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Physical Education 2 Syllabus

Teacher: P. King

PE 2 is an advanced physical education course that is a18 week elective course. Students are
expected to participate fully in a variety of advanced sports and activities.
Students are expected to dress for class everyday. Appropriate attire includes shorts or sweats,
t-shirt, socks, and tennis shoes. If the student does not dress out then they will not lose any
points, but will be required to participate fully. Students will be give 10 points per day for
If the student refuses to participate, then they will be issued 0 points for the day, and a warning
will be issued. 2nd time a student does not participate, they will be issued 0 points for the day
and a call home will be made. 3rd time they refuse to participate, 0 points will be given for the
day and a referral to the office.
Excused Participation:
The only notes which are honored are those written by parent/guardian or Doctor when the
student is ill. Notes should include the following information:
1) Date
2)Nature of Illness
3)Length of time excused. If time will be more than 5 days, it will be necessary to have a
doctors statement noting activity limitations
4) Parent/guardian signature and phone number.
If a student is absent or unable to participate they may make up their points for the day, a two
page written (1 page typed) report on a sport of their choice may be done.
You may bring your own lock if you plan to use a locker. Valuables should be left at home;
Students may have instructor lock valuables in the PE office. No jewelry is to be worn during
class time.
Food and related items:
Absolutely no food, drink, or gum is to be brought into the gym. Cleaning these things are very
difficult, especially gum. Unacceptable language will also not be permitted or tolerated.
A student is considered tardy when the bell rings and the student is not in the gym. A student
tardy more than 5 times in a semester will be given a referral, per school policy.
If I dont tell you to get it, Dont Bother it!. If I have equipment out then I will tell the student
when to get it, so just stay calm, be patient and wait. Also treat the equipment as if you just
bought it yourself. Equipment cost money and we all would like to enjoy it for as long as we

Grading Scale:
90-100 A
Below 60 U
1)Daily Participation=Max=10 points Min=0 points
2)Exams=100 points each
3)Skills Tests=100 points each
4) Journals 5 points per day
Required items for class:
1.) Change of clothes
2.)1 subject notebook for a journal
3.) A positive open minded attitude
If your child has any kind of disability or condition I need to be made aware of, please send me a
note stating what the issue is. If you have any questions concerning the above policies please
contact me at 485-8339. Leave a message for me to return your call if I am unavailable.
Some activities students will be introduced to are: Physical Fitness, Full Court Basketball,
Pickleball, Handball and Flag Football.
Please sign that you and your child have read the policies of Valley High School PE 2
Student Name_________________________ parent/guardian name_______________________

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