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M.Abdullah (00:17:53) : Hello. Thank you for visiting.

My name is Muhammed and I

'm here to answer your questions about Islam. How may I help you?
topai (00:18:33) : is Allah omnipresent
topai (00:19:20) : if possible provide reference
M.Abdullah (00:20:46) :
topai (00:22:50) : is he omnipresent
M.Abdullah (00:23:17) : Well I provided a website that I'd hope answer that ques
tion for you
M.Abdullah (00:23:27) : Before delving into things, what relgion do you follow?
topai (00:24:17) : sanatan dharma
M.Abdullah (00:24:46) : THat's a form of Hinduism correct?
topai (00:25:53) : no
M.Abdullah (00:26:10) : Can you describe to me what it is please?
topai (00:26:43) : u may consider me as a hindu
M.Abdullah (00:27:32) : AHh I see.
topai (00:27:53) : but do you think Allah is omnipresent
topai (00:28:06) : i read the site
topai (00:28:31) : could not get the answer
M.Abdullah (00:29:08) : Omnipresent refers to the idea that Allah is everywhere
M.Abdullah (00:29:22) : the answer to this is no, ...Islam doesn't believe that
Allah is everywhere
M.Abdullah (00:29:30) : however, his knowledge encompasses all things
M.Abdullah (00:29:35) : and he is aware of everything
topai (00:29:51) : ok
topai (00:30:24) : is he omnipotent
topai (00:31:37) : does allah have any form
M.Abdullah (00:32:35) : Allah says about himself, "there is none like unto Him"
M.Abdullah (00:33:05) : He's knows best the reality about Himself, and the mind
of a human cannot fathom that.
topai (00:33:39) : is he undefinable
M.Abdullah (00:34:08) : no not undefinable
M.Abdullah (00:34:29) : however, one can only define Him with what he defined an
d described Himself with
topai (00:36:14) : then how come humans grasping the definition that Allah gave
of himself
M.Abdullah (00:37:15) : We only know as much as He told us
M.Abdullah (00:37:25) : and even then we can't describe it
M.Abdullah (00:37:39) : For example, Allah says in the Qur'an that He has a face
M.Abdullah (00:37:55) : We accept that he has a face. However we can never descr
ibe the true reality of it.
topai (00:39:34) : this means muslims will not properly understand what Allah ac
tually meant
topai (00:40:53) : so muslims are bound to misinterpret quran
M.Abdullah (00:41:04) : No not exactly
M.Abdullah (00:41:42) : So long as a Muslim sticks to the authentic teachings of
the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) there is no reason for them to misunde
rstand anything
M.Abdullah (00:41:58) : The Muslim must know his or her limits
M.Abdullah (00:43:44) : and not start guessing and saying things there is no evi
dence for
topai (00:44:01) : to stick to authentic teaching you first have to understand i
t and if that is imperfect then the behaviour will be imperfect
topai (00:45:13) : in other words you are following your understanding and not w
hat muhammad actually ment
M.Abdullah (00:45:27) : no...
M.Abdullah (00:45:34) : Who said that?
topai (00:46:08) : logic
topai (00:46:59) : i am interested to know your perspective
M.Abdullah (00:48:22) : Perspective of what exactly?

topai (00:48:32) : u know better because you are following it.... I do not want
to make any unjust conclusion
topai (00:49:45) : of following the Quaran as led by your beloved prophet