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Date 09/16/2015

Contract: 64655

Agent: Tammy Haschig



University of Iowa
Lecture Committee
Mr. Kelvin Soukup
145 Memorial Union
Iowa City, IA 52242-1317
United States
Phone: 319.335-3069
Open Mic Productions f/s/o Edward Snowden
TIME: 07:30 PM
$3,000.00 inclusive of expenses outlined below.
All expenses are included in fee paid by Client.
Topic to be discussed with Speaker


7:30 PM Ray and Coleen open with 40 minute presentation. Speaker is introduced and provides 5 minutes of remarks.
Moderator to discuss with Speaker for approx 20 minutes. Moderator to follow up with questions for all 3 panelists for approx
15 minutes. Moderator will then open up to Audience Q&A for approx 15 minutes.
University of Iowa
Englert Theater
Iowa City, IA
United States
up to 750 community members, students, staff, faculty


Moderator must be approved by Open Mic Productions and Speaker.


Fee must be NET of taxes.

Audience members must be instructed to turn off all devices prior to and during presentation to avoid interruption in video

Speaker will not be physically present but joining through video.

$3,000.00 Balance Invoice due on or before 10/05/2015
Please make checks payable to American Program Bureau, Inc. (Fed ID #04-2371423)


INVOICE: Kelvin Soukup

University of Iowa - Lecture Committee
145 Memorial Union
Iowa City, IA 52242-1317
United States


The University of Iowa

AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE: ____________________________________

AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE: _______________________________________________



Debby Zumbach, Director of Purchasing

This Agreement is subject to the additional terms and conditions set forth on the following pages.
The individual signing this Agreement warrants that he/she signs as a duly authorized representative of the Client.

Form 201411-20-CD

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1. Parties: This Contract (Contract) is between American Program Bureau, Inc., (APB) and the client as designated on the first page of this Contract (Client) the
parties (individually Party and collectively Parties) to this Contract.
2. Speaker: The speaker as designated on the first page of this Contract (Speaker) is not a party to this Contract. Speaker is an Independent Contractor and is not
an employee of APB. Speaker and APB are not in a principal/agent relationship. APB has confirmed Speakers availability and APB is entering into this Contract in
reliance upon these and other representations made by the Speaker to APB, whether in writing or otherwise. APBs authority to speak for the Speaker is strictly limited
to the terms of their mutual contract. APBs relationship with Speaker is further limited to that of a booking company only. APB shall not be responsible in any manner
for any claims of harm or damage to persons or property caused by or related in any way to the Speaker, the Speakers agents, invitees, servants, principals, successors,
employees, employers, and/or representatives of any kind or any acts, omissions, statements, or any commitment made by the Speaker or by the Client to each other.
Any diversion by the Speaker from any agreed upon topic shall not be considered a breach of contract.
3. Client: The Client and APB are not in a principal/agent relationship with respect to one another. APBs relationship with the Client is strictly limited to that of a
booking company for Speaker only. No additional activities shall be planned by the Client nor expected of the Speaker unless expressly contained in this Contract.
Any change by the Client in the nature of this Contract shall constitute a breach of this Contract unless agreed upon in writing by the Parties hereto.
4. Payment: Any payments of the fee as designated on the first page of this Contract (Fee), travel expenses and costs not paid when due will be considered a default
and breach of this Contract. Notwithstanding any other provision to the contrary, the Fee is understood to be for the keynote address, speech, lecture or main
performance only. Any and all ancillary activities including but not limited to those stated on the first page of the Contract, are not material to this contract. Any such
ancillary activities performed by the Speaker or APB are strictly gratuitous and may not be relied upon or considered an amendment of this Contract.and complete
5. Taxes and Compliance Fees: Client agrees to pay any and all federal, state, and local rental, amusement, sales, permits or other such taxes, other than income
taxes, and fees to obtain all necessary licenses and insurance in connection with hosting the event pursuant to this Contract and any insurance the Client deems it
necessary for its performance of the terms of this Contract.
6. Force Majeure: In the event that the performance of any obligation under this Contract by APB, Speaker and/or Client is prevented or delayed due to acts of God,
exchange controls, wars, hostilities, blockades, civil disturbances, revolutions, strikes, terrorist attacks, or lockouts, transportation interruption or delays, Speaker illness
or for any other reasons which are, in the reasonable opinion of the Speaker or APB, beyond the Speakers control (Force Majeure Condition), APB, Speaker and/or
Client shall promptly notify the other Party of such Force Majeure Condition and the Parties shall use its best efforts to arrange for a mutually agreeable change of time
or date for the Speakers performance. Client agrees to pay any additional travel expenses and cost incurred by the Speaker as a result of a Force Majeure Condition
in addition to the travel expenses and costs Client is required to pay pursuant to the terms of this Contract. If a change of date or time cannot be agreed upon then any
deposits paid by the Client toward the Fee shall be returned and this Contract shall be null and void without further recourse or claims for damage, liability or harm by
the Parties whatsoever. In no event shall a Force Majeure Condition require the expenditure of any additional fees by either the Speaker or APB.
7. Delays: Should the Speaker be delayed, APB will use its best efforts to notify the Client. Notwithstanding any provisions to the contrary, should the Speaker be
delayed but arrive and present his/her keynote address, lecture, speech or main performance or is willing to present his/her key note address, the Fee, and all travel
expenses and costs, shall be due, if not already paid, immediately in full to APB on behalf of the Speaker, without setoff. In the event that the Speaker is delayed and
is unable to attend the event, any deposits paid by Client toward the Fee shall be returned and this Contract shall be null and void without further recourse or claims
for damage, liability or harm by the Client whatsoever. In the event of a delay, APB and Speaker shall not be liable to the Client in any manner and any such delay shall
not be considered a breach of contract.
8. Substitution: If for any reason the Speaker cannot attend the event, APB will use its best efforts to notify the Client and arrange for a mutually agreeable change of
date or time. In the event that a change of date or time cannot be mutually agreed upon, APB will use its best efforts to obtain a replacement speaker for the Client. A
replacement speakers fee may be higher or lower than the original speakers fee. Upon Clients agreement of the replacement speaker a new contract will be issued.
In the event that a replacement speaker could not be obtained or agreed upon., all deposits toward the Fee paid by Client will be applied to another event or, at the
Clients option, refunded in full satisfaction of any and all obligations of APB and Speaker to the Client and this Contract shall be null and void without any further
recourse or claims for damage, liability or harm by the Client whatsoever.
9. Client Cancellation and Breach: Should the Client cancel the Speakers performance more than ninety (90) days prior to the event, fifty (50%) percent of the total
Fee shall be forfeited and immediately due if not previously paid to APB. Should the Client cancel the Speakers performance ninety (90) days or less prior to the
event, the full contracted Fee shall be forfeited and immediately due if not previously paid to APB. In the event of any such cancellation all travel expenses and costs
incurred by APB or the Speaker which are non-refundable, shall be immediately due and payable by Client to APB. Additionally, Client shall be liable for all damages
and harm to APB and the Speaker arising from Clients breach of this Contract and Clients failure to perform any of the terms of this ContraThe forfeiture of any portion
of the contracted Fee shall not act as a limitation of damages under this Contract. In the event of Clients breach or Clients failure to perform under the terms of this
Contract, Speaker shall not be obligated to perform under this Contract.
10. Cancellation for Cause: In the event that any information comes to the attention of APB which raises a reasonable doubt as to the Clients ability to meet its
obligations under this Contract or which results in a reasonable belief that Speakers reputation or APBs reputation, would be negatively impacted by the association
created by completion of this Contract, APB shall have the immediate right to either: (a) Request any assurances or actions from Client that will alleviate the reasonable
doubt raised or mitigate the reasonable belief created. Such assurances or actions may include, but are not limited to, advance payment, personal guarantees, public
information releases in the form of press releases, retractions or other media notices; or (b) APB, on behalf of Speaker, may cancel this event, in APB or the Speakers
sole reasonable opinion no such assurance or action could alleviate or mitigate the effects of the information obtained. The parties hereto expressly agree and
acknowledge that APB and Speakers reputations and public image have an intrinsic value and that the defense of these items is of utmost concern and importance.
Actual damages in the event of such an association as described above would be extremely difficult or impracticable to ascertain and the termination of all obligations
herein without recourse is reasonable in light of an anticipated loss caused by such an association and the difficulties of proof of loss.
11. Confidentiality: Other than as may be required by applicable law, government order or regulation; or by order or decree of the court, the Parties agree that neither
of them shall publicly divulge or announce, or in any manner disclose, to any third party, any of the specific terms and conditions of this Contract, including specifically
all financial terms; and both Parties warrant and covenant to one another that none of their officers, directors, employees or agents will do so either.
12. Advertising: The Client may not advertise, publicize or promote the Speakers attendance or performance at the event until the Contract is fully executed by both
APB and the Client, APB has received the required deposit and APB has subsequently authorized the Client in writing to advertise, publicize or promote the Speakers
Form 201411-20-CD
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Client reserves the right to cancel the event if the Speaker is added to the U.S. Department of Treasurys OFAC list of Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons (SDN List)
at any time prior to the event. If Client cancels the event for this reason, then Client shall have no Fee payment responsibility and APB shall promptly refund to Client any and all
portions of any Fee payments already paid by Client to APB.

attendance or performance at the event All advertising and promotion of the Speaker if authorized shall cease on the day of the event.
13. Facility: Client agrees to furnish a suitable place for the event, properly lighted, well heated/or cooled, with all the necessary accessories, including microphones
and amplification, in proper working condition. Client agrees to limit the audience to no more than the legal number permitted at the place of the event. Client is solely
responsible for ensuring compliance with any and all local, municipal, city, state and federal laws, rules, codes and regulations necessary for hosting this event and
ensuring the safety of the attendees and the Speaker.
14. Reproductions: The content of the Speakers speech, presentation and materials provided remain the intellectual property of the Speaker. Speaker reserves all
copyrights for the Speakers presentation and materials provided by Speaker and any broadcast, recording, videotape, podcast, webcast, reproduction or rebroadcast
in any manner, form or medium. No lecture, appearance, or performance of this event is to be broadcast, recorded, videotaped, podcast, webcast or otherwise
reproduced in any manner, form or medium, without prior written permission from APB or the Speaker. If written permission is given, a copy of any broadcast, recording,
videotape, podcast, webcast or other reproduction must be sent to APB prior to public disbursement with sufficient reasonable time for review of said copy. The content
of Speakers speech or performance shall not be deemed the moral learning or opinions of APB. Public lecture to be recorded and rebroadcast on University of Iowa
television, video and podcast. Notwithstanding the foregoing, APB both for itself and on behalf of the Speaker acknowledges and hereby permits Client to allow the media present at the event to capture and use no more than 5
minutes of b-roll of the Speakers speech. APB warrants it has the authority to grant this permission on behalf of the Speaker.

15. Public Portrayals: Speakers name, image, biographical information or likeness may not be used in any manner including but not limited to as an endorsement or
promotion of any product, service, group, or opinion without prior written permission from APB or the Speaker. Client shall act in an ethical and socially responsible
manner at all times with respect to the event and the Speaker.
16. Miscellaneous Provisions: This Contract shall be governed in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of MassachusettsState of Iowa. Client hereby
submits to exclusive personal jurisdiction of the Courts in the Commonwealth of MassachusettsState of Iowa. The venue with respect to any matters in dispute that
may arise under this Contract shall be in the Commonwealth of MassachusettsState of Iowa. Client shall pay for all fees, costs and expenses of enforcement and
collection of this Contract, including APBs reasonable attorneys fees. Any controversies arising out of the terms of this Contract or its interpretation, except collection
actions, shall be settled in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association, in the Commonwealth of MassachusettsState of Iowa, and the judgment
upon award may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof. This Contract constitutes the entire agreement and understanding of the Parties hereto with respect
to the matters described herein, and supersedes any and all prior and/or contemporaneous agreements and understandings, oral or written, between the Parties. This
contract is not assignable in whole or in part by any Party without the written agreement of the other. A waiver of a breach of any provision of this Contract or failure to
enforce any such provision shall not operate or be construed as a waiver of any subsequent breach of any such provision or of a right to enforce any such provision.
No act or omission shall constitute a waiver of any rights hereunder except for a written waiver. Whenever possible, each provision of this Contract will be interpreted
in such manner as to be effective and valid under applicable law, but if any provision of this Contract is held to be prohibited by or invalid under applicable law, such
provision will be ineffective only to the extent of such prohibition or invalidity, without invalidating the remainder of such provision or the remaining provisions of this

Form 201411-20-CD

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Feb, 22. 2016

No. 2523


P. I

American Program Bureau, IrtC.

One GatewayCenter, Sufle 751, Newton, MA 0245B

Phone: 417.414.1600 Fox417.945.AA10 apbipMton.COm




lM)my fArfaomFoundtloi)
Untarsfy ofArtaoftt Rwnfeion




Mr. ten Pita

1111N, Cherry Ave,




Untod State

Pfioat: (20)W1-19W


Email; uuBu>gWHttUlteewi\i (^)



$20,000.00 totot* ofawroit ouftti beam




ftaltonai 8eMliyf Gomim^ 8unea^^




R10PM00PM: Pio*<fcQifanngSno^(^Geft*^

whore ptopb can vote on boat qjuuIms)




Tucaon, At 85724



etudwrtt, Faeuky SWfart Caw Conwu(y(ia> to2.600)


Ito attEKtod MarisanIntegral pert of contract

Fa*mustba NETottos,








P.a 60X210109

Tuaooa A2flo72f-01(i>

Tte AgeemnMlwttMttothi adwacdl fafttt andawiat<*Wto*cnakataapM.



Feb. 22. 2016 9:44AM

No. 2523

P. 2

i. fi^TtB Conttad rCDAlNif) Is Ijetween Amorte

parties (muMowfiy Vuttf mfaftofofc;Tartte^tofltoCoftlacL
ff.&filfKlfcflfifte^ asdepart
an tttyfoyea ofAP& Speaker end APO an not in a ptm^i^ rettlonafp. APB has

nriancs upon fc^ arid other represantetto^

APFftwfrrty to apart fcrfia Spader bstrfdJy
irritod to theferrm ofihet-mota! contract Amrettfonshtov^speaitirb further Rnted tottatofatoefiftccjmpanyonfy. APe^Bftottarwpcmlbteln
ftry mamv tor snyottim of haim oro^masa to posona tf

prinotoab, succs80f9, mpk>yoae, $rnployo^

flu Cfanl to each other. Afyofter^tyto Spates aw


AP^s retelansNp wfti tto Cfent is st^ctty Kmlted to ffiat ofa

boofdngoompsnyferSjpeatoronly. NoaddBonalocfivtoastelbep&^byte

4. Enmjnfc Any parmants or the fee as designated on the am deqo of (Ms Contract (Tm^ti^M^
dafaiand breach ofttoConrtol Nrt^tan<l^aiwota|>iovt6lw^

parfbtmanceonly. Any and ad ancftaryadhtias hrfudfog butnotlmtodto ei^a^onthe^paa$ortwC^atrad)arjfiQtrikriritoWcortrscl Anysuoh


5- 2jattJMl^fi22CttBlfifl_Efilli CEefl*6fe to pay ary and aa fettare*. stato. and focal rental, cmuaofncnt, aohs, pm!te orotw such taxes, ctier ffian hiccme
taio^and fan to cite ai nsc^ Scwttes and kBumna h com


enhance oontrofa, tare, htBtSfea, btoefisdae. chrfl disturbances, rawMfons. artuw. ttiroritt attacks, or loctaMa, tm/ttportation Interruption or defeya, Speaker

(SnaM ortbrsnyoth9riaai which sfo^oto (Bsoora^

andior Cfmt etiM pionipiiy m^ tha
ctttre^crfffcin oroft to (bespeak
M^oin Condate In adWicfi tomatnml cnpsA^

q ^ upon (nan errydej>o& paid bytha C^

damage, febffiy ornam by(he Pardee whatsoever, fn no evatiBhal aFores

tfatayedbutajrto and present h^wka^



%i ^ to ottoftd Mtt^ 0(7d^dta paid byCO^toward (no

tordan^,rsb^ornarmby^G8^whaiacr. mtrevar4rfao^,Arestf Speeta^mtbelattto^

shallnotboconsidered a broach of contract.


oro^eorfma. ifHbeownt Machange ofo^ fa cannotto ^

CHant AfaptacemftfttspeaWotoinaybahfaj)^

Upon CWs adamantrjfid repfasfnertjpwterarwwcontact wfl

babouad. Mon onr tr^o (eplBcentortf spools



Should (ho ClWceneaJtho Speaks* ?vtm^rkW$)<ltyo<ka plot lot*

ar^harm to APB b^ te eoaaksr attsinji frc^

portioniofthaambsdod Paasnsl notact as aflmfcflon ofc^rngesunc^iteCorrtracL In lha event<7fO^


10^C^QgtiIaifa>fi ftf ^jytt;fr* tfT ownj that any trrfofrnlon ccmea tp the aftentfon of APB arhich rataee areasonaMe (Joutrt as to ma Ctotfo otfflty k> maot to

*oeML?f!!?5!,Jf thhGtmct APB ahsD r*to tanaHa rt#t to often (a) R
Such anursnon or actions may Include, but am not flmto) tov srfvaw paynwt paord
AP8orJ6pca*erteoto nascent* oc^
Tha partiaa hereto
oomm^Jnp^rm Aolufii smagas mtto

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11^Sto^fi<)toarlBM as may to requfted by **pfcattj l^, g<Mrrm^ order w


AP3 and too cieni, apb rw rusted the raqiired deposit and APB has subsequently aulwrfesd to Went in mWng to *fcwtoo pubScize or prtxnpfe tha
Porm 20WvaWJQ


Feb. 22. 2016 9:45AM

No. 2523

P. 3

Sptokaraa^kniifKoofcorfaiTwcoBtftoovwt Alwtari^ai)dpinrnoIbnef(h88p8alm^
13. fjcflfc Cflent agrees tofombh onftabb pace for torer*prcperfylp>ttd.l^
and onpHcoh^ to proper ttotfongoor^^



l4Rwwaj6tkna: Thecontett; oftha Speakers sjnnch, pnsentofion and motertab previderf fttrnefn the httdftcftia) propoxtyolthe 8pealEeTt Speakernjieivas el

eopyrlghteforthe SpeetoTe preeentatfon and meiMato protrJcjed by Spaatar and any broadcett rsaiidart^ vUtootspe, podcaat, weiioasi lOpMdiiotloa orrebrosdcast
toaity inarvmr, fomi or me(ftjnt Ho laotureb app^

reproduced in any ranter, form c* rnedktm, without prior written porrnbakm from APB or tieSpeaker, tfwraten perMonla glWn, acopy of any bmadcaet,
recoritoftvajeobp&p^o^ webcast v

Ttocatatof8peaiort epeeA panlon^^

or oRxncttn ofarry product, Mrvfca, group, or opinion tfhout prior wittten parmfssbn torn APB or to Speater. Client ehal act tn an ethtcal and socbaiy

raspomUe menrter di al timeswRi reapert to (he evrtand to Speaker.

18. IHocelfortOOUt Provtofowe' This Conlrari utal to gamd h Mnmfamnttflh <tokm**i*~ r^n^wmin *l uh-a r^ i<~Ry yjfrmfr ^
Theranuetfh respect to anymattero in denoted may arte unfa into
^^9mtm^^(^mn(xr09m\Q(MMwmiiatfy, Cflert and pay for afl fees, costs and e^nseetf
APW rwwwbfa aricmeytf nits, Any controvert ariafttg out of tha tarmo of ftts Conbact or b liferpntfbn, except oobactton triors6ha0 be settled in
aooonfanee nito fjM r^ of rJw Atnadoan Arlit>a^



^oleortopartbyanyParty wihotrt theere^ao^e^

trial rioloptnrie or becoiietrindeu water of^

c^Meawaftercfanyrkjhfe hereto
eftetVe and vaW tiftr appfeaftb E, bet Vany provtotoA of thJe Contract Is fiefo: to be profiibReoi by or rnvaHrj grder ap^ioatrfe ima; ewh pnivtolon wtn be



Feb. 22. 2016 9:45AM

No. 2523

P. 4



Please use the following guidelines to ensure your event runs properly:

The video communications platform we will be using UGoogle Hangouts. Unless you're Instructed
otherwise, Mr.Snowden will use the account

You wlU need to have your own Google* account. Ac the scheduled time, you will send an Invitation to through thefull Google* client application (do not send the. Invitation via email or
theweb application, orItmay notbereceived).

The connection should betested In advance. This Is the best practiceto ensure any network; software,
audio, or video problems In the presentetlon hall arising from remote appearances ere resolved prior to
show timerather than tofront of the live audience. Wecan beavailable eithera few hours before the
scheduled event, orevena day ormore In advance.

o Your primary contact for scheduling the test time will be 6en Wfcne* f

in order tosupportaremote video appearance ofthe highest quality, the computer systems handling
the presentetlon musthave hard-wired ("Ethernet* or"ffber") rather than wireless network

connections. Ensure that atleast lOmbps ofyour network's bandwidth Is dedicated to the presentation
system and cannot bethrottled orimpacted by other network activity atthevenue.

Please advise your technical staffto ensure audio output played through the room's sound system (such
as Mr. Snowden's voice) Is notpicked up bythestage microphones or other Input devices and then
looped back Into theaudio circuit. Failing todo this creates afeedback effect that disrupts fluid
conversation and degrades the quality of conversation.

If questions from the audience will be taken, ensure that their microphone Input is also directed toMr.

Snowden's audio channel In addition to the presentation hall's sound system. Ifthis Is Impossible, you
may have the moderator repeat the question Into the primary stage microphone.
Mr. Snowden may Incorporate compelling graphic effects Into the appearance, such as displaying the
famous front pages ofnewspapers. Please ensure that the video screens on which the session Is

displayed are large enough (or placed at Intervals within the h?H) so that headllne-sixetype is legible to
all guests.

All mobile devices In tha room must be turned offtolimit Interference with the bandwidth needed for
this presentation.

aont ** /4*a=<WA ^u^oAnt^

Date '

American Program Bureau