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Recruitment/ Staffing /Personnel / Risk Mitigation /Transition Plan

Introduction: ROP will systematically address the mandates of this contract

procurement action by providing Contract Staff that meet or exceed the
requirements of the Performance Work Statement of the for each position and by
providing the necessary Project Management and Logistical support to guarantee
that our governments Mission Objectives are successfully achieved during the
applicable period of performance for the Task Order.
Objective: To ensure a positive and orderly transition of mission responsibility from
the Government to our contract staff or to another Contractor with no loss of critical
mission support; minimizing any adverse impact on the government, employee,
work environment, and/or project budget.
Staffing: Utilizing our Recruitment Strategy protocols, ROP intends to reach out and
retain as many incumbent resources as possible in order to ensure there is a smooth
transition from the incumbent to ROP (presuming we are the selected successor
contractor). In addition, we have sufficient back-up coverage adding maximum
value to the Government thru ensuring continuity of services. All candidates will be
fully briefed on the contract requirements for the positions they are applying for as
they relate to the following:
Terms of Service
Personal Identity Verification of Contractor Personnel
Base Support and Government Property Clauses
Health and Safety on Government Installations
Privacy Act (52.224-2) and applicable HIPAA statutes
Contractor Access to Installations, including:
o Application for and prominent display of identification badge
o Common Access Cards (CACs) Issuance/Use for Computer Systems and
secure area access
Performance Work Statement duties, applicable training requirements, and
mandatory requirements
Regular work hours / performance schedules
Organizational Chain of Command

Daily Operations: Post-Award, and during our on-site technical review meeting,
the assigned Project Manager for this contract will assess the daily operations
procedures of the department and develop a custom-tailored management plan for
this contract. This plan will then be submitted to the Government for approval and
Risk Management: One of the most prevalent risks associated with staffing
contracts is employee turnover. Loss of contract staff during the period of
performance is costly to both the Government and the Contractor and can
negatively impact the mission objective. ROP anticipates and mitigates this type of
risk through implementation of our comprehensive Retention Strategy procedures.

Risk Mitigation Plan

Retention Strategy
Exceptional customer service (both to the governments and employees)
and employee retention are ROPs major focus. It is easy to just fill a position;
however, it is much harder to find the right candidate for that position. Our
philosophy is not to simply fill positions; rather it is engrained from the roots of
selecting the best and most qualified candidates to perform the Task Order
requirements for the government. Maintaining this belief ensures that our retention
rates remain significantly higher than industry norms. Listed below are the key
components of our in-depth retention methodology that demonstrate required level
of effort to retain the best and most qualified candidates.
Site Visits
In order to make certain our future employees feel are comfortable with their
transition, we begin with coordination of an on-site visit with the Authorized POC
involved with the engagement of services our resources will provide. This visit
serves to be an advantageous benefit on behalf of our company as it is conducted
at no financial cost to the government/government. For us, it is important that we
are able to make informative decisions regarding the assignment, regardless of the
duration thus, increasing retention immensely onset of notification of award.
Fringe Benefits
In order to ensure sustainability of the contract staff, we offer a comprehensive
wage and benefits package for each of our employees that is unique to their specific
needs of coverage; and in line with current market conditions.
Our package offers, but is not limited to:
Fair and Reasonable Hourly and/or Salary wages
Optional participation in our 401(k) plan
Flexible Spending Accounts
Medical, Dental, Life Insurance options
Cost of Living Allowance
Travel Allowance (where applicable) per Task Order Requirements
Employer Provided Training and Assistance
Employer Contribution towards Gym Membership
Fair and Reasonable Compensation
Through properly compensating our employees and providing options for their
wellbeing, including Health and Welfare; our staff can stay focused on the mission
they were hired to support instead of alternatively looking for a better opportunity.
The culture of our business is more concerned with providing our governments the
highest level of service than driven by higher profit margins. For this reason, always

make certain our employees compensation, within reason, is never a major factor
in our hiring practices.
ROP will always ensure that we place and retain the resources identified to be in the
best interest of the government. This results a healthy contract performance and
commitment to long-term service by our employees on our contracts.
Recruitment Strategy
The strength in our recruitment strategy comes from having developed the most
efficient Staffing Program that is supported by a team of well qualified recruiters
and directed by Mr. Ayman Alamat, having industry wide experience and subject
matter expertise in staffing with the federal government.
The cornerstone of our methodology is based on sourcing the best candidate for the
required position. This starts by understanding the governments culture and work
environment, and then identifying the resources that fit the defined criteria. As a
result, we will not only produce a satisfied government but a long-term employee
who will most likely remain for the duration of the engagement.
Our team works diligently to find and reach out to as many resources as possible in
order to recruit the best candidate. The following are some of the ways this is
Understanding the Culture and Location
Upon receipt of a Task Order, we immediately commence our research to better
understand the challenges we might face with filling a critical-to-fill position. The
following are some of the steps we take to learn the local area & environment:

Sourcing for Local or Incumbent Resources

Identify and Contact Local and State Associations & Boards
Consult with any approved Subcontractors for the awarded contract
Develop a tailored recruitment approach specific for each location
Visit the Government Site
Meet with the POC or Department Manager (when approved or desired by the

Incumbent Resources
In cases where incumbent contract staff are already in place, our strategy is
modified to serve the governments best interests by seeking to retain the
incumbent contract staff whenever possible.
Executive Order (EO) 13495, Non-Displacement of Qualified Workers under Service
Contracts, became effective on January 18, 2013. The Department of Labors
Regulations at 29 CFR Part 9 and related FAR clauses have been issued and are now
effective so that the terms of the regulations apply to all new solicitations issued
after January 18, 2013.
The regulations require that workers on a federal service contract who would
otherwise lose their jobs as a result of the completion or expiration of a contract be
given the right of first refusal for employment with the successor contractor. The

regulations apply to all service contracts (prime and subcontractor) above the
simplified acquisition threshold (currently $150,000) and their solicitations, except
those excluded, that succeed contracts for the same or similar services at the same
location. The regulations exclude certain types of contracts and employees from its
requirements as well as allow the head of a contracting department or agency to
exempt any of its contracts from the regulations if it finds the requirements would
not serve the purposes of the EO or would impair the Federal Governments ability
to procure services economically or efficiently.
Under the regulations, a successor contractor may reduce the size of the workforce,
may give first preference to certain of its current employees, and may offer
employment to the predecessors employees in positions for which they are
qualified other than those which they held previously. The Incumbent contractor is
required to fully support this EO and ensure continuity of services through a
seamless opportunity of transition.
Once the contract is awarded, we immediately begin to work with the Contracting
Team (CO/COR) to identify the incumbent personnel and determine if they are a
right fit for our company. Based on the individuals past performance, they will be
offered first right of refusal and an opportunity to decide whether to remain in the
current position. If the resources performance has been excellent and they decide
to accept the position, we will ensure that they retain their seniority status and
make every attempt possible to retain them at the same level of compensation or
higher that they currently receive. By reaching out to incumbent personnel first we
are able minimize or eliminate many of the logistical issues that may occur during
transition, such as interruption of service coverage and workforce implementation
lead times.
Local Personnel
Heavy emphasis will be placed on sourcing local personnel. It has been our
experience that local candidates have a smoother and timelier transition into the
government workforce since they do not require relocation. As a result, we will be
able to save the government both time and resources. In order to source these
candidates, we network with local personnel in the area to determine if they are
interested or know of anyone who is interested in the position.
National Database
When remote locations are required to be staffed, we extended our search to a
national level. In partnership with the appropriate professional Associations of the
position, we have access to all the CVs/Resumes of registered resources in this
database. Thus, we are able to reach out to a broad National audience in order to
get the word out regarding the healthcare opportunities for this engagement. In
addition, by providing our employees with competitive salaries, and benefits, we
consistently source highly trained and competent personnel that would be open to
relocation in the event we need to hire in a remote location or for a high level
management replacement position
Leverage Internal Database
Through the use of our extensive and preferred databases we source personnel that
we have worked with in the past to determine if they might be a fit for our
Government. We also network with them to identify other personnel whom they
may know that might be interested in these opportunities.

Leverage Partnerships/Teaming
We go the extra mile to fulfill our obligations to find the perfect candidate. It is for
this reason that we have partnered with other qualified companies to assist us in
sourcing the best candidate. As soon as we start with our engagement, we
announce the opportunity to our teaming partners to let them know the needs of
the contract.
Candidate Pool
Our strategy is to recruit and maintain a pool of qualified experienced personnel
who will perform the required services on a continuous basis. Local personnel or
those within commuting distance will be priority candidates, although non-local
personnel can be flown in as needed. Sufficient candidates will be identified and
credentialed to ensure the period of performance is covered.
1. Assigned Recruiter: We assign a Primary and Secondary Recruiters to
each contract that will be a staffing liaison to our Project Manager and the
facility. This methodology ensures communications continuity and allows for
better quality control.
2. Contracted Working Hours: The assigned recruiter will be responsible for
fully briefing each scheduled resource/personnel on the contract Scope of Work
to ensure they know exactly what is expected in the position. Whenever
possible, at least one meeting is coordinated with the facility Contracting
Officer Technical Representative (COR AND/OR POC) or Point of Contact (POC)
to discuss the requirements.
Start Up (Recruitment)
In an effort to immediately place qualified staff for this requirement, we have
already sourced both of our Primary and Alternate on-site Project Managers and
provide their resumes and signed Letters of Intent in our proposal. In addition, it is
our belief that we should be able to retain the exact same incumbent personnel
(provided that they have good performance) for this engagement. For contingency
purposes, we will also continue our recruitment efforts in order to source alternate
candidates. This strategy enables us to make certain that we place the best
qualified candidates by the end of the 60-Day Phase-In/Transition period.
It is not enough to just place a selected candidate. We help to ensure the new
employees success by addressing organizational preparedness, providing
community connections that promote family, personal, and social support. We
serve as a liaison to both the new employee and supervisor.
Project Manager
To maintain a 100% fill-rate, we have developed a tailor-made strategy for the
GOVERNMENT that is unique to this specific requirement as per the PWS. This
strategy begins with the assignment of an On-Site Project Manager that will serve as
the primary point of contact for this contract.
The Project Manager is responsible for, but not limited to:

Ensuring that our company and our contract employees are compliant with all
aspects of the PWS
Performing all contract administration duties and serving as the primary POC
Serving as a liaison between ROP and the
Communicating all staff requests for leave/time off with the COR AND/OR POC
Coordinating all staff training and ensuring all credentialing is current
Ensuring that temporary / backup staff are in place as required to maintain
uninterrupted service
Addressing any performance / interpersonal issues related to the contract
Ensuring all positions are filled with qualified individuals within 30-days of
issuance of the contract
Our interviewing methodology includes a first round of interviews consisting of at
least one hour of prescreening with each candidate, evaluating qualifications and fit.
Here we determine the candidates character, core competencies, management
style, goals, business acumen and other factors that could affect the match with
our government. For local candidates, the interviews are conducted in person. Our
national candidates are initially interviewed and prescreened via telephone or
Based on these interviews, we will present to the government a list of highly
qualified individuals who are interested and have agreed to sign a letter of intent for
the vacancies. At no time will we submit any names of candidates that are not
seriously considering accepting the assignment or do not meet the requirements in
the statement of work.
While the contract is in the process of being awarded, we continue to source for
other qualified candidates, as it is very difficult to retain a candidates interest when
there is no guarantee that the contract will be awarded to our company.
Once the contract is awarded, we immediately schedule a second in-depth meeting
(which we refer to as a Technical Review Meeting) with the COR or POC. This
meeting is orchestrated to assess the candidates exact qualifications to make
certain that the resource fully meets the requirements outlined in the statement of
work and to address any questions that the command may have regarding the
candidates CV/resume and background. It is also designed so that the resource has
the opportunity to ask any questions pertaining to the assignment that he/she may
have. The COR and/or POC are highly encouraged to participate. Afterwards, if we
feel the candidate is an excellent fit, in most cases, we invite the candidates to the
governments location for a walk-through of the facility and to meet key employees.
This makes certain that the candidate knows exactly what to expect in his/her new
role. This also increases the likelihood of retaining the candidate and minimizing
contract staff turnover, while simultaneously assuring them that they are making
the correct employment decision.
It is also important that during this entire process, we maintain open and regular
communication with each candidate. It is imperative that both the government and
the candidates know exactly where they stand throughout the process. This helps

with making certain that each candidate has a positive experience with the
Government and ROP.
Once a candidate has been identified and prior to submitting their name for
consideration, our Human Resources (HR) Department will check all reference,
licenses, certifications, and conduct appropriate background checks. Only after this
is completed will we submit a candidate for consideration.
We will start working with each of our personnel to make certain that we have all
the required information for credentialing that is outlined in the solicitation such
as signed CV/Resumes, copies of qualifying licenses, training, certifications,
degrees, and local and national background checks.
Since most of the requirements for credentialing have already been obtained by
our HR Department prior to the contract being awarded, once the contract is
awarded, we immediately coordinate with COR AND/OR POC & the command
credentialing representative to obtain any specific requirements, such as the
delineation forms, check lists, etc. that may be needed in order to have a
complete package that is ready for submission.
Within a week after the contact is awarded, we will submit a complete
credentialing package for each person being considered.
Any negative findings in the personnel background will be addressed with the
COR AND/OR POC during the Technical Review meeting and prior to submitting a
candidate for consideration. If at any time the government feels that there may
be an issue with a resource, an alternate resource will be provided.
A minimum of three references will be provided on each candidate. Our
references are in-depth in an effort to corroborate information provided by the
candidate or questions that arose during the interview process. References
generally include supervisors, peers, subordinates and reporting managers.
We prime source and verify credentials/education, and provide a full background
check, which includes criminal records and E-verify/ DHS /Social Security
Only completed pre-employment packets will be submitted by ROP for
processing. We will take specific action, including prime source verification, to
ensure that the contract employees pre-employment packets have the required
qualifications documentation and are legible.
ROP complies with all agency personal identity verification procedures identified
in the contract, including but not limited to: Homeland Security Presidential
Directive-12 (HSPD-12), OPM, Standard Forms (SF), and Optional Forms (OF)
required for employing a contractor to a contract.
All information regarding an employee is maintained in our internal database.
This database informs us when a resources certifications and licenses are about
to expire. We will then work with the resource to make certain that there is
absolutely no gap in their qualifications.
Selection of Personnel/Technical Review Meeting
It is our practice to schedule an on-site technical review meeting with the COR
AND/OR POC and other appropriate people in the organization to discuss the details
of the position with each candidate. These meetings will either be in person or via

teleconference. However, it is imperative that this meeting occurs so that neither

the government nor the personnel have any surprises. It has been our experience
that the more the resource and the government are informed, the longer the
During this site visit, the Project Manager will also become familiar with the
departments daily operational procedures to better understand the scope of the
position and the responsibilities it entails. By assessing the governments day-today operations as they relate to the position, the Project Manager is better able to
develop a customized plan for off-site management of the contract staff who will be
working at the facility.
Offer Negotiation
For us, the final negotiation is always a smooth transition to an offer. Our strong
experiences in this stage of the process allow us to effectively and rapidly negotiate
all components of the contract. All pertinent issues, including compensation, career
progression, and all others deemed Essentials, are addressed in a coordinated,
professional manner resulting in a highly amenable agreement for both parties. We
believe taking care of employees in the every stage of the process; consequently
our personnel are retained long-term.
Team Inclusion
Prior to the placement of staff, the Program Manager will be responsible for
personally coordinating with each separate command to make certain that there is
a smooth transition for each new resource. It is their responsibility to ensure that
Governments and resources questions, concerns or complaints are properly and
immediately addressed.
Training and Orientation
All personnel will participate in all staff orientation and/or training required by the
contract. They will attend a government-sponsored initial orientation to familiarize
themselves with the policies and procedures of the governments facility. In
addition, they will complete annual training updates. Annual training updates may
be accomplished via video or classroom instruction, computer-based instruction, or
review of written materials.
ROP will systematically address the mandates of this contract procurement action
by providing the personnel that will meet or exceed the requirements of the
Statement of Work. We will provide the necessary Project Management and
Logistical support to guarantee that the governments procurement objectives are
successfully achieved during the applicable period of performance.
To ensure a positive, orderly transition of responsibility from the Government to our
contract staff or to another Contractor with no loss of critical clinical support and to
eliminate any possible confusion, disruption or other adverse impact on the
government, employee, work environment or project budget.
Beginning Base Pay

Prior to an offer being extended, we conduct a detailed market research for all
Based on this research we will compensate our employees and
contractors in the 60th percentile range. If however the market rates for our nonexempt employees are lower than industry norms, we will increase their wages to
make certain that they are within the guidelines published by the Secretary of
Labors Wage Determination Schedule.

Exempt Employees: Will be compensated at 100% of their base hourly rate;

however, this is subject to the terms and conditions of each individual contact.

Non-Exempt Employees: Will be paid time and a half (150%) of the base
hourly rate.
Wage Determination Revisions
Any increase adjustments made to the US Wage Determination, including Health
and Welfare by the Secretary of Labors Wage Determination Schedule will be
implemented upon contract award for the period in which the wage was required
onset of issuance of the contract issued.
Covered Employees (Exempt, Non-Exempt, Non-Personal)
Our company understands and ensures that we maintain compliance with the
Service Contract Act of 1965, as amended, and the regulations of the Secretary of
Labor (29 CFR Part 4). Thus, we will make certain all of our employees receive at
least the minimum wage and benefits identified by the Service Contract Act for each
respective State and County.
Exempt Employees: Exempt employees are those who are exempt from
certain wage and hour laws, i.e. overtime pay; usually applies to
administrative, executive, or professional employees who receive an annual
salary, in equal payments weekly, bi-weekly, or at some other specified
time interval and do not fall under the Service Contract Act.
Non-Exempt Employees: Non-exempt employees receive hourly wages;
they are subject to wage and hour laws, i.e. overtime pay; usually applies to
non-professional employees. Thus, the local Wage Determination under the
Service Act applies.
Non-Personal Services: A Non-Personal Service Contract is a contract
that, by its express terms or as administered, makes the contractor
personnel appear, in effect, a true contractor and has no direct supervision
from a Government Employee; the provided Program Manager is the
supervisory role of record.

Preparedness for Staffing Issues

Throughout ROPs years of combined experience recruiting resources to support
government contracts awarded to our companies, we have fine-tuned our staffing
approach. In particular, we have learned to make certain that we not only have the
best-qualified personnel, but more importantly that we provide our government
optimal coverage with little to no inconvenience. We do this by ensuring that any

and all staffing issues are addressed with expedience and efficiency. Below are the
top five industry wide issues that companies encounter when providing staffing
solutions to government contracts and the methodology that we use to approach
and resolve these common issues:
Untimely Credentialing and
Maintaining Appropriate Training
Small or No Candidate Pool

Poor On-Time Job Fill-Rates

Excessive turnover rate due to high

Our Solutions
In-house technologies that are coded to
notify Program and project managers of
these due dates
Partnered and Teaming with other qualified
resources resulting in an extensive pool of
Candidates as well as experienced
Recruiting begins in the solicitation phase
and aggressively continues onset of
Notification of Award (Presuming we are
the successor contractor)
Offering a competitive compensation
package along with an excellent working

Back-up/Replacement of Resource
When the Government notifies us of a problem with service or personnel, we gather
available information and discuss possible courses of action with the Government.
Information is reviewed and discussed with the appropriate contracting
resource/personnel, and a final course of action will be determined.
After the Government has been consulted, we will initiate corrective action. That
action may be counseling, training, or resource replacement. We will prioritize all
problem resolution actions and use all of our resources to satisfy the Governments
needs as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Should replacement or backup resources be requested, the Government has the
following options:
(1) Keep the current contract resource until a replacement arrives; or
(2) Have the resource removed from the facility immediately.
With either option ROP will:
Contact all personnel in those specialties that are already credentialed with
ROP, or any other agencys facilities.
Search for any resource in that specialty in our Database within driving
distance of the facility.
Search for any personnel in that specialty in our Database nationwide.
Recruit new personnel who would meet the need.

Should the incumbent resource determine that they wish to resign from the contract
position (absent any prior complaints regarding performance or interpersonal
relations), that resource will be required to submit 30 days written notice to ROP,
who will in turn notify the COR AND/OR POC.
Continuity of Services
ROP recognizes that the services under this contract are vital to the Government
and must be continued without interruption and that, upon contract expiration, a
successor, either the Government or another contractor, may continue them.
Therefore, ROP is prepared to support the phase-in stage to effect an orderly and
efficient transition as the presumed successor. The incumbent will be responsible for
their phase-out plan and payroll of their resources until we have completely
transitioned the entire staff over the 60-Day transition/phase-in period
Equipment Maintenance/Inventory
The on-site Project Manager shall be primarily responsible and shall maintain our
tracking system to ensure all government furnished equipment used under the
scope of the contract is properly inspected, tested and calibrated by regulatory
guidelines. The Project Manager shall facilitate access to our tracking system
records for inspection purposes by government employees designated by the COR
AND/OR POC and/or inspection by outside regulatory agencies. The equipment will
be inventoried on a monthly basis and any discrepancies will be immediately
reported to the Managing Director and the COR AND/OR POC. However, on an
annual basis, the Project Manager will submit a form acceptable to the Contracting
Officer, inventory schedules covering all items of Government Property not
consumed in the performance of the contract.
Records and Reports
The on-site Project Manager shall prepare, maintain, and submit complete and
accurate records and logs in accordance with the Performance Work Statement,
Federal Acquisition Regulations, other Federal requirements, and the governments
Policies and Procedures. These daily, weekly, monthly other recurring operating
records, logs and other documents are specified by the governments and will be
strictly adhered to.
Work Control
The on-site Project Manager shall create a work schedule that results in completion
of all requirements stated in the contract. Any alternative work schedules must be
justified by the Project Manager and approved by the COR AND/OR POC before
The Project Manager will be responsible to implement all
necessary work control procedures to ensure timely accomplishment of work
requirements, as well as permit tracking of work in progress. They will also be
responsible for ensuring material, labor, and equipment is available to complete all
work requirements within the specified time limits and in conformance with the
quality standards established in the contract and operating procedures. Any
overtime for personnel will be pre-approved, in writing, by the COR AND/OR POC.
Performance Measurement
Throughout the contract, there is on-going communication with the Contracting
Office and COR AND/OR POC, through emails, scheduled and unscheduled telephone

calls to provide updates, and discuss and clarify issues, problems or concerns that
we might encounter with our staff.
Our facilitation and involvement continues after the successful candidate is on
board. We will maintain quarterly contact with both the placed candidate and the
governments Leadership, to ascertain that things are going smoothly. ROP will also
submit reports to the Contracting Officer as requested for use in monitoring
contractor performance. We will work closely with the COR AND/OR POC and our
government to ensure that are staff are always complaint with the terms of the