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Because it works!
Because it works!

Does it have an equal? Simple tractor service

Is there an equally durable system for large tractors, long front loaders, large lifting capacity and really wide Trima’s subframes have a vertical design. Connection
implements? The subframes have all been designed with larger dimensions, and the front loader is now also takes place vertically. The reason is obvious.
secured with a locking pin with a 30 % larger diameter. The distance between the load-bearing point and Modern tractors with versatile service options should
the pivot point for the loader beam is very short. In addition, the surfaces where the bearing box meets the be supported by a functional subframe and locking
subframe have been precision-machined and extended. These improvements guarantee a safe and functional system that do not take up unnecessary space.
subframe system between tractor and front loader. Quite simply, you gain access to a sound overall product
that maximises the potential for working with precision, without wear and tear.

Excellent driving properties Newly developed cross tubes For better control
With modern tractors it is easy to manoeuvre in dif- The curved cross tube is a new design feature that From the driver’s seat it is easy to follow the imple-
ficult terrain. Solutions that do not restrict the front provides more room for both front weights and front ment’s movements via the new position indicator. It
wheels’ movements are therefore best for the tractor. linkages. The cross tube is also located towards the front is short and compact, and has three positions that
Vertical subframes and carefully designed front loader of the front loader. This means that large front loaders can be adapted for different implements according to
fixing points provide more space for large wheels and can be installed further back on the tractor, enabling the individual needs. The low position reduces the risk of
mudguards. This allows you to get the maximum turn- weight distribution and stability to be improved. It also damage to the indicator.
ing radius. means that the machine as a whole is shorter and the

”The perfect front loader.

driving properties more convenient. The forward location
of the cross tube also ensures that it does not obscure
the tractor’s headlights.

That is Trima”
Hard work always produces unique results. size, giving you greater power during critical Trima optimises!
Farmers and loader manufacturers both lifting operations. Trima Plus has large working + New subframes
know this. Behind the new Trima Plus loader angles, enabling the implements to be used to + Completely new beam design with curved
range you will discover a great deal of hard the full. Faster implement changes and faster cross tube
development work derived from a close connection and disconnection of the loader + No hydraulic pipes and hoses along
the beam sides
dialogue with farmers. Benefiting the user are factors that simplify the day-to-day work.
+ All pins are reinforced
is our priority. We have therefore focused
The new Trima Plus delivers quality on every + Stronger cylinder designs Free surfaces
on the tractor’s properties and created
front, from superb manouverability, to excel- + Perfect visibility from the driver’s seat The hydraulics are concealed inside the beam. The driver sees only clean surfaces, without pipes and
new front loader technology with just one
lent visibility and the simplest tractor servic- + Newly developed shock absorber - PlusDrive hoses obscuring his vision. In addition, the front loader and its subframes are the optimum width.
goal in our sights - the whole picture. All in all, the new design offers many advantages:
ing possible. The trend is for agriculture to + New central valve - Plus Compact Valve
+ Perfect visibility towards the implement
Almost everything in the Trima Plus is new, become more demanding and the tractors ever + New, wide front loader
+ More space for service work
and everything is well thought-out. The front larger. As a farmer you are entitled to modern + New tool carrier that maximises
+ More space for front linkages
loader beam and pins have been increased in loader technology that is one step ahead visibility when changing implements + Eliminated risk of damage to hydraulic pipes
+ No problems with muck or branches catching on pipes and hoses

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Because it works!

Plus Link . When logic wins through
Trima Plus is a range of front loaders driven by technology. Occasionally, however, the least
complicated solution is and remains the best. For this reason, the most powerful loaders in the
Trima Plus range are fitted with mechanical parallel linkage. This is a logical consequence of
many years’ loader development. Mechanical parallel linkage gives:
+ Approximately 25 % greater lifting force
+ Greater lifting force with smaller cylinders
+ Higher working speed/greater efficiency
+ Greater lifting force far out on the implement
+ More power for handling pallets and straw
+ Better distribution of the load forces
+ Stronger and more torsionally rigid design
+ Maximum utilisation of the tractor’s hydraulics

That is Trima”
All farmers naturally look after their bodies, tractors and products. This is why Trima Plus is
packed full of technology that delivers a combination of performance and safety. Parallel linkage
ensures control over the work, and the optional PlusDrive equipment guarantees comfortable
handling of both the material and the driver. Trima Plus has been developed with consideration
that benefits both your wallet and your job satisfaction and health.

By installing two powerful stays over the loader beams, mechanical parallel
linkage and greater lifting force are achieved. This means that the front loader
can reach a greater working speed thanks to smaller, faster lifting cylinders.
This is where the name Plus Link comes from - the front loader’s and the tractor’s poten-
tial are increased. In addition, mechanical parallel linkage means that the load forces are
distributed between more points, in turn reducing the total wear on the front loader.

With just one hose and via the new Plus Compact
Valve, PlusDrive is connected to both sides of the
lifting cylinders. This achieves damping in both direc-
tions. An extra safety measure - the front loader beam
cannot drop and cause damage, as PlusDrive can only
be switched on if the implement is on the ground.

PlusDrive - extra safe and comfortable!

Everyone who has invested in a new Trima Plus will Good damping increases the tractor’s potential, at the
really appreciate PlusDrive, a further improved shock same time as reducing the loads on subframes, trac-
absorber. tor subframe, axles, tyres and rims. Above all, how-
+ Protected location inside the powerful, curved ever, it protects the driver’s body during hard driving.
cross tube. Nothing can damage PlusDrive + Equipped with rotary control for Off and On
+ Concealed location provides improved visibility + Extra equipment: electrical connection and discon-
towards the implement from the driver’s seat nection from the cab. The loader can rapidly be

2 3
+ All hose connections are protected switched from full damping on the ground to no
damping when precision is required for high-level Here is an explanation of another advantage of using a mechanical parallel In order to handle the same load, a front loader without parallel linkage must
+ During grading work, the implement follows the
stacking linkage. Note that the lifting cylinder (represented by the counter-weight) is in be equipped with considerably larger lifting cylinders (represented by the
ground without unnecessary load on the implement
- the results are perfect and there is reduced wear the same position as in picture 1, despite the fact that the weight on the forks counter-weight). The loads are concentrated on a smaller number of pins,
on the implement has been moved further out. The lifting force required is the same, irrespective of where and without the mechanical stays the front loader does not have the same strength.
+ PlusDrive delivers careful handling of all loads. No spill- on the implement the load is situated. This means that the front loader does not lose lifting
age from the bucket and no damage to plastic bales capacity when handling material where the centre of gravity is often far out at the front.

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Because it works!

A central new feature

The new Plus Compact Valve symbolises Trima Plus. This is a very logical solution, compared to the multitude
of hydraulic solutions currently available. Instead of building up several valve plates and adding more hoses and
couplings, with an increased risk of pressure loss and leakage, everything is gathered into a single unit - Plus
Compact Valve - which has been designed to withstand the considerable hydraulic pressures and large volumes
of oil found in modern tractors.
The tractor’s hydraulic oil flows directly to the Plus Compact Valve, which distributes the oil at an even pressure
to the relevant lifting and implement cylinders. This means that the same pressure is delivered simultaneously to

”Fantastic visibility. both sides of the loader helping it to move smoothly without any ”lopsided” effect.
+ Double shock valves that protect the implement cylinders in both directions
+ Plug In hoses for the 3rd service
+ Pressure-relieving feature for the quick-couplings on the 3rd and 4th services - so that implements

That is Trima” can be connected more easily

+ Prepared for connection of 4th service
+ Prepared for on/off function for hydraulic implement locking
+ Integrated on/off function for PlusDrive
Simpler implement changes with an efficient front loader that offers improved visibility. In the + Rotatable hose couplings - for eliminating twisting, e.g. when the implement cylinders are in operation
Trima Plus, professionals now have a work tool that combines strength with technology. A + Ozone-resistant hoses for maximum service life
Reinforced cross tube
natural continuation of Trima’s tradition of always putting the user’s needs first. The new Plus
There is naturally a reinforcement plate in the transition
Compact Valve, new implement tool carrier, wide front loader models, large working angles between the curved cross tube and the stable beam
and centrally located quick-couplings for the 3rd service. All go together to provide a surplus profile. This reduces stress and torsional loading.

of functionality.

Optimum angle, Changing implements Ergonomic connection

irrespective of the task has never been easier Inside the implement tool carrier, behind a protective
Large implement angles make it possible to work with Incredibly good visibility from the driver’s seat and solid plate, is the robust mechanical implement lock. There
full load and with all possible materials. However, the implement locking are Trima’s signature. Trima Plus’ new is no risk of either handles or locking pins being
design of the implement is also important, so that the implement tool carrier will not disappoint anyone - on the damaged in the event of a collision. If the loader is
correct filling and dumping angle can be achieved, contrary, the tool carrier can now be turned all the way equipped with the 3rd service, the quick-couplings
whatever the task. When the implement is replaced, down so that the implement hook can be seen directly have a protected and easily accessible location be- Accidents sometimes happen. In order to avoid dam-
the optimum working angle is automatically achieved. from the driver’s seat. Add to this a broad front loader hind the tool carrier. This means that connecting the Overview provides control age to the loader beam and cylinders, shock valves are
beam, which offers good visibility between the front implement is performed from a single position on the
Modern tractors are characterised by having hydraulic pipes and hoses concealed beneath bonnets and body- triggered, for example if the bucket collides with a solid
loader and the front of the tractor - and the end result is left side and at a comfortable height. Good for the
work. Trima Plus focuses on these same properties. See the similarities! Where are the hydraulic components? obstacle. The oil is then re-routed to the other side of
complete control when changing the implement. It has body, efficient for the work.
The tractor is designed to give the best possible visibility. The front loader should therefore offer the same. the cylinder and the bucket can move past the obstacle.
to be seen to be believed!

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Because it works!

”Safe and quick.

That is Trima”
The new Trima Plus front loader range is also based on Trima’s motto: ”the tractor’s
and the driver’s best friend”. When the tractor delivers more strength, Trima Plus
does the same. If farmers want to work faster, our loaders make sure that they can.
Trima Plus focuses on solutions that make operations easier and with less stress.
Perfect control
Cable-controlled ErgoDrive helps the driver to operate
the loader’s lifting and lowering movements, as well as
the implement’s crowding and dumping movements.
These functions can be combined for many tasks,
increasing efficiency. For the best ergonomic working
position, ErgoDrive can be adjusted and positioned in
the cab according to your wishes. It is equipped with two
Correctly positioned valve push-button switches for 3rd and 4th services. Using a
Once the front loader is connected, you want to get started, not have special safety function, the lever can be locked to pre-
to wait and tamper with things. The tractor’s hydraulics are connected vent unwanted front loader movements.
directly to Trima Plus’ hydraulic valve. The position of this valve means
that it does not become soiled by dirt etc.
Also: The valve for ElectroDrive CDC (optional extra) is supplied with
an accumulator in order to ensure trouble-free operation, constant
pressure and simpler connection of the quick-couplings.

Bearing box with large contact surfaces

As Trima Plus has a powerfully dimensioned front loader, which will be
subjected to extreme forces, we have developed an entirely new bear-
ing box. This can absorb and stabilise these stresses. A careful choice More powerful pins Strong support legs
of materials is combined with large contact surfaces, high precision, Remember that all loads to which a front loader is subjected must A ”simple thing” like support legs should
profile extrusions and a reinforced box construction. We have also be taken up by the pins. We have therefore developed new pins for not prevent a smooth flow of work. We
succeeded in achieving a compact design that provides more room the Trima Plus. Many of the pins are 25 % larger. The rotary locks are always aiming to achieve safer solu-
for front wheels and mudguards. have also been strengthened. In order to further reduce wear and tions. The slender, profile-pressed, more
axial play, as well as to keep the lubrication in the right place and the powerful support legs are well integrated
dirt out, the pins are provided with a special tensioning device with a with the front loader and are always eas-
compact disc and rubber ring. Effectively the pins ily accessible for when the front loader is
are fixed and sealed at both ends. to be parked. The locking system makes
In addition, all the pins are rustproof (electro-galvanised). Lubrication it easy to find the correct height.
is normally performed easily from the outside of the front loader. A broad, articulated foot provides a
larger contact surface. No loose compo-
nents to be lost!

Quick connection Ready for most things

Trima Plus Lock stands for simple, secure Plus Lock is a typical Trima creation. The short,
locking. When the front loader is put onto robust locking pin has a diameter of 40 mm and
the subframe, the bearing box guides meets all the needs of new tractors, large front
itself into position. All that has to be done loaders and heavy implements. Reinforced cylinders U-profile with many strengths
is to push in the locking pin, pull out the With regard to materials, design and manufacture, you could not want U-profiles are an established Trima speciality. Trima Plus stands for increased
locking button and turn the handle in anything else - Trima Plus cylinders are modern all the way through. The steep cyl- torsional and flexural rigidity, as well as for excellent steel quality. The beam is light
behind the locking button. To disconnect, inder transitions are reinforced so that the loads can be absorbed and distributed and the forces are distributed better through the entire construction. The 70 mm
the button is pulled out, the handle twisted evenly. Trima Plus’ parallel linkage loaders have implement cylinders with through wide profile comprises two U-profiles lying one inside the other. The welded joints
off and the locking pin pulled out. The piston rods which give a higher emptying speed. In addition, the piston rods are rein- face in towards the tractor, giving a smooth, continuous surface that does not col-
handle can then be hung on the locking forced at three points, making any type of quick-emptying valve unnecessary. Double lect dirt. All the corners and edges on the profile-pressed plate halfway along the
button, so that it is always available. bearings contribute to the longer service life of the cylinders. arm are also attractively rounded off.

8 9
Because it works!

A good investment Multi Doc 4
PlusDrive shock absorbers protect both drivers The four hydraulic hoses are connected in no time
and their loads. When driving on uneven terrain, at all. Multi Doc 4 ensures that problems such as in-
the tractor is more comfortable and offers better correct connection, oil leaks or overpressure in the
manouverability. A very sensible optional extra that hoses never arise. The risk of dirt in the tractor’s
also reduces unwelcome strains on the vital parts hydraulics and transmission is also avoided thanks
of the tractor (read more on page 4). to the smooth connectors that are easy to clean.

”Accessories that give even Depressurised

Multi Doc 2

A very useful aid when the front loader is fitted with

more. That is Trima”

either a 3rd or a 4th service. Anyone who has tried to
The third service is integrated in the Plus Compact
connect a hydraulic implement that has stood in the sun
Valve. The 4th service can also easily be connected.
all day will testify to this. With one simple operation, the
All valves and cables are well protected under a panel.
implement hydraulics are connected without difficulty,
Through carefully positioned hoses, the quick-couplings
even under pressure. Work can therefore start within
are routed to the left side of the tool carrier, ensuring
Even though, in its basic version, Trima Plus provides users with professional opportunities seconds. Like Multi Doc 4, Multi Doc 2 has smooth con-
a more comfortable working position. Thanks to a new
nectors that protect the tractor against dirt.
to develop their operations, it is a definite plus if you can offer even more of an edge when design, the quick-couplings are also depressurised,
further simplifying your work.
required. Trima holds the position as “the driver’s best friend”.

Extended reach
Trima Plus can also be supplied with longer bearing
boxes to suit specific circumstances, providing ad-
Auto Plus ditional reach, for example, over lorry sides. Lifting
- new implement locking Combi tool carrier height, lifting force and other specifications are other-
A tractor driver climbs up to and down from the cab Users who want to have stronger, more versatile wise unaffected.
several times a day. With the new Auto Plus (hydraulic implements and at the same time use older imple- ™
implement locking), the number of times the driver has ments, can install one of our Combi tool carriers as ElectroDrive CDC
to climb in and out is dramatically reduced. Connection an optional extra, which jointly cover most loader
Improve comfort and efficiency by installing ElectroDrive CDC in the tractor’s cab. The electrical and proportionally functioning CDC (Canbus Digital Control) provides
and disconnection take place simply from the driver’s makes and hook types.
front loader operation with fingertip control, right out to the far end of the implement. If the front loader is equipped with hydraulic implement locking, 3rd and 4th
seat. Indicators on the tool carrier show when the imple-
services, or electrical connection and disconnection of PlusDrive, these functions can also be handled using the compact joystick. In the case of more demanding appli-
ment is locked. Auto Plus is connected by using the
cations, a “slow” function can be activated. ElectroDrive CDC can also be programmed for specific tasks, such as when bale wrapping. The implement is then opened
same 3rd service function in a different way. Under the
and closed using the joystick’s sideways movements. Similarly, individual needs for the tractor’s hydraulics can be programmed. As ElectroDrive CDC can be installed
cross tube, in a protected location, a valve for switching
together with an adjustable armrest, the working position can be continually regulated in order to avoid stresses on the operator’s shoulders, neck and wrists.
this on and off can also be found, built together with the
Plus Compact Valve. This can be activated from inside
the cab, which means that the driver controls the flow of
oil between Auto Plus and 3rd service.

10 11
Because it works!

”Ready for everything.

That is Trima”
The new Trima Plus loader range provides front loaders for just about every tractor
and requirement. More powerful than ever before and with larger crowd and dump
angles, they are ready for higher lifting heights and demanding applications. All mate-
rial qualities are of the highest standard and the manufacturing
tolerances are very narrow, resulting in an overall solution that
is extremely reliable - a fact that has been demonstrated while
Anytime, anyplace undergoing harsh and repeated tests. All in all, Trima Plus is a Instead of a bad back
With a Trima Plus and a bucket equipped with formidable partner for the tractor. Secure and robust, with nothing A couple of tons of stones disappear quickly with
its unique Non-Drop Design, you can change the the aid of a stone fork and Trima Plus, with perfect
landscape in no time but well thought-out technical solutions. Most things can be done visibility from the driver’s seat.
better with a Trima Plus. Hard-working operators deserve
nothing less.

Tractor, Trima Plus and Great care

a trailer Large bags require safe, accurate handling. With
Trima Plus, the ten thousandth bag can be moved
You need nothing else to bring bales back to the
with the same precision as the first.
yard. Especially if the front loader has a high lifting

As a forklift truck Do it yourself

Here, the perfect mechanical parallel linkage has And save the expense. A powerful loader and an ef-
the chance to show what it can do. Yet another ficient grab can load many tons.
reason why Trima Plus is difficult to do without
on an efficient farm.

12 13
Because it works!

”Home in plenty of
time. That is Trima”
Every time a farmer sits down at the dinner table in good time and in a good mood, there is
an effective team in the background. Outside in the yard are two reliable work colleagues - the
tractor and the front loader. A front loader that is well-developed to meet the user’s needs: good
visibility from the driver’s seat, ready to obey the smallest lever movements, adapted for the
tractor’s hydraulic capacity, exceptional damping capacity, capable of rapid implement changes
and incorporating user-friendly technology.

Trima Plus is designed by engineers who are familiar with the farmer’s conditions and who understand
the tractor’s full potential. It is therefore also easier to come home alert after a long day at work.

Parallel linked loaders

Loader model +2.0 P +3.0 P +4.0 P +5.0 P +6.0 P +7.0 P
Tractor size hp 50-80 60-100 80-120 100-150 120-190 >150
kW 37-60 45-75 60-90 75-112 80-142 >112
Lifting height at arm centre, m 3.50 3.75 4.00 4.25 4.50 4.75
Lifting height under implement, m* 3.25 3.50 3.75 4.00 4.25 4.50
Lifting capacity, at arm centre at 185 bar oil pressure
At ground level kg 1800 2300 2400 2700 2850 3500
Full height kg 1500 1900 2000 2300 2350 2550
Lifting capacity, 800 mm from arm centre at 185 bar oil pressure
At ground level kg 1500 1900 2050 2300 2500 3000
At height 1.5 m kg 1400 1750 1900 2200 2350 2800
Full height kg 1200 1550 1700 2000 2100 2250
Max. tear-out force kg
800 mm from arm centre 1900 2800 2800 3300 3800 3800
Crowd angle* 45° 43° 44° 44° 43° 41°
Dump angle* 58° 59° 55° 53° 52° 53°
Weight kg 521 585 621 712 760 808

Non parallel linked loaders

Loader model +1.0 +2.0 +3.0 +4.0 +5.0
Tractor size hp 50-70 50-80 60-100 80-120 100-150
kW 37-52 37-60 45-75 60-90 75-112
Lifting height at arm centre, m 3.20 3.50 3.75 4.00 4.25
Lifting height under implement, m* 2.95 3.25 3.50 3.75 4.00
Lifting capacity, at arm centre at 185 bar oil pressure
At ground level kg 1900 2200 2700 2800 3100
Full height kg 1500 1750 2200 2300 2600
Lifting capacity, 800 mm from arm centre at 185 bar oil pressure 800 mm
At ground level kg 1200 1400 1750 1900 2150
At height 1.5 m kg 1100 1300 1650 1800 2050
Full height kg 950 1150 1450 1600 1850 Lifting force at arm centre
Max. tear-out force kg
800 mm from arm centre 1850 1850 2700 2700 3200 Lifting force 800 mm from
arm centre
Crowd angle* 41° 45° 43° 44° 44°
Dump angle* 55° 58° 59° 55° 53° Tear-out force 800 mm from
Weight kg 436 450 515 554 628 arm centre
A counter-weight must be used for safety reasons, normally approximately 800 kg. Contact Trima for more precise details. Crowd and dump angles can vary slightly depending on the type of
implement. Trima’s loaders are CE marked and comply with the Machine Directive’s rules and regulations. The regulations describe how the machine should be designed with regard to health,
safety and the environment. Technical data can vary depending on tractor model.
* Varies depending on implement.

14 15
Because it works!

+2.0 P +3.0 P +4.0 P


4 4 4

3 3 3

2 2 2

1 1 1

0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 kg 0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 kg 0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 kg

Tractor size Tractor size Tractor size

50-80 hp 60-100 hp 80-120 hp
37-60 kW 45-75 kW 60-90 kW

Lifting height at arm centre 3.50 m Lifting height at arm centre 3.75 m Lifting height at arm centre 4.00 m

Lifting capacity at arm centre Lifting capacity at arm centre Lifting capacity at arm centre
At ground level 1,800 kg At ground level 2,300 kg At ground level 2,400 kg
Full height 1,500 kg Full height 1,900 kg Full height 2,000 kg

Lifting capacity, 800 mm Lifting capacity, 800 mm Lifting capacity, 800 mm

from arm centre at from arm centre at from arm centre at
185 bar oil pressure 185 bar oil pressure 185 bar oil pressure
At ground level 1,500 kg At ground level 1,900 kg At ground level 2,050 kg
At height 1.5 m 1,400 kg At height 1.5 m 1,750 kg At height 1.5 m 1,900 kg
Full height 1,200 kg Full height 1,550 kg Full height 1,700 kg

Max. tear-out force 800 mm Max. tear-out force 800 mm Max. tear-out force 800 mm

Trima parallel linked loaders from arm centre

Weight excl. subframe

1,900 kg

521 kg
from arm centre

Weight excl. subframe

2800 kg

585 kg
from arm centre

Weight excl. subframe

2800 kg

621 kg

+5.0 P +6.0 P +7.0 P


4 4 4

3 3 3

2 2 2

1 1 1

0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 kg 0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 kg 0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 kg

Tractor size Tractor size Tractor size

100-150 hp 120-190 hp > 150 hp
75-112 kW 80-142 kW > 112 kW

Lifting height at arm centre 4.25 m Lifting height at arm centre 4.50 m Lifting height at arm centre 4.75 m

Lifting capacity at arm centre Lifting capacity at arm centre Lifting capacity at arm centre
At ground level 2,700 kg At ground level 2,850 kg At ground level 3,500 kg
Full height 2,300 kg Full height 2,350 kg Full height 2,550 kg

Lifting capacity, 800 mm Lifting capacity, 800 mm Lifting capacity, 800 mm

800 mm
from arm centre at from arm centre at from arm centre at
185 bar oil pressure 185 bar oil pressure 185 bar oil pressure
At ground level 2,300 kg At ground level 2,500 kg At ground level 3,000 kg
Lifting force at arm centre
At height 1.5 m 2,200 kg At height 1.5 m 2,350 kg At height 1.5 m 2,800 kg
Full height 2,000 kg Full height 2,100 kg Full height 2,250 kg
Lifting force 800 mm from
arm centre Max. tear-out force 800 mm Max. tear-out force 800 mm Max. tear-out force 800 mm
from arm centre 3300 kg from arm centre 3800 kg from arm centre 3800 kg
Tear-out force 800 mm from
arm centre Weight excl. subframe 712 kg Weight excl. subframe 760 kg Weight excl. subframe 808 kg

16 17
Because it works!

+1.0 +2.0 +3.0


4 4 4

3 3 3

2 2 2

1 1 1

0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 kg 0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 kg 0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 kg

Tractor size Tractor size Tractor size

50-70 hp 50-80 hp 60-100 hp
37-52 kW 37-60 kW 45-75 kW

Lifting height at arm centre 3.20 m Lifting height at arm centre 3.50 m Lifting height at arm centre 3.75 m

Lifting capacity at arm centre Lifting capacity at arm centre Lifting capacity at arm centre
At ground level 1,900 kg At ground level 2,200 kg At ground level 2,700 kg
Full height 1,500 kg Full height 1,750 kg Full height 2,200 kg

Lifting capacity, 800 mm Lifting capacity, 800 mm Lifting capacity, 800 mm

from arm centre at from arm centre at from arm centre at
185 bar oil pressure 185 bar oil pressure 185 bar oil pressure
At ground level 1,200 kg At ground level 1,400 kg At ground level 1,750 kg
At height 1.5 m 1,100 kg At height 1.5 m 1,300 kg At height 1.5 m 1,650 kg
Full height 950 kg Full height 1,150 kg Full height 1,450 kg

Max. tear-out force 800 mm Max. tear-out force 800 mm Max. tear-out force 800 mm

Trima non parallel linked loaders from arm centre

Weight excl. subframe

1850 kg

436 kg
from arm centre

Weight excl. subframe

1850 kg

450 kg
from arm centre

Weight excl. subframe

2700 kg

515 kg

+4.0 +5.0

4 4

3 3

2 2

1 1

0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 kg 0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 kg

Tractor size Tractor size

80-120 hp 100-150 hp
60-90 kW 75-112 kW

Lifting height at arm centre 4.00 m Lifting height at arm centre 4.25 m

Lifting capacity at arm centre Lifting capacity at arm centre

At ground level 2,800 kg At ground level 3,100 kg
Full height 2,300 kg Full height 2,600 kg

Lifting capacity, 800 mm Lifting capacity, 800 mm

800 mm
from arm centre at from arm centre at
185 bar oil pressure 185 bar oil pressure
At ground level 1,900 kg At ground level 2,150 kg
Lifting force at arm centre
At height 1.5 m 1,800 kg At height 1.5 m 2,050 kg
Full height 1,600 kg Full height 1,850 kg
Lifting force 800 mm from
arm centre Max. tear-out force 800 mm Max. tear-out force 800 mm
from arm centre 2700 kg from arm centre 3200 kg
Tear-out force 800 mm from
arm centre Weight excl. subframe 554 kg Weight excl. subframe 628 kg

18 19
Because it works!

”Thirteen pages of excellent

implements, made for profes-
sionals. That is Trima”
All drivers know that it is the implement that does all the work.

In order to satisfy our customers’ expectations, we invest considerable resources

in developing implements that do justice to the best front loaders on the market.

Accept no compromises. Choose Trima for implements and enjoy many years’ ef-
ficiency with no problems along the way.

20 21
Because it works!


1 2

The loader cannot function

without implements 5

Every day of the year our loaders are operating in agriculture, industry, contracting and public services.
Without good-quality, versatile implements, the loaders would not be as useful. This is why we invest 6
considerable resources in developing implements that do the loaders justice. This investment and effort
has resulted in us also being the world’s largest producer of implements for front loaders.

A bucket is not just a bucket

All buckets are conical and are therefore easy to fill, as the material does not need to be pressed into the bucket. The conical, ”hopper-
Implement hooks for freedom of choice shaped” design also allows rapid and complete emptying of the bucket. No matter what your needs are or what demands you stipu-
late, you will be able to find your new bucket in our range. There are six different models and a total of 21 different variants.
Our implements have alternative implement hooks that are suitable for most loader makes.
There is also a special, high tip bucket and a grading bucket.

A: Euro The non-spill bucket
We all know that today’s buckets are subjected to larger loads and more hours of operation than before. Both tractors
Implement hooks suitable for Trima with Euro Tool carrier, Quicke series Q and other and front loaders have been made larger and more powerful. The buckets need to be wider and hold a larger volume.
loader makes with Euro implement tool carriers. We have therefore chosen an even stronger and better grade of steel. In addition, we use profile-pressed and laser cut
This unifies the need for extra strength with the desire for an attractive design.
1. The buckets have a round bottom and a conical shape. Numerous small bends make the bucket strong and the coni-
Adapted for Trima/Bergsjö with SMS tool carrier, Quicke Combi tool carrier, cal design allows simple filling and complete emptying.

Kellve/Vreten/Howard as well as other loaders with SMS tool carrier. 2. In order to achieve even greater torsional strength and stability, the wider buckets have been supplied with an extra,
profile-pressed, double back plate (not on the L and LV models). With the aid of a special overlap design, the HV buck-
ets now have a hole profile along the implement hooks, which makes these buckets stronger and more stable.
C: Ålö type 3 B
3. The upper edge of the bucket back is pressed in a U-profile. In this area on the HD buckets there is a further welded
angle profile along the length of the bucket.
Suitable for fully hydraulic loaders that preceded Quicke Serie Q.
4. The ends have a profile extrusion that makes the sides even stronger (not on the L and LV models). At the bottom is
a welded triangular wearing piece, which simultaneously stabilises the cutting edge. On the HD buckets, this wearing
piece runs all the way up along the end side.
Some implements are also suitable for loaders with Volvo BM type tool carrier.
5. All buckets have extremely strong cutting edges (500 Brinell). Depending on bucket model and size, 12, 16 or
20 mm thick and 100, 150 or 200 mm wide cutting edges are used. Together with the parallel reinforcing bars, the
bucket bottom consequently extremely strong, torsionally stable and hard-wearing.

6. The implement hooks also contribute to a strong construction. Note that both hooks and locking holes are located
along a bend. Depending on bucket model and size, there may be a double profile inside the bucket.
Non-drop design
C It has been a natural objective to design and produce a bucket that does not allow spillage. What’s the point of having a bucket
with a large volume if it cannot be properly filled, or if it spills material? Our buckets therefore have laser-cut ends. As a result, it
is possible to create a bucket design where the rear edge and in particular the front edge are especially high. It is now possible
to completely fill the bucket. You have complete control over the material, and the bucket does not drop any material.

22 23
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Buckets Buckets

Series H Series HT Series HV Series L

The soil bucket - the most popular in the range - can do everything. The short Soil bucket with teeth. Same design as series H. A strong material and snow bucket. The series is aimed at users who require a Light bucket. If the bucket is only to be used for lighter duties, the L bucket is
bucket bottom makes the bucket strong and well suited to heavier tasks. The large volume. The generous volume measurements are achieved by designing an excellent choice. The bucket is designed for customers who value function-
three large buckets have an extra profile and round pressed back plate across the bucket deeper and taller. All models have double profiles in the bottom as well ality ahead of technical benefits. The price is therefore extremely competitive.
the full width. as along the implement hooks. There is consequently extra strength where the
stresses are greatest.

In the emptying position,

Series H 135H 160H Series HT 135HT 160HT the frontloader’s effective
Volume (heaped) 0.54 m3 0,65 m3 Volume (heaped) 0.54 m3 0,65 m3 Series HV 200HV 220HV Series L 130L 180L emptying stop ensures
Width 135 cm 160 cm Width 135 cm 160 cm Volume (heaped) 1.16 m3 1.28 m3 Volume (heaped) 0.51 m3 0.71 m3 controlled and complete
Depth 81 cm 81 cm Depth 81 cm 81 cm Width 200 cm 220 cm Width 130 cm 180 cm emptying of the implement.
Height 75 cm 75 cm Height 75 cm 75 cm Depth 104 cm 104 cm Depth 80 cm 80 cm Note also how the “boome-
Cutting edge WxT 150/16 mm 150/16 mm Cutting edge WxT 150/16 mm 150/16 mm Height 85 cm 85 cm Height 75 cm 75 cm
Number of teeth 6 7 rang-shaped” link on the
Weight 147 kg 166 kg Cutting edge WxT 150/16 mm 150/16 mm Cutting edge WxT 100/12 mm 100/12 mm
Weight 152 kg 172 kg frontloader contributes to a
Weight 273 kg 294 kg Weight 136 kg 171 kg
maximum emptying angle.
240HV 260HV
Volume (heaped) 1.70 m3 1.85 m3
Width 240 cm 260 cm
Depth 109 cm 109 cm
Height 98 cm 98 cm
Cutting edge WxT 200/20 mm 200/20 mm
Weight 415 kg 443 kg

Series H 185H 210H 240H Series HT 185HT 210HT

Volume (heaped) 0.72 m3 0,82 m3 0,95 m3 Volume (heaped) 0.72 m3 0.82 m3
Width 185 cm 210 cm 240 cm Width 185 cm 210 cm Serie LV
Depth 81 cm 81 cm 81 cm Depth 81 cm 81 cm
Height 75 cm 75 cm 75 cm Height 75 cm 75 cm
Cutting edge WxT 150/16 mm 150/16 mm 150/20 mm Cutting edge WxT 150/16 mm 150/16 mm Light Volume bucket. This bucket series is suitable for handling grain, manure,
Weight, kg 205 252 294 Number of teeth 8 9 grass seeds, wood chips and other materials with a low volume weight. The
Weight 211 kg 259 kg buckets have two vertical reinforcements along the implement hooks.

Which bucket should I choose?

Contracting bucket. The very strongest buckets in the series. The starting point is the
High Grad.
Series HD H bucket. On the 210, 240 and 260, the metal is 20 % thicker however. In addition, Areas of application H HT HV HD L LV tip buck.
the HD buckets have a more powerful cutting edge, a wider, longer floor reinforce-
ment, an extra angle reinforcement on the inside of the bucket along the implement Lighter excavation
hooks, as well as an angled wearing rail on the rear of the bucket. and loading work
Loading e.g. grain,
wood chips and snow

Series HD 185HD 210HD Loading of lighter materials

at high level
Volume (heaped) 0.72 m3 0.82 m3
Width 185 cm 210 cm Heavy excavation and
Depth 81 cm 81 cm loading work
Height 75 cm 75 cm Work in gravel/sand,
Cutting edge WxT 150/20 mm 150/20 mm earth and stone
Weight 235 kg 285 kg
Contract work in gravel
240HD 260HD Series LV 200LV 220LV /sand, earth and stone
Volume (heaped) 0.95 m3 1.03 m3 Volume (heaped) 1.13 m3 1.25 m3
Width 240 cm 260 cm Width 200 cm 220 cm Grading work
Depth 86 cm 86 cm Depth 100 cm 100 cm
Height 75 cm 75 cm Height 85 cm 85 cm Professional snow clearance
Cutting edge WxT 200/20 mm 200/20 mm Cutting edge WxT 100/16 mm 100/16 mm
Weight 340 kg 365 kg Weight 243 kg 262 kg
Best choice Good choice

24 25
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Buckets Forks Bale implement

High tip bucket Universal fork Quadrogrip ®
Quadrogrip 200
Total width 235 cm
Bale size 60-200 cm
The high tip bucket increases the unloading height
by 120 cm. As a result, even a short, compact
Multi Doc 2 Without doubt the most powerful stone/universal fork on the market. On the
specially hardened box section, which does not become deformed under load,
Arm length
130 cm
418 kg

Easier implement changes

front loader can fill a high trailer if necessary. The powerful stone fork tines are installed.
bucket tips over its front edge, and it is not there- The back comprises five transverse
fore necessary to wait for the front edge to be 80 x 40 profiles. The design is
lifted over the truck side before you can reverse incredibly torsionally rigid, at the
away. This saves time and increases productivity. same time as offering excellent
High tip buckets are used for handling voluminous visibility. On the sides, the
materials at high levels, for example forks are supplied with pow-
for loading grain, grass seed, erful Hardox teeth.
beet or wood chips.

Universal fork 150 200

Width 150 cm 200 cm
Height 73 cm 73 cm
Tine length 98 cm 98 cm
Number of bottom tines 14 18
Pin distance 11 cm 11 cm
Weight 249 kg 310 kg

Quadrogrip is the best implement on the market for handling wrapped square and round bales. The implements arms
Stone fork - Professional are seated on 350 mm wide, extremely stable sliding plates, which move along the main frame. When stacking, it is
possible to lock either the right or left arm, which makes for easier work. The sliding rails are interchangeable and
made of high-quality polyethylene, which does not require lubrication. These sliding
”Pick up and keep”. The distinctive design provides considerable opportuni- surfaces are also vertical so that dirt cannot become trapped. This results in re-
ties to fill the implement without dropping any stones already contained in the duced friction, almost silent arm movements, minimal wear and a long service life. Multi Doc 2

Easier implement changes

bucket. At the front, tines made of Hardox steel are installed that are specially
High tip bucket 230 angled down. After many hours of work, these can easily be replaced. The
Volume (heaped) 2,00 m3 transverse profiles (50 x 100 mm) provide stability for the 30 mm thick tines.
Width 230 cm Note also that the back of this model is higher than on earlier models.
Depth 120 cm
Height 120 cm
Cutting edge WxT 150/20 mm Flexibal ®
Weight 480 kg Weight 195 kg
Bale size max. 180 cm

Bale support
Weight 45 kg
Grading bucket

A powerful grading bucket. Thanks to the low back plate and the long,
strong bottom, the driver has perfect visibility to the tip of the bucket. The Stone fork - Pro 150 200
bucket is supplied with a 20 mm, powerful cutting edge. On the rear, below Width 150 cm 200 cm
the 20 mm thick subframe plates, is a welded 10 mm thick angle iron, Depth 100 cm 100 cm
which reinforces the bucket for grading jobs. Height 73 cm 73 cm
Number of bottom tines 14 18
Tine distance 11 cm 11 cm
Weight 235 kg 292 kg

Three implements in one

Flexibal is a strong and very versatile implement. The 125 mm thick, rotating steel tubes are mounted on two power-
Grading bucket 220 ful stone fork tines. The steel tubes are hydraulically adjustable sideways. When the bale is handled, the steel tubes roll
Volume (heaped) 0,65 m3 carefully in under the bale. The tubes’ generous length and diameter distribute the pressure evenly over the bale. When
Width 220 cm straw or hay bales are to be transported, the steel tubes can be dismantled quickly and easily. With the tubes removed,
Depth 110 cm Flexibal can also be used for pallet handling (max. 1,000 kg).
Height 50 cm
Cutting edge WxT 150/20 mm As an option Flexibal can be equipped with adjustable bale support that is installed on the back of the implement. This
Weight 337 kg provides the potential to either handle larger bales or to stack bales on their ends.

26 27
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Bale implement Bale implement

™ PATENT Bale unwinder
Flexigrip Silosplit ®

Using just one implement, you can both trans-

port the bale as well as tear up and distribute
it. The bale unwinder is an operationally reliable
implement for feeding or spreading out straw for
free-range farmyard animals. The efficiency can
Flexigrip 160 200
be further increase if the implement is equipped
For bale sizes, min.max. 120-160 cm 150-200 cm
with the hydraulically powered shredder.
Weight 242 kg 262 kg

Split the bale with ease and cheaply 3RD SERVICE REQUIRED
Storing the bales upright on top of each other reduces the risk of air and moisture penetrating into the bales.
Until now, splitting bales has entailed hard work or considerable expense. Bale unwinder
The implements arms are housed in powerful hinged points with replaceable bushings. Both the right or left If you have a loader with dual-action lifting cylinders, you can solve the Width 78 cm
arm can be locked independently, but there is still some mobility, which makes it possible to stack the bales problem thanks to Silosplit. Centre tine 110 cm
tightly without damaging the plastic. In addition, the implements arms are designed so that it is easy to re- Side tines, 3 pcs 55 cm
verse out from the bale, and this is also an advantage when the bales are to be stacked tightly. Silosplit can both transport and split bales. When you have placed the Requirements for hydraulic
bale where it is to be split, you place the blade across the top of the bale Pressure 180 bar
The uniquely curved, rounded shape together with the 90 mm thick tubes contribute greatly to the very careful and press down. Both straw and silage bales fall apart in two pieces, Flow 40 l/min
handling of both vertical and horizontal bales. Note in particular the long, curved tubes, curved in one piece Multi Doc 2 simply and smoothly without complicated extra hydraulics. It is then easy Weight 160 kg

Easier implement changes

with no sharp edges or welded joints. The upper tube extension is a Trima speciality that provides significantly to handle the material. Silosplit is supplied with an easy-to-use blade
better support when the bales are handled horizontally. 4TH SERVICE REQUIRED
guard to provide protection from the sharp cutting edge.
Silosplit is naturally patented.
Arm length 120 cm
Silosplit M HD Hydraulic cylinder 1

Unigrip Weight
85 kg
120 cm
110 kg
120 cm
”shredder tines”
20 kg
Depth 140 cm 170 cm
Multi Doc 2

Easier implement changes

Select the best equipment
Silaging in plastic bales can produce first-class DB 2115 DB 4000
silage. However, the bottleneck in this process is
often the implement that has to handle and trans-
port the bales. It is therefore important to select
Equip your front loader with 115 cm extra lifting height, so that you can stack For safe handling of 2-4 bales
the bales even higher. The DB 2115 is an excellent implement, particularly for
a quality product that can handle the bales in the those who require a high lifting height with short, manoeuvrable loaders. The bales are securely held between the tines
right way. If the implement is not good enough, it and the upper section. In other words, there is no risk of dropping the bales
can break or damages the bale plastic, and the during transport or stacking. The mast is both telescopic and hydraulic. The
whole process stops, expensive equipment and height of the upper section can vary from 95 cm to 195 cm.
manpower are at a standstill and the quality of the
silage is impaired.
Our implements are characterised by powerful
bearings in the arms, large implements areas so
that the pressure is distributed optimally and the
total absence of sharp edges. We accept no com-
promises - quality has to be the very best.

Unigrip 130 160

For bale sizes, min.max. 90-130 cm 120-160 cm
Weight 200 kg 240 kg
DB 2115
Weight 200 kg
Increased lifting height 115 cm
Unigrip has a tested and proven design and a low net weight. It carries out the same tasks as Flexigrip. Number of bales 4-5
DB 4000
The choice between these implements depends on the individual user’s work routines. Unigrip is also well [bale height 120 cm] Weight 190 kg
suited for smaller square bales (80 x 80 - 130-160 cm). Bale size max. 130 cm Number of tines 4 pcs
Grip, lift and turn the bale. Then transport it to
The implements arms distribute the pressure evenly over a large area, and this ensures careful handling of the storage place, where stacking to at least the
the bales. The arm tubes have a powerfully dimensioned diameter. Unigrip also has a large tube diameter height of three bales is a simple matter.
and no sharp edges, so that the plastic around the bale is not damaged.

28 29
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Bale implement Silage implements

Square Bale Fork - Safety Silocut ®

Perfect silage blocks in

just a few seconds
Silocut is a versatile and extremely reliable implement with low
maintenance costs. Thanks to the hardened cutting blades at both the
front edge and in the side sections, Silocut leaves a clean cut surface
in the silo. This prevents the admission of air and heat generation, critical
for the quality the silage. Pay particular attention to the angled side blades
that cut against the sideplate of the implement back. This function, which is
not an obvious feature on implements of this type, ensures maximum cutting
force, particularly when the block is to be cut free.

The box section is made of a hardened material that ensures good durability
The Square Bale Fork’s folding box section is a new and valuable and a long service life. The tines are of the very best quality.
safety detail. Firstly you can lock the tines in the upright position,
increasing safety during transport, particularly on public roads. Silocut 110 150 190
Secondly you get more efficient and safer handling. When unload-
ing, the bales are pushed into place by the main frame. If unloading Weight 345 kg 390 kg 530 kg
Block size 112 x 80 x 80 cm 152 x 80 x 80 cm 192 x 80 x 80 cm
takes place at full height, the top bale is pushed into place with the
max. x 80 cm x 80 cm x 80 cm
aid of the upper section of the implement, without the long tines be- Block volume, max 0.71 m3 0.97 m3 1.23 m3
ing pressed down into the bales. As a result, there is no risk of the Opening 80 cm 80 cm 80 cm
bales falling back when you reverse. Number of tines 9 pcs 13 pcs 16 pcs
Working width 110 cm 150 cm 190 cm
The Square Bale Fork can be supplied with two different frames.
The 190 cm frame is suitable for long, large bales. The 140 cm
frame is supplied with two tines as standard, although this number
can be increased to a total of five.
As optional extra equipment, the Square Bale Forks can be sup-
plied with a rear extension (for handling more bales) or a bag lifter As the implement works best with the sharpest possible blades, there is a
(for handling large bags). risk of injuries to people and animals. For this reason, Silocut is supplied
with a guard that covers the front and side blades. This safety feature is only
available on Silocut.
Square Bale Fork - Safety 140 190
Weight 133 kg 168 kg
Width 140 cm 190 cm PATENT
Number of tines, standard 2 pcs 5 pcs Multi Doc 2

Easier implement changes

Tine length 125 cm 125 cm

Silocut MG

The completely closed design has been specially developed for

maize silage and other silage types that often spill out. The se-
rated blade provides fantastic cutting capacity in the silage. The
back of the implement supplied with a mesh. Otherwise MG is
made according to the same solid quality principles as Silocut.

Bale spike Square Bale Fork - standard

The Square Bale Fork is a simple, robust
implement for both round and square bales.
The tines in the box section can be installed
with a separation of 80 or 130 cm. As an
optional extra, the fork can be supplied with a
U-shaped vertical rear extension, which helps
to support the top bale.

Square Bale Fork - standard Silocut MG 150 MG 190 MG

Weight 78 kg Weight 480 kg 580 kg
Width 140 cm Block size 152 x 80 x 74 cm 192 x 80 x 74 cm
Number of tines, standard 2 pcs max. x 74 cm x 74 cm
The bale spike is particularly well suited to
handling round bales. The longer tine ensures
Bale spike Tine length 82 cm or 125 cm Block volume, max 0.90 m3 1.14 m3
Opening 74 cm 74 cm
safe transport of the bale. The shorter tine Weight 60 kg Extension
Width 115 cm Number of tines 13 pcs 16 pcs
prevents the bale from wobbling and rotating
Tine length 110 cm Weight 42 kg Working width 150 cm 190 cm
during stacking.

30 31
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Silage implements Silage implements

Silograb ®
Multigrab HD
Multigrab HD is a very powerful implement. When filling silage, the bucket
tip is driven towards the silo, the powerful upper arm is pressed down
through the silage and into the bucket. The special design of the teeth cre-
ates a block with a good cut surface. This reduces the admission of air and
heat generation in the silage. Thanks to its incredible strength, the Multigrab
HD can also be used for many other demanding fork and bucket tasks.

Silograb is an extremely versatile implement. The close tine distribu-

tion almost eliminates the spillage of silage. The tines are mounted in
a specially hardened box section (approximately six times larger than Multigrab HD 160 180 200
standard profiles), which does not turn or deform under load. The tines fol- Weight 460 kg 500 kg 560 kg
low a circular movement through the material, which produces the cleanest Width 160 cm 180 cm 200 cm
cut, the least power consumption and the longest service life for the tines. Volume 0.86 m3 1.00 m3 1.14 m3 Multi Doc 2

Easier implement changes

In addition the material is pressed against the back of the implement when Depth 80 cm 80 cm 80 cm
the pins are lowered, and this means that the silage remains in place, even
when driving over uneven terrain.

All models have two hydraulic cylinders. On the large models, the cyl-
inders are 15 % larger. The 210 to 250 models are supplied with a ™
mesh construction in the upper section. Maxi Grapple

The bucket is based on the powerful, reinforced HD bucket. The grapple arm is installed on the rear of the bucket, which also contributes to the implement’s
strength. The movable, profile-pressed upper section is supplied with strong bearings, three-layer bushings and large pivot pins with stable locking. The sec-
Silograb 130 150 170 190 210 230 250 tion with the powerful Hardox teeth is botled in place. Stress and torsion forces are thereby transmitted to the entire construction. The teeth (version T) are
simply botled in place with a bolt in the bucket bottom. The protective mesh means that loose material does not drop down
Weight 250 kg 270 kg 300 kg 320 kg 355 kg 377kg 405 kg
Width 130 cm 150 cm 170 cm 190 cm 210 cm 230 cm 250 cm
onto the tractor (optional extra).
Volume 0.69 m3 0.79 m3 0.90 m3 1.01 m3 1.11 m3 1.22 m3 1.33 m3
Maxi Grapple is used particularly in the USA and Canada for handling round bales
Number of tines
85 cm 85 cm 85 cm 85 cm 85 cm 85 cm 85 cm
Multi Doc 2 (large opening of 2 m), loose hay, twigs and branches, loose silage, manure and for

Easier implement changes

in the fork 7+7 pcs 8+8 pcs 9+9 pcs 10+10 pcs 11+11 pcs 12+12 pcs 13+13 pcs general bucket work. Teeth, protective mesh and grapple arm can easily be removed
when only the bucket is to be used.

Maxi Grapple 210 210 T 240

Multibenne Weight 605 kg 620 kg 640 kg
Width 210 cm 210 cm 240 cm
Depth 81 cm 81 cm 86 cm
Teeth length - 24 cm -
The perfect all-round implement
240 T 260 260 T
If you have a diet feeder that is to be loaded with
Weight 655 kg 710 kg 730 kg
various feeds, Multibenne is the best choice. Width 240 cm 260 cm 260 cm
The wishes and requirements to which we have paid Depth 86 cm 86 cm 86 cm
particular attention are that: It should be perfect for the Teeth length 24 cm - 27 cm
purpose - namely silage handling. The side ends are there-
fore tapering so that they can be inserted into the silage more
easily. When the implement is tipped backwards, the high ends
come into action, so that loose material is not lost. A relatively
short bottom makes it easier to fill the entire bucket, all the
way in to the back. The centre of gravity then moves closer
Manure fork
to the tractor, and when unloading into high-sided vehicles,
the bucket tip does not protrude as far into the vehicle. The Three advantages that make a lot of difference: Our manure forks are
closed bucket bottom and the close tine location results in equipped with a specially hardened box section that neither deforms nor
reduced spillage. With the close bucket bottom, you can turns when working. The tines are installed before the implement is painted
always completely gather up the material. - metal to metal. The tines are secured with a very high torque.
All in all, you get an implement with a longer service life.
Multibenne, which is designed according to the
same principles as Silograb, can handle many
different types of fodder, including manure.
As a result, it is not necessary to switch
between implements when feeding. Manure fork 130 150 170
Weight 123 kg 136 kg 152 kg
Width 130 cm 150 cm 170 cm
Depth 85 cm 85 cm 85 cm
Multibenne 130 150 170 190 210 230 250 Number of tines 7 pcs 8 pcs 9 pcs

Weight 280 kg 304 kg 360 kg 386 kg 423 kg 447 kg 477 kg 190 230
Width 130 cm 150 cm 170 cm 190 cm 210 cm 230 cm 250 cm
Volume 0.66 m3 0.76 m3 0.86 m3 0,96 m3 1.07 m3 1.17 m3 1.27 m3 Weight 165 kg 203 kg
Depth 80 cm 80 cm 80 cm 80 cm 80 cm 80 cm 80 cm Width 190 cm 230 cm
Number of tines Depth 85 cm 85 cm
in the fork 7 pcs 8 pcs 9 pcs 10 pcs 11 pcs 12 pcs 13 pcs Number of tines 10 pcs 12 pcs

32 33
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Lifting implement
The upper profile is made in a single piece. This profile with holes for lateral adjustment provides robust securing of
Pallet forks the forks. The load is distributed over a large area thanks to the wide load-bearing surfaces of the forks. With this
special design, breaks in the arm are avoided and you get to operate a very stable fork that does not ”dangle”.
The forks are naturally approved with a large safety margin.

Pallet forks
1,000 kg 1,600 kg 2,500 kg
Weight 122 kg 160 kg 170 kg
Max. load 1,000 kg 1,600 kg 2,500 kg
Width 140 cm 140 cm 140 cm
Fork length 97 cm 97 cm 120 cm
Fork height 50 cm 92 cm 95 cm
Fork type profile wrought wrought

Accessories - Pallet forks

Bale spike Bale spike (one short and one long tine).
For installation on the pallet fork subframe.
Weight 24 kg

Log grab attachment

Suitable for fork kits 1,000 kg,
1,600 kg and 2,500 kg


For safe handling of large bags.

85 kg

Service is everything
Big bag lifter The height of the hook above the Excellent access to spare parts, good service opportunities, well-trained service
ground is normally the same as when
the bottom of the large bags is level with personnel and close proximity to rapid assistance are decisive for a front loader’s ef-
the lowest point of the front loader when
the bags are hanging from the big bag lifter. ficiency and service life. All Trima customers should be aware that they are backed
Note the practical benefit of having the hook up by a solid organisation.
bent to the side. The hook can easily be seen
from the driver’s seat.

+ In order to support our customers, Trima’s organisation,

Big bag lifter
Weight 118 kg
from sales staff to service personnel, focuses on the user’s
Max. load 1,000 kg need for rapid service.
Width 120 cm
Height 170 cm

+ Trima has a comprehensive service network close to

the customer.

Accessories + Spare parts are available wherever Trima is sold.

The counter-weight is an extre-

Counter-weight mely useful piece of equipment. You 3-point linkage + Our customers have access to spare parts information,
should remember always to have the instructions and other vital information via Internet.
same weight on the back of the tractor
as on the front loader. With the loose This implement can be used like the tractor’s
implement bar, the counter-weight can be 3-point linkage to help move some implements
around the farm. Available with either Euro or + Technical support is always close at hand for the customer.
quickly put on and taken off. The counter-
weight contributes to: SMS hooks. Continual training and information mean that all Trima represen-
• better stability and weight distribution tatives can assist customers with considerable expertise.
• reduced load on the front wheels and
front axle
• better contact with the ground, giveing
+ Trima has always worked in close co-operation with users, and
improved traction
we are happy to receive your opinions and proposals for improve-
ments. Our careful following-up provides important support in the
Weight, empty 125 kg
Weight, filled min. 1000 kg Weight 78 kg development of new loaders, implements and subframes. A new Trima
is always developed to meet today’s and tomorrow’s requirements!

34 35
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