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(A Government of Karnataka Undertaking)
I) The Particulars of Organisation, functions and duties.
The growth of Small Scale Industries in our country since
independence is rightly regarded as one of the most significant features
of planned economic development. The very concept of small-scale
industries, as we know, was not in vogue on the eve of independence.
Rural and Cottage industries, which constituted the indigenous sector
of our industries, were wide spread throughout the length and breadth of
our country. Various programmes to sustain, modernise and further
develop this group of industries were initiated soon after the
independence and the modern small-scale industry scheme has
gradually emerged out of this programme. The Small Scale Industries
have provided opportunities for self employment to educated young
men and experienced technicians from the middle level of society and
contributed full to the growth of industrial entrepreneurship in our
country. Today small-scale industries is regarded as power tool for
balanced regional economic development. These achievements are
primarily due to the dynamic enterprising spirit of the small-scale
industrialists themselves. A positive programme for assistance of smallscale industries was initiated towards the end of 1954 on the basis of a
suggestion made by the international planning team sponsored by the

Ford Foundation at the request of Govt. of India. Further, on the basis of

the recommendations of the central small scale industries advisory
board the state level organisations to assist the small scale industries
for procurement of scarce raw materials establishment of industrial
estates, etc, have been set up in all states. KSSIDC, is one of such
Corporations, established on 29th April 1960.The registered office of the
Company started functioning at Bangalore in the State of Karnataka.
The Company framed comprehensive and well-defined Memorandum of
Association and Articles of Association. Which permit the Corporation
to take up any activity aimed at the rapid development of small-scale
industry, subject to the guidelines issued by the Government from time
to time and also as per

Govt. order.

The programme of establishment of industrial estates, which has been
carried out by the State Government involved in construction of industrial
sheds of various dimensions and providing them with essential amenities
such as roads, water supply, sewerage line and electricity. The maintenance
and upkeep of the sheds also became a part of the responsibility of the
Corporation. Besides constructing and letting out the industrial sheds,
developed plots were also offered to the entrepreneurs to put up their own
factory sheds. The company also established exclusive and prominent
ancillary industrial estates in the vicinities of large and medium scale
industry to cater to their services to public sectors like BEL, ITI, HAL,
NGEF, BHEL, BEML, VISL and Mysore Lamps.

The Company has also established an exclusive Industrial Estate under Dr.
B.R.Ambedkar Birth Centenary Programme at Jigani Bangalore District
where 100 sheds have been constructed and 86 plots have been formed with
all infrastructure exclusively for SC & ST entrepreneurs. The Allottees of
these sheds are required to pay only 40% of its cost.
The company under VISHWA SHEDS SCHEME constructed 800 sheds all
over the state for the use of tiny units.
The Company with a view to acquire land in and around Bangalore has
identified about 2000 Acres of Land in Ganapathihalli and surrounding
villages in Magadi Taluk which will be developed as a model Industrial
The Company has also established 27 Raw-material depots throughout the
State to cater the needs of SSI units. The Company is currently handling
Industrial Raw materials like Iron & Steel.
The Company also distributing the Raw material required by Government
The company has also established centralised stockyard with railway siding
facility at Channasandra, Bangalore at a cost of Rs.100 Lakhs. The
Channasandra Stock Yard is capable of handling more than 1,00,000 Mts. of
Iron and Steel Materials including Coal and Coke.
The Company up to 1980 participated in a large number of National and
International exhibition as a part of dissemination of information as well as
to create Marketing Outlets for the products of SSI units. Participation in the
International Exhibition has resulted in securing substantial export order by
the SSI units. With this expertise the Company looks forward to help Export
Units to obtain their orders.
The Company as a nodal agency for Co-Ordination with Indian Standard
Institution set up a laboratory at Peenya Industrial Estate for ensuring the

quality of the products manufactured in the State. This laboratory provides

modern testing facilities for types of products manufactured in Engineering,
Chemical, Electrical, Electronics and other similar areas. This project with
an investment of Rs. 100 Lakhs. Is financed by the State Govt., KSSIDC,
KSFC, KSIIDC, NGEF, MML and IDBI. Further, the cost of standardisation
and licensing fee will also be kept to minimum since the laboratory will
work on no profit basis. Like wise National Institute of Design have come
forward to associate with KSSIDC in setting up a branch of the National
Institute of Design at Industrial Estate, Rajajinagar and is extending its
services for the benefit of the small scale industry in improving the product
design and allied matter. Necessary infrastructure facility has been provided
by KSSIDC to this center.
Company has also provided the accommodation to National Productivity
Council for maintenance and service center at Peenya for the benefit of the
Small Scale Industries.
The Company is extending necessary assistance for organising
Entrepreneurial Development Programmes in various parts of the State in
association with TECKSOK and other commercial banks with a view to
identify the talents and to improve the quality of Entrepreneurial skill
amongst the educated youth.
The Corporations principle objective is the promotion and development of
Small Industries in the State. Construction and utilisation of infrastructure,
especially in backward areas, procurement and marketing of Raw Materials,
technical support and assistance-are means to reach the goals. A concern for
results, emphasis on quality and timely work and willingness to understand
the problems of entrepreneurs-are the staff creed, and KSSIDC constantly
strive for this end. An Industrially prosperous Karnataka is our vision


The Company apart from Board of Directors and Managing Director
General Manager, Chief Managers including a Superintendent Engineer,

who constitute the core of the service management. The Company, apart
from its Head Office at Bangalore has Three Zonal Offices of which, One is
situated at Bangalore, another at Hubli and Third one at Mysore. The
Company has Eleven Division Offices headed by Deputy Chief Managers
and 27 Raw material Depots spread throughout the State of Karnataka. The
total staff strength of the company is 404.
The company has computerized most of its activities with a view to keep updated information in all the spheres of small industries development. The
computer is being used mainly for processing pay rolls, financial accounts,
raw-material inventory accounting, preparation of estimate, tender and also
to process the management information system to aid the management on
the day-to-day administration. The company is also making efforts for
simplifying the procedures and to de-centralise the powers so as to
ensure that the decisions are taken even at the field level.