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RIET Newsletter No.

3 July 2015
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Venezuela 340 (C1095AAH) CABA - Argentina

Discovering the worlds of education and work in Morocco

During May, Morocco was the last country visited by
INEW authorities: Victor Santa Mara, president and
Gustavo lvarez, executive director. The destinations
visited were Rabat, the capital city and Casablanca.
There they visited institutions that are relevant for the
development of the communities:
West-East Foundation [Fundacin Oriente-Occidente]: it supports the most socially disadvantaged
population by offering learning and recreational

ISMALAs students during their practices with an aviation turbine.

Professional Training Department of the Ministry of Education [Departamento de Formacin Profesional del Ministerio de Educacin]: the
Moroccan Government continues to work on changing the educational
system, with the aim of reaching higher quality standards and strengthening the development of human capital.
Economic, Social and Environmental Council [Consejo Econmico,
Social y Medioambiental (CESE)]: it is its priority to maintain the quality of
advisory works within its sphere of influence, and to put emphasis on
making effective contributions to human and sustainable development.

Gustavo at the Specialized Institute of Aeronautics and

Airport Logistics (ISMALA), created by the OFPPTs Office.

Vocational Training and Employment Promotion Office [Oficina de

Formacin Profesional y de Promocin del Trabajo (OFPPT)]: it covers
the needs of companies and supports them towards successful performance.

ISTA NTIC 2 Vocational Training Center [Centro de Formacin Profesional ISTA NTIC 2]: it offers IT-related knowledge.
National Agency for the Promotion of Employment and Skills [Agencia Nacional de Promocin del Empleo y las Competencias (ANAPEC)]: it supports employers in handling hire-related issues and those who are looking for a job.
Complexe Batiment: it is a vocational training center linked to the construction and agribusiness industries.
Specialized Institute of Aeronautics and Airport Logistics [Instituto Especializado de Aeronutica y Logstica Aeroportuaria
(ISMALA)]: it was created by the OFPPTs Office and is equipped with a 3D flight simulator, 4 medium and large capacity reactors,
and a KING AIR 200 airplane.

lvarez and Nizar Baraka, President of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (CESE).

Santa Mara and El Miloudi el Moukharik,

Secretary General of the Moroccan
Workers Union (UMT).

Rachid Badouli from the West-East Foundation talked with INEW Executive Director.

RIET Newsletter No. 3 July 2015
(+54 11) 53 54 66 62
Venezuela 340 (C1095AAH) CABA - Argentina

INEW in Chile
We continue spreading INEW proposals at the international
level, and learning about the best practices in terms of
education and work. In this opportunity, Victor Santa Maria
and Gustavo Alvarez visited Santiago de Chile.
During April 14 and 15, fruitful exchanges took place. The
institutions visited and the topics addressed were mixed:
International Field: Ministry of Labor and Social Security: deals with the development of a labor relations system
favoring cooperation among workers, businessmen and
social organizations.

Gustavo lvarez and Vctor Santa Mara from INEW visiting the
Dilogo Social Unit with its representatives: Nicols Farfn, Mara
Consuelo Ruiz-Tagle and Vctor Ulloa.

SENCE (Chilean Work and Training Service) [Servicio

Nacional de Capacitacin y Empleo]: educational guidelines
aimed at improving employment opportunities for workers, the unemployed and economically inactive individuals.

Dilogo Social Program, Ministry of Labor and Social Security: negotiation stages destined to higher flexibility and productivity for employers; equity and participation for workers, and social peace for the State.
Labor Relations Center, Alberto Hurtado University [Centro de Relaciones Laborales, Universidad Alberto Hurtado]:
strategies aimed at fostering: cooperative and sustainable labor relations, analysis and drafting of public policies to improve the
quality of work and social security.
Department of Education and Training, Central
Unitaria de Trabajadores [Chilean Workers Trade
Union Office], and Chile Valora. [Chilean Labor Skills
Certification Office]: labor skills certification and continuous training.
INACAP (Technological University of Chile, Professional Institute and Technical Training Center) [Universidad Tecnolgica de Chile, Instituto Profesional y
Centro de Formacin Tcnica]: the education model
and the role of the Higher Education Integrated System.
INEW members with Etiel Moraga, responsible officer at the Department of
Education and Training, Chilean Workers Trade Union Office.

The INEW expands with the implementation of Local Coordination Offices

The INEW implemented a new strategy to expand its zones of
influence and generate deep changes through Local Coordination Offices.
Each Coordination Office represents the International
Network of Education for Work at local and regional level,
managing its Institutional Relations by means of Cooperation
Agreements entered into with domestic or regional institutions where an INEW office is located and drafting Technical

ULA (University of Los Lagos): tools to fight against

educational and social inequality, offering quality and
affordable training courses.

The INEW in Colombia

The INEW office in the City of Bogot, Colombia is opened
since February.
Mariana Crdoba is responsible for the institution. She is a
lawyer specialized in International Law, Human Rights, Public
Policies and Education for Work. In addition, she has an
extensive experience in the development and management of
socio-educational programs.