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Climate change is a growing concern in our society.

I am both a student at DMT and

also a North American. Being a concerned resident I would like to see Canada (who
is a major player in global) taking action against the climate change. If the climate
prolong then there is no guarantee for the existence of the polar bears, and our
joyful winter Christmas won’t be a winter Christmas instead it would be a summer
Christmas in the melted North Pole. We are living on a beautiful blue planet that
has been raised human being for thousands of years. We respect, love, and depend
to it, and everything about it is closely significant to us. Therefore, you must have
noticed that our beautiful earth is getting a fever slowly—the climate is changing.
Definitely, for us (one of the creatures living on the earth like the polar bears) we
are facing an exceptional disaster.

The hotter summers and warmer winters in recent years give us a hint of the
affection of the global warming. However, more and more extreme weather events
are happening in all areas of the world causing people to panic. We impatiently
want to know what makes all these things happen. The scientists conclude that the
temperature increasing. According to NASA’s studies, extreme weather events are
highly connected with temperature, and average temperatures have went up to 0.8
degrees Celsius around the world since 1880, and it is predicted that it will rise at a
faster speed. Before fifty years ago, the concentration of carbon dioxide was 315
ppm. However, now it increased to 380 ppm. Almost twenty percent of carbon
dioxide has been increased because of the industrialization. In the other words, oil
is making lots of carbon dioxide. If carbon dioxide increases in the air, the
temperature of the earth increases, so carbon dioxide's concentration is going to
influence on the Earth's temperature. How a green house gas changes climate does
is that it traps the heat from the sun. The sun rays comes into contact with the
earth it absorbs some energy or heat and reflect the rest but the green house gases
traps the rays from reflecting back into space . Thus, the earth gets warmer and
the climate that regularly happen results in irregular climate change.

The frequent extreme weather such as storms, floods, and hurricanes has made
agriculture face a big challenge. Especially in Asia and Africa, the food shortage
caused by decades of drought and overpopulation will be more and more serious in
the future.

Probably you’ve heard of the famous issue in BC that even bothered our Prime
Minister which is the beetles in the forests issue. Since the winter became not cold
enough to kill the eggs of beetles, large area of forests had been destroyed by the
quantities of beetles. At the same time, many kinds of animals and plants are
facing extinction because of the climate change. Those are all supporting evidence
of global warming.
Let’s turn from the forest to the sea. With increasing average global temperature,
water in oceans expands in volume and the Arctic ice is rapidly disappearing.
According to IPCC report, global sea level reaches 0.22 to 0.44 m above 1990
levels, and is rising at about 4mm per year. At this speed, the possibility of coastal
cities’ disappearance is more obvious in the future.

For human health, global warming’s effects is direct. Doctors warn that this “could
mean more cardiovascular diseases and causes problems for people with asthma
and other lung diseases” ( Global
warming also may make infectious diseases easy to convey, and the newest
example is the cholera in Zimbabwe leading to over 130 people dead in this month.

Under the combination of all the above issues, it’s impossible that the global
economy is not influenced. Recently the serious financial crisis that is annoying
people around the world reminds us not to ignore the effects of climate change.
However, the economy is just one of the many social issues caused by global

Some people may feel that the climate change is steady and scientists are
overreacting, but the existing climate models predict that global temperatures will
increase by 1.4 to 5.8 degrees Celsius before 2100. We might not see such horrible
scenes, yet after all, we don’t want to leave a broken earth to our children.

I know that if you decided to take action we would lose a lot of jobs and the profit
of the country will go down but the money comes and goes but think about the

“Warming as dangerous as war”, the chief of U.N has said like this
( We also seem to hear that our
beautiful planet in a fever is gasping heavily.

Please consider taking action on this critical issue. I really believe that keeping our
planet healthy without any fever such as climate change is an important issue.

Thank you for your time and consideration,


Anuyan Kugavarathan