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The cooling tower is a simple hydraulic system where one exploits the forced
evaporation to provoke the fall in temperature of water in use on the plant.
The main applications are automatic systems of cooling for civil and industrial
The system considers a water consumption due to the purge and to the external
dragging because of the air discharged. In these situations it is unavoidable to
accumulate impurities
contained in the air and to increase the concentration of salts present in the
The biggest inefficiency risks of the cooling system are: encrustations, corrosions
and growth of micro-organisms. The most used remedies to oppose such risks
are: dosage of appropriate inhibitors in order to decrease the encrustations,
dosage of chemical substances creating a protective film to prevent corrosions,
dosage of biocides in order to eliminate micro-organisms. DREWO offers a full
range of products designed for this application with the aim of easily and
automatically managing the plant and obtaining the maximum efficiency.
For a better management of the recirculation water in the cooling systems and an
efficient dosage of the chemical substances in order to improve the recirculated
water parameters we recommend an equipment made of:
A. Equipments for control and measuring:
1. Controler K 800 equiped with pH sensors, Conductivity, ORP and free

The controller will analyze in real time the quality of the water from the cooling
tower using the sensors and will control the dosages pumps, or the purge
electrovana according with the water parameters.
The pH sensor will be connected with the dosage pump for the corrosion inhibitor
in order to maintain the water in the requested pH limits. (The requested limits
required from the tower constructor are 7-8.3)

The free chlorine sensor will be linked up with the biocide dosing pump for
maintain the value of the chlorine in the pre-established limits (0.5-1 ppm Free
The conductivity sensor will be connected with the purge electrovana in order
to keep the conductivity and alkalinity in the required limits ( < 2400 micro S)
2. Water meter with counter pulse (APOMETRU CU IMPULS)

The flowmeter will register the quantity of the addition water from the tower
which will be correlative with the anti-scaling dosage pump, this adding the antiscaling substance proportionally with the addition water necessary for replacing
the purging and the evaporation. The quantity of anti-scaling will be calculated
according with the addition water.
3. Sensors, electrovana :
pH sensor - measurement range pH 2-14, maximum functioning temperature: 80C,
maximum operation pressure: 6 bar.
Material: glass, dimensions 12x120, connections S7
For aggressive medium.
Conductivity sensor CTK-1 with temperature sensor PT100, scale range: 5-5000 S
Maximum temperature: 100C.
Material: PP+AISI316.
Connections: G 3/4"
Free chlorine inorganic sensor FCL1, scale range: 0-10 ppm
Maximum temperature: 45C.
Maximum pressure: 1bar.
pH range: 4-8
Measuring cell for the debit/chlorine/pH-3 sensors: 1 debit sensor (floating magnetic float
sensor for minimum elevation) - 1 sensor Cl (POT) -1 sensor 12 mm pH/ORP
B. Dosage equipment
1. Dosing pumps: Tehno Evo TPG

Solenoidal digital dosing pump with constant adjustable debit, manual or proportional
according with an external analogic signal (4-20mA) or digital signal (flowmeter) with the
possibility of multiplication/scale.(demultiplicare)
Admission signal sensor level; timer function; ppm proportional dosing.
Dosage in static charge, login password on-off (remote control). Debit: max 4 l/h @ 12 bar,
max 8 l/h @ 2 bar aspiration and slump conections : hose connectors 4/6 mm
Input: 100 - 240 Vac, 50-60 Hz.
Materials: PVDF pump head, PTFE membrane, FPM consolidation
Installation Kit:
-Suction filter and injection device made from PVDF
-Flexible suction PVC tube, length 2 m
-Flexible PE tube for slump, length 2m
Software SekoNET (Windows XP si Windows 7)
Real-time visualization of the
three parameters, followed by the
K 800 controller with the
possibility of changing certain
preset values.
MODBUS RTU serial interface
for Real Time data communication

Graphical visualization of the

followed parameters for certain
periods of time.

Run time display of the measuring

stored data in graphic frame

D. Products used for the water treatment

1. Drewo 350 is a corrosion inhibitor used for installations that works by passivating
of the surfaces and pH adjusting. It will be dosed in accordance with the pH sensor.

2. Dian 3508 Is a highly efficient anti-scale used in installations where the

Langelier index can
2.5. This product will be dosed in
conjunction with the water meter with counter
pulse mounted on the water
3.Dab 4103 It an oxidising biocide efficient against Legionella and the entire
microbiological spectrum (works by destroying the cellular membrane).It will be dosed
accordance with the free chlorine sensor.
4.Dab 421 Is an non-oxidizing algaecide based on CIM-MIT. It will be weekly dosed
and the dosage pump will be directly coordinated by the K800 controller after it has
previously decrease the water conductivity from the tower in order to maintain the algaecide
minimum 2 hours in the installation.