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Government of Goa,
Office of the State Director
of Craftsmen Training,
Shrama Shakti Bhavan,
Patto, Panaji-Goa
Dated :


Sub: - Tender towards running of Canteen at ITI, Mapusa.

Sealed envelop containing tender papers must be superscribed with the words/description
against which rates are quoted and should write Tender towards the running of canteen at
III Mapusa are invited by the State Director of Craftsmen Training on behalf of The
Governor of Goa. Due date is on _________ upto 2.30 pm. and will be opened 3.30pm on
the same day. Tenders received after 2.30 pm on _________ will not be considered.


Prescribed tender documents containing terms & conditions specified can be obtained from
the Office of the Principal ITI. Mapusa, Bardez-Goa on payment of Rs.100/- per copy (non
refundable) on any working day between 10.30 am to 4.00 pm till _____________.


Rates quoted for the tender should remain open for acceptance for a period of six months
from the date of opening the tender,


Tenderers should quote the rates in figures as well as in words against each items and they
should not use the same annexure enclosed along with the tender documents for items listed.


The tender should be accompanied by Bank draft/ CDR from any scheduled Bank in favour
of the State director of craftsmen Training for a sum of Rs.5000/- (Rupees five thousand
only) as an Earnest Money Deposit. This amount shall be refundable to the successful
bidder only after the required Security Deposit is furnished by him. The tender not
accompanied by such Demand draft shall be rejected forthwith at the opening stage only,
and shall not be considered for further scrutiny. No offer made by any tenderer to deposit
the EMD after the opening of the tender or after any such rejection shall be entertained.
Therefore EMD prescribed shall be a necessary condition precended for acceptance of any
tender. The EMD of unsuccessful tenderers shall, be refunded after finalisation of tender.


The premises where the canteen is to be installed is the absolute property of the government,
which is hereby granted to the caterers to run canteen free of rent and free of charges
towards the water and electricity supply which are required exclusively for the running of
the canteen.


The caterer shall be provided with kitchen utensils, table ware and furniture. Any
requirements of extra furniture and utensils shall be made by the caterer.


The caterer shall use only Brand Groundnut oil, Annapurna Atta, Iodised Salt and
Sona Masuri Rice.


The caterer shall abide by the Municipal /Panchayat bylaws relating to the sale of
the food, drinks etc. and shall obtain the necessary license from the competent authority, if


The caterers shall observe the conditions issued by the canteen committee
constituted for the purpose. The Canteen committee shall decide the items of menu. The
caterer shall supply the wholesome food and the decision of the Principal in this matter shall
be final.


The canteen shall be kept open from 7.00 am to 6.00 pm on all days of week
provided that the above timing may be changed at any time with the mutual consent of the
Principal/Canteen Committee and the caterer.


The caterer will supply Goan type vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals, tea, snacks
and refreshment. The food must be made to vary so as not to have the same dish more than
twice a week.


The caterer shall supply the item as per annexure-I indicating the rates against each
of them to the staff /trainees and guest of the ITI.


The food, sweets etc. sold in the canteen shall be fresh wholesome and have good
quality of the respective kind and preserved hygienically with adequate protection against
the flies, cockroaches and other such insects.


The prices to be charged by the caterer in the said canteen shall not exceed those
accepted by the government at the time of accepting the tender, which will be shown in the
annexure and such rate shall be displayed at a conspicuous place in the canteen.
Government reserves the right to change the rates accordingly with immediate effect.



The dealing of the caterer with the customers shall be very polite.
The caterer shall be responsible for the day to day cleanliness and maintenance of
the furniture, building & other equipment and will have to pay for any damage or loss
The Government shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage accruing to
any goods, stores or articles intended for sale that may be kept in the said premises.
Within three days of the signing of the agreement, the caterer shall deposit with the
Government a sum of Rs.10,000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand only) as security deposit for the
due performance of the terms & conditions of the agreement. The amount shall be deposited
in A/C section of I.T.I. Mapusa. A copy of the challan in original should be deposited with
the Principal, ITI MAPUSA within 24 hours after security deposit is effected. In the event
of breach of any of the terms and conditions of the agreement and such other things which
will be obligatory on his part to be observed and performed by the caterer, the government
shall be entitled to forfeit the security deposit or any such part there of without prejudice to
their rights and remedies and the decision of the government shall be final.
The canteen premises shall not be used for residential purpose.


Within 10 days from the signing of the agreement, the government shall give and
the caterer shall take possession of the canteen and commence the serving of the food
during the hours specified in clause 11.


The caterer shall undertake to register the agreement as required by the Registration
Act and also meet the entire expenditure there on.


The caterer shall execute an agreement on the above terms and conditions within
seven days, from the date of communication of the acceptance of the quotations.


In the event of any question, dispute or difference arising under or out of or in

connection with the condition here in contained or touching or concerning the meaning of
operation of effects there of any matter contained there in or as to the rights, duties,
liabilities of authorities there of respectively or other wise however in connection with this
agreement, the same shall be referred to the sole arbitrator of a person to be appointed by
the Governor of Goa. There will be no objection to any such appointment that a person
appointed is a government servant, that he has had to deal with the matter to which this
agreement related or that in the course of his duties as a government servant he had
expressed his views on all or any of the matter in dispute or difference. The award of the
so appointed shall be final. It is the term of
the agreement that in the event of such arbitrator to whom the matter is originally referred
being transferred on vacating his office his successor shall be deemed to be arbitrator for the
purpose of this clause. such person will be entitled to proceed with the reference from the
date it was left by the predecessor, the arbitrator with consent of the parties may extend the
date from time to time for making the award


The tender shall give his full name and address and in case of Firm, Company,
Partnership firm, the name of the Proprietor, Director and Partner as the case may be. .


It will be the responsibility of the Tenderer to employ the present staff presently
working in the canteen.


The State Director of Craftsmen Training Panaji Goa, reserves the right to reject
any or all the quotations without assigning any reasons thereof.


The Tenderer shall submit this copy along with his tender form.
The Tenderer will have to pay Rs. 200/- (Rupees Five Hundred only) towards
maintenance charges of Canteen per month.

( Aleixo F. daCosta)
I have read the above Terms and Conditions and the same are acceptable to me.

Signature of the Tenderer

With Seal