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December 28, 1983 from Cavite City, Luzon, Philippines

Romans 11:33-36 "Oh, the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God!
How unsearchable his judgements, and his paths beyond tracing out! Who has known
the mind of the Lord?

Or who has been his counselor?

Who has ever given to God,

that God should repay him? For from him and through him and to him are all things!
To him be the glory forever!


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

"...who through the righteousness of our God and Saviour Jesus Christ have
received a faith as precious as our; Grace and peace be yours in abundance through
the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord." (II Peter 1:1,2) Thanks be unto God
for everyone of you; for your prayers, support money, encouraging letters, for me
and my family. It has been two months since I have written to let you know what
has been happening here with us.
November and December have been fast and busy for me! November is the month

that most Philipinos go to the cemetery and spend the day burning candles and pray
ing for the dead. I read an article in the newspaper that people in one provi.-^-nce
prepare a big feast for their dead. Then when it is late at night, they open their
windows and doors, turn out the lights, and in darkness (sic) pray and invite their
dead relatives to come and eat the food.

After so many minutes of prayer and dark

ness- they then turn the lights on to see_.if their relatives had visited them.. Jlot
only Is November known for "All Saints Day", but also it is fiesta time in Cavite
City. This also is in worship of angels and the dead saints of Cavite City, as well
as in the different barrios.

So there is much money spent in preparation to receive

guests that will travel hundreds of miles to visit. Naturally, it is to be expected

whenever they have their fiestas, that the favor will be returned.

Well, November did not find me in the cemeteries or preparing for fiesta, BUT
busy about the Lord's work. First of all, in Kawit, Cavite, we launched our
efforts into this area to establish the body of Christ there. Those who helped were
Caridad Church of Christ, Ben Sales, Ben F Ebuen, Bro. Pilo, Bro. Colixto, Churches
of Christ in Cavite Provv. .nee, Rosie and myself. Monday, Nov. 7, we started our
house to house evangelism, as well as Inviting the people to our planned evangelistic
meeting to be held Nov. 21-26. As we visited and shared the message of Christ,

many were surprised to hear we were not Catholics, Protestants, Mormans or Jehovah
Witnesses. They thought it strange to hear we were Christians, and Christians only 1
Our hopes were high because nost people were receptive and said they would come.
When we shared the gospel with several, we asked if they would like to obey the
Gospel in baptism, but they hesitated and would not submit. This work was done all
week, Monday thru Friday. Then Saturday and Sunday I was at San Pedro, Lagrena,
working with the Church there.
Nov 16th I went to San Pedro to meet Ed Thomas, M/M Clyde Brooker, M/M Don
Harris, who were coming through on their way to "Bocolod" in the southern part of

Luzon to build a Church building for the body of Christ there. They completed their
task in two weeks and went back to America rejoicing for the things God was able
to do through them, as well as the brothers and sisters here.
The Lord said, "man does not live on bread alone," but surely he needs some.
So with that in mind Rosie and I went shopping for groceries Nov 18th. However on

the way home, I discovered my driving skills were not as good as the Philipinos. I
got too close to a bus in passing and took off one of it's parking lights and
scratched some paint. There was no damage to our jeep; just to my pride.
The next week-end found Les. Jr, Deb, Marcia, & I back in San Pedro to preach

a message to encourage them because they had been divided because of jealousy. My
message was "0 Sorry" from I Kings 18. The result is known only to God. Monday,
Nov 21-, was the first night of the evangelistic meeting. I preached on Heb 4:1-4, _
"God's Hand Reaches Out to You Thru His Word." No one came forward. Tues. nite,
John the Baptist preached a sermon that should have raised the dead, but no one came.

Three more great Philipino preachers preached, but still no one came.

What happened

we asked ourselves. We did what God asked us to do; we planted, and will keep on
watering, and maybe in time, God will give the increase.

Nov 27-29 we prepared for our trip to Naga City, Bicol.

The church there was

having their 2nd regional convention, plus a two night Crusade in the city plaza.
Nov 29th we were awake at Sam, on a bus for Pasay Metro Manila at 4am, on a bus for '

Bicol at Sam, and arrived at 6:30 PM! The convention did not start till Friday, so
Rosie and I planned to do^oirte sight-seeing, but Rosie got sick and was in bed alV
three days! On Thursday it began to rain and continued until Saturday. Naturally
many did not attend the convention because of the rain.

We heard Jalmie Parrillo,

Bro. Albanio, 75yrs old, Bro. Montefalcon, and Quiapo M Manila preach. On Friday
we were supposed to be in the plaza but were rained out, but we met and preached any
way and seven young men came and were baptized. Saturday afternoon the four
Cervantes sisters, Rubio, and I visited in the city jail; no decisions. However
Saturday night we preached outdoors and a young man came to be baptized. Our place

of meeting was one similar to that of Athens (Acts 17) where all the wise ones come
to discuss things. Then Sunday morning we met together to break bread, had closing
remarks and ended the convention. Sunday afternoon we visited the jail and some
inmates wanted to be baptized but there was no place to do it. Bro Amedeo will
follow up on this, and do more teaching,as well. Pray they.will be allowed to be

Sunday night, Rosie and I were back on the bus again, going home to' the kids.
They have been staying with Soly, who has been staying with us'these past 3 months,
and Amen, she's not just a friend now, but on Dec. 11, I baptized her into Christ
and she^s now our sister.

After resting a couple days, I went back to San Pedro to meet with Rubio. In
March, '84, I'll be conducting a Crusade at Bicol. Then I conducted a crusade at
Cruzoda Church of Christ for a week of house to house evangelism and 4 nights of
preaching. During this t'imei, I got four special invitations to speak. And Wed.
morning I attended a wedding at Manila Bible Seminary conducted by Ronnie Hoffman.
Also on Thursday I met M/M Dennis McKinney and five seniors from Pacific Christian
College who are mission majors and are here for 8 weeks internship. We met at the
Quezon City Jail. The rest of the time we were evangelizing in homes, businesses,
rooming houses, and passing out tracts. You know, people here use the same excuses
as people in America, and probably all over the world. But as a result of the
efforts, eight were baptized into'Christ, with many more prospects to follow up.
One of those baptized was a young lady, 21, who at first thought baptism didn't
matter but after she read the word of God, she changed her mind and humbled herself
to Jesus and submitted to His will. Praise and thanks be unto God for the power of
His Word!

December 19 came and I was one tired man, but rejoicing in the Lord. I spent
the rest of the week home with my family and rejoicing that "Jesus was born and
is now with us"! Oh, brethren, there is coming a day that the world will only
experience once, and that is Jesus second coming!! Re is coming, and let's be found
serving him faithfully when he does come!!

1983 is now history. It has brought us both sorrow and joy, peace and worry,
over all that's happening. But who knows what 1984 will bring. God willing, we
will have a part in making it what it will be. As Paul says in Phil 3:13,14, "But
one thing I do; forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press
on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ

THANK ALL OF YOU AGAIN, for all you have done for Jesus and us in 1983. May
you continue to serve Jesus faithfully in 1984. We.still need your prayers, letters,
support and encouragement if you find it in yotir hearts and minds to continue
helping us with the Lord's work here. God loves you; we love you too!
Your family in Christ

Leslie, Rosie, Bobby, Leslie Jr, Debbie, Marcia, Wilkerson.


1. Jeep.

Amen! Gbd has provided. Our Jeep is paid in full.

2. Downpayment on house & lot, San Pedro, to be c6nverted into "church"$1,478,57

3. $5,000 toward total payment oh lot and house towards the $21,000 total cost.

4. Raise our support to $2,000 monthly to expand our ministry abilities.

i 3;^



%Alexandra Enriques
208 F. Manalac, San Rogue
Cavite City, Philippines 2705

Janet Wentworth

P 0 Box 19, RED 1

Canaan, IN 47224

i 1G 1S84

February 6, 1984


holiness give me. More sweetness within.

patience in suffering. More sorrow for sin;
faith in my Saviour, More sense of His care.
joy in His service. More freedom in prayer.


gratitude give me. More trust in the Lord,

zeal for His glory. More hope i.n His Word;
tears for His sorrows. More pain at His grief.
meekness in trial, More praise for relief.

"" i

More victory give me, More strength to O'ercome

More freedom from earth stains. More longing for home;

More fit for the Kingdom, More useful I'd be.

More blessed and holy. More, Saviour, like Thee. P.P. Bliss.
Hello and greetings to all. May these words from the Bible bring you comfort and
strength: "The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine upon you
and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace."
Num 6:24-26. All is well with us here, but Satan is still trying to destroy what
God has started in us. Rosie has been making friends and I as well, with some

neighboring teenagers but they wanted to take advantage of the situation, so we

put a stop to it. As a result they turned on Rosie; name calling, disrespectful, etc,
Until this day one of the young boys came and threw large stones at the house and
cursing in native tongue. So we found out that our friendship with them has been
one sided; ours. Like the people who followed Jesus, only because they had been
filled on the free bread and fish, so our friendship with them. Jesus had more to
offer than free bread, and so do we, but they did not want that! So now they are

our enemies. Pray we will have more love, and that the evil and hatred will become
something good.
January 1, 1984 started off with a "bang". Here they celebrate New Years the
same as in America. Sunday we went to Caridad Church of Christ, although we were

supposed to be at San Pedro, but Rosie was sick with the flu. Sunday af^rnoon the
Caridad Elders came to the house and served Rosie the Lord's Supper. During the
week her sickness continued, so I trying to stay around and help out where I could.
Soly, a previous friend of Rosie's, was on hand to do most of the house work. She
started attending services with us and listening in on our home devotions, asking
questions, and as a result asked to be baptized into Christ. So now she is more
than our housekeepershe is our sister in Christ.
Jan 4th some brethren and I went back to the jail for Bible Study. We sought
permission to build a baptistry and it was approved by the officials. We will start
in February. We will need 60 concrete blocks, rods, and cement at about $50. When
we started the jail ministry we had to renew our permit every month, but now we
have been granted permission almost unlimited. We have about 20 inmates asking
for baptism. Pray that we can do it and they won't be talked out of it.
Rosie got better, but then I learned Bobby had been skipping school to play
his friends and lying to us. I was going to spank him but we came to an agreement
that he would do thus and so in order to pass 6th grade, but he said "Dad, if you
don't spank me I'll try harder." Our agreement lasted three days, and this time I
applied God's wisdom to the bottom half of his body; then we prayed about the sin he
had committed and sought God's' forgi-veness and help. You know, that helped more
than the agreement! I don't tell this to humiliate my son, as he is no different
than most of us. We all struggle with sin and rebellion daily. I lift this up
to God that I can be a better father, and Bobby a better boy to resist temptation,
thru your prayers joined with ours. Pray for all of us. We thank you so much for
your prayers in the past.
The following weekend I went to San Pedro, Laguna to work with the Church in
the Pacita Complex. The work there has been mostly in the Sunday worship services,

and not door to door evangelizing. But when the family moves to Pacita in March,
Rubio and I will start (1) contacting through the mail & (2) follow up in the homes.
You may ask. Why not right now? Because Rubio works in Manila during the week, and
I am in Cavite City. So only during the weekends can we work in Pacita, so at my
suggestion we delayed our plans to evangelize until I am moved there and am able to
foUow-up our contacts. The Church at Pacito is doing well and they thank God for
all you in America supporting us to make our ministry possible to them.
January 9^16,23,30, Monday's-we continued our ministry at Cavite City High

We want to continue during the 84-85 school year if we can secure

permission from the proper authorities. Some of the students and some of the
teachers are submitting requests to the authorities to allow us to continue even.
Summer follow-up would be continued by Caridad and San Antionia Churches of Christ.

After our jail nreeting on the 9th, the brethren and I had a meeting about

our jail ministry and decided these three things would improve our efforts: (1)
using more printed materials, (2) constructing the baptistry, and (3) settling

problems by getting together immediately and seeking a solution instead of delaying.

On Friday the 13th Remey and I traveled to Liliw, Laguna to meet with a bro
ther who Is a banker. Our purpose was to ta'lk about a loan so we could make the
downpayment for a house and lot to use as a church building in Pacita, The brother
directed us to the elders of Liliw Church of Christ. It was suggested we write
a letter to them informing them of our needs because he channels all his help thru
the church there. Because of the present economic situation, no personal loans
were being made by order of the government. So it didn't turn out quite the way we
wanted it. However I was invited to preach at Liliw on the 29th.
On Saturday the 14th Remey and I met with the elders of Carmona Church of Christ
in the Cavite province to see how we could personally help with the work there.
They asked us if v/e could help them in Sunday afternoon services, and house to
house Bible study afterwards. We agreed and set our first meeting for Feb. bth.
This area is a settlement of 6,000 acres which the government iset aside for more
than 70,000 poor people, commonly called squatters. They moved them from Manila
and surrounding: areas because these people had come in and squatted on private
property.. As a solution, they were then moved to Carmona in 1972. And over the

past few years some of tlie squatters isbld their awarded property to people who had
jobs or money. As a joint efforts of the Churches in Cavite province, the Church
was started here in 1973, but because no preacher would stay very long, they have
not grown. It started with about 40 members, and still runs about the same. But
the elders and deacons have kept the work alive and they want to see this area
reached for Jesus. So with God's help and the efforts of the body of Christ there,
we will begin to see if we can help.
As I shared with you in the last newsletter, we got our jeep paid for, but be
cause we did not have moneyto maintain it, we used the extra Christmas money we
received to get work done on the jeep.
On January 22nd I v/as invited to preach at Valenzuela, Bulacan, -Metro Manila.
It was their 9th anniversary and should have been a time of rejoicing but for two

reasons they were not: (1) they had no funds and (2) there was anger and division
among them. They were divided into two groups, with an elder at the head of each
group. What divided them? First, a power struggle between these two elders, and
secondly, whether to use the Catholic "hostia" (one cup and one loaf) like most of
the Philippine churches use because they follow the Catholics, or to use many cups
and pieces of bread. Well after talking with the Elder who brought up this matter
as to why or wify not we should follow the Catholic tradition, he told me I needed
to study more and then come back and talk with him, so I said "Okay." Pray with
me that we can meet a solution according to God's Will and unite, the Lord's body
into one so it can live.

Ben and I spent most of the rest of our time calling house to house and Bible
Study in the homes during our weekends in San Pedro, Laguna. The Lord is good
and he keeps us within His .care and takes care of our every need. Praise and Glory
be unto Him.

Thank you brothers and sisters in Christ for your part in prayer and financial
support. We still have these needs:

(1) $1,478 for a down payment for the house and lot, for a church building in Pacita.
(2) $6,000 toward total payment of the house and lot.
(3) We are seeking to increase our support to $2,000 per month in our way to help.
With prayer I have printed 500 copies of information on the work here, as well as
500 request letters seeking the help of brothers and sisters in Christ in America.
I chose 10 Churches from each State where there were ten. iThis month those letters

are going in the mail. May God bless their delivery as well as the response of
those who receive them. (430 mailed 2/7/84 at a cost of P2,700 or $200 USA)
God bless all of you, as Paul wrote to the Church at Corinth (15:58) "Therefore
my dear brothers, stand firm; Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully
to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in


Love ;in Christ,', '

. '.

j Leslie, Rosie,'fob, Leslie Jr, Debbie, and Marcia.

P.S. to Larrywe are working on the expenses for the February, 1985 crusade. We ,
have some private homes who would keep Americans during the crusade. We .are
on hotel costs also. We not only "want to work in the:Cavite area but in 3 or 4
other Provinces. We will start traveling in March to, these areas to set up plans
for the crusade. We are talking about workers, publicity, and evangelism. When
you have the names of those coming, let us have them so we can use them in-our
promotion...thanks for all you are doing for us, Larry. We appreciate it very much.

P 0 Box 4525

Forwarding Secretary
P 0 Box 19. RFO 1

Manila, Philippines

Canaan, Indiana 47224

MAY 4, 1984




Forwarding Agent
GEN. 1:14 NIV


"And God said. Let there

be lights in the expanse of

the sky to separate the day
from the night, and let them
serve as signs to mark seasons
and days and years."

AS GOD sends spring at winter's end and birds return to_ build again'
As dark woods quicken into green beneath the kiss of April's rain.
So shall I wake one happy day and feel the pulse of life anew,^
Looking out with fearless eyes towards a broader, brighter view-

Discovering forgotten dreams and happiness so long denied-Learning how to live again, by many sorrows purified. ^
As new sap rises in the bough and bursts the folded buds apart.
So will hope bring forth her flowers and joy return unto my heartiPatience Strong
Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I know at the writing of this letter winter is out and spring is in. With that
there is a showing of new life and colors in America. At the writing of this letter
all of us Wilkersons are fine and thankful to our God and Father above who continues

to bless and keep us in His way. Truly we know it is because of your love for God
that you are still supporting this ministry. My prayer is that you will continue to
do so, even when I take so long to get my newsletter to you. May God forgive me
this wrong.

Acts 2:47

Romans 10:13-15, "For everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.
How then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they
believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without

someone preaching to them? And how can they preach unless they are sent? As it is
written. How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news."
At Project 7 Church of Christ 10 were baptized into his body, Feb 2-7-Maf^3.
Mar. 19-25 at Licab there were 17 baptized into Jesus. Mar 28-Apr 3 at Bicol we had
19 baptized into Christ; and we also started a new congregation that week. To
God be the glory and thanks unto you as well because of your prayers and financial

support these have been reached and "born again" of "water and the Spirit" as in
John 3:3-5. Pray for us that they will, not die in infancy and that they will
"hunger and thirst after righteousness" Matt 5:6. We had one other meeting in
April beginning the 14th and 10 were baptized into our Lord!


You might ask, WHERE DO WE TEACH?

Jesus, our example, taught on hillsides, in gardens, houses, synagogues
temple, at the seashore, marketplace, and water Well; mountain tops,, etc.


Well, I try to do the same. I get many invitations to visit the "churches of
Christ" here in the Philippines to teach and encourage. In fact, there are so many,
I am unable to meet all the requests.

Also I can teach at birthday services,

weddings and anniversaries, and visiting the brethren in their homes. Conventions
and seminars are also another place to teach. In April at Pacita in San Pedro, we
started Wednesday prayer meetings and I teach there.
WHEN DO I TEACH? Almost every time I am asked as well as any opportunities
that arise.


John 20:30,31 says "Jesus did many other miraulous signs in

the presence of his disciples, which are not recorded In this book, but these are
WRITTEN THAT YOU MAY BELIEVE that Jesus is the Christ, the son of God, and that by

believing you MAY HAVE LIFE IN HIS NAME!" We strive to teach so they can believe in

Then it says in Acts 2:42, "They devoted themselves to the apostles teach

ings..." and I can do no less. Our efforts are simply to "SPEAK WHERE THE BIBLE



Weekly, we will conduct services at Pacita in San Pedro.

Conduct wedkly Wednesday and Friday Bible study there also.

3. May 18-20 will be a Convention for Churches of Christ in the Philippines,

and I have been asked to speak to a women's group on the topic, "The Role of Women
In The Church,"

4. We will spend the month of June in preparation for White Fields team coming
here for evangelistic meetings. Reggie Thomas will also take a team on to Cebu.


The work at Cavite City continues in the jail and the high school even though
I am not there. Bros. Ben and Ben continue to teach. The efforts to construct a.

baptistry in the jail are still pending. I will give the $70 needed out of my month
ly support, but if anyone wants to contribute to this project, it won't be refused.
The Bros. Ben cpntinue to teach and follow up at the City High School which has
resulted in home Bible, studies for a future harvest of souls! . Amen!

Also we havij.

received approval to continue next year.

We trust this letter will find you all well, even as we are, and busy in the
Lord's work. I must confess there are still times when I am home trying to be a
husband, father, and an .example to my family, although this is one of my weaker
areas- I don't want you to think that I only teach and preach and neglect my family
because I don't. I would like to hear any comments, or suggestions you think would
help me, and are you pleased with our work? I want to know because it is your
support that makes this ministry possible. Please let me hear what you think!


February is a very important month for us. On Feb 17, 1971 Rosie became my wife
and now have 13 years to celebrate. May God bless uswith 13 more and even more than
that if He wills. Also on Feb. 28, 1977, our Debbie Newton Wilkerson was born. The
Newton comes from Olivia Newton John because Rosie is a fan of her singing.


i' s now 7 years old and enters,the first grade this year. Also Feb 28, my oldest
brother. Tommy was born. On Feb'29, 1980, in the middle of a snow storm in Elizabeth
City, N.C., God blessed us again with Marcia Bright Wilkersonthe Bright is because
of a dear brother and sister in Christ, Dad and Mom Bright, who treated our whole
family as if we were theirs. So Marcia is now 4 years old.
Way back on March 22, 1951 there was a little Philippine girl born. She grew up
to be a beautiful woman and is now my wife. Rosie was 33 this March.
But before God blessed us with girls, he gave us two boys; Bobby and Leslie Jr.

Do you wonder why our first born was not named Junior after me instead of our second?
Well, Bobby was born in the Philippines June 4, 1971, and I wanted to name him Leslie
Jr, but Rosie's relatives convinced her to say "no way" because there is an old
wives tale that says since Bobby looked so much like me that if he was named after
me, something would happen to me and Bobby would take my place. Anyway, I had a good
Marine buddy from Texas named Bob Ivey, so we gave him Bob as his first name and
Rosie's maiden name Gutib as his second name. Bob will be 13 on June 4. Leslie Jr
was born on May 29 under the treat of a tornado, heavy rains and wind storm, at
Princeton, Indiana, just seven miles from where I was born in 1950 during a snow

storm. Leslie Jr. will be 10 years old May 29th. God has been good to us all and he
continues to bless us with strength to help us over the "humps" of this life. Our
prayer for our children is that as Jesus "increased in stature, wisdom and in favor
with God and men" so may they.

We are going to start sending our children to Faith Academy School where most
of the children of the missionarie.s attend.

Last year Bob and Leslie Jr. had a

lot of trouble in the public schoolit just did not work out. Only by the grace of
God did we get them thru. So even though it will cost us a lot of money, we feel
it just has to be done regardless. Their school year begins in July, and we will
enroll them in May, Any extra support for their education will be .appreciated much!
I do not know exactly how much it will cost, but after we enroll them, we can let
you know. We feel this is necessary if.we want them to develop emotionally as
well as in talents.

Also when we come home on furlow in 1987 it will be easy to

enroll them in USA school programs. We do need some help for our children.


Brethren, we still are in need of a one time gift of $2,000 for securing

rights to buy a house and lot In Pacito complex at San Pedro. March 10th we moved
from Cavite City to San Pedro to live. We are presently renting a three bedroom
home, kitchen, living and dining room combination. Rent and utilities are $85 per
month. We could be using this money toward purchasing a house and lot for church
work here if we could get this $2,000 down payment. This need, together with our
money for the kids enducation, is our biggest, concern at present.


II Cor. 9:12,13 "This service that you perform is not only supplying the needs

of God's people, but is also overflowing In many expressions of thanks to God.

Because of the service by which you have proved yourselves, men will praise God
for the obedience that accompanies your confession of the gospd of Christ, and
for your generosity In sharing with them and with everyone else."
We love you .in the Lord!



* ..


P 0 Box 4525

Forwarding Secretary
P 0 Box 19. RFD 1

: .

Manila, Philippines

Canaan, Indiana 47224 .



July 17, 1984


Forwarding Agent

I Cor 9:24-27 (NIV)

"Do you not know that in a race,
all the runners run, but only one gets

the prize? Run in such a way as to

SEP 1 0

get the prize* Everyone who competes

in the games goes into strict training.
They do it to get a crown that will

not last; but ^ do it to get a crown

that will last forever.


l_ do not run like a man running

aimlessly; I do not fight like a man
beating the air. No, I beat my body
and make it my slave so that after I have preached to others, I myself will not be
disqualified for the prize."

are in Christ, who are looking for and waiting for His return. Paul said we were
in a race; we are In training! Do you remember when you entered the race, and
started disciplining yourself? Are you still in the race? Are you still under the
discipline of God? Rom 12:12; Rom 13:1FF; Gal 5:13-26; Eph 6:10-18; Heb 12:4-13.
Brothers and sisters in Christ, let us not join the ranks of the unbelievers, but
Instead let us be among the faithful. Heb 12:11 "No discipline seems pleasant at
the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness
and peace for those who have been trained by It."


From our last newsletter, we mentioned the 75th Natl. Convention

of the Churches of Christ to be held May 18-20. It is now history, but what sweet
fellowship we had in the Lord. Philippine brethren and brethren from the U.S. as
well joined together in praise and adoration of Jesus. Most of the American mission
aries were there and Involved in teaching classes, and preaching, too. Then on the
first day of the week, some 4,000 of us American and Philippine Christian gathered
to break bread and I thought of Pentecost, AD_30.. Many many_.n.o_D-_believers._also came_
and as a result of hearing the preaching more than 20 came to be baptized into Christ.
"To God Be the Glory" is all we can say!
II. HIS TRUTH IS MARCHING ON: I Cor 1:21 "...God was pleased through the foolish
ness of what was preached to save those who believe." This is how God chose for

his truth to march on. The last 2 weeks of May and first 2 weeks of June was spent
at San Pedro in house to house Bible studies and preaching. The rest of June was
spent with Whitefields Evangelistic Crusade in the Bicol Region. The Americans
who came were from Rockwood, TN: Linwood & Debbie Smith, Bud & Sandra Strader, and
Richard Robertson. They arrived June 23 in Manila, and flew on to Naga City. Three
months before their arrival our brethren had been preparing in house to house evan
gelism, posting streamers, etc. All things went smoothly under the supervision
of Bro. Remy Rubio who is Reggie Thomas's co-worker and how I was connected with
the crusade as we are working together in San Pedro. My part was to help with the
personal evangelism. So we held three night evangelistic meetings and visited
prospects and distributed handbills, and still had time to visit Mayon Volcano, one
of the most beautiful places in the Islands. Above you could see the top covered

with clouds, and below the valleys stretching out of sight. We had a flat tire going
up and another coming down', but arrived back at Naga City in time for the meeting.
3ro. Bud sang with his guitar and Bro. Smith preached that night, and after six days
3nd nights calling and preaching there were 108 baptized into Christ and a new
congregation started. On June 30, the team with Renny and wife, left Naga City
flying to Manila to meet with Reggie and the'other's. June 31 most of the team flew
with Reggie to China for 4 days, on to Hong Kong. What happened to ma? I remained
in the Bicol Region as I was invited to visit one of the mountain Churches for 5 days.
I had two nights of open air preaching and daily visitation. Then Friday, July 6,
I boarded a bus back to San Pedro. After more than two weeks away from my family,
it was sure good to be back home. The trip was long and tiring, and I was able to
share the gospel with a young man on the bus who asked me the difference between the
Roman Catholic Church and the Church of Christ.

Afterwards he thanked me and said

he now had a decision to make, and unlike the Eunuch, wanted to think about it.
III. BACK HOME AND FAMILY: My journey began at 10 AM Friday and ended 7 PM, I had
continually-prayed asking God to care for them whil I was away, and arriving home,
I found He had done that. We had a great reunion, as I stopped being an Evangelist
and became a Husband and Father once again. Everyone was in order, and instead of
"daddy this, and daddy that" and "honey take care of this and that", it was so much
different, I just said "Amen!" But some sad news too: a girl working with us whom
we trusted and liked a lot had helped herself to most of Rosie's clothes, and to .

our money, taking about 450 Pesos!

This is the third time we have been stolen from. ,

From now on, we will keep our money in the bank, and since Rosie is getting long ,
doing all the household jobs, we are not going to get another helped as it has .
always ended up in a bad experience.
Schooling: you know from the last newsletter we said help was going to be
needed immediately, but the crises is over. Bob, Leslie Jr, and Debbie are enrolled
in a private school in San Pedro, and so far, so good! Private school here means
they can't leave the grounds when they want, are picked up at home and brought back
home, so there are less chances for them to be side-tracked. Faith Academy would
have been much better, but counting the cost, we decided to not start what we could
not finish, as the Bible says.
Rosie still hasn't been able to start secretarial school or any kind of school.
Rosie and all of us are still fine and about the Lord's work here in the Philippines.
The children swim, play basketball, bicycle, and talk with their friends during free
time. Leslie Jr. mades wooden planes, tools, and collects all kinds of odd things
that be brings home to be in the way, but Jie enjoyed It. Bobby likes drawing and
reading. Debbie and Marcia are typical girls and like to do what girls like to do!
Sometimes I think they enjoy most to pull my hair and nose, and just in general
mess with me. Rosie spends time in the yard trying to grow a few vegetables and
flowers. I like to swim, walk, help Rosie,- play with the children, basketball, etc.
One other family note: on May 10, Rosie's grandfather, our brother in Christ, passed
from this life into the next life. According to Paul, this "is to gain." Bro.
Marcas was born again in November of 1983 and was 75 years old. Up till he learned
the truth, he followed Dr. Rizal, a Philippine national hero. But Amen, he learned
the truth and obeyed the gospel. Therefore, some day we will meet him in heaven.
When we meet together there, I am sure he will tell you, "Thank all of you from
America for sending Leslie and Rosie so I could hear the gospel and be in heaven!


The work in San Pedro continues.

We average more than 20 on Sundays

and most of the members are transfers from churches in Manila.

I will continue to

can house to house, have Bible studies, and we are making plans for Larry Jamison
and team members who are coming in February of 1985. We have chosen four places
where there are no new testament Churches, but with God's help, after February that
won't be the case- Join us in prayer about this! Pray for us, and for them that
they can come. Ask God to help us prepare for their coming. We need to have
seminars, travel a lot, etc. This is my first time to be involved in this kind of

effort. Bro. Remy has much experience, but we still need God's help and guidance.
On July 15th, the leaders of Pacita Church of Christ met to talk about and
make plans for the work there. One of these was the pursuit of a house and lot to
be converted into a "house of worship." There are places available, but getting
less and less. Naturally, finding a place is one thing, then getting the money is
still another. Brothers and sisters, we need this one time help of $2,000 so we can
buy here in Pacita. We have on hand about 8,000 Pecos which is far from what we
rreed to buy the rights! Help! Help! Send this help through GTO the same as you
do our support. Mark it house and lot at Pacita.

We still T>lan to remain in the-Phllipplnes until 1987, But these plans have
to work within the will of God, and you as our supporters. Truly all of you are
wonderful to help us like you do. I have noticed since we started receiving support

in 1981 till the present, some supporters have stopped sending. But thank God you
have continued to help us and we are thankful to you. Are you satsified with the
results so far? All we Wilkerson's thank you, as well as do the brethren here in
the Philippines that we work with in leadership and in the Churches.


II Cor 9:12,13 "This service that you perform is not only

supplying the needs of God's people, but is also overflowing in many expressions of
thanks to God.

Because of the service by which you have proved yourselves, men will

praise God for the obedience that accompanies your confession of the gospel of
Christ, and for your generosity in sharing with them and with everyone else."
We love you in the Lord!
Leslie & Rosie, Bobby, Leslie Jr., Debbie, and Marcia




Forwarding Secretary
P 0 Box 19, RFD 1
Canaan, Indiana 47224

P 0 Box 4525

Manila, Philippines



August 1, 1984

Forwarding Agent



It cost Abraham the yielding up of his son.

It cost Daniel to be cast in the lion's den

^,0 rf
i' /

It cost Stephen death by stoning.

It cost Peter a martyr's death.
It cost Paul to be imprisoned and later his life.
It cost Jesus to die on the cross.

Does it cost you anything? (copied...)

I Peter 1:13-16 "Therefore prepare your mfnds for action; be self-controlled; set
your hope fully on the grace to be given you when Jesus Christ is revealed. As
obedient children, do not conform to the evil desires you had when you lived in
ignorance. But just as he who called you is hdly, so be holy in all you do, for
it is written, 'Be holy, because I am holy.'"
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ; Greetings! And God's speed! As I write this
letter it is well with all the Wilkerson's in the Philippines. This is our prayer

and thoughts for you all that this letter will reach. As Paul was always, thankful
for the Churches, and individual Christians for their faithfulness, so are we for

all of you who share in this ministry. Thank youl! Don't think that what you do is
too little or too much.

But do all in love, and God will bless.

We love you all

in the Lord.




Tourist attraction in Manila...copied

The questing band of Spanish soldiers, some 250 strong led by Miguel Lopez de
Legazpi, arrived in Manila on May 16th, 1500's. The year before Legazpi's master
of camp, Martin de Gorti, and Juag de Salcedo, the Adelantado's grandson, laid waste
this promising indio village, setting it on fire when the proud lord of the fort,
Sulayman, refused a peace pact. (India is the people or tribe who lived there.)
This time, threatened natives themselves set fire to their village and escaped
across the river to Tondo, leaving the place for the taking. (Tondo was a town
nearby.J Legazpi saw in this strip of land and burnt out fort_the_prospect__of a
promised land. For lying at the tip of the river the marshy land formed a delta
where rice grew in abundance. So it was settled and business and barter flourished
via the Chinese junks and other trading boats. On May 19, the day of St Potenciana,
Manila was planned, and on June 24 formally founded as a City, A Muninical Council
was formed and it proceeded to divide the land among the soldiers and public
officials accompanying Legazpi. The Governor-General was assigned a plot outside
Sulayman's main stron-ghold, now known as Ft. Santiago. A Cathedral site was allotted
beside the appointed town square, and the city was divided into 64 blocks with a
total area of 90 acres, including a moat. The walls of the city were 2 and 3/4 miles
long. Thus this Spanish settlement thrived, governed, and fought off invaders be
sea or land, as they and the Catholic religion impinged on. Philippine life. In
1645 a great earthquake shattered the Spaniards' dream to, a pile of rubble and drove
the economy into near disaster when this natural calamity caused the flight of
capital from Manila to Mexico. In 1762 the British penetrated the solid defense of
the Spanish and occupied the City for 4 years. But throughout these times, the

Cindad Murada was the premier City when all the trappings of wealth and power were
to be seen, in the decor of public buildings, tn the magnificently ornamented
Churches and the luxury goods that the galleon trade brought in. But it was a tired
and soggy economy that the 19th Century ushered in, the failure of the galleon
trade in 1815 practically knocking out its.last breath. More earthquakes of 1863
and 1880 dealt more damage to-the Spanish economy, its hopes of rebuilding the
governors palace finally abandoned.and the Cathedral portions of the Ayuntamiento
and private homes were laid to rubble. When the Americans came in 1898 with more
modern warfare and the Revolucjonarips trapping them from the inside, the Spanish
only requested an honorable surrender and the exclusion of the Filipinos, the real
enemy in the treaty. The walls withstood the changing of powers, but they were
nothing more than a symbol of a passing age; the sweat and blood of conquest and

defeat forgotten. The inner city itself was destroyed-in.air,raids and neglect.
By 1945 it was lying in waste. Intromuros only existed in people's memories, in
Archival pictures, and in records. In 1979 Pres. Ma rcos issued Presidential decree
1616, creating the Intramuros Administration to restore and administer this city.
Pride of heritage, respect for history, motivated the decree. Within 10 years this
premier city should see again a revival of its former glory as restoration reclaims
it from the past and relates it to contemporary life with all the overtones of
history it can offer. I hope this look back into the Philipinos' history has been
informative to you. Now for some recent history in the Philippines, July 1984.


JULY 1984:

America celebrates another year of existence, freedom, and

prosperity, which are all as a result of God's kindness, mercy, and love. It is
terrible that most Americans don't acknowledge that. But brothers and sisters,
this is also an anniversary for the Wilkerson's. On July 5th, 1982, the Wilkerson
family boarded a 747 Jet at New York City, Kennedy International Airport, 8:45 PM,
and headed for Entebbe, Uganda, East Africa. Isn't the brain wonderful; it seems
like it was just yesterday, but It was 1982. Two very close friends were with us,
Herman and Ruby Boseman from Eliz. City, NC, We have been gone 2 years! My how time
passes! And before you know it, 1987 will be here and we will be on our way back
to the USA! July is our anniversary for leaving America, but our arrival in the
Philippines was Sept. 4, 1982, 6:00 AM, from Kenya, E, Africa, After the door was
closed to us there, the door opened for us in the Philippines! Thanks again, and to
God be the glory, for all of you who made our move possible. Did you know? The
Philippines do celebrate July 4 because that was the day she was liberated from
the Japanese in 1946! That's right, even though the war ended in 1945, After
Martial Law was declared in 1971, Pres. Marcos declared that the celebration of

independance day be moved back to June 12th, because on that day in 1898 with the
help of America, she became independant of Spain. But they still have a friendship
celebration of Philipine/American freedom on July 4.
Now for one more important anniversary in July. July 31, 1983, the Pacita
Complex Church of Christ was started, and had their first 'breaking of bread'
service- This year we celebrated our first anniversary on July 29th, the last

Sunday of the month. Wow!!! What a blessing it was. The service started at 8:40 AM,
I taught Sunday School on Phil 4, "Whatever Is". Then we had a guest speaker on
"The Glorious Church", Bro. Remy gave the history of the Church at Pacita. Special
song, prayers and praises were abundant. Then Bro. Jimmy HcElroy from Manila Bible
Seminary spoke on "The Church Christ Built" Matt 16:18. All this was truly blessed
by God. As long as the Church at Pacita is in existence, may she always know the
joy, strength, love, and Head of the Church, Jesus Christ! Pray for her that she will
be pure in Bible, morality, and found faithful till Christ's coming.
III. JULY'S WORK: Since my return from Bicol Region. I have been a home body.
I have not continued the previous home Bible Studies because those involved have
not shown interest to continue. During the week, I have spent on sermons and lessons
for Pacita; reading, and writing letters, sharing and witnessing, walking, shopping,

working in the yard and relaxing. So, although I have not led in home studies, I
have continued to witness and God's truth is still marching on.

July 20th, Remy

and I went to Neueva Ecija to visit with a brother and make arrangements for our
February crusade. There are 20 to 30 Churches in this Province, but still plenty
of room for one more and many more besides. We did meet with the brother and set up

a meeting for Aug 18 of all the area Churches, This will help us recruit helpers,
gain co-operation for the area Churches. In the months ahead, we will be making
visits to 6 or 8 places to make such plans for Larry's arrival- But all of this
must work within the will of God. But God's will works within His children, so will

you also help? How? By (1) prayers, (2) send financial support. We will also be
holding Seminars at these places, explaining the purpose of the crusade and train
the workers. Bro Remy has experienced this preparation before, but for me it is
a first. Pray that God will bless all the efforts on our part here, as well as on
your part in the USA.

Sunday, July 22, I preached "Being Filled with the Holy Ghost" at Pacita, and
visited with Talon Church of Christ to prepare for the Feb./85 meeting.
was that it was a bad time because of coffee harvest and no one would be
We thanked them for their honesty and said we would try somewhere elsehave been the 5th time efforts there have failed. So pray that in God's

The result
This would
good time

this place will be opened.

July 23-30 was spent in the anniversary services. July 30th was a day of
relaxing, and etc. July 31, went to Manila to call my Mom and ask how she was. No
one home but my brother Ivan who told me everyone was fine; and my sister had gotten
married. We made plans to call again before Christmas, said Good Bye, and God
bless, and ended July.-

August looks good and promising.

God still is in control! Jesus isstill the

answer to man's problems. The Holy Spirit* is still in the world bringing men and
women to repentance through the preaching of God's Word. The message is still the
same, "Ye must be born again of water and the Spirit...Jesus is coming, and it is
nearer and nearer as man goes further and further away from Him. Oh, brethren,
don't go away from Jesus, and don't be deceived and'don't forget that nothing,
not every nuclear device in existence, not Russia, or the Devil himself, can change
the fact that He is coming back for us. Joshua 1:6 "Be strong and of good courage...
Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous; do not be terrified; do not be
discouraged for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go."
America has just witnessed its 208th birthday. To God be the Glory. May
she continue till the day Jesus returns. The Bible says in Gal. 6:7,8 "Do not be
deceived; God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. The one who sows to
please his sinful nature, from that nature will reap destruction; the one who sows

to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life."
This is true of nations as well.

Rom 1:18 FF.

Bye for now and love in Christ...The Wilkersons!

Otc 24 884


Forwarding Agent

Forwarding Secretary^

P 0 Box 19. RFO 1: ;:/

Canaan, IN 47224

P-O Box 4525

Manila, Philippines
November 5, 1984

"There is a time for everything, and a season for

every activity under heaven: a time to be born
and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to
uproot, a time to kill and a time to heal, a
time to tear down and a time to build, a time to

weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time

to dance, a time to scatter stones and a time to
gather them, a time to embrace and a time to refrain,
a time to search and a time to give up, a time to
keep and a time to throw away, a time to tear,
and a time to mend, a time to be silent and a time
to speak, a time to love and a time to hate, a
time for war and a time for peace." NIVEcc 3:1-8

author unknown to me.

DEAR BROTHERS AND SISTERS, "to those sanctified in Christ Jesus and called to be

holy, together with all those everywhere who call on the name of our Lord Jesus
Christ, their Lord and ours; Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the
Lord Jesus Christ." I Cor 1:2,3. As I look at these scriptures, it reminds me that
it is time to write, though it seems a small task, yet for me is a difficult one.
But since it is very important that you who support me and pray for me receive my
newsletter, I take the task in hand.

While more than two months have passed since my last newsletter, I do not have much

to report; my fault, not God's.

I remember while in Roanoke Bible College I would

have time like that; sometimes I would be straight and direct

sights on my goal ahead, and others when I would have a slump
much. My Dean of Students would call me in and ask, "Leslie,
what you are here for? Your grades are down; get it together
out of school."

to my work with my
and not accomplish
have you forgotten
or you will soon be

This same thorn-in the flesh inflicts me yet; I ^l_lp_Jjito my rut,

and as a result don't accomplish much and I know the Lord's work, my family, the
Church, and myself, all suffer because of it.



With God's help, let me reach back to August.

On Aug 5th I was invited to preach at the church afore-mentioned that had divided
over the teaching of man concerning the Lord's Supper and Leadership. Fortunately
the source of division has left, but he took some with him, leaving wounds to be
healed by those remaining faithful. The ones who left had families still in the .
Church. After preaching, our question-answer session proved very beneficial.

Aug 6-11 I was home in Laguna.

On Aug. 15, I was guest speaker for a youth rally^

and spoke on "Keep your Lights Shining." Aug. 18 Bro. Remy and I traveled to visit
some congregations to line up our Feb. 85 crusade with Larry Jamison and Larry
Schnautz. They wanted to know what involved in preperation and finances. We told
them they would have to do their part and we would supply the preachers and workers
but very little financial help from us to them for having us come. Another meeting
was scheduled, but because we could not promise them money for a counter-part, they
said we could not come.

the Crusade.

This is now the third place we have been turned down for

On Aug. 19 we preached at Pacita with Bible Studies the week that

followed and continued the rest of the montb.

We set aside September for revivals In the Bicol Region Churches, located in
the southern part of Luzon. This is where the Mayon Volcano was causing trouble.
We were not in immediate danger. This is also the area were most of the typhoons
pass. The first 11 days we spent preparing for the trip. 9/12 we boarded a train
for our 10 hour trip. We had the Second Anniversary services at Naga City 9/14-16th
and I was the only American speaker. The next day we went to the coastal area to
have revival services for 5 churches.

These were established by the grandparents of

Bro. Remy, who is a 3rd generation Christian. These churches have been in existence
for more than 30 years, but this is the first time for revivals, and consequently,

many have fallen away and gone back to the world.

Our plan was to spend one week

with each of the 5 churches preaching and visiting, but when we arrived at Nago, we
"received word that one church did not want us to come; and two others wanted to
combine their week. Our main concern was to revive the believers, but we managed

to baptize 18 into Christ also. The faithful were strengthened, instructed,

and-encouraged and uplifted. Five others who had disfellowshipped themselves were
brought back. We warned many other backs!idders. At the close we scheduled a
seminar for the newly baptized and instructed them on: THE CHURCH, PRAYER, LORD'S
SUPPER, BAPTISM, AND BIBLE STUDY, The brethren were so pleased they scheduled
another meeting for the summer. On Get 3rd we returned back to Naga City; it was
, good to be back home.

October 7th found us in fellowship with the brothers and sisters at Pacita,\Monday thru Friday we rested, studied and prepared to teach on Revelation on the v

13th, continuing each Saturday at Pacita.

On Sundays we ministered to the body at

Pacita, with much of the week days spent in study, family activities, and free-time.With the passing of October, November found me still at Pacita with no immediate

plans to be any other place. November 9, and 16, i'am to be guest speaker for ,

youth groups at Cruzada Church in Manila, the theme is "Witnessing," So Saturdays

I will continue on my Revelation series and Sunday conduct services at Pacita.
So, I have tried to be honest with you and bring you up to date on my missionary
work. Thank you so much for your part in this ministry. Without it we could not do
it, so God continue to bless, guide, and use you all in His Kingdom. We will never
really know the good we have done until that day we stand before the Lord.


Where to begin; that is the question. So, let's start with Bob, Leslie Or,
and Debbie and their schooling. They have received their first report cards and
Debbie was the top with high 80's in every subject. Bob and Les were 70's in all
subjects. So far as we can tell physically, they are all fine. Spiritually, they
are growing, but like the Lord Jesus and Paul said; not understanding all, which
causes them, and us alike to go contrary to the teachings received.

However in

God's time, their faith will develop. Marcia is not in school, but she is okay,
and asks questions around the house which shows her knowledge is increasing. How
ever, most of her time is spent playing with friends in the neighborhood. I thank
God for each of them; they are a joy to us. May God continue to bless them and
guide their lives. The children frequently ask, "Daddy, when are we going back to

And I tell them in '86 or '87 if God wills.

Now for some new news. What has a long beak, white feathers, stilt legs, and
comes around after nine months? Yes, we know babies aren't delivered that way, but
this one will be delivered by airplane. It seems that a boy named John has been
living with us for the past two months because his father left, and since the mother
was a cousin to Rosie, she asked us to take John and care for him. Now Herman and
Ruble Boseman in Elizabeth City, N.C. wants to adopt John as their son, so we are
working on the legal papers and with God's help it will be a reality. This may take
about six months, however.
And now for my RIB. No, I didn't have an accident. The Bible says in Genesis
2:21, "God took one of Adam's ribs and made Eve, a helper suitable for Adam,"
is my rib, and she and I are still meeting the challenges of marriage, and parent
hood, in which we are trying to make Christ head of all. Physically, we are fine,
with minor sicknesses only, to God be the glory. Spiritually we are learning and
growing in the grace of God.
One last thing; I was 34 on Sept. 20, 1984.

My prayers and thoughts are

these. If"I should be given life till next Sept 20th, that as I age another year
physically, so will my spiritual life.




I am scheduled two weeks in December with Charles and Florence Littell,

Also, Dec. 27-30 am guest speaker at the Churches of Christ Convention in Neueva
Elija Province.

B. January, survey work in Pacita complex; VBS plans for the summer, with
follow up personal evangelism, minister to Pacita Church of Christ and continue
Saturday night Bible study on Revelation.
C. February 85, work with Larry Jamison, GTO Directorand Larry Schnautz.
Pray that God will bless this campaign and all the things we seek to accomplish for
the kingdom of our Lord.

CONCLUSION: Till we meet again continue in God's care; may He keep you and bless
you. Do keep praying for us, that God's will be done in our lives and He will
continue to provide for our needs. You know. Brothers and Sisters, that we need
you and you are so important to us. "However, as. it is written; no eye has seen,
no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love

I Cor 2:9

l^.gape in ChristLeslie & Rosie, Bob, Leslie'Jr, Debbie, Marcia, and John.