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Coconut is the most useful tree crop ever grown in the world. It is
termed as a horticultural crop, food crop and as oil seed. It has various
uses as a source of food, drink, shelter and al for a raw material for
various uses. The crop assumes considerable significance in the national
economy in the view of the scope for rural employment and income
generations. In recent years India has attained the top position in the
production of coconut overtaking Indonesia and Philippines. In India about
10 million persons are engaged in coconut cultivation, processing industry
and trade relative activities.

Available information shows that India is the third largest coconut

producing country in the world with an area of 1.2 million hectares, the
production of coconut oil in India placed at around 6.9 million. Bulk of
production is from Kerala followed by Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andra
Pradesh. India have Asia`s number one oil extraction capacity
organisation in Kerala under the name KERAFED and there are many unit
which are engaged in oil production under governmental as well as
private agencies.
About 10 million people depend directly or indirectly on coconut
cultivation and industry for their livelihood. The socio-economic
development of Kerala is much depended on the fortunes of coconut
crops. During the year 1950-51, Kerala contributed 65% of India`s total
coconut production. But over the year its share in the total national output
has been declining fast. In 1995-96 through India`s coconut production
touched 13,968 million nuts kerala contributed only 42% of its total

KERAFED, the Kerala Kerakarshaka Sahakarana federation LTD
register under the cooperative societies Act was formed in 1987 as an
apex body of the cooperative society involving coconut farmers of Kerala
assisted by European economic community, national cooperative
development corporation and the government of Kerala. The main
objective of KERAFED project is to ensure the interest of the coconut of
the state. Forever 27,00,000 coconut in this state KERAFED have been
beacon all through offering them attractive prices for their products.
At KERAFED processing units technology defines just anything. The copra
processing plant at Velayambalam in Trivandrum district houses the state
of art facilitates for extraction, processing and packing of coconut oil
under extremely hygienic condition .
Kera, the branded oil from KERAFED is the most popular brand of coconut
oil in the state, kera proud to be patronized by millions at the tastiest
purest of all cooking mediums and is also considered ideal hair oil. Truly
the colour of gold and the smell of yore, kera enjoying a disputed plurality
of the marketing share in Kerala- a feet achieved by ultimate customer
satisfaction, kera has their by earned a permanent place in the hearts of
house wife`s chefs and good looking Indians.


The oil complex at Vellayambalam states of the art facilities for extraction, processing and
packing of coconut oil under extremely hygienic conditions. Packing and filling unit highly
mechanized and hero oil is usually packed in different packed indifferent packs i.e. , from
6ml sachets to 15kg tins. As per the demand the packing division takes oil from the storage
tanks and used it for filling into sachets, pouches and bottles.
Strict quality specification is followed in teams of material used as packing material. The raw
materials used for these packing are of virgin/ food grade, approved by CFTRI, Mysore/other
government approved agencies.

KERA brand of coconut oils is produced by KERAFED from copra of the finished
quantity, directly procured from coconut growers in Kerala-the land of coconut. The copra
thus procured is processed using the most modern technology. A unique two stage filtering
process is employed by KERAFED to retained the original aroma and flavoured by coconut
oil for a long period.
KERA brand of coconut oil is known for its quality, purity, longer shelf life and reasonable
price. Its quality is conformity with the grade specification laid down by the bureau of Indian
standard vide ISO: 542 -1968 certificate of authorization to grade KERA coconut oil under
AGMARK has also been obtained kera, the branded oil from KERAFED, apart from begin
delivered in packages of 100ml , 200ml , 500ml bottles, half and one ltr pouches, 8ml
sachets, one liter per bottle, 5kg canes and 15kg tins is marketed in bulk.


If an organization does not give change for growth and personal development it is very
difficult to retain the talented personal and also to find new talent with experience and skill.


Generally reward or compensation is directly proportional to the quantum of work , man
hours, nature and extent of responsibility , accountability delegated power , authority of
position in the organizational chart , rick involved, level of expected commitment , dealings
and targets, industry, country demand and supply of skilled man power and even job its
nature and degree varies in them; all said and down reward is a key criteria to lure a
prospective worker to accept the offer.


Adequate and fair compensation
There are different opinions about the adequate compensation. The committee on fair
wages defined fair wage as the wage which is above the minimum wage below the living

Safe and healthy working condition

Most of organisation provide safe and healthy working conditions due to humanitarian
requirement and or legal requirement. In fact, these conditions are a matter of enlightened self

Opportunity to use and develop human capabilities

Contrary to the traditional assumptions , Quality Of Work Life is improved the extent
that the work , and the degree to which the job embraces an entire meaningful task but not a
part of it further , quality of work life provides for opportunities like autonomy in work and
participation in planning in order to use human capabilities.

Opportunity for Career Growth

Opportunities for promotion are limited in case of all categories of employees either
due to education barriers or due to limited openings at the higher level. Quality of work life
provides future opportunity for continued growth and security by expanding ones
capabilities, knowledge and qualifications.

Social integration in the Work Force

Social integration in the work force can be establishment by creating freedom from
prejudice, supporting primary work a sense of community and inter-personal openness,
egalitarian and upward mobility.

Constitutionalism in the work force

Quality of work life provides constitutional protection to the employees only to the level
of desirability as it hampers workers .It happen the management actions is challenged in
every actions is challenged in every action and bureau critic procedures need to be followed
at that level . constitutional protection is provided to employees on such matters as privacy,
free speed , equity and due process.

Work and quality of life

Quality of work life provides for the balanced relationship among work , non work and
family aspects of life. In other words , family life and social life should not the strained by
working hours including overtime work, work during in convenient hours , business travel ,
transfers, vacations etc.

Social Relevance of Work

Quality of work life is concerned about the establishment of social relevance to work in a
socially beneficial manner. The workers self esteem would be high if his work is useful to
the society.
One of the most common methods used to create QWL is employee involvement. Employee
involvement consists of a variety of systematic methods that empower employees to
participate in the decisions that affect them and their relationship with the organisation.
Through Employee involvement employees feel a sense of responsibility, even ownership
of decisions in which they participate. To be successful, however, Employee involvement
must be more than just a systematic approach; it must become part of the organisations
culture by being part of managements philosophy. Some companies have had this
philosophy ingrained in their corporate structure for decades; Hewlett-Packard, IBM,
General Motors, Ford, etc.