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Dra. Consuelo del Moral vila 1
Dr. Luis Delgado Mndez 2
Elena Corredor Tamurejo 3

Based on the definition of Sustainable Development as the practice of the community that
integrates society with economy and environment in order to promote a positive growth that
allows us to maintain and increase the quality of life of future generations 4, we will develop
this triple bottom line that combines economic growth , sustainability and fairness to
subsequently focus on the social aspect of Sustainability or, in other words, the
implementation of a development that aims to eradicate social exclusion, promoting social
participation in decision-making, social justice and the improvement of the quality of life for
the vast majority of a society or community, which should lead to the assurance of
environment and economic welfare.
This is the context that defines our case study: VIVable, a project developed by the Agency of
public works of the Government of Andalusia, the University of Granada and co-financed with
EU funds. The main aspect of it is the social necessity that we find in older people and people
with disabilities in their own homes, sometimes due to the socio-economic situation of these
groups, preventing them from carrying out measures to eliminate barriers at home or in
collective areas of the building in which it is located. It tries to develop an integrated system
for detecting and assessing accessibility issues that have current residential buildings,
providing intervention tools based on multi-criteria analysis configured by technical, social and
economic indicators, choosing always the best option among all of them.
Keywords: Social Sustainability, Sustainable Development, Accessibility for old and disabled
people, ViVable, Multi-Criteria Analysis.

Dra. Consuelo del Moral vila. Investigadora principal. Doctora del Departamento de Construcciones
Arquitectnicas de la Universidad de Granada.
Dr. Luis Delgado Mndez. Investigador colaborador. Doctor del Departamento de Construcciones Arquitectnicas
de la Universidad de Granada.
Arq. Elena Corredor Tamurejo. Arquitecto.
Dr. Ramn Alberto Snchez Pia. Assistant Director of the Sustainability and Environmental Management Program
at Harvard Extension School.

Sustainable Development Symposium | 6th annual European postgraduate symposium | 1