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Track 2
Man, W = Woman


Man, W = Woman

What activities and hobbies are you good at?

I'm quite good at juggling.
Are you? How did you learn to do that?
Well, I started off just throwing and catching one ball, then two and now I can
juggle with five balls at once.
M: Can you juggle with plates?
W: No! I don't think I could do that!

What clubs do you belong to?

I don't belong to any, but my daughter is a member of an astronomy club.
Is she? Can she tell you what will happen in the future, then?
No, astronomy, not astrology! She studies the stars and planets.
Oh, whoops. I always get those two mixed up ... Does she have a telescope
M: Yes, it was expensive, I can tell you ...

T =

Teenager, W = Woman

What types of exercise are you keen on?

I'm keen on snowkiting.
Really? What's that?
It's like snowboarding, you know, going down a mountain on a board, but you
have a kite attached too, so you go even faster.
W: I haven't even been skiing! Isn't it terrifying?
T: Yes, it is. That's the whole point!
W: Do you do it regularly?
T: No, I don't. About once a year.
M = Man, W = Woman
W: What cultures are you interested in?
M: I'm really interested in Chinese culture.

W: Have you been there?

M: Yes, I have. I went there on holiday a few years ago and just found it
fascinating. I'm trying to learn Mandarin now, oh, and I've started t'ai chi
classes as well.
W: Have you? Isn't that a kind of martial art?
M: Well, yes, but it doesn't involve any fighting. It's a series of slow movements,
almost like a slow dance. It's really relaxing.


Man, W = Woman
What do you spend too much time on?
Oh, that's easy! Sudoku.
What's that?
Sudoku. It's a kind of number puzzle invented in Japan. You have to complete
a grid so that all the lines and boxes contain all of the numbers from one to
I haven't tried that.

CD1 Track 3
A: How did you learn to do that?
B: Well, I started off...
Does she have a telescope then?
Have you been there?
A: I'm quite good at juggling.
B: Are you?
A: Can you juggle with plates?
B: No, I don't think I could do that!
I haven't even been skiing!
A: Do you do it regularly?
B: No, I don't.
A: Have you been there?
B: Yes, I have.
A: Isn't it terrifying?
B: Yes, it is. That's the whole point!

CD1 Track 4
A: I live in a seven-bedroom house.
B: Do you?
A: My boyfriend has travelled round South America.
B: Has he?
A: Next year I'm going to university.
B: Are you?
A: Last year I won a medal for swimming.
B: Did you?
A: I'm learning to drive at the moment.
B: Are you?
A: We both hate spaghetti.
B: Do you?
A: They've just moved to Egypt.
B: Have they?
A: He eats six eggs a day.
B: Does he?

CD1 Track 5
Right, well, let me tell you a little bit about Rob. Um, he's my best friend, um, which
many people find difficult to believe. Um, many people don't have, er, a best friend
who is eighteen years older than them, so I suppose this is quite an unusual
friendship. Um we met, er, about three years ago. We were working in the same
school and, um, at first I found Rob to be quite an eccentric character, um, with lots
of gestures and animations um but he - he also seemed a lot younger than he
actually was, which is what I liked about him.
Um, he's also - he's a very sincere, er, funny, kind um person as well, which is also
what I like about him too. Um, we share the same interests as well. We like the
same books, we enjoy the same films and we have the same sort of sense of
humour. Er, the only real difference between us is that he - he loves cricket, but I
absolutely hate it. Um, but we're still very good friends.

CD1 Track 6

CD1 Track 7
/i:/ mean, upbeat
/e/ jealous, pleasant
/ia/ fearful
/a:/ kind-hearted

CD1 Track 8
My father has been a big influence on me. I really respect him. Urn, partly because
of what he does - we do the same job - but I think also his character.
We're quite similar in many ways. Um, he's sort of very calm. The only time he got
angry was once, about twenty years ago when I was fifteen. I came home at five in
the morning and I didn't call to say I'd be late. We had a big argument and didn't
speak to each other for a week. But apart from that, I've never seen him lose his
temper and he has always been very kind to me.
So, I want to speak about Romina. She was my best friend for about twelve years.
Before meeting her most of my friends were boys and I didn't have many good
girlfriends. We met at university and began studying together and going out in the
evenings together, and we developed this method of studying before exams. We
basically spent the whole night drinking coffee and testing each other. It was
terrible for our health but good for our friendship. Unfortunately we're not in touch
any more. We fell out about money while we were on holiday last year, and we
haven't seen each other since then. I miss her.
I work in a supermarket and I've been there for about two years. When I started, I
got on really well with all my colleagues. They were all really nice, except one. This
one girl - I think her name was Sarah - she was always unfriendly to me. I don't
know why. Then I found out that she was saying bad things about me. She said I
was lazy and a bad worker, that kind of thing. I really saw red and we had a huge
row. I still don't know what it was really about though. Anyway, Sarah stopped
working at the supermarket about a year ago. I don't know what she's doing now.

CD1 Track 9
Online dating is becoming the twenty-first century way to find a partner. In the UK
last year more than seven million people used a dating website. Far from being
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There are special websites for readers of particular newspapers, for animal lovers,
for classical music fans and one which allows only beautiful people to join! For
many people though, the idea of having to write a profile - a description of
themselves, is very off-putting., has a clever way to get
round that problem. Rather than writing your own profile, a friend describes you,
which makes the whole process much less embarrassing. It seems that there really
is a dating website to suit everyone.