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Ultimate strength to cement is provided by

A.Tricalcium silicate
B.Di-calcium silicate
C.Tri-calcium aluminate.
D.Tetra calcium alumino ferrite.

Sand stone is

A.sedimentary rock
B.metamorphic rock
C.igneous rock
D.volcanic rock.

Wrought iron contains carbon about

A.1.5% to 5.5%
B.0.5% to 1.75%
C.0.1% to 0.25%
D.none to these

4 If S is the length of a subchord and R is the radius of simple curve, the angle of deflection between
its tangent and sub-chord, in minutes, is equal to
A.573 S/R
B.573 R/S
C.171.9 S/R
D.1718.9 R/S
E.1718.9 S/R.

A bearing of a line is also known as

A.magnetic bearing
B.true bearing
D.reduced bearing

6 ABCD is a regular parallelogram plot of land whose angle BAD is 60. If the bearing of the line AB is
30, the bearing of CD, is

The minimum water content at which the soil just begins to crumble when rolled into threads 3
mm in diameter, is known
A.liquid limit
B.plastic limit
C.shrinkage limit
D.permeability limit.

Back fill with a sloping surface exerts a total active pressure Pa on the wall of heightH and acts at

A.H/4 above the base parallel to base

B.H/2 above the base parallel to base
C.H/3 above the base parallel to base
D.H/5 above the base parallel to base

Geologic cycle for the formation of soil, is

A.Upheavel transporta on deposi on weathering

B.Weathering upheaval transportation deposi on
C.Transportation upheaval weathering deposi on
D.Weathering transporta on deposi on upheaval
E.None of these.

If the atmospheric pressure on the surface of an OIL tank (sp. gr. 0.8) is 0.1 kg/cm2, the
pressure at a depth of 2.5 m, is
A.1 metre of water
B.2 metres of water
C.3 metres of water
D.3.5 metres of water
E.4.0 metres of water.


A pitot tube is used to measure

B.difference in pressure
C.velocity of flow
D.none of these.


The minimum recommended diameter of sewers, is

A.5 cm
B.10 cm
C.15 cm
D.20 cm.


The rate of accumulation of sludge in septic tanks is recommended as

A.30 litres/person/year
B.25 litres/person/year
C.30 litres/person/month
D.25 litres/person/month.


In a combined footing if shear stress exceeds 5 kg/cm2, the nominal stirrups provided are:

A.6 legged
B.8 legged
C.10 legged
D.12 legged
E.none of these.


The minimum number of main steel bars provided in R.C.C.

A.rectangular columns is 4
B.circular columns is 6
C.octagonal columns is 8
D.all the above.


A well seasoned timber may contain moisture up to

A.4 to 6%
B.6 to 8%
C.8 to 10%
D.10 to 12%.


The weakest section of a diamond riveting, is the section which passes through

A.first row
B.second row
C.central raw rivet hole of end row.

18 The slenderness ratio of a vertical column of a square cross-section of 2.5 cm sides and 300 cm
length, is


The assumption in the theory of bending of beams, is :

A.material is homogeneous
B.material is isotropic
C.Young's modulus is same in tension as well as in compression
D.each layer is independent to expand or to contract
E.all the above.


The point of contraflexure is the point where

A.B.M. changes sign

B.B.M. is maximum
C.B.M. is minimum
D.S.F. is zero.


For quality control of Portland cement, the test essentially done is

A.setting time
C.tensile strength
E.all the above.


For given water content, workability decreases if the concrete aggregates contain an excess of

A.thin particles
B.flat particles
C.elongated particles
D.flaky paticles
E.all the above.


The order of booking dimensions is

A.Length, breadth, height

B.Breadth, length, height
C.Height, breadth, length
D.None of these.


Maximum size of a fillet weld for a plate of square edge is

A.1.5 mm less than the thickness of the plate half of the thickness of the plate
C.thickness of the plate itself
D.1.5 mm more than the thickness of the plate


The difference in level between the top of a bank and supply level in a canal, is called

A.berm board
C.height of bank
D.none of these.


The measure to remove water logging of land, is reduce percolation from canals and water courses increase outflow from the ground water reservoir
C.both (a) and (b)
D.neither (a) nor (b)

27 The treatment that should be given to the water from a deep tube well is :
A.pre-settling only
B.coagulation and flocculation only
C.filtration only
D.disinfection only

28 In a steady radial flow into an intake, the velocity is found to vary as (1/r2), where ris the radial
distance. The acceleration of the flow is proportional to

29 In a compaction test, as the compaction effort is increased, the optimum moisture content
B.remains same
D.increases first and thereafter decreases

30 The reaction time for calculation of stopping distance may be assumed as

A.5 secs
B.2.5 secs
C.0.5 secs
D.10.0 secs