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The New States of

Abortion Politics
Joshua C. Wilson

This book outlines the decadeslong effort by anti-abortion

activists to transform the very
politics of abortion, from streets
to legislative halls to courtrooms.
With the end of clinic-front activism, lawyers and politicians took
on anti-abortion fight. Activists
moved away from a doomed
frontal assault on Roe v. Wade and
adopted an incremental strategy
putting anti-abortion causes
on the offensive in friendly state
forums and placing reproductive
rights advocates on the defense
in the courts. The Supreme Court
ruling on Whole Womans Health
v. Hellerstedt in 2016 makes the
stakes for abortion politics higher
than ever. This book elucidates
howand why.
[This book] will change how
we think about abortion politics
in America.
Kristin Luker,
University of California, Berkeley

128 pages, June 2016

9780804792028 Paper $12.99 $10.39 sale

U.S. Politics

How Civility Works

Keith J. Bybee

Is civility dead? This question regularly

arises in just about every aspect of
American public life. Rudeness runs
rampant. Our news media is saturated
with aggressive bluster and vitriol. Our
digital platforms teem with trolls and
expressions of disrespect. Reflecting
these conditions, surveys show that
a significant majority of Americans
believe we are living in an age of unusual anger and discord. Everywhere
we look, there seems to be conflict
and hostility, with shared respect and
consideration nowhere to be found. In
a country that encourages thick skins
and speaking ones mind, is civility
even possible, let alone desirable?
In How Civility Works, Keith J. Bybee
elegantly explores the crisis in
civility, looking closely at how civility
intertwines with our long history of
boorish behavior and the ongoing
quest for pleasant company. Bybee
argues that the very features that make
civility ineffective and undesirable also
point to civilitys power and appeal.
88 pages, September 2016
9781503601543 Paper $12.99 $10.39 sale

My Journey at the
Nuclear Brink
William J. Perry

My Journey at the Nuclear Brink is

a continuation of William J. Perrys
efforts to keep the world safe from a
nuclear catastrophe. In a remarkable
career, Perry has dealt firsthand with
the changing nuclear threat. Decades
of experience and special access to
top-secret knowledge of strategic
nuclear options have given Perry a
unique, and chilling, vantage point
from which to conclude that nuclear
weapons endanger our security rather
than securing it.
In clear, detailed, powerful prose, My
Journey at the Nuclear Brink tells the
story of Perrys seventy-year experience
of the nuclear age. Beginning with his
firsthand encounter with survivors living amid vast wastes of fused rubble
in the aftermath of World War II, his
account takes us up to today when
Perry is on an urgent mission to alert
us to the dangerous nuclear road we are
Jerry Brown,
The New York Review of Books

276 pages, 2015

9780804797122 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale

Crook County

Racism and Injustice in Americas

Largest Criminal Court
Nicole Gonzalez Van Cleve

American criminal courts are the

gateway between police action on the
street and the processing of primarily
black and Latino defendants into jails
and prisons. Yet the courts, often portrayed as sacred, impartial institutions,
have remained shrouded in secrecy.
Crook County bursts open the courthouse doors and enters the hallways,
courtrooms, judges chambers, and
attorneys offices to reveal a world of
punishment determined by race, not
offense. Defendants find themselves
thrust into a pernicious legal world
where courtroom actors live and
breathe racism while simultaneously
committing themselves to a colorblind
ideal. Nicole Gonzalez Van Cleve urges
all citizens to take a closer look at the
way we do justice in America and to
hold our arbiters of justice accountable
to the highest standards of equality.
Beautifully written and keenly insightful, Crook County is a horror story I
couldnt put down. [This is] ethnography at its best.
Paul Butler,
Georgetown Law

272 pages, May 2016

9780804790437 Cloth $24.00 $19.20 sale

Jimmy Carter in Africa

Race and the Cold War

Nancy Mitchell

In the late 1970s, the Cold War overseas

seemed to take a backseat to more
contentious domestic issues, including
race relations. There was one continent,
however, where the Cold War was on the
point of flaring hot: Africa. As President
Carter confronted Africa, American
foreign policy slammed up against the
most explosive and raw aspect of American domestic politicsracism.
Drawing on candid interviews with
Carter, as well as key U.S. and foreign diplomats, and on a dazzling array of international archival sources, Nancy Mitchell
offers a timely reevaluation of the Carter
administration and of the man himself.
Mitchell reveals an administration not
beset by weakness and indecision, but
rather constrained by Cold War dynamics
and by the presidents own temperament
as he wrestled with a divided public and
his own human failings.
The best book about [Carters] presidency
thats yet appeared.
Christian Science Monitor
Cold War International History

880 pages, April 2016

9780804793858 Cloth $45.00 $36.00 sale

U.S. Politics

Democracy and
Political Ignorance

The Rights First Amendment Voting Together

Why Smaller Government

Is Smarter

The Politics of Free Speech &

the Return of Conservative

Intergenerational Politics and

Civic Engagement among
Hmong Americans

Second Edition

Wayne Batchis

Carolyn Wong

Ilya Somin

Not so long ago, being aggressively

profree speech was as closely associated with American political liberalism
as being pro-choice, proaffirmative
action, or progun control. With little
notice, this political dynamic has been
shaken to the core. The Rights First
Amendment examines how conservatives
came to adopt and co-opt constitutional
free speech rights. For many conservatives, free speech represents a crucial
shield that protects traditionalists from a
perceived scourge of political correctness
and liberal oversensitivity. At the same
time, free market conservatives have
risen up to embrace a once unknown,
but now cherished, liberty: freedom of
commercial expression. Surveying six
decades of writings from the preeminent
conservative publication National Review
alongside the evolving constitutional
law and ideological predispositions of
Supreme Court justices, Wayne Batchis
reveals how this keystone of our civic
American beliefs now carries a much
more complex political identity.

Hmong American immigrants first came

to the United States as refugees of the
Vietnam War. Forty years on, they have
made a notable impact in American
political life. Carolyn Wong analyzes
how the Hmong came to pursue politics
as a key path to advancement and
inclusion in the United States.

One of the biggest problems with

modern democracy is that most of the
public is usually ignorant of politics
and government. This creates a nation
of people with little political knowledge and little ability to objectively
evaluate what they do know.
The second edition of Democracy
and Political Ignorance fully updates
its analysis to include new and vital
discussions on the Big Sort, the
disproportionate political influence of
the wealthy, proposed new strategies
for increasing political knowledge, and
up-to-date survey data on political
ignorance during recent elections. Ilya
Somin mines the depths of the current
state of ignorance in America and
reveals it as a major problem for democracy. He provocatively argues that
political ignorance is best mitigated
and its effects lessened by decentralizing and limiting government.
Ilya Somin elegantly persuades readers
to embrace the implications of pervasive, problematic, and oft-times entirely
rational voter ignorance. The relevance
of this book cant be exaggerated.
Christopher Robichaud,
Harvard Kennedy School of Government

312 pages, June 2016

9780804799317 Paper $27.95 $22.36 sale

U.S. Politics

An important and very readable guide to

the transition from conservative moralism
to conservative libertarianism.
Mark Graber,
University of Maryland School of Law
Stanford Studies in Law and

296 pages, March 2016

9780804798006 Paper $29.95 $23.96 sale

Drawing on interviews with community leaders, refugees, and the secondgeneration children of immigrants,
Wong shows that intergenerational
mechanisms of social voting underlie
the political participation of Hmong
Americans. Younger Hmong Americans
engage older community residents in
grassroots elections and conversation
about public affairs. And in turn, within
families and communities, elders often
transmit stories that draw connections
between ancient Hmong aspirations for
freedom and contemporary American
egalitarian projects.
Asian America

288 pages, March 2017

9780804782234 Cloth $65.00 $52.00 sale

The Polythink Syndrome

U.S. Foreign Policy Decisions

on 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran,
Syria, and ISIS
Alex Mintz and Carly Wayne

The leading concept of group dynamics, groupthink, states that policymaking groups make sub-optimal decisions
due to their desire for conformity
and uniformity over dissent, leading
to a failure to consider other relevant
possibilities. Taking a different
approach, this book scrutinizes
polythink, a group decision-making
dynamic whereby different members
in a decision-making unit espouse a
plurality of opinions and divergent
policy prescriptions, resulting in a
disjointed decision-making process
or even decision paralysis. The book
analyzes eleven U.S. national security
decisions and addresses implications of
polythink, including how to avoid or
overcome it.
This book offers impressive evidence in
favor of polythink as a major factor impacting foreign policy decision-making.
Case material from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, along with the Iranian
nuclear dispute, is treated in an original
and stimulating way. A major contribution to foreign policy analysis.
Patrick James,
University of Southern California

200 pages, January 2016

9780804796767 Paper $22.95 $18.36 sale

Popular Democracy

The Paradox of Participation

Gianpaolo Baiocchi and
Ernesto Ganuza

Rights, Deportation, and

Detention in the Age of
Immigration Control
Tom K. Wong

Local participation is the new

democratic imperative. In the United
States, three-fourths of all cities have
developed opportunities for citizen
involvement in strategic planning.
But even as these opportunities have
become more popular, many contend
that they have also become less connected to actual centers of power and
the jurisdictions where issues relevant
to communities are decided.

This book focuses on what is arguably

the most contested, dynamic, and evolving set of immigration policiesimmigration controlby analyzing state
efforts to deter so-called unwanted
immigration through the denial of
rights to non-citizens, their physical
removal and exclusion from the polity
through deportation, and their deprivation of liberty and freedom of movement in immigration detention.

With this book, Gianpaolo Baiocchi

and Ernesto Ganuza consider the
opportunities and challenges of
democratic participation. Examining
how participation has traveled the
worldwith its inception in Porto
Alegre, Brazil, and spread to Europe
and North Americathey show how
participatory instruments have become
more focused on the formation of
public opinion and are far less attentive
to actual reform. Though the current
impact and benefit of participatory forms of government is far more
ambiguous than its advocates would
suggest, Popular Democracy concludes
with suggestions of how participation
could better achieve its political ideals.

In addition to answering the question

of why states do what they do, Tom K.
Wong describes contemporary trends
in immigration control, analyzes the
determinants of these trends, and examines whether efforts to deter unwanted
immigration are actually working.

208 pages, December 2016

9781503600768 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale

256 pages, 2015

9780804793063 Cloth $65.00 $52.00 sale

Rights, Deportation, and Detention

in the Age of Immigration Control
presents big ideas, new and vital data,
and updates to immigration theories that
will be useful for students and scholars of
immigration studies. Sharply written and
edited, this book reads like a valedictory
monograph from a seasoned scholar of
immigration control.
Stephanie J. Silverman,
University of Oxford, Oxford Law Blog

Democracy and Human Rights

Stanford Studies in Human Rights

Emerging Frontiers in the

Rights after Wrongs

Just Violence

Breaking the WTO

Shannon Morreira

Rachel Wahl

Kristen Hopewell

The international framework of human

rights presents itself as universal. But
rights do not exist as a mere framework; they are enacted, practiced, and
debated in local contexts. Rights After
Wrongs ethnographically explores
the chasm between the ideals and the
practice of human rights. Specifically,
it shows where the sweeping colonial
logics of Western law meets the lived
experiences, accumulated histories,
and humanitarian debts present in
post-colonial Zimbabwe.

Just Violence reveals the moral

perspective of perpetrators of torture
and how they respond to human
rights efforts against torture. Through
interviews with law enforcers in India,
Rachel Wahl uncovers the beliefs that
motivate officers who use and support
torture, and how these beliefs shape
their responses to international human
rights norms. Although on the surface
Indian officers subversion of human
rights may seem to be a case of local
culture resisting global norms, officers
see human rights as in keeping with
their religious and cultural traditionsand view Western countries as
the primary human rights violators.
However, the police do not condemn
the United States for violations;
on the contrary, for Indian police,
Guantanamo Bay justifies torture in
New Delhi. This book follows the
attempts of human rights workers to
both persuade and coerce officers into
compliance. As Wahl explains, current
human rights strategies can undermine
each other, leaving the movement with
complex dilemmas regarding whether
to work with or against perpetrators.

The world economic order has been

upended by the rise of the BRIC nations and the attendant decline of the
United States international influence.
This book provides a groundbreaking
analysis of how power shifts in the
world economic order have played
out in the World Trade Organization.
Historically, the U.S. has pressured
other countries to open their markets
while maintaining its own protectionist policies. But, over the course of the
Doha Round negotiations in 2008,
China, India, and Brazil challenged
Americas hypocrisy. Negotiations
collapsed as these developing states
demanded that all members of the
WTO live up to the principles of free
trade. Probing the tensions between
the WTOs liberal principles and the
underlying reality of power politics,
Kristen Hopewell explores what the
Doha conflict tells us about the current
and coming balance of power in the
global economy.

Local Knowledge and Human

Rights in Zimbabwe

Shannon Morreira explores the ways in

which the global framework of human
rights is locally interpreted, constituted, and contested in Harare, Zimbabwe, and Musina and Cape Town,
South Africa. Presenting the stories of
those who lived through the violent
struggles of the past decades, Morreira
uncovers the disconnect between the
ways human rights appear on paper
and the ways in which people use and
understand them in everyday life.
216 pages, May 2016
9780804799089 Paper $27.95 $22.36 sale

Torture and Human Rights in

the Eyes of the Police

256 pages, January 2017

9781503601017 Paper $25.95 $20.76 sale

Democracy and Human Rights

How Emerging Powers Disrupted

the Neoliberal Project

Hopewells analysis is invaluable

to understanding one of global
neoliberalisms key institutions.
Peter Evans,
University of California, Berkeley

288 pages, August 2016

9781503600591 Paper $27.95 $22.36 sale

Comparative Politics
and IR

Global Economy

Beyond the Euromaidan

Sweet Talk

Paternalism and Collective

Action in North-South
Trade Relations
J. P. Singh

Developed nations strive to create

the impression that their hearts and
pockets bleed for the developing
world. Yet, the global North continues to offer unfavorable trade terms
to the global South. While urging
developing countries to participate in
trade, the North offers empty deals to
partners that it regards as unequal.
Using a mixed-methods approach,
J. P. Singh exposes the actual position beneath the Norths image of
benevolence and empathy: either join
in the type of trade that developed
countries offer, or be cast aside as
obstreperous and unwilling. Through
case studies, Singh reveals how
the global North ultimately bars
developing nations from flourishing.
His findings chart a path forward,
showing that developing nations
can garner favorable concessions by
drawing on unique strengths and
through collective advocacy. Sweet
Talk offers a provocative rethinking
of how far our international relations
have come and how far we still have
to go.

Comparative Perspectives on
Advancing Reform in Ukraine
Edited by Henry E. Hale and
Robert W. Orttung

Beyond the Euromaidan examines

the prospects for advancing
reform in Ukraine in the wake of
the February 2014 Euromaidan
revolution and Russian invasion.
It examines six crucial areas where
reform is needed, providing one
chapter that focuses on Ukraines
own experience and one chapter that
examines the issue in the broader
context of international practice.
Placing Ukraine in comparative
perspective shows that many of the
countrys problems are not unique
and that other countries have been
able to address many of the issues
currently confronting Ukraine.
Ultimately, the authors propose
a series of reforms that can help
Ukraine make the best of a bad situation. The book stresses the need to
focus on reforms that might not have
immediate effect, but that comparative experience shows can solve
fundamental contextual challenges.
336 pages, September 2016
9780804798457 Cloth $70.00 $56.00 sale

Building Blocs

How Parties Organize Society

Edited by Cedric de Leon,
Manali Desai, and Cihan Tual

Do political parties merely represent

divisions in society? Until now, scholars and other observers have generally
agreed that they do. But Building Blocs
argues the reverse: that some political
parties in fact shape divisions as they
struggle to remake the social order.
Drawing on the contributors expertise
in Indonesia, India, the United States,
Canada, Egypt, and Turkey, this
volume demonstrates that the success
and failure of parties to politicize
social differences has dramatic consequences for democratic change,
economic development, and other
large-scale transformations. Building
Blocs exposes political parties as the
most influential agencies that structure
social divisions.
This brief but important edited volume
introduces a new perspective in the
study of political parties . . . The innovative and refreshing approach makes this
book highly recommended for students
of political parties in both established
and developing democracies.

256 pages, 2015

9780804794923 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale

272 pages, December 2016

9781503601048 Paper $25.95 $20.76 sale

Comparative Politics and IR

Networked Regionalism as
Conflict Management
Anna Ohanyan

Most regions of the world are plagued

by conflicts that are made insoluble
by a confluence of complex threads
from history, geography, politics, and
culture. These frozen conflicts defy
conflict management interventions by
both internal and external agents and
institutions. Drawing upon the cases
of the South Caucasus, the Western
Balkans, Central America, South
East Asia, and Northern Ireland, this
book offers a theoretical and practical
solution to this impasse by arguing for
regional collective interventions that
involve a long-term reengineering of
existing conflict management infrastructure on the ground. Specifically,
only the cultivation and establishment
of regional peace systems can provide
an effective path toward conflict
management in these standoffs in such
intractably divided regions.
An exceptional, truly outstanding
work. It bridges multiple theories of
international relations, draws on the
best of each of these, and presents a
much-needed new approach to addressing current real world problems. I hope
policymakers will take heed.
Susan Allen,
Director, The Center for
Peacemaking Practice,
George Mason University

The Politics of Majority


Framing Peace, Stalemates,

and Crises
Neophytos Loizides

What drives the politics of majority

nationalism during crises, stalemates
and peace mediations? Exploring
systematically, and for the first time,
the politics of majority nationalism in
its various manifestations, Neophytos
Loizides shows how ethnopolitical
frames influence crisis behavior,
protracted stalemates, and ultimately
the choice of peace. He identifies the
ideational pre-conditions of peace
and conflict while highlighting for
policymakers and mediators a set of
tools to use when communicating
peace messages to local and national
As a practitioner, I know how difficult
it can be to bring together parties who
have strong feelings about national
identity. By providing examples from recent conflicts, Neophytos Loizides offers
a great resource to understand the power of communicating the right messages
and creating new positive narratives.
Yeshim Harris,
Director, Engi Conflict Management

272 pages, 2015

9780804794084 Cloth $65.00 $52.00 sale

272 pages, 2015

9780804794930 Paper $25.95 $20.76 sale

Comparative Politics and IR

Settlers in Contested Lands

Territorial Disputes and

Ethnic Conflicts

Edited by Oded Haklai and

Neophytos Loizides

Settlers feature in many protracted

territorial disputes and ethnic conflicts
around the world. This volume illuminates how settler-related conflicts
emerge, evolve, and are significantly
more difficult to resolve than other
disputes. Written by country experts,
chapters consider Israel and the West
Bank, Arab settlers in Kirkuk, Moroccan settlers in Western Sahara, settlers
from Fascist Italy in North Africa,
Turkish settlers in Cyprus, Indonesian
settlers in East Timor, and Sinhalese
settlers in Sri Lanka. Taken together,
the cases raise interrelated questions
about the role of settlers in conflicts
in contested territory. Then looking
beyond the similar characteristics, they
also illuminate key differences and the
impact these differences can have on
peace processes.
This is an invaluable collection. The
volume is a very important contribution
to understanding a highly significant
but understudied phenomenon in the
world of ethnic conflict.
Donald L. Horowitz,
Duke University

256 pages, 2015

9780804796507 Paper $27.95 $22.36 sale

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Cities, Business, and the

Politics of Urban Violence
in Latin America
Eduardo Moncada

This book analyzes and explains the

ways in which major developing
world cities respond to the challenge
of urban violence. It introduces
business as a pivotal actor in the
politics of urban violence, and argues
that how business is organized
within cities and its linkages to local
governments impacts whether or
not business supports or subverts
state efforts. Further, the degree to
which politiciansspecifically, city
mayorsrely upon clientelism to
secure and maintain power influences
whether they favor responses to
violence that perpetuate or weaken
local political exclusion.
The book builds a new typology of
patterns of armed territorial control
within cities and shows that each
poses unique challenges and opportunities for confronting urban
violence across Colombias three
principal citiesMedellin, Cali, and
Bogota. The analysis demonstrates
that the politics of urban violence is
a powerful new lens on the broader
question of who governs in major
developing world cities.
248 pages, January 2016
9780804794176 Cloth $65.00 $52.00 sale

The Politics of Local

Participatory Democracy
in Latin America

Institutions, Actors,
and Interactions

Franoise Montambeault

Participatory democracy innovations

aimed at bringing citizens back
into local governance processes are
becoming ever more widespread. Yet,
these innovations have had mixed
results in practice. Why and how does
success vary? This book sets out to
answer that question.
Drawing on the comparative case
study of four cities in Mexico and
Brazil, Franoise Montambeault
demonstrates that the level of democratic success is best explained by an
approach that accounts for institutional design, structural conditions of
mobilization, and the configurations,
strategies, behaviors, and perceptions
of both state and societal actors.

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Thus, institutional change alone does

not guarantee success: the way these
institutional changes are enacted
by both political and social actors
is even more important as it creates
the potential for an autonomous civil
society to emerge.
288 pages, 2015
9780804795166 Cloth $65.00 $52.00 sale

Latin American Politics

Morbid Symptoms

Relapse in the Arab Uprising

Gilbert Achcar

In this eagerly awaited book, foremost

Arab world and international affairs
specialist Gilbert Achcar analyzes
the factors of the post-2011 relapse
in the Middle East. Focusing on
Syria and Egypt, Achcar assesses the
present stage of the Arab uprising
and the main obstacles, both regional
and international, that prevent any
resolution. Events in Syria and Egypt
offer salient examples of a pattern of
events happening across the Middle
East. Morbid Symptoms offers a timely
analysis of the ongoing Arab uprising
that will engage experts and general
readers alike. Drawing on a unique
combination of scholarly and political
knowledge of the Arab region, Achcar
argues that, short of radical social
change, the region will not reach
stability any time soon.
One of the best analysts of the contemporary Arab world.
Le Monde
Stanford Studies in Middle
Eastern and Islamic Societies
and Cultures

240 pages, May 2016

9781503600317 Paper $21.95 $17.56 sale

Copts and the

Security State

Violence, Coercion, and

Sectarianism in
Contemporary Egypt
Laure Guirguis

Copts and the Security State considers

how the Egyptian state, through
its subjugation of Coptic citizens,
reproduces a political order based on
religious identity and difference. The
leadership of the Coptic Church, in
turn, has taken more political stances,
thus foreclosing opportunities for
secularization or common ground. In
each instance, the underlying logics
of authoritarianism and sectarianism
articulate a fear of the Other, and are
ultimately put to use to justify the expanding Egyptian security state. Laure
Guirguis focuses on state discourses
and practices, with particular emphasis on the period of Husni Mubaraks
rule, and shows the transformation of
the Orthodox Coptic Church under
the leadership of Pope Chenouda III.
She also considers what could be done
to counter the growing tensions and
violence in Egypt.
Stanford Studies in Middle
Eastern and Islamic Societies
and Cultures

320 pages, January 2017

9781503600782 Paper $29.95 $23.96 sale

Police Encounters

Security and Surveillance in

Gaza under Egyptian Rule
Ilana Feldman

Throughout the twenty years of its

administration (19481967), Egyptian
policing of Gaza concerned itself not
only with crime and politics, but also
with control of social and moral order.
Through surveillance, interrogation,
and a network of local informants,
the police extended their reach into
private life, seeing Palestinians as
both security threats and vulnerable
subjects who needed protection. Police
Encounters explores this paradox of
Egyptian rule. Drawing on a rich and
detailed archive of daily police records,
the book describes an extensive security apparatus guided by intersecting
concerns about national interest, social
propriety, and everyday illegality. But
repression does not tell the entire story
about policings impact on Gaza. Policing also provided opportunities for
people to make claims of government,
influence their neighbors, and protect
their families.
Exciting, lucid, profound, and
sophisticated, Police Encounters
is a must-read.
Paul Amar,
University of California, Santa Barbara
Stanford Studies in Middle
Eastern and Islamic Societies
and Cultures

224 pages, 2015

9780804795340 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale


Middle East Politics

Imaginative Geographies
of Algerian Violence

Conflict Science, Conflict

Management, Antipolitics
Jacob Mundy

The massacres that spread across

Algeria in 1997 and 1998 shocked the
world, both in their horror and in the
international communitys failure to
respond. They have since become a
central case study in new theories of
civil conflict and terrorism after the
Cold War. Such lessons of Algeria
now contribute to a diverse array
of international efforts to manage
conflict. With this book, Jacob Mundy
raises a critical lens to these lessons. In
questioning them, Mundy shows that
todays leading strategies of conflict
management are underwritten by, and
so attempt to reproduce, their own
flawed logic. Ultimately, what these
policies and practices lead to is not a
world made safe from war, but rather a
world made safe for war.
A scathing critique of the internal pathologies of neoliberal conflict management.
This book fills a major void in scholarship
on post-independence Algeria, and will
surely be a valuable resource.
Robert P. Parks,
Centre dtudes Maghrbines en Algrie
Stanford Studies in Middle
Eastern and Islamic Societies
and Cultures

Squandered Opportunity

Neoclassical Realism and Iranian

Foreign Policy
Thomas Juneau

The Islamic Republic of Iran faced

a favorable strategic environment
following the U.S. invasions of
Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003.
Its leadership attempted to exploit this
window of opportunity by assertively
seeking to expand Irans interests
throughout the Middle East. It fell far
short, however, of fulfilling its longstanding ambition of becoming the
dominant power in the Persian Gulf
and a leading regional power in the
broader Middle East.

Soundtrack of the Revolution

The Politics of Music in Iran

Nahid SiAMdoust

Music was one of the first casualties of

the Iranian Revolution. It was banned
in 1979, but it quickly crept back into
Iranian culture and politics. Drawing
on her research in Iran, including
during the 2009 protests, Nahid
Siamdoust closely follows the work
of four musiciansa giant of Persian
classical music, a government-supported
pop star, a rebel rock-and-roller, and
an underground rappereach with
markedly different political views and
relations with the Iranian government.
Taken together, these examinations shed
light on issues at the heart of debates
in Iranabout its future and identity,
changing notions of religious belief, and
the quest for political freedom.

In Squandered Opportunity, Thomas

Juneau develops a variant of neoclassical realism, a theory of foreign policy
mistakes, to explore the causes and
consequences of Irans sub-optimal
performance. Despite some gains,
Iran failed to maximize its power, its
security, and its influence in three
crucial areas: the Arab-Israeli conflict;
Iraq; and the nuclear program. Juneau
also predicts that, as the window of
opportunity steadily closes for Iran, its
power, security, and influence will likely
continue to decline in coming years.

Stanford Studies in Middle

Eastern and Islamic Societies and

296 pages, 2015

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344 pages, January 2017

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Soundtrack of the Revolution is a

groundbreaking study of a potent cultural
register in post-revolutionary Iran. For
both the casual reader and the aficionado, Siamdousts pioneering insights are
Hamid Dabashi,
author of Iran: A People Interrupted

280 pages, 2015

9780804795821 Paper $27.95 $22.36 sale

Middle East Politics


Divergent Memories

Global Talent

The New Great Game

Gi-Wook Shin and

Daniel Sneider

Gi-Wook Shin and Joon Nak Choi

Edited by Thomas Fingar

Global Talent seeks to examine the

utility of skilled foreigners beyond
their human capital value by focusing
on their social capital potential, especially their role as transnational bridges
between host and home countries. GiWook Shin and Joon Nak Choi build
on an emerging stream of research that
conceptualizes global labor mobility as
a positive-sum game in which countries
and businesses benefit from building
ties across geographic space, rather
than the zero-sum game implied by the
global war for talent and brain drain
metaphors. They reveal the unique
benefits that foreign students and
professionals can provide to Korea by
enhancing Korean firms competitiveness in the global marketplace and by
generating new jobs for Korean citizens.
Further, they offer insights that extend
well beyond the Korean experience.

Chinas rise has elicited envy, admiration, and fear among its neighbors.
Although much has been written about
this, previous coverage minimizes or
ignores what individuals, corporate
actors, and governments in other
countries do to attract, shape, exploit,
or deflect Chinese involvement. The
New Great Game analyzes and explains
how Chinese policies and priorities
interact with the goals and actions of
other countries in the region.

Opinion Leaders and the

Asia-Pacific War

Debate over the history of World

War II in Asia remains surprisingly intense. Divergent Memories
examines the opinions of powerful
individuals to pinpoint the sources
of this conflict: from Japanese colonialism in Korea and atrocities in
China to the American decision to
use atomic weapons against Japan.
Rather than labeling others views
as distorted or ignoring dissenting voices to create a monolithic
historical account, Gi-Wook Shin and
Daniel Sneider pursue a more fruitful
approach: analyzing how historical
memory has developed, been formulated, and even been challenged in
each country.
A wonderful contribution that shows
how differently Asian wars were perceived by Chinese, Koreans, Japanese,
and Americans. It breaks through
stereotypes by revealing the nuanced
views of opinion leaders in all four
countries. Shin and Sneider help pave
the way for replacing hateful passions
with compassionate understanding.
Ezra Vogel,
Harvard University
Studies of the Walter H.
Shorenstein Asia-Pacific
Research Center

376 pages, September 2016

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ASIAN Politics

Skilled Labor as Social Capital

in Korea

Shin and Choi use original, comprehensive data and a global outlook to
provide careful, accessible and persuasive analysis.Their prescriptions for
Korea and other economies challenged
by high-level labor shortages will amply
reward readers of this landmark study.
Mark Granovetter,
Stanford University
Studies of the Walter H.
Shorenstein Asia-Pacific
Research Center

216 pages, 2015

9780804794336 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale

China and South and Central

Asia in the Era of Reform

To explore the reciprocal nature of

relations between China and countries
in South and Central Asia, this book
employs numerous policy-relevant
lenses: geography, culture, history,
resource endowments, and levels of
development. This volume seeks to
discover what has happened during
the three decades of Chinas rise and
why it happened as it did.
Studies of the Walter H.
Shorenstein Asia-Pacific
Research Center

360 pages, March 2016

9780804797634 Paper $27.95 $22.36 sale

Winner of the 2016 Outstanding Academic

Title Award, sponsored by CHOICE.

Chinas Futures

PRC Elites Debate Economics,

Politics, and Foreign Policy
Daniel C. Lynch

In Chinas Futures, Daniel C. Lynch

seeks to answer the simple but rarelyasked question: how do Chinas own
leaders and other elite figures assess
their countrys future?
Many Western social scientists, business leaders, journalists, technocrats,
analysts, and policymakers convey
confident predictions about the future
of Chinas rise. Typically missing from
these accounts is how people of power
and influence in China itself imagine
their countrys developmental course.
Thus, Lynch traces the varying possible
national trajectories based on how
Chinas own specialists are evaluating
their countrys current course and
assesses the strengths and weaknesses
of predictioneering in Western social
science as applied to China.
The value of Chinas Futures lies in
its authors investigation of what
Chinas elites themselves have written
and said about their nations future.
What Lynch has documented is a
kaleidoscopically plural society, even
within the strictures of the Leninist
state. . . Highly recommended.

PLA Influence on Chinas

National Security
Edited by Phillip C. Saunders and
Andrew Scobell

In recent years there have been reports

of actions purportedly taken by
Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) units
without civilian authorization, and
of Chinese Communist Party (CCP)
civilian leaders seeking to curry favor
with the militarysuggesting that a
nationalistic and increasingly influential PLA is driving more assertive
Chinese policies on a range of military
and sovereignty issues. To many
experienced PLA watchers, however,
the PLA remains a party-army that is
responsive to orders from the CCP.
This volume seeks to assess the real
relationship between the PLA and its
civilian masters by moving beyond
media and pundit speculation to
mount an in-depth examination and
explanation of the PLAs role in national security policymaking. The evidence
reveals that todays PLA does appear to
have more influence on purely military
issues than in the pastbut much less
influence on political issuesand to
be more actively engaged in policy
debates on mixed civilmilitary issues
where military equities are at stake.
360 pages, 2015
9780804796255 Paper $29.95 $23.96 sale

Taiwans China Dilemma

Contested Identities and Multiple

Interests in Taiwans Cross-Strait
Economic Policy
Syaru Shirley Lin

Taiwans China Dilemma explains the

divergence between the development
of economic and political relations
across the Taiwan Strait through the
interplay of national identity and
economic interests. Using primary
sources, opinion surveys, and interviews with Taiwanese opinion leaders,
Syaru Shirley Lin paints a vivid
picture of one of the most unsettled
and dangerous relationships in the
contemporary world, and illustrates
the growing backlash against economic
liberalization and regional economic
integration around the world.
This important book offers an interesting new perspective on the politics
of Taiwans evolving economic policy
toward mainland China. The combination of a fresh theoretical approachfocusing on the role of national identity
and strong empirical analysis make
Taiwans China Dilemma a must-read
for anyone interested in the dynamic
cross-Strait relationship.
Scott L. Kastner,
University of Maryland, College Park

304 pages, June 2016

9780804799287 Paper $29.95 $23.96 sale

352 pages, 2015

9780804794190 Paper $27.95 $22.36 sale

ASIAN Politics


Contested Embrace

Protest Dialectics

Jaeeun Kim

Paul Chang

Contested Embrace explores how a state

relates to people it views as external
members such as emigrants and
diasporas. Specifically, Jaeeun Kim
analyzes disputes over the belonging of
Koreans in Japan and China, focusing
on their contested relationship with the
colonial and postcolonial states in the
Korean peninsula. Through a comparative analysis of transborder membership
politics in the colonial, Cold War, and
post-Cold War periods, the book shows
how the configuration of geopolitics,
bureaucratic techniques, and actors
agency shapes the making, unmaking,
and remaking of transborder ties. Kim
demonstrates that being a homeland
state or a member of the transborder
nation is a precarious, arduous, and
revocable political achievement.

The decade of the 1970s is characterized by many as the dark age for
democracy in South Korea. In this
groundbreaking work, Paul Y. Chang
highlights the importance of state
repression in shaping mobilization
in this oft-ignored decade. Protest
Dialectics provides readers with an
in-depth analysis of the emergence
and evolution of the democracy
movement in a highly authoritarian
context, and shows how activists in the
1970s planted the seeds for the vibrant
democracy South Korea enjoys today.

Transborder Membership Politics

in Twentieth-Century Korea

A brilliant and bracing analysis of transborder membership politics. Exhaustively

researched and meticulously argued,
Jaeeun Kims book is required reading for
anyone interested in modern Northeast
Asia, comparative ethnicity and nationalism, and transnational and global studies. It is a great book to think with.
John Lie,
University of California, Berkeley
Studies of the Walter H.
Shorenstein Asia-Pacific
Research Center

360 pages, July 2016

9780804797627 Cloth $65.00 $52.00 sale


ASIAN Politics

State Repression and South Koreas

Democracy Movement, 1970-1979

This important book gives the 1970s

democratization movement in South
Korea the recognition it deserves.
Chang shows that while the workingclass movement was a vital element,
Christians and white-collar workers,
particularly lawyers and journalists,
gave rise to the discourse of human
rights, forming the moral backbone
of the democratization movement.
Namhee Lee,
University of California, Los Angeles

312 pages, 2015

9780804791465 Cloth $45.00 $36.00 sale

The Colonial Origins of

Ethnic Violence in India
Ajay Verghese

The neighboring north Indian districts

of Jaipur and Ajmer are identical in
language, geography, and religious
and caste demography. But when the
famous Babri Mosque in Ayodhya was
destroyed in 1992, Jaipur burned while
Ajmer remained peaceful; when the
state clashed over low-caste affirmative action quotas in 2008, Ajmers
residents rioted while Jaipurs citizens
stayed calm. What explains these
divergent patterns of ethnic conflict
across multiethnic states? In this
book, Ajay Verghese shows that the
legacies of British colonialism drive
contemporary conflict. Additionally,
because India served as a model for
British colonial expansion into parts
of Africa and Southeast Asia, this
project links Indian ethnic conflict to
violent outcomes across an array of
multiethnic states, including cases as
diverse as Nigeria and Malaysia. The
Colonial Origins of Ethnic Violence in
India makes important contributions
to the study of Indian politics, ethnicity, conflict, and historical legacies.
Studies of the Walter H.
Shorenstein Asia-Pacific
Research Center

296 pages, March 2016

9780804798136 Paper $25.95 $20.76 sale

Now in Paperback


The Lost Chance for Peace

in Vietnam
James G. Hershberg

Marigold presents the first rigorously

documented, in-depth story of one of
the Vietnam Wars last great mysteries:
the secret peace initiative, codenamed
Marigold, that sought to end the war
in 1966. The initiative failed, the war
dragged on for another seven years,
and this episode sank into history as
an unresolved controversy. Antiwar
critics claimed President Johnson had
bungled (or, worse, deliberately sabotaged) a breakthrough by bombing
Hanoi on the eve of a planned secret
U.S.North Vietnamese encounter in
Poland. Yet, LBJ and top aides angrily
insisted that Poland never had authority to arrange direct talks and Hanoi
was not ready to negotiate.
This book uses new evidence from
long-hidden communist sources to
reveal LBJs personal role in bombing
Hanoi as he utterly disregarded the
pleas of both the Polish and his own
senior advisors. The historical implications of missing this opportunity are
immense: Marigold might have ended
the war years earlier, saving thousands
of lives, and dramatically changed U.S.
political history.

Trust, but Verify

The Politics of Uncertainty and the

Transformation of the Cold War
Order, 1969-1991
Edited by Martin Klimke,
Reinhild Kreis, and
Christian F. Ostermann

Trust, but Verify uses trustwith its

emotional and predictive aspectsto
explore international relations in the
second half of the Cold War, beginning
with the late 1960s. The dtente of the
1970s led to the development of some
limited trust between the United States
and the Soviet Union, which lessened
international tensions and enabled
advances in areas such as arms control.
However, it also created uncertainty
in other areas, especially on the part
of smaller states that depended on
their alliance leaders for protection.
The contributors to this volume look
at how the emotional side of the
conflict affected the dynamics of
various Cold War relations: between
the superpowers, within the two
ideological blocs, and inside individual
countries on the margins of the East
West confrontation.
Cold War International History

272 pages, November 2016

9780804798099 Cloth $60.00 $48.00 sale

The Euromissile Crisis and

the End of the Cold War
Edited by Leopoldo Nuti,
Frederic Bozo, Marie-Pierre Rey,
and Bernd Rother

In the late 1970s, new generations of

nuclear delivery systems were proposed
for deployment across Eastern and
Western Europe. The ensuing controversy grew to become a key phase in the
late Cold War. This book explores the
origins, unfolding, and consequences
of that crisis. Contributors from
international relations, political science,
sociology, and history draw on extensive research in a number of countries,
often employing declassified documents
from the West and from the newly
opened state and party archives of many
Soviet bloc countries.
[This book] is at the cutting edge of historical research on the Cold War, relying
on new and declassified documents from
a wide array of countries and sources.
Not only does it cover a wide variety of
national perspectives, but it delves into
the role of individuals, social movements
and public opinion.
Garret Martin,
American University
Cold War International History

352 pages, 2015

9780804792868 Cloth $65.00 $52.00 sale

Cold War International History


936 pages, 2012

9780804793810 Paper $29.95 $23.96 sale

Political History


The Regional Cold Wars

in Europe, East Asia, and
the Middle East

Crucial Periods and

Turning Points
Lorenz Lthi

This book systematically explores the

crucial turning points in the Cold War
on all of its diverse fronts. The simplistic U.S. vs. Soviet analysis can obscure
the fact that this war was fought by
blocs of nations and in various regions
around the world. This volume corrects this covering Europe, East Asia,
and the Middle East in the crucial
periods of the Cold War. Contributions
are based on documents from China,
India, the Arab Middle East, Serbia,
the former Soviet Union, former East
Germany, former Czechoslovakia,
Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and
the United States, and its contributors
include many of the leading scholars in
international Cold War history. Their
work reveals the agency of smaller
powers in the development and end of
the Cold War, including Third World
powers Egypt, Iraq, and Vietnam.
Cold War International History

416 pages, 2015

9780804792851 Cloth $65.00 $52.00 sale

Classical Geopolitics

A New Analytical Model

Phil Kelly

Geopolitics is the study of how the

projection of power (ideological,
cultural, economic, or military) is
effected and affected by the geographic
and political landscape in which
it operates. Despite the real world
relevance of geopolitics, a common
understanding of what classical
geopolitics is and how it works still lies
beyond the reach of both researchers
and practitioners.
In Classical Geopolitics, Phil Kelly
attempts to build a common theoretical model, incorporating a host of
variables that reflect the complexity of
the modern geopolitical stage. He then
analyzes thirteen pivotal but widely
differing historical events to test the
efficacy of his model as a comprehensive geopolitical analytical tool that
can be used across a broad spectrum of
geopolitical contexts and events.
This book makes an important contribution to the current literature on
geopolitics. The theoretical approach
it takes is both innovative and stimulating, and it displays an impressive
synthesis of existing theoretical ideas.
A milestone reinterpretation of
geopolitical theory.
Geoff Sloan,
University of Reading

224 pages, February 2016

9780804798204 Paper $29.95 $23.96 sale


Political History

Political Theory

The Global Rise of Populism

Performance, Political Style,

and Representation
Benjamin Moffitt

Does populism threaten democracy?

What accounts for the sudden rise in
populism? And what are we talking
about when we talk about populism?
This book argues for the need to rethink the concept. While still based on
the classic divide between the people
and the elite, populisms reliance on
new media technologies, its shifting
relationship to political representation, and its increasing ubiquity have
seen it transform in nuanced ways
that demand explaining. Benjamin
Moffitt contends that populism is not
one entity, but a political style that is
performed, embodied, and enacted
across different political and cultural
contexts. This new understanding
makes sense of populism in a time
when media pervades political life, a
sense of crisis prevails, and populism
has gone truly global.
A must-read for researchers and
students of global populism, the
media, and politics.
Carlos de la Torre,
University of Kentucky

240 pages, June 2016

9780804796132 Cloth $65.00 $52.00 sale

Track Two Diplomacy in

Theory and Practice
Peter Jones

Track Two diplomacy consists of

informal dialogues among actors
such as academics, religious leaders,
retired senior officials, and NGO
officials that can bring new ideas
and new relationships to the official
process of diplomacy.
Sadly, those involved in official
diplomacy often have little understanding of and appreciation for
the complex and nuanced role that
Track Two can play. And many Track
Two practitioners are often unaware
of the realities and pressures of the
policy and diplomatic worlds. A need
therefore exists for a work to bridge
the divides between these constituenciesand this book crosses
disciplines and traditions in order to
do just that. It explores the various
dimensions and guises of Track Two,
the theory and practice of how they
work, and how both practitioners
and academics could more profitably assess Track Two.
256 pages, 2015
9780804796248 Paper $25.95 $20.76 sale

Selfish Libertarians and

Socialist Conservatives?

The Foundations of the

Libertarian-Conservative Debate
Nathan W. Schlueter and
Nikolai G. Wenzel

In Selfish Libertarians and Socialist

Conservatives?, Nathan W. Schlueter
and Nikolai G. Wenzel present a lively
debate over the essential questions that
divide two competing political philosophies. Wenzela libertarianand
Schluetera conservativeexplore
the fundamental similarities and
differences between their positions.
Over a series of point-counterpoint
chapters, they lay out the essential
tenets of their stances, critiquing
the other. This engaging dialogue
introduces readers to the foundations
of each political philosophy. Compact,
accessible, and complete with suggestions for further reading, this book
is an ideal teaching tool that places
these two political perspectives in
fruitful dialogue with one another.
Not only a useful primer on two distinct political theories, but also a compelling model for how thoughtful individuals can engage in respectful debate
despite their deep disagreements. This
timely title will help readers see why
the longstanding, but uneasy, alliance
between conservatives and libertarians
is now under threat.


Civil War as a Political Paradigm

Giorgio Agamben

We can no longer speak of a state

of war in any traditional sense, yet
there is currently no viable theory
to account for the manifold internal
conflicts, or civil wars, that increasingly afflict the worlds populations.
Meant as a first step toward such a
theory, Giorgio Agambens book looks
at how civil war was conceived of at
two crucial moments in the history of
Western thought: in ancient Athens
(from which the political concept of
stasis emerges) and later, in the work
of Thomas Hobbes. It identifies civil
war as the fundamental threshold
of politicization in the West, an
apparatus that over the course of
history has alternately allowed for the
de-politicization of citizenship and the
mobilization of the unpolitical. The
arguments herein, first conceived of in
the immediate aftermath of 9/11, have
become ever more relevant now that
we have entered the age of planetary
civil war.
Meridian: Crossing Aesthetics

96 pages, 2015
9780804797313 Paper $15.95 $12.76 sale

Jason Brennan,
Georgetown University,
author of Against Democracy

224 pages, November 2016

9781503600287 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale

Political Theory


Queer Theory

Foucault and the Politics

of Rights

Bruno Perreau

Ben Golder

In 2012 and 2013, masses of French

citizens took to the streets to demonstrate against a bill on gay marriage.
But demonstrators were not merely
denouncing its damaging effects; they
were also claiming that its origins lay in
gender theory, an ideology imported
from the United States. What are the
various facets of the French response to
queer theory, from the mobilization of
activists and the seminars of scholars to
the emergence of queer media and the
decision to translate this or that kind of
book? By examining mutual influences
across the Atlantic, Bruno Perreau
analyzes changes in the idea of national
identity in France and the United States.
In the process, he offers a new theory of
minority politics: an ongoing critique
of norms is not only what gives rise to a
feeling of belonging; it is the very thing
that founds citizenship.

In his early career, Foucault had been

a great critic of the liberal discourse
of rights. Suddenly, from about 1976
onward, he makes increasing appeals
to rights in his philosophical writings,
political statements, interviews, and
journalism. He not only defends
their importance; he argues for rights
new and as-yet-unrecognized. Does
Foucault simply revise his former
positions and endorse a liberal politics
of rights? Ben Golder proposes an
answer to this puzzle, which is that
Foucault approaches rights in a spirit
of creative and critical appropriation.
He uses rights strategically for a range
of political purposes that cannot be
reduced to a simple endorsement of
political liberalism. Golder develops
this interpretation of Foucaults work
while analyzing its shortcomings and
relating it to the approaches taken by a
series of current thinkers also engaged
in considering the place of rights
in contemporary politics, including
Wendy Brown, Judith Butler, and
Jacques Rancire.

The French Response

288 pages, October 2016

9781503600447 Paper $25.95 $20.76 sale

264 pages, 2015

9780804796491 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale


Political Theory

State Phobia and

Civil Society

The Political Legacy of

Michel Foucault
Mitchell Dean and
Kaspar Villadsen

This book draws extensively upon

the work of Michel Foucault to argue
for the necessity of the concept of the
state in political and social analysis.
In so doing, it takes on not only the
dominant view in the human sciences that the concept of the state is
outmoded, but also the large interpretative literature on Foucault, which
claims that he displaces the state for a
de-centered analytics of power.
Dean and Villadsen cleverly interrogate the ambiguities of Michel Foucaults writing on the devolved power
of the state to the local sites of surveillance and control. Arguing against
these academic fashions, they restore
the centrality of the state to social and
political theory. A timely investigation
of the state in a period of austerity
packages, welfare cuts, pension restrictions and admonitions to citizens for
Bryan S. Turner,
The Graduate Center, CUNY

208 pages, January 2016

9780804796972 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale

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setting new standards for twenty-first-century academic publishing.
Scholars engaged in digital research utilize new methods to critically
analyze and interpret key issues in the humanities and social sciences,
whether harnessing the power of data visualizations, geographic information systems, or game-based learning. But the rich results emerging
from this research have yet to be integrated into the academic-publishing
infrastructure. Until now.
Our digital projects serve as models for presenting academic research
via web-based media. They stand alone rather than tie in with print publications, and are closely edited, but are promoted via the same channels
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