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IDEC Lighting Network

Spring 2011
Lighting References
Architectural Lighting by M. David Egan
Made of Light: The Art of Light and Architecture by Mark Major, Jonathan Speirs, Anthony
Tischhauser (2005) ISBN-13: 978-3-7643-6860-9 Very good inspirational book to promote light
as a design element. Written after they developed a traveling exhibit in Europe by the same title.
Light + Design: A guide to Designing Quality Lighting for People and Buildings. (IES DG-1808) authored by Quality of the Visusal Environment Committee, IESNA (2008) ISBN 978-087995-231-0 This could be considered for a textbook with a few supplemental chapters from
other books. It includes the IES Lighting Design Guide.
Advanced Lighting Design supposedly has a new edition available on-line (2009), but I can't
seem to get it. is the
link to the 2003 version. The guide is through New Building Institute and is very good, detailed
information on all lighting topics.
Textbook Use
Architectural Lighting by M. David Egan and Victor Olgyay
Architectural Lighting Design by Gary Steffy
Designing a Quality Lighting Environment by Susan Winchip
Fundamentals of Lighting by Susan Winchip
Interior Lighting for Designers, 4th edition, by Gary Gordon
Lighting Design Basics by Mark Karlen and James Benya
The Architecture of Light: Architectural Lighting Design Concepts and Techniques by Russell
The Design of Lighting by Peter Tregenza and David Loe
General Information
Bringing Interiors to Light by Fran Kellogg Smith and Fred Bertolone
Complete Lighting Design: A Practical Design Guide for Perfect Lighting by Marilyn Zelinsky
Concepts in Practice: Lighting: Lighting Design in Architecture by Torquil Barker
Designing With Light by Victoria Meyers
IESNA Lighting Handbook: Reference and Application by editor-in-chief, Mark Rea
IESNA Lighting Ready Reference: A Compendium Of Materials From The IESNA by R.
Light: Creative Solutions Inside and Out by Fay Sweet
Light Revealing Architecture by Mary Millet
Light: The Shape of Space by Lou Michel
Lightbook: The Practice of Lighting Design by Ulrike Brandi and Christoph Geissmar-Brandi
Lighting by Design by Christopher Cuttle
Lighting by Design by Sally & Luke White Storey
Lighting Design: For Urban Environments and Architecture by Kaoru + Lighting Planners
Associates Inc.
Lighting Design: Principles, Implementation, Case Studies (Detail Practice) by Ulrike Brandi
Lighting Spaces by Roger Yee
Lighting Spaces No. 2 by Roger Yee

Perception and Light as Formgivers for Architecture by William Lam

Simplified Design of Building Lighting (Parker/Ambrose Series of Simplified Design Guides) by
Marc Schiler
The Lit Environment by Derek Phillips
The Lit Interior by William Fielder and Frederick Jones
Time-Saver Standards for Architectural Lighting by Gary Steffy
Ultimate Lighting Design by teNeues
Light and Color
Light Color and Environment, 2nd Edition, by Faber Birren
Lighting Sources, Luminaires or Fixtures, Source Books
Brilliant: Lighting Design by Jane Pavitt
Creative Lighting: Custom and Decorative Luminaires by Wanda Jankowski
Detailing Light: Integrated Lighting Solutions for Residential and Contract Design by Jean
Electric Lighting Vol. II, of the 20s & 30s
Fiber Optics in Architectural Lighting: Methods, Design, and Applications by Gersil Newmark
50 Lights: Innovations in Design and Materials by Mel Bijars
International Lighting Design by V. Lorenzo Porceli and others
Italian Lighting Design by Alberto Bassi
Lighting: A Design Source Book by Elizabeth Wilhide and Ray Main
Lighting Design Sourcebook: 600 Solutions for Residential and Commercial Spaces by Randall
Lighting 2000: A Guide to the best in Contemporary Lighting Design by Tina Skinner
Living with Modern Classics: The Light by Elizabeth Wilhide
1000 Lights, volume 2 by editors: Charlotte Fiell and Peter Fiell
The Best Tables, Chairs, Lights: Innovation and Invention in Design Products for the Home by
Mel Byars
Commercial Lighting Design
Designing with Light: Retail Spaces by Janet Turner
Lighting Design for Modern Houses of Worship by Richard Cadena
Lighting Design for Schools (Building Bulletin) by Department for Education & Employment
Lighting Design: Office for Visual Interaction by Enrique Peiniger and Jean M. Sundin
Lighting for Hospitals and Health Care Facilities by IESNA
Performance Lighting Design: How to Light for the Stage, Concerts, Exhibitions by
Nick Moran
Visual Merchandising and Store Design Workbook by Greg Gorman
The Art of Lighting: An International Profile of Home Lighting by Randall Whitehead
Residential Lighting Design
Light, Light, Light by Jane Grosslight
Lighten Up: A Practical Guide to Residential Lighting by Randall Whitehead
Lighting Your Home: Designs for Living by Wanda Jankowski
Lighting Your Home: Inside and Out by Jane Cornell
Residential Lighting: A Practical Guide to Beautiful and Sustainable Design by Randall
Residential Lighting Creating Dynamic Living Spaces by Randall Whitehead
The Art of Illumination: Residential Lighting Design by Glenn M. Johnson
The Art of Lighting: An International Profile of Home Lighting by Randall Whitehead
The Lighting Pattern Book for Homes by Russell Leslie

Concepts and Practice of Architectural Daylighting by Fuller Moore

Dynamic Daylighting: Basics, Systems, Projects by Helmut Koster
Solar Living Source Book, 11th Edition by John Schaeffer
Sun, Wind and Light: Architectural Design Strategies by G. Z Brown and Mark DeKay
Light and Health
Light: Medicine of the Future by Jacob Liberman
Places of the Soul by Christopher Day
Sunlight by Zane Kime
Lighting and Electrical Systems
Heating, Cooling and Lighting: Sustainable Design Methods for Architects by Norbert Lechner
History, Optics
Art Deco Lighting by Herbert Millman
Catching the Light: The Entwined History of Light and Mind by Arthur Zajonc
Design for Living: Furniture And Lighting 1950-2000 by David A. Hanks, Anne Hoy, and Martin
Empire of Light (Compass Series) by Sidney Perkowitz,
Human Factors in Lighting, Second Edition, by Peter R. Boyce
Italian Lighting Design 1945-2000 by Alberto Bassi
Light by Michael I. Sobel
Lighting Historic Buildings by Derek Phillips
Lighting in America: From Colonial Rushlights to Victorian Chandeliers edited by Lawrence
Lighting in the Domestic Interior: Renaissance to Art Nouveau by Jonathan Bourne and
Vanessa Brett
19th Century Elegant Lighting by Gerald T. Gowitt
1000 Lights / 1000 Leuchten / 1000 Luminaires: 1878 to the Present by editors: Charlotte Fiell
and Peter Fiell
Architectural Lighting
LD or Lighting Dimensions