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Word Math Conflicts

by Dana Graham Phelps

I have attempted several times to create a document which shows my definition for
Time Infinitum expressed numerically related to physics in my esteem but
unfortunately came up short as if unsure of how to identify true feelings on the subject
as important or stupid as they may have been. This is a long statement to head off
something so simple, so let's jump into the shit:
No two things are alike, therefore no numbers past one can be proved except to
demonstrate this formula.
1 is equivalent to Infinitum
1+1 = 1 or 1+1= 2 = 1

To quantify and clarify, numerics are not useful unless as an exercise to indicate
differences in that which may be categorized identically. Physical truth as we all know
it in daily life is ever unique, always changing and adrift as seeping materializations of
temporal mechanics. Time travel is all we do aside from the soulful data collection of
awareness. We slam together passive corollary instruments as if they did it to us for
some purpose inconsiderate to our survival and we do that for slavery war. Wheels
developed dependences on engineering which led to commerce geography religious
coups of leadership and worse.
For some reason, time was not considered a factor for numbers connected to reality
structures versus understanding. We believe in math because understanding is what
that is. In other words, which is this entire subject finally the words we speak and think

in (or as a friend once told me as language results out of thought, not as a part of it) are
subject to mathematics. A word is a fixed number which is statically aligned with
messages to prediction for understanding. We use math or word to convey feelings,
schematics or conspiracy, food recipe, wealth or judgement of contests. They cannot
be accurate as we know this from standard conceptual thinking as it relates to physical
experience. A rock is a rock because of characteristics which reflect commonalities
between the two which can be standardized into nomenclature which affixes accrued
information to like objects such as these or pencils, people, worms and lima beans.
Stars are what I know to be the first count where folks would consciously assess the
heavens in concentric patterns using this tool to determine historical recording.
The property of Infinity is more or less to inject an endless schism into the idea that
beginnings and endings exist. As I stated to a pal on Facebook not too long ago, 'What
is will be - what was, is again.' Things change. By the time you say 'One' from
beginning to finish you will have witnessed a differentiation from what that one
represented and what it is by the time you completed your pronunciation. If you are
presenting 'One' as 'Constant' or something which is unchangeable, perhaps you
would be accurate but it would not be possible in a world of empirical evidence as we
have it that two Constants could be capable of co-existing independently. Constant
anything is the same. It changes.
Measure something and claim it is exact. Then analyze if you feel like it what
parameters break down when you factor the basis for boundaries in the known
universe. You can't. It is only hypothetical reality in which it will ever be numerically

definitive. I like to say 'Every thing is the same only at a different time'. Time is space.
I believe if we all comprehend our own invincibility to time that we no longer will need
to hurt each other through language sciences of non-cooperation. We may require
speech and text for gradational evolutionary progress but not for long, one should
hope! Cooperation is loving the world in each others hand as opposed to killing the
need for ourselves. How is math advancing our spiritual interests if confined by
immoral inconsistency?
Note: For the numerologists, theologians, historians and space-cadets such as mois
truly, your 'proof' is in the stated pudding.