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Serving with

September/ 1989
Dear Friends

For those who haven't heard from me in a while,

I'd like to update you on what has been happening.

I'm still in Texas and have been for the last year
studying Linguistics and Bible Translation at the Summer
Institute of Linguistics near Dallas. A new semester has begun
and once again I'm taking classes. This time I've stayed to take a few
extra classes than what is normally required for a translator, classes

which I feel will be very helpful and needed working in training and
I communicating across cultures. I'm also taking one class in developing
"literacy materials. This class is designed to give experience and
guidelines in developing a program that will help nationals read their
awn language. I've learned a lot since I've been here, and I know the
things I've learned will help me tremendously in work overseas. Yes,
Lord willing, I will be going overseas soon. This brings me to something
I'd like to share with you.


The Republic of Guinea on Africa's western coast (not to be confused with

Papua New Guinea) is the home of over .6 million people and over- 40 distinct

ethnic groups. It is one of Black.Africa's least evangelized countries. ^

With over
of the population being Muslim and the rest being mostly of
animistic tribal religions, this country has very few churches, most of

which are struggling. Of its^,^^pgken .languages, only a few have portions'^

of scripture or intelligible translations of the Bible. It has been
closed to most missionaries for many years until recently.

Slowly God is

opening doors in Guinea for the gospel to be shared as several mission

organizations have been granted permission to work there. Just .last.year
PBT entered Guinea when Brad and Estel Willits began translation among the

Sousou, a people group that makes'up'.^lC!?4^^ Guinea's population. This

/Iroarks the first'attempt of PBT to work among Muslims, and is evidence of

^/God opening doors~for the gd"spel to be shared with these people who are
without the hope of Christ.

This is just one of the many places in Africa where there are numerous

^unreached people groups who haven't heard the gospel in their o\m

During the past year God has given ma a burden for the needs for

j translation work in Africa. This past May the PBT Board recommended that
I'^P^to Africa this next Spring to' some of the areas where PBT is working
"in order toLS^^where I may serve in the translation ministry and to

determine ways PBT can expand its work in Africa. And so following
their recommendation I have begiin to make plans. Guinea is one of
the countries where I plan to travel on this trip, which will take
place in the Spring.

A^.am thankful for all of you who have been so faithful in keeping me
/in your prayers for the past several years as God has been shaping my
I life and preparing me for His work. I icnow that prayer must undergird
all forms of Christian seirvice if they are to be truly fruitful.

/' l ask for your continued prayer support, especially now as I ma]ce


plans to go to Africa in the Spring and begin work in this ministry of

( translation. Please pray for God's leading in the planning and
preparation. I will be able to let you know more of my definite
itinerary soon. I am learning French this semester besides my other
studies so that I will be able to get around at least to some degree in
West Africa, since most of the area is French speaking rather than

^English. Please pray that rr^ studies will progress so that I can more
effectively communicate.

I will also be needing monetary support.

If you are interested

in being a partner with me financially, please fill out the information >

at the bottom of the page and mail all contributions to Pioneer Bible
Translators. All contributions are tax deductible and should be made
" but to Pioneer Bible Translators. I will be mailing out a summary of
involved costs soon. Your financial support, prayers, and encouragement
are greatly appreciated.

/'Finally, I ask that you pray for the many people like the Sousou, that
' the veil will be lifted from their eyes and that they will come to know

Christ. Pray, as Paul urged the Colossians, "that God may open a door
for our message, so that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ" {Col 4:3).

Yours in Christ,

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