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OPC SOFREL Server: QuickStart

Quick Start Guide for Sofrel OPC Server
1 Installation
 Execute 32bits or 64bits file according the OS.
 Indicate the directory for installation

2 Setting xml file
2.1 Copy a sample
 Copy the sample file required on the CD in the folder:
\ ServerOPC Config Samples
 and paste it in the folder:
\ Sofrel\ Telemetry\ OPC

2.2 Rename sample

Rename it in SofrelTelemetryOPCServer.xml
(be careful in case of hidden extension .xml)

 Modify it with “Notepad.exe”
This file is divided in 3 parts:
• General settings, use default settings, see pdf documents for advanced settings.
• Sites have to be modified, to add a new one copy and paste the same site and
customize it by modifying the red settings described below §2.4.
• Modems, consult OPC-doc_02-01_DOC.pdf to use correct initialization
commands. Use for each modem the appropriate serial COM. All settings for
modems are described §2.5.

2012/28/02 – V 1.1 b


3.1.3 Define XML file 2.1 b 2 .3.3.5 Site settings for LS or LT communicating in IP <Site Name="LS42_Vannes" Protocol="LACBUS-RTU" IPAddress="" PortNumber="502" > <!-.1 Site settings Define a site by modifying red settings below: Name="S500_tests" Protocol="LACBUS-RTU" MobileNumber="+ xxx1" PhoneNumber="xxx1" Address="1/0/0/" 2.Physical links for RTU access --> <Links> <Link Name="Pool_GSM" NbTry="2"/> </Links> <!-.168.RTU parameters --> <Equipment Name="S500" Type="S500" Address="9/0/0/"/> </Site> 2.2 Site settings for S500 communicating in PSTN <Site Name="S500_Rennes" Protocol="LACBUS-RTU" PhoneNumber="0299090909" > <!-. S10 type SOFBUS-PL for Cellbox SMS typeSMS for LS type SMS or LACBUS-RTU for LT type LACBUS-RTU Indicate GSM-Data number for the equipment Indicate PSTN number for the equipment x/y/z : these 3 settings identify the equipment x : Site number defined in the equipment y : 1st identification code z : 2nd identification code Site settings for S500 communicating in GSM-Data <Site Name="S500_Vern" Protocol="LACBUS-RTU" MobileNumber="+ 33625363636" > <!-.1.3 Site settings for S500 communicating in IP Site Name="S500_Brest" Protocol="LACBUS-RTU" IPAddress="" PortNumber="502" > <!-.RTU parameters --> <Equipment Name="LS" Type="LS" Address="23/0/0/"/> </Site> 2012/28/02 – V 1.RTU parameters --> <Equipment Name="S500" Type="S500" Address="5/0/0/"/> </Site> 2.Physical links for RTU access --> <Links> <Link Name="IP" NbTry="2"/> </Links> <!-.1.1 Can be named freely for S500 type LACBUS-RTU or SOFBUS-PL for Telbox. Cellbox-Data.4 Site settings for LS communicating in SMS <Site Name="LS42_Lorient" Protocol="SMS" PhoneNumber=""> <!-.3.RTU parameters --> <Equipment Name="LS" Type="LS" Address="2"/> </Site> 2.RTU parameters --> <Equipment Name="S500" Type="S500" Address="6/0/0/"/> </Site> 2.Physical links for RTU access --> <Links> <Link Name="Pool_PSTN" NbTry="2"/> </Links> <!-.200.OPC SOFREL Server: QuickStart 2.3.1. S50.

F0M0Q0V1E1S0=1#CID=1" OutgoingInit="AT&amp.3.GSM / SMS modem pool definition --> <ModemPool Name="Pool_SMS" Type="SMS"> <Modem Port="COM2" Speed="115200" NbBits="8" NbStop="1" FlowControl="None" Parity="None" /> </ModemPool> 2012/28/02 – V 1.OPC SOFREL Server: QuickStart Wavecom modem settings communicating in GSM-Data <ModemPool Name="Pool_GSM" Type="GSM"> <!-.1 CXR Modem settings communicating in PSTN <ModemPool Name="Pool_PSTN" Type="PSTN"> <!-.1 b 3 .3.Incoming and outgoing modem definition --> <Modem Port="COM1" Prefix="" CallType="BOTH" IncomingInit="ATM0Q0V1E1S0=1+CLIP=1" OutgoingInit="ATM0Q0V1E1S0=0" Speed="9600" NbBits="8" NbStop="1" FlowControl="None" Parity="None" PrefixNumber="+CLIP:"/> </ModemPool> 2.2.2 Define a modem 2.3.3.Incoming and outgoing modem definition --> <Modem Port="COM1" Prefix="0" CallType="BOTH" IncomingInit="AT&amp.F0M0@A2" Speed="9600" NbBits="8" NbStop="1" FlowControl="None" Parity="None" PrefixNumber="NMBR ="/> </ModemPool> 2.3 Wavecom modem settings communicating in GSM / SMS <!-.

1 Start OFS Client 3.2 Create a Groupe From the Menu click Group – New Group… 2012/28/02 – V 1.1 b 4 .OPC SOFREL Server: QuickStart 3 Setting OPC Client 3.

In case of LACBUS communication.OPC SOFREL Server: QuickStart 3.3. use the number of Sofbus conversion.1 b 5 . use the data number. 2012/28/02 – V 1. • • • • • Click on Item – New… Select in the arborescence the name of the site : S500_RENNES Select in S500 the type of information to create : NI Select in the right part Value (current state) or HValue (archive) Complete the ID item with the data number between parenthesis : (1) In case of SOFBUS communication.1 Sample 1 : Add numerical input NI corresponding to data 1 of S500_RENNES.3 Declare Items From Menu click on “Item – New…” 3.

1 Sample 2 : Add Asked item to call S500_RENNES · Click on Item – New… · Select in the arborescence the name the site : S500_RENNES · Sélect Connection · Sélect Asked item in the right part To call the equipment writes at 1 Asked item by double clicking on it.OPC SOFREL Server: QuickStart 3.1 b 6 . 2012/28/02 – V 1.3.

TRC Execute the shortcut to analyze communications with RTU and between OPC server and OPC Client.exe in the same directory Select Proprieties on this shortcut Use the target below: C:\Sofrel\Telemetry\Tracer.exe C:\Sofrel\Telemetry\SofrelTelemetryOPCServer.1 b 7 .pdf for more details • • • • Create a shortcut of Tracer. 5 Communications and follow up in the Tracer 2012/28/02 – V 1.OPC SOFREL Server: QuickStart 4 Analyze and Diagnostic with the Tracer Cf : §4 document OPC-doc_02-01_DOC.