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"Th ptoplt that livtd in darhitit

tati a grtat light..." Matt. 4:16


JUNE, 1978



(fhe LIGHT)




Dear friends,

We are happy to write about Ryuzaburo Furukawa's baptism into the Lord Jesus on
June 11, Furukawa-san has been attending the Yokosuka First Church of Christ for
about a year now and had been thinking about becoming a Christian for some time. His
baptism coincided with his twentieth birthday.

Iwase-san (Eewahseh), also 20 years old has returned to fellowship and work with
the Yokosuka church. He became a Christian several years ago, but had been attending
a local denonimation group over the past two or three years. Our group of young men
is growing and each one is becoming moire and more active in evangelism.
Kensei Yokoraizo, a second year college student preaches once a month and works
with the Sunday School. Yoshida Kusahisa also takes a turn in the preacher rotation
every month. On Sunday mornings, Yoshlda-san, Yokomizo-san, Nakamura-san, who comes
once a month from Yokohama, and I (Dale) share the preaching responsibilities.
Iwase-san and the other fellows have been preaching on Sunday evenings also. Furu
kawa-san, who was just baptized, is looking forward to going with the other young men
to the mountain town of Karuizawa several times in August, to work with missionaries

and other Japanese Christians in coffee-shop evangelism. Keep this group in your
prayers that they will continue to dynamically witness.

We are happy that both'Furukawa-san and Iwase-san are now part of our Yokosuka
church family, but regret that Mr. Yamazato won't be able to be with us any longer.
Mr. Yamazato, who works as a laboratory techician and studies at Bible college at

night, had been helping with the preaching duties at Yokosuka for about three years.
Because of a job change, he has moved much farther from Yokosuka, and now will not be
able to work with us any longer. We will miss Brother Yaraazato very much.
The floor plan and general design of the Yokosuka church building has been de

cided on and we are hoping that the work will get under way in July.^ The renovation
t)e extensive: new roof, windows, doors, outside siding, new wiring, plumbing,

panelling, ceilings, etc.', etc. Almost everything but the foundation and main posts
and beams will be replaced. The building is only about thirty years old, but because
it rains so much, buildings deteriorate rapidly. A second floor apartment is to be
added which will be made into a preacher's quarters. There never was any adequate

housing for a preacher and that is one reason why it was so hard for the church to
I^eep a full-time located minister through the years. Hopefully, a Japanese minister
can be invited to move to this neglected work later on. As soon as the building is

completed this fall, our family will be moving to the church until we return to the
U. S. next summer.
In Christ,


Iwase-san, Yoshida-san, Yokomizo-san

Left :

Harold bims and Andy katton dlscus-

sing blueprints with contractor.




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^^0 Cl /a

(the LIGHT)

Th* ptoplt that Uvtd in darhittt

au a gr4at light..."


Hatt. 4il6



October, 1978

Japan Adress: 3-^-8 Hirasaku,


Yokosuka City Japan 238

Our missionary evangelism team converged on the

fountain resort town of Karuizawa in August.

Tens of thousands of people from Tokyo

and all over Japan escape the sweltering cities to this town which lies at the foot
of Mt. Asama, one of the highest active volcanoes in the world. The Fleenor mis
sionary families have a small camp facility in Karuizawa and during August it was

converted into an outdoor cafe' type coffee house. Dale drove several Yokosuka
church workers over 6 hours one way on Tuesday nights to Karuizawa and returned to
Yokosuka on Friday nights, 3 weeks in a row.
Yoshida-san played the guitar, sang,
and together with Yokomizo-san, Iwase-san, Saito-san, Hiromi-san, Mark, Beth, Dale,

and other missionaries and Japanese Christians, helped pass out leaflets, make pos

ters, etc. Each night 30-40 High School and college-age young people came to the
"Free Grace Coffee House," where everything was free - live Gospel music, home-made

cake, coffee (which costs over $ I.50 in a restaurant), friendship, a New Testament,^'"
and most important Salvation. There were several confessions of faith, one baptism,
and many contacts made for follow-up. The Yokosuka First Church of Christ young
people made a great contribution and gained valuable experience in doing personal

The Yokosuka workers came back all fired up and within

just a few days, Yoshida-san had introduced his friend to the Lord. Taidai-san,
also a 20 year old young man, and an employeecf a local department store, received

Christian,b^tism in September. Yokomizo-san carried out the baptism which was a

first for him. Tadai-san plays the guitar and sings folk music and is already
helping Yoshida-san, Yokomizo-san, and Mark with the monthly evangelistic folk

music concerts at Yokosuka.


Yoshida-san and Yokomizo-san have decided to prepare

for tlje
and are continuing- to preach. Tadai-san, who was just baptized,
says that after he gets a chance to study the Bible more, he'd like to give
messages also. Young men these days are looking for something exciting and chal
lenging and evangelism appeals to them very much.

Also in September, Bill Owens, a sailor in the U. S. Navy, was obedient to the
Lord in Christian baptism. Bill was led to the Lord by Lee Taylor Bill and Lee
serve on the "Parsons," a guided missle cruiser, which is in dry dock at the
U. S. Navy Base in Yokosuka. Lee, a member of the Ghiarch of Christ, is from
Oregon State and Bill comes from Kokomo, Indiana. As soon as the "Parsons" ar
rived in Japan, Lee began to search for Church of Christ missionaries. Two days
after we met Lee , he called and ask if he could use the baptistry at the church.
Lee baptized Bill, a first for Lee also. Lee and Bill have been attending our
Yokosuka church evening services every Sunday and bringing their friends also.
Lee is studying Japanese and has already been influential in encouraging one
Japanese to return to church. Next Sunday night, Lee will be bringing the message.
The evening service has became a bi-lingual service. Mark, who is the best
speaker of Japanese in our family has been drafted intp the service of interpreter.

PRAY FOR YOSHIDA-SAN!!! Yoshida-san has been ml^ty in spirit and service for the

Lord since becoming a Christian last year. He is really working haid in evangelism
and has decided to prepare for the ministry. He is handicapped though with poor

ijhealth, and has a hard^toJreat ulcer of the large intestine. He is scheduled for
//major surgery in early November. ' I'm sure that Yoshida-san would appreciate re{. ceiving cards from you. This would be a great opportunity for you to help the
cause of Christ in Japan

Your cards would both encourage Yoshida-san and also

be a witness to the unbelieving Japanese about how God is raising up a loving fami
ly of brothers and sisters in Christ all over the world. It would also be a lovely
example to the Japanese who have difficulty In getting involved in the problems of
others. We'd like to see at least 50 cards on the wall by Yoshida-san's hospital
bed. Just think of the questions that the Buddhist or atheistic doctors, nurses,
patients, and Yoshida's family would aski And Just think of the wonderful testi
mony that Yoshida-san would give. Please don't put this off or leave for someone

else to do. Just a card with a note of cheer in English. Send right away by Air

Mail to Mr, Kazuhisa Yoshida, c/o Dale Wilkinson - 3-6-6 Hirasaku, Yokosuka City,
Japan 238.


^^ter many delays, the bulging _

permit from" the city has been received and the contract with"the'^bnstructioh com-

pany has been signed. Beginning this week or next, the workers will begin strip
ping the old decayed siding and the roof off the still good posts and foundation.
In three months the building will be transformed into a lovely church building.
A second floor apartment will be built for either a missionary or a Japanese family.
Hopefully the main auditorim can be finished in time for Christmas, but everything
won't be finished until late in January or February,
We will be returning to the U. 3. in May or June, That time is
rapidly approaching and before long we will have to make flight reservations. This
time, we plan to fly direct to Ohio, instead of driving from the West Coast. The
cost of tickets from Tokyo to California has risen sharply due to the decreased

value of the U, S. dollar.

These tickets must be paid for in Japanese Yen. Dollar-

wise, it Ts 30^.flio re expensive than this time last year, although in Yen it is the
same price.' A one-way ticket on a group or charter flight will be over $. 500 a
person. Regular air-fare (non group or charter) is much more expensive. About
$.^>,0Q0 is..needed for our total family fare to Ohio, In addition, we need perhaps
about $ 500 for shipping a few family items back. Right now we have on hand only
about $2,000, and need at least $ 2,000 more in order to order our travel tickets,
by April.

Any help you could give would be appreciated.



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in darht499

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yx \ ^

bringing CHRIST S light to japan s darkness ^5^

AJL^ Afi!^





/' . --Y.i <'

iriulcT \fr\


Dear friends,

November 7, marked our eighth yfear as missionaries to Japan. Each year has been
.^^^ventful and interesting. 1978 has been somewhat unusual in that wb lived in the same
house all year. It seems that over the past few years we have moved at least once a year

for some reason or the other. 1979 will become more normal (?); as soon as the ^kos}^
church building and parsonage is completed in February, we'll be moving there. Kien in
May or June, we'll be returning to the U. S., for home leave.
The Yokosuka church building construction finally got underway the first week of
November. The old roof has been replaced and steel framework has been erected to sup

port the second floor parsonage. Hopefully the auditorium completed in time for
Christmas. As we have mentioned before, The Yotsuya I'lission (Tokyo Cunnin^am l^iission;
which owns the property is having this construction done, using funds received from the
sale of other property last year. Dale has spent many hours working on problems connected
with the construction in addition to the work of evangelism and the guiding of.the small
Yokosuka First Church of Christ.

Peggy has kept busy with the "Wilkinson Christian Academy." There are .fpon: g^jidentsMark/Beth, Tim and"Bill. Mark and Beth"db their work on their own, but Tim, a 2nd grad
er, needs lots of personal attention. Billy is 3| years old now and is working on a
"Master's Degree," majoring in "hide-and-seek." He does the hiding and Peg the seeking.
It is really a job keeping check on Bill's whereabouts while trying to encourage Tim.
Whenever Peg goes out to find Bill, Tim disappearsr Now that the-church is^der construction, Sunday morning services are held in our little house. That usually means lots
of company for Sunday dinner. Peg is busy with a capital "B."

Mark is going on 1?. He teaches himself 11th grade English, Government, Geometry,
Chemistry, The Life of Christ, and Typing. Mark also works part-time art a local super
market four nights a week. He is taller than Dale and has turned into a yoiuig man.
Mark speaks Japanese well and serves as interpreter in our hi-linqual Sunday night ser
vice and plays the guitar too^

Beth is 1^ and is no longer the cute little girl you used -to know. Beth has blos
somed into a lovely-lady. We are really glad to have her help here at the house.
Beth is studying 9th grade English, Algebra, World History, New Testament-Survey and

Physical Science. Beth also teaches English part-time and is a real asset to our
mission work with her charm and ability to easily make friends.

Timothy is

and is in the second grade. He is a real "outdoors boy" and has a

hard time concentrating on the 3 "R's." He loves to explore and almost every day comes
home with a "striking" specimen - giant pinching bugs, for example. Mom is more than
cautious in emptying pockets on laundry day.

^ Billy is now 3|- years old. Most- of you will remember him as a baby, but he is now
bigger than most Japanese 5 yeatr olds. Bill is a "rough and tumble" boy and everyday
comes home with a new bump or bruise. He tries to imitate Tim in-scaling cliffs and in
doing dare devil tricks.

We can't neglect to introduce "Tigger." The kids say that he has become a "people"
and is no longer a stray Tom cat. "Tig" is a giant of a -thing and is the No. i cat
"boss" in the neighborhood.

"Tig's" favorite pastime though is lying on the floor in

front of the kerosene space heater, looking up longingly at two parakeets which inhabit
a cage high up on top of the bookcase. Their not so favorite occupation is that of
warily looking down.

As 1978 draws to a close, we think of all of you back home in a special way. Your
prayers and gifts have helped make the victories of this year possible. We are thankful
for each of you for sharing in this mission to the Japanese. So few understand the
message of Christmas.

ness in the world.

There is so much bitterness, negativism,

mistrust, and selfish

What a wonderful positive message we Christians have.

The love that

Christians share is proof that the Christ who was bom in a stable has found a throne
room in many a hiiman heart. It is our prayer that 1979 will bring wonderful changes in
many lives and societies in this sin-filled world.

Wishing You a Happy Christmas and Bless New Year,



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