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Advanced Pricing Setups


Note 163913.1. Debugging Advanced Pricing Modifers (qp_list_line_detail.sql)

Important Profiles

INV:Advanced Pricing for Intercompany Invoice Yes No

INV:Advanced Pricing for Intercompany Invoice
QP: Source System Code
QP: Pricing Transaction Entity

Yes , No
Oracle Pricing*
Order Fulfillment*

*Note. The profiles QP: Source System Code and QP: Pricing Transaction Entity
Have other values but if you chose them you will not be able to edit the Price list in
Order management

How to determine which price list being used by inciar.

There are a number places this maybe determine. I have yet to find where it is on
our intance. I will be looking at this more, but for our purpose here it enough we can find
and edit the prices list.
The first in setting the debug option inventory

Set the following profile values at the user level.

In the Inventory responsibity under the pull down menu at the top
"Edit: -> Preferences -> Profile "
a) INV: Debug Trace = YES
b) INV:Debug Level = 10
c) MRP: Debug Mode = YES
d) MRP: Trace = Yes
e) OM:Debug Level = 5
f The log can be found under
the pull down menu at the top
View-> Request
then upload the logfile form that Interconpany request

Once we get the log file we are looking for this section :
For debugging purposes:
payTermId ........ 4
trxTypeId ........ 1128
crMemoTypeId ..... 1089
crMemoSign ....... -1
priceListId ...... 1026
freightTaxFlag ... 0
freightAsLine .... 0
freightItemId .... 0
frItemDesc .......
uom .............. Ea
batchSource....... Intercompany
The debug logfile show the priceListId ...... 1026 we can now go to sql
developer and find the name of the price list
select *
where LIST_HEADER_ID = 1026
1026 Internal Price List Price List associated to Vision Operations for Multi-org demo

In the application we can navigate to the Price list

Navigation: Order Management: Pricing: Price Lists: Price List Setup

We find our Price list

This is our Price list to edit

I used folder operation to display the most important columns for our use

1. The first 3 columns are general information Product Context, Product Attribute
and Product Value
2. Product Value is the item price for the line. Even with the profile INV:Advanced
Pricing for Intercompany Invoice set to NO you will still get the error if the item is
not on the price list used.
Example from a log file:
APP-INV-05706: Warning: Cannot retrieve transfer price for the item Monitor - 19"
3. Start Date This in one columns that cause error, the cleint adds an item after INCIAR
starts failing. The column Start Date is normally on the far right hand side to form and
cannot be seen. After adding the item INCIAR still cannot find the Item, this is because
the sales order was created before the Start Date. Set the Start Date to before the
sales order was created
3. Precedence, if the client has the same item on 2-price list INCIAR and Advanced
Pricing need a way to choose between the price lists. The process will choose the line
with the highest Precedence value. In the event Precedence value is the same for
both price list we get Duplicate price list Error.
Example from a log file:
You see highlighted in RED the price list that has duplicate entries


MTL_QP_PRICE.get_transfer_price: Populating QP results ...
Status_Text=Duplicate price list lines: Corporate, Internal (SNG).
MTL_QP_PRICE.get_transfer_price: EXCEP G_EXC_ERROR )

4. Value simply the value of the item on the price list.

5. UOM, this may cause an error if the UOM on the sales order is different than the
UOM in the Pricelist.