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4 August 2016

4 (tie) -- "FUBAR: Stop This Bus, I Want to Get Off" (Beruk A.'s
cross-genre, survival adventure; D&D5e, custom rules)
5 -- "Council of Shadows" (Jason E.R.'s strategic fantasy, using
custom rules)
6 (tie) -- "FUBAR: Enter the Sandmen" (Beruk A.'s cross-genre,
maintaining the veil; D&D5e, custom rules)
6 (tie) -- "FUBAR: The FOSSILS" (Beruk A.'s cross-genre, heroes
make their mark; D&D5e, custom rules)
7 -- "FUBAR: The Malcontents" (Beruk A.'s cross-genre,
conspiratorial investigations; D&D5e, custom rules)
8 -- "Trail of Cthulhu" (Drew S.'s pulp horror, using Call of Cthulhu
or Gumshoe)
>>As noted last night, there should be plenty of opportunities to run
most of these one-shots in the coming months, so the G.M.s whose
proposals ranked high should get theirs ready soon!
>>In the meantime, we've got the two D&D5e "Vanished Lands"
adventuring parties and "Kings and Pawns"; stay in touch, -Gene

Notes for Gene D.'s "Immortals" modern supernatural RPG

scenario in the Boston area, summer 2016
In one world, several organizations investigate the paranormal,
but none has dominance or can risk public exposure. You're the
founders of a new team, determined to collect the relics, fight
the monsters, and understand your own secret origins....
Welcome to the Obsidian Portal site for Gene D.'s GURPS 4e
"Immortals" modern supernatural game! We meet on alternating
Mondays for face-to-face sessions in Boston's western suburbs.

Welcome to Immortals!
Inspirations for Immortals
Geography of Kane County and Merton, Colorado
History for Immortals
Rules for Immortals
Immortals characters

>>Telecom proposals:
-"Blimey, We'll Take Their Ship" (Josh C.'s nautical fantasy, using
FATE Freeport)
-Dungeon World (Josh C.'s rules-light fantasy retro-clone)
-"Star Trek: Restoration" (Gene D.'s D20/FATE space opera)
-"Vanished Lands" (Gene D.'s D&D5e backup parties)

>>[12 April 2016:] Fellow role-players, thanks again to Brian S. for

hosting last night, to Bruce for running the D&D5e "Kings and Pawns"
sci-fi game, and to Brian W. for picking up my dinner!
>>Here again are the results from our voting for scenarios for
summer 2016:

>>[13 April 2016:] Fellow role-players, here is the first in a

series of posts about my "Immortals" modern supernatural
scenario, which will begin this summer, sometime after the
current D&D5e "Vanished Lands: Storm Riders" and "Kings and
Pawns" games.

>>Miniseries and longer campaigns, by number of votes:

1 -- "Age of Conan: Banner of the Restless God" (Jason E.R.'s sword
and sorcery, using 2d20 or Savage Worlds)
2 -- "Balderdash Sharps" (Drew S.'s historical supernatural, using
Dungeon Crawl Classics: Transylvanian Adventures)
4 -- "Immortals" (Gene D., shared G.M.s' modern supernatural, using
GURPS 4e Lite, Gumshoe, or FATE Dresden Files)
1 -- One Thousand and One Arabian Nights-inspired scenario (Rich
C.G.'s Arabesque fantasy, using GURPS Arabian Nights and 4e
Lite or D&D5e)
1 -- "Rise of the Dinosaurs" (Drew S.'s prehistoric adventures, rules
2 -- "The Societe de Justice Internationale: Recruitment Drive" (Gene
D.'s four-color comic book superheroes, using FATE Icons:
Assembled Edition or D20 Mutants & Masterminds 3e/DC
1 -- "Spirefall" (Jason E.R.'s dark fantasy, using D&D5e or Savage
1 -- "Talislanta: the Northern Reaches" (Jason E.R.'s exotic fantasy,
using Savage Worlds)
3 -- "Vanished Lands: the Storm Riders" (Gene D.'s current nautical
fantasy, using Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition)
1 -- "Vortex: Exodus" (Gene D.'s space opera, using FATE Starblazer
Adventures, Mindjammer 2e, and Bulldogs 3e)
6 -- "Wolfstone" (Jason E.R.'s swashbuckling fantasy, rules TBD)
1 -- "FUBAR" (Beruk A.'s cross-genre concept, using D&D5e,
custom rules; see more below)
>>In the coming weeks, Jason and I will begin posting and prepping for
"Wolfstone" and "Immortals," which will probably begin sometime in
June. The summaries are in the enclosed file.
>>One-shots and two-parters, ranked:
1 -- "Fvlminata: Expeditio Africana" (Jason E.R.'s alternate
history/fantasy, using Savage Worlds: Fvlminata)
2 -- Game Mastering Workshop 2: Session Preparation (Gene, Jason,
and others; cross-genre)
3 -- "The Dread Crypt of Skogenby" (Jazz J.'s retro fantasy, using
4 (tie) -- "Cumberland County" (Drew S.'s Southern fantasy, using
Roll for Shoes)

Campaign history
Some Game Masters and I devised the "Immortals" concept in
the mid-1990s in Northern Virginia. We wanted a way to
connect my (then-AD&D2) "Vanished Lands" fantasy and
GURPS 3e Supers: "The S.J.I." superhero settings with their
Storyteller: World of Darkness horror chronicles and the
"Voyagers II: Adventures in the Dimension Corps"
time/dimensional travel game (see also "A Few Notes on the
'Chaos Wars'").
>>Originally, the idea was for each Player Character to be a
different sort of immortal, such as a vampire, a mutant, or an
alien. A few P.C.s had already crossed between our worlds. We
were also inspired by the flashback scenes of Highlander: the
Series, so each player prepared multiple versions of their
characters for different time periods.
>>At the time, we were all familiar with the third edition of
Steve Jackson Games Inc.'s Generic Universal Role-Playing
System (GURPS 3e), so it was pretty easy to scale adventuring
parties at different power levels across genres. Although we
ended up not having many pure "Immortals" sessions, the
characters and concepts continued into "Voyagers II" and even
my "Vortex" space opera.
>>During my going-away party before I moved to Boston
in 1999, several Immortals made cameos during the climax of
my GURPS "Gaslight Grimoire" ("G3") steampunk/fantasy -more than 15 players participated!
"Immortals" today -- and tomorrow
We have a couple of decisions to make as I prepare for our
summer 2016 run. My proposal is enclosed again below, and I'll
be establishing the ground rules for our group storytelling -- I
already have lots of ideas.


4 August 2016

>>What sorts of characters do you want? Will you be normal but

skilled humans, secretive supernatural beings, or misfits of science
trying to codify and control the paranormal?
>>Our choices also depend on what sort of team we'll have. Will
you be investigators, spies, relic hunters, guardians, or fugitives? Or all
of the above? For a miniseries, individual and group goals need to be
>>Which rules set should we use? For instance, GURPS 4e Lite is
point- and skill-based, allowing for relatively easy customization and
game balance across diverse abilities. I have numerous sourcebooks to
help flesh out characters. On the other hand, it can be a bit dry.
>>The Dresden Files tabletop RPG uses FATE 3e/Core and is
relatively rules-light. It also has good advice for creating a shared setting
and supernatural factions. However, I know some of you prefer more
"crunchy" systems such as D20.
>>Lastly, we have the least experience with Gumshoe, which has a
flashback mechanic and paranormal investigation support. We would
have to make sure that everyone has access to the core rules.
>>What do you think? I'll try to post more of my ground rules in
the coming weeks, and I look forward to your feedback, -Gene

>>Scenario: "Immortals"
-Genre: Modern supernatural
-Rules: GURPS 4e Lite, FATE Dresden Files, or Gumshoe
-Synopsis: In one world, several organizations investigate the
paranormal, but none has dominance or can risk public
exposure. You're the founders of a new team, determined
to collect the relics, fight the monsters, and understand
your own secret origins....

Most of you have expressed interest in paranormal

investigations rather than a world that leans more heavily
on modern fantasy or horror tropes. Think more Hellboy
than other G.M.s' proposals, superheroes, or Vampire:
the Masquerade.
Note that my description of the origins of "Immortals"
doesn't mean that we'll be playing a cross-genre,
dimension-hopping game we'll mostly be in one city,
with possible flashbacks rather than time travel.

>Since I won't be at the game next Monday, here are my (admittedly

wishy-washy) responses to your questions:
-Character types: I have a general preference for playing supernatural
beings, although I certainly wouldn't object to playing normal
but skilled humans. They'd be different types of games, but both
would be fun.
-Team types: Based on the description, I was envisioning our group as
investigators and secret protectors, but again, those other party
types would be fun for me, too.
-Systems: I don't have experience with any of those systems, but you
know my biases -- rules-light, classless, and pulpy. Ultimately,
based on the campaign you want to run, you have a much better
idea of what system would be appropriate than I do. -Brian S.

TV shows:

Kolchak: The Night Stalker


Friday the 13th: the Series

War of the Worlds: the Series

Forever Knight

Twin Peaks

The X-Files

The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles

Highlander: the Series

Stargate: SG1

Buffy: the Vampire Slayer and Angel


New Amsterdam/Forever


Warehouse 13


Being Human


Agent Carter

The Librarians


Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones and the Temple of

Doom, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Indiana Jones
and the Crystal Skulls

Big Trouble in Little China


Hellboy 1 and 2

Highlander ("There can be only one!")

>>Thanks, Brian. I figure that some of the ideas for campaign tone and
party types will end up being reflected in character backgrounds.
>>As my initial proposal suggested, I'm also leaning toward
paranormal investigators and secret defenders, and I agree that ruleslight systems offer advantages, especially for multiple Game Masters.
>>Speaking of which, here are some plans for how "Immortals"
will begin:
-The first session will involve group setting and character creation. If
possible, we can get a jump on this by using this Yahoo message
-I'll run the first few sessions, to help establish a consistent feel and
certain plot threads for the game, but then I'll hand it off to
another G.M. and role-play alongside the rest of the group. I'll
probably take turns between any other G.M.s as we get the hang
of things.
-While it's not time travel per se, it would be cool to have flashbacks,
troupe-style play, and other narrative devices. Don't worry -there should be action, romance, and exotic locales in addition
to supernatural intrigue!
>>I hope this helps, and I look forward to everyone else's ideas! -Gene

>>Fellow role-players, here's more information on the upcoming

"Immortals" scenario, based on our conversations of the past
-Campaign themes: Most of you have expressed interest in
paranormal investigations rather than a world that leans
more heavily on modern fantasy or horror tropes. Think
more Hellboy or X-Files than other G.M.s' proposals or
Vampire: the Masquerade.

-Duration: One-shot, but could go longer with shared Game

>>"Modern supernatural" is a pretty broad description for setting and
plot, allowing for multiple G.M.s, but our group should still pick a
specific tone. While it's not quite the "World of Darkness," I don't think
we want to go as light as Ghostbusters, either.

>>Note that my description of the origins of

"Immortals" doesn't mean that we'll be playing a cross-


4 August 2016

genre, dimension-hopping game -- we'll mostly be in one

city, with possible flashbacks rather than time travel.

Series, The X-Files, Hellboy/BPRD, Fringe, Warehouse 13,

The Librarians, Agent Carter, and some DC/Vertigo titles
more than flashy superheroes or outright horror.

-Character types: A majority of you prefer people with

powers, but remember that your characters won't be
superheroes. A few of you should be able to play skilled
humans alongside supernatural beings. This is also
related to our choice of...

-System: We've agreed on Steve Jackson Games Inc.'s Generic

Universal Role-Playing System. We'll mainly be using the
free GURPS 4e Lite, with material from additional
sourcebooks as needed (I've got dozens in print and PDF).
Those of you unfamiliar with the rules set might want to try
building normal humans first.

-Rules sets: We don't yet have a clear consensus on this, so

please take a look at what I've already posted and the
following systems:

-Player Characters: While I don't want us to get ahead of

ourselves with this, since we have at least another month of
"Kings and Pawns" and my own D&D5e "Vanished Lands:
Storm Riders," but I would like to know your concepts so
far. Here are some general origins:

--Generic Universal Role-Playing System (GURPS) 4e Lite

(arguably the best for balanced P.C.s):
--Fantastic Adventures in Tabletop Entertainment (FATE) 3e
Dresden Files (for group homebrew setting creation and
--Gumshoe: Esoterrorists (for paranormal investigations):
-Shared Game Mastering: Who's interested in participating in this?
We'll likely be doing some group city and party creation, but all
of us G.M.s will need to juggle long-term threads, character
development, and individual sessions.
-Launch date: I expect to start "Immortals" sometime after the handoff from Bruce's "Kings and Pawns" to Jason's "Wolfstone."
Since I'll be traveling in May and June, there's a good chance I'll
continue running the "Vanished Lands: Storm Riders" until early
July, so we'll have time to wrap up storylines in the alternating
>>Let me know your thoughts or questions, and I look forward to seeing
everyone at next week's "Kings & Pawns" session (at a location to be
determined)! -Gene

--"Normal" humans: As the inspirations listed above show,

examples include archaeologists, law enforcement
officers (and M.I.B.s), occultists, conspiracy theorists,
private investigators, journalists, ghost and relic hunters,
and clergy. Since GURPS is a point-based system, what
such characters lack in abilities/advantages/powers,
they'll make up in skills.
--Misfits of science: Including aliens, androids, relatively lowpowered metahumans/mutants, and victims of
industrial/lab accidents.
--Supernatural beings: Including celestials/fiends (to use
D&D terminology), fey, Highlander-style immortals,
lycanthropes (see Grimm), martial artists/mystics,
undead (ghosts, revenants, weaker vampires), and other
mythical folks. Several GURPS references offer
templates to help us with these.
>>Remember that we want to avoid too much overlap with the
"Vanished Lands," Jason's swashbuckling fantasy "Wolfstone,"
and the other proposals for one-shots and miniseries.
>>As for knowing one another ahead of time, let's see what
everyone comes up with and flesh out the setting first. You may
be representatives of different groups, recruited by different
organizations, or form your own!

>For what it's worth -- my thoughts:

-Personally, I always lean towards "Powered" vs "Non-Powered."
-My initial character ideas (pending a more complete overview of
what people want to see in the game):
1) An Earthbound (Exiled?) Angel
2) A Martian Manhunter-style P.I.
3) A reformed cultist (if we opt for a more "human-centric" game.)
>System-wise, I think GURPS Lite models free variety pretty well, even
if it's a tad bit crunchy. And Gumshoe is a good, streamlined system, but
it locks you down a bit into "Classes [Occupations]", which limit skill
availability somewhat. (I'd prefer, personally, to avoid Fate.) -Rich C.G.

>>We can work more on individual and group goals and

actual character generation as we get closer. As noted
previously, Jason and Brian S., you've of course welcome to join
us, whether as a cameo or full-time!
>>In the meantime, we should also decide on when is best
for the second G.M.'ing workshop on session preparation and
upcoming one-shots.

>>[26 April 2016:] Fellow role-players, it was good to see

everyone at Drew's place for Bruce's D&D5e "Kings and
Pawns." Here are more points about my upcoming "Immortals"
scenario following up on our conversation before last night's

>>Stay in touch, and I'll see some of you at next week's

"Vanished Lands" games. -Gene
>Hiya Gene, have you given any thoughts yet on how high the point
values should be for the "Immortals" mini-series?
>Also just thinking out loud, M&M can be geared down to low
power, where it actually can handle toolkits with normals and skills
pretty well, too. -Brian W.

-Campaign themes and tone: As I described in my original

proposal, our face-to-face team will consist of a mix of
people with weird backgrounds investigating the
paranormal in a recognizable world. My inclination is for
our setting to be a fictional city, giving us the freedom to
shape it together.

>>Brian and fellow role-players, while I've been working on my

"Immortals" modern supernatural scenario, I've been holding off on
character specifics for three reasons:

>>Think of urban fantasy and modern supernatural

such as Kolchak: The Night Stalker, Friday the 13th: the


4 August 2016

-I want us to focus on the current D&D5e "Vanished Lands: Storm

Riders," "Shadow Wyvern Co.," and "Kings and Pawns" games.
We'll likely be moving to Jason's "Wolfstone" before
-Since I'll be traveling in late May and much of June, I'd rather wait
until after that to launch my campaign. Others can run one-shots
in my absence, and we also have the next Game Mastering
workshop and Jazz's Torchbearer demo to schedule.
-I'd also like our face-to-face group to help build the setting together
and to come up with possible shared motivations before we get
into the nitty-gritty of character creation, using GURPS as we
agreed. Nobody has replied yet on the idea of rotating Game
That said, I do recommend that everyone take a look at GURPS 4e Lite.
I'm currently thinking of a 200-point base, with 75 points in
disadvantages and quirks.
I'll prepare templates to help those of you with certain archetypes,
but I'd still prefer to start with strong concepts before worrying about
point builds. Here's what the group has come up with so far:
-Beruk A.: "The Stranger" (shadow-manipulating gunslinger), "Tariq"
(Immortal dervish), or an Ethiopian rebel/priest
-Byron V.O.: male Native American human government agent with a
shamanic lineage
-Brian W.: male human "Man In Black"
-Bruce K.: male Irish werewolf
-Rich C.G.: exiled angel
-Brian S.: ghost/revenant?
-Drew S.: government agent?
-Jason E.R.: Welcome to cameo!
Before anyone starts "shopping" from the GURPS lists of advantages,
disadvantages, skills, and powers, these P.C.s should be fleshed out a bit
more. Why are you investigating the paranormal, who are you
defending/avenging, and why would you work with a team?
As I told Bruce, it's good to start with a 100-point "normal" human
before adding anything.
Does this make sense? I hope this helps, and I look forward to
seeing you tomorrow night, -Gene

supernatural miniseries, here are some things to consider as you

flesh out your characters:
-Background: What was your Player Character's family like,
and what was his or her upbringing and early education?
Who are their current friends or rivals? This affects
personality, Advantages and Disadvantages/Quirks (like
Code of Honor), and some basic skills. Remember, we
need only a few sentences.
-Training: What is your P.C.'s "day job?" This will affect
your choices of more Advantages and skills. While most
of you expressed interest in being capable with firearms
or other weapons, remember that you'll need social,
investigative, tech, and other abilities as a team.
-Paranormal awareness: How did your P.C. learn about the
supernatural? Was it a positive or negative experience?
What's your motivation? If he or she is nonhuman, how
does the P.C. view the majority of humanity? How and
why would your P.C. work with a team? This will affect
Advantages/Powers and still more skills.
Here again is the current party roster as it's shaping up:
-"?" [Beruk A.]: male Abyssinian Immortal human "warden," runs a
coffee house and other shops
-"Cody Walking Fish" [Byron V.O.]: male Cherokee human, former
captain in U.S. Marine Corps and federal agent ("Man In Black"
or M.I.B.) for "the Department" with a shamanic lineage
-"?" [Brian W.]: male North American human, MIB/G-Man -- skilled
operative and paranormal containment expert for "the Bureau"
-"?" [Jason E.R.]: male French human savant, member of Napoleon's
Egyptian expedition cursed with immortality and with control
over light and shadows
-"Connor Murphy" [Bruce K.]: male Irish human police officer,
recently infected with lycanthropy?
-"Sahandariel/Sandy Shoals" [Rich C.G.]: male North American
human (vessel), university employee who volunteers at a local
homeless shelter, actually an angel hunting evil
-"?" [Brian S.]: male European human, was a medieval peasant who
traded his soul for his families lives during the Black Death
(bubonic plague, 1300s) but cursed with immortality
-"?" [Drew S.]: male alien [species to be determined] observing
humanity while working as a MIB [other concepts included a
"god machine," an inept cultist, or "John Gore" from Bruce K.'s
D&D5e "Kings and Pawns"]?

>Thanks for the guidance, Gene. I was thinking through ideas, but the
point values make a big difference on how to express the MiB concept.
200 pts. is plenty play with (though it also means we'll be up against
some powerful challenges/opposition). -Brian W.
>Does anyone have a good lead on a fillable page for GURPS 4E Lite?
The page I found does not let me save the character or print it. -Bruce K.
>>Bruce, here are some links to GURPS 4e character-generation
utilities, although for Lite, it's relatively easy to do it on hardcopy.
See my earlier posts on what we should focus on first. Again, give me
time to find good templates for lycanthropes, celestials, and undead, as
well as MIBs.... -Gene

Our group setting creation will follow a similar process, in

which we define local landmarks, people and factions, and plot
hooks for our yet-to-be-named city in the Rocky Mountains.
Any suggestions on name? I've already been outlining its
mundane history.
As with the fantasy realms in the "Vanished Lands" fantasy
campaign; "Bay City, Ore," "Empire City, N.Y.," "Drake's Port,
New England," and "Cog/Chrome City" in my "S.J.I." superhero
scenarios; and various worlds in our "Vortex" space opera, I'd
like our next city to be distinct and tied to your P.C.s.

>Does anyone have a good lead on a fillable page for GURPS 4E Lite?
The page I found does not let me save the character or print it. -Bruce K.
>Bruce, see below -- just look in the "Coming soon: 'Immortals'" thread
on the "Vanished Lands" Yahoo/eGroup. -Gene

Back to characters, feel free to find record sheets in Word,

Excel, or PDF on or elsewhere, as long as you
share them (see my earlier posts to Bruce).
Note that you'll have to be careful in how you allocate
points, and species or occupational templates are only a guide.
Remember to start with a normal human in terms of power level.

>>[19 May 2016:] Fellow role-players, as I continue compiling

GURPS 4e templates for our upcoming "Immortals" modern


4 August 2016

-Vampire: the Masquerade, Companion (3e)

-Voodoo: the Shadow War (3e)
-Werewolf: the Apocalypse (3e)
-World War II: Grim Legion (4e)
-Worst-Case Scenarios
-X-Files (fan-written)

For now, stick to GURPS 4e Lite, but once I've completed

the templates, I'll make more sourcebooks available as needed.
Below is a list of my GURPS references; I have most in
hardcopy and PDF. I hope this helps, -Gene
-Generic Universal Role-Playing System (GURPS) Fourth Edition
Basic Set 1: Characters
-GURPS 4e Basic Set 2: Campaigns
-GURPS 4e Lite
-GURPS Fourth Edition for Dummies
-Vehicles (3e), Vehicle Designer
-Aids: GURPS Character Assistant, Character record sheets, G.M.
control sheets, One-Page GURPS, Skill Categories, 3e-to-4e
Update, Traits,

>>Espionage and other modern:

-Black Ops (3e)
-Cliffhangers (3e)
-Cops (3e)
-Espionage (3e)
-Firearms (3e)
-High Tech (3e)
-Mysteries (4e)
-Prisoner (3e)
-Warehouse 23 (3e)

>>Fantasy and steampunk:

-Atlantis (3e)
-Banestorm (4e)
-Bunnies & Burrows (3e)
-Camelot (3e)
-Castle Falkenstein, Ottoman Empire (3e)
-Conan (3e)
-Discworld, Discworld Also
-Dungeon Fantasy, Monsters (4e), D&D conversions (fan-written)
-Fantasy Folk (3e, 4e fan conversion), Were Forms (fan-written)
-Fantasy (3e, 4e)
-Gargoyles (fan-written)
-Grimoire (3e)
-Harry Potter (fan-written)
-Highlander (fan-written)
-Horseclans (3e)
-In Nomine (angels and devils)
-Magic (4e), Spell Charts (fan-written)
-Martial Arts (4e), Techniques (fan-written)
-Steampunk (3e)
-Technomancer (3e)
-Thaumatology (3e), Decanic Reference (fan-written)
-Voodoo (3e)

-Marvel (fan-written)
-Powers (4e)
-Psionics, More Psionics (3e)
-Psionics Institutes (4e)
-Supers (3e)
>>Time travel:
-Alternate Earths 1 and 2 (3e)
-Doctor Who (fan-written)
-Illuminati, I.O.U. (Illuminati University; 3e)
-Infinite Worlds; Britanica 6, Collegio Januari, I.S.T., Lost Worlds
-Riverworld (3e)
-Bio Tech (3e)
-Car Wars (3e)
-CthulhuPunk (3e and 4e conversion)
-Cyberpunk, Cyberworld (3e)
-Mecha (3e)
-War Against the Cthorr (3e)

>>Historical and folklore (some of the best for any tabletop RPG):
-Ice Age (3e)
-Egypt (3e)
-Greece (3e), Persian Wars (fan-written)
-Imperial Rome (3e)
-Celtic Myth (3e)
-Vikings (3e)
-Crusades (4e), Robin Hood (3e)
-Arabian Nights
-Swashbucklers, Scarlet Pimpernel
-Age of Napoleon
-Japan (3e)
-Old West (3e)
-Russia (3e)
-World War II (4e and Lite)
-Places of Mystery (3e)
-Historical Folks (4e), Names (fan-written)
-Low Tech, Companion (3e)
-Religion (3e)

>>Space opera:
-Aliens (3e, 4e)
-Alpha Centauri (3e)
-Babylon 5 (fan-written)
-Blue Planet (3e)
-Dune (fan-written)
-Humanx (3e)
-Lensman (3e)
-Mars (3e)
-New Sun (3e)
-Prime Directive (Star Trek; 4e)
-Space, Planetary Record Sheet (4e)
-Spaceships (4e)
-Star Frontiers (fan-written)
-Star Wars; Encyclopedia, Jedi, Imperial Sourcebook, Sentient
Species (fan-written)
-Stargate SG1, 13 (fan-written)
-Tales of the Solar Patrol (4e)
-Terradyne (3e)
-Transhuman Space; Changing Times, Cities on the Edge, Mysteries,
Spacecraft of the Solar System (4e)
-Traveller: Interstellar Wars; Aliens, Flare Star, Martial Arts 2100
-Ultra Tech 1 and 2 (4e)
-Uplift, 2nd Ed. (3e)
-Vorkosigan Saga (4e)

-Atomic Horror
-Cabal (4e)
-Demon Hunter X (fan-written)
-Godzilla (fan-written)
-Hellboy (3e)
-Horror (3e)
-Infinite Worlds: Horror (4e)
-Undead (3e)


4 August 2016

>>[22 May 2016:] Fellow role-players, I hope you're having a

good weekend. Enclosed below are GURPS 4e templates for our
upcoming "Immortals" modern supernatural scenario.

-Disadvantages (-80 pts.): Curious [-10]; Sense of Duty [-15];

Obsession: Terran culture [-5]; Overconfident [-5];
Secret [imprisonment or death; -30]; Trickster [-15]
-Primary Skills (12): Acrobatics [DX/H], Climbing [DX/A],
Disguise [IQ/A]
-Secondary Skills (8): Pick two from Acting [IQ/A], Naturalist
[IQ/H], Piloting [DX/A], Spacer [IQ/E], Vacc Suit
-Background Skills (4): Pick two from Anthropology [IQ/H],
Survival [Per/A], Tracking [Per/A]
-Features: Ultra-tech gear, incl. holographic projector
-Sources: 4e Space, 3e Aliens

Note that these are only guidelines for character creation -they're not as restrictive as classes in other rules sets. You're of
course free to reallocate how many points you spend on
attributes, advantages/powers, and disadvantages/quirks, but
these should help you get started.
Also, don't worry too much about whether a skill or ritual is
"primary," "secondary," or "background," as long as you
purchase several related to your archetype.
Remember that your total should be 200 points, plus 70
points of disadvantages and 5 points of personality quirks.

>>Template: Angel: Malakim [Total Cost: 190]

-Attributes (100 pts.): ST 11 [10]; DX 12 [40]; IQ 12 [40]; HT
11 [10]
-Advantages (137 pts.): Alternate Form [Celestial, 15];
Alternate Identity [vessel, 15]; Flight [winged; 40]; High
Pain Threshhold [10]; Regeneration, slow [1HP/12 hrs.,
10]; Resistant [disease, 30]; Temperature Tolerance 2 [2];
Unaging [15]
-Disadvantages (-71 pts.): Bloodlust [-10]; Code of Honor
[can't harm innocents, -15]; Duty [to heaven; -10]; Proud
[-1]; Secret [imprisonment or exile, -20]; Selfless [-5];
Vow [hunting the damned; -10]
-Primary Skills (12): Pick three from Broadsword [DX/A],
Detect Lies [Per/H], Flight [HT/A], Theology [IQ/H],
Tracking [Per/A]
-Secondary Skills (8): Pick two from Acrobatics [DX/H],
Brawling [DX/E], Climbing [DX/A], Law [IQ/H], Savoir
Faire [IQ/E], Ranged Weapon [DX/A], Religious Ritual
-Background Skills (4): Pick two from Electronics [IQ/A],
Escape [DX/H], Exorcism [Will/H], Linguistics [IQ/H],
Swimming [HT/E], Survival [Per/A]
-Features: Black wings
-Sources: 3e In Nomine, Religion

Several of the items below are from GURPS 4e Basic Set

1: Characters, as well as from the assorted books I listed
previously. I can make the PDFs or hardcopies available as
I hope this helps, and I look forward to seeing you at Brian
S.'s for Bruce's final D&D5e "Kings and Pawns" tomorrow
night! -Gene

>>Template: Alien: Laransan [humanoid telepaths; Total Cost:

-Attributes (40 pts.): ST 10 [0]; DX 10 [0]; IQ 12 [40]; HT 10
-Advantages (139 pts.): Telepathy Talent [5/lvl.]; Empathy
[15]; Mind Probe [20]; Mind Reading [30]; Mind Shield
[4/lvl.]; Tech Level 10 [+2; 10]; Telecommunication:
Telesend [30]; Unaging [15]; Zeroed [10]
-Disadvantages (-70 pts.): Duty [Laransan Guard, -10];
Enemies [-10]; Gregarious [-10]; Secret [imprisonment
or death, -30]; Sense of Duty [observe and protect
Terrans, -10]
-Primary Skills (12): Pick at least three from Beam Weapons
[DX/E], Judo [DX/H], Piloting [DX/A], Psychology
[IQ/H], Spacer [IQ/E]
-Secondary Skills (8): Pick two from Astronomy [IQ/H],
Criminology [IQ/A], Law [IQ/H], Survival [Per/A], Vacc
Suit [DX/A]
-Background Skills (4): Pick two from Acting [IQ/A],
Anthropology [IQ/H], Battlesuit [DX/A], Disguise
[IQ/A], Politics [IQ/A]
-Features: Ultra-tech gear, incl. blaster, armored vacc suit
-Sources: GURPS 4e Lite, Basic Set 1: Characters, Powers,
Space, 3e Aliens, Psionics

>>Template: Immortal, cursed [Total Cost: 154]

-Attributes (0 pts.): ST 10 [0]; DX 10 [0]; IQ 10 [0]; HT 10
-Advantages (220 pts.): High Pain Threshhold [10];
Metabolism Control [5]; Recovery [x10 from
unconsciousness; 10]; Regeneration, fast [1HP/min.; 50];
Resistance [disease and poison; 30]; Unaging [15];
Unkillable [stop at -10xHP; 100]
-Disadvantages (-90 pts.): Code of Honor [gentlemen's, -10];
Divine Curse [-20]; Flashbacks [-10]; Guilt Complex [5]; Secret [imprisonment or death, -30]; Sense of Duty [15]
-Primary Skills (12): Pick three from Archaeology [IQ/H];
History [IQ/H]; Savoir Faire [IQ/E]; Scrounging [Per/E]
-Secondary Skills (8): Pick two from Acting [IQ/A]; Artist
[IQ/H]; First Aid [IQ/E]; Naturalist [IQ/H]; Linguistics
-Background Skills (4): Pick two from Brawling [DX/E];
Farming [IQ/A]; Melee Weapon [DX]; Persuade
[Will/H]; Stealth [DX/A]; Survival [Per/A]
-Features: Antiques
-Sources: 4e Fantasy, 3e Undead

>>Template: Alien: Olvar [arboreal, mammal-like otaku and

pranksters; Total Cost: 38]
-Attributes (30 pts.): ST -1 [-10]; DX +1 [20]; IQ +1 [20]; HT
10 [0]
-Advantages (64 pts.): Acute Hearing +1 [2]; Acute Vision +1
[2]; Alternate Identity [15]; Animal Empathy [5];
Brachiator [+2 to Acrobatics, Climb; 5]; Extended
Lifespan 2 [4]; Fashion Sense [5]; Night Vision 1 [1];
Tail [no physical attack, 5]; Tech Level 10 [+2, 10];
Zeroed [10]

>>Template: Detective, police [Total Cost: 74]


4 August 2016

-Attributes (40 pts.): ST 10 [0]; DX 10 [0]; IQ 12 [40]; HT 10

-Advantages (40 pts.): Alertness +1 [5]; Code of Honor
[police; 10]; Contacts [1]; Legal Enforcement Powers
[5]; Patron [5]; Police Rank 2 [10]; Strong Will [4]
-Disadvantages (-30 pts.): Addiction [caffeine/nicotine; -5];
Cannot Harm Innocents [-10]; Duty [-15]; Intolerance
[outsiders, -5]; Stubbornness [-5]
-Primary Skills (12): Pick three from Area Knowledge [IQ/E];
Criminology [IQ/A]; Detect Lies [Per/H]; Fast Talk
[IQ/A]; Forensics [IQ/H]; Guns[pistol; DX/E];
Interrogation [IQ/A]; Law [criminal; ]; Writing [IQ/A]
-Secondary Skills (8): Pick two from Acting [IQ/A], Driving
[DX/A]; Holdout [IQ/A]; Intimidation [Will/A];
Psychology [IQ/H]; Savoir-Faire [IQ/E]; Shadowing
[IQ/A]; Stealth [DX/A]; Streetwise [IQ/A]
-Background Skills (4): Pick two from Administration [IQ/A];
Brawling [DX/E]; Computer Operation [IQ/E];
Diplomacy [IQ/H]; First Aid [IQ/E]; Guns [shotgun;
DX/A]; Running [HT/A]; Shortsword/club [DX/A]
-Features: Badge, handgun, handcuffs, body armor, latex
gloves, portable radio, cell phone
-Sources: GURPS 3e Cops, 4e Mysteries

-Features: A badge, a gun, and a car

-Sources: 4e Cops, 3e Hellboy
>>Template: M.I.B.: The Curia (religious inquisitors) [Total
Cost: 69]
-Attributes (40 pts.): ST 10 [0]; DX 10 [0]; IQ 12 [40]; HT 10
-Advantages (65 pts.): Blessed [10]; Charisma 1 [10]; Clerical
Investment [5]; Patron [10]; Power Investiture [10];
Religious Rank 1 [5]; True Faith [15]
-Disadvantages (-60 pts.): Code of Honor [-15]; Disciplines
of Faith [-15]; Duty [-10]; Honesty [-10]; Secret [utter
rejection, -10]
-Primary Skills (12): Pick three from Occultism [IQ/A];
Theology [IQ/H]; Religious Ritual [IQ/H]; Research
-Secondary Skills (8): Pick two from Administration [IQ/A];
Detect Lies [Per/H]; Exorcism [Will/H]; History [IQ/H];
Psychology [IQ/H]; Public Speaking [IQ/A];
-Background Skills (4): Pick two from Criminology [IQ/A];
First Aid [IQ/E]; Hidden Lore [IQ/A]; Interrogation
[IQ/A]; Linguistics [IQ/H]; Meditation [Will/H];
-Features: Vestments
-Sources: 3e Horror, Religion, Voodoo: the Shadow War

>>Template: M.I.B.: The Agency (espionage, parapsychology)

[Total Cost: 119]
-Attributes (80 pts.): ST 10 [0]; DX 12 [40]; IQ 12 [40]; HT
10 [0]
-Advantages (80 pts.): Alternate Identities [15]; Combat
Reflexes [15]; Intuition [15]; Rank [5]; Security
Clearance 2 [10]; Social Chameleon [5]; Unfazeable [15]
-Disadvantages (-65 pts.): Callous [-5]; Code of Honor [-5];
Curious [-5]; Duty [-10]; Paranoia [-10]; Secret
[imprisonment or death, -30]
-Primary Skills (12): Pick three from Acting [IQ/A]; Area
Knowledge [IQ/E]; Current Affairs [IQ/E]; Linguistics
[IQ/H]; Observation [Per/A]; Research [IQ/A];
Shadowing [IQ/A]; Weird Science [psionics; IQ/VH]
-Secondary Skills (8): Pick two from Computer Hacking
[IQ/VH]; Cryptography [IQ/H]; Detect Lies [Per/H];
Disguise [IQ/A]; Intelligence Analysis [IQ/H];
Lockpicking [IQ/A]; Stealth [DX/A]
-Background Skills (4): Pick two from Brawling [DX/E];
Fast-Draw [DX/E]; Karate [DX/H]; Law [IQ/H]; SavoirFaire [IQ/E]
-Features: False IDs
-Sources: 4e Space, 3e Espionage, Warehouse 13

>>Template: M.I.B.: The Department (military, extraterrestrial

monitoring) [Total Cost: 139]
-Attributes (90 pts.): ST 12 [20]; DX 12 [40]; IQ 11 [20]; HT
11 [10]
-Advantages (65 pts.): Combat Reflexes [15]; Intuition [15];
Legal Enforcement Powers [10]; Patron [10]; Rank [5];
Security Clearance [10]
-Disadvantages (-50 pts.): Curious [-5]; Duty [-10]; Paranoia
[-10]; Secret [utter rejection, -10]; Weirdness Magnet [15]
-Primary Skills (12): Pick three from Astronomy [IQ/H];
Criminology [IQ/A]; Forensics [IQ/H]; Guns [DX/E];
Intelligence Analysis [IQ/H]
-Secondary Skills (8): Pick two from Archaeology [IQ/H];
Biology [IQ/VH]; Brawling [DX/E]; Computer Hacking
[IQ/VH]; Current Affairs [IQ/E]; Detect Lies [Per/H];
Interrogation [IQ/A]; Judo [DX/H]; Karate [DX/H]; Law
[IQ/H]; Streetwise [IQ/A]
-Background Skills (4): Pick two from Administration [IQ/A];
Area Knowledge [IQ/E]; Electronics Operation [IQ/A];
First Aid [IQ/E]; Hazardous Materials [IQ/A]; History
[IQ/H]; Intimidation [Will/A]; Stealth [DX/A]; Weird
Science [xenology; IQ/VH]
-Features: Body armor, forensic kits, military-grade gear
-Sources: 3e Black Ops, Stargate SG1

>>Template: M.I.B.: The Bureau (law enforcement, occultists)

[Total Cost: 124]
-Attributes (90 pts.): ST 11 [10]; DX 11 [20]; IQ 13 [60]; HT
10 [0]
-Advantages (40 pts.): Intuition [15], Legal Enforcement
Powers [10]; Patron [15]
-Disadvantages (-30 pts.): Addiction [-5]; Curious [-5]; Duty
[-15]; Stubbornness [-5]
-Primary Skills (12): Pick three from Criminology [IQ/A],
Guns [DX/E], Law, Occultism [IQ/A], Research [IQ/A]
-Secondary Skills (8): Pick two from Accounting [IQ/H], Area
Knowledge [IQ/E]; Computer Operation [IQ/E]; Driving
[DX/A]; First Aid [IQ/E]; Karate [DX/H]; Linguistics
[IQ/H]; Writing [IQ/A]

>>Template: Shaman, Native American [Total Cost: 67]

-Advantages (55 pts.): Clerical Investment [5]; Empathy [15];
Focus [10/lvl.]; Guardian Spirit [5]; Power
Investiture/Ritual Magic [10/lvl.]; Sense Paranormal
[within IQ yds.; 5]; Status +1 [medicine man; 5]
-Disadvantages (-30 pts.): Code of Honor: Warrior's [-10];
Secret [utter rejection; -10]; Sense of Duty: tribe [-10]
-Primary Skills/Rituals (30): Command Spirits [M/VH];
Commune With Spirits [M/VH, Hanbloglaka];
Metabolism Control [M/VH]; Religious Ritual [H],
Sense Spirit [H]


4 August 2016

>>Here's something else for the fans of modern paranormal TV

series -- before The X-Files and Fringe, before Friday the 13: the Series,
War of the Worlds: the Series, Warehouse 13, or The Librarians, there
was Kolchak: the Night Stalker! -Gene

-Secondary Skills (8): Pick two from Seeker [M/H]; Succor

[M/VH]; Vitality [M/VH]; Warrior's Blessing [M/VH]
-Background Skills (4): Pick two from Dream Delving
[M/VH]; Firewalker [M/VH]; Ghost Shirt [M/VH];
Sleep [H]; Soothe [M/VH]; Summon Spirit [H]
-Features: Owl totem
-Sources: 3e Old West, Deadlands

>My character's full name is pretty long, so let us go with "Meles Ezana
Menelik, AKA The Abyssinian." (Hey look guys, only one K in the
name!) -Beruk

>>Template: Werewolf [Total Cost: 4]

-Attributes (0 pts., wolf form only): ST 12 [20]; DX +2 [40];
IQ -4 [-80]; HT +2 [20]
-Advantages (120 pts.): Claws [cutting dmg., 5];
Discriminatory Smell [+4 tracking, 15]; DR 1 [5];
Fur/Temperature Tolerance [2]; Night Vision +2 [2],
Penetrating Voice [1]; Regeneration [1 HP/hr., 25];
Shapeshifting: Alternate Form [15]; Teeth [sharp; 1];
Unkillable 1 [to -10xHP; 50]
-Disadvantages (-141 pts.): Amnesia, partial [-10]; Berserk 12
[-10]; Compulsive Behavior: Lycanthropy [trigger: full
moon, -20]; Infectious Attack [-5]; No Fine Manipulators
[in wolf form, -30]; Quadruped [-35]; Secret
[imprisonment or death, -30]; Unnatural Feature [bestial,
-1]; Vulnerability [silver, x3; -30]
-Primary Skills (12): Pick three from Acrobatics [DX/H];
Brawling [DX/E]; Jumping [DX/E]; Tracking [Per/A]
-Secondary Skills (8): Pick two from Naturalist [IQ/H];
Observation [Per/A]; Stealth [DX/A]; Survival [Per/A]
-Background Skills (4): Pick two from Scrounging [Per/E];
Swimming [HT/E]; Tactics [IQ/H]
-Features: Fur
-Sources: 3e Horror, Monsters, Werewolf: the Apocalypse

Geography of Kane County, Colorado

Kane County, in central Colorado, can be divided into four

quadrants. The Topaz River bisects it, running southeast from
the Rocky Mountains toward the Arkansas River.
The western quadrants of the map are taken up by the
Sawatch Range, including Mt. Bering, at 14,000 feet above sea
level. The Highview Resort is in the northwestern quadrant, as
is the ghost town of Broken Pickaxe, which is near abandoned
The southwestern quadrant includes the forested foothills
of Roosevelt Park, some ranch land, and the wealthy suburb of
Turquoise Heights.
The northeastern quadrant of Kane County includes the
Bronze Plateau, so called for how it looks at sunrise. It is a high,
arid area and home to national parkland, the Coyote Flats
Indian Reservation, and Tapping Air Force Base. Outbound
Road leads to Denver, while closer to Merton is the university
town ofTeslaburg.
The southwestern quadrant of Kane County is Hogan's
Valley, where the floodplain of the Topaz River widens for about
15 miles. It narrows again at the Quinn Canyon. The plain is
fertile and temperate. The city of Merton and its suburbs
occupy part of this area.

>Beruk A.: Coming soon: "Immortals!" repost -

>>Thanks, Beruk, for reposting the character templates for our
upcoming GURPS 4e "Immortals" game! I'll have an Obsidian Portal
site for it up soon, and we should keep working on your characters and
the setting of "the city of Merton in Kane County, Colorado."
>>I hope that everyone enjoyed wrapping up our D&D5e
"Vanished Lands: the Storm Riders" fantasy campaign (for now). After
your encounter with the Mire Brute, I think we left the crew of the
Interceptor in a good place -- the Saganim pirate haven of Drunstimlos,
with Drew's Minotaur "Barrett" running off with the shady Fr. Gwydion
on his back.... :)
>>We're now past the conclusions of the "Shadow Wyvern Co."
telecom team, Bruce's D&D5e "Kings and Pawns" sci-fi scenario, and
Jazz's Torchbearer: The Dread Crypt of Skogenby retro demo. I'm
looking forward to more of Jason's "Wolfstone," as well as the telecom
"Holy Steel" and eventually "Vortex!"
>>I'm happy to answer any questions you may have about
"Immortals," and I'll see you at "JasonCon 2016-B" next Monday, -Gene

Ikeville was a model suburb built after World War II, while
Green Gulch was a farming community that has become home
to sprawling subdivisions. Plata Arroyo is one of the older
communities in the county, but it has struggled with recent
waves of immigration.
Fort Larimer has grown from a rough-hewn U.S. Cavalry
outpost on the frontier to a modern military proving ground and
home to numerous contractors. The area between Grant Airport
and Merton has been filled with several shopping malls.

Merton includes six major neighborhoods:

1. Old Town: Local museums, theaters, art galleries, and few
well-preserved or reconstructed Old West buildings draw
tourists, particularly since the late 1980s. It also includes
Mater Dolorosa, a 300-year-old Roman Catholic church
built by Jesuit missionaries and Ute converts.

>"Lucien, aka the Shadowless Savant" [Jason E.R.]: male French human
savant, member of Napoleon' s Egyptian expedition cursed with
immortality and with control over light and shadows

2. Downtown: Neoclassical financial buildings, hotels of

glass and steel, arenas for professional sports and
concerts, and the Federal Building can be found here.
Leading families mostly relocated to Turquoise Heights
in the 1920s.

-"John Public" [Brian W.]: male G-man working for the Bureau.
Charged with recruiting and engaging, or else neutralizing
dangerous talents.
>>Thanks, Brian W. and Jason, for providing the names of your GURPS
4e "Immortals" characters!


4 August 2016

3. Uptown: Like Nuevo Barrio, this is home to the city's

middle and working classes, much of which has moved
out to Ikeville, Green Gulch, and Teslaburg. Young
workers and recent arrivals have led to rising rents and
diverse dining options. The city's largest occult
bookstore, Tobin's, is here.

c. 1600 to 1800: Conquistadores led by Juan de la Bruja

claim the territory, which is eventually ceded to the
young United States of America. Bostonian Josiah
Merton surveys Hogan's Valley, and the town of
Mertonville (later shortened to Merton) is named after

4. The Mill District: This used to be the center of local

industry, but it fell on hard times in the 1970s. It's now
the site of redevelopment by high-tech companies and
government contractors. The hippest bars in the city can
be found here, including "Devlin's."

c. 1800 to 1850: Ranchers and farmers populate the area,

including Irish and German settlers. Native Americans
and Mexicans fight and are eventually defeated. Fort
Larimer is founded by the U.S. Army Cavalry. The long
winters often close the Quinn Canyon, leading to
"peculiar insular behaviors," reports Col. Jacob Garvey.

5. Little Peking: The local Chinatown now includes

restaurants and shops run by people from all across Asia.

c. 1850 to 1860: Gold rush draws people to Merton, which

becomes known for its saloons and brothels. "Nowhere is
vice more celebrated," writes Mark Twain. Local
university is founded on Great Owl burial ground,
leading to later archaeological controversies.

6. Nuevo Barrio: This residential area has been the poorest in

the city but is beginning to gentrify.
Each neighborhood is served by shops, hospitals, schools, and
emergency services of varying quality, but law enforcement tries
to focus its efforts on where crime (or the paranormal) is most

c. 1860 to 1890: Fort Larimer is enlarged, and Territory of

Colorado is organized and becomes a state in 1876. U.S.
troops wipe out remaining Indian resistance and move
survivors to Coyote Flats Reservation. Mining replaces
ranching as the major industry, especially after the
arrival of railroads. Chinese laborers found "Little

Merton's avenues run from east to west and are numbered

from 1 in the north to 100 in the south. Each block is about a
tenth of a mile long.
Its streets run from north to south, starting in the east and in
alphabetical order. They are named after legendary American
figures, such as Appleseed, Bunyan, Crockett, etc.

c. 1890 to 1920: Highview Resort first serves tuberculosis

patients fleeing polluted Northeastern cities, including
recent immigrants from southern and central Europe.
Attempts to restrict Merton vice are hampered by
legalized gambling and pervasive government
corruption. Vigilantism arises, as does the Ku Klux Klan.

History of Kane County, Colorado and the city of Merton

Our group setting creation will follow a similar process, in

which we define local landmarks, people and factions, and plot
hooks for our fictional city in the Rocky Mountains.

c. 1920 to 1940: Prohibition and the Great Depression slow

population growth, as do declining yields from local
mines. Foothills utopian community dies out, but
recreational skiiing begins. Automobiles and airplanes
enter Hogan's Valley, as neighboring mountains become
protected parkland.

As with the fantasy realms in the "Vanished Lands" fantasy

campaign; "Bay City, Ore," "Empire City, N.Y.," "Drake's Port,
New England," and "Cog/Chrome City" in my "S.J.I." superhero
scenarios; and various worlds in our "Vortex" space opera, I'd
like our next city to be distinct and tied to your P.C.s.

c. 1940 to 1960: World War II and the Cold War lead to a

reopening of Fort Larimer and the construction of
Tapping Air Force Base. Aerospace suppliers lead to an
influx of workers, including African Americans from the
South and Midwest. "Foo fighters," later called
Unidentified Flying Objects, are seen overhead, but U.S.
Air Force dismisses any rumors of alien visitors even as
it conducts Space Age experiments.

200 million years ago: Region is at the edge of an inland

sea, according to geologists.
100 million years ago: Dinosaurs live in the area, leaving
numerous fossils.
Circa 10,000 B.C.E.: Early Native Americans settle in
Hogan's Valley at the end of the last Ice Age. Some
megafauna remains not yet identified.

1960s, '70s: Suburbs grow around Merton. While most of

the region leans toward libertarianism or socioeconomic
conservatism, the growing State University is affected by
leftist student protests. New Age dabblers include a mix
of artistic dabblers and dangerous occultists.

c. 1,000 B.C.E.: Agrarian Ute tribe displaced by Arapaho,

themselves later displaced by an Apache offshoot. Later
tales recount heroic deeds, clever shamans, strange
monsters, and traitorous warriors.

1980s, '90s: Government contractors and information

technology startups lead to renewed prosperity. As Anglo
residents move in from remaining farms, Mexican and
other Latin American migrants take their place. Illicit
drugs contribute to trade in antiquities.

c. 1500 to 1600 A.D./C.E.: Spanish missionaries visit the

region and eventually build first schools and hospitals.
Up to 90% of indigenous peoples are killed by disease.
Survivors occasionally trade with Spanish colonists and
French trappers at the Great Owl post, in present-day


4 August 2016

2000s: Asian and Middle Eastern arrivals enrich the

cultural and culinary scene, as tourism increases. Certain
laws are relaxed, even as Catholics, Evangelical
Protestants, and Mormons vie for influence. Political
polarization worsens, mirroring national trends.

member of Napoleon's Egyptian

expedition cursed with immortality and
with control over light and shadows
-"Connor Murphy" [Bruce K.]: male Irish
human police officer, recently infected
with lycanthropy?

2010 to present: Nascent e-commerce, biotech, and

robotics megacorps advance cybernetics and
bioengieering. Metropolitan Merton reaches 1.2 million
population. Young workers start to move back toward the
urban center, while droughts affect housing development
and the ski industry.

-"Sahandariel/Sandy Shoals" [Rich C.G.]:

male North American human (vessel),
university employee who volunteers at a
local homeless shelter, actually an angel
hunting evil
>>[30 July 2016:] Fellow role-players, the Obsidian Portal site for our
upcoming "Immortals" modern supernatural campaign is live!
>>Feel free to review the wiki and upload your Player Characters. You
should be able to select the GURPS 4e dynamic style sheet.
>>When we meet on Monday, 15 August 2016, you'll have a
chance to help shape the setting! Start thinking of people, places, and
things to help flesh out the city of Merton and Kane County, Colo. Some
of them can tie into your P.C.s or potential plot threads, but they can also
help provide "local color."
>>We'll also have the ability to veto the more outlandish or
inconsistent suggestions, but the goal is to have characters and locations
that make sense together and leave room for fun and development. Let
me know if you have any questions, -Gene

-"?" [Brian S.]: male European human, was a

medieval peasant who traded his soul for
his families lives during the Black Death
(bubonic plague, 1300s) but cursed with
-"?" [Drew S.]: male alien [species to be
determined] observing humanity while
working as a MIB [other concepts included a

>Fillable GURPS 4e PDR character sheet -- I like it. -Beruk

"god machine," an inept cultist, or "John

Gore" from Bruce K.'s D&D5e "Kings and

>>Provisional Player Characters for Gene

D.'s GURPS 4e "Immortals" modern
supernatural game, as of summer 2016:
-"Meles Ezana Menelik/the Abyssinian" [Beruk
A.]: male Ethiopian Immortal human
"warden," runs a coffee house and other

>>Template: [Total Cost: ]

-Attributes (pts.): ST []; DX []; IQ []; HT []
-Secondary Characteristics: Dmg; BL lb.; HP []; Will []; Per []; FP [];
Basic Speed []; Basic Move []
-Advantages (pts.):
-Disadvantages (-30 pts.): Choose from
-Primary Skills (12): Pick three from
-Secondary Skills (8): Pick two from
-Background Skills (4): Pick two from
-Sources: GURPS 4e Lite, Basic Set 1: Characters,

-"Cody Walking Fish" [Byron V.O.]: male

Cherokee human, former captain in U.S.
Marine Corps and federal Man In Black
(M.I.B.) for "the Department" with a
shamanic lineage


-"John Q. Public" [Brian W.]: male North

American human G-Man working for "the
Bureau" charged with recruiting,
engaging, or neutralizing dangerous talents


-"Lucien, a.k.a. the Shadowless Savant" [Jason

E.R.]: male French human scientist,



4 August 2016

-Jazz J.'s "The Dread Crypt of Skogenby" retro fantasy miniseries,

using Torchbearer

>>Game Master Gene D.'s campaign settings

>>Setting, genre: The "Vanished Lands" (heroic fantasy)
-Systems: Dungeons & Dragons (BECMI through D&D5e),
Pathfinder, FATE 3e Legends of Anglerre
-Run dates: 1982 to present (for F2F and telecom)
-Game dates: "c. 1982 to 650 B.C.E.," current year: "1227 B.C.E."

>>Boston-area role-playing games, late summer 2016:

-Gene D.'s GURPS 4e "Immortals" modern supernatural scenario
-Jason E.R.'s "Wolfstone" swashbuckling fantasy (using Castle
Falkenstein and Ars Magica)
-Drew S.'s "Cumberland County," Southern fantasy one-shots, using
Roll for Shoes or Wing Commander?
-Josh C.'s FATE Freeport: "Blimey, Let's Take Their Ship!"
swashbuckling fantasy
-Game Mastering Workshop II: Session Preparation

>>Setting, genre: "Gaslight Grimoire" ("G3," steampunk/fantasy)

-Systems: Generic Universal Role-Playing System (GURPS) 3e
Castle Falkenstein, D20 Ravenloft: Masque of the Red
Death, D20 Etherscope
-Run dates: 1998 to 1999, 2010
-Game dates: "c. 1789 to 1939 A.D./C.E.," current year: "1891"

>>Telecom proposals for late summer, 2016:

-"Vortex," Gene D.'s space opera, using FATE
-The "Societe de Justice Internationale" (S.J.I.), Gene's superheroic
campaign, using D20 Mutants & Masterminds 3e/DC
Adventures or FATE Venture City, Daring Comics, Icons:
Accelerated Edition
-Star Wars: Saga Edition, Dexter V.H.'s space opera
-Mutants & Masterminds 3e, Dexter's D20 superhero scenario
-Dungeon World, Josh's telecom fantasy one-shot
-Night's Black Agents: Dracula Unredacted, Josh's supernatural
conspiracy, using Gumshoe
-Jadepunk: "Fire in the Pharmacy," Josh's wuxia fantasy/steampunk,
using FATE Accelerated Edition

>>Setting, genre: "The Societe de Justice Internationale"

("S.J.I.," superheroes/espionage)
-Systems: DC Heroes, Top Secret S.I., GURPS 3e Supers, D20
Mutants & Masterminds 2e/3e (DC Adventures/Icons?)
-Run dates: 1989~2009
-Game dates: "c. 1939 to 2050," current year: 2016
>>Setting, genre: "VORTEX" (space opera)
-Systems: Star Frontiers, house rules, Shadowrun, GURPS 3e
Space, Fantastic Adventures in Tabletop Entertainment
(FATE) 3e Starblazer Adventures/Mindjammer and Bulldogs
-Run dates: c. 1982~2013
-Game dates: "c. 2050 to 2500," current year: "2195 (0 T.G.E.)"
>>Setting, genre: "Chaos Wars" and "Voyagers II: Adventures in the
Dimensional Corps" (time/dimensional travel)
-Systems: "Vortex," D&Dx, GURPS 3e Time Travel
-Run dates: 1982 to present (with Steve M.R., et al.)
-Game dates: "c. 2200 to 2900 A.D./C.E.," current year:

>>August 2016:
-1: "JasonCon 2016-B" -- "Wolfstone"
-5 to 8: Gene in Virginia; Suicide Squad
-7: "Blimey, Let's Take Their Ship"?
-8: Face-to-face one-shot?

>>Boston-area role-playing games, as of early summer 2016:

-Gene D.'s "Vanished Lands: "Storm Riders" face-to-face and
"Shadow Wyvern Co." telecom teams, using Dungeons &
Dragons Fifth Edition, Obsidian Portal, Skype, and
-Gene D.'s "Star Trek: Restoration" space opera crew, using
-Beruk A.'s cross-genre "FUBAR: Stop This Bus, I Want to Get Off!"
-Brian W.'s Lords of Gossamer and Shadow diceless fantasy
-Bruce K.'s D&D5e "Kings and Pawns" sci-fi scenario
-Josh C.'s Primeval Thule sword-and-sorcery telecom game, using
D&D5e, Google+ hangouts, and Roll20
-Rob's TianXia: Blood, Silk, and Jade wuxia telecom fantasy (using
FATE Core)
-Drew S.'s "Grimm's Gate," telecom fantasy, using Swords &
Wizardry, Google+, and Roll20

-11: Gene's D&D5e "Vanished Lands: Holy Steel" telecom

fantasy miniseries?
-13: Boston Comic Con
-14: Mutants & Masterminds?
-15: GURPS 4e "Immortals"
-18: "Holy Steel"
-19: Kubo and the Two Strings
-22: "Wolfstone"



4 August 2016

Player Characters for Gene D.'s GURPS 4e "Immortals" modern supernatural game, created summer 2016:




John Q.

Last Name

Ezana Menelik

Walking Fish



the Abyssinian



Beruk A.

Byron V.O.


10 (0)

11 (10)


14 (80)

13 (60)


12 (40)

12 (40)


10 (0)

11 (10)

Attribute Pts.



Basic Speed/Mv.





Top Advantage

Unkillable (-Achilles)


Adv. 2


Combat Reflexes

Adv. 3

Unaging, Resistance

Fearless +2

Adv. 4

Regeneration, slow

Patron: the Bureau

Adv. 5


Adv. Pts.



Divine Curse

Code of Honor

Disad. 2

Secret (Immortal)

Duty: the Bureau

Disad. 3


Incurious, Stubborn

Disad. 4

Honor/Sense of Duty


Disad. 5

Guilt complex

Unusual Biochem.

Disad. Pts.


Quirk (-5 tot.)

Guilt Complex (-5)


Top Skills


Pistol, Fast-Draw

Skill 2

Brawling, Judo

Climbing, Driving

Skill 3


Broadsword, Judo

Skill 4

History, Bronze Age

First Aid, Wrestling

Skill 5


SleightHand, Stealth



Criminology, Escape






Throwing Art



Blind Fighting, Invis.

Skill/P/S Pts.


Pt. Total (275)




Shadowless Savant
Brian W.



Bureau G-man




Jason E.R.

Bruce K.






4 August 2016


Player Characters for Gene D.'s GURPS 4e "Immortals" modern supernatural game, created summer 2016:



Last Name





Rich C.G.

Brian S.

Drew S.

College activist/angel

Cursed Immortal





Attribute Pts.
Basic Speed
Adv. 2
Adv. 3
Adv. 4
Adv. 5
Adv. Pts.
Disad. 2
Disad. 3
Disad. 4
Disad. 5
Disad. Pts.
Quirk (-5 tot.)
Top Skill
Skill 2
Skill 3
Skill 4
Skill 5
Skill/P/S Pts.
Pt. Total





4 August 2016