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A sustainable way of using and learning from water

Francisco del Corral 1
Carmen Barrs 2

Water is one of the main materials for living as well as for creating spaces. Along history has
been used for solving territorial scarcity and creating useful and amazing liveable spaces.
As a beginning, our paper will explore fluidity as a concept. We understand it as a relationship
between human being and urban and natural environments in order to create a more
sustainable world.
We will study some examples of historical human settlements, mainly in arid areas, where
water language has been follow for creating fluid and sustainable spaces. We will focus our
analysis in the way of studying such a common but unique material in order to find tools for
creating spaces.
Once we would have understood how water could be used, we will explore its transparency as
a concept followed by liquid potential attributes as dissolution, transformation capacity, form
and geometry. Using these tools, we will show how fluidity and transparency could be taught
at the university. We will show projects done by students of the School of Architecture of
Granada. All of them use water as its main building material from different perception scales.
We will see territorial interventions in waterscapes, domestic water spaces and intimate scale
interventions that understand the drop as the unit of measure. Thanks to these examples we
would realize that the only way for creating new sustainable spaces would be listening the
language of the liquid that has created our world and learning from it.
Keywords: Water, fluidity, transparency, tradition

Francisco del Corral, Architect, Professor, School of Architecture, Granada. Address: Plaza de las Pasiegas 3, 1,
18001 Granada, Spain, e-mail:
Carmen Barrs, Architect, Professor, Estacin Diseo, Escuela de Diseo y Artes Visuales, Granada. Address: Plaza
de las Pasiegas 3, 1, 18001 Granada, Spain, e-mail:

Sustainable Development Symposium | 6th annual European postgraduate symposium | 1