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French Alphabetical List of 681 Most Common Verbs

abaisserabasourdirabattreabolirabso to lower to daze, bewilder to knock

down to abolish to absolve to
(s')accepteracclameraccompagnerac abstain to accept to cheer, acclaim
to accompany to admit to hurry to
hang (up) to welcome to accuse,
acknowledgeto buy to achieve to
acquire to appoint to admit to
admire to adore to address to
merannoncerapercevoirapp. par happen to weakento annoy to act to
coeurapparatreappartenirappelerap help to like, to love to add to go to fit
to take to amuse to bring to life (a
party)to announce to see to
rterarriverassaillirasseoirassisteras memorizeto appear to belong to call
to bring to learn to approach to
ndreattirerattraperaugmenteravance approve (of) to armto pull up/out to
raventureravoiravoir besoinavoir
hail to arrange to stop, arrest to
raisonbaisserbalancerbalayerbtirba arrive to assail to sit down to attend
to assure to compel to attackto
rblanchirblesserboirebougerbouillirb attain to wait for to attract to catch
riserbrosserbroyerbrlercachercasse to increase to advance to ventureto
have to needto be rightto lower to
sway to sweep to build to beat to
erchercherchrirchoisirchuchotercirc chat to whine (like a sheep)to bless
to joke to blame to bleach to hurt,
offend to drink to move to boil to
break to brush to grind to burn to
pltercomprendrecompterconcevoirc hide to break to chat, cause to give
onclureconcourirconduireconfireconf up to put on to celebrate to cease to
ondreconjoindreconnatreconqurirc change to sing to load to hunt, chase
to walk onto look for to cherish to
choose to whisper to circumcise to
contain to circumvent to close to
ontrlerconvaincreconvenircorrespo stickto combat to order to begin, to
ndrecorrigercorromprecouchercoudr startto commit to appear to compare
ecoupercourircotercouvrircraindrec to complete to understand to count,
intend to conceive to conclude to
compete to drive to preserve to
derdcloredconfiredcoudredcour confuse to unite to know to conquer
agerdcouvrirdcrireddire to recommend to consent to consider
(se)dduiredfaillirdfairedfendred to consumeto construct to contain,
to fitto recount to continue to

mnagerdemeurerdmolirdnoncer compel to contradict to contravene

dpartirdpasserdpcherdpeindre to controlto convince to convene to
dpendredpenserdplairedrangerd correspond to correct to corrupt to
put to bed to sew to cut to run to
cost to cover to fear to create to
iredvelopperdevenirdvtirdevinerd shout to believe to gather to cook to
make one feel guiltyto dance to
discourirdiscuterdisjoindredisparatr debate to disappoint to rip to decide
edissoudredivorcerdonnerdormirdou to reopen to be beaten to unpick to
blerdouterchapperchouerclorec discourage to discover to describe to
onduirecoutercrasercrireeffacere retract to deduce to faint to undo to
ffrayergayerleverlireloigneremb defend to lay groundworkto free to
rasseremmenermoudreempareremp have lunch to ask for to move to live,
stay to demolish to denounce to
encloreencouragerencourirendormir accord to exceedto hurry to depict to
depend to spend to displease to
disturb to descend to desire, to
noncerenqurir wishto disobeyto draw to bleach to
hold to hate to divert to destroy to
develop to become to undress to
rendreentrerentretenirentrouvrirenv guessto have to to differ to diminish
to have dinner to say to direct to
prouverquivaloirespreressayeress discourse to discuss to disconnect to
disappear to dissolve to divorce to
give to sleep to pass to doubt to
aluerviterexagrerexclureexcusere escape to fail to hatch to dismiss to
listen to crushto write to erase to
erfcherfaiblirfaillirfairefalloirfeindre frighten to entertain to raise to elect
to move away to kiss, embrace to
rfixerfonderfondreforcerforclorefouil take to sharpen to impareto prevent
lerfournirfrapperfrmirfrirefuirfumer to employ, use to imprint to borrow
gagnergardergaspillergtergeindreg to enclose to encourage to incur to
elergnergrergotergrandirgratterg fall asleep to coat to infringe to run
rlergrimpergrondergurirhabillerha away to bind to enjoin to remove to
bore, annoyto stateto inquire to
recordto teach to ensue to hear to
uiterinscrireinsisterinstruireinterdir bury to involve, to pullto undertake
eintresserinterrogerinterrogerinterr to enter to look after to half-open to
ompreintervenirintroduireinventer take flight to send to spell to marry
to juice to test; to feel to equal to
hope to try to wipe to estimateto
establish to extinguish, turn offto
gerlouerluiremaigrirmaintenirmange stretch to astonish to stun, daze to
rmanquermarchermaudiremconnat be to embrace to study to evaluate

remdiremfiermlangermenacerme to avoid to exaggerate to exclude to

nermentirmprendremprisermriter excuse to demand to existto explain
mesurermettremodrermontermontr to exploreto express to get angry to
weakento lack to make, do to be
urirnagernatrenaviguerngligerngo necessary to feign to congratulate to
cierneigernettoyerneutraliserniernoi split, crack to close to leaf through
rcirnommernoternouernourrirnoyern to depend on to finish to fixto found
to melt to force to debar to dig
eroffriroindreomettreoseroublierouv deeply to furnish, provide to knock
rirparatreparcourirpardonnerparlerp to shudder to fry to flee to smoke to
win, earn, gainto keep to waste to
rpatinerpayerpcherpcherpeignerp spoil to groan to freeze to bother to
eindrepelerpendrepntrerpenserper manage to taste to grow to scratch,
cevoirperdreprirpermettrepersuade grate to hail to climb to scold to cure
rpeserpianoter to dress to live to hate to hesitate to
hiccup to be unaware of, ignoreto
impose to include to indicate to
ondreporterposerpossderpoursuivr mislead to inform to worry to write
epousserpouvoirprdireprfrerpren down to insist to instruct to forbid to
dreprparer interest to interrogate to questionto
(parer)prescrireprsenterpressentir interrupt to intervene to introduce to
inventto invite to spurt out to
chatter to turn yellow to throw to
join to play to enjoy to judge to
swear, vow to kidnap to honk to
enirpuerpunirqurirquitterraconterra loosen to leave to throw to wash to
lentirrangerrappelerrassurerraterrav lift, standto read to lodge to rent to
irrecevoirreconduirereconnatrereco shine to lose weight to maintain to
eat to miss to walk, to function to
rirerecueillirrdigerredirerduirerli curseto be unaware of to malign to
rerefairerflchirreflterrefuserregar mistrust to mix to threaten to lead to
lie to mistake to scorn to merit to
marquerremercierremettreremoudre measure to put to moderate to climb
remplacerremplirrencontrerrendrere to show to mock to bite to mill, grind
noncerrenouvelerrentrerrenvoyerrp to wet to die to swim to be born to
navigate to neglect to negotiate to
ndrerepentir snow to clean to neutralizeto deny to
blacken to name to write down to
eprendrerprimanderreproduirerso tie, knot to feed to drown to harm to
obey to oblige to obtain, to getto
ndrereteindreretenirretournerrussir occlude to occupy to offer to anoint
rveillerrvlerrevendiquerrevenirr to omit to dare to forget to open to
seem to cover, travel to forgive to
ugirroulerrouvrirsaillirsaisirsalirsatis talk to share to participate to leave


to reach to pass, spend timeto skate

to pay to sin to fish to comb to paint
to peel to hang to enter to think to
perceive to lose to perish to permit,
to allowto persuade to weigh to tap
(like a piano)to put to pity to please
to joke to plant, to crash (pc)to cry
to rain to fold, bend to dive to dawn
to lay (an egg) to wear, carryto put
to possess to pursue to push to be
able to predict to prefer to take to
prepare to subscribe to introduce to
have a premonition to squeeze to
claim to loan to pride oneself on to
prevent to foresee to pray to
produce to project to walk to
promise to pronounce to propose,
suggestto prohibit to protect to
prove to come from, be due to to
stink to punish to summon to leave
to tell, recount to slow downto
arrange to recall to reassure to miss
to delight to receive to renew to
recognize to rebuild to sew back on
to run again to recover to rewrite to
collect, gather to write to repeat to
reduce to re-elect to redo to think to
reflect to refuse to look at to regret
to reject to rejoin to reread to notice
to thank to put back (on) to regrind
to replace to fill to meet to give back
to renounce to renew to return home
to dismiss to spread, spill to
reappear to repair to iron, to pass
again to repaint to repent to locateto
repeat to answer to rest to take
again, to recover to reprimand to
reproduce to resolve to resemble to
feel to remain to restrict to dye
again to retain to return to succeed
to wake up to reveal to take
responsibilityto come back to dream
to put on to see again to
counteractto laugh to break to

redden, blush to roll, to drive (a car)

to reopen to protrude to seize to soil
to satisfy to jump to save, rescue to
know to shake to help to seduce to
sojourn to seem to feel, smell to
separate to grasp, squeeze to serve
to whistle to signal to sign to meanto
ski to dream to ring to go out to
blow, pant to suffer to wish to soil to
submit to smile to subscribe to
support to remember to undergoto
provide for to succumbto suck to
suffice to suggest to follow to beg to
support, endure to supposeto
surprise to occur to survive to fly
over to causeto tapto dye to call to
strain, strive to hold to try, to
temptto end to pull to fall to shear,
mow to thunder to knock to twist to
affect to turn to cough to draw to
translate to betray to treat, to
negotiate to transcribe to transmit to
show through to work to cross to
shudder to trick, cheat to deceive,
mislead to find to kill to use "tu" to
unify to unite to wear out to use to
defeat to be worth to praise to vary
to stay up to sell to avenge to come
to turn green to verify to pour to
clothe to age to aim to visit to live to
veil to see to steal, fly to vote to
want to use "vous" to travel to
guarantee with a warrant to stripe to
lisp to zone

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