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Entering Dharma Salon

Entering Dharma Salon ...

Patrick Kearney's website
I have often been asked to recommend books or other
materials regarding different aspects of Buddhism. Here is
my list of recommended readings, both paper and internet.
Have a look here and see if anything interests you.
1. fundamental nature of reality.
2. one's response to that nature; duty.
3. the teaching of the Buddha.

[Origin: 17901800; < Skt: custom, duty, akin to dharayati

upholds, maintains]

1. a reception room in a house.
2. a hall or room for the practice of dharma.
3. an assembly of guests in such a room, esp. one
consisting of those interested in society, philosophy,
politics, Buddhism, etc.

[Origin: 1705 - 15; < F < It salone, equiv. to Skt & Pali sala
hall] sa.lon
A place where friends gather to practise and discuss the
Buddha's Dharma.

2015 Patrick Kearney Contact Me

Patrick Kearney is an
independent dharma teacher
in the lineage of Mahs
Saydaw. He has trained
extensively in the Mahasi
approach to insight
meditation, his principal
teachers being Paitrma
Saydaw and John Hale. He
has also trained in the
Diamond Sangha lineage of
Zen Buddhism. His original
teacher was Robert Aitken
Rshi, and he is now
studying with Paul Maloney
Patrick has a particular
interest in the original
teachings of the Buddha
Buddhism as it was before
Theravda or Mahyna
were ever thought of. He
studies Pli, the language of
the earliest surviving Indian
recension of the Buddha's
teachings, and seeks to
bring his understanding of
the early texts to the
practice of dharma in the

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Entering Dharma Salon

contemporary world.

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