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Sanity testing and Smoke testing

Definition of Sanity testing and Smoke testing


When to use ?

Smoke Testing:
Software testing done to ensure that whether the build can be accepted for
through software testing or not. Basically, it is done to check the stability of
the build received for software testing.
Sanity testing:
After receiving a build with minor changes in the code or functionality, a
subset of regression test cases are executed that to check whether it rectified
the software bugs or issues and no other software bug is introduced by the




A sanity test is a subset

regression test that focuses on
one or a few areas of

Smoke testing is a shallow and

wide test whereby all areas of the
application without getting into too
deep is tested.


Determine sections of the

application is still working after
a minor change


Verify requirements are met or


Determine whether the

application is stable enough so
that a more detailed testing can
be performed
Verify that the software is stable
enough for further testing


Narrow and deep

Usually unscripted
Specialized testing which is
used to find problems in
particular functionalities or
some limited features
After thorough regression
testing is over



Shallow and not too deep

Touch all areas of the application
in a cursory way

Before taking the test in depth

Testing in the modern application lifecycle

The problem

The solutions

The problem

Where am I? What has been tested and what has not

Actionable Bugs Collecting enough information to reproduce
Automation Generation Code generation from the recorded data

The solutions
Microsoft Test Manager from Microsoft

Video Recording Simply a video of the test session indexed by step

Code Coverage Even for manual test you collect code coverage data

System Information Windows version, running application

Event Log Scrape specified events

Test Impact Analysis Log every method hit by your manual test so that we can match
that to code paths changed and reduce our test matrix

The solutions
Web Test Manager from Sela

WTM = Manage your tests directly from

your browser in TFS 2010 (It is a web
application integrated in VS 2010 Team
Web Access)

With WTM you can Create, Edit and

Run Test Cases, Manage Test Plans
and Test Suites, View Results History

- Run & Edit Tests from any remote computer
- Run tests on heterogeneous testing environments (Mac, Linux, AS400 and more)
- Save 80% or more of the standard costs
- Requires only a one time installation on the TFS server (no local installations are required)
- Easy to use and light to run
- Fast running with quick responsiveness
- Allows developers to easily run tests as well