. He continued laughing and following them.

It had turned out that the bathroom and his bedroom was adjacent to each other, just a
stonewall away. He saw the steams rising and taken a closer looked, revealing a
medium sized pool. The four sidewalls building discreetly built from prying eyes,
there were thin silk veils inside the bathroom, flapping around by the air pressures.
Not far away there are folded clothes neatly stacking on white jade table, next to the
pool. Feng Ming guesses it was clean clothes to be use for changing after his bathed.

"Please take a bath."

Chiu Yue, Chiu Xing stooped formally bows, smiled and departed.

Feng Ming saw them leaved, sighing a little. Fortunately, it was not the same as on
TVs drama having people watched over him bathing.

Seeing the bathroom, he felt much better and want to fling inside the pool.

It was his first time taken a bathe in this era, so he want thoroughly clean, especially

anything that remained from the old prince body.

Since childhood, Feng Ming had been orphan, so he has nothing to be bothered. The
most important things in his life was reading which, he had spent most of his times, he
have never even considered dating, this matter would natural would be happened after
he is graduate.

Feng Ming had patiently taken off layer after layer of clothes down. He thought if this
was the usual garments for Xi-Reis citizen to wears; it would take them half an hour
just for dressing. Feng Ming felt frustrated, eventually able to remove the last layer

Finally end! Start bathing!

He sighed, Feng Ming tilted his head down, immediately his eyes widen opened and
swallowed a sip of cold air.

He suddenly discovered, right on his lap, on the chest, visible bruises were trailing
around his body.

There were small wounds like a long whip had slashed down on his skin, there are
traced of teeth marks, also marks of many different, bizarre shapes, he was not sure
how those little wounds could be come from.

The wounds were everywhere, there no place left unmarked on his body.

Seeing traces of abuse on his body, caused him greatly distresses, his heart was
fluttering with fears.

Feng Ming had parting his thighs, retracted his tongue and hastily closed his legs. It
just as he had supposed, the thighs were full of bruises.

Could this prince enjoying abused his own body? Is he not the Crown Prince of XiRei?

Or perhaps, had the prince no powers and abused by the others?

No wonder Im constantly ached, so it was not result from time-travel that have been
causing me pain...

"Waiting for me?"

He could not contemplate what had happened to the old prince, behind him sudden
soft baritone resonances from a male.

Feng Ming terrified, he instantly recalling the naked displayed wounds on his body, in
his confusion, he tangled with the clothes which heaps on the foot and thrown them
over his head; however, his floppy legs gave way, flipped straight forward and was
sinking below the pool.

Foams and waters splashed everywhere, Feng Ming fought against a bunch of clothes
and from being sunken under bottom of the pool.


It has all messed up!

Very quickly, Feng Ming was rising from the water, eventually make angry snorted
Hn coldly to the one who had dared to make him fallen into the water.

"Youve some gutted, dared to intruding on the Princes bath!" the tone was not
forceful chided since he was not in good health, Feng Ming had pulled those wet
clothes off and using them covered his nakedness.

However, no matter what he had done, the wet fabrics were sinking below and his
body was still visible to the naked eyes.

The other man appearance was very handsome, arrogant, and his eyes flashed with
wickedness. Now, those eyes looking down from above of the pool were as sharp as
light, the projection was piercing through the water and straight at Feng Mings body.

"Hn, your guts is not small either, calmly dared to use those term with me." The man
raised his eyebrows teasing, "I heard that you had fell into the river, youre surely not
well, even daring scolded Tong Nhi. I guessed since you had an accident that you
truly must have gone mad, and even who I am, you had quickly forgotten."

Who is he? Hes daring to be this disrespectful? Feng Ming thoughts quickly
reached to conclusion, shouted, "You are Duke Rong!"

The man lips softly twisted into a smile make him even more attractive, "Youre still
remembering me? I thought you faked as crazy and wild person."

In a second, the other man jumped into the pool, leaving no time for Feng Ming to
reacted, was holding him within the man arms.

It was like to have a greater forces striking on the surface, Feng Ming could only
gapes wildly, when the mountain crushing down onto his body, leaving him unable to
breathe. The clothes were in his hands that trying to cover up the body, had grabbed
and thrown aside.

"It seems the Prince had improved, deliberately looking for death?"

Feng Ming shocked, disdaining gloomy inside, making him voluntarily to shrink
back. Nevertheless, the strong palm of the Duke Rong immediately grabbed for his

"Up until now, have I ever allowed you to seek death.

"Uhh ..."

His airway was blocked causing Feng Ming to grimace of pains, he hastily grabbed
the hands of Duke Rong, and the ideal was to have the other man hand loosen so he
could breathe. No matter how much he was trying, it was useless, those fingers that
stop him from breathing must had made from steel, and he did not even have the
strength to shake half of it off him. His lungs was starting painfully impaired, soon the
landscape gradually become blurred.

Feng Ming felt his life was threatening, perhaps this Rong Regent really chocking
him to death?

It was funny that he should just regained a new life but now he was about to die again.


Chiu Yue (Autumn Moon)

& Chiu Xing (Autumn Star)

Master Tong/ Tong Nhi (Nhi=Child)

Chapter III

The pains of being suffocate gradually makes his body gone numbs. His body slowly
stopped moving. Feng Mings eyes wide opened; he could clearly hear the sound of
blood prevented from bumping and blocked in the brain.

When he thought he was ready to meet Death, Duke Rong had started loosen his

It seems slowly, when he did not noticed, the regent have slacken off his hold.

The regent was impassively watching Feng Mings shaken body submerged into
water, and finally with the instinct to live, Feng Ming tried to find a poolside wall and
pushing himself up.

The water on his body was constantly falling drop by drop, composing the princes
body extremely desirable.

This was not the first time the regent had playing little trick on the prince, and
numerous times he had heard the other man despicable cries, pleaded for mercy. The
prince begging was pathetic and even sometime offered terms to escape that should
not be acceptable to men. The regent desired to trick him, showed the prince that his
body always belonging to him.

The regent was watching Feng Ming recovered in the water, the princes eyes were

still opened and was very familiar to him, but he had never realized how deep crystal
clear those eyes were, immediately fear gripped him.

Why are those eyes had changed?

The prince is stupid and reserved, he had no visionary nor able to see the big picture,
being a Prince, his role have only brought humiliation to the kingdom, why is he
acting so strange today? Shouldnt he be crying and using tears to plead for his life?

This odd behaviour seemed to thrill him instead; Duke Rong cold indifferent eyes
altered and approached Feng Ming. He raised his chin up before him for inspection.

It was not wrong; it was still the same familiar face of the prince. To see his beautiful
face only reminded how useless and worthless the prince was to the kingdom, he
could only sighed, there was nothing else to describe this individual otherwise than
his lovely body envisage before him. The princes nude body was still covering from
the chain of wounds, humiliated bruises were traces from a few days ago, Duke Rong
remembered his face clearly, kowtow before him begging to be forgiven...

This person, although useless, have a perfect body. Duke Rong took the prince wrist
and pulling him at an angle, continued surveying and memorising his beautiful
slender body.

Duke Rong had countless lovers, but having their bodies was not the same as taken
this body under him.

Having the prince under him was likes laying on top of Xi-Rei kingdom, anything that
had lost, could be won and all will be recovered.

The prince indeed is useless...

Nonetheless, he could not deny the gravity attractiveness pulled of this body, if he is
not the prince, lord of a country, which is to be a Xi-Rei male prostitute instead and
have to earn a living, this body should give an opportunity to display his value as a

Even though the regent was greatly contempt this person, but he knew its great body,
the regent could not stopped his own desires risen, embraced Feng Ming who had
fainted, and placing him on the tiles beside the pool.

"Is drinking too much water, have caused you inane?" Duke Rong knelt one knee on
the ground, ogling coldly at the prince body, and out of habit using contemptuous
languages insulted the prince, "Do not pretend in front of me, Ive no compassion for
the like of you." His hand stroked Feng Mings face.

Feng Ming gradually was reawaken, but not because the caressing of Duke Rong,
rather it was the cold that had shifted from tiles beneath him.

After the Duke Rong choked him and let his body sunk below the water, or perhaps it
was result from recently undergone of time-travel, his soul have yet fully taking

control of the new body, caused him a sudden lost of sensations, unable to hear
anything, and once again caught up inside an endless voids.

Fortunately, while disoriented Feng Ming did not heard, once again he was regaining
his consciousness, he did not re-called the insult remarked nor how he was no longer
in the pool.

His naked body, taken from the warm water had placed on the cold ground, make it
unbearable, hence when Feng Ming perception gradually have restored, he gave out a
lowly moans and his cloudy eyes started to fully animate again.

"What do you want?" Even though Feng Mings body was weak but he was more
loathing of his current situation, so it was necessity for him to protest aloud.

The regent hands were constantly touching his trembling body, as if he attempted to
claim its ownership. These caressing strokes were uncomfortable awkward, if he had
not see the lust revealed in the regent eyes, Feng Ming would have thought he was
given a massage to his aching body.

Feng Ming raised his hand, held back Duke Rongs fingers, stopping its track from
anticipated being random strokes, "Stop!"

"What?" Duke Rong smiled, easily gripping the arms off that had tried to stop him
and pulled them up on top over Feng Mings head. Then he was leaning forward,
teeth bitted lightly on Feng Mings lip, "Your Highness want to play today?" just in a

few seconds, his expression had changed, sharp glancing, and coldly spoken, seeped
into Feng Mings heart, "You dared to provoke me? Are you enjoying playing

Although his arms imprisoned, seemly thought it were severely broken, this did not
stopped Feng Mings eyes indomitable staring back at Duke Rong. "How dare you to
treat the Prince like this?"

"Had it not the same as always? Why is it today that you believed youre victimised?"
Duke Rong smiled and raised his eyebrows.

"You ..." Feng Ming was blinking, swallowed another sip of cold air.

Had this story was now appearance very clear? Though he once again had
reincarnate, this time as a prince a high position in the society, this new body was
not short either, and tall like the one he had wanted. Nevertheless, the imperial
disordered, not only was he being disrespectful by Master Tong, who had offended
him, but before his eyes was a man, who official held the power of this country, Duke
Rong the regent, seeing the prince nothing but a delicious meal. Moreover, recalled
some of the traces on his shameful body and this man attitudes, it was well enough to
identified this meal had not been eaten for the first time.

Repeating this story was useless, he had thought that he would enjoyed this prestige
new life, a gift received by travel through time but no, how could he supposed to
know that this body was making a man desired him?

No, no, this is impossible!

"Impertinent! Let go of me!" Feng Mings face changed sharply; finally aware he
needs to forestall the danger, looking straight at the regent and shouted.

"Youre dared scolding me?" Duke Rong frowned, suddenly approached Feng Ming's
face, opened his mouth, aggressive biting into the succulent red lips curve at once.

"Ahh ..." The sting was swiftly thumping on his lips, leaving Feng Ming with no
preparation but moaned softly. The smell of fresh blood was arisen to the nose; it
seemed the regent had bitten him very hard and caused it bleeding.

He absolutely refused to be this mans meal! Feng Ming was trying to avoid the
mouth of Duke Rong, faltering voice called franticly, ".... Let go ... no ... deserved to
die ..."

The feelings of constantly throbbed from the lips passing through him, this vulgar
Duke Rong was not interested in gentle kisses, on the contrary, he was engrossed
abusing Feng Mings berry red lips.

It was not long, his mouth covered with smells of fresh blood, Feng Ming knew his
protested words would not make an ounce different or will he had the opportunity to
talk and persuade the other man to let him go.

The only way is to use the man stick and beating its back at him!

Thinking of this, Feng Ming no longer tried to escaping Duke Rong lips instead
plunged into the other one. He suddenly opened his mouth, took the opportunity when
Duke Rong unobserved and biting hard into his lips.

There, see who is more violent?

His teeth clenched and continuous inserting more exertion forces, determined to at
least bitten off a piece of skin before letting go.

Duke Rong was terrifying; he wanted to retreat but was too late. The bite was strong
as red-fire fossil gemstone; the prince truly had showed his valour today.

The regent had been practicing martial arts since very small, he quickly responded to
the threat. Duke Rong raised his hand, chopped downward on the nape of Feng
Mings neck without hesitation.

"Ah!" Feng Ming opened his mouth, reflectively screaming as his nape suddenly
attacked. In that occasion, the Regent was sitting up straight away, causing the
pressure off Feng Mings body and found his hands were freedom restored.

The whole incident seems occurred only a few short seconds.

Feng Ming was struggled, trying to sit up, but Duke Rong again approached him,

using his strong well-build body pushing Feng Mings body down once more.

The regents eyes on fired with anger that was ready to explode, aggressively glaring
at Feng Ming. Duke Rong was grinding his teeth, Youre dare to bite me?" instead of
cold smile that usual graced on his lips, today it was continually bleeding.

Nothing was seems to come to pass as he had predicted, even with both hands of Feng
Ming were controlled, his angers had not brought the body before him trembling with
fears as usual. Indeed, the former prince always avoided eyes contacted, now it were
expressive and equal directly challenging him. In those bright black eyes, he could see
a little dazzling aura of anger presented.

Feng Ming found him not strong enough to push the other robust, aggressive body
away. He could only used his eyes to communicate and warned the other man, "Im
telling you, although Ive no strength now, my body is in pain, but if you dare to do
something to me, tomorrow, tomorrow I will certainly be ... " sudden his heart gave
out, and immediately fell into slumber.

Insufferable! I have not finished threatening him yet! Worthless time travel,
worthless body of a dead foolhardy prince, could not able to complete the sentence ...

Feng Ming closed his eyes, carried inside him resentment thought and irritability,
sank into darkness.


Upon regained consciousness, his mind still hazed, Feng Ming was staring at the
ancient beautiful curved ceiling, and recalled his encounter with the regent.

It was tragic ...

However, the story was getting more dramatic, waited for him.

As soon as he saw the handsome face of Rong Regent from the top of his head, Feng
Ming had clearly aware of that Rong Regent was not old, he was about the same age
as the crown prince, but the man had an awesome temperament, making him
shuddered at the thought.

Would he not well suit to be the villain in a movie and the televisions drama? The
type that was handsome, evil...

"Your Highness, what are you thinking about?" the tone dripped with sarcasm; Feng
Ming knew Duke Rongs attitudes to prince was extremely disrespectful. He looked
around, seeing the maidservants were quietly standing aside, folding arms, including
Chiu Lian, it seems that no one had dared stood up for him regards to the regent

So it true that the Regent was really is the owner of Xi-Rei.

It turns out that Prince that they were taking care here in the palace was nothing more

than a toy. Moreover, given the situation, there were little doubts over why the suicide
attempt of jumped into the river which, had allowed Feng Ming to get the
opportunities of having a body, eighty percent probably due to this cruel Duke Rongs

"I have some things to ask you."

His chin was toying caressed, Duke Rong arrogantly treating Feng Ming like a

Feng Ming was fuelled with angers, abruptly turning away sharply, "Hn, Cao Cao!"

"Cao Cao? Whats Cao Cao?, Very clearly, this villain has never read China's
Three Kingdoms.

He was about to explain who was Cao Cao, when Feng Ming suddenly remembered
the key issue, he turned around, staring at Duke Rong, "I asked you, today, yes or no
... with me ... " in a room where there are many servants standing attendant, he could
not really voice out such vulgar question.

For some reason the prince was acting lovely endearing today, no tasteless languages
had used, nor agreeable yes, yes so forth and trembling before him, asking for
mercy. Duke Rong saw the insistent and anxious looked on the other man face,
suddenly felt like playing with him, he draws closer to Feng Mings neck, repeated
similar phrased,

"Ha ha ... yes or no ... did I or didnt I ..."


Feng Ming with one hit, straight forward, had used all his strengths.

Since childhood in an orphanage, he was observing those neighbouring uncles who

trained martial arts, now giving an opportunity to show off, quickly as lightning,
armed straight at the regents face.

The arrogant handsome face of the regent in seconds becomes lump and bruising.

It was unthinkable for anyone even to consider hitting the regent but now Feng Ming
had and was triumphant.

The regent was not expected the punch hence unable to react promptly to escape it.

Duke Rongs arrogance face was dazing in bewilderment and the chamber hushed.
Although, the regents face was not covered with blood, there an anticipation that it
was not going well with the prince so everyone wordlessly withdrawn, baring the door
close instantly.

It was so good to be succeed, one hit on the face of Duke Rong, but Feng Ming knew
he was in trouble. He never had been a violence person, but his situation in life had

forced him to be assertive, when he was young, he often had to fight among the other
children, often never noticed of being badly beaten, always seeking the bully for
revenge, he made certain that his opponent would suffered and be miserable as much
as himself. Currently facing was the regent, like another Cao Cao, again and again
had distressed him and forceful, treated him similar like Cao Cao treat King Xian Di
and of course he would not swallowed his anger.

"Youre dared to hit me?" Duke Rong still could not believe it and observed Feng
Ming closer. "Yesterday, youd bitten me; Ive yet counted on that. Today you even
dared blatantly hit on me?" Usually the prince would slowly offer him a cup of tea,
(traditional way) begged for forgiveness, and upon seeing his present, the prince
would be afraid and shivering; why his styles had suddenly changed like this?

Feng Ming tilted his head upward, "Less gibberish please. Speak! Yesterday, in the
end, did you force me or not...? "

"It's not the first time, why should you care?"

It might have been ...?

Feng Mings pupils contracted, he once again tightly holding his hands ready to
attack. Despite knowing those hand was ready attacking him, Duke Rong had lifted
himself forward and continue, "Why should I touching comatose person, like a dead
fish, nothing so exciting about that."

Feng Ming immediate relaxed his hand, he sighed a little, still aggravated, "Hn,
Youre smart."

Somehow, Duke Rong was not mad, he even smile, "Is there anything else, dont be
shy just asked."

Feng Ming felt this sudden change was not a good feeling. He of course had many
questions to asks, but before his eyes, the thought that he only dwelled on, was how
get this disgusting Cao Cao far away from him as soon as possible.

"Ive no other inquiry, go away." Feng Ming was very self-conscious position of
being the prince himself, so he had been very careful when speaking.

Duke Rong replied calmly, "Since you're done and now its my turn."

This child's play seems to have hidden motives.

"Ask me? What is there to ask? "

"First, who are you?" Feng Ming felt tensions within him arisen.

Feng Ming surprised, "me?"

Feng Ming was not prepared; Duke Rong had dived sudden aggressively against him.
Feng Mings hands immediately pulled up on top and could not budge. Feng Ming

could hear the regent breathing into his ear, "Youre absolutely is not the crown
prince, who are you truly?"

"I am the prince." He would never admit otherwise. How could he be admitted to
anyone that he was another soul that have entered the prince body, his feared he
would only received an instant death sentence.

"Youre the prince?" Duke Rong coldly laughed, "You clearly have no understanding
about the princes attitudes, thoroughly leaving loopholes. The prince had no guts and
would not dare to bites me, would not dare to hit back at me? Do not say that because
you had jumped into the rivers and your moods completely changed, no one
characteristics could change quite rapidly, I knew everything about the crown prince.
Confess! Who had sent you here? "


Rong Tian (Rong Calm/Presager)

Chapter IV

"Nobody had sent me here."

Feng Ming was gasped for breathe; his hands tried protecting his neck.

"Youre still daring to deny?"

Duke Rong's hand increasingly his gripped, almost stopped Feng Ming from
breathing, "Speak! Where the Prince is ran off to? How did you get here? How many
others are accomplices in the palace? "

Feng Ming had just regained his consciousness, his body weakened, Duke Rong was
smothered him, and he could not retorting his innocent, much less breathing, only able
to make slight angry sound Hn.

Duke Rong was warily watching Feng Ming, he knew if he continues his gripped the
brat would be push to death, laughed coldly, he slowly retracting his hand, back away
to the one side and observed Feng Ming gasping like a fish leaving the water, his arms
around the chest panted and breathing by the mouth.

When restoring his breath, Feng Mings collar once again gripped.

"Be good and confessed, you will not be suffering."

Feng Ming turned his head upward, angrily asking,

"What are you forced me to declare?"

The villain, he dared to treat a prince in such a way. That I, should be unfortunate to
have facing him instead of the prince.

"Speak, where did he go? Did your people kidnapping him, right? "

"I am the crown prince."

Feng Ming really could not stand it anymore, shouted. If possible, he would very
much to have another go, punching this arrogant face again. Duke Rong was assessing
Feng Ming silently for a moment, he finally letting his collar go "You claimed that
you are the crown prince, what evidence to identify yourself with?"

Feng Ming was stubborn responded, "You've said that Im not the crown prince, so
what is your evidence? '

"The Prince is absolutely no way, talking like you." Duke Rong was thinking,
suddenly asked, "Last month, on the queen's birthday, what offering did you gift to

Feng Ming was momentary stupor. It was last month, how possible should I know?
His eyes rolled and uttering lie, "The prince was very busy, every day there are plenty

things to be done, how should I remembered what happen last month?"

Rong eyes were like a demon examining him, which irritated Feng Ming no end,
asked, "Yesterday, talking with General Lin, what was the topic?

"If it is a talk with the General, of course would be military matters, then about the
country matters, whatever north or south, so we were talked a little bit of everything."

"Ha ha ha ..." Duke Rong suddenly tilted his head back and laughing, Feng Ming
knew it was a wrong replied. Duke Rong paused, smiled, twisted his head back to
Feng Ming said, "The Crown Prince did not meet yesterday with General Lin,
everything before that, perhaps the crown prince has forgotten?"

How could I possibly have fallen into a trap just like that? Feng Ming silently
scolded himself for being stupid.

"There is evidence ...." Duke Rongs eyes were sparkling; his tall body gradually
moved closer to Feng Ming, the body form before him felt like a strong oppression
force. The regent was mildly speaking beside his ear, "Your Highness is still used 'the
Prince' as self-vocative today, and normally you would use your name only. So you
surely ..." The regents wet tongue suddenly stretched, licking Feng Mings ear.

Feng Ming suddenly disturbed.

"Surely, the Prince has not forgotten your own name?"

Feng Ming did not like how the Duke Rong approached him, struggled backing away,
but Duke Rongs arms had reached him and imprisoned his body in the chest.

"Be good and quietly tell me where youd kept the crown prince hidden, confessing
everything. If not ... this beautiful body would not withstand our torturing for
criminal." He pulled Feng Ming closer to him in the process gently threatened him.

Feng Ming sharply turned away, "There is nothing wrong to have forgotten one own
name? Id fell into the river, and in my terrors, I have completely forgotten everything
now." He remembered of watching the prisoners being held in prison during ancient
civilisation on the televisions documentation, Feng Ming was little scared. Feng
Ming was stubborn refusing to give in Duke Rong enquiry, "From the top to bottom,
which part of my body does not belongs to the Crown Prince?"

The regent sniggered, pulling off his clothes, examined and nodding, "That is correct,
to able imitated the same wounds, truly making others alarmed." Tapered his long
fingers against the attractive soft flesh, began deliberated stroking his body.

"Let go" he felt that he had brought himself into a dangerous situation; Feng Ming
was hurried escaping the intrusion of Duke Rong.

His body strictly confided, as time passing he felt the regent breathing harder and
faster, more and more urgently needs to escape his clutched.

"Are you trying to tease me?" Duke Rong sound was a little hoarsen, breathed
blowing into the ear of Feng Ming, exciting confinement was there.

"Not! Absolutely not! ", Oh my god, thousands times please do not

misunderstandings something like that!

Feng Ming was very young, he was very pure, especially toward love affair was
completely ignorant. He found that the more he struggled, every second seems to have
negative influencing to the situation and make its weirder, and he immediately
stopped all movements, rigidly like a timber log inside Duke Rongs chest.

Duke Rong surprised at suddenly change, Feng Ming had stayed very quiet in his
arms. The regent looked down at the body that very familiar in his hands, yet for some
reason this body was more attractive to him in an unusual way.

Seventeen, in Xi-Rei considered mature and seen as an adult.

Until now, the crown prince did not showed any special development, but right now,
Duke Rong would not be amaze if he discovered the prince soul may had flight up to
heaven and exchanged for another spirit and was given a new one.

Whether this was an inferior assassin, compared to the original worthless prince,
isnt this not much more enjoyable?

"If you were to thrown in the dungeon, just an evening of torturing is enough to

destroy this body." Duke Rong's eyes suddenly become dark and dangerous, he
grabbed the hands of Feng Ming, muttering, "One by one, your nails are peeling off,
then used the needles on the flesh, if you still not confess, continue with boiling water
poured over it.

Feng Ming listened to Duke Rong describing, was very afraid and jumpy, shivering as
he cried, "Dont try to scare me!"

Duke Rong was not trying to scare Feng Ming, almost likes he worried about
something very important, glanced down at Feng Mings body, "If that happen,
whether youd wanted to confess or not, I would not be able to recognise your body
anymore. Anyway, just a puppet, why not has someone relatively more interesting
right? he stopped as if had arrived to a conclusion, and laughed happily.

Feng Ming used all his strength to punch Duke Rong, "Hey, I am the crown prince,
you would not dare thrown me to the dungeon for torturing."

The regent beautiful lips suddenly displayed a cold smile, "Youre the prince? If you
want to be a prince, it is fine. The Prince is a small bird that I kept inside the palace
walls, you will respectful, always must obey me. Okay, the prince name An He, make
sure to remember it."

Feng Ming stared astonishing at Duke Rong. This man is scary, obviously knew my
background is shady, why is he accept my identity in place of the prince?

It was best to ignored everything, since he had fortuned to take a step inside the door.

Feng Ming gave a little sigh, murmured, "An He, An He, I know. Hey, let me go
now." If the regent had now acknowledged his status as the crown prince, then of
course he should act like a Prince.

"Let go?" Duke Rong stared at Feng Ming who trapped inside his chest, thinking that
for some unknown assassin, who could thrown into the dungeon given any moment,
so blatantly dared to give him orders, was ridiculous, Do not forget, everything is
determined by me. Whether that youre the real prince or not, you are still have to
abide to my wishes. "

"You are Cao Cao! Youre a puppet master overthrown a ruler! Youre puppet master
exploiting a ruler for your lust! " The regent fingers were like snakes gliding around
his body, stop where the chest raised and fallen, caused Feng Mings whole body
reacted, goose-bumps appeared all-overs, before open his mouth and roared loudly,"
A puppet master overthrown the throne? Little brat, are you educated, such a good
sentence, very hard to be fulfilling..."

A violent kiss suddenly descended upon him. Feng Mings hair pulled back under the
regent grasp, forcing his head to tilt upward to look at the other face that inching
closer to him.

"Ahh ..." The lips heated covering by the other man; his jaw pried apart by external

Feng Mings beautiful onyx widen opened and compared to the roundness of a cat's
eyes, it was bigger.

God, this man, this man, he ...

There was chaotic battle taken place right inside his mouth, until Feng Ming was
blankly dazed, that when it was over. It was impossible to describe how his mouth
had compromised, could not able to express how the feeling of numbness transmitted
to the brain when the tongues has wrapped around and against each other.

All was chaotic.

A little while later the regent released him, Feng Ming was clearly aware that he had
forced kissing by a man.

Although this was not the first time, but it was most significant to him since it was the
first kiss with a man. Feng Ming decided to maintain the charade that the kiss of sin
had endorsed from the heat of violence.

"No needs to pretend to be ashamed that you were humiliated like that ..." Duke Rong
strokes Feng Mings jaw and lifted it up.

The little brat responded has been unexpected, which pleased Duke Rong greatly. In
many countries, assassin go through rigorous training, includes techniques on

bedding. He referred that Feng Ming do not have much experiences in this area.

It was only a kiss; a kiss with a man should not count. It could happen anywhere.
Feng Ming consoled himself and looked up angrily at Duke Rong, immediately
decided he could not forgive this jerk.

Although a kiss was not worth a hassle, but the looks on that man face and his
attitudes aftermath of forced a kiss on him, really messed and enraged Feng Ming.
Furthermore, this new body easily flushed; it was not hard to imagine what the
situation would be leading.

Feng Ming saw Duke Rongs eyes gradually increased in its depth with fire of lust; he
knew the worst had yet to come, immediately sprung away from the regents arm and
rolled to the bottom of the bed.

"Stop right there!" Feng Ming kept his eyes on Duke Rong and shouted, and quickly
shifting across the room, hoping to find any weapons to protect his virginity.

Unfortunately, inside the princes chamber he could not even find a scissor.

Duke Rong seems fascinate when Feng Ming holding a silver wine vase aim it at him.

"If you dared come here Ill break your head with this!"

Feng Ming was holding the vase in his hand as a threat, though had inadvertently

relaxed; he instantly embraced by Duke Rong and pressed down onto the bed. The
vase in his hand had thrown out the window.

"What a tough man..." Duke Rong looked down from above, gave a mocking laugh.

Feng Ming ignored, glared at Duke Rong, and said through gritted teeth, "If you dare
to dishonour me, Ill bite the tongue off immediately and commit suicide.", Do not
joke, if I was raped by man, killed myself would be much happier!

It was so humiliate!

"Do not be afraid, my perfect prince." Duke Rong was gently stroking Feng Ming
cheek, trying to reduce his infuriating. His tone was mesmerizing like singing, "Tell
me, what your real name is?"


"Let me know, Ill let you off today."


Feng Mings eyes calculating the situation. Duke Rong knew he was a fake anyway;
giving his name would not make any difference. Although gave away his name was
surely uncool, like losing his ground, but it was much better than being violated.

He determined that will do, Feng Ming opened his eyes said, "I called Feng Ming."

"Feng Ming? Feng Ming... "Duke Rong rejoiced whispered, his head moved closer to
Feng Ming, whispered into his ear, "I am Rong Tian, keep that in mind.

Feng Ming once again faced with passionate kisses, from the ear extending to the lips,
continued slowly into...

It so insanely sweet that he could not refused, withdrawing all his strengths and
ultimately making he forgot to fight back.

He understood this man, although had agreed to let him off today, but if he not going
to receive a passionate kiss he will not departed. Feng Ming mournful for his own
destiny and his body right now, barely able make any resistance if he wished to come
out alive. His eyes tightly closed and prayed that the regent will be quickly satisfied
so the man could leave him a little faster.

Just think of Duke Rong as a woman ...

Feng Mings eyes closed, wholeheartedly enthusiasm kissing back, as if his lips put
onto an imaginary girlfriend.

Continuous warm feeling inside his mouth constantly numbs and pleasures mixed and
overlapped each other.

Honestly, this guy does have very good techniques ...


Chapter V

It would state for Feng Ming that his disorder royal life was officially begins.

He had complied with many burdensome rituals, and as a crown prince, he neither
respected nor received any flattery. On contrary, he was more like a very importance

It was soon enough Feng Ming learnt from gossips that the old prince self was very
appalling person, if he had not drunk than he would fooled around, and if he saw
anyone with powers or influences like Duke Rong, he would immediately trembles
and afraid.

Although Duke Rong violated the prince was a secret but it known openly in court,
Feng Ming of course was the first who had experienced this.

"This is the worse." He really bored just sitting in the princes quarter, Feng Ming
tilted head back and sighed.

Chiu Lian stood beside Feng Ming, not knowing what to do but staring at Feng Ming.

"Chiu Lian, do you think Duke Rong will come today?"

"This...Where His Grace is occupying; your maidservant would not dare to guess."


Feng Ming discouraged and turned his head away.

All the maidservants were treating Duke Rong with greatest respects and fears,
comparing with Feng Ming their attitudes often completed disagreement.

Thats Cao Cao, what so good about him? The most scoundrels in history are always
like this white face guy.

He suddenly stood up, went quickly out to the door. Chiu Lian hastily prevented him,
"Prince! Your Highness, where do you wants to go? "

"I am bored to death!" Feng Ming raised his voice screaming, transported the loud
sound out to the open space, the courtyard.

Three seconds later, the palace guards rushed to his doorsteps and respectfully
requested him to return inside the princes quarter. It was impossible to escape with
the guards now stood outside; no matter how many hundreds of thousands
manoeuvre, he had tried to flee. He stopped, saluted, and requested to return to his

chamber by the palaces guards, "Please forgive me Prince, Duke Rong ordered that
with recently events, there are many spies have been sneaked into Xi-Rei, for Your
Highness safety, without the permission of His Grace, the Prince will not allows to
leave the princes quarter."

"Im not a prisoner." Feng Ming shouted loudly like thunders, the praetorians ignored
him, bowed and then back out the room, moreover secures the door of the princes

Day after day, the same acts constantly repeated.

Feng Ming indeed bored, the ancient palace, although may be stunning decorative, but
if you kept looking at it every day, would it not become pointless. The palace was
supposed to have many fun things to play, but no one dared to provide some of the
amusements to the prince. Why should they when the prince has no power, stepping
out to sycophantic him.

Feng Ming angrily charged forward to kicks the bed. "This is so boring. That person,
Master Tong, how comes he had not returned here? "

The only thing was interesting were memories of those days when Master Tong learnt
some manners from Feng Ming, the "Prince" for being disrespectful.

The prince and Master Tong caught in brutal fight; luckily for both, were not gone
through martial arts school. The two facing each other but nobody dared to break it

off, everyone knows Master Tong always have the backing of the regent. Beside Duke
Rong and Master Tong, the other person that no one dares to touch was the royal heir
of Xi-Rei, the crown prince.

They could only do was, to watch the nobles fighting.

Master Tong was not sure what sort of medication that this prince had taken, that he
could have changed so quickly and not terrify of being injured, everything darken
before him, aggressively he leaving the princes quarter.

He ran to Duke Rongs quarter re-telling the royal princes brawl, instead of getting
comforted from Duke Rong, the regent had rebuked him instead, Master Tong warned
not to step inside the princes quarter again.

"Will I have to live here and be miserable for the rest of my existence?" Feng Ming
saw Chiu Lian bringing the food, face dejected.

Feng Mings thought about the hateful face of the regent, it was not bad if I could
gave him another two punches, compared to this depression which being held here
that would be more enjoyable.

After that ardent kisses incident, the Duke Rong had accepted Feng Ming status,
leaving him faced his new life alone as a prince. He heavily sighed, suddenly heard
the sound of flattering from servant outside, "I bid you well Duke Rong." It was
same as when speaking of Cao Cao and Cao Cao is here.

Feng Ming slapped his mouth, hopping to revive his spirit afresh and ready for a

Duke Rong upon went inside the chamber, saw Feng Ming was boiling ready for a

The prince was radiant in spirit, standing at the door, as if compared with Duke Rong
tallness, a depth of light inside his eyes were ready for a clash.

"Oh, arent you spirited" the regent slowly approaching Feng Ming, seeing the other
man was vigilance, so he stopping immediately in front of Feng Ming.

Looking at both sides of the room, Duke Rong in his deep voice commanded,
"Everyone out."

Everyone, including Chiu Lian, were voiceless walking out silently, shut the princes

The four sides were soundless, immediately he could feel the tensions eerie like
supernatural have appeared. Feng Ming influenced by the atmosphere, could not help
from being little frightened.

This Duke Rong, what he wants from me? Last time Ive already gave him my name,
this time may be just telling him a few minor details would be just fine.

The Duke Rongs eyes stared at Feng Ming, he could felt an enormous pressure was
getting close, closer to him, the regent pretend laughing and enquired, "Crown Prince,
your servant come to bid on your wellbeing."

The regent breathing was passing into the ear caused him felt unnatural, Feng Ming
started to mobile his legs, but in that moment he found himself had hugged tightly by
Duke Rong.

Duke Rong from small age have been thoroughly martial arts trained, hours of habit,
his hands were wide open, with little effort had Feng Ming embraced closely to his

"Hey! How dare you, insolence to a prince!" Feng Ming glared up at the other man,
the regent has a robust body, whatever he had intended to payback by striking at him
with two punches, was a useless dream.

"Kukuku, Prince..." Duke Rong was touched his chin slightly, careful evaluating.

He was beside the prince for many years, even used this body to satisfy his lust.
Nevertheless, until now he never really had observed the princes face closely. It was
the first time that he did not saw contempt as he looked at this person that he held in
his arms, suddenly come to understand that the prince was not only gorgeous, even
more, he experienced an overwhelming force of attraction, so appealing that he bent
down and kiss Feng Ming deeply.

After that hot burning kisses, which had imprinted into his soul and memorise in his
heart, Duke Rong could not forget the fake prince that lived inside the palace. He
went to examine all suspects; still there was no way he had found about the other man
background, who is Feng Ming.

Feng Ming, a name that had touched his heart.

"Feng Ming," Duke Rong was gentle spoken, transmitted into the ear of Feng Ming,
and ordered, "Speak my name."

Name? Feng Ming was startling and tilted his head to gawk at the regent. He
remembered Duke Rong had told him his name, but then at the times he had attacked
repeatedly, even more so violated, how he could support to remember what the damn
name is.

Duke Rong was glancing at Feng Mings lips for very long time and wait for a replied
but no sound come out of it, it seems the other man face became monstrous changed
and seemed to be in deep thoughts, and the regent dangerously asked, "Im waiting?
Had you forgotten my name or you are bad at recollection?"

The regent was considering that this beautiful man before him might actually had
forgotten his name, immediately the thought caused him with great anger, burning
arisen inside.

Until now, no one had dared to treat him this way. His name, Rong Tian, would cause
everyone in eleven kingdoms to trembling all over; including the other monarchs
enemies would not dare to disregard him.

"What if Id forgot, it was not such big deal?" Feng Ming did not cared, he was
completely unaware that Duke Rong was trying to control his angers, and instead he
had poured oils over the burning fires.

Immediately, his beautiful lips violently seized.

Duke Rong brought out all his yearnings to enjoy the pleasures, he was dedicated to
trample Feng Mings lips, and he wanted very much to kiss Feng Ming until the other
man was breathless.

It was a pleasure.

The last kiss was extraordinary, for the last few days, Duke Rong tried to suppress his
desires, since he had to investigate Feng Mings identity. Now, his thoughts were
back retrospect on the kiss.

Numbs and orgasms were spilling from the kiss, Duke Rongs mind was full with
lust. His male desires instantly flared.

It was not the first time he had assault the prince; nonetheless this was the only time
when he was flooding with lust.

After kissing passionately, Duke Rong placed Feng Ming on the bed, eyes hooded
with menaced as he was surveying closely over the stunning body.

"Do you know what the princes responsibilities are?" Duke Rong was taking off his
own clothes in an even pace, "The most important thing is to please me."

Being forced numerous times kissing, Feng Ming reluctantly sat up on the bed, just
turned his head he could seen the robust body of the regent, instantly sighed.

"What do you want to do?" Actually, he does not need to ask; just watching every
action was making by Duke Rong had clearly showed the regents intention. Feng
Ming reluctantly gave a suffered smile, "Even if I do not able to remember your
name, why should you be incited like that?" It was seems even if he was going to tell
the regent a few stories about himself, he knew the opportunity to escape today was
not very high.

Duke Rong had finished taken his clothes off; exposing the arrogance statures body,
step by step approached Feng Ming.

Duke Rong laughed softly, like a hunter gratification when he saw he had finally
cornered the prey. The excitement in the regents eyes causing a great due of dread to
Feng Ming.

Feng Ming saw Duke Rong was coming to touch him; he immediately on defensive

barked, "Stop! Stop! "

It seems that a foreplay game had began, like the cat sharpened its nails, ready
playing with the mouse, was a very interesting prospect.

Duke Rong saw the fears on Feng Mings eyes so he stopped charging toward the
other man.

"What?" Duke Rong raised an eyebrow.

Is he going to lose his virginity today? But lost it to a male? Feng Ming knew it was
impossible physically fight back against Duke Rong, the strength between them was
obvious, he will surely be total assaulted by this man, everyone will surely hearing
about this tomorrow and hell be a laughingstock.

I am a modern man, a man from the future surely are more intelligential than
someone in ancient time. At times like these, what sort of knowledge should I use?

Feng Ming closely paid attentions to Duke Rongs movement, he tried preventing him
from being attack and as the same time quickly accessing his memories, checked out
all possible strategies that he could recalled from history, especially those strategies
for the weak to win against a stronger force, examining all the possibilities.

Especially those strategies where a male being forced against, would be the best?

Duke Rong was beside Feng Ming, did not wanted to wait anymore. Why should he
stood by Feng Ming unclothes, would it not better just to clutch the other man and
stripped him bare then smoothly stroking his body?

"Come here! Let us get closer, more intimate." Duke Rong step-by-step progressed
forward; his eyes itched wanting to remove all of Feng Mings clothes. When his
hands touch Feng Mings flesh, the other man suddenly cried out, "Ok I got it! I got
an idea!" Happiness appeared on the face, he felt like dancing for joy.

King Rong amazed by Feng Mings action; he stopped and asked, "What are you
thinking about?"

"I cannot tell, cannot say." Feng Ming was silly laughing for a while, suddenly
remembered that this tactic should not be told to the regent, make a serious face once
again, he was sincerely staring at Duke Rong, "Did you not said my responsibilities as
the prince is to please you, true or not? "

"Yes, you use your body ...."

"No, not that good, using this body to please you is certainly an old method and no
long popular, how about we doing something different?"

"Use another way?" Duke Rong was looked at Feng Ming desirable, "Use your

"No, of course not." Whispered and chastised inside him how the regent have one
track of thought, lust, Feng Ming smiled and said, "Have you heard about "a
thousand and one nights" yet?"

"No, never."

"No, that is very good then. How about were going to play a game, for example, my
role is the king wife, and youre the evil king, who have been marrying a new bride
every day, but the next day you would killed the bride. Starting today, Ill tell you a
story every day, Ive not finished yet, you shall not ... "

Feng Ming was highly inspired, suddenly could not spoke. He had stopped by the
regent, Duke Rong had no ability to be patient, surged forward, pushing down on top
of Feng Mings body, and his aggressive lips went straight toward the constantly
opening mouth, talking.


Chapter VI

The strong body was covering up Feng Ming, which had stopped him from talking.

His body was reactive, as lips touching; the top of the regents tongue had wrapped
around his own.

The air had becomes more moisten, covered with excitement.

"It has been a few days since Id last touched you ..." the regent spoken in the deep
baritone, overwhelmed with craving, Feng Ming was easily knew of his intentions.

Feng Mings eyes widen, terrified face was looking at the other man that was become
magnified as he drawing nearer and nearer to his face.

There was no doubt that this situation will eventually come, but he did not know when
it would come and at what time. Of course with the regents domination and abilities,
whatever he had fancy, he could just opened his arms and easily took it.

"Oooh .... You.... This ... "

Is he going to lose his virginity today? Feng Ming was momentary alarming,
desperately struggling against the assault.

Duke Rong had the top of his tongue moving further inward invasion, one-step
onward playing with Feng Mings tongue.

What to do now?

Feng Ming head was chaotic screaming.

Since his limb had oppressed, and the best way now was have to use his soft mouth to

do the protest.

There was not enough time left to reflect and he finally made his decision, Feng Ming
decided his goal was biting Duke Rongs tongue, but it had escaped. He founded that
when being violate, intensely kisses would be impossible prevented from bitten his
tongue. Moreover, his lacks of control during his traumatised experiences.

Duke Rong was obviously an experienced veteran. Once Feng Ming was stirring his
teeth, the regents eyes suddenly shone sharply and immediately withdrawn his
tongues from Feng Mings mouth, free from the danger just a few short seconds.

"Want to bite me?" Duke Rong raised an eyebrow and asked, he suddenly saw fresh
blood gushing out of Feng Mings lips massively, he was in dismayed, grabbed Feng
Mings collar, shouted, You want to suicide?

Feng Ming although may apparently looks similar like the previous crown prince, but
he inner spirits strength was far stronger.

"Anyone? Go and get the royal physicians! "

Fresh blood was still rushing forward, King Rong grabbed Feng Ming's clothing,
aggressive orders, and Dont you dare die! Are you listening or not? I have not
permitted you to die! "

The tongue was hurt too much, have it broken apart? Feng Ming was anxiety but also

glad that Duke Rong had withdrawn from him, he will not be "dominating" by that

Although "Thousand and One Nights" strategy was despite a failure, unexpected the
strategy with the tongue bites was a success than he had not anticipated though very
gratified with himself.

He absolutely would not tell Duke Rong that he had meant to bite the regents tongue
instead when the other man withdrawn out so fast that he had bitten himself.

The royal physicians arrived quickly as they heard Duke Rong roaring, and then
lightly bandaged the prince. The regent was no longer interested in seeking pleasure
again that night.

Tonight, at least he had escaped.

Feng Ming was closed his mouth with the tongue newly bandaged, obediently closing
his eyes to sleep.

The next day, the tale about the prince bitten his tongue and serious injury had
transmitted throughout the palace. Initially the rumour was the Prince accidental bites
his tongue when he was eating. Then, the tale happily changed the crown prince may
had have drank wrong medication, that he rejected the regent advancement in which
infuriated Duke Rong, thus the regent had brutally punished him by bitten his tongue
until his tears was rolling, everyone are outstanding when re-telling the story as if

each was there and seen it with their own eyes.

As for Duke Rong, he the only one who had yet heard this latest rumours in the
palace. Feng Mings action from last night had made it clear to him; he finally lost his
usual composed self.

Whether it was male or female, none had ever refused his favoured or because of his
desired that they would seek death. His position itself was important and he also
extremely talent, who would not want to be chosen by him to become closer associate,
especially as lover? Sometimes it was the fear of his power, sometimes it was the
desire for vainglory, automatically offered him their body.

Last night, that fake prince in front of him without hesitation suicide, bitten his own

Seeing the fresh blood was flowing from Feng Ming, Duke Rong was very angry
indeed. Should have immediate seriously tortured him, tormenting him until he
satisfied with pleasure, especially to shows Feng Ming that the regents command
would not be refused.

However, when he saw Feng Mings tongue was bitten, the other man was only not
being terrified but had lifted his eyes and stared defying at him, for the moment the
regent thought he saw a cougar juveniles was still growing.

The spirits strength and fragile beauty oddly mixed inside one body. Moreover, the

regent understood, Feng Ming now was still untainted and he wills growth into a more
beautiful and even more attractive person.

He had thought about Feng Ming until midnight, decided not to treat this assassin the
same method as he had with the former prince.

This kind of person, needs to have treated accordingly, this is the wisdom of how to
exploit people.

With this new idea, the next day the regent arrived early in the morning to the princes

Inside the prince chamber, Feng Ming had opened his eyes; awaken from his slept,
immediately he saw the worries on the maidservants faces.

It seems that it was better to be a prince that receiving punished by the regent; he
revered by others rather than be like the previous one, no good crying prince who had
let Duke Rong walking all-overs.

"Your Highness, youve awaken." Chiu Lian approached and helped Feng Ming to

"Ahh?" The tongue still swollen; Feng Ming can only generate aa sounds.

"The royal physician said that for the moment you will not able to eat anything, could

only intake a little rice porridge, may be two days later if youre progressing better,
you can eat some fruits."

White-hot porridge immediately offered to him.

Everyone was focused watching Feng Ming, they could not understand why the
prince, which usual like a mouse before the regent, was now, completely changed.

Feng Ming sucked a mouthful of soup, felt the throbbing wound acting up
immediately. He frowned, trying hard to swallow up, almost without pausing to
exhales and inhales to ease the pains on his tongue.

It was all due to that Duke Rong, who should just die! he could not help but to feel
hateful and grievances toward the regent.

"I bid you well Duke Rong." The sound of greeting was outside of prince chamber
echoing virtually into his ears.

Indeed, it was true with the phase that reminding of Cao Cao and Cao Cao is

Duke Rong felt good; it was rare that he should arrived at the princes quarter so early
in the morning.

Duke Rongs court clothes was neat, impressive, it was looks perfect on his tall

statures. It was indeed a perfect portrait of a very handsome man. If he had born in
modern times, only to just to make appearance on television, he sure will have many
fans falling for him include male and female.

Feng Ming saw Duke Rong approached him, in the heart suddenly raised with sour

What was a bloody fortunate fate? Not only have met Cao Cao, but the Cao Cao he
was met looks like a super-star.

The regent stood in front of Feng Ming, he was about wrapped the other man into his
arms and kiss him, but he remembered last night scene, when this man was absolute
defiance and referred suicide, he focused his sight onto other things next to the bed,
he asked, "Is your tongue getting any better? Is it still hurt? "

Feng Ming did not speak up. Even if he wishes to talk, he could not speak.

Duke Rong turned his head and saw Feng Ming sat there closed mouth. He once again
recalled last night, that mouth does not stop preaching because the other man wanted
to stop his excitement but now it was silence, his heart suddenly burnt.

Under the sun light, he was aware the fake prince really hundredfold handsomer than
the old prince, just one example, his expressive eyes, was so beautiful that no one able
to equal it.

To make a comparison between them was surely greatly insulting Feng Ming then.

In that moment, the regent very much would referred to sit all day here and gazing at
Feng Ming, he want to see if this man was doing any more startled thing or not.

Unfortunately, there many important issues of Xi-Rei are waiting for him to take care.

"Ill go for court meeting, be good and sitting here, do not make any further

Duke Rong sat opposite Feng Ming, looking at him for a long, eventually stood up,
obviously want to linger but have to leave, "I shall return to you this evening."

What? Back here again?

Just heard the remark, Feng Mings eyes widen, was angry staring at Duke Rong.

The first time I have to gave away my name, the second time my tongue was wound,
the third time...what should I used to protect my virginity?

Think of this, Feng Ming shuddered.

Duke Rong knew what Feng Ming was thinking; make a laughing sound aa, smiled.
He had made up his mind to treat Feng Ming differently than the real prince, those
appalling thoughts about Feng Ming from their early meeting was gone.

His feelings was very good, so natural when he speak, it was sound far more gentle
than usual, comforting said, "Be not afraid, tonight Ill not forced you."

When he finished, he nodded slightly towards Feng Ming and departed.

It was unthinkable, Feng Ming including all maidservants inside the room, was
surprised at the regent attitude.

Duke Rong was indeed acting strange today. First, it was starting with the prince, now
it was the regent and the whole situation had become more disturbing.

Although he was not welcomed the visits from Duke Rong, Feng Ming knew he could
no way stop the other man.

There absolutely no strategy he could able to use, since that person was official ruling

As darkness descending, Duke Rong had arrived.

"I have just finished the assembly, still not have supper, I want to have supper with
you." Upon entering the princes chamber, Duke Rong had turned and ordering the

Want dinning with this guy?

In this moment, Feng Ming had no appetite and moody bowed his head.

Duke Rong enjoyed watching Feng Ming who could not hide his hearts, then thought,
how odd for this person to be an assassin? May be because he have similar shapes as
the crown prince, he was chosen?

"Why? You do not wanting to have dinner with me? he was not sure why, just
having Feng Ming within his present, Duke Rong felt very cheerful, whatever stresses
he had been dealing today concerning the nation problems was suddenly all gone.

The regent was aggressively enticing Feng Ming to the dining table, he was eagerly
tasted the food then described how well the cuisines were cooked.

"This is called bone stew dish of minced duck, duck used was raised exactly two
months old. Two days early before cooking put the duck inside a clean cage, not
feeding it with anything, just a cup of soy sauces. The hungry ducks of course will
drink it; results having the soy sauces seeped into the bones. When the duck was
cooked, put some onion, and the taste is great."

He should have know that Feng Ming was injured his tongue and was only could
drank soup, though Duke Rong was accidental explained the process of cooking.

Feng Ming just have plain porridge, the aroma of the cooking duck tortured indeed, he
could stop himself turned to look at the dishes, time after time with each dish, none

were edible, he can only tried to swallow his saliva.

The regent watchful gazed, noticing every movement from his loveable companion,
was suddenly roaring with laughter hahahaha.

The servants both inside and outside of the princes quarter, heard Duke Rong
laughing was shocked, for he was always been a serious person.

Duke Rong was laughing while Feng Ming glared angrily. This action until now was
regularly been used, he had exercised it at least ten times a day, now when these two
eyes glaring, it able to portrayed reproach and resentment sentiments, and it was from
that their love started.


Chapter VII

The little scene was erotic, Duke Rongs heart miss a beat, like lightning strike his
heart, he laughter abruptly on hold. The regents eyes suddenly lighten up with praises
and applauses.

Although Feng Ming was a man, but to be stare with admiration from a powerful and
handsome man, his face could not stopped from flushing. Suddenly he was
remembering the trailed of love marks across his body, his heart rates was beating

"Feng Ming!"

"Ah," just heard Duke Rong called; the other man was already there cause Feng Ming
to jump up. "Ai ... Ai ..." He patted his chest, shocking replied.

"Do you still remember my name?"

"A..?" this is not good, Feng Ming remembered the last time just because he had
forgot his name, that bad luck incident happened right after that. Feng Ming bites his
lips, forced himself to scream aloud, "Oh ... Rong ..."

Feng Ming was stealing a glance at the regent face. Please god blessed me, begging
you for thousands of thousands of times please let me survived this.

As expected, he totally did not remember my name. The regents elongate eyes

"Ill repeat one more, my name is Rong Tian." He said coldly, "If you ever forgot
again, I will punished you."

Rong Tian, Rong Tian, will certainly not forget it again, if not this person would
surely assaulted me.

Feng Ming, repeat these two words until it definitely recorded inside his heart.

His movement was pleased the regent. Duke Rong cold face suddenly appeared a
warm smile, like an ice block form into a single blossom peony flower.

Feng Ming saw Duke Rong was smiling and not bored staring at it; he did not dare to
take a blink either. Laughed isnt that much better? If this white face guy in modern
times, he was sure have earned buckets of money.

"Feng Ming, let us talk." Duke Rong was sitting next to Feng Ming as he looked
intently at him.

What to do with a spy who was likes this?

He obviously is assassin, I should have thrown him into the dungeon questions him
using torture. Nevertheless, looking at him, he is truly loveable, if destroyed him isnt
that too regretful? Although he is very attractive, isnt that the types that they are
using for assassinator now? Even if he extraordinary one of the best and extremely
talented that unmeasured? It seems, the only ways was to exploit him, then persuade
and convinced him to stay by my side, this is the best approached.

"Oh .... Ai .... "Feng Ming was opened his mouth, words spoken was not clear. Since
he had injured his tongue, the emitting sounds were very funny to listen, like a
babbling child learning to speak.

Should I just ask him to go away? Feng Ming was not sure how to voice his wishes.

The princes quarter was boring, this guy appearance here nonetheless does help me
feeling refresh. But he also brings a great stimulus, that I do not know if I could able
to sustain it or not?

To selected between bored or stimulation. Forget it, this guy is exceptional, even if I
was asked him to leave me alone he would not, I guess there is no choice but to face

Both were determined with their decision, as their eyes were crossed each other, the
regent smiled coldly.

Feng Ming knew Duke Rong laughed was profound, he felt uncertainty and insecurity
of the situation and immediately alert.

The regent thought the little assassin was interesting, even the way he was smiling is
very attractive.

"Feng Ming, where were you born?"

"Ay ..." Feng Ming was afraid of Duke Rong since he could not speak, using his feet
pointing to the ground.

"Even now you still not admitted youre assassin?"

"I am ... actually" the tongue was injured; he could not hear what Feng
Ming said.

Duke Rong watched amusing as Feng Ming expressed with his hand-foot almost like
dancing, he was laughing hard and nodded, "Okay, okay, I understand, you said
youre the crown prince, not fake, right?"

Feng Ming nodded.

"You said youve fell into the water, forgotten everything, so you give yourself a new,
called Feng Ming, true or not?"

Feng Ming nodded back, held up the thumb in front of Duke Rong.

Although the thumb was not mean, anything to the regent but the other man knew
Feng Ming had praised him.

"But from beginning till end, Im absolutely does not believe in your ghostly tale. Id
decided that youre a spy! In Xi-Rei, spied crime is burning to death." In contrast to
the gentle words the regent was using, his face sudden sharply contrasts.


Feng Ming briefly widens his eyes, was staring unblinkingly at Duke Rong.

Duke Rong said, smiling, "Do not be afraid, you will answer a few questions, just
nodding or shaking your head, I will naturally decide if you are a spy."

Feng Mings eyes once again reacted, blinked twice.

"Do you know how to use a sword?" Feng Ming shook his head. Duke Rong said
coldly, "The Prince has been taught by the best swordsman, also instilled himself, if
you are the prince, shouldnt you know the art?"

"Oh .... A .... No ... .. oo ... .. ", What are you doing, you dared to trapping me like a
fool again! anger shows on his face, his hand was pointing to heaven and earth.

"Ah, are you trying to said, that since you had forget about the past, the sword skills
also had forgotten."

Feng Ming was constantly nodding away.

"So are you still able to remember, if you have deeply in love or not?"

Feng Ming, head scratched, nodded, shook his head again.

"Is that a yes or a no?" Feng Ming was hesitated a little, suddenly shining eyes, nod,
and nod.

"Yes? I ask you, who are the people that you craving for? "

"A .... King ... .. O .... That there ... .."

Duke Rong was stared at him, suddenly smiled, "Youre not a fool, so intrigues. Not
wrong, yes, everyone in the world loved his or her parents. "

Feng Ming was glad that he had passed once more, Feng Ming lifted his voice
snorted, Hn.

"Despite the ..." Duke Rong paused; his eyes were suddenly lightened up with
treacherous thought, "What the King and the Queen called?"

Feng Ming was momentary felt dizziness.

The crown prince name he did not know, how would he knew about the parents of the
prince name is. Despite the maidservants were sometimes mentioning of them, but
they would not dare say those name out directly.

Duke Rong knew Feng Ming could not able to answer, he too doesnt have ill-will so
when seeing the other man puzzled, opened his mouth to assist, "I know, I know,
youd fell into the river, all was forgotten, right or not? "

Feng Ming was nodding.

After the regent had asked bunch of questions, Feng Ming was shaking with

headaches. If he could response he did but if not he just replied wildly.

Duke Rong did not paying attention to the answers, he had been quietly revamped the
answers, and he could drawn two conclusions. First, Feng Ming absolutely was not
the prince himself. Secondly, he was not the enemys spy either, because if he is a
spy, of course would prepare a few basic knowledge of the nation not poorly
answering likes this.

So where the heck was he came from?

Their talking was long, and it was late into the night.

Feng Ming was impishly energetic, handsome, the more the regent saw him, the more
he had fallen deeper in love, he was desired to be nearer to Feng Ming. The regent
smiled and said, "If you've forgotten all of Xi-Rei customs, since I am the regent, Ive
a duty to educating you. Starting today, I will teach you all the royal ceremonies and
anything else that you have forgotten. "

Teach? Etiquette? There also other things?

Instantly, a persistent image of Duke Rong, seriously stern face appeared inside his
head. Feng Mings beautiful face changed, as he grimacing and wrinkling, making
him instantly look like a clown.

"If you dont want the education, youll be punished, you have to remember that."

As it was expected, Feng Ming was lowered his head, grunted, it was indeed a
misfortunate to become a prince.

"Tonight I will teach you the first ritual, a ritual farewell in the evening. How the
prince and most important figures head farewell, because as a prince, you wanted to
exhibit self-confidence and respect to the high official, you will kiss his lips. "

Are you kidding? You want to exploit me?

The eyes immediately cracked open, glaring at the regent.

Duke Rong saw Feng Ming rolled his eyes, puffing his cheeks like a child, try hard
not laughing in the abdomen, seriously said, "My prince, you are a prince so you must
respect our cultures, if youre not able to accept the ceremonies, you would only
proving that youre not a real prince, but a spy. "

A spy thus burned dead. Feng Ming mentally added the remark for Duke Rong.

In the end, this eccentric conceited man was relying on power; threaten me to get a
kiss every night.

Even if I wanted to or not, maybe I should temporarily yield for once?

He still contemplated but Duke Rong already had approached beside him. The regent

breathing warmly on his face, causing Feng Ming felt itching and uncomfortable.

Duke Rongs tongue was flicking around Feng Mings sensitive lips, meticulously
teased, but not vicious like last time, as if he was concerned from further injuring
Feng Ming so the regent was not entering his mouth.

Feng Ming was flavouring covered of a man, as the kisses dazed him. The regent was
more appropriate in teaching kisses than a teacher to teach him on etiquettes.

Finally, Duke Rong wrapped up the evening with a kiss, which shows how
remarkable controlled he had had.


Chapter VIII

Since then Duke Rong, become a regular guest of the princes quarter.

The regent found it was more interesting to spend time with Feng Ming
mischievously under the sun than previously at night humiliated the real prince.

Duke Rong taught the royal ritual, however he mixed many other activities for his
own satisfaction, of course these actions were phony. Moreover, there was a lot of

"Meeting have to kiss, when leaving have to kiss, before speaking have to kiss, have
to kiss before have a meal together, before go bed have to kiss ..." Feng Ming
frowned, spread fingers to count.

His tongue had gradually recovered, his mouth was more flexible, and wherever he
could, he would pick a fight with Duke Rong. He knew that eastern kisses than a
western kisses were the regents lied, but since he was simply want to avoid
angering Duke Rong, after that event "bleeding", he could not do anything but yield to
him a bit. Anyway, both were men, so one cannot say who was suffering a loss.

Duke Rong will not automatically be satisfied if only a simple kiss, but remembered
Feng Mings spirit, last time he had almost die, so the regent have been very careful
when dealing with Feng Ming.

They both keeping their private thoughts, if they knew each other thoughts, they were
actually was accord.

"If every day is like this, Im afraid of the mouth will be swelling soon, who ..." Feng
Ming aggressively glared when he notices Duke Rong who had stood next to him, he
deeply sighed.

The regent was at the table contented writing, listening Feng Ming sighed he put the
pen down and said, "Do not acting like that, youve been skip writing for a few days
now, you shall write today." Regardless of whatever happened, Duke Rong just
wanted Feng Ming to live as the status of a prince, if so; he at least must learning to

imitate the handwriting of the real prince.

Nevertheless, Feng Ming absolutely refused to write.

The regent carried the brush with ink spot over and gave it to Feng Ming.

Feng Ming looked oddly at the ancient brush/ feather brush, his head turned towards
Duke Rong, seriously said, "OK, how about this, Ill tell you a very interesting old
story, called Alibaba and ..."

Duke Rong did not care about Feng Ming speeches, pen tucked roughly into the other
man hands, gave him a warning eyefuls,

Feng Ming looked at the brush in hand, then continued his negotiations, "Let see, why
dont you write a word for me to see, when you a write a word, Ill give you a kiss."
He thought this was the best scarified he could afford.

Duke Rong was not like his usual self, he was displeased at Feng Ming suggestion
and his face began to deteriorate unpleasant.

Feng Ming glared at the Duke Rong for a long a long time, eventually biting his teeth
said, "Fine! Ill do it! "He stopped a little and then said," If you saw it, youll not be
ashamed of it! "

He eloquently marching before the table, sound of rustling from writing, he began

written the entries, keeping the text fluently, then threw the pen down, implied he had
finished and the regent could now take a look.

Duke Rong was wondering what going on, watching him writing was marvellous, but
thought it was unusual, started to walking toward the table.

Feng Ming did wrote something, as soon as he eyes saw it, he immediately standing
still instil with fears.

"Happy? Are you not ashamed seeing it? "Feng Ming slightly enjoyed mocking the


"You, yourself are the Regent of Xi-Rei, Xi-Rei prince writing worsens than a dog
and youre not one bit ashamed!" Feng Ming roared, then stopped, coldly told him,
"Anyway Ive lost memories, all of this is not related to me. Okay, from now do no
force me to use feather pen, you should know that I only used ball pen." His bottom
sat down on the chair, handpicked the teacup and raised it up to drink.

Duke Rong eventually reached to his side, a hand grabbed Feng Ming,

"You little brat, do you know what life and death is, even youre dared tease me?"

"Let go! I couldnt breathe! "

"Ill teach a lesson."

"You ... o...o ..."

Their body were intertwined, soon were passionately kisses, and the fervently
enthusiasm continues for a long time, the peach sweet wine tasted overtime seeped
into the throat.

They lips were finally separated; both panting and chests were throbbing.

Feng Ming flushed turning away. Impertinent, if this continue, Ill be from a general
demoted into a lover of man, if I did turned into a gay then, eighty percent Ill become
the who at the receiving end, uh this is unacceptable. If this progress is continuing, I
will have to ensure, that Ill top Duke Rong. Done with his thinking, his lips
pursed a smile.

His face is red again, umm, this little brat is easily flushed, he would soon behaved
and be mine. Think of this, Duke Rong could help but laughed.

Four eyes met, both saw the other, a whimsical smile on each of their face.

Feng Ming laugh with me, he is more beautiful every day, perhaps he have been
gradually fallen for me.

This bastard Duke Rong is surely laughing deviously, Ill certain to be more careful,
never to let him thousands of times, ten thousands be on "top".

Day after day, everything was going well for their relationship. Each still was waiting
to meet their sweet outlook in victory soon. Duke Rong also had not asking Feng
Ming to display any more of his calligraphy skills after that tragic event again; Feng
Ming could not find the opportunity to work on his plans, to be on "top" of Duke
Rong either.

"Crown Prince, this is a new tribute fruits, Duke Rong has offer them to you."

Isnt this same as those beautiful women who were intensive care for within the

Boring, boring, boring ... then like them I will wait here for old age to strikes.

"Chiu Lian, I want to go out for a bit."

Chiu Lian felt it would be difficult thing to do as she turned looking at the guards
stood at the door, But without the orders of Duke Rong, Your Highness could not
leave the princes quarter."

"Hn!" Feng Ming gave a glared glance at Chiu Lian.

He knew his actions was no use there, the only effect was leaving the maidservant

heart faster and flushed, it does not scares anyone at all.

"Ah! Im bored to death "Feng Ming was suddenly yelled, startled everyone to jump,
the princes quarter door guards was immediately withdraw their sword and looking

"Why are you screaming? Everyone in the palace could hear you. Duke Rong voice
was echoing suddenly from behind.

Feng Ming immediately turned around, pointing his finger at the regents nose said, "I
say unto you, if you continue like this then I will surely die! Definitely, Im going to
die! So, you if want more kisses on left, kisses on right, then go to find someone else
for them, do you understand? "

Duke Rong laughed softly, his stature shows a firm body, like a tip of a lance,
immediate lightened up, "Its turns out that youve been naughty because youre
bored, okay, Ill take you out for riding, do you agree?"

"Riding a horse?" Feng Mings eyes was shining, immediately vigilant, "Is there a
conditions to that?"

"What could you have possible to exchange?"

"OK then, I tell you a tale, The Little Mermaid ..." Feng Mings story was blockage in
the throat as Duke Rong kissing him.

"Do you know? Every time were kiss, you have your eyes wide opened; the space
between us was very, very close, looking at my face." Duke Rong sucked up into the
sweetness of Feng Ming, said softly talk under his breath.

I must see if his lust have reaching to his head yet, so I could prepared to deal with
it. Feng Mings eyes continuing to crack open wider.

"Okay, Ill take you horseback riding." As soon as Duke Rong let go of Feng Ming,
he was breathing happily. "The agreement is... that you allow your servant, me, to
help His Highness changing to riding garments." The regent was speaking into the ear
Feng Ming, using singing rhythmic tone whispered.

Concupiscence man!" Feng Ming replied, in a lower voice agreed, "Very well,
agreement is accept."

Inside the room, they were alone as Duke Rong had chasing everyone out; he started
to take the clothes off Feng Ming.

Feng Ming slender body appeared before Duke Rong.

The regent had not until now detected, this body image before his eyes were causing
his chest broadened and his lips turned dry.

"Hey, do not look!" Feng Mings eyes were terrified, shivering as he saw the light in

the regents eyes, he just afraid that Duke Rong would lose his head and take further

If it was strength, of course, Feng Ming was surely a loser.

It seems Duke Rong was having an inner battle for the face was creepy, and then he
started to touches, strokes, as he helped Feng Ming into riding garments.

"Hey, do not fumble."

"Feng Ming, youve beautiful skin, shiny like silk."

"Of course, hn... but you should not fumble."

The crown prince and the regent were alone in the princes quarter changing clothes;
it was at least half an hour or even more, when the prince walked outside, his face
were extremely beet red, spreading to the tip of his ears.

Latest news about the crown prince has been spreading throughout the palace like


Chapter IX

Feng Ming had a notion that both alone would be riding on two horses like a rocket
speedily over the vast plains.

The truth, it was only inside a lawn, surrounded by wooden fences, they were still
completely inside of the palace, which makes him even more disheartening.

Next, a servant led to him an animal, it did not look like a horse, and it should have
called a mule instead.

Wild horseback riding seems to be a romantic outing but it turned out that he will be
riding a weird beast instead; Feng Mings eyes sent a lot of resentment, shooting at
the Duke Rong direction.

Duke Rong did not bothered to look and explained "I think youre no longer
remembering how to ride a horse, so you must first relearn to ride on a small horse
and then when your skill improved you may riding a stallion, that ought to be safer. "

Feng Ming pent-up anger said, "Youre a liar."

The servants around them kept their mouth close from laughing.

Feng Mings pride would not allow him to be riding on a "mule".

Duke Rong reluctantly ordered and sighed, "Someone get White Cloud here."

Just a moment, they could hear horses neighing, powerful resonance reaching the
blue clouds. The servant led a large horse to them; the body hair was white as snow.

The horsehair was glossy, purely stunning, just look at it, the name was fit the beast
perfectly. Feng Ming eyes immediately lighted up.

The regent saw Feng Ming greatly elated, could not help smiling, turned lifted onto
the horse, then helping the other man up to ride with him, "This is my beloved horse,
known as White Cloud." Duke Rongs legs thrust on the horse abdomen, the horse
immediately whinny, four hoops dashing forward.

Feng Ming raised his voice and shouted, it was his first time riding on a horse,
compared with high-speed roller coaster ridding this was on a lot more exciting.

White Cloud golloping very fast, just in short times, it makes three rounds around the
lawn. The regent finally pulled the reins for the horse to stop.

"Keep going! Keep going! "Feng Ming leaped for joy.

"Ive the court assembly; I cannot play with you."

"Just in time, you can go; Ill ride White Cloud alone."

"No." Duke Rong dismounted, pulled Feng Ming down with him but the other man
would not let go of the reins, "White Cloud have no regard for others, he will injured

you. You could ride the other horse for now." The regent pointed toward the mule
that grazing the grass nearby.

Feng Ming glared at the tiny horses, immediately protesting, "No! I want to ride a real
horse; I want to ride White Cloud! "

It was never good result after they fought; he was not even allowing to riding the
other tiny horse either. Duke Rong afraid if he was leaving him here by himself, he
would surely will have an accident, finally pulling him along to the assembly.

When they entered the court, the courters and generals eyes openly stared at Feng

This is the crown prince that was hidden in the inner palace, why Duke Rong had
takes him here to the conference? They have heard all sorts of bizarre rumours,
where there is a fire surely there are smokes. The relationship between the regent and
the crown prince, which seems to be rumour, was immoral sorts. After the courtiers
regained their astonishing, everyone turned to the prince and formally saluted Feng

"Your subject bid Your Highness in good health."

"Crown Prince."


Feng Ming saws that everyone here have a little respects for him, he knew the crown
princes image was not a good one thus they were disregard him, he swore inwardly at
the old worthless prince, causing his succeeder to walk a harder path.

Duke Rong face was stern; he felt like playing a little, tiny voice asked, "Duke Rong,
should I use the rituals to respond?"

Duke Rong looked at him harshly, low voice replied, "Those rituals are only reserved
for Xi-Rei Regent." After reflection still not feel safe, immediately warned, "Feng
Ming, youll not kisses your subjects, do you know that?

When everyone sat down, Duke Rong had arranged Feng Ming sitting at the middle
position, which is supposedly, where the crown prince sat.

Right in the middle of the room, located a detailed model of the nations, and created
by porcelain. Large and small flags placed all over the map; even curvy roads drawn
on the map. Xi-Rei has quite large borders, there were many lands but a lot were hills
and mountains.

Feng Ming look carefully, remembering Duke Rong had mentioned once, this periods
have a lot of conflicts between nations, compared with Spring and Autumn Warring
States period, these times seems to be even more chaos, constantly struggles.

"The national borders with Tong kingdom is currently in disputed, there are many

bandits founded in this area, they have been killing our people and pillaging the food

An old veteran with long white hair cracked a snort sound Hn, "my opinion is that
Tong kingdom interested starting a quarrel, if not, why sent soldiers to hunting these
bandits, which directing them to flee between our borders?

Duke Rong low baritone spoken, "General Chu pleased patient, and we knew Tong
Kings hostility. However, the immediate emergency is to find a strategy how to deal
Lis ambassador. "

Feng Ming was listening, tried to sorting the information, it seems they had changed
the issue and speaking regards to two different nations, quietly pulling Duke Rongs
sleeve, asked, "Where is Li kingdom?" Since there are only few people in the
assembly, they could easily hear if they were stretching their ears, so Feng Ming
words had reached them. Although the prince was worthless, but it was unthinkable
that he do not even know where all the other countries situated. Contemptuous eyes
immediately once again focused on Feng Ming.

Duke Rong whispered, "Li country is here." He stood up, his finger pointing to a huge
land mass slightly to the south, calmly said, "Our Secretarial Historian Official was
assassinated in Lis kingdom, so we, Xi-Rei ready declaring war with Lis country "

"Hnn! They clearly intended to provoke us! I, Tong Jian Ming will not show any
mercy to Li King."A middle-aged general holding tightly on his sword, stood up

roared angrily.

Feng Ming heard the other man calling himself Tong, and thought, This guy eighty
percent is a relative with that Master Tong. At their last meeting, Master Tong was
humiliated ran off, he thought that Master Tong did not return for revenge because he
was waiting when Feng Ming to be off guard, he had no idea that Duke Rong had
warned the other man not disturbing Feng Ming again.

Duke Rong mused for a moment, shook his head saying, "Li King had ascended the
throne at a very young age, and aspired to rules all kingdoms under heavens, this
person should be quickly eradicated. Except, Tong Kingdom is next door like a
hungry tiger waiting for it prey, if illogically deploy the military, it will provide him
an opportunity to lead invasion."

"Was Secretarial Historian Official is very important person? According to your

opinion, should Xi-Rei officially go to war with another country? Ah, I dont
understand; why are you so desire for war? Would be more enjoyable if everyone
lived together peacefully? Anyway currently the globe population are still very
small. Feng Ming was suddenly involved himself in the discussion, non-stop giving
his outlooks.

When Feng Ming just opened his mouth, it had drawn everyones eyes on him. In
their heart, everyone thought he was trying to interrupt their discussion, but
remembered his identity, all they could do but glared silently.

Duke Rong was the only want to protect him, he answered him, "Whether the border
was invaded, or Secretarial Historian Official was assassination, are particularly
important issue to our country. If Xi-Rei did not response appropriately, our kingdom
authorities prestige will be taint, our skills and talents citizens will be leaving and
allied with other countries. "

Feng Ming nodded. It seems in this period is the same; highly regard for skills and
talents people. Moreover, similar to warring period, talents people may leave their
country at any time.

"Duke Rong, the most important is the border issue; we should declared war with
Tong kingdom, and showed our superiority."

"Border scene concerned was for a few small inhabitants, it was Secretarial Historian
Official assassination, so we must be directed out attention to Li King and demand

"If these are the case, both countries were being provocative, why not simultaneous
declares war on both countries."

"Tong General, we could not declare wars simultaneous, I fears Xi-Rei do not have
enough resources."

They discussed about half a day and did not able to make a decision. Duke Rong was
worries related to the national future thus could not subjectively make a decision.

Repeatedly said, ultimately the assembly just want to clarify which issue is more
important: being provoked at the border or the Secretarial Historian Official killed.

Feng Ming had heard them babbling all one morning, was getting irritated, he
thought, these ancient generals are dawdling bunch, and verbalized requesting,
"Can I go out for walk?"

He did not dared spoken his demand aloud, so none was bother replied him, including
Duke Rong was no exception, who had immersed in politics.

He had been prolonged sitting, want to stand up a bit. When Feng Ming saw no one
noticed, he stood up and about sneaking outside. However, before he could move,
Duke Rong saw him, a hand grasped hold of his, "Crown Prince where do you want to
go?" whispered, "we are in middle of important discussion, be obedient and sit here,
do not make me more muddle.

Feng Ming had long restrained, seeing Duke Rongs solemn who had took upon the
burden of a nation, and then he saw more people turned toward him, pretending
reverently the prince but were annoyed in their heart. Immediately, he recalled in the
early morning that he was nearly force riding a mule, eventually takes all these angers
and mixed them inside his heart. The more he thought about it, the angrier he gets and
the more his face become redder, suddenly shouted, "Youre discussing the nation
affair, then why are you held me here? I am just a puppet, youre all knew that. Hn, I
still dont know, why a bunch of generals, discussing a relative small matter so noisy

for half a day, in the end you still havent able to achieve anything? If I were the boss,
I would fire the lot of you then. If my eyes do not see, then my mind shall not be

"Trivial matters?" Chu veteran general asked, "Crown Prince, do you sees declared
wars on two countries are a small matter?"

"Yes!" Feng Ming aggressively glanced, glaring at him and continued his rant, "If you
wanted declaration of war then declared, go to war, no need to argue if the border
situation is critical or Secretarial Historian Official dead is important? Do you not
have a process for foreign policy? Hn, people in during warring states period
compared to the more intelligent than you lot, also known Far Allies Near Fights
[defeat the close enemies by foreign alliance]. Idiot! "

In that instant, all the listeners were heard the hissing screamed then suddenly Feng
Ming was silently calm. Everyone focuses crown prince who was abruptly angry.

They have yet reacted, already Duke Rong was holding Feng Mings front garment in
his hand, with persistent force, almost like tearing him apart.

Duke Rongs handsome faces approached him then dangerously queried, "What did
you just said?"

It had been a few days since the last times, he saw this anger side of Duke Rong and
Feng Ming was a little perplexed.

"I say ... I said ..." the tip of his tongues seem sealed, Feng Ming was silently scolded
himself for being garrulous, gulped and then daring to continue, "I said youre all are

"Before that "

"Before that, huh? I said the people during warring states compared to the more
intelligent than you lot, idiot. "

"Not that!" Duke Rong raised his eyebrows, lightly roared, "After that!"

Feng Ming finally understood, "Ah! You asked about ' Far Allies Near Fights? God,
how I did I not think of it!" He hitting his own head immediately expressed with his
hand and feet, "I know, youre now in conflicts with other countries, but have not
officially form a war theory. Okay, okay, it seems you are more backward than the
warring states period, hahahaha, I thought you had developed to the stage similar to
Tang Dynasties. It seems, the food you make, the level is not bad, may be better than
modern times."

Duke Rong did not stopped Feng Ming pleasurable wander, he kindly waited for him
to finish speaking, control agitation in the heart, slowly asked, "Well, Crown Prince,
now let us return to the good question, something called 'Far Allies Near Fights? "

"What? I? "Feng Ming pointed to himself with incredulity.

This is what they mean, intelligent people who loved learning but willing and not
hesitate to ask those who below them huh? They obviously had been looking down at
me before. He turned and looked at the generals.

No one dared to believe but theirs appearances of rapture lay out before him.

Feng Ming did not know that, in this period, diplomatic tactics and combat theories
are widely scholar search. These countries had been wanting to united all the
kingdoms under their, thus have been seeking a concrete method of advantage, to use
efficient other than the use of forces, but have not able to found it. Feng Ming of
course had the knowledge which had formed over several thousand years, easily cite
before them, "Far Allies Near Fights" four words, if the average person heard them
would mean nothing to them, but if it was reached the ears of high officials who
immersed in politics, it was like lightning strikes into their ears.

"Crown Prince!" Chu veteran general immediately separated from the crowd, of
course, stood and reverence before Feng Ming said, "The remarks of Your Highness,
Far Allies Near Fights, must be relationship between countries, we should not be too
uptight, but have to considered which country's position is appropriate when
conducting an attacks. Therefore, first we must occupied the country closer to our
borders, this will far more convenient for food re-supply troops and resources? If this
correct, this policy, would be immense method for conquest? Chu Hieus thorough
listening to you. "

Feng Ming have never thought how he said just four words, and the old fox have no
basis understanding should rambling on about what these words mean, oddly
exclaimed, "Do not make thing up, this is people policy, this policy is not yours. I do
not teach you how conquer and invade other nations." immediately was hidden behind
Duke Rong.

Duke Rong knew he frightened, smiling gently, bending into his ear said, "You could
say whatever you want, and tomorrow Ill take you to ride all day on White Cloud."

"Really?" Feng Ming could not believe what he had heard, and immediately
exhilarate his spirit. He moved forward from behind Duke Rong began to enlighten
his audiences, "All right, in fact I the crown prince wants to study this great logic thus
have not leaving my quarter. Come here, so Ill share my knowledge with you..."

That evening the palace had a new gossip once again spreading.

The Crown Prince had favoured by Duke Rong; the regent had allowed the prince to
participate the discussion during the assembly. Not only had that it seemed the
generals, whether young and old turned weird, all delighted with the beautiful prince.

Inside the princes quarter, Feng Ming was very irritated with Duke Rong.

"Why did you prohibit them not to speak about my talents? Are you jealousy of me? "

Duke Rong shook his head saying, "Yours position as the crown prince was already

very dangerous. If other countries learnt that our Prince was also full of wisdom, they
are most likely will send more assassins here. It best that outsider believe that youre
still a worthless prince. "

"Haha, so you admitted that Id wisdom." Feng Ming was only half listened, only pick
up the encouragement part from Duke Rong and he was immediately become

Duke Rong was provocative by his smile, advanced and embraced him as he pecked
on his lips. "I know inside your mind, you still have many things left unsaid."

"Of course, there is much information in my brain; there is no way I could just able to
inform everything to you in a short time? Do you want to hear or not? "

The regent lips was perked up and asked, "Is there an agreement?"

Yes! Youll be underneath and Im top for once.

He knew, for ten thousand times, ten thousand, these words he could not able to
directly demand it out loud, Feng Ming rolled his eyes, smiled and giggled, "I would
like to have some weapons on me, as well anaesthetics, bizarre chains is also good."

"Why?" Duke Rong vigilant eyes narrowed looking closely at Feng Ming.

"Didnt you just said Ill facing many dangers, and there also assassins right? Of

course I want to protect myself."

" Anaesthetics?"

Oh no, he was such a very terrified suspicious person.

Feng Ming impressed, could not do anything else other than automatic offered his
pink lips, tried to distract Duke Rong.

Oh No, why is this become a habit, what now? Also, I starting to hope he would
falling into my trap each day.

Feng Ming silently curses himself, I've gone astray and very naughty ....


Tong Jian Ming (Tong Sword Diligent/Hardworking)

Twelve Kingdoms Map

Chapter X

Duke Rong did kept his promised, the next day have taken Feng Ming went out

Feng Ming had seen White Cloud, dancing around, after he rode a few laps with the
regent, started to use both soft and hard tactics, so he could able to ride White Cloud

"No, youve yet proficient in riding, how could I let you riding White Cloud alone?"

"Oh? Last night who said that Im full of heroic and wisdom, very knowledgeable,
and talented?" Feng Mings eyes glared.

Duke Rong said, "I was only want to indulge you, as a Prince, how could believe
other people flattery as fact?"

"You tricked me again!" Feng Ming cried loudly, resentful as he tried to sway his
body around.

Since two of them are on horseback, their physical were very close, when he moved,
instantly making Duke Rong responded. Moments later, Feng Ming felt something
below very hard was pushing up; Feng Ming was momentary feared and become very
pale, he did not dared continue to shift.

"I already told you not to be upheaval." The regents chest was throbbing a little; his
eyes were hot burning fires, staring at Feng Ming.

The servants watched from a distance; do not know what had been arisen.

Feng Ming felt the regent body had blazing behind him, apparently, the yearnings
have initiated. He remembered reading a few published press regards several lawsuits
violated by youth violation, he felt numbness on his skin, mildly enquired, "I will be
very good and dismounted the horse, you shall wait a bit and when youre feeling
better than dismount too, is that OK?"

Duke Rong had been tried very hard resisting, if he to go down, he will lose his

"Wishful thinking." Duke Rong had no intention to negotiate, showing intensity

characteristics, causing Feng Ming to be more frightened.

"What do you want? It was your own fault with those licentious thought." Feng Ming
glared at him, I warn you, Im now known as the wisdom Prince, you cannot touch
my minds. After yesterday, he able picked up the amulet thus immediately throw out
to protect himself, completely unaware that his glared, was erotic, which had ensnared
Duke Rong, who immediately placed him on the lower arousal body.

Although the regent knew, he could not quickly possess this person before him;
however, Duke Rong did not want to let this opportunity comes to pass.

"What do you want to do?"

"Of course I want your help to neutralise my craving." They both were trying lower
their volume.

Feng Ming hand was boldly drawn backward, covering up the vertically arousal penis.

He immediately understood what Duke Rong requested, red face and yelled,

"Are you going to assist?" Duke Rong could not prevent himself from asking, even
though he had tough mentality but he does not want rebuffed.

The air temperature under Feng Mings hand, had shook him up, intense vibrations
transmitted, thus make Feng Mings heart rate rumbling faster. As White Clouds rear
were carried two people, graceful strode, creating rhythmic harmonious, making the
air gradually becomes hotter.

In a moment, Feng Ming was neutralising the stimulating issue, except he began
ensuing his own excitement.

Feng Mings bites his lips said, "The deal is, since I am helping you, you also have to
help me."

Duke Rong heard the deal cause his own more ached, his tongue become bitter and
dry, have been found it was more difficult to cool down and now even become more
painful, hoarsely accent, "Hurry up a bit, why are you dawdling?" Immediate physical
effort moved and thrust his hand entering Feng Mings undergarment.

They both sitting on the tall stallion, the two were slowly stroking each other.

Both were intense but worried that the servants would know which had stimulated
further excitements.

"I thought youre virtuous." Duke Rong was gently caressing, ridiculed. Based on
respiration had revealed Feng Ming own excitement, as well being under his touching,
the regents chest expanded almost exploding as they progressed.

Feng Ming could not stirred in respond, unable to open his mouth, even his neck was
flushed with colour of pink, and he could only bite his teeth and not makes a sound.

The electricity was non-stop spreading from the tips of their fingers, stirring up the
demand from their bases; soon the pleasure brought all the satisfaction gradually
appeared on their faces.

"Oh ..." at the last moment, Duke Rong suddenly kissed Feng Ming, help to snub his
groans from heard.

The liquids were transparent sprayed onto each other hand.

"Fortunately, White Clouds body is white." Duke Rong used his garment cleaning his
lower body, slowly as he eases his breathing.

Feng Mings soul was gradually returned, his hand was about to move down his body
removed the stain.

"Wait a minute." Duke Rong prevented him, he pulling out a handkerchief exquisitely
embroidered from his chest, entering inside Feng Ming and scrubbed it clean.

Feng Ming red face shyly said, "Thank you ..."

"Youre welcome." Duke Rong brought the dirty handkerchief up said, "Ill save this
as a memento," and then formally put it inside the chest.

Feng Ming widen his eyes, he was speechless. It was very long before he shriek
aloud, "Duke Rong! You are a perverted his vocal was soaring, echoing the lawn.
His sanity was gone so, why would he bother if the servants were over heard?

He was just about to dive right at the regent to take it back and destroyed all evidence,
but stop when his ears ringing a sound of a horse golloping came closer.

"Crown Prince, Duke Rong, so you both are here!" Tong general was immediately
laughing, ha ha said, "Lis ambassador and us had reached an agreement,
Secretarial Historian Official dead will not damage our diplomatic relations. The same

with Tong country, we have sent a message, that they should hand over the bandits, if
not we immediately launch our troop. However, there are still other matters of the
kingdom, request my lords to attend the conference."

"Ill not go!" Feng Mings eyes glared at Duke Rong or shows he would ever discard
the idea of going to change his mind.

"We'll go soon, Tong General." Duke Rong remained calm as usual; give a gentle
smile at Tong general direction, then a lower his voice in Feng Ming's ear, "If you
agreed, Ill return it later."

"Why dont you give it back now?" Feng Ming also lowered voice.

"No, you must go with me first."

"You shalt return it."

"Of course." Duke Rong turned, told Tong General who was waiting nearby, "Tong
General, please go ahead, after the Prince dismounted, well be there."

"Well ... then Ill take my leaved." The general was no fool, saw those two faces were
monstrous visage and constantly whispered, knowing an odd story was there, urging
the horse to leave.

"Feng Ming ..." Duke Rong saw Tong general had gone, his hand suddenly embracing

Feng Ming into his chest.

"What are you doing?" No matter how hard he tried to shove he could not escaped the
regent strong arms.

Their bodies strength differences easily divided.

"I warned you. Do not upset me further. "Duke Rongs eyes lightened dangerously,
his expression was very serious, looked straight at the other man, and Feng Ming
made voluntarily cease his movement. The regent said softly, "I want, very much
want to put you down on the ground. Do not make me have an excuse to do so."
Strong wind pressures were suddenly against Feng Ming almost could not breathe;
Feng Ming was once again panics.

Duke Rong laughed, "I do not want you to be afraid. Anyway, I knew your heart
would not change so quickly, eventually I will eat you, do you know that right? Let us
go to the assembly."

He turned and dismounted the horse, holding and brought the other man down.

Feng Ming scared, his spirit still confounds, following Duke Rong, and eventually in
a small voice asked, "When will you give handkerchief back?"

"You are not a woman, why are you having thin skin like that?"

"Men's skin must be thicker?" they continued their bickering undertone, together
entered the court hall.

"Bid the crown prince wellbeing!"

Voices greeting him roared like thundered this time, shocking Feng Ming.

The generals now, suddenly changed to different people, their eyes held with
reverences, as formally greeting Feng Ming.

Feng Ming was silently muttered, these high officers, changing their attitudes so
fast? Even a modern person like me would have to take time to adjust.

Since he was the prince, it was his first sensation had someone admiring, he felt very

Duke Rong saw Feng Mings own gratification and whispered into his ears, "Do not
be easily enthusiastic, if they were found out that you are an imposter, immediately
brought you outside and burning you very quickly, will definitely be those people. It
was like have a bowl of cold water poured over his head, washing away Feng Mings

Feng Ming was cursed inside, said through gritted teeth, "I am really is the prince,
you do not need have to doubt it."

Duke Rong laughed, did not pay further attention to him, and walked directly to his
chair and sit down.

Feng Ming situated at the middle seat.

Everyone sat down and began to discuss the country issues. Feng Ming does not
found these issues were very exciting, yesterday he show off, because he driven by
anger at Duke Rong, now listen a bit arbitrary, and began wandering his absent
thoughts everywhere.

"Crown Prince?"

He was pensive thinking on how to get his on White Cloud for riding from Duke
Rong, suddenly heard a voice calling his name.

Feng Ming was tilted his head up, saw a general face looking at him respectfully.


"Crown Prince why are you so sad? Is the extensive taxes policy we have been
discussing not well grounded? "

Feng Mings eyes glanced around, everyone within hearing the request was watching
him, and he guessed they were waiting for him to speaking something profound.
However, he have nothing to input regarding to tax? Feng Ming for taxation, and

finance until now had always been ignored them.

"Nothing's wrong, you could accordingly executed as discuss." Feng Ming hastily

Chu general face changed oddly, take a long look at Feng Ming, then said, "But your
subjects has yet choosing the policy for taxes ..."

It was truly a greatly lost face! Feng Ming face colour immediately turned ghastly

"Prince have a little exposure to tax regulations, since he does not know, thus do not
fault him on this matter." Duke Rong countered the situation because he wanted to
find an escape route for Feng Ming, but the language he uses had ridiculed him, Feng
Ming revived and immediately driven by rages.

Moreover, he had been thought for a while, regarding on how he can instantly "eaten"
by Duke Rong.

Why had I used my hand to help him? Not only that he was used the handkerchief to
wipe aftermath!

Just think about where the soiled handkerchief was now, in the infamous chest of
Duke Rong, the more he becomes angry.

Feng Ming made Hn disagreement sound, arrogantly said, "Duke Rong, what you
said regard to this matter is not true. Your Crown Prince although have very little
exposure to tax regulations, but I do have some depth understanding of the issue."

The official, Hei Minister of national taxes department surprise said, "Oh? Please
Your Highness, your servant are awaiting for your counsel. "

Everyone wanted to see the prince once again showing his genius, instantly leaning
their neck forward.

Feng Ming wishes he could bite of his hateful tongue.

Ah, it seems he had fallen into a trap again. He was glared aggressively at King Rong,
before glancing back at the audience, directly speaking to Chu general said, "This ...
please recap on what you have been discussion regard to the tax policy and after that
Ill proceed."

"If the crown prince already has depth of knowledge, clearly there no need for us to
going over this again?" Duke Rong was leisurely observed Feng Mings being felt
remorse, lips slightly curved and smiling sarcastically.

Feng Ming was clumsily concealed his face, now had become ghastly green, he would
very much like to fire a bullet at Duke Rong to see who is better. However, he still
sane enough to know that if he directly attacked that headstrong Duke Rong, he will
be the one who get hurt, words of course are mightier than a sword. Therefore, coldly

smile, stood up walking towards the model in middle of the room, look at people
around, then slowly said, "Art of warfare record, if you know your enemies and know
yourself, you can win a hundred battles without a single loss. Although I do know
about the tax regulations, the specific issues detailed analysis of course are different
for each case thus needs to be brought forward before I able to applying them to XiRei, then Ill able to counselling you. "

Those spoken words had making everyone terrified, including Duke Rong also
stunned, sitting aside inspecting Feng Ming speechless.

Feng Ming saw their surprised, since he already have the same experience yesterday,
so he did not feel so weird, he was thinking, those words I said, not only is the
essence art of war Sun Tzu strategy, also argued using modern political concept, thus
these "ancient people" were bewilder was not so extraordinary.

As expected not for a long time they recovered, eyes were looking at Feng Ming with

Tong general bowed his head, admiring said, "Crown Prince is mighty, indeed very
profound. Prior to Your Highness arriving, we were discussed how we are using
military personnel and understand how rival military are using theirs would greatly
help in battlefield. Knowing your enemy and knowing yourself, hundred battles
hundred wins, really is a logical quotation. It seems that your subjects have not
thought that far ahead, that military rule may able apply to the tax regulations, that is
amazing, amazing! "

Feng Ming knew when he said, "logical quotations" on the tax regime is like a drum
beat down, reverse horn blowing, hastily moving subjects and turned against the
taxation minister said, "Do not babble anymore, you have yet mention about the tax
regimes of Xe-Rei. "

Hei Taxation Minister was reverence replied "Yes." he began to explain the tax
regime of Xi-Rei.

Feng Ming have never found them excitement, many nouns as dedicated was not
clearly heard, he yawned, his thoughts once again returning to the handkerchief in the
heart of King's chest. Just a while ago, he was just rhetoric showing off, now he could
not cut off Hei as the other man explained tax issues. All the explanation from one
ears fall out the other ear, his face was portraying extremely bored.

During dreaming sleep, suddenly he felt there was something happened below his
waist; whatever it brought a warm invasion and penetrated into the shirt, which Feng
Ming terrified with concussions, awaken completely.

He did not know when but it seems Duke Rong, hand had managed squeezing inside
his garment and gently stroked Feng Mings body. Since they were both having
esteemed status, compared with others were sitting quite far away, and a table to
cover as well, of course no one would paying attention to this.

In front of many people like that, if they detected will certainly be greatly lose face.

Feng Ming was reluctant not daring to speak out but his face flushed.

Duke Rong again and again could not know how to control himself, when Feng Ming
did not verbalized he swiftly take another step forward , not only touching, but also
slowly moving down, grasped it softly.

"Ah," Feng Ming temporary cried for once.

Immediately everyone eyes were focused on his face.

Hei tax minister stopped, surprisingly said, "Crown Prince is there something you
desire to counsel?"

Duke Rongs hand was inside Feng Mings garment quickly retracted as soon as Feng
Ming had opened his mouth. Feng Ming sighed a little, glancing at the audience, said
slowly, "Hei Tax Minister, you were said the nation is divided by ranking official and
nobles, hence according to their ranking they will be provide land and slaves, this was
then will be assessed and taxes. However, beside officials and slaves in Xi-Rei, are
there no longer other citizens that are freeman? How these citizens are taxes? "

"Your Highness regard to this matter, your servant had already explained."

Duke Rong was beside him, respectfully restated, "Prince, based on hierarchical
provided terrains, the local citizen will be under ownership of the official who the

land was given to.

Feng Ming glared glanced at him for a second, eventually also be looking down,
nodding, "I understand it, this place is still slavery, all land belong to national or
aristocratic. Whatever land that the people are dwelled, then they belong to that


"So ...." Feng Ming excitement suddenly thought of another subject, immediately his
eyes rounded, "So does that mean the palace is belong to me?"

"This ..." everyone eyes were directed to Duke Rong.

Duke Rong was coldly broken Feng Ming's dream, "Xi-Rei nobility, are all
considered as slaves of Xi-Rei King, required obedience to the Xi-Rei King. Youre
only the crown prince." Before Feng Ming could opened his mouth, the regent
added," As for the princes quarter also is not belong to the crown prince."

"Hnn!" Feng Ming knew that the speech intended as a warning to him, suppressed his
anger said, "As such, this approach is slightly unfavourable for the development of the
country. As I know, slavery was so backward; the only way to support the country
advancement is personal dynamism, hence able to allow civilization to be expanding,
lead to international competitive. "

"What?" Feng Mings words caused Hei Tax Minster to be very excited and asked,
"Please advice what is personal dynamics development? Why the concept is
powerful? How can we able to proceed? "

"It is not a thing, it is a characteristic." Feng Ming scratching his head, he was
wordless; he did not want to explain anyway. However, his eyes caught the regent
mocking laughter eyes, immediately his spirit was back, "Ok it is like this, if you are a
slave, working very hard every day but have no hope for a better future, hence would
not keen to work. Therefore, if people are not slaves, and will get reward for their
work of course people will try to do improve. In such case, when everyone in Xi-Rei
making efforts to drive forward in their works and skills, Xi-Rei consequently will be
prospered. This is the application for non-slavery. "

"What the prince wants to said is psychology control one-self?" Duke Rong asked

"You could put it that way." Feng Ming nodded, then a low voice, "Give the
handkerchief back to me."

Duke Rong lowered his voice and replied, "Just see that piece as a reward for me,
used to stimulate my dynamic personal development."

Feng Ming was so wrath that he frozen in the spot.

Chu general said, "Forgive your subject ignorance, but promote active for individual,

although is very interesting, but I could not see it usefulness?"

"With the military force, how do decide a general?"

"Your subject is born of a noble family, at small age have been martial arts training.
Xi-Rei kingdom pick out those from noble family and rank to find the best man for
the job, thus based on descendant. "

Feng Ming was stomping his feet said, "You got to be kidding. Based on linage to
choose the generals, no wonder Xi-Rei have so many enemies blatantly provocative.
The best way, based on the individual leadership ability to be choosing as the
generals, whoever has integrity and abilities could advance their position, promotion
through competition, therefore driven everyone to be the best, through their own
charisma and natural qualities to lead the troops. "

Tong general exclaimed, "If so, a commoner can also be a high official? This can
never be possible. "

"What do you mean impossible?" Feng Ming glance a look at him, "This is how you
choose the finest general, without waste the talents of a person. Heroes are born
without origin; do you understand? "

When he was finished there was an upheaval, they all were speaking their rejection all
at once. Feng Ming was just one person and could not battle over so many angry

people, so he was flushed with annoyance; stepped out of the court hall and strode
angrily back to Princes quarter.

Duke Rong followed him, to the princes chamber, immediately ordering servants
from both sides to go outside, and embraced Feng Ming, held the other man to his

"Let go of me! Those entire idiots, a simple logic they would not understand. So is it
true that ancient people were fools? "

Duke Rong laughed, "Do not be hasten, I know you're right. Heroes are born without
origin, kukukuu, I did not know youre such an remarkable person, to have thought of
this doctrine. "

"Yes, compared to those idiots who only knew of lineage and inheritance, youre
much stronger."

"Why should you be this angry? Moral is good, of course, it will be considered.
Although, this cannot be rush, just because youve enlightened them, it is not possible
to get it initiated instantly." Duke Rong pulled Feng Ming to lean closer on him,
intimate said, "This nation authority is in our hands, whatever is there that we cant

In his eyes light, Duke Rong pledged was no doubt has shown an arrogance of a
leader. Feng Ming suddenly tilted his head upward, looked stunning at the regent, just

see this man before him, as very rare conqueror, handsome exceptional person.

A person like this, thus definitely will natural become a legendary figure in history.

"Why? Why are you staring me likes youre spirited away? "

Feng Ming was recently realized the truth, asked, "I could help you to united the
kingdoms under heaven, do you believe? Whether you are Cao Cao, I will still help

"Ruler of all?" Duke Rong collected a smile, quietly looking at Feng Ming, said, "I
believed. From first moment, I saw you; I know you are different from others. "

"You thought I would help you?"

Duke Rong nodded, quickly asked, "What is the condition?"


"Say it."

"First, returned that handkerchief hidden in your chest. Secondly... "Feng Ming tried
to take all the courage, could care less if death appeared in this instant, "Let me top
for once. he was not sure if this sort was considered as blackmail by taken advantage
of other?


Chapter XI

"First, returned that handkerchief hidden in your chest. Secondly... "Feng Ming tried
to take all the courage, could care less if death appeared in this instant, "Let me top
for once. he was not sure if this sort was considered as blackmail by taken advantage
of other?

Princes chamber was large; the sudden stillness almost turned it into a graveyard.

Feng Ming could felt the pressures struck, in apprehensive so he bowed down his

What a lost of face, he supposed to head high, looking at the regent gleefully, tilted
his head sideway waiting for Duke Rongs answer. Even should have hold the regent
chin cheekily, take advantage by directing disgraceful stares, and enjoy watching his

Unfortunately, he had no guts seen as an obsceneness person.

"Let you top for once?" Duke Rong voice sounds was very at ease.

"Yes." Feng Ming bowed his head softly said.

The regent arms slowly circled around the small waist, holding Feng Ming tightly to
his chest.

"But whys only once?" Duke Rong lower voice asked, "If it was me, Ill definitely
say the whole life."

"The whole life and you would agree?"

"So you believe Ill not agree?" Duke Rong laughed coldly, it was the first time that
the regent revealed a little of what had been on his mind. His dangerous eyes staring
into Feng Ming fearful ones, then gently shifted his lips said, "Speak truthfully, why
are you thinking such an absurd notion?"

Feng Ming felt at this moment that he was like a naughty little child, standing folding
his arms for interrogation.

"I want to show you Im not a pushover. Feng Ming was lowering his voice,
whispered into his ears, though his eyes were full of resentment glancing at Duke
Rong, "Do not think that Ive not see that dirty desires inside your heart."

"What? My filthy desires? "

Feng Ming could not stand the pressure in the atmosphere, turned his head upward,
glared at Duke Rong, "So you not were going to admit? From the beginning, you

already desire me; do you think I am naive? Rather than allows other top me, why not
be the first to top you, moreover, the press has exposed that it really hurt being taken
even once ... ... .... ah ah .... "

His words were lost, as it was gently swallowed up by the regent lips.

Feng Mings heart beats faster, his lung was pulmonary congestion as usual, and the
regent lips had made him forgot where he was. Feng Ming was panting, when he calm
down he found he had carried on Duke Rongs arms.

"Hey! Where are you carried me? "

In reality he did not need to ask, the likely place they were heading is the princes

Time becomes more urgent.

Duke Rongs behaviour was calm; his head was looking downward and laughed,
"Didnt Your Highness mentioned his condition? Such a delightful request like that,
who on this earth could refused?"

He could not think this should be that convenience.

Feng Mings thought it was impossible, he had bitten his tongue, "Youve agree?"
looking at the regent incredible.

"Yes." Duke Rong moved quickly, and placed Feng Ming on the bed "Ill let you top
once, in fact, if bilateral agree later, you could top several times would be no

Feng Ming opened his mouth, as if his jaw would fall off too.

"All right, let us start."

Duke Rongs handsome face slowly progressed toward him, the sounds become
lustful and the taste of desires filled the room.

Feng Ming enchanted, bowed his head, with a little hesitation about this situation.

"I ..." Feng Mings face began gradually redder, "I have not officially ..."

"If it is that." Duke Rong concerned revolves into a smile, patting on Feng Ming
shoulder, "If so, let me guide Your Highness, Crown Prince."

In this moment to be call the crown prince, he could not help but thrilled.

As expected, Duke Rong had started guiding him.

"Men sexual intercourse, in fact is similar to women. In Xi-Rei society, when a young
man become an adult, to get courage and strengths, he would needs his body touched,

studying his sexuality, so a vast majority of male experienced. It's just ... "

Feng Ming body was roughly caressing by Duke Rong hands, soothing which cause
him become even redder, reluctant clarifying, "I am not without experienced, but Id
forgotten that all."

Duke Rong heard his feeble lie, put a little force into his squeezing at upright buds
and twisted it. Feng Ming was petrifying exclaimed; his body gave away, falling back
on the bed.

"Looking at the appealing body of the Crown Prince, of course it would be incredible
that Your Highness had never been experienced...just forgot."

Slowly teasing Feng Ming so that his body was burning with intense sexual desired,
then Duke Rong was leaving the bed, taken from the cabinet out a small pot, pour all
that oils into his hands, rubbed it on the lower half of his body, and the rest on Feng

When Duke Rong was rubbing ointment on the body, Feng Ming hastily sat up
instantly, constantly disturbed Duke Rong with his movement.

"Never had thoughts you would be this enthusiastic."

"Dont talk nonsense! Of course, I am enthusiastic since Ill top you. "

"Fine, Ill let you top me." Duke Rong laughed tenderly, placing Feng Mings body
on top of him.

Feng Ming was a bit preoccupied, shook his head said, "It seems not right."

Duke Rong found it was hilarious but asked, "Why is it incorrect?"

"I was thinking that you have to spread your legs, not me doing it, while I sat on you."

"Really?" Duke Rongs hands, caught his waist and moved Feng Mings body slowly,
and adjust his hard erected as it touched at the close entrance of Feng Ming.

"Oh ..." Feng Ming moaned an eerie sound at the sensation, immediately rotating his
lower body away from the regent, his throat had emitted small sounds.

"Feng Ming ..." King Rongs sound had becomes extremely husky, his hands grabbed
Feng Mings member, quickly stroking it to increased his arousal. At the last moment,
he holds it gently into the mouth.

Drowning in Duke Rong actions, led Feng Ming anguished aches almost broken into

"A ... An ... Rong Tian ..."

"Yes, so you know how to call my name." Duke Rong sat up straight away, one hand

clutching on Feng Mings waist while the other hand continued stroking, laughing
softly said, "Feng Ming, do you want me helping you to release it? "

He deserved to die! How could he even ask? Which part that is not good?

This is what it called a bullet is set and was ready to shoot!

Anyway, this was not the time to teach him this modern idiom, Feng Ming can only
nodded urgently, in his eyes had radiated with invocation.

Duke Rong smirked, arms loose, then gently touched it ...

"Ah ahh!" Feng Ming hissed, his yielding body was fallen onto Duke Rong.

Transparent liquids released and sprayed all-over Duke Rongs hand.

Close his eyes as he enjoyed the aftertaste; a light voice was speaking to Feng Ming's
ear, "Feng Ming, our agreement is done."

"What?" Feng Mings chest was still throbbing; it was hard for him to open his eyes.

Immediately he was captivating by the smooth silky skin.

"Did you not release on top of me, how could this transaction is not done?"

Feng Ming started to revive, immediately shook his head said, "Not true, this does not

"What does not count at all?" Duke Rong hugged Feng Ming inside his chest, said
deceitful "evidence of authenticity, if not we call could the guard here as a witness."

"How could a guard able to be witness? This does not count at all!" Feng Ming was
fuming that he stammered.

Duke Rong suddenly dangerous raised an eyebrow, "At this moment I wanted to
violate you ..."


"Youd not noticed, the person who had released from pleasure was you, I still have
not been comforted." Duke Rong was pointing at his own tall erection.

In the instant, Feng Ming bared fangs and claws immediately retracted.

Feng Ming said timidly, "But you have not complied ..." the few last words
automatically withdraw beneath the eyes of Duke Rong.

"Go to sleep." Duke Rong tilted his head looking at Feng Ming for a long time, finally
sighed, "if not Ill not able to hold back."

Feng Ming knew the regent told the truth, there no way he could argue with him about
not complying with the agreement. When Duke Rong relaxed his hands, Feng Ming
immediately was creeping right into the blanket, carefully pulled the blanket over to
cover his body.

"I go for a bathe." Duke Rong stepped down from the bed, kissed Feng Ming
forehead, "We should have take the bathe together, but if we do, something would
definitely going to happen. I do not want you once again bites your tongue, suicide."

Feng Ming knew, Duke Rong had engraved the incident of suicide deeply inside him.

The whole night was like a raid.

He thought he had finally achieved his plan, but ultimately deceived.

Although he should not put all eggs inside one basket, said that he had fooled. It was
not very easy for Duke Rong who has the powers and authority to treat him with such

Moreover ... meticulously hand of Duke Rong, was actually not bad ...

During his reflection, Duke Rong had returned from the bath. Feng Ming hastily
closed his eyes and pretended to sleep.

Duke Rong removed his clothes before gotten into the blanket. The regent

immediately hugged him, causing Feng Mings heart beating rapidly, fearing that
Duke Rong will do something to him. He was waiting for a long time, but nothing
happened and finally fallen to sleep.

It seems that in this world, there was another Lieu Ha Hui, or was it due to a strong
sense of ethical stance of the ancient people?

No, no, based on previous encountered with Duke Rong, obviously he do not know
how to wrote the word ethics, if not then there are no way there is so much wounds
and bruises founded on the previous crown prince?

Feng Ming flow of thoughts suddenly aware the regent chest was warm. He dreamy
and become drowsy, soon fallen into the land of dream.



Lieu Ha Hue one day had an overnight stop before the city gate; a woman was also
staying there. Since it was a cold night, this woman frozen, immediately he takes his
clothes off and placed on her body then embracing her, but his heart never contain any
evil/ lustful deed.


Chapter XII

The next day the sun was just rising, Feng Ming had opened his eyes.

Moments later, he recalled last night, could stop his face from beet red to the ear. He
thought for a long time, whether it was good or bad, the daughter in law must meet
her father, he bite the teeth and turned facing Duke Rong.

Just turned around, shocked, he detected Duke Rong was no longer beside him, he
was sure the regent had slept holding him all night.

Instantaneously a depression feeling arisen in his heart that was hard to describe.

Feng Ming sat up from the bed, looked bewilder at where Duke Rong had slept last
night. The blanket was still warm; showed the vague shapes of person had been there.

Had he hurriedly leaved before dawn?

Chiu Lian was waiting outside early, saw Feng Ming had awaken, immediately come
to help him dressing.

"Chiu Lian..."

"Crown Prince, is there something you needs?"

Feng Ming bowed his head to ponder, then shook his head said, "Nothing."

So Duke Rongs face was thinner than I was. Was he too embarrassed to see me in
the morning that he ran off? Images of Duke Rong covered his face and ran made his
stomach a little upset.

Feng Ming thoughts were silly as he eating breakfast.

A few days ago, Duke Rong had come visited him very early in the morning, brought
many new stories to tell him. During those times at his side, Feng Ming felt the regent
was a nuisance, but now without him here, he started missing him very badly.

After waiting for one hour, Feng Ming could not waiting any longer, stood up, he
immediately ran out the door as he usual do. Although each time the guards would
bring him inside the door, anyway just think this as a good exercise for the body.

As expected, as soon he stepped out he immediately caught and brought back.

However, this time he not arrested from the guard, but it was Duke Rong.

"What happened? It is only dawn and youve suffering already?" Duke Rong finally
was letting go of his shirt, pulled Feng Ming down and sitting at the table beside him,
said to Chiu Lian, "Bring a few dishes for breakfast here.

Feng Ming looked Duke Rong; saw that there no changed in the other man expression

as the result of last night, once again at peace.

"You have yet had breakfast?"

Duke Rong took the chopsticks; pick up apiece of food cooked by royal chief, put in
the mouth and chewed slowly, nodding at Feng Ming.

Feng Ming asked, "Where did you go so early in the morning?"

Duke Rong smiled suddenly; his eyes were staring at Feng Ming. Once again, Feng
Ming was flushing; upset said, Do not think that I care about you."

"Why are you blushed so easily like that?" Duke Rong was signals everyone to leave,
clutched Feng Mings waist and pulled him closer, "Come here."


"Sitting on my laps."

"Forget it! I am not a hostess. "

Duke Rong asked, "Hostess?"

Feng Ming bestowed him a clown face, sticking out his tongue said, "Anyway Im
sure youre not blessed to see one, those were known for their beauties." He tried to

shake away from the regents holding, moved to sit far away.

Duke Rong looked at Feng Ming, put the chopsticks down, put a hand inside the
chest, and then take the dirty handkerchief out.

Feng Ming had seen it, jumped at once, "That mine, quickly return it to me. We
already had an agreement. "

Duke Rong gave him a mocking smile said, "Deposit is only half, waiting until you
had help me to become ruler of all, then Ill paid the other half." He collected the
handkerchief back to where it belongs.

"Are you always going to carry something that dirty inside?" Feng Mings one hand
grabbed his nose.

He was busy making faces so he had not prepared, instantly Duke Rong grabbed his
wrist and pulled him down into the chest.

"Feng Ming, youre fascinating ..."

"Hey! Do not be discourteous to the Prince! "

Duke Rong kissed him as a pay back, affectionate but would not let him go afterward,
serious face asked, "Feng Ming, are you really the crown prince?"

The issue from beginning to now, he had always insisted as his stand.

He immediately nodded.

"You do not need to lie to me, even if you not a real prince, I will protect you well."

"Im not fooled you, I from head to toe, is the true prince."

Duke Rong looked calm for the moment and said, "Watching how youre speak and
working, compared with the real prince both of you are a completely different
person." He suddenly becomes serious deep voice asked, "Feng Ming, tell me
honestly, do you know about the art of soul possession?"

As those words leaving the regent mouth, Feng Ming happiness fled quickly and

He thought about his experience, never had thought that this ancient people,
especially in Xi-Rei able to have the knowledge of soul possession.

Nonetheless, in his situation, indeed the only word that could use to describe was soul

Duke Rong watched his reaction, have already guessed it, sighed said, "So that is the

"The tale is really long, longer than the longest river of Xi-Rei." Feng Ming did not
know what longest Xi-Rei river was, but he did not want Duke Rong to believe that
he had deceived him, only to find an excuse for their transparency.

Duke Rong interrupted his explanation and asked, "Feng Ming, does anyone knew
about your soul travelled?"

Feng Ming saw his serious face, fears arisen, shook his head desperately and in small
voice replied, "I had always said that I am the true prince."

"Do you know what soul possession was signify in Xi-Rei?"

Feng Mings face pales, sadly replied, "Duke Rong, dont you dare scaring me, you
wanted to threaten to burn me again."

"In Xi-Rei past, there have been theories of soul possession. When a body had die, if
help by an external force the soul could take over another person's life, then killed that
owner soul to occupying the body, continue to survive. Moreover, if the soul wants to
live, each day need to swallow another new life. In Xi-Rei, if any person suspected
using soul possession, immediately will be tied at city square, cutting each piece of
flesh off then take out the organs and crushed it hashed, this will stop the soul from
continue possession other lives. "

This story comparing to beheaded Nguy Trung Hien was even more horrible.

Feng Mings face constantly changed in colours, holding and pulling Duke Rongs
sleeve said, "Hey, I did not killed the prince, nor had harmed anyone, you should not
doubt my innocence."

"Okay, I do not suspicious of you." Duke Rong bowed his head, saw Feng Ming was
truly very afraid, this person have always non-stop moving but to sitting still, could
not help but smile lightly and reassured him, "No need to fear, no one knew of the
story should be enough. I do not believe that you are an evil spirit, if not; the first
victim died was certainly being me. "

"Knowing that is good. Duke Rong, you should not scare me anymore, quickly tell me
how you had thoughts about soul possession? Moreover, what are you planning for
me?" Feng Ming hesitation asked, You not going to execute me right? "

"This morning I went to practice martial art, accidentally entered a servants room,
found inside many items for sacrificial offering. I was suspicious, immediately
summon all the servants in that room for interrogation. After questions for a while,
they had confessed that they have been troubles by the prince sudden changed and
thought of soul possession. They quietly arranged for those items, praying for

Duke Rong superficial recapped the story, in fact it taken tortures for them to confess.

Feng Ming naively asked, "I thought I had hidden really well, how they couldve

"This place is the palace, they constantly watched your every step, and so suspicion
was nothing strange? The most important thing now was to stop this rumours
spreading; Ive brought all those who dared to be suspicious of you, put them to
death. "

"What?" Feng Ming cried.

He thought be a prince was very interesting, he had never thought a simple story
could easily brought many deaths because of him.

"Why?" Feng Ming unbelieved what the regent had done and asked, "They are just
afraid, and why had you killed them?"

"Feng Ming, youre very simple person, you should pay more attention of your own
identity." Duke Rong brought Feng Ming back to his seats and quietly voiced,
"Youre the crown prince of Xi-Rei, even if we did not mention about foreign
conflicts, here in this kingdom many are seeking for your death. Just saying
something wrong, if they know, they will not miss the opportunity to execute you.
They just need an excuse, but you not just only bring them any excuse but a very
interesting one. "

The palace was thought to be dazzling, filled with incenses and flowers and birds
singing, but after listened to Duke Rong, immediately turned it into a place where
traps were set everywhere, malicious people all over the places, at any given location

could be the place he would be faced death.

Feng Ming could not help but shivering.

"But ..."

"But what? Harm the crown prince, would mean change the country and the
neighbouring nations situation. The palace is a very terrifying place. You had
physically possessed the crown prince, now you need to accept it. Whether the one
sitting right now in this place was the real prince, but the rumour of soul possession,
do you think they will ignore him? Yesterday I stayed at the princes quarter, because
I want to warn everyone, I had accepted you as the crown prince, regardless of who
dare to doubt you, also dared to provoke me. "

Feng Ming laughed dejectedly, "Duke Rong, it seems I had become more silly, what
could possible happened next?"

Duke Rong caressed his face, smiled and said, "Even if you were to study, ten years
you would not able learning it all. You only need to remember one thing you must be
very careful everywhere, do not seek and do whatever you are fancy."

"Duke Rong do you have no fear, that I am, might be a demon ..."

Duke Rong was laughing, excitedly said, "All my life, the most interesting story, was
that Id met with the demon like you." He then mildly complained, "There is

something that really worried me."

Feng Ming began to stress, "What is it?"

"This body indeed was belong to the prince, the bad thing is, this body was not
withstand the loved of man, the entrance was too tight, very easy to tore. Since your
body was the prince, how I am going to be content? "

Feng Ming looked vacantly as his mouth opens hanged wide and stared at Duke
Rong. Very soon, he suddenly roared aloud, "Duke Rong, what are you saying, is this
how you going to treat your prince? Get out! "

The result was not hard to predict, of course, Duke Rong did not leave the princes

Feng Ming after scared by Duke Rong story, quietly holding the quill pen, practicing
writing, imitates the real prince.

He knew if anyone found out he was a faker, he will surely be dead, no longer he dare
to act against Duke Rong, but started to learn all the things, which a prince must learn.

Two consecutive months, Duke Rong did not want Feng Ming to participate in the
conference hall, refused all pleas of the high official and helped Feng Ming with his

For Feng Ming those two months suffering could not able to describe into words, but
basic knowledge about Xi-Rei and other countries now understood included the
writing, was good enough to show off.


Chapter XIII

On twentieth of December that year, the air was very cold, also the birthday of the
queen of Xi-Rei.

The celebration did not need bothered Duke Rong attention, under routine every year;
chief executive palace had arranged everything satisfactorily. The palace covered with
lantern lights and flowers, all curtains renewed and constantly candles had lighted to
wish the queen perpetual youth.

The imperial officials and nobles offered many rare and interesting items had brought
straight to the queens quarter. All year the queen would not appear outside of her
quarter, just on this date, dresses formally, with the queen crown, seated on a high
throne inside the court hall and received the worship of hundreds of officials.

Every year on the birthday of the queen, the prince led the people to greet her majesty.
Today, while everyone waits for prince but the crown prince was still at the princes
quarter, in furious condition.

"What? You said I have a mother?" After the shower and changed clothes solemnly,
this was when Feng Ming heard of the news, like thunder strike his ears, "I've still got
a mother? "

"There was nothing strange about this? Everyone has parents, Xi-Rei King despite
have been in coma for years, but the Queen was still in charge of the palace harem.
Since the queen like serenity, she has rarely make appearance."

Feng Ming was glancing aggressively at Duke Rong, started wore the crown prince
and court garment then pacing in his chamber.

"Why are you only telling me something of this important now? Suddenly you want
me to lead official to greet the Queen, my mother. Oh, God! She will certainly
recognize that Im a fake!" Feng Ming tenses turned, then tightly grabbed Duke Rong
and would not let him go, "Mother and Child do have instinct connection, she will
certainly know for sure. "

"Now I had just told you, because this is a test whether for these past two months; had
you learnt anything? The palace rituals you have already learn, so for you to act likes
a prince should not be too difficult. If you are to bypass the people in the world then
first you must bypass the Queen. If you could not able to slip pass the people in the
palace, how could it be possible for you to travel as foreign diplomat, they will notice
as soon as they glanced at you. "

Feng Ming immediately exclaimed loudly, "In the future youll make me to travelling


"Youre a crown prince, so of course there will be plenty to do." Duke Rong pulled
him in front, helped him to remodel his clothes neatly, he knew Feng Ming was
anxious so comfort said, "Do not be troubled, the Queen was very composed person,
moreover, Mother Queen and An He is not often meet each other, you just need to
relax a bit, Mother Queen would not be discovered. Moreover, I will be beside you."

Feng Mings heart was content a bit but still in doubt asked, "Why the prince and
queen are rarely met? Are they not maternal? "

Duke Rong mused for a moment then responded, "The palace is like that, youll
slowly get used to it. Moreover, the prince was weak, which the Queen does not care
for such character."

Although the regent was talking about the previous prince, Feng Ming eyes protested.

Duke Rong felt it was very funny so he revised his speech, "It was the previous prince
who is worthless, and why are you so angry?" His fingers stroked Feng Mings waist
to cool him down.

Feng Ming smiled.

Those two people in princes quarter was playful for a while, cause the servants who
waiting outside very nervous, eventually when they arrived, immediately rejoiced,

and following behind them to greet the queen.

They had arrived in the courtyard; already the music and congratulations heard. Feng
Ming knew it was the moment of his challenge, he mind was not at ease, stopped
walking and grabbed hold onto Duke Rongs sleeve, refused to let it go.

Duke Rong saw Feng Ming fears on his pales face, secretly regretted not had advised
him two days in advance. This situation was a mean to training him well, so he forced
to harden his heart, pried Feng Mings hand off, stooped and lifted his voice, "The
Crown Prince is here. backward step by step, leaving Feng Ming to stand alone in

Immediately the gate open, all the official already waiting inside at the early hours
came out, formally kowtows saluted him "Crown Prince!"

Feng Mings teeth clenched, thought to go back to punch Duke Rong very hard, but
now it was not the time to do so. He stood straighter, chest outward, hands waving
onward, in his warm bass sound that had been undergo training for the last two
months addressed to the courtiers, "All Official raised, and followed me to pay respect
to the Queen."

The effort was not waste, Duke Rong had taught him for two months, and Feng Ming
spoken was truly sound like a great leader.

Everyone replied in union, "Yes, Yours Highness!"

Feng Ming lifted his head high and lean his chest outward, leading the people into
gate. Inside was the glorious queens quarter, the road was large, leading directly to
the court hall.

The Queen, of course was waiting here for the official to pay her respect.

Look behind the serious air of respect emanating dignified of pride from the people,
Feng Ming inside thought that he must be emerged into a myth.

Oh God! He was not only become the crown prince of a country, moreover about to
obtain a mother, the Queen, also prepared to congratulate on her birthday too!

Duke Rong saw his vacantly looks, knew it was not right, immediately step forward
one step, whispered, "Please Crown Prince walking toward the centre top, towards the
Queen and congratulated her."

Feng Ming waken from his dream by the regent, remembered the dreadful man have
caught him like a duck stove over a fire, spared a piercing glance, fingers brushed
against the silver crown on the head, took formal steps forward.

He proudly went all the way to the end of the main road, entered the main hall. A
woman in a gorgeous costume sat solemnly in the centre while maidservants rotated
like birds around the stern woman, although she was not as pretty as in his
imagination but temperament was indeed very noble.

"An He wishes Queen Mother a good birthday in his high voice he chimed, Feng
Ming followed the ritual based on what Duke Rong had taught him, knelt down in

This is the Xi-Rei Queen, oh no, if she knew I have been impersonating her son, it
surely will not be happy story to read. Feng Mings thought, could not stop his eyes
glancing after Duke Rong, however, when he taking a peak, there was absolutely no
one in sight.

It seems beside the prince, all others must be kneeling outside the main hall waited to
pay respects. Feng Ming so devoted to his performance, that when Duke Rong and
others had stopped outside the hall was completely unaware.

Feng Ming temporary body was began coldly sweat.

That Duke Rong jerk he dared to trap me! Feng Ming bitten and clenched his teeth.

From the top of his head, a sound transmitted softly.

"My son, you may arise."

"Thank you, Mother Queen." Feng Ming stood up, his head looked up and glanced at
the queen, it seems the queen was also evaluating him. His heart was unease,
immediately bowed his head, and not dared to speak, in the heart felt insecure, feared

the queen saw through his loopholes.

If he could able to converse with her that would be good since she was the mother of
this body.

However, the truth was Feng Ming too afraid that he would make a slip of the tongue,
shamefully stood still for the queen evaluation.

Luckily, the queen seemed also at odd with her own son, opened her mouth to ask,
"My Child, are you in good health?"

Feng Ming silently felt a little strange, if according to the palace tale, for mother to
see her son once a year; why is there so little excitement in this interaction?

He nodded and replied, "An He is in good health." He remembered Duke Rongs

instruction, hastily added into a statement, "Thank you, Mother Queen for asking."

"Are you often read and study?" Is just another question for conversation, it so bland
and cold?

"Yes, your child is still read and studies hard."

The queen asked a few more questions, then said, "Your Royal Father so far had
remained ill, unable to handle politics, all issues big and small, should be best to seek
advised from Duke Rong."

Counsel from Duke Rong? That the best policy to lose the country.

Fortunately, that today Duke Rong and I am were on the same direction, my heart
wishes for him to become a legendary ruler, if not, now would have been a good time
rushing forward and kneel at the foot of the queen, cried and told her all of his sins.

Feng Ming stared at the queen, finally quietly shook his head, looking at the cold ice
Queens stature, there was no way crying out would work with her.

It seemed Xi-Rei did not have future, to get advancement; the best way was to find
Duke Rong.

He stooped down said, "Yes, An He understood, certainly will seeking counsel from
Duke Rong, will not take any liberty to make his own decision."

The cold face of the queen revealed delight approval and nodded, "That is very good.
Where is Duke Rong? Move forward so that I could see your face."

What is so nice to see? Feng Ming said in his head.

Duke Rong immediately advised to come in the hall, bowed down in worship, raised
his voice, "Your subject Rong Tian paying respect to Your Majesty, wished the
Queen live longer as those of deity." He was certainly having manner, hands and legs
were coordinated showing outstanding characteristics.

"Good, good, it was a year since we last met, I heard you have everything under
control and was satisfactory handled the country affair, therefore must reward you of
course." The queen gave him a brilliant smile, made Feng Ming staring
uncomprehendingly at them.

Really, who is her son?

The queen said, "Duke Rong, these are gifts from the official, even though you still
very young, but has great experiences, Ill reward all of this you, please enjoyed

Duke Rong said with a smile, "Thank you Your Majesty, Rong Tian just need a few
things to keep as a memento of the Queen's grace, should be enough."

Everyone had already brought gifts inside the chamber, while Duke Rong passed
around, stopped and picked out two items, walked to the queen and offered for her to

Queen nodded, sighed said, "It already is late, you all should go back down, I would
like to rest."


Feng Ming relaxed, formally performing ritual goodbye with Duke Rong, was just

about to back out, sudden, and they heard the queen called out, "Wait a minute."

The two hurriedly back, folding their arms waited for her command.

For a very long time later, the queen said, "Bring the leather coat made of fox skin
here and give it to Duke Rong."

The maidservant handed over the coat as Duke Rong hasten took it.

The queen stared at the regent for a moment, said sadly, "I heard that you have been
working hard to very late at night. The winter weather is very chilly, wore this coat
will be warmer."

"Thank you for the Queen gift."

They both finally had taken their steps outside of the queens quarter and with all the
officials leaved the inner palace.

"It's bizarre; the Queen was very good with you, like you were her son." A moment
later when they returned to princes quarter, Feng Ming took off his coat as he told
Duke Rong.

"Dont talk nonsense, youre not a common person, such word for thousands of
thousands time should not leaved your mouth."

"Are you scaring me again? Forcing me today, Ive yet put you onto the black list."
Feng Ming snorted said, "I am her son, but she has not giving me anything, quite
opposite she rewarding you this and then that? "

"It was because Im a very high important official." Duke Rong laughed again ha
ha, he opened the fur coat bestowed by the Queen Dowager, wrapped around Feng
Ming and gently said, "Whatever bestow to me, is it not the same as rewarding you?"
he brought two other gifts chosen by him and laid out before Feng Ming.

It was a small mirror carved exquisite landscape, and a small dagger with a cover.

Feng Ming very interested of the small dagger, cried aloud, grabbed the piece, drawn
it, saw it amazing forged and extraordinary sharp. Feng Ming tremors at sharp-edge,
said, "This dagger is marvellous."

"This great dagger had background, a well-known treasure of Xi-Rei, it would be best
if you carrying it in case you were in trouble. Hahaha, I have a very good eyes, if
anything I chosen from the queen gifts, certainly will be very unique."

Feng Ming snorted contempt, was not bashful taking the dagger and placed beside his
belt said, "I could not think why has you chosen this mirror, how does it works? Of
course, you must be proud of your appearance, often need to look at the mirror, is that
right? "

"You are wrong again. This mirror is for you."

"For me?"

Duke Rong lifted the mirror up for further attention, "Did you overlooks how the
mirror handle made from pure gold, delicate thin, very glossy, very suitable for use to
have closer views on your body, slowly explored without worry that I might have
injured you?"

Feng Ming blinked, seeing an evil smile appeared on the regent face, finally

He immediately jumped back, withdraw the dagger from his waist, glared and
shrieked, "Rong Tian, you dare?"

"Of course I dare?" Duke Rong had shown no fears of the sharp blades on his hand,
continue stepped forward.

"Stop there!"

"Crown Prince, that not how the dagger to be held. Kukuku, it seems the martial arts
Id taught; you were not obedience willing to learn it."

"Bastard! Get out! ... .. Ahh .... Let go of me! Give the dagger back to me; you said it
was my gift. "

"Just let me touching you in that place a little, no need to be afraid, I promised it will
not hurt..."

"Save me! Anyone! Come here quickly! Save the price! Save the prince!..."

They heard Feng Ming cried bitterly but the maidservants and guards have earlier
experienced, immediately retreated the quarter, shut the princes door....

It seemed the palace Xi-Rei, indeed completely controlled by Duke Rong.

... ... ... ...

Chapter XIV

Finally, Feng Ming passed peacefully over the queens birthday, he believed it was
the first test for his new identity, fully demonstrated the effectiveness he had been
studied for last two months. Duke Rong decided to reward Feng Ming and let him
riding White Cloud for one day.

Horseback riding was also one matter that he must learn as a prince. Previously, Duke
Rong worried about the temperament of White Clouds temper, hence not allowed the
other man to approach the horse without him. However, now he wanted to appease
Feng Ming thus knew that this something he would enjoy. He had done his job,
handled all of the kingdom issues two days prior, so that he could take Feng Ming out
of the palace for riding excursions.

"Really?" Feng Mings eyes widen and not able concealed the surprise and delight,
hastily grabbed tightly on the regents collar, "Outside the palace? Riding White
Cloud? You let me ride him alone? "

"I will be besides watching you."

"That is too good!" His excited face looked like a little baby, Feng Ming immediately
enthusiastic hugged him tightly, and as well, lips touched the regent in French style.

"However ..." Duke Rong waited for him to calm down and slowly said, "Tomorrow
before leaving the palace, you and I must see someone."

Feng Ming felt there was a conspiracy behind this, alert asked, "Who?"

"Your Father, Xi-Rei King An Tuong."

"What?" Feng Ming made ear-splitting cried, "A few days before without warning,
told me beforehand had taken me to see the Queen Mother, now want me to see the
King Father? Hey, do you even know the limited tolerance of a human heart?" Duke
Rong naturally did not know.

Duke Rong laughed, "Do not be afraid, the King have been in comatose for years,
youre the Crown Prince, and you should visited him at least several times."

Visited him several times?

It seemed the previous prince had not visited his father often. Xi-Rei customs was
very strange, relationship between parents and children were too cold. On the other
hand, maybe it was just human emotions inside the palace expressionless.

Feng Ming looked sharply at Duke Rong, although he said with smiling face, Feng
Ming knew the decision was unyielding, no matter what he do will not change the
outcome. Feng Ming previously experienced and knew that if I am continue to
debate, he may become angry and the prospect of riding outside the palace will be
forgo, there nothing he could done than reluctantly nodded, whispered, "If I must, to
have met a reincarnation of Cao Cao like you only brought me bad luck."

Feng Ming showed his childish side, it was entirely inconsistent with his striking
appearance, although the air of nobility and his spirited were adjoined, allowed other
perceived this peculiar beauty that appeared hidden in his pure disposition.

Duke Rong was watching the other man memorisable, the more he looked the more
he loved, arms hugged tightly against Feng Mings waist, leaned very close together,
gently teased, "I only wished for you the understand the situation, the future are full of
peril with uncertainties. Ahh ... I really hope that you are not the Crown Prince."

Feng Ming felt pleasurable, apparently become shy but stubborn said, "There no need
to put effort in swindle me, have I not agreed with you, tomorrow I will definitely go.
After all I only have to see a person in comatose. "

The two looked at each other, their faces instantly flushed, heart beats extraordinary

Duke Rong was the first to lose control, sudden kissed Feng Ming fervently, his hands
began caressing downward.

Feng Ming had been familiar with the regent lips, so natural enthusiastic response

Suddenly the air raised fanatical ... ..

"Today Ill certainly want...." Breathing more and more harder, Duke Rong voice
sound particularly deeper.

Feng Ming was also intoxicated, his face illustrated lovely innocent, except his
instinct was emerging as he tightly held onto the regent garments.

When the elongated fingers of Duke Rong eventually took off Feng Mings dresses,
Feng Ming at the same time imitates his action removed the regent outer garments.

There naught anything else but drawn to the hysterical mood, leaving only the desired
to be consummate the fleshes and intertwined its scorched body.

At the first glance, Feng Ming's movement was fast, almost boldly as he rapidly torn

the regent garments all the way down.

"Took your time, we have all the evening."

However, the regent desire was greater; finally, it was Duke Rong who faster,
exposed Feng Ming beautiful body before him. He removed Feng Ming fingers,
which had struggled to open his inner garment, smiled and took off his own shirt belt,
shows his well-built body proudly to Feng Ming.

"Like it?" Laughing as he brought Feng Ming hand to touch his chest, eyes gently

Feng Ming loved it as his hand stroked ceaselessly, his sparkling black eyes opened
wide, like an enchanted man who had spotted an incredible rare treasure.

"It's beautiful ...." Feng Ming gentle praised.

All the same, in Duke Rongs eyes, the most beautiful in fact was Feng Ming, with
white skin visible before him. He moved a little bit, clutched the slender waist body
and put him down on the large bed.

"I must say now, you will not use your hands or mouth later, saying that I am bullying

Feng Ming too besotted and had misplaced most of his souls, and so does not heed

nor take in whatever Duke Rong had said, he just wants to sit up and kept stroking
Duke Rongs body, but the regent gently pressed him down the bed.

"Lie down. The night is precious, we must learn to cherish and treasure it."

Feng Ming in the midst of disorientation did not forget idiom expression, said softly,
Stupid, this known as spring fade quickly worth thousands gold."

Duke Rong was stunned at the comment, spring fade quickly worth thousands
gold? What a wonderful sentence." His hands slowly spread Feng Mings legs
opened, started from above and move his body, forced it downward.

The body felt cool, Feng Ming could not prevent of made whining sound like small
animal cries.

Duke Rong said, "No need to be afraid, let me pleasure you and ease it a little." His
hand was stroking Feng Mings entrance, head bent down, taken his beautiful penis
into the mouth.

Feng Mings mouth was burning, made him excited as he yelled. Duke Rongs tongue
was constantly teasing around this arousal member, attacked it in which Feng Ming
felt he was unable to endure.

"Rong Tian....please stop... ahhah ..." Feng Ming voice broken up, no longer could
heard what he had said. His snow-like body like crafted into silk, lay quietly on the

blanket mattress.

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ....

spring fade quickly worth thousands gold is like saying a moment of springs night
worth thousands of gold or spring fade quickly thus, time was worth thousands of
gold. The couple often speak this phrase during the wedding night. Spring here
implied youth love/lover.


Chapter XV

"Dont stop?" A mans sinful sound from beneath spoken. During the fervour activity,
Duke Rong suddenly release Feng Mings arousal, and moved over the abdomen.

It was the most important vehemently moment, like as tidal wave rolling over, but just
a few seconds it had lost the anchor grounded, hence instead of being extinguished by
now, the pressure was build up again into overflow the river banks, obviously, makes
Feng Ming felt extremely frustrating.

"AAh .... Dont.... "Feng Ming immediately protested loudly, turned and struggled to
sit up.

"Ha ha ..." Duke Rong laughed at Feng Ming irritation while his hand stopped the
other man kicking, easily grabbed his feet, extended the legs further apart.

Such beauty was in front, how could he not eat?

Men loving were fashionable, supposedly very popular with the nobility during this
period, thus Duke Rong was not hesitate, body leaning forward, slowly squeeze his
member into the body of Feng Ming.


The sensation of a foreign object that suddenly invaded had shocked Feng Ming.

Duke Rong suppressed his breathing, used a low bass sound reassured, "Wait for a
while it should be good, do not be afraid." His action never stopped even for a
moment, but remaining the same rhythms just like a strong cyclone entered the other

Just a few seconds, it felt like a tight spot sudden opened wider by a sharp object,
which had generated intensive pains.

Feng Ming at euphoria stage almost floating, as he obediently ready received the other
man, but at once struggled fiercely, "Do not! It is too painful! It is painful!" His head
leaned on the regent body shook constantly, as his handsome face became paler.

In that moment to ask the regent to stop, then it would be too cruel.

Duke Rong had utmost held onto Feng Mings body tightly, patiently advised, "It first
will hurt a little bit, Feng Ming do not be afraid." The regent thought as soon his
advancement, this will certainly brings Feng Ming to pleasures, bodily down and
forcefully ramping forward as if he led a troop onward to battle.

Unexpected it was a serious blowed to Feng Ming, who suddenly curled up before
him and recoiled backward.

"Ah! O ahh.. ahaa ..." the crown prince sound echoed overflowing with bitter wailing.

At the same time Duke Rongs ears ringing as if a sound of fabrics being tearing
apart, knowing that there was danger, without delayed he had shifted away from the
other man, when his head turned and looked, his penis covered with reddish pink.

He thought he had loosen the other man fears for several days, even more he had
plotted and prepared everything ahead but it seemed Feng Ming body was quickly
rejected and unable to support the assault.

Momentary his heart was full of regret.

"I am not good." Duke Rongs face paler, intertwined and hugged Feng Ming in the
chest, Feng Mings body still reeked with fresh blood, rushed his hand toward the
bedside cabinet and ransacked for medicine lotion.

Fortunately, the previous prince often injured, all sort of drugs and medicines had put
aside the bed, of course, these were finest drugs only used by royalty.

Duke Rong careful administrated them on Feng Ming.

"Its so painful ..." Feng Mings eyebrows knitted, occasionally emitting moans, Duke
Rong rubbed the ointment but could not prevent the bleeding to stop in which he
become more terrifying.

Looking at the man laying on his chest, who was suffering and sweaty poured on his
forehead, Duke Rong felt deeply loved.

It was hard finished his ointment treatment, Duke Rong once again taken hold of Feng
Ming into the chest. They both fell back to the bed, as the regent used sweet words
reassured and comforted each other.

"Are you still in pain?"

"Of course."

"It was I who had injured you."

Feng Ming did not think so he whispered, "Dont worries, you did reminded me first,
I will not say you had bullied me."

Duke Rong saw the other man all right, relaxed a little.

"Youre injured, temporarily it best not riding, waiting for a few more days to be
recovered, and then Ill take you out."

As soon as Feng Ming heard, he frantically tried sat up, "No! I want to ride a horse,
youd already agree, you cant eat words cause obesity" He was on the regent chest,
who holding his hand, as he sent all his agonizing to Duke Rong.

"Okay, I accepted. However, you have to let me carry you while we riding White
Cloud." Duke Rong pretended to compromise and asked, "What this phrase called
"eaten words cause obesity"? "

"It's a classic saying that is..." Since Feng Ming had the regent promised, his heart
delighted, so he started to tell Duke Rong some of thousand years cultural, which had
passed on to the people.

The night was long, straight until four a.m. in the morning that they lastly embraced
each other asleep.

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ..


"Eaten words cause obesity otherwise saying obese owing to swallow words,
meaning that for self interest so had breached one pledge to another.


Chapter XVI

It was not first time Feng Ming had awaken on the athletic arm of Duke Rong, except
last night particular behaviour, Feng Ming was more or less felt shamefully
embarrassed. Quietly peeking at the regent who was still sleeping, he slyly removed
the regent arms, which, rested on his waist, hoping no one, had noticed, walk down
the bed to dress up.

However, when he was just stirring, a mellow low bass sounds reached in his ears,
who rarely speaking early in the morning.

"Are you still in pain? It still very early in morning, do not made troubled."

Feng Ming surprised look up, "You have already awaken?" at once makes an angry
face, "It still early morning that you dared to tease me?"

"It was you who had awakened me." Duke Rong said, "You stirred inside my chest,

only a dead person would not regain consciousness with all that movement."

Duke Rong usually was seriously, but today while holding Feng Ming had sternly
bantered, made him laughed, Feng Ming playful as he straighten his leg which laying
under blankets about to give the regent a kick.

Unexpected, he collided the injury last night, instantly eyebrows knitted and scowled.

Duke Rongs face paler asked, "Whats going on? Are you still in pain?" He reached
and observed Feng Ming face closely, quietly criticized, "Id already told you not to
be unsettle," with one hand lifted up the blanket, opened Feng Mings laps to check
for his injury.

"Do not look!" Feng Ming turned his body away, refused Duke Rong to look at his
injuries, persistently repeated, "Nothing wrong, nothing, you dont have to see it."

Duke Rong found that Feng Ming rather dead than co-operate, so let it be, leaving the
bed and got dressed.

"Hey, takes the clothes off." Duke Rong had completed put his formal garment on, he
turned to lift Feng Mings chin up, "I want to see it once more."

"What?" Is this an invitation for love making again?

"I just want to recording the scene youre dressed, oh well you would not understand

what is "filming", ahh, talking to ancient people is really difficult. They do not
understand modern terms." Feng Ming wrapped himself in a blanket, and leaned his
head on the top bed, "I want to see you dressed."

This little brat does not know what death is? Duke Rong certainly will not satisfy
the momentary whim of Feng Ming.

"Hurry up and changed your clothes. If passing over one hour, I will not let you go
riding White Cloud. "

Only one sentence was enough to motivate Feng Ming, he squealed and get out of the

Feng Ming remembered the pre-plan scheduled for today, extremely excited,
abandoned the idea of enjoy watching the beauty of Duke Rong dressing, he hastily
pulled the clothes inside the blanket, ultimately collided the wound again, eyes rolled
and teeth clenched from pain.

"Do you want my help?"


"Why are you so thin skin? Men loving are popular; when youre leaving the palace,
do not reveal such shameful way like that."

"Why not?"

"You are the Crown Prince; sexuality always takes place in the palace, if youre
exposed of shameful act, of course would that not revealed the truth?"

Feng Ming had completed wearing the internal clothes, and then he got out of the
blankets to put the outer garments on. Duke Rong helped him tightened the belt.

Feng Ming asked, "An He was incompatible with men love right? How could he not
ashamed? Moreover, was he not timid? Rong Tian, you should not try to fool and
deceived me and used the Prince identity to scare me. "

"Ha ha, An He, although timid with me, but he was not to others. I bullied him; he
will naturally bully someone else. Anyway, he was the crown prince."

"You said he and other men... also..."

"If living long enough inside the palace, it is unavoidable for those to lean over power
and abuses other."

"Who is it?"

"I do not care whom he with. Not only An He but also the other nobility members and
staffs in the court, they bullied their servants to achieve their desires. "

He instantly thought of those servants inside the palace, night after night previously
had flesh relationship with this body, Feng Ming had goose-bump all-overs.

"Isnt An He your? He was seeking other lovers, why are you not jealous?"

"Who says he is mine? He is a toy only. If Im not present, he could do whatever he

wants." Duke Rong suddenly laughed evilly said," You are mine, if you are seeking
lovers, I will certainly be jealous, but also very jealous.

Feng Ming grunted Hn, turning his head to look both sides of the room, "We should
get going, if it passed an hour, then you would break your promise."

"Have I ever not kept my promises?" Duke Rong asked back, happily walked with
Feng Ming out the door.

Although the freezing period was over, the air still carried chilly breezes and dryness.
The sunlight was not too brightly shine, but enough to warmth everywhere within the

Xi-Rei had a very strange flower, seem only to bloom in winter, very bright colours,
large about a palm, very beautiful.

Feng Ming had always detained inside the princes quarter, occasionally step outside
with Duke Rong though never allows separated from him. However, since Feng Ming
had injured, the regent was attentive and careful walked slowly today, had also

intended to take a detour through the garden path so that Feng Ming could enjoy the
beautiful palaces landscape in the winter.

When he saw the strange flowers, Feng Ming very interested, stopped gazing and
pointing at the flowers said, "This flower is very beautiful."

Duke Rong inched closer, so close that his breathe from the nose had descended onto
Feng Mings face and whispered, "This is a special flower of Xi-Rei, called San Yue
Chun. Youre a prince, how could you not known of this flower? "

"You have not taught me, how should I know?"

"Havent we have this chat, in the future when you saw something that youre not
recognize for a thousand and thousand times, do not called out nor spoken out about
it, Ill naturally explained it to you slowly."

"Hn ..."

Duke Rong saw Feng Mings face, knew the other man disagreed, nor paying any
attention to his advised, the regents hands readjusted the coat to fully covered him,
intimate said, "This flower when blossom, of course brilliant, seeing you like this, Im
apology for hurting your feeling."

Feng Ming saw that the regent gave in a little, he was somewhat embarrassed, but still
stubborn said, "Im not being disagreed, it just felt a little weird, this flower is clearly

bloom in winter, why does it have the name San Yue Chun?"

A whimsical smile suddenly appeared on Duke Rong, wickedness as he mildly

whispered, "This flower makes people steep into sex. Your Highness Crown Prince
should thought back, why are there so many of these flowers planted at the harem

It turned out the flower used for urging sexuality.

Feng Ming understood, particularly ashamed. He picked a few for enjoyment, but
after listening to Duke Rong explained, immediately threw those in his hand into the
regent's chest and yelled, "I should know that there is no goodness in your heart, had
planned to take this route."

"It was you who is first to ask me, how could you blame me? Youre a prince, yet not
handling matter probably, should definitely be punished. Come here, your penalty will
be that we will finish what last night we have not done. "

Feng Ming was instantly stresses.

Duke Rong was only joking, pulled Feng Ming over for a kiss; continue to hold hands
stepped forward.

Feng Ming and Duke Rong walked and played around, quickly arrived to the palace
of the queen. Feng Ming stood at the door, suddenly remembered the queens

attitudes, toward him neither cold nor hot, his heart troubled and refused to enter.

Duke Rong understood him and comforted, "The Queen is normal staying very deep
within palace, not outside. Today we only visited the King, does not need to see the
Queen. "

Feng Ming and Duke Rong went through a small door; along the way they met many
praetorians who formally greet them.

On the birthday of the queen had held in this place, after the ceremony finished, Feng
Ming had hurried went away. He had no chance seeing the architecture of the second
wing of the palace, so curiously, he constantly looked around.

They gradually went deeper into the palace, passed through a cover corridor that is
long and wide; turn left into a small door, to see a long corridor which smaller. They
seems had walked forever.

This small corridor particularly very quiet, likes very few people had ever trespassed
here, the architecture completely unlike the other corridors in the palace, without a
window to let the light shines through, despite it was day times, but the two sides of
the wall content row of torches burning bright.

"Where is this place?" Feng Ming suddenly felt eerie atmosphere likes demon was
residing here, tiptoes asked the regent from behind.

His voice was very low, but in such a long and narrow concealed corridor, the sound
instantly echoes.

"Dont be so noisy, just follow me is OK."

They had walked silently, about five or six minutes they stopped.

The end of the hall was a small door. The gold doors surface tinted dark showed that
this door had locked for a long time. Feng Ming could not help but remembered
television series showing prohibit place of martial arts sects, he was trembling inside,
thinking, Maybe Xi-Rei was not sick and in coma, but actually detained at this place
by Duke Rong?

He and Duke Rong were nonetheless living together for while, and his hearts cared
deeply for the regent, though he knew Duke Rong was ruthless and cruel, he certainly
does not make decision based on the goodness of the heart, this sort of blasphemy and
rebellion was definitely possible.

His heart was full of terror.

In his impression, humanly schemes to snatch the throne were all evil people, how
could he let himself stand beside Duke Rong and worked together for one course? Just
think of access into the palace conspiracy, leaving his body bitter cold.

Completely silent around them, before he could see the guards could appeared

anywhere, but there was no shadow now.

Duke Rong solemnly taken out a key from his chest, put into the lock, pushed the
heavy iron door, a murky staircase laid out before them.

A cold wind was blowing at them. Although Feng Ming had worn the fox leather
mink coats he could sense the ground cold air spilling out from inside the door,
shivered away.

"Why your hands are so cold? This hidden chamber is deep underground, contains a
lot of ice blocks, be careful, or youll get a cold." Duke Rong turned, took the hand of
Feng Ming, led him step by step, stepped down the stairway.

On their last step, he saw around them was likes the Under SeaWorld Palace,
everywhere covered with ice walls, the ice walls was translucent, emitted shimmering

It turned out the room was a huge ice blocks.

He turned and saw pass the walls of ice, two jars placed before him, it contained the
belongings of the one who had died, these items were buried together with the dead as
one of Xi-Rei customs. A coffin carved from jade and ice locates in the middle of the
room, a person was place in there and his position was very serene.

Feng Ming turned his head looking closely, the appearance of person had very stately

bearing, wearing Xi-Rei King garments, and relatively very young, only
approximately around thirty, Feng Ming thought perhaps this was Xi-Rei King, my

As expected, Duke Rong walked to the front coffin, knelt, bowed his head and
kowtows three times, stood up and said, "This is the Xi-Rei King, and is your father."

Feng Ming looked at the cold body in front, his scalp become numbness, "He's not in
comatose then? How could... "

"It just for outside news only, the King had died for many years ago."

"Who did it?" Feng Ming stressed, glared at Duke Rong.

If this person had murdered Xi-Rei King, claimed the authorities, detained the prince
in the palace and played with him as a toy, it would considered too horrible.

"No one knew the Great King suddenly died. There was absolutely no indication,
when the maidservants awake him early in the morning; they had discovered he was
not breathing anymore. We immediately executed all those who knew of it, reported
the King has become very ills and fallen into a coma; all of these was done by Duke
Rong decision." Duke Rong saw Feng Mings pales face, surprise said, "You thought
I did it?" He had guessed right what had been on Feng Ming mind.

"The Great King dies, is this not what you wishes? If not by this way, how could you

hold the courts authority? "

Duke Rong shot out his arms, outstretched then wrapped around his waist, pulled
Feng Ming to him. The force his used was powerful, Feng Ming had not prepared, too
afraid and did not dared move, but his eyes were glaring at King Rong.

"Stupid, I brought you here today because I want to tell you about this." Duke Rong
shifted his lips onto the corner of Feng Ming mouth, deeply kissed, gently said, "The
palace have many secrets, almost countless, but what I told you today, is the biggest
secret in Xi-Reis royal family. Many years ago, Xei-Rei King suddenly died, Xi-Rei
high officials knew this is an odd case so they had not dared to report of his dead,
instead just trying to cover up the information."

"Why are they not dared to announce the news?"

"The Prince still very young, but the law said that if the Crown Prince was not of age
when the Kings die, he will not able to inherit the throne. The throne then passes to
the King younger brother. At that time, the King younger brother was a malice person
and wanted to fill the position, the high officials worried that he would brought
soldiers back to fight for the throne so they could only covered the news up. "

"Such a story, it could be hidden?"

Duke Rong laughed softly, turned his head looked at Feng Ming, adoring said,
"Human could do anything."

Feng Mings thought, based on the regent attitudes toward the prince, it was hard to
imagine that this person would concerned for the previous prince.

However, they were in the ice chamber and it was very scary, it was hard to get Duke
Rong diplomatic attitude like this so he thought better not to provoke his anger.

"Since the Crown Prince was the destiny of Xi-Rei, he lived in very dangerous places,
constantly attempted of being murder. They thought that for the prince to live for his
coronation, the Queen and the high Official, at the time was Duke Rong negotiated; it
was best to bring the Crown Prince outside the palace and raised him."

"What?" Feng Ming had greater mental shock, "Therefore, that Prince An He in the
palace is ..."

"Yes, is a fake."

"Listening to all of these, only to summing up, is that Im still a fake crown prince?"
Feng Ming became agitated, "So who really is the Prince? Its you? "

Duke Rong nodded, "Yes, its me. The prince had swapped and taken out of the
palace, which grew up in Duke Rong resident. After I grown up, my foster father
died, I inherited the title of Duke Rong, thus management the government."

Feng Ming rolled his eyes in circle for a long time, at last said, "If this is the case,

then you are not Cao Cao, but Ly Mieu." He shook his head said, "No wonder the
Queen was coldly indifferent with me but very loving person toward you. "

"Feng Ming, Ive brought you here and telling you this, because now you are in very
dangerous situation."

"Dont you dare scaring me!" Feng Ming tremor, mildly roar said, "Since you already
told me truth, of course I will return the Crown Prince position to you. Do not use this
murky place and takes advantage of me. "

Duke Rong facial appeared was grimace instead light-hearted.

"Ive received the news; the information of the King dead had leaked outside the
palace. They have absolutely no evidence before, we have been repeatedly been
rejected this news. However, it seems that this time they had some evidence."

"So?" Feng Ming thought for a moment, quickly realized, "Ah, I know. This news had
spread and the younger brother of the Great King on his way returns for the throne,
Xi-Rei of course will be chaotic. "

"Yes." Duke Rong smiles praised him, immediately became serious, "He called An
Xun, in that year he could not get the throne, thus had to leave Xi-Rei, become the
son-in-law of Fan Jia King. This opportunity was very difficult to come by; he surely
will not be overlooking them."

"Whether he came back, this place controlled by you; so you have no need to fear of

"An Xun had many servants within Xi-Rei, much of them have been eradicated, but
there are those who really hidden deeply that we unable detected. Feng Ming, what do
you think is the best way to seize the kingdom? "

"What is the best method?" Feng Ming scratched his head, suddenly aghast, "Kill the

"Answer that fast shown that you have been studying very hard. That is correct, kill
the Crown Prince, this is the best way to inheritance the throne, all the high Officials,
even the Queen could not protest, because An Xun indeed also carrying the royal
blood. "

"But Im not the Prince; it is you, who is crown prince."

"If it was the former crown prince, whether he dead or not I would not care, anyway
he lived in the royal palace, ate good foods and well dressed his death worth it. But if
it is you ..." The regent take a deep breath, pulled Feng Ming and tightly hugged, "Do
you know, lately your foods were tampered with? "

"What? I do not know. "

"Id already handled it, but that maidservant had committed suicide, I could not find

anything else." Upon heard the news Feng Mings heartbeat beats as fast as the horse
golloping, Duke Rong laughed again, "Do not be afraid, youve me, no one could hurt
you, not even a strand of your hair. Nevertheless, the immediate situation is very
critical, you must be very careful wherever you go. Like the little mistake earlier in
the garden, thousand and thousand times do not do it again. If anyone outsiders
brought food or clothes to you, never used it. What worried me most are your
personalities, too cheerful, hyperactive simpleton, easily give them an opportunity to
harm you."

Feng Ming facial sorrowful said, "I did not expect the reigning prince life was more
dangerous than 007?"

"Okay, okay, Ill not talk anymore. After this please quietly listened, do not run
around and make disturbances everywhere. We should be go horse riding now."

"All right! Let go right away!" Just heard horse riding, Feng Ming was quickly
regained his spirit, especially hope to leave this eerie place that held of ghostly
atmosphere as soon as possible, grabbed hastily Duke Rong and pulled away.

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ..

San Yue Chun translated literally as Three Moon Springs; spring indicates sexual
desire, moon also indicates month.

Ly Mieu mentioned above is a famous Chinese tale where Ly Mieu swapped the
crown prince.


Chapter XVII

The two men rode out the imperial palace. Feng Mings heart briefly rose with sense
of freedom. Those evil scheming and greed bastards in the palace made him
shuddered and chilled had disposed from behind.

Duke Rong was adept horsemanship; one hand clutched his Feng Ming and the other
holding the reins, gliding like breezes onward.

The cold wind rushed against the face, although it was cold, it was still refreshing.
Feng Ming raised his head out of the coat where the warm arms of Duke Rongs
embracing, busted into cheers.

"In the spring, this place becomes green prairie all-over, dotted of numerous yellow
and red flowers, so lovely that everyone enchanted." Duke Rong constrained the
reign, carefully pulled Feng Ming down the horse, pointing at the plateau that was
spreading in front.

"However, now there is nothing here." Feng Ming absently looked at the ground
where hays within sight.

Duke Rong leaved the palace, felt arisen with enthusiasm, "That is correct, but thanks
to the winter cold and lonesome that leaving us to feels the touched of warm, as
spring bring with it prosperity. Humanity and natures, must all obeying the cycle of
life and death, decline and prosperity, is that right?"

"Yes, the cycle of human had always touches the heart." Feng Ming silently
remembers two verses were about boasted, Field fire burned unending. Spring wind
declined rightly yield " (*), though the verse was not his, stealing was not right, so he
thought best forgotten about it.

White Cloud tail waved, stood aside grazing, kept on wandering around the regent
legs, whined and rubbed his head, almost likes being jealous with Feng Ming who had
took away as being favourite from the beginning.

Although in Feng Mings eyes, compared with Duke Rong, White Cloud actually
much more attractive, he wanted grabbing snow-white tail which waving in the air
with his hands.

White Cloud was a beloved horse of Duke Rong, he had always been arrogant and
difficult managed, suddenly turned back, kicked the tail across Feng Mings face.

"Beware." Duke Rong already guessed that Feng Ming would be playful with White
Cloud, laughed loudly, while preventing White Clouds aggression separated them one person and a horse.

Feng Ming could not able grabbed the tail, full of anger, glared at White Cloud, "He
despised me!"

"Who told you teasing it? Horses also have attitudes, let alone White Cloud is the
most wonderful horse."

"To have horse contempt at you that really is the most fatal wretched thing." Then he
started to bicker, "I want to ride White Cloud, you told me yesterday I could mount

The regent eyebrows slightly rose up, "Last night you had injured there, and you want
to ride?"

Think of the injured place which should best not to remind, Feng Ming become more
and more frustrated, grabbed his collar intimidated Duke Rong said, "I want to ride
the horse, if Im not riding today Ill never let this go."

Duke Rong saw that he was too stubborn thus surrendered, risen his hands, "Fine, we
will ride around the mountain for one round, OK?"

Immediately get on the horse, takes hold of Feng Ming in the chest.

The regent worried the wound on Feng Ming, he did not ride as fast as before but let
White Cloud leisurely paced. On the way, he explained to Feng Ming about Xi-Rei
geographical conditions and customs.

"This is Xi-Rei River, the largest river in Xi-Rei. The Xi-Rei River banks are fertile
lands, farming based on the water here."

Feng Ming viewed the distance, it was true that there a large river, starting from the
east meandering and winding, both sides of the banks were farming fields. Although it
was winter there still farmers around to oversee it. He did not quite understand
agriculture, thus leaving little excitement, eyes wandered across the farms field
stretching until ended to the high mountains, said to Duke Rong, "Hey behold, there
so many high mountains, what spectacular scenery. When the spring comes, you must
lead me up to the mountain to enjoy."

"The whole day you just think of playing. The next spring you would turn eighteen
years old; do you know what that mean? "

He talking of politics again ... Feng Ming become pensive, turned and looked at Duke
Rong, "what should I think?"

"When the Prince ages eighteen years, he can coronate."

"That I do understand, Ill return the crown prince to you, right?"

Duke Rong saw Feng Ming at remorseful state could not help to incite laughing,
lovingly rubbed his back, "Feng Ming, next year is the when the authority of Xi-Rei
truly resolve. However, it would takes at least three years to shuffle all the positions
in the kingdom, in fact is not easy."

"Begging you, do not saying anymore about deep heavy thoughts, were taking an
excursion to be sightseeing here. Only you who always thinking of work and forget to
have fun, but who else is having fun but not able to forget about work?" Feng Ming

Duke Rong expressed remorse as he shovelled Feng Mings hairs.

These two people, their ages were not much different, but the manner from birth was
different. However, when people looking at them would agree Duke Rong definitely
mature and older compared with Feng Ming.

Feng Ming looked at Duke Rong and thought, Duke Rongs childhood grew up in the
palace where cutthroat taken place, to know a lot of great secrets, if thinking which
child of this period had the most unfortunate childhood then he probably was the

He could not help but felt sympathy for Duke Rong, immediately changed direction to
another story, "what had I just talking about?"

"You said when the spring came you want to climb the mountains and play."

"Yes, such a long mountain ranges, it must be very beautiful during spring." Feng
Ming childishly laughed.

Duke Rong again complained, "At first glance, the mountains a pleasant excitement
views, but I do not like it. Xi-Rei sceneries are mostly mountains and hilly, the lands
for farming were very small. Each year, there is only enough food, when the famine
come, National Treasury have to take a lot of money out to buy food. "

Feng Ming lifted his head and looked far off, it is true that Xi-Rei only have two side
of fertile rice fields, hills and mountains are near the bank of the river, on the
mountainside plants withered.

"Although it is mountainous, but the ground is fertile, why not used for farming?"

"Inclined slopes, how could it possible to grow food? The farmer did not have enough
tools and means to do so, besides even if planting is not well watered, mountains are
high above the river level."

Feng Ming replied instantly, "You could change the mountain landscape, what about
terraced field?"

"What?" Duke Rong heard a strange, enlivening spirit, "What is the terraced field?"

Feng Ming began to become aware of how backward Xi-Rei was, immediately told
him the concept of terraced field. Since they were on horseback, it was inappropriate
for demonstration, he demanded Duke Rong dismounted, sat on the grass using a
small stone to draw illustrations.

He brought all what he knew about the design of the terraces, and then urged Duke
Rong continues riding forward.

"Stop here." They were near a small mountain, Feng Ming told Duke Rong
dismounted the horse once again, take the place before their eyes as an example,
thorough explanation of the structure of the terraces.

Duke Rong heard as he constantly nodded, smiled, and uttered countless praises.

White Clouds seem to know that the little brat was showing off, alone beside grazing
the grass and not running over to compete for the position next to Duke Rong

"At the moment I understand the concept of terraced field, but what about watering
the field ..."

"Of course watering the field is a big problem, Im silly, and I should mention this
aspect earlier." Feng Ming have been influenced by Duke Rong, since they are now
talking about politics, he become more sternly, "To what I knew, there are many ways
irrigation the field, but the most popular are using water wheels and water troughs.
Farming on high mountain slopes, we could use both methods. First, on the
mountainside layout of large water tanks to store rainwater for irrigation, and the
second method water wheel or other equipment to carry water up the mountain."

Duke Rong applauded and said, "I do not know what you said regard to water wheel
or water troughs, but in fact, rainwater harvesting on the mountains when land
clearing, can indeed be done. Accordingly, Xi-Rei agricultural will be relatively

When his completed his sentence, the regent hold Feng Ming hands and views the
distant peaks, overwhelmed remark, "Feng Ming, just one comment from you, in the
future these mountain ranges where thousand times ten thousand had been abandoned
could now be growing crops. You are very important person to the people here." The
words from the heart spoken were truly touching.

Feng Ming proudly said, "Of course, Ill certainly help you to be a greatest legendary
that recorded in history."

Duke Rong saw that Feng Ming just finished revealing an extraordinary talent person
but immediately turned back to his childishness, he eager for them to be closer surged,
immediately put his hands out, embraced Feng Ming and whispered, "This place will
become a key strategies in history, so let us spending a little time here and stored
some memories? "

"What should we do?"

"Clearly it ought to be love making ..." Duke Rong laughed, tilted his body to pushing
Feng Ming down.

Feng Ming crushed down on the dry grass, it was then he understood what the regent
means, avoid Duke Rongs face as he blushed, "In this broad daylight, you really do
not know shame. Furthermore, I am injured yesterday ..."

He was only said half-sentence when his tongue taken.

Wet, warm delicate tasting was in his mouth.

Duke Rong laughed softly led their kissing; his hands were gently penetrating the
side-slitting garment, not take off the clothes, just inside slowly fondling the two

"ahhh ..." As soon as the thrilling hand touches Feng Mings nipples immediately he
was sobbing. The small neck become rosy, apparently swept across to the cheeks.

Indeed, alluring breed desires.

Duke Rongs arousal felt like a conduit fire arisen, fiery burning, although it was
impossible to be rushing with Feng Ming, he could only takes his hard groin onto the
Feng Mings thighs and rubbed lightly, over a layer of clothing, attacks brutally on his
lips, the passionate kisses leaving Feng Ming to forgotten whether it was sun or moon.

Feng Ming defeated when he dealing with someone as high-capacity player as Duke
Rong, absolutely no sign of resistance, completely forgot about "his own recently

Duke Rong took off Feng Ming outer garment, laid it on the ground. The regent
hugged his vigour body, suddenly from a distance-transferred sound of horse

Remotely was very close and heading straight toward them.

Duke Rong could not prevent himself frowned.

The regent took Feng Ming for excursion, although said only two of them were alone

actually about a half-mile from them was escort by troops. If whoever had passed the
troops that only means there was a national emergency to be handle.

The regent position was high and mighty, yet he could not able to take a leisurely
half-day off.

Duke Rong was looking very wistful at Feng Ming, makes a grumble noise at the lost
opportunities, apart from embraced Feng Ming again, then adjusted and tidy his outer

Feng Ming also heard the horse, knew they could not continue, and seemed somewhat
sad and irritated. They walked back towards White Cloud.

The group of troops also had arrived; it was of course an emergency had occurred at
the palace.

An official reined the horse, dismounted and saluted them, "Greeting crown prince,
greeting Duke Rong."

Duke Rong was frustrating said, "Whats so urgent, go ahead report."

"Yes! There a problem at the palace, the younger brother of King Xi-Rei, - Son-inlaw of Fan Jia King An Xun - in person at Xi-Rei, is entered into the city. "

Feng Ming had just heard, thought, oh, oh, in the morning just heard about him and

in the evening he was appeared, An Xun is the son-in-law of Fan Jia King, wonder if
he had brought the princess back too.

"OK, An Xun Prince Consort represented Fan Jia King had arrived; the Prince and I
shall immediately return to the palace and welcome him."

The planning trip for today had to be abandoning halfway. Duke Rong led Feng Ming
back to the palace.


Note: Poem that above verses taken as below

"Field purely peak grass

First live first dry glory
Field fire burned unending
Spring wind declined rightly yield"

"Grass grows abundantly on fields
Once a year dry and fresh
Field fire could not eliminated
Spring wind again grow green


Chapter XVIII

Fan Jia Prince Consort suddenly visited, Duke Rong and Feng Ming had rushed back
and changed to their court clothes in which An Xun had entered the city.

"Main gate open!"

The drum and music were using for reception, as Feng Ming led the entire officials
stood in front of the palace to welcome the visitor.

The caravan guests had arrived, wore formal dress of Fan Jia, it was tradition black
uniform. The man in front of the group head wearing a gold crown, no need to
question who it is he knew this the person they have been talking about the most- An

"An Xun pay respect to An He Crown Prince." An Xun slowly toward Feng Ming
front, softly bent, extreme formally etiquette.

"An He pay respect to Duke Uncle." Feng Ming instantly returned propriety. An Xun
although was the son- in-law Fan Jia King, he is still the brother of the king and may
inherit kingdom.

Feng Ming imagination of the man was ugly, face showed of traitorous, instead An

Xun was a beautiful man, and there were a few features similar to Duke Rong, white
skin glowed, obviously a fine male extraordinary beauty.

"Duke Uncle was visiting from afar, An He was not able to welcome earlier, surely at
fault." Feng Ming not pleased to use such words, it such a headache.

An Xun was also checked out Feng Ming, on the corner of his mouth slightly smirked
and whispered, "It had been many years since we last met, the Crown Prince has
matured, Duke Uncle found heart comforted in that. Duke Uncle lived in Fan Jia far
away so could not see your Father King; I had missed and thought of him often.
Recently heard that he was severely ills, I have been incredibly concern, hence have
been nonstop days and nights immediately rushed back here. "

His hand moved as a servant behind immediately came forward reverently offered a
brocade box.

An Xun opened the box himself. Inside the box was covering silk and satin, of course,
the thing in the box must be a special treasure.

"This is a gall of thousand years old mystical snake, was sacred medicine of Fan Jia
royalty, effective miracle. Ive personally takes this to Xe-Rei, hopefully it can
provide treatment for your Father Kings illness. Crown Prince, please takes me
before the King. "

An Xun explicit words finished which greatly appreciated, Feng Ming could not help

but to feel sympathy for the man, it seemed to be incredible if this man was lying?
Nevertheless, the King had stopped breathing, how could he to meet An Xun.

Feng Mings eyes evasive, Duke Rong immediately opened his mouth said, "Fan Jias
Prince Consort had came afar to visit, please advised what roads had you taken? Why
is it that we only received news of your arrival, until you have entered the city?"

An Xun had been lived in Fan Jia more than ten years, but never had returned, but he
very attentive with movement in Xi-Rei. Now he saw a man who proudly strong stood
beside Prince, his words was impressive, immediately knew that is person was the one
holding the authority - Duke Rong.

Obviously, compared with the previous old Duke Rong also inherited his father
temperament manner, difficult to probe deeper.

"An Xun came here, with my own hand offering the secret treasure gall snake. Since
the journey rushed, I only had taken a few troops. In order to prevent any incidents on
the road, I had hidden our whereabouts. Until we were neared the capital city was able
to raise the Fan Jias flags." An Xun quietly observed Duke Rong, then turned to Feng
Ming and clasped his hands said, I did not send an envoy ahead, please forgive me
Your Highness."

"Nothing of a kind, not at allplease Duke Uncle, does not need to be


"You and I are blood relative, need I to be ceremonious? My brother King is very ill,
Ive yet able visits him for fulfilment expectations." An Xun was not fast nor slow in
proceed requested to see Xi-Rei King.

Feng Ming remembered that An Xun must holding necessarily evidence of Xi-Rei
King was dead, so upon his arrival immediately get straight to the point, Feng Ming
could not stop cried inside.

Instant turned his eyes to Duke Rong for help.

Duke Rong immediately replied, "His Majesty was staying deep inside the palace for
healing, which had not seen anyone. Although Fan Jias Prince Consort also is his
Majesty blood brother and, had brought with him sacred medicine, certainly cannot
see as just anyone. Please, Fan Jia Prince Consort follows me."

"Yes." An Xun could not demanded more, hand held box contained a gall snake
inside, about to follow.

Duke Rong turned to look at the guards behind An Xun, "His Majesty is till
recuperate, he could not stand the noise.

"This is natural." An Xun understood Duke Rong hint, turned ordering his servants,
"Everyone go back to camp and waited for me, only one person is enough."

Feng Ming was not sure what Duke Rong was going to do. Is he really going to take
An Xun to the Kings corpse?

Feng Ming was tenses as he pulled Duke Rongs sleeve and intensely gazed at him
and inquired.

Duke Rong just smiled calmly.

The party entered the palace, walked towards the queens quarter.

Feng Ming knew the King's corpse hidden under the queens quarter, An Xun had
only taken a guard with him, and Duke Rong was beside him, he saw, as they were
closer to the queens quarter door- where for many years, the secret confidentiality
had hidden suddenly going to be exposed; he could not help but feeling insecurity.

"His Majesty is healing inside the queens quarter." When they reaching the door,
Duke Rong hand pointing at it.

"In the end Ill able to see Brother King, will his face changed or not." An Xun

The four people walked through the inner palace door, since the queen loved silent,
there not many guard around, and only a few maidservants were around sweeping,

watering flowers and plants, as they walked towards them the maidservants quietly

When they went through the main entrance, they had arrived into the main hall. The
place in which, the Queen had received the courtiers on her birthday.

Feng Ming felt likes he was inside a bizarre drama in which characters were real, real
props as well, the current situation of the play fast reached its dramatic climax.

Watch TV daily, at the critical scenes his heart always pounding stressfully, but the
commercial advertising was there helped him to recover, now in the situation like this
it could only be proceed, did not come to a halt.

Once step away from the main hall, the passage connected to a long corridor then to
the basement; perhaps Duke Rong takes An Xun there? Alternatively, he tricked them
to go down there before lock up the door and leaving them frozen to death in the ice

Feng Ming walked and was absent-minded all the way.

As expected, they passed the main hall, Duke Rong entered toward the hallway that
led to the basement.

When the four arrived at hallway door, they stopped and surprise.



An Xun (Secure Patrol)

Chapter XIX

The entrance of the corridor, there was a white clothes woman knelt on the ground,
kowtow toward the inner hallway door, silently. The fire blazed from two sides of
glowing torches, on the walls had shown her elegant and graceful face.

The person of course was the queen who always hidden in the inner palace, which
rarely makes public appearances.

The four were shocked; they stopped and made the sound at the same time, exchanged
eyes contact with each other.

Duke Rong quietly moved forward, knelt behind the queen, softly said, Queen, Fan
Jias Prince Consort An Xun brought a sacred medicine personally, to visit His

In the place, which footprints sparsely come here, and narrow space. Duke Rong low
voiced had echoed, rings to the distance and slightly come back, candles light
flickering as the room looks very gloomy.

The queen did not replied, her head still bowed for a very long time, before turned
around, her face did not reveal anything and with little expression said, "I already
know." After said that she continued contemplation, knelt there at the front hallway
entrance, looked deep inside.

Everyone felt awkward, stood there. The queen still knelt before the entrance, how to
pass the queen to visit Xi-Rei King.

Feng Ming guessed the contrivance belong to Duke Rong, he must have asked the
queen to the rescue, but only the queen blocked, if An Xun was angry, the plan would
ineffective right? Feng Ming thought about this then quietly moved his eyes to An
Xun to see his reaction.

However, it seemed An Xun not going off to attack. On the contrary, his face was
paler, his hands clenched, the long sleeves gently shook. It was obvious that the
presence of the queen was an extraordinary strong counter-attacked on him.

It was very strange, perhaps An Xun and the Queen....

In the current situation none of them knew how to best behave, the queen eventually
opened her mouth the second time said sadly, "His Majesty very long has been ill, the
Queen, I must personally staying here in prayer, knelt before the King hundred steps,
waiting for his command. This relationship of life and death, regardless of who you
are, you will not pestered His Majesty at this time. An He, youre his only blood son;
kneeled next to me, praying to God in your Father King placed."

Feng Ming did not believe any of this, since the queen had made the request, there
nothing he could have done but complied. He entered his role as a prince and kneeled

beside her. Feng Ming thought, Kneeling and praying before God, how long would it
take, it could be up to three days, this is absolutely the worst scenario

The Queen softly said, "An Xun, you also have imperial blood, you should also kneel
and pray for your Royal Brother stead."

Feng Ming bowed, silent making clown face, thought An Xun was not a simpleton; he
also was King Brother, if he was willing to listen to the queen, then why Duke Rong
had taken times and efforts trying to dealing with him? Therefore, just directly told he
to get out, would not that be good.

"An Xun obeyed." An Xun silently walked toward them, close his hands together
began the ritual, along Feng Ming other side, kneeled behind the queen.

Feng Ming found that he had guessed wrong, stuck the tongue out; eyes turned gives a
warning at Rong Wang, immediately forged back to solemn expression.

The queen never looked back, she curtly ordered, "This is royal family praying,
everyone else out."

"Yes." Duke Rong had already guessed the queen will request this, so stooping
immediately withdrawn. Feng Ming understood that the regent positively had to
leave; quickly turned toward the man, eyes blinked signalled, but Duke Rong just
smiled and ignored him.

An Xuns guard was also waited for his order.

An Xun nodded said, "You can leave, waited outside. Unless I command, do not
come back. "

The guard upon heard this he began followed Duke Rong out.

This time the atmosphere was more tranquil than before.

Feng Ming bowed his head and his eyes continuously flitted and observed the queen
in front and An Xun next to him, thought now just three of us, would this be a more
difficulties situation

At this moment, the atmosphere becomes eerie gloomy, he absolutely did not dared to
raise any questions, forced inside not to utter a sound; continue to imitate this zombie

Kneeled about half an hour, he was completely paralysed his limbs. Feng Ming swore
Duke Rong internal for countless times, and glanced over the others but they kneeled
there as before, emotionless.

In the quietness atmosphere, the queen suddenly asked, "An Xun, are you return here
for the throne?"

Feng Ming stunned, he could never had guessed the queen would directly speak about
the subject, and not even joking, it was a direct hit to An Xun dark heart wish.

An Xun considered for a moment and replied, "To have the throne, I could able to
think other thing."

Feng Ming equally shocked of An Xun unexpected, frankly replied, not even cover up
or concealment that he set out to steal the throne.

Well, obviously he did not have any ounces of respected toward the crown prince.
Feng Ming thought of this as he glared at An Xun.

"What else you have been thinking to get? How many years have been passed, you
still refused to let go? "Queen asked calmly.

An Xun speechless, almost he was a little incited, chosen his words, "Of course ... that
year he had taken you, if not for his fault ... we ..." His hands shook vigorously, his
body leaned forward suddenly, almost seeming to rise up and embraced the queen but
stopped about halfway through.

Feng Ming saw the circumstances of these two, felt extremely satisfied and screamed
inside his heart, Wow, the Queen and the Kings younger brother was a couple, I
havent thought that in this day and age there could be such a romantic story. He
could not help but felt deep sympathy with An Xun.

He thought continue, since the Queen known as my mother, in situation like this if An
Xun moved toward and kissed her, do I tried to intervene? If indeed to prevent, this
would be the second obstructions divided these two lovers, even more An Xun learned
martial arts, this of course would be the right occasion for him to kill the fake prince
me. However if I do not try to protect her, with my own eyes to see his mother molests,
with this rude behaviour seemed a bit...

The more he thinks, the more it chaotic. The queen question had interrupted his
thought, "Must you taking back what you had lost?"


The queen body tensed and turned back in a flash toward them, with pride said, "I am
the Queen of Xi-Rei, will never go back to Lou Lan of those years! Youre

"As long as Ive the throne, I am the King, and youre the queen."

"An Xun, you are surely crazy."

"No, I'm not crazy, so many years; I have experienced many hardships because of

Feng Ming saw the two going on performed the ultimate best love classic drama in

front of him, head turned constantly watching their actions, what a great displayed,
have forgotten who he supposes to be, that he needs to discourage dialogues such as

An Xun continue said, "I fled because the King brother maltreated, become the sonin-law of Fan Jia King, although I married the princess, but my heart could not forgot
you. Lou Lan, King Brother had died, as long as I took the kingdom, under the Xi-Rei
customs, the previous queen could become the new queen, we could be together. Had
you never hope for this?

Upon heard An Xun earnest questioned, the queen seemed lost in the past memories,
her face was sorrowful, "Hope? I am now is the queen, my responsibility is to protect
the royal bloodline, ensure that Xi-Rei strongly stands in the world. In a second, she
turned to face the deep stillness hall Di Hoa Vien, said coldly, "An Xun, I ask you, if
you take over this kingdom, how you will be dealing with my son and me? How will
you tackle Xi-Rei nation? "

"I naturally treating you as the queen, treat the Officials like the previous kings, use
extreme tolerance to govern Xi-Rei."

"You have yet saying anything regards to my son."

An Xun quickly glanced at Feng Ming, his eyes manifested an aggressive beam which
absolutely terrified Feng Ming, "He is the blood son of my Brother King."

The queen fiery replied, "He is also my flesh and blood."

"Lou Lan ..." An Xun no longer saw Feng Ming existence, mildly said, "We will sure
have more children of our own later."

"If so, then with Xi-Rei country, you have already planned all along? The Prince and
you surely will be competing for the throne, the only thing ..." the Queen eyes was
tired, pensive for a long time, "I honestly would have to tell you, the King had died
for many years."

The significant information was simply told by the queen, not only An Xun, but even
Feng Ming appalled. The secret leaked, now how could they stop the incoming wave?

An Xun recovered after the trauma, nodded, "I have long suspected, but there was no
hard evidence. If it not for that, we would not be far apart for so many years. "

"You knew hundred and thousands bitterness and tears, why had I hidden this outright
lie. I was hoping you would not know, hoping you would not return and compete for
the throne, nor wishing to see Xi-Rei blood flowing like a river..." The Queen grunted
every word, "Would not wish to see my son and my beloved fighting each other till

"It was King Brother underhanded scheme."

"Until now Ive done all my best. I am the Queen of Xi-Rei, Ill not allow Xi-Rei
kingdom to have internal conflicts. Royal issues should be dealing within the royalty.
Ill stand between you two to choose a new king for Xi-Rei. the Queen slowly turned
around; eyes constantly flitted between Feng Ming and An Xun.

They were holding their breath, waiting for her verdict.

The queen asked An Xun first, "Youve servants everywhere in Xi-Rei, especially
hidden them at critical area, you have warrant if something happened to you at the
palace, they will sprayed the poison into water well within the city and also lead
foreign enemy to attacks Xi-Rei, making sure that Xi-Rei Kings son under control. Is
this correct?

Feng Ming glared at An Xun, could not believe a person that have elegant face like
this could have such venomous mind.

An Xun softly smirked, refused to speak, as implicitly acknowledged.

"It seems kill you, Xi-Rei will be face great tribulation. In this moment of peril, I
could only sacrifice my own child life to preserve this country." The queen's eyes now
transferred to Feng Ming.

Feng Ming likes a frog entered into the sights of a snake; his body instant coldly

The Queen stares at Feng Ming for a long time said, "You, yourself are the Crown
Prince, to able to sacrifice for the country is a great honour, Mother is proud of you."
She said to An Xun, "I will assist your coronation. If you are to choose act at now, it
would be easily lead to criticism of the High Officials, so it best to wait until Crown
Prince ascend to the throne for three months, you would then take the throne."

Feng Ming thought as if he ears were slashing of thunders, he was momentary


The basis for the evil scheming of revolution explained before him, he found it hard to
follow their conversation.

An Xun guessed the Queen had compromised, smiling appeared on his face, "If I have
to wait till march next year, the Prince is at age for coronation, to keep his alive till
then, indeed, surely too risky."

The queen listened, for a very long time she did not speak, head bowed incessantly
sighed, "Oh, youve force me here ..." She bites her teeth said, "Very well, for Xi-Rei,
Ill sacrifice all. It shall be done now, Ill blocked out all the news, said the Prince
have fallen seriously ill, in March next year, will announce the Prince death, and the
King die. However, you immediately recalled all the assassinators, you must give a
list of their name, sort everything accordingly before formally return to Xi-Rei, to
avoid any recuperation in the future. "

"Then killed all the assassinators?"

The queen looked down a moment, whispered, "Ive put my life into your hand, when
the prince die, no one could possible competed with you for the throne, from now on,
who else except you that I could able to rely on? Why should you still need
assassinators? Xi-Rei future, have already decided." She finished, instantly slowly
opened her palm before An Xun, and inside the middle of the palm appeared a small

Feng Ming listened to the conversion, was horrified, he gently used the wall trying to
flee. He did not know when but a door blocked him. He supposed the queen had
planned this early, on this spot to terminate one of them off. He turned and saw An
Xun hold the bottle had stepped towards him, fears spreading, as "poison" word
instantly pops up in his head.

Why? Why do they want to kill me? An Xun coldly smiled as he went to him, the
queen was indifference, his head thought, Yes, the Queen wanted An Xun to kill me.
Then she could safely withdraw and planning, given times for Duke Rong to deal with
An Xun. Then in March next year, her son certainly still is the one who coronate. I am
just the ultimate a sacrifice, use my death to delay An Xun for months, Duke Rong
would have the opportunities to eradicate all the enemy forces.

This is ultimate best tactic, who had thought of this? Is it Duke Rong? Duke Rong
wants to sacrifice me...

Feng Ming felt powerless, he leaned against the wall, and despair stared at An Xun
approaching nearer. Duke Rong had severed his love, it was so different than his
everyday loving acts, but now everything was like a old lamp appeared before him,
hysterically rage, frightening, gentleness, dreamlike..."San Yue Chun" a mocking

Everything, all those memories were flooding inside him.

He frantically thought, No way, no way!

Nevertheless, his heart contracted; throat began to dry, unable to speak even one

An Xun already before him, even though he looked gentle and weak, but his martial
arts was not trivial, nonchalance looked at Feng Ming, grabbed Feng Ming chin said,
"Drink this, you shall die immediately, it is painless."

Feng Ming lips slightly parted, his eyes wide opened, full of despairs, finally said the
words softly, "Rong Tian ..." it was so softly that An Xun could not heard.

"Needless to give your final wills I already had done the speech for you." An Xun
implicitly said, "The God have not give me long-lived, could only offer my throne to
Uncle King so that he could bring Xi-Rei to prosperity." then he forced Feng Ming to
open his mouth with a heavy slapped and poured the entire liquid into his mouth.

The poison went down his throat, indeed, it was sweet. Feng Ming had hoped at that
the moment Duke Rong would demolish the door and jump inside, and told him that
this is nothing more but a strategy, suddenly his stomach cramps, a bright light
sparked before his eyes, in the end he finally let go of his last hope and sank into


Chapter XX

The Di Hoa Vien Hall of the inner palace was very dark, the flames flickered and
shimmered as Feng Ming slowly fallen down on the icy ground.

An Xun sat down instantly, checked for the pulses on Feng Mings wrist, until the
pulses had disappeared completely then he put Feng Mings wrist down and stood up.

The Queen stood on one side, eyes swept over Feng Ming body, full of tears, her tone
was gentle as seems not want to disturb his peaceful sleep, said quietly, "because of
you, even my own child I have to give up, no mother in this world was so callously as
me. Now, you should recall all the assassinators that hidden, to avoid later that
someone used them to sabotage and damage Xi-Rei."

The tactic she used of course painful and bittered, since she planned to push An Xun
to the death door. Their deep love for each other was true thus, she was not pleased,

so these obviously tears in her eyes of course for An Xun. Feng Ming forced drank
the poison therefore was fakes.

An Xun nodded, "That is correct, since there no Prince, no one could compete with
me? Those spies and assassinators out there of course no longer needed." during his
speech, An Xun took a sharp blades from his side.

In the desert of Di HoaVien Hall Palace, the weapon shrilled sound heard.

The blades appeared very sharp, that the optical reflective light made the queen
shuddered, horrified said, "An Xun, what are you doing?"

"Lou Lan, Im very sorry that Id failed to believe you." An Xun hand hold the blade,
but his tone very gentle, smiled softly to the queen said, "There are many amazing
secret in Xi-Rei medicine, one of them which allowed other to perceive the victim
was dead for a period. If he is like this, I felt insecure that he would not awaken later,
if I not stabbed him once I cannot guarantee that he will not be resurrect. Only this I
could be assuring to take the cards on your hand."

Duke Rong had asked her thousands of times for Feng Ming safety, if the blade
cutting down, how could Feng Ming live?

The queens face paler said, "The Prince is dead, how you could not even allowed the
body preserved?"

"Dont worried, I'll stabs him a few times, then bandages it."

"An Xun!"

"Lou Lan, we have grown up and no longer innocent children, An Xun and Lou Lan
of those days." An Weeks hand hold the blades, laughed sadly, "In the end this child
is still your son, he is a royal family, involved the throne, who would dare to be
reckless? Between you and me is love, this true have never changed."

The queen as if strike by lightning, retreated two steps. It was unbearable to hear this
confession from An Xun. Her body leaned against the wall, closed her eyes, counting
each of breathe then softly said, "The heart beats had stopped, must you destroyed his
body before recall those spies?"

"If the pulse had already gone, stab once should not make any difference? Once I am
no longer worries, I would immediately withdraw all the spies. I promised that Xi-Rei
will not be in mishaps."

If she continues blocked An Xun, his doubt will be arising.

The Queen was hesitated for a long time, staring at An Xun and did not speak, her
thoughts was continuously intertwined with each other, Duke Rong and Xi-Rei were
under poison smoke attack, appeared before her.

She clenched her teeth, the ultimate safety of Xi-Rei was more important, nodded,
"OK, if you must do that to have a peace of mind, then go ahead. Stabbing straight at
his heart, no matter whatever medicine could not bring the Prince returned, you
should rest assured about that."

An Xuns face was appeared cheerful, his sound was gentle, "Lou Lan, I know you
feel bad. After all, he is your son, dont trouble anymore, once Im on the throne, I
will certainly arrange an appropriate burial." He looked down at Feng Ming who
unanimated; his eyes revealed ill will, immediately seized the blade handle, stabbed
straight down, targeted for Feng Mings heart.

The blade swung up, only heard a rumble echoing returned as the wooden door
blocked at the entrance outside had kicked away. A whirlwind intruder rushed
forward, one incredible slash, targeted An Xuns head, and straight down from the

The blade was mighty and intense, how could he possible avoid it?

An Xun intimidated, he had not decided whether to hit Feng Ming or not. However,
reflected from many consecutive years in martial art training, the blade in his hand
changed direction toward the front to block the attack.

"Keng" sound of interacted weapons echoed through the silent palace hallway.

An Xun taken the risk to block the strike, had his hand numbs, his head looked up, he
saw a very angry face, like an excellent sword-master on wrath path, was Duke Rong.

Duke Rong saw that his strike did not killed An Xun, his lance swung up again,
continuous attacked, attentively slashed down on all the perilous areas of An Xun.

Choang Choang Choang Choang

The fires sparked whilst each time the weapons collided.

Duke Rong was superior in martial arts, his bravery was rare to be found on earth, the
capacities between the two easily revealed.

An Xun slowly retreated two steps, huffed, upheaval due to the fighting against Duke
Rong murderous intention, felt terrified, turned to the queen and shouted, "Lou Lan,
quickly tell him to stop."

The Queen stared at them but her eyes were fuzzy, bitten her lower lips, face paler.

Nonetheless, Duke Rong without any hesitation, one slashed downward in front, since
An Xun retreated, the regent had aim at his weapon, with one strike he taken away
the weapon which had fallen off from An Xuns hand, once again swung his lance up
for another slash.

The lance had shimmered coldly as An Xun despaired.

"Stop!" The Queen yelled, unfortunately it was one-step too late.

The blade chopped down between An Xun face, "Eh" sorrowful cried, blood had
spread all-over the head, his face upward before fallen back, not breathing anymore.

The battle finally ended, Duke Rongs lance indeed had killed, killed An Xun quickly
under his blade.

"An Xun ..." The queen saw Duke Rong about to kill An Xun, in a flash ran toward
them but the fight was over. She bent down, her eyes on An Xun, she snapped, the
love that had accrual and hidden all these years sudden flared, modified her heartbeat,
as tears continuous fallen not able to stop, she looked over Duke Rong said angrily,
"You ... why did you kill him?"

Duke Rongs anger had not dissipated, coldly glaring, glanced at An Xun dead body
on the ground, "He is Xi-Reis traitor, attempted usurpation the throne, why the
Queen wept for him?"

"Rong Tian" the queen furiously shouted, found that she was too emotional, breathing
deeply and immediately said gently, "I have always been to now, doing everything
because of you, do you not understand? Everything had went smoothly from the

beginning, why are you suddenly rushed in, destroyed all tactics that we all have been
working hard to arrange it for how long?"

Duke Rong turned around, clutched Feng Ming floppy and weak body on the ground,
his eyes remained on Feng Mings face, quietly reminded her, "The originally scheme
does not include Feng Ming died."

"It was an emergency, because Xi-Rei, to sacrifice a phony prince should be an

easiest decision? A worthless fake prince, how could you just throw the best strategy
scheme away, allowed Xi-Rei fallen under a disaster? "

"Feng Ming's not just a fake prince like that, Your Majesty, if you have time, listen to
him discussing the kingdoms affair. He is a treasure to Xi-Rei. Regarding to An
Xuns issue I will dealing with it later." Duke Rong took off his coat, covered Feng
Mings body, his love was evidence in each word, "The potion affect had passed,
Feng Ming please hurry wake up. If I knew this scheme is useless, I would have not
let you suffer through this misery. "

The Queen finally understood, her decision of allowed Feng Ming to die as sacrifice
was the cause for Duke Rong raging attacked, she saw how he gazed at Feng Ming,
she was momentary shock, shook said, Rong Tian,...are you angry at me? I did it;
everything is for your throne, everything for your Xi-Rei."

At this point, she not made decision base on the country's future but as a mother loved
for her son.

Duke Rong felt oscillated and gently said, "Mother Queen had taken all pains and
suppressed her emotions, for me your son. However, I implored Mother Queen do not
try to hurt Feng Ming anymore."

He touched Feng Mings face, felt the temperature had gradually returned, saw that
the effect of the potion began to melt away, once again looked into the queens eyes,
he earnestly requested, "If Mother Queen for the sake of Rong Tian, then plead that
you would treat Feng Ming same as me. I ... We ..." He frowned and sighed, but did
not continue.

Then he slightly bowed to the queen and carried Feng Ming away.

The Queen looked at the strong determine back of Duke Rong, suddenly found her
legs gave away and sat down on the ground.

Her head bowed down helplessly, saw An Xun evidently died without closing his
eyes, and instantly tears once again fallen.

"I do not want this, why did you insisted to return here, to complete with my own
son?" She put her trembled pearl ivory fingers stroked his handsome face, the queen
cried and said, "Parental loved is the greatest, did you not know this? I am the Xi-Rei
Queen, how could I allow for foreign invasion? Dear An Xun, you still are one with
muscle and no brain, like in the old days, those spies that you had leaved behind like
this, how possible am I able to clean them up?"

Although An Xun died, but his eyes light still lurked with despair.

The chilly and quietness filled the palace hallway but echoes the sincerely sorrowful
sound from the queens heart.

"You could not able to take the throne, but in my heart, will be forever yours ..."

Sparsely sound of crying, An Xun eyes open glared, eventually closed slowly under
the gently stroked from pure white hands, like pearls of the queen.

Fan Jia Prince Consorts death suddenly inside Xi-Rei palace, the news quickly
spread to Fan Jia, suddenly the whole nation break loose.

Xi-Rei border was ready faced a great tribulation.


Chapter XXI

The potion took it tolled on Feng Ming body, although his pulses slowly recovered,
but he was unconscious for several days. Xi-Rei was turbulent unrest, Fan Jias

royalty had called for revenge, the officials in Fan Jias Court opposed this decision
and disorder had ensued.

Fortunately, Duke Rongs skill sophisticated dealing with the external force, so
everything within court resolved peacefully.

There were many issues that connected continue arisen, but Feng Ming still asleep
through it all and knew nothing.

Until after mid-day, the palace atmosphere had been calm for several days.

In the middle of the room where a body was satisfied located have been closely
monitored by everyone gazes. One of the most anxious eyes obviously was Duke

"... Um .." Suddenly, the pale lips, which, tightly closed, had faintly let out a gently
sound. The sleeping face sudden appeared unusual light pink, a sign expected that he
nearly regained consciousness.

Everyone hearts expanded, they all were breathlessly waiting.

The long thick lashes had softly quivered under everyone watchful eyes. After a
while, eyes swiftly opened.

The clear black eyes that closed after many days finally opened.

When Feng Ming opened his eyes, everyone within the princes chamber nosily stood
up together.

"Prince woke up!"

"He has awake ..."

"God bless ... Chiu Lian prayers drown under countless of joyful sound and
amazement from everyone around her.

Duke Rong took one-step closer, sat on the bed and holding Feng Mings wrist to
check for the pulse, then rapidly asked, "Do you remember me? Are you
uncomfortable anywhere?

Feng Ming awakened, though there was no strength on his body. His head turned to
see Duke Rong, remembered what had happened, just about to open his mouth to
speak, only heard shrilled sounds of talked and laughter, "Duke Rong, please do not
worries, the potion had completely expired, your servant dared to use his life to
guarantees. The Prince had unconscious for seven days and awaked today, exactly the
right time. "

The person who talked, his body was wearing blue brocade, pointed chin, long but
narrow eyes, his hands were waving a fan bizarre shaped, he was Xi-Rei best
pharmacist Xia Guan. He was eccentric, his stubborn characteristic was hard to get

along with anyone, apart from working for the royalty, he always stayed at home, and
he considered being an extraordinary rare person during that period.

Feng Ming drank the dead-fake potion, made from his hands.

"Ha ha, the Prince is a fortunate heavenly general, most brave and clever, have able to
exterminate a great long-conspirator, who had illicit ambition, youre surely is alike to
the King." Tong general hold the side handle sword and was all praised.

"Eradicate the one who had illicit ambition?" Feng Ming asked unintelligently.

"The person who had an unjust ambition, of course I referred to An Xun, Fan Jia
Prince Consort, who came to Xi-Rei to cause chaos. The Prince with one lance
executed and finished him off cleanly that really are fantastic. "

An Xun dead?

"Ah?" Feng Ming uttered terrify cried, felt Duke Rong little shook on his sleeve, and
immediately shut his mouth.

Before he drank the "Potions, he had suspected that the regent had harmed him, but
now he found himself awaken and knew his guessed was wrong. However, whatever
had developed since then, the truth of the story, how it had happened he do not know.
Nevertheless, he remembered Duke Rong taught sometime ago, Even if you dont
know you must pretended to be very knowledgeable. immediate acting profoundly

and coordinate with the story, nodded quickly replied, "That is true, he caused trouble
to Xi-Rei, indeed, deserve to die."

His mind could stop thinking, An Xun died, so is the second times romance of the
queen, what to do now? That wretched An Xun was the one who forced me drank
poison, his death is OK.

So immediately after that, nodded again strongly, "Yes, should die."

The Officials stood inside the princes chamber, including the servants who have been
taken care of Feng Ming instantly looked at each other, they all felt the crown prince
characteristics right now compared to his previous cowardly on earlier days, known to
be evasive, was not similar. The prince had increasingly become more assertive and
have shows lucid intelligence, surely is a talented prince, they could help but greatly
pleaded and started smiling.

Feng Ming tired as he leaned back against Duke Rong, though his body had weakened
he still acting strongly accorded to be his prince status, Chiu Lian quickly brought a
cup of warm herbal and put adjacent to his mouth.

Chu general too saw Feng Ming regained consciousness, his hands clasped and
sounds like a great bell, "Crown Prince in the deadlock situation, with one slash had
killed An Xun, prevented Xi-Rei from fallen into chaos. Although the action was a bit
foolhardy, after carefully consideration, eliminated the thread had strengthened the
confidence of your Officials again. Currently, the key issue was how to eradicate the

spies in Xi-Rei. An Xuns spies in Xi-Rei, your subject had caught half of them, of
course they had serious tortured and declared that they still have accomplices. These
accomplices will be target water wells with poison, so create an internal disturbances
arising in Xi-Rei. The situation is very important, how should we going to resolve
this, plead the Prince and Duke Rong for counsel." Since Feng Ming said," Far Allied
Close Fight ", his position in the heart of the generals had risen rapidly, and now
recognized the disposition to make decision in the court as Xi-Rei King.

Tong general smiled and said, "Chu General should not be worry. Duke Rong had
already spoken, before the Prince killed An Xun, he already had a plan, even if spies
to spraying poisons or Fan Jias army violated the border, he will respond. The Crown
Prince awakened; there is nothing too serious that we could not deal with."

Feng Ming confused, he thought Rong Tian had some trickery up his sleeve, who
know what good story he made me carry, turned his head back eyes narrowed
dangerously at Duke Rong.

Duke Rong looked at him smiling, mildly voiced, "You just awaken, it best not use
too much energy." He tilted his head up and rolled his eyes around and high voiced,
"The Prince has woken up, youre all have been working hard and now he is seemly
alright so be at peace of mind. You all should go back to rest. Tong General, for Fan
Jias issue you will follow this up. Chu General, the spies within the country, should
be more focuses to avoid any chaos. Finally, he eyes were on pharmacist Xia Guan
who stood by his side, slightly curled up at the corner of his mouth, "Xia Guan

teacher, the Prince is still not fully recovered, please temporarily staying close outside
of the princes quarter, to prevent any complication."

Duke Rong gave adequate coordination to everyone and since Feng Ming awakened,
the order given corrected, thus turned to leave to do his or her job.

Since Feng Ming was in a coma, Xia Guan forced to leave his lair for seven days by a
very upsetting Duke Rong. He franticly impatience stoop and asked, "Duke Rong, Xia
Guan leaved his sector for a few days and have no one watch over the herb leaves,
please let Xia Guan go back to check them once, then immediately return to the
princes quarter as order."

Duke Rong knew this man loved studying medicine, the more rare and precious herbs
that difficult to get, would be his most precious treasures, nodded slightly, "Good, go
quickly and return soon. The herbs used for the Crown Prince recovered, make sure
no mistakes allowed."

"Thank you, Prince, thank you, Duke Rong!" Xia Guans spirit excited as he saluted,
happily, as he fled hastily.

The chamber was big and tranquilness quickly returned. Chiu Lian was bright person;
understood Duke Rong wishes to be alone with Feng Ming. She waved the other
maidservants from both side to leave, silently saluted and together get out of the
crown princes quarter and shut the main gate.

In the middle of the crown princes chamber, only Duke Rong and Feng Ming were

The main gate closed, Feng Ming felt stressed and turned around. He saw an earnest
gaze burned within Duke Rong, was like the mind and body had struggled to survive.

Those eyes almost make his body temperature burned with fever.

"You ..." He had many important questions to ask, but at soon as his mouth opened,
Duke Rong had suppressed it, slowly covering Feng Ming lips.

Hot kisses, Feng Ming felt arms slowly tightened around his waist, as him steeped
into the scent of Duke Rong.

"Youre an evil spirit, harming people" Duke Rong softly spoken as his nibbled on his
lips, as if brought out all the anxious that developed for last several days. "You had
slept for the last seven consecutive days."

"You ... youre the one that harm people ..." When discussed about unjustly reason,
Feng Ming felt he was more afflicted.

There was no need to question. He knew Duke Rong was the one who secretly
dragged him into scheme of his calculations and leaved him blind to the situation.

Since he was purely blissful drawn in the sweet kisses, how could he open his mouth
and countered?


Chapter XXII

Feng Ming prides would never allow him admitted that last night kisses made him
fainted, he blamed everything on Duke Rong, reasoned it was result from
unpreparedness due to potion which had made his body weaker.

As soon as he woken up the next morning, he launched a fierce eyes attack, directly
against Duke Rong.

"You have not explained everything to me." Feng Ming performance of an injured
victim, he rolled himself out of the blanket and move further away from Duke Rong,
to express his displeasure.

Duke Rong leaned forward and pulled Feng Ming back, hugged him in his chest, a
slightly sighed of relieve into Feng Mings ear, smiled and said, "Didnt I already
explained yesterday?"

"Yesterday?" Feng Ming remembered that very long immoral kisses, then dripped
into dreamy sleep, memory of his humiliation, he gnashed his teeth.

"Okay, let me slowly explain it to you." Duke Rong saw Feng Ming was very angry,
the regents hands soothed and hurried told him little by little of the incident.

He used his gifted persuasion to converse, explicit and flowery languages. How he
had make An Xun anxious when entered the queens quarter, how quickly he had
hastily formed a plan, how he had plot An Xun to go the hall Di Hoa Vien, continuous
dropped the story detail into Feng Mings ear.

Feng Ming listened to Duke Rong speeches and thought, it turns out right, when we
were on our returned to the palace, and he had starting to plot everything like that.

Feng Ming upon heard that An Xun after forced him drank "poison" was not satisfied
but wanted to stab him to make sure the prince died, Feng Ming shocked and cried
aloud, "Oh God".

Duke Rong immediately said, "Do not fear, how could I possible allowing him to
harm you. Since he was definitely going to kill you, I forced to appear and with one
lance, executed him. Oh, the great tactic had defeated."

Feng Ming snorted Hn and coldly said, "You dont need to pretend. If you had not

jumped in and rescue me than yours judgment was wrong. Speak, why did you not
consulted with me before? You really want to terrify me to dead?

"Time was critical, when I planned this An Xun already inside the city, I did not have
time to talk to you? Then again, An Xun is an old fox, the only person in this whole
world could tricked him is the Queen. If I had told you the truth, when youre in
danger there a chance the plan would be reveal. "

"Fallacy" Feng Ming before snorted Hn, he remembered An Xun had spies placed
in Xi-Rei, frowning said, "You had killed An Xun, and wouldnt this cause Xi-Rei
disorder? Fan Jia Prince Consort died, they must want revenge, and those spies were
already enough of a headache. He suddenly remembered those words from the
generals speeches, immediately declared, "I do not have strategy in place. What lied
had you been instilled to Tong General? Said something about me handle the situation
satisfaction when I woke up? Do not dare to put all the responsibility over my head! "

Duke Rong stared silently at Feng Ming, who seemed to tense, his thin lips slightly
smirked, said gently "You dont have to fear, why would I want to harm you? I have
the plan, if you kiss me one, I will tell you. "

His voice deep, gorgeous, softly whispered each word in the ear, like a magnetism
force with extraordinary power.

Feng Mings heart suddenly pounded, blushed shamelessly immediately sat up, still
felt the ears burned, bowed his head and not willing to yield, What in there for me to

kiss you? The kingdom is yours; the throne is your, complication also brought on
yourself... Oh...Ahh ..."

He had done halfway speech when Rong Wang slid up and covered his body, bitten
gently on the swollen lips.

Instantly his breath swiftly speeded up.

The fragrance aided to their enthusiastic, which diffused throughout the palace,
almost able to see layer and layer of perfume moving.

The silk blanket fell down, Duke Rong firmly pressed hold of Feng Ming hands,
which had moved and scratched. He used his body rubbing on Feng Mings inner
thighs to stimulate friction. Feng Ming mouth tasted full of pleasure as he leaned
down and taken away Feng Ming protest by blocked and closed it off. Only his black
eyes were stubborn tried constantly to open glaring at Duke Rong.

Duke Rong continue to maintain his appropriate pace attacked, while enjoying the
sweetness, the regent tried to entice Feng Ming, waited for him to enter together into
the beautiful paradise together, he did not stop using the tongues tempted and appeal.

Gradually, in the end those eyes could not resist and failed, fallen deeper inside the
love quicksand.

During their sexual aroused, the princes chamber had echoed a voice.

"Prince, the herbs extracted, Xia Guan teacher advised that it should be drinking while
still hot.

The softly sounds of course was Chiu Xing.

Feng Ming started, feverishly pushed Duke Rong off, closing the jaw, and
aggressively bitten the regents tongue.

Duke Rong in pain, suddenly frowned, unhappy and slightly glared at Feng Ming then
let go of Feng Mings hands.

Chiu Xing pushed the door open, carefully brought a hot bowl of medicine, coloured
black inside, "This is the medicine recently extracted, Crown Prince please drink it
fast." her eyes briefly glanced, Feng Mings face flushed, and Duke Rong was on bed,
with the silky blanket covered on him.

The royalty and aristocratic men often done it, commonly seen in the palace, but Duke
Rong sat calmly leaned on the head-bed; he wanted to pull Feng Ming into his chest
while he drinking the medicine but Feng Ming ashamed as he pushed the other man

Chiu Xing thought it was weird, smiled, takes the bowl of herbs and given to Duke
Rong, giggled said, "Your maidservant request to leave, Ill not disturb you." She
tiptoes fled out the room.

When her shadow disappeared, Feng Ming sighed.

Duke Rong politely laughed, holding the bowl of drug, one hand pulled Feng Ming
toward him, half deceived and half lured him to drink all the medicine. Then told
Feng Ming briefly of his tactic, "After An Xun killed, we reported that Fan Jia Prince
Consort while visited the Xi-Rei King who has been very ills, assassinator had broken
inside the palace sudden, the guards not able to react in time which caused the tragic
incident. Amid that scene, the King and An Xun killed. Of course, since we have lost
our King, Xi-Rei suffered the most damage, sufficient to prove this planned
assassination had not done by us. Only Chu General, who was the loyal core subject
to Xi-Rei, knew the internal secret. In the future, it certainly hard avoids of having to
ask them for help. Therefore, we should not hide so I have frankly told them how An
Xun had killed."

"Why are they thinking that it was I, the one who killed him? The strategy also
planned by me? "

"My dear prince," Duke Rong stolen a kiss, I am created an image of the prince, with
great wisdom and strong spirit, superior intellect or what? Only that way, you could
gain loyalty and supports from the Officials. "

"You still have not yet told me how you going to deal with Fan Jias royalty and those
spies, they absolutely will not believe what you said about assassinators. In addition,

why I am weak before but now require having the great image like that? Isnt that the
future coronation is your?" Feng Ming poked a finger into the chest of Duke Rong.

"An Xun was the only one who always kept looking at Xi-Rei like a hungry tiger. His
wife is the Third Princess of Fan Jia royalty, even if Fan Jia King pampered his
daughter would not because of a Prince Consort to declare war with us. Of course, the
urgent matter at present is to comfort and assure the Third Princess and Fan Jia King.
Naturally, so that minor annoyances could be avoid."

"What about the spies ..."

"The matter of spies ..." Duke Rongs mysterious eyes winked, turned around, pulled
a scroll letter quickly out from the bed, "The list of An Xun spies, mostly are written
in here, of course with You Highness order, we shall catch them all. Naturally, we
required supervision for all the wells in the city, each have a taster to test the water to
prevent mishaps."

The list of An Xuns spies had done by many sleepless nights and great efforts; to
complete and give to Feng Ming on time, though his face did not showed any gleeful

Feng Ming did not know how the list had obtained which therein arduous struggled.
He reluctantly hold the scroll, suspicion said, "If you already have this list, also not
worry about Fan Jia is too difficult to handle, so why didnt you killed An Xun right

away, but come up with this and that plot, frightful, one lance slashed was not clean
enough? Even gotten dupe me to drink poison..."

Listened to his resentful speech, made Duke Rong deadly incensed, thinking this little
brat really do not understand how much mental suffering and efforts he had put into
that list, truly make him want to aggressively kissed him for severe punishment.

"Besides, with the well water why are you let someone to drink to test them? In the
well, just raise a few fishes then you could use it, right? If fish alive then rest assured
that it safe to drink, do not have to risk people's lives."

Duke Rong shocked, of course he had not thought of a simple way on how to check if
water has been poisoned or not. He cheerful and hugged Feng Ming, give him a kiss,
laughed, "Brilliant, the prince truly endowed with natural genius, just a short moment
to have thought such a wonderful method. Youre bright, probably will not need any
assistance from me to create good images."

Feng Ming still obscure asked, "Why should I have to create images? You still have
yet explained this to me. "

"Since we've officially announcing Xi-Rei King had died, An Xun is dead; there is no
one possible to competing for the throne with the prince, for Xi-Rei kingdom.
Therefore, currently the Crown Prince is acting on behalf of Xi-Rei King. "

"March of the following year will be your coronation that means I will able to have a
few months for funs."

"You cant."

"Why not?"

"Because ... to prevent the Fan Jia dispatched an army and violate the border, also to
denote Xi-Rei solicitude over An Xun death, Xi-Rei had officially state that the
Prince will personally travel to Fan Jia, to take the Third Princess of Fan Jia back to
Xi-Rei, to take care till old age."

"What?" Feng Ming glared, almost jumped up, and shouted, "Are you crazy? Fan Jia
currently greatly hatred Xi-Rei, and yet youre forcing me to Fan Jia to died? Hey, I
say unto you, I do not want to occupy the Crown Prince position, you could take it
back anytime, and you dont have to use this scheme and pushing me! "


Chapter XXIII

"Because ... to prevent the Fan Jia dispatched an army and violate the border, also to
denote Xi-Rei solicitude over An Xun death, Xi-Rei had officially state that the
Prince will personally travel to Fan Jia, to take the Third Princess of Fan Jia back to
Xi-Rei, to take care till old age."

"What?" Feng Ming glared, almost jumped up, and shouted, "Are you crazy? Fan Jia
currently greatly hatred Xi-Rei, and yet youre forcing me to Fan Jia to died? Hey, I
say unto you, I do not want to occupy the Crown Prince position, you could take it
back anytime, and you dont have to use this scheme and pushing me! "

Duke Rong frowned and slightly wrinkled, "You think I want that? Xi-Rei have many
problems this year, food shortages, there are some commoners had regularly riot; at
the borders plundered by bandits and Tong Kingdom intensity directed towards war.
Now if Fan Jia becomes enemy, then Xi-Rei will not withstand. Fan Jias army
although was moving, but has not violated our border. It appeared that Fan Jia King
still in evaluation process and hesitate attacked, and perhaps because of that, they
have been delayed orders the troops. Therefore, we must take this opportunity to
resolve the situation urgently with Fan Jias royalty. The X-Rei imperial currently is
in confusion state, I have no other way, only plead the Crown Prince to substitute as
Rong Tian on this trip. When the regent finished, his later speech was heavy tone,
not even call him "Feng Ming but as Crown Prince ".

Feng Ming stubbornly shook his head.

Duke Rong could not do anything else but threatened, "If Xi-Rei could not be keep,
youre Xi-Rei Prince, will certainly be killed."

"In such case, to get kill here and go abroad, here is still better." Feng Ming lower his
head whispered, "You obviously use me as your scapegoat."

Seeing the desolate form of Feng Ming, Duke Rong was upset and found it amusing,
pulled him into his chest, gently scolded, "You do not believe in me? Want you to go
Fan Jia, of course I have plans to guarantee your safety. "

"An Xun died, are you able turn another into him."

"Youre a fool, An Xun died; there sure will be someone in Fan Jia delighted. Fan Jia
King did not have a son, he only have three princesses. You take the third princess
here, making fewer competitors for the throne, the two older sisters of the princess
would like you immediately, certainly will protect you ..."

There are always contentions for the throne in every nation.

The only thing he had not thought before, there was a possibility of a queen as ruler in
this in ancient times, surely was interesting prospect.

Feng Ming thought it weird and asked, "If the Third Princess has the right to inherit
the kingdom, how would she agree to come to Xi-Rei?"

"Its true that you do not understand." His smile deepened as he lovingly coddled
Feng Ming and let him sat on his legs, the arms gentle wrapped around his waist and
said, "Since the Third Princess Consorts died, she had no children, thus there was no
chance for her to compete for the kingdom. Staying in Xi-Rei is the best choice for
her, all we needs to do is convince her that her husband death was not our fault, with
her intelligence; she will certainly come with you back to Xi-Rei. "

"But, An Xun ..."

"Do not be afraid. I will let you meet someone." Duke Rong paused and called, Rong
Hu, come in here."

The main gate immediately softly opened, a man approached, knelt beneath their feet.

"Greeting Master." the sound was immature, it was a boy that a bit tall.

Feng Ming curious looked at him.

Duke Rong nodded, "Rong Hu, lift your head."

Rong Hu had his head up, Feng Ming instant called "Ah". Rong Hu had velvety and
white colour skin, wide forehead, bright eyes, radiate of a fine-looking man, around
seventeen or eighteen years, stately mental composure, looked over one could said
that the teenager had through many experiences and matured.

The man also carry Rong surname, he was not sure how these two are related,
brothers perhaps. Seems the Rong family were all experienced and skilful.

Surely not, Duke Rong was not really come from the Rong family; he should be XiReis royalty.

During Feng Ming drivel thought, Duke Rong opened his mouth, Feng Ming, Rong
Hu has been raised with me, always discreet in hiding place, and he had always been
my protector. Rong Hu, this is your new master, the Xi-Rei Prince An He, his real
name is Feng Ming. You listen carefully, his real name in this world only I know and
you know, never disclose to anyone."

Feng Ming thought, wrong, that name at least I also know.

"Greeting, Yours Highness, Crown Prince." Rong Hu stares at Feng Ming for a long
times, his sharply eyes, started Feng Ming. After what it looked like as if he
memorised Feng Mings face, he bowed his head said, "Rong Hu definitely will
protect the Crown Prince that he will be unscathed."

Duke Rong nodded, "Well done, you could go now."

Rong Hu respectful saluted, back away quietly.

"From now on, he will always secretly protect you."

Feng Ming glanced at Duke Rong oddly, "You not going to believe that in Fan Jia,
just only to have a princess and this protector, can ensure my safety right?"

Duke Rong smiled slightly, nodded.

"Ill not go."

"You must go."

"Ill not go!"

Duke Rong closed his eyes thinking for a while, and then enquired, "How will you
agree to go willingly?"

Feng Ming does not need to think very quickly said, "Youll go with me!"

"If I was possible to leave Xi-Rei, why would you need to go?" Duke Rong laughed

Feng Ming face was sadly grief-stricken.

Duke Rong looked at him quietly for half a day, quietly groaned, letting go of Feng
Ming, gently walked to the window, looked at panoramic views faraway.

Feng Ming silently considered how Duke Rong would compel him to listen. Not very
long afterward Duke Rong said, "If so, then do not go."

"Really?" Feng Ming cheerful immediately laughed.

Duke Rong nodded slightly.

However, after that day, consecutive three days later, Duke Rong does not once
appear in the princes quarter.

Three days and not able to see Duke Rong, Feng Ming found it was oddly

The princes quarter was very silent, like it covered by cold blanket. Feng Ming eyes
looked out, the maidservants followed, no one was happy. Feng Ming attention to the
close gate and pricked his ears to listen for familiar footsteps.

He was not sure or do not know why, but not seeing Duke Rong, he was unable to
sleep peacefully.

He repeatedly sent many people to find Duke Rong, but they reported that he was
busy at work, unable to meet him. When Feng Ming himself goes to look, he stopped
by the guard at Duke Rongs quarter. He had never thought that Duke Rong could be
heartless when he saying not to meet will not meet.

Though I was afraid to die, should you not try to beg me to change my mind, right?

Already consent that I do not need to go and now resentment inside thus probably
calculate some plot?

Feng Ming bitten his lips angrily, thinking for three days, stubbornly decided to stay
in the palace, though his heart had wavered, it would be better to go to Fan Jia than
being depressed like this.

He had already dead once, why should he feared of dead?

Three days later, Feng Ming angrily screamed Rong Hus names in the middle the
princes chamber

Rong Hu reluctantly, forced to show up.

"Master, what is your command?"

"You go and tell that jerk, Rong Tian, Ill go!" Feng Ming said through gritted teeth,
"I am going! Call him here to see me! "

Nevertheless, Rong Hu still stood there not moving, not hastily nor slow to answer,
"Rong Hu responsibility is protected you, never to leave your side."

Feng Ming angry shouted summon another guard to come in.

"Find Duke Rong, told him, I consent to go to Fan Jia to die."

The guard gallops away, two hours later returned to report, "Duke Rong said, the
journey for the prince must be carefully prepared. Tomorrow departure, Duke Rong is
very busy with work; forgive him unable to see the Crown Prince depart."

Feng Ming gone mad almost fainted. Instantly his heart rancour misery, as if he
seemly have nothing in this place in this ancient world, only to depend on himself, his
solely leaning on Duke Rong was not a good one.

In despaired, he aggressive nodded and said, "Good, you go and tell him, I dont need
him to see me off. When I get to Fan Jia Ill never return."


Rong Hu (Rong Tiger)

End Of Volume I

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