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1. What does WEP stand for?

A. wired equivalent privacy

2. What does ZIF stand for?
A. zero insertion force
3. What does VRAM stand for?
A. video random access memory
4. What does ZIP stand for?
A. zigzag inline package
5. What does UXGA stand for?
A. ultra extended graphics array
6. What does SVGA stand for?
A. super video graphics array
7. What does SGRAM stand for?
A. synchronous graphics random access memory
8. What does SIMM stand for?
A. single inline memory module
9. What does PCI stand for?
A. peripheral component interconnect
10. What does PCIX stand for?
A. peripheral component interconnect extended
11. What does PCMIA stand for?
A. personal computer memory card international association
12. What does PGA stand for?
A. pin grid array
13. What does PCL stand for?
A. printer contol language
14. What does PATA stand for?
A. parallel advanced technology attachment
15. What does POST stand for?
A. power on self test

16. What does RIMM stand for?

A. rambus inline memory module
17. What does RAID stand for?
A. redundant array of independent disks
18. What does SATA stand for?
A. serial advanced technology attachment
19. What does SCSI stand for?
A. small computer system interface
20. What does MIDI stand for?
A. musical instrument digital interface
21. What does LED stand for?
A. light emitting diode
22. What does LPT stand for?
A. line printer terminal
23. What does LPT1 stand for?
A. line printer terminal 1
24. What does GUI stand for?
A. graphical user interface
25. What does HCL stand for?
A. hardware compatibility list
26. What does HDD stand for?
A. hard disk drive
27. What does HDMi stand for?
A. high definition media interface
28. What does ESD stand for?
A. electrostatic discharge
29. What does ESDI stand for?
A. enhanced small device inerface
30. What does EVGA stand for?
A. extended video graphics adapter

31. What does EGA stand for?

A. enhanced graphics adapter
32. What does EIDE stand for?
A. enhanced integrated drive electronics
33. what does EISA stand for?
A. extended industry standard architecture
34. What is a DB-9?
A. 9 pin D shell connector
35. What does DRAM stand for?
A. dynamic random access memory
36. What does DSL stand for?
A. digital subsciber line
37. What does DVD stand for?
A. digital video disc
38. What does DVD-R stand for?
A. digital video disc recordable
39. What does DVI stand for
A. digital visual interface
40. What does ECC stand for?
A. error correction code
41. What does ECP stand for?
A. extended capabilites port
42. What does EDO SDRAM stand for?
A. extended data out symmetric dynamic random access memory
43. What does DIMM stand for?
A. dual inline memory module
44. What does DIN stand for?
A. deutsche industrie norm
45. What does DIP mean?
A. dual inline package

46. What does DMA stand for?

A. direct memory access
47. What is a DB-25?
A. serial communication d-shell connector, 25 pins
48. What does DDR stand for?
A. double data rate
49. What does DDR RAM stand for?
A. double data rate random access memory
50. What does ACPI stand for?
A. advanced configuration and power interface.
51. What does ADSL stand for?
A. Asymmetrical digital subscriber line
52. What does AMD stand for?
A. Advanced micro devices
53. What does ATIPA stand for?
A. Automatic private internet protocol addressing
54. What does ATA stand for?
A. Advanced technology attachment
55. What does BIOS stand for?
A. basic input/output system
56. What does ATX stand for?
A. advanced technology extended
57. What does BNC stand for?
A. bayonet-neill-concelman or British navel connector
58. What does BTX stand for?
A. balanced technology extended
59. What does ATAPI stand for?
A. advanced technology attachment packet interface
60. You cant seem to print from the printer but you could earlier that day. What should you do
A. Press the reset
B. Restart the print spooler

C. Unplug, then plug the printer back up

D. Replace it
61.You install a second IDE hard drive, then boot to windows. But windows will not recognize
it. What should you do next?
A. Reinstall windows
C. Run defrag
D. Change the jumper setting to slave
62. How many devices can USB support?
A. 27
B. 107
C. 2
D. 127
63. Which of the following offers the highest throughput?
D. IEEE 1284
64. Which of the following steps can be used to manually discharge a monitor?
A. vacuum the dust
B. unplug the monitor
C. use a monitor cleaner on the screen
D. use a high voltage probe with the monitor case open
65. How many heads does a drive with two platters have?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
66.Which of the following are the major hard drive settings in the CMOS? (Choose
A. Heads.
B. Tracks.
C. Volume.
D. Sector.

E. Cylinder.
Answer: A, D, E
67.You are a technician at HiTech Computers. Your newly appointed HiTech Computers trainee
wants to know which bus slots an ISA card would work in. What will your reply be? (Choose
A. In a PCI slot
B. In an ISA slot
C. In a MCA slot
D. In an AGP slot
E. In an EISA slot
Answer: B, E
68.A customers Windows desktop appears distorted on her monitor. You want to
isolate the problem. What should you do? (Choose two)
A. Try another monitor.
B. Try another program.
C. Replace the power supply.
D. Install additional video memory.
E. Boot the computer to a command prompt.
Answer: A, E
69.You are a technician at ABC Computers. Your newly appointed ABC Computers trainee
wants to make a bootable floppy diskette. What files MUST be copied to the diskette? (Choose
Answer: A, C, D
70.A customer complains that they are getting buffer underrun errors every time they try to burn
a CD-RW. What would you suggest the customer do to fix their problem? (Choose two.)
A: Turn the CD-RW over and use the other side.
B: Turn off all background tasks.
C: Burn at a slower speed.
D: Reboot computer.
Answer: B, C
71.You are a technician at ABC Computers. Your newly appointed ABC Computers trainee
wants to know what the standard I/O Port Addresses for the 3 standard LPT Ports on a PC system
are. What would your reply be? (Choose three)
A: Ox278.
B: Ox378.
C: Ox3BC
D: Ox3F8.

E: Ox3FF.
Answer: A, B, C
72.What is the benefit of an Energy Star compliant computer? (Choose two)
A. Will last longer before breaking down.
B. Is manufactured with less toxic chemicals.
C. Runs cooler.
D. Uses less electricity.
Answer: C, D
73.You are a technician at ABC Computers. Your newly appointed ABC Computers trainee
wants to know what voltages would be found on an ATX power supply. What would your reply
be? (Choose two)
A. -12 Volts
B. -9 Volts
C. -5 Volts
D. -3.3 Volts
Answer: A, C
74.Which of the following settings can be changed in the computers CMOS? (Select Two)?
A. Computer Data & Time
B. CD-ROM drive Letter
C. Type of Floppy Drive
D. Ram Memory Size.
Answer: A, C
75.Which priority settings are given to the SCSI ID number? (Choose two)
A. 0 lowest
B. 0 highest
C. 1 lowest
D. 15 lowest
E. 15 highest
Answer: B, D
76.You want to upgrade your slot1 motherboard. Which of the following chips are available in
the slot1 package? (Choose three)
A. P 233
B. PII 233
C. PIII 333
D. PIII 800
E. AMD Athlon
Answer: B, C, D
77.Some one placed a BIOS password on a computer and forgot the password. What should you
do? (Choose two)
A. Boot to a floppy and fdisk the drive.

B. Temporarily remove the CMOS battery.

C. Go into BIOS setup and delete the password.
D. Clear the CMOS by shortening the CMOS jumper.
E. Boot down the computer while holding down the key.
Answer: B, D
78.What are the minimum hardware components required for the POST to pass? (Choose all that
C. Mouse
D. Hard drive
E. Video Card
Answer: A, B, E
79.What is the main difference between AT and ATX motherboards? (Choose two)
A. PS/2 port
B. BNC connector
C. Soft power switch
D. Serial connectors
E. Parallel connectors
Answer: A, C
80.Which are valid types of parallel ports? (Choose three.)
E. Bi-directional
Answer: A, C, E
81.Which type of connectors is used on a parallel printer cable? (Choose two)
A. DB9
B. RJ-25
C. DB25
D. MiniDIN
E. Centronics36
Answer: C, E
82.How many pins are on a serial port connector? (Choose two)
A. 8
B. 9
C. 10
D. 15
E. 25

F. 29
Answer: B, E
83.Which CPU socket 7-based? (Select all that apply.)
A. Pentium I
B. Pentium II
C. AMD Athlon
D. Pentium MMX
Answer: A, D
84.RISC Stands for Reduce Instruction Set Computing.(T/F)
85.DRAM is faster than SRAM.(T/F)
86.RDRAM chip uses the RIMM memory package. .(T/F)
87.SODIMM package is used in laptops and notebook computers. ?(T/F)
88. Mini Computer is a:
a. Mid sized multiprocessing computer
b. Big sized single processing computer
c. Small sized multiprocessing computer
d. None of the above.
89. The full form of UXGA is:
a. Uni-polar Extra Graphics Array
b. Ultra Extended Graphics Array
90. DAT use data compression while recording:
a. True
b. False
91. Serial port enables data flow in:
a. One direction
b. Both direction

c. Doesnt flow the data

d. None of the above
92. The collection of chips and sockets that reside on the mother board are known as :
a. Slots
b. Ports
c. Chipsets
d. All of the above
93. The full form of POST is
a. Power on Self Test
b. Pre Operating System Test
c. Post Operating System Test
d. Physical Operating system Test
94. Following cable provide immunity from electrical interference:
a. UTP
b. Fiber Optic
c. STP
d. Coaxial
95. The BUS unit stores the instruction in:
a. Data Cache
b. Instruction Cache
c. Data Buffer
d. Instruction Buffer
96. The speed of FSB range from:
a. 64 to 133 Mhz
b. 32 to 266 Mhz
c. 128 to 586 Mhz
d. 66 to 533 Mhz
97.Following pins are used to establish electrical connection between the microprocessor and PC
or other device:
a. Copper Pins
b. Silver Pins
c. Gold Pins

d. Zinc Pins
98 .SPGA has:
a. 1 square of array of pins
b. 2 square of array of pins
c. 3 square of array of pins
d. 4 square of array of pins
99. A 168-pin DIMM package has ________ pins on each side of the package
a. 84 pins
b. 64 pins
c. 32 pins
d. 16 pins
100. The memory bandwidth of the RIMM package is upto
a. 10.6 GB per second
b. 9.6 MB per second
c. 9.6 GB per second
d. 10.6 MB per second